Monday, 22 April 2019

Current domestic competitions appointments

Just click below to know current domestic competitions appointments of many European countries.


  1. I'm looking for an appointment involving Ola Hobber Nilsen today (22 April), it has been reported by Norwegian heads of refereeing that today he has an international "high risk" match in another country. He had been appointed for a Norwegian fixture, but apparently for this reason he has been then replaced.


    2. I can't find any big game for him today.

      Most likely it will be either Pyramids v Az-Zamalik in Egyptian Premier League (2nd v 1st, the same amount of points) or Al-Qadisiyah v Al-Kuwait (Kuwait Cup Final, currently 2nd v 1st in league table).

    3. Thank you, about the Egyptian game, isn't it planned for tomorrow (23 April) according to some sources?

    4. Yes, both games to be played tomorrow.

    5. The Kuwait Cup final will be handled by Italian crew in assist of three Kuwaiti officials. Both VAR and AARs will be used in this game.

      REF: Michael Fabbri
      AR1: Elenito Giovanni Di Liberatore
      AR2: Mauro Tonolini
      4OF: Talal Al-Habib
      AAR1: Hashim Ibrahim
      AAR2: Ali Al-Khazar
      VAR: Marco Di Bello
      AVAR: Gianluca Vuoto

    6. Thank you for this appointment!
      Fabbri is "under punishment" after Juventus - Milan....

    7. I am aware that he is a FIFA referee but current season is very weak for him. Is he in danger of demotion?

    8. Absolutely not in danger, but he needs to recover and to show his skills to justify the FIFA appointment. Juventus - Milan has been his first big match but he failed. Hopefully the next time he will do better. It is also difficult to believe that he could be demoted because there aren't many other options...

  2. Well, appointments for MD 35 in LaLiga have been released and there is one significant name missing: Mateu Lahoz. That can only mean three things: he has been suspended after yesterday's match, he's appointed for a semifinal in UCL or he has to work in the elections taking place in Spain on Sunday and has not managed to escape (this is very unlikely, IMO, but has to be considered also). Hernández Hernández is not appointed either.

    Saturday 27/04/2019
    13:00 Athletic Club (fighting for UEL/keeping 7th place) - Alaves (fight for 7th)
    Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (Comité extremeño; FIFA, Elite)
    VAR: José Luis Munuera Montero (Comité Andaluz; FIFA, 2nd group)

    16:15 Atlético de Madrid (nothing to play for) - Valladolid (fighting to avoid relegation)
    Referee: Mario Melero López (Comité andaluz)
    VAR: Alfonso Álvarez Izquierdo (Comité catalán)

    18:30 Leganés - Celta (fighting to avoid relegation)
    Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera (Comité valenciano; FIFA, 2nd group)
    VAR: Santiago Jaime Latre (Comité aragonés)

    20:45 Barcelona (could be champions already or if they win this game) - Levante (fighting to avoid relegation)
    Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea (Comité vasco; FIFA, 2nd group)
    VAR: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Comité balear)

    Sunday 28/04/2019
    12:00 Valencia (fighting for UCL spot) - Eibar (nothing to play for)
    Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández (Comité catalán; FIFA, 1st group)
    VAR: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (Comité navarro; FIFA, Elite)

    14:00 Girona (fighting to avoid relegation) - Sevilla (fighting for UCL spot)
    Referee: José Luis González González (Comité castellano-leonés)
    VAR: Santiago Jaime Latre (Comité aragonés)

    16:15 Real Sociedad (fighting for 7th) - Getafe (fighting for UCL spot)
    Referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias (Comité navarro)
    VAR: David Medié Jiménez (Comité catalán)

    18:30 Villarreal (fight to avoid relegation) - Huesca (fight to avoid relegation)
    Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez (Comité murciano; FIFA, 2nd group)
    VAR: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Comité balear)

    20:45 Rayo Vallecano (fight to avoid relegation) - Real Madrid (nothing to play for)
    Referee: Pablo González Fuertes (Comité asturiano)
    VAR: Adrián Cordero Vega (Comité cántabro)

    Monday 29/04/2019
    21:00 Betis (fighting for 7th, but not many options) - Espanyol (the same)
    Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande (Comité madrileño; FIFA, Elite)
    VAR: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva (Comité gallego)

    1. Tottenham - Ajax 30/04
      Mateu Lahoz with VAR Hernández Hernández. It is possible.

      For Barcelona - Liverpol 01/05 I think Kuipers it is quite sure (with Ajax, better to appoint him in a first leg game).

