Torino - Wolverhampton Wanderers, Artur Soares Dias

Very good performance by Artur Soares Dias in the Torino - Wolverhampton Wanderers game. 

Though the game did not present many challenging calls for him I imagine it was simply exhausting for him with a huge amount of running to do and being put under special pressure by the players and audience particularly in the 1H (Google his name and see what Italian media were saying about him pre-match).

His physical condition is immense, he ran from box-to-box from first minute to last, and he operated a strong diagonal - though by the end he sometimes took a too close position to the ball. I think, rather a question of mental than physical sharpness there 

Penalty call, surely with some info from Paulo Soares AR2, was fully correct at 88' and disciplinary control was flawless, though more-or-less all of the eight cautions sorted out were fully mandatory and expected.

We can remember Soares Dias for his quite languid way of refereeing but this was not the case in this match, as he was an active presence right from the start, which was needed in this game. 

What I really liked about his performance - all the pressure was totally irrelevant for him, he was only focused on getting each decision correct. In the end he was pretty flawless - no chances for anybody to complain. 

While physically he kept up with the game throughout, I had the impression that psychologically the game took much out from him. When Belotti complained about his (unpopular, but de jure mandatory YC), there was not much charisma to solve this situation, I had the impression of a man who needed a rest - this would be my (sole) point for improvement.

8,5 should be his mark. ARs too got each decision right, though maybe a visible (flag) signal for fouls in the nether regions of their respective vicinities is not explicitly neccessary and could be replaced by only shouting into the comms; Rui Tavares AR1 had no chance to evaluate a goal v no goal situation at the 1-3 that was a well-played advantage. 

If UEFA used this match this match as an 'exam', then Artur Soares Dias certainly passed. 
A different kind of challenging game, with more conflicts and requiring softer management and game-reading skills - sth like Cluj - Slavia match this week handled (very well) by Cüneyt Çakir - would be the next logical step for him.

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