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Arab Under-20 Cup 2020: Refereeing Highlights

Refereeing highlights of all thirty-one games at the UAFA Arab Under-20 Cup, 17 February - 4 March 2020.


CAF - Africa

Lotfi Bekouassa (Algeria)
Saddam Husain Mansour (Djibouti)
Ahmad Al-Ghandour (Egypt)
Abdulwahid Huraywidah (Libya)
Mathioro Diabel (Mauritania)
Adil Zourak (Morocco)
Sabri Muhammad Fadul (Sudan)
Mehrez Melki (Tunisia)

AFC - Asia

Muhammad Juma'a (Bahrain)
Wathiq Muhammad Al-Ba'aj (Iraq)
Murad Al-Zawahrah (Jordan)
Sa'ad Khalifah (Kuwait)
Muhammad Darwish (Lebanon)
Samih Al-Qassass (Palestine)
Sa'ud Al-'Adhbah (Qatar)
Faisal Al-Balawi (Saudi Arabia)
Ahmad 'Isa Darwish (United Arab Emirates)


Group Stage

Round One

Tunisia - Iraq, Murad Al-Zawahrah
Mauritania - Kuwait, Muhammad Juma'a

Morocco - Bahrain, Sa'ad Khalifah
Madagascar - Djibouti, Samih Al-Qassass

Saudi Arabia - Palestine, Abdulwahid Huraywidah
Algeria - Egypt, Ahmad 'Isa Darwish

Sudan - Libya, Wathiq Muhammad Al-Ba'aj
United Arab Emirates - Senegal, Faisal Al-Balawi

Round Two

Kuwait - Iraq, Ahmed El Ghandour
Mauritania - Tunisia, Sabri Muhammad Fadul

Djibouti - Morocco, Mehrez Melki
Madagascar - Bahrain, Mathioro Diabel 

Saudi Arabia - Egypt, Adil Zourak
Algeria - Palestine, Saddam Husain Mansour

Senegal - Sudan, Sa'ud Al-'Adhbah
United Arab Emirates - Libya, Lotfi Bekouassa

Round Three

Mauritania - Iraq, Ahmad 'Isa Darwish
Kuwait - Tunisia, Adil Zourak

Morocco - Madagascar, Sa'ud Al-'Adhbah
Bahrain - Djibouti, Wathiq Muhammad Al-Ba'aj

Saudi Arabia - Algeria, Murad Al-Zawahrah
Egypt - Palestine, Muhammad Darwish

Sudan - United Arab Emirates, Sa'ad Khalifa
Libya - Senegal, Faisal Al-Balawi

Knockout Stage


Morocco - Bahrain, Wathiq Muhammad Al-Ba'aj

Tunisia - Algeria, Ahmad Al-Ghandour

Egypt - Iraq, Abdulwahid Huraywidah

Senegal - Bahrain, Mehrez Melki


Tunisia - Morocco, Ahmad 'Isa Darwish

Egypt - Senegal, Lofti Bekouassa


Senegal - Tunisia, Faisal Al-Balawi


  1. FC Telavi - FC Metalurgi Rustavi
    Giorgi Kruashvili

    14’ Reckless or Serious Foul Play, Telavi no.9? Yellow Card given

    Overall: relegation playoff 1L game. Control was never in doubt, but the game featured quite a lot of physical and rough play – the referee’s lenient approach didn’t stop this; some clear (charging/ tripping) fouls missed that irritated players but generally they understood – and appreciated - how the referee wanted to handle the game; two ultra-clear yellow cards missed: 7’ very late tackle, more of a frustrated attack (I would punish all such tackles with RCs but I understand I am in a minority), referee didn’t seem aware nor as to was pretty obviously going to happen and the threat to his control it could have presented | 53’ standing leg tackle, no foul given; referee chose to deviate from his cards at a minimum approach to assess a situation at 74’ as SPA or even reckless, sensible choice; referee clearly values his ability to empathically reach players and a number of longer talks (1’, 7’, 11’, 52’) were used in this game, no problems with control, but I wonder how successful that approach really was with the under-punished rough play early resulting in 14’ – but the caution given there seemed to calm everyone down; fitness was good -> as someone from my country would (irritatingly) say, Kruashvili ‘delivered’ this game successfully, I don’t think his performance was very good, though; while there are marked stylistic differences between the two, I would compare to Georgian to Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ.

    Ligue 1/Ligue 2 Relegation play-off, first leg
    Referee: Amaury Delerue (UEFA 2nd cat.)

