Friday, 16 April 2021

2018 FIFA World Cup VAR Audio Clips

Please find below some clips from 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Thank to "Unknown" for having posted them:

VAR audio from 2018 World Cup:
1. Serbia vs Switzerland (Ref. F. Brych / VAR: F. Zwayer)
(If anyone understand German pls translate!)
- Could see that Zwayer never intervened (the red light never went one - so the rumors were false)

2. Nigeria vs Argentia ( Ref. C. Cakir / VAR: D. Orsato)
- Similar to Del Cerro's handball today. We can hear Orsato yelling (?) at Cakir.

3. Korea vs Germany (Ref. M.Geiger / VAR: D. Makkelie)
(The voice is the middle is Corey Rockwell, the AVAR2 for the match.) (OFR to sell is something that it exist)

4. Rhe FINAL - France vs Croatia (Ref. N. Pitana / VAR. M. Irrati)
(The reason why Pitana went back to the screen, to determine if caution is necessary.)

Further clips:


  1. Maybe the users could tell us the source (only when it's no problem of course)?

    1. This one is good:

    2. It's says the folder has been removed.

    3. In the mobile version the folder has been removed BUT in the web version you can see the folder.

    4. Wow this is great David, thanks!

    5. Also in browser files aren't accesable. Maybe you can recreate the link, it would be fantastic, thanks!

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    7. Actually, I think they deleted the Futuro-links that I posted, I will try to find them.

  2. Guys, I hope one thing is clear to everybody now:
    VARs act under extreme pressure and complexity. Everyone involved in these clips, VARs, referees, operators, had to cope with multiple information and complex material. In future discussion on situations everybody should remind these clips and put yourself in their shoes. It's no easy task.

    1. I fully agree with this remark, one must also add that this was in a way the beginning of VAR era, despite of having been already used in the most important football tournament (FIFA WC) but many things had to be improved at that time.
      First of all, language, given the troubles for most of these officials to communicate with referees on the pitch (in one of these cases we can say that Vigliano was there just as "translator"), the first solution is that VAR can't exist with referees from different languages. It can be maybe different countries, but they must talk absolutely same language...
      It was not easy for Irrati and Orsato to communicate in Spanish and English respectively.
      About Cakir and his attitude to deal with players without hearing Orsato (indeed he got angry for that), I can understand the difficulties when all players are putting pressure on you.
      It is a very, very difficult job.
      However, opne thing is sure, about the famous Serbia - Switzerland, no intervention at all, so the only man without responsibility, according to this video, seems to be Brych.
      He got big blame and some people reported he didn't want to use VAR. Absolutely false, now we can say...

    2. Regarding Brych, true, but on the other hand he's the one who brought the VAR team into the situation by taking a wrong decision in the first place. Maybe German speakers can help out, but I didn't notice him asking Zwayer anything for reassurance. And I can agree with Zwayer's opinion that the material and onfield-decision didn't allow for a CLEAR OBVIOUS INTERVENTION.

    3. @anonymus 14:24
      Indeed, Brych never spoke to Zwayer or Dankert in this situation. So he didn't ask for reassurance.

    4. Felix - catastrofy management! 😶

  3. The clip of Cakir and Orsato is very interesting to say the least! Sure, the situation could have been handled better in terms of player management and calmness, but we must realize the intensity of the situation and the pressure surrounding both Cakir and Orsato.

    1. It also shows me there should be a basic level of English fluency and accuracy in speaking as elite referee. "It'se bettere you decideeeee!". Cuneyt didn't really communicate at all. Full respect but my 13-year-old son speaks better English.

    2. You need to consider that these referees from Italy and Turkey or similar would most likely not have been able to say 1 sentencein English if they weren't FIFA refs. Their own languages are their priority.

    3. Sentence in*

  4. Grazie Chefren lo giro nel Gruppo Regolamento :)

  5. To provide further audios.

    5. The FINAL - France vs Croatia (Ref. N. Pitana / VAR. M. Irrati)
    This one happened 90+3, an example what a silent check looks like.

    The following clips are non VAR clips that deals with management.

    1. Portugal vs Morocco (Ref. M. Geiger)
    Dealing with the Morocco's coach.

    2. Colombia vs Japan (Ref. D. Skomina)
    I've seen referee utilizing VAR this way. He yells camera! to let player knows VAR is watching.

