Monday, 30 March 2020

UEFA to meet General Secretaries of National Associations

Member associations to discuss rescheduling options.

UEFA has invited the General Secretaries of its 55 members associations to a videoconference on Wednesday 1 April at midday to share an update on the progress made by the two working groups that were created two weeks ago and to discuss options identified with regards to the potential rescheduling of matches.

The meeting will look at developments across all UEFA national team and club competitions, as well as discussing progress at FIFA and European level on matters such as player contracts and the transfer system.


  1. I would like to ask somethinhg that is not about UEFA meetings. Can Matej Jug be in some next years promoted to Elite Cat becouse I think that he can show really good refereeing?

    1. I don't think so looking at how long it took to promote Vinčič and that Slovenia, a small football country, has already two Elite Category referees. UEFA won't risk any suspicions of nepotism.

    2. Despite being only 39, Jug is a First Group referee since 2011. He had many chances to prove himself at the committee and earn a promotion but obviously his performances were not good enough. So, difficult.

    3. Indeed Jug had many chances in past, he was ahead Vincic when he was promoted to Category 1, he got Champions League group stage before his countryman (2013 Jug, 2016 Vincic), but only the latter was promoted after a very long time. So we must draw conclusion that he didn't convince committee and it is difficult to think he could be taken again in consideration for a promotion.

  2. Refereeing in Vyšejšaja Liha, Round 2 (27-29 March)
    Full highlights (of five games) click on the hyperlink of appointments.

    Tarpieda Žodzina – Bielšyna Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ - Dzmitryj Žuk, Alieh Maslianka - Paviel Rudziankoŭ

    72’ Penalty (charging) to Tarpieda?
    82’ Penalty (tripping) to Tarpieda?

    Overall: Kuĺbakoŭ as we know him: excellent match-reader, not always the most predictable / best decisions.

    Ruch Bieraście - FK Enierhietyk
    Amin Kurhchieli - Andrej Hiecikaŭ, Viktar Hiecikaŭ - Mikita Šyjan

    70’ Reckless vs. Serious Foul Play, Ruch no.5? Yellow Card given

    Overall: Great athlete, more predictive position at corners in order to view KMIs, no challenging game for him.

    Sluck - Dynama Brest
    Vitaĺ Sievascjanik - Siarhiej Hidrevič, Siarhiej Firynovič - Aliaksiej Abialieŭski

    4’ Reckless vs. Serious Foul Play, Dynama no.13? Yellow Card given

    Overall: Control never seemed in threat but quite tough game for him: not always the best decisions, but referee had a good feeling for when to intervene that despite a bit ‘lazy’ style.

    Slavija Mazyr - BATE Barýsaŭ
    Siarhiej Sciacuryn - Siarhiej Kasaviec, Andrej Hierasimuk - Valiery Halomzik

    Overall: Good performance, I like his style! Rather in the background (in positioning too, maybe too much), good feeling for when to intervene, rigorous disciplinary control, effective formal talks with players.

    FK Minsk - Dynama Minsk
    Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ - Maksim Arabiej, Anton Husieŭ - Aliaksandar Volkaŭ

    58’ Second Yellow Card (SPA – holding), Dynama no.5
    68’ Reckless vs. Serious Foul Play, Minsk no.4? No sanction given
    76’ Penalty (holding) to Dynama given + Yellow Card (SPA), Minsk no.77
    +92’ Reckless vs. Serious Foul Play, Dynama no.9? Yellow Card given

    Overall: ‘Experienced’ performance, top-down authority style, aroused respect.

    Haradzieja - Šachcior Salihorsk
    Siarhiej Cynkievič - Jaŭhien Ramanaŭ, Vitaĺ Maliucin - Dzmitryj Markaŭ

    32’ Penalty (charging) to Šachcior; SPA vs. DOGSO, Haradzieja no.8? No sanction given

    Overall: Elegant style but referee couldn’t stop the rough play in this match because he was too passive.

    Islač - Smaliavičy
    Siarhiej Harajucin - Siarhiej Ciasliuk, Andrej Filipovič - Vitaĺ Anichimoŭski

    Overall: Easy game for him – in the background style, rigorous disciplinary control, reminded me of Michael Oliver a bit.

    Nioman Hrodna - Viciebsk
    Paviel Karaniec - Viktar Famin, Aliaksandar Vaškievič - Illia Liašuk

    40’ Penalty (handling) to Viciebsk? Referee signalled a penalty, before restarting the game with a dropped ball (correct restart?)
    57’ Penalty (tripping) to Nioman given + Yellow Card (SPA / reckless), Viciebsk no.6; inside or outside (if outside, DOGSO?)?

