Thursday, 14 March 2019

2019 FIFA U20 WC - List of Selected Officials

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional we are proud to announce the selected officials for 2019 U20 FIFA World Cup, to be played in Poland from 23 May to 15 June. VAR will be used. 


Referee: Ahmed Al Kaf (Oman, 1983)
AR1: Abu Bakar Al Amri (Oman, 1982)
AR2: Rashid Al Ghaithi (Oman, 1980)

Referee: Muhammad Bin Jahari (Singapore, 1986)
AR1: Min Kiat Koh (Singapore, 1979)
AR2: Abdul Hannan Bin Abdul Hasim (Singapore, 1991)

Referee: Adham Makhadmeh (Jordan, 1986)
AR1: Ahmad Alroalle (Jordan, 1979)
AR2: Mohammad Alkalaf (Jordan, 1980)

VAR: Ammar Aljeneibi (UAE, 1982); Khamis Al Marri (Qatar, 1984); Ming Fu (China. 1983)

Support referee: Ilgiz Tantashev (Uzbekistan, 1984)


Referee: Mustapha Ghorbal (Algeria, 1985)
AR1: Mahmoud Ahmed Kamel Ahmed (Egypt, 1984)
AR2: Mokrane Gourari (Algeria, 1982)

Referee: Maguette N'Diaye (Senegal, 1986)
AR1: Elvis Noupue, (Cameroon, 1983)
AR2: Seydou Tiama (Burkina Faso, 1980)

Referee: Ndala Ngambo ((DR Congo, 1987)
AR1: Olivier Safari (DR Congo, 1980)
AR2: Souleimane Amaldine (Comoros, 1985)

VAR: Bakary Gassama (Gambia, 1979); Ghead Grisha (Egypt, 1976); Bamkak Tessema (Ethiopia, 1980)

Support referee: Pacifique Ndabihawenimana (Burundi, 1985)


Referee: Ismail Elfath (USA, 1982)
AR1: Kyle Atkins (USA, 1986)
AR2: Corey Parker (USA, 1986)

Referee: Fernando Guerrero (Mexico, 1981)
AR1: Pablo Hernandez (Mexico, 1978)
AR2: Jose Martinez (Mexico, 1985)

Referee: Hector Martinez (Honduras, 1991)
AR1: Walter Lopez (Honduras, 1978)
AR2: Helpys Feliz (Dominican Republic, 1989)

VAR: Adonai Escobedo (Mexico, 1987); Allan Kelly (Ireland / USA, 1975)

Support referee: Ivan Barton (El Salvador, 1991)


Referee: Raphael Claus (Brazil, 1979)
AR1: Danilo Manis (Brazil, 1981)
AR2: Bruno Pires (Brazil, 1985)

Referee: Leodan Gonzalez (Uruguay, 1983)
AR1:: Richard Trinidad (Uruguay, 1978)
AR2: Martin Soppi (Uruguay, (1987)

Referee: Alexis Herrera (Venezuela, 1989)
AR 1: Jorge Urrego (Venezuela, 1981)
AR2: Tulio Moreno (Venezuela, (1986)

Referee: Fernando Rapallini (Argentina, 1978)
AR1: Diego Bonfa (Argentina, 1977)
AR2: Gabriel Chade (Argentina, (1980)

VAR: Julio Bascuñán (Chile, 1978); Andres Rojas (Colombia, 1984); Wilton Sampaio (Brazil, 1981); Jesus Valenzuela (Venezuela, 1983); Gery Vargas (Bolivia, 1981)

Support referee: Joel Alarcon (Peru, 1981)


Referee: Abdelkader Zitouni (Tahití, 1981)
AR1: Folio Moeaki (Tonga, 1982)
AR2: Bernard Mutukera (Solomon Islands, 1991)

Support referee: David Yareboinen (Papua New Guinea, 1990)


Referee: Benoit Bastien (France,1983)
AR1: Hicham Zakrani (France, 1979)
AR2: Frederic Haquette (France, 1975)

Referee: Jesus Gil Manzano (Spain, 1984)
AR1: Angel Nevado Rodriguez (Spain, 1981)
AR2: Diego Barbero Sevilla (Spain, 1980)

Referee:: Ivan Kruzliak (Slovakia, 1984)
AR1: Tomas Somolani (Slovakia, 1977)
AR2: Branislav Hancko (Slovakia, 1987)