    3. WWC19 - France vs Brazil (Ref. Marie-Soleil Beaudoin)
    Insight on how referee deals with Organge card/Dark yellow tackles.

    4. WWC19 - France vs Norway (B. Steinhaus)
    Corner kick management by Steinhaus

    (p.s. decided to change name from Unknown to RefUSSf. All sources are from FIFA Futuro videos)

    1. Very good and impressive communication by Geiger and Beaudoin

    2. On the Skomina clip, I'm laughing XD

      Do players actually believe that the referee can control the cameras in this way? What a bluff!

    3. Which one Skomina Clip???

    4. Second clip, Colombia vs Japan

    5. In clip 4, the German VARs Zwayer and Stegemann separate the penalty area between them (goal area and other 4 pairs of players) before the corner.

  6. A brief summary of what Zwayer said in the clip: He is initially uncertain about what Brych was giving ("Was pfeift er?" ==> lit.: "What is is whistling?"). This is followed by a couple of instructions as to which camera angle to show. He then says "If he's doing it this way, what can I do?" (seemingly as a rhetorical question). At the he says "He (Mitrovic) is also holding them like this, we won't intervene here".

    1. If you do not mind, I copy the initial discussion:

      Anonymous15 April 2021 at 10:32
      Philipp, I hope you don't mind me trying to improve your translation.

      Zwayer(?): I'm keeping my eye on the ball.
      Dankert(?): Two guys with Mitrovic.
      [Incident happens]
      Dankert: What is he doing?
      Zwayer: What is he whistling? - What is he whistling?
      Dankert: He whistles the other way around. He whistles an offensive foul or what is he whistling?
      Zwayer: Take it nice and slow. From the other direction, from the other direction.
      [Brych in the background: Hey, come here. Come here, come here.]
      Zwayer: So top, top right.
      [In the background Brych is talking to SUI#9]
      Zwayer: What is this? Yes ok, but if he does it like this - what am I supposed to do? - Hm?
      Dankert: From behind the goal.
      [Now at 0:42 it becomes difficult, as Zwayer, Dankert and Turpin attempt to say something at the same time. Unfortunately I can't hear what Turpin is trying to say. Does he speak German?]
      Zwayer: Yes, but -
      Dankert: Well, he holds them both like that. Everything's OK. We do not intervene.
      Dankert: What do you want to do there, Felix. [Rhetorical question, meaning 'There's nothing you can do Felix']
      Zwayer: There's nothing you can do. He spins [through the defenders]. [This last sentence causes me headaches. The translation by Philipp makes no sense to me at this point. So as the german word for going crazy can also mean spinning/turning, I went for this.]
      Dankert: Yeah.

      Anonymous15 April 2021 at 10:50
      @Anonymous 10:32
      That last sentence is so weird considering he said "Er dreht durch" which I think translates more to "He's going crazy" than "He's spinning...". Maybe they actually meant " er dreht durch,[wenn wir eingreifen]", which means Brych would be mad at them, if they would have intervened, because Brych felt like he had a clean look at it. I wouldn't think something like that would happen at that Level, but the "spinning/turning" interpretation feels kind of weird to me.

      Anonymous15 April 2021 at 11:31
      @Anonymous 10:50
      I agree. I am not happy with either translation.
      If he really meant Brych (which would put Brych in a quite bad light), I would consider something like "Er würde durchdrehen" far more natural. As he uses the present tense, it should actually refer to something that has just happened, but I'm still lost...

    2. Ref_170715 April 2021 at 13:25
      Amazing insights, thanks a lot. I am quite surprised how hectic it can be for VAR if we look at Video 2. Daniele Orsato could barely speak with Cakir because Cakir could not concentrate on Orsato's advice. Cakir looked very stressed and did not take time to hear advice. You could hear that Orsato was a bit overwhelmed with the situation because Cakir only took about 5 seconds to watch.

