Czechia - England, Damir Skomina

Very challenging start for the Slovenian.

- 4' correct PK to ENG.

- 7' penalty appeal by CZE (handball) correctly rejected and YC to #14 for dissent.

- 10' correct YC to ENG #3 for reckless challenge.

Some other incidents.

- 30' foul by ENG #3 on CZE #5 who immediately stood up asking for YC. No cards is OK but a stronger intervention was required.

- 53' missed YC to CZE #8 (reckless).

- 67' unusual scene. Correct foul against ENG #7 (pushing an opponent) but players didn't hear the whistle and play went on with a goal scoring opportunity for ENG. When they realized that game was stopped ENG #7 made dissent gestures. YC was given but for my taste a talk could have been enough.

- 84' goal scored by CZE. In the build-up ENG #3 head hit by an opponent. Correct no foul but maybe game could have been stopped.

- 92' correct YC to ENG #8 (illegal use of arms).

Performance overall was good, expected level.

Alex D

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