Georgia - Republic of Ireland, Marco Guida

Penalty appeal 13'
I think that play on is good decision.

Possible YC 33'
In my opinion it is a missed YC. Good that referee waited before whistling (possible advantage for Georgia) but then when he whistled he had to book player. He was not close to foul, maybe for this reason he had not a good perception of a clearly reckless action.

Deliberate handball 53'
Whistled without YC. Should the player have been booked for attempting to score a goal by hand in that case?

YC for SPA 65'

YC for reckless challenge 88'
The player from Georgia was "lucky" there, or maybe we could say that he "abused" the situation, after a first possible foul indeed he made the second one for which he was booked. Referee had waited for a possible advantage before that, however I think at the end YC is okay. No arguments for two YCs in a row. Player accepted referee's decision.

Apart from that, nothing very significant happened there. I think more or less expected level, mark can be 8.3. Good communication with players.


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