      I widely agree with the translation of the communication between Dankert, Zwayer and Brych on the pitch. Zwayer's last sentence leaves room for interpretation. We do not know exactly what he meant. To be honest, on my first watch I understood it like Philipp S. Zwayer said "Er dreht durch". I think he meant Felix Brych. In this case, one could translate it into "he goes crazy/mad". In my view, Zwayer was kind of aware that the attacker was held by the defender but did not intervene because of the 'whole picture' of the incident: Brych decided to give a free-kick for the defender and Zwayer seemed sure that Brych did not want to have an intervention.
      I think Zwayer was more aware of the incident's severeness than Dankert. He pointed at the monitor on which you could see a clear holding by the defender and asked "what's this" in a manner like "was soll das". In a free/wide translation one could say "what is this supposed to be by the defender". Then he asked Dankert "If he [Brych] does it like that [attacker foul], what shall I do now?" not like "I don't know what to do" but rather like "I can't do anything" and I am sure he thought "what a f***** bad incident for everyone".
      Dankert was kind of active after that. There was the point on which Turpin said something (I understood "entre goal" maybe he meant the camera angle; this could suit because another man (I don't know who it was) said quite the same "Hintertor" (which means "behind the goal")). It was Dankert who said "Er hält ja auch beide so" which means "he [the attacker] also held both [the defenders] like this". And more importantly he was the first one who said "no, we do not intervene here", "what do you want to do there, Felix [Zwayer]?".
      You can see Zwayer made some gestures that show he is aware that it could and probably should have been a penalty but he simply cannot intervene. He states "I cannot do anything, he is going crazy". Dankert responded with "yes".
      To summarize that, I think Zwayer thought it was impossible to intervene (whole picture, Brych "going crazy") while Dankert rather thought free-kick for the defender was at least supportable.

      Besides, it is interesting to see that languages play a very important role (everyone thought it would be so). While Dankert and Zwayer did it on their own, in video 2 everyone could communicate without any problem.

  7. I know it's probably difficult but I would love if there were english captions on these videos.

  8. I'm surprised by this bad attitude shown by Cakir in some clips, he was not even interested in what Orsato was saying to him. Not the best VAR user. Maybe this influenced his recent performances, at UEFA.

    1. I remember that also with Irrati there were problems in Man City-Tottenham. It is also true that, in both cases, Cakir had made the correct decision, so perhaps he considered the OFR a waste of time.

    2. Recording from the UEFA documentary:

      Man City vs. Tottenham

      1. Possible handball OFR
      - So Irrati was aware of the possibilty, Cakir decdied no hand, just the leg. Since Cakir got the semi that year, I guess UEFA was fine with Cakir's decision.

      2. Offside

  9. Chefren where your predictions for semi finals ucl ?


    Interesting thread by Dale Johnson explaining the trends on the handball laws. Especially how the law wording changes (hand above shoulder / coming off head, etc) increased PKs.

  11. Some of this has already been said, but my general thoughts on these are as follows:

    1) This was still early in the experiment. It's hard to believe, but we are looking back 3 years ago! We knew there were bumps and hiccups at the time. This just all confirms some of that.

    2) I have access to all the MLS VAR audio (no, I can't share!). I can say unequivocally that this is far, far more chaotic than what happens in MLS. Some of that has to do with how things have changed. Some of it has to do with training. Some of it has to do with just teamwork and familiarity. But watching these videos I am convinced that VAR3 is more harmful than helpful. It's just another referee with another opinion. It's unnecessary. He doesn't even have a chair! I would hope FIFA goes down to 3 VARs (VAR, AVAR, Offside AVAR) for future tournaments.

    3) I know Geiger isn't everyone's cup of tea, but these clips do show how good of a communicator he is and his raw intelligence. He was the one that knew the OFR would help sell the big call for Korea, even though he also knew--perhaps better than anyone--that an OFR wasn't strictly required. Geiger is one of the reasons why all MLS VAR decisions require an OFR (aside from mistaken identity).

    4) Conversely, it's interesting that Orsato calls Cakir to look at the Nigeria penalty appeal even though it's not a clear error. I said at the time that it was quite strange and against protocol. Did it help Cakir or hurt him? On the one hand, it allowed Cakir to be 100% sure and his body language showed it was no penalty. But the fact that the VAR even invited him to look also raised Nigerian expectations on-field, which isn't good. Maybe in 2018 that was okay. From today onward, that would be a completely unaccetpable intervention.

