Young Boys Bern - Crvena zvezda, Danny Makkelie

Overall: okay, but not great. What bothered me the most was that he was rather passive. Rather background. Communication was very calm and subdued, he did warn players, but it was rather lowkey. One has to add that apart from SPA offences, the game had little fire in it and was mostly fair, so we should not put too much into this approach.

Disciplinary wise, I would say decent performance, all cards were correct and none of the listed above were mandatory cards missed. With one exception: ZVE #87 showed blatant and repeated dissent not only once but twice. At the very latest in the second scene, a booking was a MUST. I believe Makkelie wanted to avoid the caution as the foul he whistled against the player was rather accidental; but especially the away team complained several times about his decisions. More firmness here would be good.

Makkelie turned down three penalty appeals. I agree with the first one in 26' and the one in 38' was a good decision. The third scene was difficult in normal speed, replays revealed that the Beograd player did not hit the ball but that there was contact with his opponent's knee. Some would argue the Bern player was looking for the foul, but for me, it is a rather clear pk. VAR correctly intervened and Makkelie overruled his decision after an OFR. I would like to point out that this was done in a swift but tidy way.

To sum it up: VAR spares him from a crucial mistake and surely such cases could be used as an argument for the VAR. Apart from that, Makkelie was decent in a fairly easy game. Dissent management and a firmer personality would be two points for improvement, but at least in the latter case, I'm absolutely sure - and Makkelie has proven - that he can be firm and authoritative when the game demands it.

Howard Maxi

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