Faroe Islands - Romania, Əliyar Ağayev

18' DOGSO or SPA
In my opinion correct decision by referee, considering that the ball was not so close, after having won the duel with defender. Otherwise, with a clear ball's possession, this scenario could play in favor of RC for DOGSO.

22' Foul in favour of defender
Referee solved this situation by whistling a foul by attacker. The goal scored was then annulled.

30' Referee hit by ball.
Application of new rule.

45' YC for reckless tackle
Second YC of the game.

46' YC for reckless takle
Third YC of the game.

60' Possible YC and management.
Referee had to calm down players. He spent some warnings there.

67' Penalty appeal for handball
I just add this minor incident but no replay was shown there. We support referee.

71' YC for time wasting
Live sequence was not entirely shown as there were some replays before, but very likely defender and keeper took a too long time and referee assessed that it was too much.

75' YC for very reckless challenge
To be honest, this resulted in a kick against opponent. You can hear the fouled player screaming in pain. I think we can back referee for the color of the card but to be honest I was not convinced by his body language there. Too late decision to show YC, he looked not convinced at first glance, maybe the screams played a role there.

80' YC for holding - charging opponent
Correct decision, however definitely the procedure of card showing must be rewatched. I praise that he was alert because other players could have had confrontation, but the player who had fouled the opponent, had to be booked in a clear way.

86' YC for reckless tackle
The last booking of the game.

A final remark: he correctly waited for the end of the attack that led to 0-3 by Romania, in the very last seconds of the game, as UEFA wants.

Watching the game, I had the perception that Ağayev is not a referee who likes too much to be "connected" with players from beginning. He prefers to stay in the background and then to intervene when needed, just "officiating" the game. Sometimes this is not possible, because in some games there can be escalation. This game, but this is only my opinion of course, could have been managed a bit better in terms of prevention and presence by referee. It wasn't for sure a poor or bad performance - let me be clear, but at the same time one can understand that with a different approach from the beginning, players would have acted better in some situations. However, this is not a reproach, but just a suggestion for the future. Given the young age, for sure the Azeri referee has all the chances for developing. I can understand why UEFA sees a potential great referee in him. Having said that, he can also improving in becoming more "elegant" when showing cards, but that's for sure a secondary aspect. In my opinion he still needs games as "normal" Category 1 referee, before talking about something more.

Assistant referees not so much challenged. AR1 with the only offside call of the game - 86' - correct. AR2 with some good but not difficult ONSIDE decisions when Romania scored in second half.


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