    1. 5) This is a small nuance, but the use of the word "confirmed" as opposed to the phrase "check complete" is also very interesting. In MLS, "check complete" is the required wording that a VAR communicates to let the referee know the protocol has been followed, the check is over, and the call (or no call) can stand. A VAR only inserts the word "confirmed" if, for example, it was a really doubtful call and he wants to reassure the referee that he got it CORRECT instead of "not wrong." Does everyone understand what I'm saying here? The Faghani penalty for France is a good example. Is that 100% a penalty? Not really. But it's a supportable call that VAR cannot overturn. So "check complete" is right. "Confirmed" is a little different and suggests there is no doubt about the call. This is why PRO and MLS want VARs to stick to the standard "check complete" language.

      6) Skomina's tactic was interesting and some other referees used it. I think that it was even suggested in a clinic. The problem is players now know that it doesn't work like that. The referee isn't a director who is telling the cameramen where to focus. So it was a good tactic for one tournament in 2018. But no one should believe it works any longer. A more generic "VAR will catch you, so don't be stupid" works on corner kicks. But theatrically suggesting that certain cameras follow certain players? No, that's fantasy. And players know that.

      7) Finally, as to the overall intensity of the interactions. This is something that I've pointed out since the inception of the VAR experiment. It takes a certain skillset to be a good VAR, just as it does to be a referee or AR. And it's a different skillset. It also takes a certain skillset to be a good referee who utilizes and consumes VAR information well. So much VAR criticism and analysis has been in a vaccuum, as if the VAR could look at his television at home the same way so many of us do here. That's not how it works--at all. And these clips help show that. Future international events should be a little less chaotic, as most domestic leagues hopefully are right now. But they are still high-pressure environments and situations where time does not stop. I mean, even watching Pitana review the penalty situation in the WC Final got my heart racing three years later. There is a man standing all by himself, watching a television monitor, working to make a decision while 2 billion people wait for him--in some ways, that's more pressure than making the decision in real-time.

    2. English being their mother tongue helps a lot Geiger and other American and Australian VARs.

  12. There is a documentary by german "Sportschau" on YouTube about Deniz Aytekin,that also includes the VAR communication. I think it's about one year old by now, but the communication is much clear and,especially,much more calm. Maybe it's because they all speak the same language and they aren't on the biggest stage of football or the past few years brought a lot of experience for everybody involved. But few of the clips above just seem chaotic.

    1. Let's be honest. Have you ever witnessed Italians communicating? Sometimes they are yelling at each other and you might think in the next moment they start a fight, but it's just a friendly conversation. Chefren can certainly confirm that Italians are more emotional and loud in their communicational style. I also dislike the level of arousal in Orsato's incidents. Impulsive, loud, not detail-qualitywork (Soares advised him not to forget APP)... why not doing things calm, quiet, but good. No need to shout all the time.

    2. Yes I can confirm that for sure and we could start a discussion.
      This can be a typical analysis on how to see different characters at works. I also had the opportunity to listen from some VAR clips in serie A and it is the same. They shout for everything. This, I admit, could be very boring for the referee, who has to hear everything, but I figured out that for some referees it is impossible to have calm approach. Basically, Orsato has a very dominant character, so maybe the reason behind his way of working as VAR is exactly his tendency to be always a leader. He would never do something with too much phlegm, he wouldn't give the idea of doing the right thing. This is what we perceive in Italy, regarding "emotions" and "communication". Of course the speech can't be valid for all people but I remember also many clips from Spain and La Liga, the attitude is definitely the same. Commenting and screaming for everything.
      Germans have coolness and big nerve, let's say that, while we must show that what we are doing is exciting us!

    3. What matters is the outcome, not the way you do it. Try to have a match with a ref from South America and VAR from Japan. Would this be a good mix? Not at all. You should all open your mind and realize that people do not only communicate by words but also by emotions, and the latter are essential to an effective communication. A referee from Germany might not probably get along with a VAR from Italy/Spain. The same is for an Italian referee. A Spanish/Italian ref on the pitch would not trust a VAR who is too calm and appears unsure. It's part of each country's culture.

    4. Yeah I would say the VAR communication is probably a lot calmer in Australia. Definitely less yelling.

  13. They should have added subtitles. Can barely hear what they are saying

  14. Geiger comes across incredibly well here. His communication to the coach was textbook, calm and professional. His foresight to do a VAR check on the offside decision was brilliant as well. These two clips show exactly why he went to two World Cups.