    2. I think the Spanish committee has punished Xavier Estrada Fernandez because of his weak performance in Deportivo Alaves vs. Valladolid (lost the controll of the game in the secondhalf).Maybe the same punishment/suspension for Antonio Mateu Lahoz.Good news for Eduardo Prieto Iglesias (good appointment) after his excellent officating in Villarreal vs. Leganés.

    3. Estrada has not been punished. He has a relevant game in the MD he had to had one. It is Mateu whose turn was next weekend (this season referees have a match in one out of two MD. There is a MD mid-week) and has not been appointed even as VAR. However, to me UCL appointment makes more sense than suspension, given the circumstances.

    4. Alberola Rojas also doesn't have any refereeing duty on the weekend so Cuadra Fernández has to act twice as VAR (Barcelona-Levante and Villarreal-Huesca). He might be having some rest, or he's been called to work in 28-A General Election...or has been 'punished' by CTA after the affaire with Morata.

    5. Indeed! Did my counting wrong. In the case of Alberola I tend to think more about a forced rest to reduce pressure on him after the incident, as he doesn't work either during the mid-week MD. Mateu will be in VAR tomorrow (Alavés - Barcelona) and Hernández Hernández will be the main referee on Wednesday on Atlético - Valencia (huge match).

    6. MARCA says the same:

    7. Well, many media are now openly speaking of one match ban for Alberola Rojas, including Isaac Fouto, who has very close relations with CTA.

    8. I repeat myself. Alberola Rojas was not lucky and he shouldn't have do that. But I'm astonished for the media and club overreaction about it that has resulted in a single-match ban for him.

      MARCA says that the aim of the ban is to 'protect' Alberola Rojas from media exposure after a good performance in Eibar-Atlético.

    9. The performance in Eibar-Atletico was excellent. One of the main qualities of Alberola is the relationship he establishes with the players, it is always very accepted. Morata is a voice out of the choir, so it is clear that this is an episode and unfortunately he will stand still a turn.

    10. Alberola Rojas got 2 match ban.

    11. No, only one as the appointments for mid-week matchday were made before the Morata affaire. 2 matches without any refereeing duty, one to have rest and one more because of the ban.

  3. An expected first half by Daniele Orsato in Napoli - Atalanta Bergamo.Very hard pitch and weather conditions making the game very difficult.Two correct YC's given: 1' Atalanta for tricot pull and 29' Napoli for a reckless arm challenge.One correct no penalty call and a correct evaluated DOSGO situation (Mertens has gone out of the way of the Atalanta goalkeeper).

  4. Is there a video about Alberola Rojas incident? I think I missed what happened, I ask if you could kindly explain the facts. Thank you.

    1. I copy-paste from the other post.

      "Video about Alberola Rojas-Morata affaire yesterday in Eibar-Atlético. Morata was booked at the end and got very angry, as well as Simeone (reminding himself that in 2014 he was banned for 4 matches for "doing exactly the same thing" to a 4th official). Surely, Alberola Rojas could have avoided that, but honestly I don't get why is this treated as a 'scandal' e.g. asking for a 4 match ban for Alberola Rojas and all that stuff"

    2. Another video

  5. I need a info, do you know who is the head of refereeing in Egypt at moment?

    1. ʿAṣṣām ʿAbd al-Fatāḥ, former FIFA referee (WC2006) is the head of Egyptian refereeing.

      Nilsen's appointment confirmed:

      Pyramids - Az-Zamalik
      REF: Ola Hobber Nilsen
      AR1: Tom Harald Grønevik
      AR2: Geir Oskar Isaksen
      4OF: Kristoffer Hagenes

  6. OT:
    Closer look at Mateu's Easter match .

    1. I knew before clicking it would be the El Dia Después video :D

    2. Yep,always them :) .
      Their love for watching Mateu is something else .

  7. The 2019 CONCACAF Champions League Final will be a "Clasico Regio" between Tigres and Monterrey. Both Liga MX teams are from the city of Monterrey.
    Tigres will host the 1st leg on 23 April 2019 and the 2nd leg will be hosted by Monterrey on 1 May 2019.

    Referee crew for the 1st Leg:
    R: PITTI, John Francis (PAN)
    AR1: RAMIREZ, Christian Jesus (HON)
    AR2: CAMARENA Alejandro (PAN)
    4th: MARTINEZ, Hector Said (HON)

    A big game and a big honor for Mr. Pitti. As we all know, local derbies are always difficult matches to officiate. I wish the crew all the best tomorrow night.

  8. We seem to be unable to listen to VAR audio.

    1. This is not good. For nobody to be able to listen to any VAR audio anywhere from next season is a backwards step. We should be moving to greater transparency not less. I fear it will now take much much longer before it can be approved where they air VAR audio live in stadium and for broadcasters. I know that Germany, Australia and the USA were among others pushing for this as it already happens in other sports. But with this decision it now seems unlikely.

