Liechtenstein - Italy, Andris Treimanis

2' Advantage and goal scored, then YC (reckless)
Very good management.

23' Possible handball.
Interesting situation. Arm very close to body, but after the shot by opponent, the ball is blocked between arm and body. Is there a fault by defender? Would you whistle it?

28' Two penalty appeals in a row. (live sequence) (replay)
I think you can back referee there.

49' Penalty appeal.
This was perceived by Italian commentators as clear penalty live, unluckily it seems no replays were shown. Just to add, Belotti is a very difficult player to manage, very often he falls down easily in his serie A games and referees are in trouble. I can't be 100% sure in this case as well, and I wouldn't penalize Treimanis.

The final score says everything - easy going game for the Latvian.


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