    Overall: -

  3. New update from the Netherlands concerning corona. This early evening the prime minister gave a press conference with new measures in the corona battle.

    All professional football is closed down up to june 1st. So know matches behind closed doors before that date. Traning grounds stay closed up to april 28 and with a big chance of a longer closure.

    What this means for the ere and eerste divisie is not known at this moment. On short notice the KNVB will make sime decisions with the clubs concernd.

  4. Friday's appointments in Vyšejšaja Liha.

    16:00 Bielšyna Babrújsk - FK Haradzieja
    Amin Kurhchieli - Andrej Hiecikaŭ, Viktar Hiecikaŭ - Jaŭhien Kavalieŭ

    18:00 Dynama Minsk - Tarpieda Žodzina
    Vitaĺ Sievascjanik - Siarhiej Hidrevič, Siarhiej Firynovič - Dzianis Tarasiuk

  5. Just revisited some games of 2018 World Cup. I just noticed the referees only wore black socks, even if one team was also wearing black/dark color socks. Is there any reason for that?

    1. The reason probably is, that it is considered "normal" by most people that referees always wear black socks, and "strange", if they wear other colours (especially with a black kit). Also in UEFA competitions, it is a relatively new idea, that referee's socks must distinguish from player's socks.
      BTW, in Bundesliga, it is also still "only black".

    2. Sounds like I have totally adopted the new norm and forget about the old norm. Thanks, Philipp.

  6. I would like to ask about one young referee Mitja Zganec. Does anybody knows why he lost fifa badge?

    1. Because of some very poor and controversial performances. He never recovered domestically as well. He is now regarded as a very average 1st division referee with a low number of matches.

  7. Saturday's appointments in Vyšejšaja Liha.

    14:30 Šachcior Salihorsk - Nioman Hrodna
    Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ - Dzmitryj Žuk, Alieh Maslianka - Valiery Halomzik

    16:30 BATE Barýsaŭ - Ruch Brest
    Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ - Anton Husieŭ, Maksim Arabiej - Vitaĺ Anichimoŭski

    18:30 Dynama Brest - Slavija Mazyr
    Dzmitryj Dolia - Kiryl Pakulin, Juryj Chomčanka - Voĺha Ciareška

  8. I read that Belgian federation is about to announce the definitive suspension of Pro League, with Club Brugge to be confirmed as winner.
    This is the first very important decision inside UEFA, but let me say, I would like to see more consistency. If UEFA is trying to allow the resume of national leagues as soon as possible, there should be some criteria. Personally, I have nothing against this decision and I understand also the reasons behind, but in my opinion they should have waited before this announcement. UEFA should try to treat all European League at the same manner. If a country like Italy is still waiting for a possible end of the season, I don't find right that another country can decide by itself to stop everything. I think, to make it even clearer, that such very big decision should come from UEFA and should be the same for all countries, but before that, I think that it was still too early to make such announcement.
    However, if the involved clubs in Belgian major league agree, it is not a big problem, but just my reasoning...
    Having said that, I want also to share with you some (hopefully) positive words, after a very dark time, it seems as something is finally turning better in Italy. The way is still long, but... the worst period seems to have ended.

    1. Ceferin had a short interview for Slovenian national TV station tonight. There was a question about Belgium possibly ending the season. Ceferin answered: if a country ends the season by taking its own arbitrary decision its clubs might not be allowed to participate in the next European season.

    2. Please allow me to add a darker note here. Without vaccines, the COVID-19 pandemic will almost certainly come again at the end of 2020. This is far from ending.

    3. I believe it! Ceferin is right.

    4. Since when UEFA has jurisdiction on domestic championships? UEFA can only decide on UEFA competitions, while national FAs have the authority to decide the outcome of their own domestic competitions.

  9. Sunday's appointments in Vyšejšaja Liha.

    13:00 FK Enierhietyk - FK Minsk
    Siarhiej Sciacuryn - Andrej Hierasimuk, Siarhiej Kasaviec - Kiryl Pilipaviec

    15:00 Viciebsk - Smaliavičy
    Viktar Šymusik - Aliaksandr Banciejeŭ, Aliaksiej Vajciašonak - Dzmitryj Markaŭ

    17:00 FK Islač - FK Sluck
    Dzmitryj Dzmitryjeŭ - Anton Palujanaŭ, Dzianis Jemiaĺjančykaŭ - Uladzimir Rusakoŭ

    1. Is Belarus the only country in the world that still allows regular matches to be played in this context?

    2. Burundi and Nicaragua still playing as well.

    3. ... and Tadjikistan, unbelievable!