    2. "El organismo que preside Gianni Infantino cree que en lugar de ofrecer una mayor claridad y transparencia sobre las decisiones tomadas, la publicación de los audios no ha hecho sino generar más polémica." - NOT TRUE AT ALL

      "La FIFA considera que mostrando las imágenes que ve el árbitro ya se cumple con los requisitos mínimos de transparencia." - DELUSIONAL INTERPRETATION and MISGUIDED APPROACH

  9. Hi guys, what do you think of this situation ? (

    IMO, mistake from Turpin's VAR..

    1. Central referee is not Turpin, but Nicolas Rainville. IMO clear mistake indeed

    2. How is it a mistake? Futuro does not want goals being scored as a result of handballs.

  10. Extremely unacceptable knowledge of the laws of the game by all 4 officials in this situation. Dropped ball enters the goal after only touching 1 player and they allow the goal instead of giving a goal kick to the opponents.

  11. OT: Ligue 1 (Matchday 34)

    26.04 (Friday)

    20:45 | Girondins de Bordeaux - Olympique Lyonnais | Benoît Bastien (Nicolas Rainville)

    27.04 (Saturday)

    Coupe de France (Final)
    21:00 | Stade Rennais - Paris Saint-Germain | Ruddy Buquet (Clément Turpin)

    28.04 (Sunday)

    15:00 | Angers - Stade de Reims | Karim Abed (Alexandre Castro)
    15:00 | Lille - Nîmes Olympique | Amaury Delerue (Willy Delajod)
    15:00 | Amiens - Strasbourg | Stéphanie Frappart (Clément Turpin)
    15:00 | Nice - En Avant de Guingamp | Hakim Ben El Hadj (Olivier Thual)
    15:00 | Caen - Dijon | Antony Gautier (Florent Batta)
    17:00 | Saint-Étienne - Toulouse | Jérémy Stinat (Mikael Lesage)
    21:00 | Olympique de Marseille - Nantes | Johan Hamel (Benoît Millot)

    30.04 (Tuesday)

    19:00 | Montpellier - Paris Saint-Germain | Mikael Lesage (Frank Schneider)

    01.05 (Wednesday)

    19:00 | Stade Rennais - Monaco | Eric Wattellier (Olivier Thual)

    1. Stéphanie Frappart with a Ligue 1 appointment, maybe promotion comes next? It could also be some "training" with Turpin as VAR for the next World cup.

    2. Excellent appointment and well deserved. Tho the French football association confirmed it's a preparation for her world cup

    3. Melissa Borjas (Honduras) has been getting regular assignments as main referee in the Honduran Liga Nacional (Top Division) this season. To include being assigned as the main referee for the Honduran Superclásico between Olimpia and Motagua.

  12. Below you can find live streams for the reported games in the Middle East later today.

    => Kuwait Emir Cup - Final
    18:00 | Al-Qadisiyah - Al-Kuwait | Michael Fabbri (Marco Di Bello)

    => Egyptian Premier League - Round 26 (rearranged)
    20:00 | Pyramids - Az-Zamalik | Ola Hobber Nilsen (NOR)

  13. 13' technical mistake by Medié? It seemed to me he whistled a foul when the ball was not in play yet!

  14. An expected and confident first half by Felix Brych in a spectacular Cup Semi-final (Hamburger SV - RB Leipzig).Solid foul detection and sovereign body language with clear speeches with the players.One potential missed korner,two wrong offside situations evaluated and maybe a missed verbal warning (2') for an illegal arm challenge.Only critism: when there is a indirect free kick (e.g.for offside) sometimes he did not raise his arm.Overall a solid performance so far!

    1. He seems to back in form after some controversial matches in Bundesliga and Champions League as well and especially after the conflict with his assistants.
      Btw also expected performance in second half so far (86‘)

  15. Somebody set fire to Chrysovalántis Theoulí's house on Sunday. Another such incident in Cyprus...

  16. My criticism for Adrian Cordero in Alaves vs Barcelona is that he is way to calm and cool for my liking .. No real acceptance and has the feel of a "baby referee"

    1. Exactly the same I observed in the Girona v Villareal game.

  17. Serbia
    Thursday, 25.04.2019.

    Derby day

    Crvena Zvezda-Partizan

    Referee: Novak Simovic
    AR1: Milovan Ristic
    AR2: Dalibor Djurdjevic

    The best Serbian referee-Srdjan Jovanovic is not in Serbia. So, he can't be in the middle.
    Referee commitet found substitution for him.
    Novak Simovic is new FIFA referee.
    But some things never change. Serbian snipers will be assistants.
    One amazing thing- this derby will be nineteenth for Milovan Ristic!

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