    1. Can you write what he said coach

    2. "Watch the gesture, watch the comments, keep it Professional okay?
      I want to keep you here, so keep it Professional.
      Both Players are holding, both Players are holding.
      Both Players are holding in that one!"

    3. I have been told not to use "both players are holding" to justify a play on decision, because technically there has to be a dFK against the player, who started or a dropped ball, if simultaneously.

    4. For Geiger, it helps a lot that English is his mother tongue.

    5. @Philip, note that with the recent law change regarding the definition of holding offenses, it's no longer true (as it once was) that technically all "holding" was an offense. Now, it's only an offense "when a player’s contact with an opponent’s body or equipment impedes the opponent’s movement."

      (Of course this wasn't the case in 2018, but I think we all understand where Geiger was coming from anyways.)

  15. News: Matheu Lahoz injured after Bayern- PSG add covid infection, No good news :/

    1. This season is crazy, if you arent injury, you can be ill for covid and it can be end of season, This situation have: Skomina( injury), Marciniak ( covid ), and now Matheu.

    2. In January he had COVID. Are we sure it has it an other time?

    3. I heard it was after Bayern- Psg

    4. Yes, according to the news, Lahoz has COVID for his second time. Hope he recovers soon.

  16. This video is private....

    why I can't see video?

  17. Let's continue the discussion here, fast approaching the max 200 comments on the EL post :)

  18. Anthony Taylor needs a new VAR. Attwell would spoil him at EURO.

    1. I only watched the highlights. Why was he not good in your oppinion?

  19. OT

    Panathinaikos - Aris

    Kristo Tohver (VAR Vasco Santos)


    1. Gentleman, that's a clear mistake by referee!

    2. Difficult scene IMO.
      I would prefer play-on here, as the push isn't significant, but I don't think it's a clearly wrong decision, so nothing the VAR should intervene for in my view.

  20. Kuipers with an excellent RC in Dutch Cup final. Was about to give a YC, but Van Roekel clearly corrected him and suggested RC. Good decision.

    1. I must add to this that the fact that Kuipers was about to give a YC also illustrates his weak foul detection all game. He should be very thankful to Van Roekel for this one: it isn't one of Kuipers' best games this season at all.

    2. Video of the incident, I hope you can watch it from outside The Netherlands as well:

  21. Not convincing performance by Daniele Doveri in Napoli-Inter.

    17' missed YC Lautaro Martinez

    There was a challenge between Martinez and Di Lorenzo (can't remember the minute). Martinez clearly hits Di Lorenzo intentionally with his elbow in the stomach to start a promising attack.Doveri whistles not even a foul. For me RC because on the video footage you can clearly see that Inter player wanted to hit the Napoli player. VAR Mazzoleni stayed silence.

    38' correct YC Kalidou Koulibaly
    41' missed YC Mario Rui
    44' correct no penalty, challenge Meret-Barella

    1. The style of Doveri in most of his games is to keep cards as long as possible, so reporting them is as mistakes looks even unnecessary, he know that he should book players for that infringments. This was the reason for which I didn't llike him for a long time, however in recent times he has shown a big control of games despite that. One can still always discuss about the yellow cards to be issued. He was forced to start with Koulibaly, However, not a perfect performance, VAR intervention in second half, he had whistled a wrong penalty, AR2 reported offside, offside was wrong, VAR intervene and he revoked the penalty call.

  22. What about Lazio-Benevento? Has anyone seen the game? Many VAR interventions, many goals...

    1. Unfortunately, after a quite good first half the second was the worst performance, I think, of a referee, this season in serie A.
      Davide Ghersini was a young and promising referee until some years ago, but he failed. He was presented as talent and he was about to make the big step in serie A. First troubles for him started when he officiated Serie B play off in 2017, from that moment, it was always a disappointment from him.
      Yesterday he had good first half and also a correct penalty against Benevento (foul by keeper), but in second half VAR intervened three times. First one was for a penalty, correct call by VAR, missed foul, but referee failed in issuing a very clear YC (at least reckless, for me even SFP), he was reluctant in front of monitor, terrible body language, and this was the start of nightmare. Second VAR intervention missed foul again in penalty area (holding), it happened just in front of his eyes. Again, it can be correct the VAR call, but the previous case had been more evident for me. Third intervention: missed foul when Benevento scored and then VAR again, in this case in my opinion the least clear VAR intervention, but basically referee was in trouble all second half.
      I will upload short video later, if possible.