  10. Next FIFATV matches
    Brazil - France
    Referee: Luis Medina Cantalejo (ESP)
    ARs: Victoriano Girraldo Carrasco, Pedro Medina Hernandez (ESP)
    4O: Mark Shield (AUS)
    5O: Ben Wilson (AUS)

    Brazil - Argentina:
    Referee: Joel Quiniou (FRA)
    ARs: Alexey Spirin (URS), Pierluigi Pairetto (ITA)

  11. I don't know what happened to the comment I posted yesterday, I think most likely classfied as spam due to the huge number of hyperlinks included, so I'll make it easier.

    I might have found something that could keep you busy and entertained during this time. The Alkass International Cup is a U17 tournament played in Qatar every year, and the 2019 edition was used by FIFA to test the referees appointed to Women's World Cup. All the matches were played with VAR, and most of the matches can be watched on YouTube, on their channel.

    Here are two situations from the final between Rangers FC and AS Roma, refereed by North Korean official Ri Hyang Ok (the game was supervised by Collina, Busacca and Seitz):
    28' - weird YC given to RAN20, then RC given to ROM10 after OFR for DOGSO
    45+1 - RC to RAN2 for Serious Foul Play

    Enjoy and take care everyone! :)

    1. The YC to RAN20 for dissent looks acceptable for me, but no card for ROM10 was a strange decision.

    2. ROM10 was sent-off, why do you say "no card"? The referee did an OFR to decide whether it is a second YC or a straight RC for DOGSO. After the OFR, she sent-off the Roma player.

    3. Then, the protocol has been broken. The referee should always make a decision on his own at first and not decide only after an OFR.

    4. Indeed I had the impression that the referee decided "no card" and the VAR saw a clear and obvious mistake in that.

  12. Currently HT in the quite interesting Tajikistan Super Cup game between FC Istiklol - FK Khujand. Referee is FIFA-listed Nasrullo Kaʙirov (Akmal Buriev, Ismoil Nuraliev - Gulmurodi Sa'dullo), and the game is being streamed live on MyCujoo if anyone is interested.

  13. I'm watching Real-Juve 2008 on Sky Italy, what a great Peter Vink !! One of my favourite referee of all time.

    1. I watched Ajax - FC Twente of 2010, deciding natchbif AJX or TWE would be the champion. Also a very good natch by Vink. He certainly had his qualities.

    2. Why was Vink removed from FIFA list? Was it his choice or the choice of committee, IIRC he still had two more years left at FIFA list.

    3. Disappointed for having lost the chance to officiate at 2010 WC?
      I remember it was a personal choice by Vink to leave FIFA list.

    4. Vink's disappointment was really raw - he made a very ignorant and a bit arrogant statement when medially he said "how come it is that I don't attend the World Cup but a guy from the Seychelles does?". That guy was Eddy Maillet, who deserved his place in South Africa after controlling the Egypt - Algeria (death) match in Omdurman. If Vink suggested, as one logically would with any understanding of how FIFA selects referees, that he deserved his place there more than some other members of the UEFA squad, it would be a different question entirely. Apologies to Vink if I misreported that story.

      I don't think it was just WC 2010 that motivated Vink's call to resign from the FIFA list. He was originally appointed for the Fulham - Hamburg Europa League Semifinal, also in 2010, but was removed on the will of the KNVB after a controversial performance in the Eredivise. He was replaced by a rather unknown referee from Turkey who was in Elite Development Category (what ever happened to him ;))
      For Vink, that must have been very hard to take.

      But perhaps chiefly, Vink was caught at the start of a 'refereeing revolution', of the early Collina-era, that consisted of a relatively gentle push on decision-making as to facilitate modern football and, comparatively, a large shove that changed the paradigm between personalities vs. athletes at the top level. Vink was caught in the second, by his own admission. It's unfair to choose particular names but at least one third of the EURO 2008 referees on a physical profile level it is impossible to imagine at UEFA top nowadays. Vink 'smelt the coffee' of this streamlining process - another young referee, Mr. Kuipers was coming too - and retired half-a-year into the Collina-era.

      I agree with pita falta and Rik, I think Vink was great and UEFA refereeing was worse for his loss; indeed, I remember strongly his excellent performance in Real Madrid - Juventus in 2008, and the brave penalty call in the first minutes of the host's opening game game at EURO 2008. As a non-FIFA he was invited to handle the Bulgarian title decider in 2011; a nice touch.