Referee: Davide Massa (Italy, 1981)
AR1: Filippo Meli (Italy, 1977)
AR2: Fabiano Preti (Italy, 1978)

Referee: Michael Oliver (England, 1985)
AR1: Simon Bennett (England, 1985)
AR2: Stuart Burt (England, 1980)

Referee: Daniel Siebert (Germany, 1984)
AR1: Jan Seidel (Germany, 1984)
AR2: Rafael Foltyn (Germany, 1985)

Referee: Slavko Vincic (Slovenia, 1979)
AR1: Tomaz Klancnik (Slovenia, 1982)
AR2: Andraz Kovacic (Slovenia, 1985)

VAR: Artur Dias (Portugal, 1979); Marco Guida (Italy, 1981); Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez (Spain, 1982); Juan Martinez Munuera (Spain, 1982); Benoit Millot (France, 1982); Pawel Raczkowski (Poland, 1983); Paulus Van Boekel (Netherlands, 1975)

Support referee: Sandro Schaerer (Switzerland, 1988)


  1. @Quilava
    Support referee is just a referee working as fourth official.

    1. Thanks. I remember some elite female referees being appointed for that role in last FIFA U17 WC, and Esther Stäubli was appointed as referee in a group stage match.

      Kruzliak in 2017 and Liany in 2015 were UEFA support referees.

  2. About UEFA: No surprises among the selected referees after the recent seminar. Maybe Kulbakov would have been possible as well, otherwise those seven are quite expected.
    Schärer is a bit surprising, because he is only 2nd category in UEFA, but it makes sense, because he is quite young and his country's number one already - so one for the future.
    VARs all from countries, who have it in their league. Good to see, that a tournament is possible without Makkelie and Irrati. Soares Dias is the only Elite referee in that role, maybe a bad sign for him, that he has no big chances as referee on the field for WC 2022.

  3. UEFA situation for WC 2022:
    Turpin, Marciniak, Karasev and Skomina (?) are the referees who were at WC in Russia with also hthe chance to officiate in Qatar. All the other big names we know will retire before this tournament. About Skomina, I would like to know more about age limits for Slovenia, maybe somebody can answer to this question.

    For Germany, Zwayer should replace Brych, for Netherlands Makkelie instead of Kuipers.

    Then, the new names: Gil Manzano and Oliver are in my opinion both quite sure as representatives for their countries. Especially Oliver, after he absence of English referees at last WC.

    As for the rest, and I must include also Massa (this time it will be more difficult than other times for an Italian referee) everything is open. Apparently, Bastien and Siebert without chances because they have other names ahead.

    The big challenge will be for referees like Vincic (in case of Skomina retirement), Kruzliak, Kulbakov and so on... if the format of WC will be changed to 48 national teams, then I think we will have a revolution also in terms of refereeing, with almost all the mentioned names called in that case and with the chance to have two referees from the same country also for UEFA.

    1. Hategan and Collum should have their chance too.

    2. Yes, forgot them, sorry. :)
      For sure, to be considered before the new names.

    3. Cakir would be 45 at the time. He could be there and would be an early favorite for the final.

  4. Do you understand, why Alan Kelly (USA) is going to the second FIFA-event as VAR despite the fact that he is not a FIFA referee?

    1. He was previously a fifa referee when he lived in Ireland and has won USA referee of the year 3 of the last 4 years maybe they made an exception

  5. Also (it's not the topic of this post), do you understand, why some referees like Cakir and Kassai regularly receive good appointments despite the fact that some of their performances in this and previous seasons were awful? Other referees with poor work don't receive cool games. And these two referees regularly make significant wrong calls? Thank you very much for the answer!

    1. Cakir is one of the best in the world and deservedly gets big appointments. Yes, he makes mistakes like all refs but much less than others. He has been easily top 5 refs in the world last few years. Kassai on the other hand has really lost form and has been getting less appointments last few seasons.

    2. Which performances were awful by Çakir? As Bgymn said, Çakir is currently one of the most highly rated referees in the world (alongside Kuipers and Brych) and rightfully so. Çakir had a few matches where he was completely off (EURO 2016, Rio Olympics 2016) after being over-appointed in top clashes (two semifinals in one season). Later on, he got moderate matches in CL until Atlético-Real semifinal in 2017, which was THE comeback in a highly difficult match. And ever since then, Çakir is an absolute safe pair of hands again for big matches.