    2. Video:
      All VAR interventions start from 02:05

    3. IMO it was not a bad performance from the referee (based on the clips!) but from VAR. Maybe in Italy VAR intervenes more often, but for me intervention 2 and 3 are not correct. Intervention 2 could be ok, if the referee didn't have a good ange, but he has a great view and noPK is supportable for me.

  23. Difficult Basaksehir-Fenerbahçe derby for Cüneyt Çakir and VAR Ümit Öztürk.

    00.17 Goal Basaksehir, foul prior the goal + YC dissent, no VAR intervention
    00.47 possible RC for #BAS21 for SFP
    00.56 possible penalty for Fenerbahce, handball?
    01.17 possible penalty for Fenerbahce
    01.40 confrontation #FEN13 and #BAS21, both got a YC > FEN13 had already a YC so got sent off
    02.37 Penalty for Basaksehir, YC goalkeeper? > should penalty be retaken?

  24. 00-17 : agree with ref, no clear error - supportable no foul
    00-47 : RC missed - SFP here.
    00-56 : play on - no PK
    1-17 : play on too
    1-40 : good double YC and RC
    02-37 : PK had to be retaken. VAR seemed very fear to intervene in this match : Cakir’s authority ?

  25. The European Super League is happening. How would referee appointment would work? Will FIFA/UEFA impose any restrictions on referee leaving?

    1. I had the same thoughts, technically international referees 'belong' to UEFA and national FAs. I can see one of these two scenarios:

      1) Agreement between UEFA and ESL.
      2) ESL hires European top referees who break with UEFA and its refereeing commitee and only handle games in this competition, thus probably making them uneligible to handle e.g. national team matches.

    2. Btw, I know it's offtopic but I'd like to express my personal and absolute rejection of this new exclusive competition made by 12 clubs going against everybody else (Leagues, federations, even national governments), they're killing football.

    3. 100 % true, bad for the game.

    4. i think thaht ESL will not happend, because of the players. They will be play only for clubs and not other international matches for their national teams. Even supporters of the clubs don't like this idea...

  26. To my point of view, UEFA will not allow to "use" their referees at European Super League. Today, UEFA Executive Committee will hold their meeting!
    After yesterday`s release, we can see that UEFA position is very tough about ESL

    1. Perfect place for top referees close to retirement age, who already reached maximum in FIFA/UEFA.

  27. ESL is a shame ! I really hope that all governments will be very harsh to ban all team members by all competitions

  28. If will start in August 2021 need to have a Referee comitate and referee list soon

    1. I think most of referees with CL final in their career and those with marginal chances to get it might be keen to join the Superleague. The wages will most likely be much better than in UEFA.

      It was already known that the UEFA Elite Category is going to be totally rebuilt in next two years but now it becomes a nightmare for Rosetti.

      English officials, Aytekin, Brych, Del Cerro, Mateu Lahoz, Orsato, Kuipers (with Sidiropoulos?), Collum, Skomina, Cakir... They have nothing to gain in UEFA. ESL will be very tempting for them.

      But let me say that the refereeing in Superleague will be very different to refereeing we experience in UEFA competitions. It will be very similar to Premier League's catastrophic refereeing.

      If you, as a referee, work for clubs which you will handle games of, you have to balance between applying the laws and making clubs happy...

    2. But history will judge you, and as the years pass, you will ultimately judge yourself, in the extent to which you have used your gifts and talents to lighten and enrich the lives of your fellow men. In your hands lies the future of your world and the fulfillment of the best qualities of your own spirit.

      Robert F. Kennedy

  29. Fun fact: if all clubs participating in SL are kicked out of CL, Orsato has (unofficially) refereed CL final twice in a row.

    1. Why CL final? It was a quarterfinal, if competition will be annulled, no champion will be announced.

    2. Because PSG is the only club left (there are reports that they will be crowned champions). Since they played Bayern, another club that hasn't joined, this should be considered the 'final' if those reports are true.