      Whether you reflect on this with sadness or satisfaction is a question of personal taste, but the fact is undeniable - referees like Pieter Vink simply don't exist anymore at the top level.

    5. this is the reason of Vink suspension :
      ZEIST (Neth.) - Referee Pieter Vink will not be in action again this season. The leader from Noordwijkerhout will no longer be assigned any more matches after his blunder in the league match of 13 April between AZ and FC Twente. He overlooked a clear handball from AZ defender Simon Poulsen and thus denied Twente, the league leader, a penalty.
      24 april 2010, 10:58

      Henk Kesler, the director of paid football of the KNVB, announced in the TV programme Voetbal International that Vink has been penalised for this. ''That handball that Vink missed, you could still see on the Afsluitdijk. When referees make very essential mistakes that we qualify as blunders, measures follow. For Vink, this means that he will not play in two rounds of play.
      Vink was nominated to whistle the match between Hamburger SV and Fulham in the semi-final of the Europa
      League. At the urging of the referees' committee, the European Football Association UEFA removed him from this match. ''Someone who doesn't whistle in the Dutch league, we're not going to point to Europe either', says Kesler.
      The KNVB also gives Jan Wegereef no more games this
      season. After the game, the leader forgot to put ADO Den Haag - Ajax a yellow card for Ajacied Demy de Zeeuw on the match form. (Reuters)

    6. I don't talk about the managing and choices of Collina. Vink has all my sympathy for that time, I think he could have gone to South Africa.

    7. The retirement of Vink made space for Makkelie. Vink could see that he was a huge talent, but he should have waited another year to be on the international list. This also played a role.

      But without the missed semi-final, I can't imagine him leaving the list. The mist WC obviously also played a role. Maybe Martin Hansson would have been a better name for him to mention.

      I also agree: Vink wasnt an athlete as a referee. He had a strange way to run (due to an injury), wasnt a referee with very clear gestures, but more of a manager, in his best days. But not one to let play a lot, unless earned by the players.
      A good referee, but not a very modern one.
      After his retirement as a FIFA referee, he became more popular as a referee.

    8. RikB, I like your thinking. He wasn't a great athlete, but he knew how to handle everything. I think Peter could have gone to WC2010 instead of Hansson

    9. Speaking of Hansson, what was the reason of selecting him for FWC2010 after his blunder against Ireland and then only appointing him as fourth official? Mikael W (and other readers), do you have an insight into that weird selection?

    10. Before play off he was planned to be main referee at World Cup. Working only as fourth official was exactly the punishment for that mistake. FIFA didn't have courage to rule him out from selected officials. Who knows, without this decision, which referee from UEFA would have worked as fourth official, maybe Kassai.

    11. If being appointed to a World Cup, even as a fourth official only, is a punishment, most referees in the world would like to get that "punishment":)
      The big question is why was he still selected after his mistake with huge implications, rather than appointing another European referee?

  14. Round 2 of the Bundesliga Home Challenge

    Saturday 4
    21:20 CEST

    Borussia Mönchengladbach v. REFEREES

    Referees' Team: Deniz Aytekin/Daniel Schlager

  15. Now on SKY italy derby ROMA-LAZIO referee Roberto Rosetti.

  16. Very good and faultless performance from Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ in the Šachcior Salihorsk - Nioman Hrodna game earlier today - well done!

  17. Next FIFATV matches
    Portugal - Spain
    Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
    ARs: Elenito di Liberatore, Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
    4O: Ryuji Sato (JPN)
    RAR: Toru Sagara (JPN)
    VAR: Massimiliano Irrati (ITA)
    AVARs: Paolo Valeri (ITA), Carlos Astroza (CHI), Daniele Orsato (ITA)

    USA - Germany
    Referee: Teodora Albon (ROU)
    ARs: Petruta Iugulescu (ROU), Maria Sukenikova (SVK)
    4O: Salome di Iorio (ARG)
    5O: Mariana de Almeida (ARG)

  18. Clips from Vyšejšaja Liha this weekend (Round Three, 3-5 April)

    Dynama Minsk - Tarpieda Žodzina, Vitaĺ Sievascjanik
    66’ Penalty (holding) to Tarpieda? Yellow Card (dissent), Tarpieda no.88

    Šachcior Salihorsk - Nioman Hrodna, Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ

    BATE Barýsaŭ - Ruch Brest, Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ (AR2: Maksim Arabiej)
    32’ Goal for BATE disallowed (offside) – active offside?