      Kassai had his chance for a comeback in 2016, especially after his strong performance in EURO quarterfinal GER-ITA. After that followed some unlucky performances (MCI-BAR in 2016 CL group stage) and then he lost again big credits with RMA-BAY and his most recent MCI-DON.

    3. Last season Juventus- Real and Real- Bayern were also two (consecutive games) of Cakir with (big) mistakes (missed penalties in both of them + some other things).
      Anyway, Cakir is rated as a top referee in the world. There was a time when I trusted him a lot. After Juventus- Real (+ some other games in last 2 years) he lost my entire respect. Honeslty, I don't want to see him again in a game of Juventus (same thing is valid for other 2-3 referees).
      Anyway, Cakir was pushed forwrd by Collina during his career (like Velasco Carballo, Mazic, Marciniak). When you received a lot of games, when you are calm because you know it won't be a catastrophe if you make a mistake, than you have the possiblity for a nice development (which Cakir did). But not all the referees were treated in the same manner like Cakir. Not all the referees received the same chances. Cakir, Rizzoli, Kuipers, Clattenburg, Brych, Mazic are they were are because they were always preferred to others, they whistled all the time, all the games. Maybe some of them would have not reach that level if some other referees would have receive more chances. The pool of important referees would have been larger.
      In the end, everyone should agree that Cakir was one of the most important referees of the last decade. But, like I said, he lost all my respect (mainly for his manner of refereeing in Juventus- Real, but also for some games). With or without my respect he will still get important games in next 2 years (very possible he will whistle EURO 2020 final).

    4. Yes he made a mistake, or more like the AAR made a mistake with the missed handball for the RM BM match. But I dont recall a mistake in the Juve game. I remember Dybala being correctly sent off for a clear dive and a high boot. I think you are judging too much from one match. But I agree Collina had his favorites and that helped them in their careers. But given that these events were in the pre VAR era were all refs made mistakes I think it is ok to forgive for a few small mistakes here and there when most performances were good.

    5. "But given that these events were in the pre VAR era were all refs made mistakes"
      So what's the "excuse" for referee's now that VAR is in place and being used?

    6. There is none :). Any clear and obvious mistakes have no excuse in the VAR era.

    7. No excuse? Like Marciniak and the rest of his Polack's?

  6. Referee: Hector Martinez (Honduras, 1991)! 28 years old referee

    Question for German readers and everyone informed in German refereeing.

    Is Daniel Siebert really the best young referee in your country and best choice for this U20 WC?
    I mean... with all the respect but I have impression there is at least one name better than him.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Well it would be Siebert or Tobias Stieler, who are the candidates. Everyone else is either too inexperienced (e.g. Stegemann), too old (e.g. Welz) or already at a higher level (e.g. Zwayer).
      Between Siebert and Stieler, it is not so clear, but this nomination shows, that FIFA focusses on Siebert as second option for WC 2022. Also Rosetti has recently praised his development in an interview. On the other hand, Stieler now got EL R16 and Siebert did not - so maybe still open on UEFA level, who will be the next Elite referee.
      In Bundesliga, both are at the top (i.e. come into question for the most difficult games) and show similar good performances, where Siebert is probably a bit more stable.

  7. Don't use the referee Ming Fu (RP China. 1983), He made too much mistakes recently. Including in asia cup and Chinese league.

  8. Here is the report of Ming Fu(RP China. 1983).

  9. Interesting that Davide Massa is going at Under 20 World Cup. So, he will not be at Under 21 Euro Cup, in Italy and San Marino? Which referee would be selected for this competition, where will be VAR? Maybe the refs who had their debuts in Champions League, because a lot of them was supervised by the comitee members.

    1. A possible list would be:
      Ekberg, Grinfeld, Jovanovic, Kabakov, Kehlet, Kovacs, Kulbakov, Pawson, Treimanis.
      I don't think, that Massa and Siebert will attend both tournaments.
      It would be a good opportunity to give practice to some new VARs, also considering that in the next CL group stage more referees in this role are needed. Difficult to predict, who will be chosen though.

    2. 4 referees Philipp listed (Ekberg, Jovanovic, Kabakov, Pawson) + Massa and Siebert became First Category referees in 2018. Clearly "pushed" by commitee.

    3. My (revised) prediction for U21 EURO referees:

      Ağayev, Kabakov, Pawson, Gestranius, Grinfeld, Treimanis, Kovács, Jovanović, Ekberg