  30. Apoel x Anorthosis
    21.04.2021 18h
    Segunda Mão Taça Chipre
    João Pinheiro

  31. Olymbic games referees announced or not ?

  32. Mateu Lahoz is back. He has been appointed for La Liga next round:
    So he keeps the chances for CL final.

    1. Maybe it was just a statistical "false positive" test result. PCR is sometimes over sensitive and detects old viral load for people who had COVID 2-3 months ago. Happened to other referees in the past as well.

    2. No, he was actually injured. In an interview a few days ago, he said that he was hit by a player in Bayern-PSG and that caused the problem.

  33. Damir Skomina on Instagram story posted photo with Aleksandar Čeferin with text: "Ne glede na vse, vedno te potpiram!" ["No matter what, I am supporting you!"]

  34. Latest news from the Netherlands: Dutch 32 years old eredivisie referee Christiaan Bax quits refereeing inmediatly, Bax stops refereeing because he wants to study again, and thinks a good combination off going to study, and refereeing at high level doesn't match well.

  35. some appointments for erdivisie this week:
    Utrecht-Ajax (Lindhout)
    Willem II-RKC (team Makkelie)
    AZ-Ajax (Van Boekel,Honig, de Nas, Nagtegaal, VAR: Dieperink, Inia)
    (Match in wich Ajax can be champion)
    Feyenoord-Vitesse (Higler,Diks,Balder, Van de Graaf Var: Van der Laan, De Vries

  36. Germany:
    These are the most controversial incidents from last weekend's Bundesliga matches, played on 9th April - 12th April. DFB already published a statement, clearifying their view on the scenes.

    1) 2nd Bundesliga: Hamburger SV - SV Darmstadt, handled by Robert Kampka [VAR: Arne Aarnink]
    Penalty withdrawn after OFR:
    DFB statement: The little contact at the knees is especially
    initiated by the attacker during the backswing of his leg. The defender is passive. Correct decision.

    2) Bundesliga: Hertha BSC - Borussia Mönchengladbach, handled by Patrick Ittrich [VAR: Robert Hartmann]
    RC (DOGSO) issued; no VAR intervention:
    DFB statement: The attacker would have reached the ball, if the foul had not occur. Then, he would have been able to shoot on goal unchallenged. The Red Card for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity is correct.

    3) Same match as in 2)
    No penalty given; no VAR intervention:
    DFB statement: The defender is in a dynamic movement and drags the attacker along. The contact is initiated by the attacker, who puts his foot on the defender's arm himself. Correct decision.

    4) 2nd Bundesliga: Würzburger Kickers - FC Nürnberg, handled by Tobias Reichel [VAR: Johann Pfeifer]
    DOGSO? YC given; no VAR intervention:
    DFB statement: After having assessed the incident as a foul, the referee has to evaluate, if the foul denies a clear goal scoring opportunity. There are numerous indications pointing towards that: The location of the foul, the dynamic attacking movement and the defender's missing possibility to intervene and stop the attacker.
    Nonetheless, both players (the on-rushing goalkeeper and the attacker, who is fouled) have a similar distance to the ball.
    As a result, we consider a Red Card as the "better" choice, however, the VAR was right in not intervening here, because he cannot unequivocally prove that the attacker surely reaches the ball before the goalkeeper.


    Portugal and France promote interchange of referees

    Portugal and France are going to promote an exchange of referees following the agreement established between the bodies that manage the sector's activity in the countries.

    This measure is part of a perspective of training and acquiring international experience by Portuguese and French referees.

    The interchange covers the professional league championships of the must countries and involves teams of field and VAR referees, whenever the nomination is for a race that uses this technology.

    Those responsible for the referees boards of Portugal and France regard this measure, which is not unprecedented, as an important step in the evolution of their referess.

    Belarusian Referee Review Show Week 5

    If anyone here can translate Russian it would be much appreciated.
    Just the main points, not a whole transcript.

  39. "If young people find football matches too long it may be because they are not interesting enough... or maybe we might have to make the football matches shorter" - Florentino Pérez

    Well, it's the end of football we love so much. I already told yesterday that the refereeing will change drastically in Superleague. Now it seems the whole LotG will be thrown in the dustbin...

    1. Isn't Super League following the model that works for many years in the USA? There is no promotion or relegation in MLS, NBA, NHL and these leagues are very successful.

