Norway - Spain, Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver as we know him - in the background, taking his decisions.

+ Very good penalty decision at +92'. Brave call, and simply perfect delayed whistle.
+ His key to success: reliable and predictable decision taker in foul detection and disciplinary control. He managed that again in this match.
- He could have better managed the scene at 80'
- He should sort out a caution for dissent in the scenes at 80' and +92'

-> His long-term point for development, which he himself has recognised I think:

He needs to better connect with players in his international matches and develop his soft skills. I have the impression of a man who cannot decide if he wants to be players' friend or distant authority in his UEFA games.

Still, he made a visible improvement in his mimics and gestures when I saw him this year (U20 WC, Trabzonspor - AEK Athína) - but his soft skills must improve if he wants to reach UEFA top.

Find below some video clips:

=> 5' Penalty appeal (holding)

=> 35' YC ESP No.19 - Reckless Stamp

=> 42' YC NOR No.7 - Late Tackle

=> 44' Penalty appeal (charging)

=> 60' YC ESP No.5 - Late Tackle

=> 80' Referee plays advantage from a SPA/LoR handling, then makes a 'play on' gesture, at the next stoppage in play ESP No.15 is cautioned for the handling.
1) Was it better to use delayed whistle there? Attacker lost possession which was not his fault
2) Wild dissents should have resulted in a YC

=> 81' YC ESP No.17 - Reckless Strike ; management / prevention

=> +92' Penalty and YC for reckless charge by ESP GK, optimal delayed whistle

Mikael W. 

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