    Dynama Brest - Slavija Mazyr, Dzmitryj Dolia
    63’ Penalty (charging / tripping) to Slavija given
    72’ Penalty (tripping / striking) to Dynama? In case, reckless or excessive force?

    FK Viciebsk – FK Smaliavičy, Viktar Šymusik
    55’ Red Card (Serious Foul Play), Viciebsk no.17

    FK Islač - FK Sluck, Dzmitryj Dzmitryjeŭ
    75’ Penalty (tripping) to Sluck
    87’ Second Yellow Card (Delaying the Restart), Sluck no.71; management
    +91’ Penalty (holding) to Islač? In case, SPA vs. DOGSO?

    General comments:

    Sievascjanik: Easy game for him, no problems.
    Kuĺbakoŭ: Quite tough game, brilliantly and faultlessly refereed: well done!
    Ščarbakoŭ: Rigorous style with maybe some even unnecessary cards in the 1H (one missed), players respected his top-down style; Maksim Arabiej gave the only goal of the game at 7’ in a tight goal / no goal scene, evidence was not conclusive either way.
    Dolia: Solid impression; two further penalty appeals without replays: for Dynama at 79’ (pushing) and Slavija at +91’ (tripping / charging).
    Šymusik: A real-game manager, empathically distant but frequent verbal warnings (see England), good disciplinary control; with such style, a name to watch out for in UEFA.
    Dzmitryjeŭ: Very natural style, especially re. authority; lost it a bit in the final minutes after 87’, performed on expected level until then; 'old-school' talent, I would say.

    NB: Bielšyna Babrújsk - FK Haradzieja (Amin Kurhchieli) and FK Enierhietyk - FK Minsk
    (Siarhiej Sciacuryn) games were not broadcast on Match TV - if any readers have any info from those games, it would be interesting to hear!

    1. I'm pretty sure that is Anton Gusev. He has a FIFA badge and Arabiey doesn't

    2. Thanks. It does seem that ABFF release the AR appointments in reverse order, as I feared.

      Two interesting scenes for Anton Husieŭ, then :)

    3. Any info on Belarusian Cup assignments?

    4. See next post Anonymous 22:44 :)

  19. In Portugal, Fábio Veríssimo (POR): Positive COVID-19

    1. My best wishes to Veríssimo for a speedy recovery, I read that he was in Turin for Juventus - Real Madrid Youth League game, despite of the fact that match was then annulled. This could have been absolutely avoided, very likely for a so useless trip he got infected.

    2. Veríssimo's refereeing team was effectively in Turin for an unreasonable trip as the game was postponed. still, after fulfilling the mandatory isolation, it was diagnosed as negative. In Portugal, he was in contact with an infected family member and, therefore, contracted the virus. Without serious problems, he is recovering at home.

  20. How would you react in the following situations?
    1: You award a free-kick to one of the teams and the player who committed the foul comments on your decision with the following sentence: "My God, you can overdo it."

    2: A player of team A wants to take a free kick, but a player of team B stands in front of the ball. The player of team A says to the player of the other team: "Piss off. Get away from the ball!"

    3: A player says to his slightly heavier teammate: "Can you move a bit faster, you fatso."

    4: You admonish a player and he says to you, "Shut up!"

    5: You admonish a player and he says to you: "Are you gay, or why are you babbling to me?"

    6: You decide to give a team a free kick. The player who committed the foul says, "Referee, this is ridiculous."

    7: A player comments on a decision of yours with the following sentence: "What the f*ck are you whistling?"

    8: A player comments on a decision of yours with the sentence: "You gotta be kidding me to whistle that sh*t?"

    1. 1: Overhearing the situation."Normal" dissent but YC also supportable.

      2: Verbal warning for both!

      3: Very interesting situation.IMO Red Card should be given.

      4: Clear YC!

      5: Political and gender hate speech, clear RC (also for Youth players).

      6: IMO no card but referee should give him a clear verbal warning to underlinde the player's ridiculous behavior.

      7: A RC should follow.

      8: At least YC but RC also supportable (because sh**t is a bit harmless then f*ck).

    2. 1:Yellow or nothing.

      2: Yellow to both.

      3: Depends on how he says it. If it's a joke ignore it. Otherwise a red card.

      4: 100% red card, offensive behaviour towards an official.

      5: 100% Red card, same reason.

      6: Yellow card.

      7: 100% red card.

      8: 100% red card.

  21. Laws of the Game 2020/21 - Changes and Clarifications (English)

    Lois du Jeu 2020/21 - Changements et clarifications apportées aux Lois

    1. Thank you very much! Post to be opened shortly.

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