    2. Why would it be like that?
      Things are peefext enough the way they are.

      Earn your promotion or be responsible for your relegation.

      Simple as that.

    3. It is a different model and it proved successful in North America.
      In a free market should be room for everyone and let the market decide the outcome. A free market implies competition, not monopoly.

  40. UEFA will announce tomorrow morning the names of the match officials who will attend to the next EURO.


  41. I am a little bit late but can anyone help me to reach the VAR clips. It says the video is private and I can not watch any of them.

  42. Olympic Football Summer 2021

    Referee List :

    UEFA :

    Referee : Artur Dias (POR), Stephanie Frappart (FRA), Orel Grinfeeld (ISR), Srdjan Jovanovic (SRB), Georgi Kabakov (BUL), Kateryna Monzul (UKR), Anastasia Pustovoitova (RUS), Esther Staubli (SUI)

    AR : Rui Barbosa (POR), Roy Hassan (ISR), Susanne Kueng (SUI), Ekaterina Kurochkina (RUS), Martin Margaritov (BUL), Milan Mihajlovic (SRB), Manuela Nicolosi (FRA), Michelle O'Neill (IRL), Katrin Rafalski (GER), Lucie Ratajova (CZE), Sanja Rodak (CRO), Paulo Santos Soares (POR), Uros Stojkovic (SRB), Maryna Striletska (UKR), Diyan Valkov (BUL), Idan Yarkoni (ISR)

    VAR : Abdulkadir Btgen (TUR), Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez (ESP), Marco Guida (ITA), Tiago Martins (POR), Benoit Millot (FRA), Pawel Raczkowski (POL), Roi Reinshreiber (ISR), Bibiana Steinhaus (GER)

    Reserve : No information by Arbitro Internacional


    Referee : Matt Conger (NZL)

    AR : OFC: Tevita Makasini (TGA), Mark Rule (NZL)


    Referee : Edina Alves (BRA), Laura Fortunato (ARG), Leodan Gonzalez (URU), Kevin Ortega (PER) and Jesus Valenzuela (VEN)

    AR : onica Aboya (ECU), Neuza Back (BRA), Mary Blanco (COL), Mariana de Almeida (ARG), Tulio Moreno (VEN), Michael Orue (PER) Jesus Sanchez (PER), Nicolas Taran (URU), Lubin Torrealba (VEN) and Richard Trinidad (URU)

    VAR : Andrés Cunha (URU), Nicolas Gallo (COL), Wagner Reway (BRA) and Mauro Vigliano


    Referee : Ivan Barton (SLV), Melissa Borjas (HON), Ismail Elfath (USA), Lucila Venegas (MEX)

    AR : Kyle Atkins (USA), Chantal Boudreau (CAN), Enedina Caudillo (MEX), Mayte Chavez (MEX), David Moran (SLV), Corey Parker (USA), Shirley Perello (HON), Zachari Zeegelaar (SUR)

    VAR : Edvin Jurisevic (USA), Erick Miranda (MEX), Chris Penso (USA)


    Referee : Victor Gomes (RSA), Salima Mukansanga (RWA), Bamlak Tessema (ETH)

    AR : Gilbert Cheruiyot (KEN), Mohammed Ibrahim (SDN), Bernadettar Kwimbira (MWI), Arsenio Marengula (MOZ), Mary Njorge (KEN), Souru Phatsoane (LES),

    VAR : Mahmoud Mohamed Ashour (EGY), Adil Zourak (MAR)

    Reserve : Dahane Beida (MTN), Ndidi Patience Madu (NGA), Maria Rivet (MRI)


    Referee : Chris Beath (AUS), Kate Jacewicz (AUS), Adham Makhadmeh (JOR), Yoshimi Yamashita (JPN)

    AR : Mohammad Alkalaf (JOR), Ahmad Alroalle (JOR), Ashley Beecham (AUS), Makoto Bozono (JPN), Kyong Min Kim (KOR), Seul Gi Lee (KOR), Anton Shechetinin (AUS), Naomi Teshirogi (JPN)

    VAR : VAR: Abdulla Al-Marri (QAT), Muhammad Bin Jahari (SIN), Ming Fu (CHN)

    Reserve : Hiroyuki Kimura (JPN)

    Source :

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