Finland - Italy, Robert Madden

17' - Was a warning enough for this late challenge?

21' - First YC of the game for a reckless challenge

53' - Penalty appeal by Italy (replay)
I think supportable decision, not a clear foul, rather attacker going into defender's path, however a whistle wouldn't have been a mistake, but in case a very soft penalty.

57' - YC reckless challenge and SPA

70' - Penalty to Finland for a challenge from behind
I think the contact existed, check from 00:19 in the video, enough for a whistle once a player is touched from behind while running in penalty area.

71' - YC to Italian GK for unsporting behavior against the penalty taker.
I think referee assessed that keeper took too long time drinking before returning in his position for the penalty.

74' - YC for reckless challenge

76' - Missed YC and missed cooperation among the officials, AR1 - FO
This was a very blatant reckless challenge resulting in a kick to opponent without any chance to play ball. Mandatory YC. With Madden very far from the scene, I think both AR1 and FO responsible for this mistake.

78' - Penalty for deliberate handball to Italy
Wrong decision. Whistled without hesitation, replay shows that arm is not in a punishable position, one can't be even sure about the exact point of contact with ball. Referee decided following his perception because from his position it was impossible to assess directly the incident. While I really like the attitude to have an instinct and to make quick decisions, in this case, without VAR, and in a so important game, referee should have waited a bit before whistling. Also, a consultation with AR1 would have been good thing. Of course one must also admit that live it looked like a very clear handball, but we can't stop our analysis here.

90'+1 - Possible YC for reckless challenge, directly on the opponent

90'+3 - YC for reckless challenge

Madden was quite lenient in disciplinary control, he issued YC only for very mandatory situations, but also missed a very clear one (76').
However, in an overall context one could have still assessed as quite good referee's performance. The big problem was this penalty and the way he whistled it: too "easily" for a so important decision.
There were quite important offside calls but replays were not shown. One must support ARs work.

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