    22' - YC DIJ25 for SPA. Mass-confrontation and management (potential violent conduct by RCL15?), cooperation
    35' - Penalty appeal (handball)
    73' - Penalty appeal (tripping)

    I really liked Delerue's refereeing in this partly very challenging game (first half being very challenging, second half being rather calm): he was definitely prepared for what was waiting for him in the loud Bollaert-Delelis Stadium!

    => He had a very balanced approach with players, being very close to them (see verbal warnings), but being firm at the same time, players accepted that very well. Players tried to deceive the referee in the first half at many occasions, looking for free-kicks in promising positions, Delerue didn't fall for that: players realized that and consequently stopped doing so.
    => Disciplinary control was excellent, especially in the first half: good decision to talk to DIJ25 after an SPA-ish foul (no card is supportable), excellent cautions in for reckless fouls in 6' and 10'. Assessing the foul in 22' as SPA was correct, can't have been DOGSO IMO, due to the distance between ball and goal, and player was never in control of the ball while being fouled. YC in 78' for a blatant short pulling was correct, rightly detected by AR1.
    => Cooperation with the other referees was also very good: very proactive fourth official (T. Leonard) in the confrontation in 22'. I liked the talk that Delerue had with DIJ15 and RCL15 and both captains, however I would have liked to see a YC for RCL15 after flicking his opponent in the face (violent conduct?): VAR assessed it as not enough for a RC, maybe fourth official Leonard could have provided the information here to Delerue.
    => All this work mentioned in the two last paragraphs led to a calm second half, the overall picture for Amaury Delerue being a successful one in that game.

  3. Lotfi Bekouassa seems very talented, even WC-level. I think he can reach much. Do you know how old is he?

    1. Indeed, impressive management.

  4. Next FIFATV matches
    Argentina - Germany
    Referee: Romualdo Arppi Filho (BRA)
    ARs: Erik Fredriksson (SWE), Berny Ulloa Morera (CRC)

    Germany - Mexico:
    Referee: Alireza Faghani (IRN)
    ARs: Reza Sokhandan, Mohammadreza Mansouri (IRN)
    4O: Mohammed Abdulla Hassan Mohamed (UAE)
    5O: Mohamed Al Hammadi (UAE)
    VAR: Massimiliano Irrati (ITA)
    AVARs: Wilton Sampaio (BRA), Carlos Astroza (CHI), Mark Geiger (USA)

    1. Followed by
      Germany - England
      Referee: Jorge Larrionda (URU)
      ARs: Pablo Fandino, Mauricio Espinosa (URU)
      4O: Martin Vazquez (URU)
      5O: Miguel Nievas (URU)

      Brazil - USA
      Referee: Jacqui Melksham (AUS)
      ARs: Allyson Flynn, Sarah Ho (AUS)
      4O: Etsuko Fukano (JPN)

  5. For me Ger Mex the best refereed on FWV 2018

    1. De Bleeckere should have CL final and Faghani WC final in their palmares. Politics.

    2. Faghani is still on course for 2022.
      Concerning UEFA, Elite cat. is very poor compared to De Bleeckere's times. You cannot immagine a referee like the Belgian without Champions League final in today's history.

    3. Totally agree with Ref Fot, Faghani also showed in the other matches that he was worthy of the final but was unlucky to meet Pitana, the Argentine monster.

    4. Definetley the Argentine deserve the final, but I repeat that Germany Mexico was the best refereed game at FWC.

    5. @Ref Fot: if, in your own opinion, Germany-Mexico was the best refereed game (by Faghani), why would another referee (not the one from the best refereed game) deserve the final?

  6. No news from Belarus for this weekend?

    1. Highlights of Amine Kourgheli's performance in Dynama Minsk - Nioman Hrodna

    2. The assignments were never posted.

    3. Are you so interested or is it a joke? :D In case of the former, please find below the appointments

      Vyšejšaja Liha, Matchday 5


      16:30 Enierhietyk-BDU Minsk - FK Haradzieja
      Siarhiej Cynkievič - Jaŭhien Ramanaŭ, Vitaĺ Maliucin - Dzmitryj Markaŭ

      18:30 Dynama Minsk - Nioman Hrodna
      Amin Kurhchieli - Viktar Hiecikaŭ, Andrej Hiecikaŭ - Illia Liašuk


      16:30 Bielšyna Babrujsk - FK Smaliavičy
      Jaŭhien Navumaŭ - Kiryl Pakulin, Juryj Chomčanka - Zmicier Dubatoŭka

      18:30 Šachcior Salihorsk - FK Sluck
      Siarhiej Harajucin - Viktar Famin, Aliaksandar Vaškievič - Vitaĺ Anichimoŭski


      13:00 FK Islač - Slavija Mazyr
      Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ - Maksim Arabiej, Anton Husieŭ - Dzmitryj Kuradaviec

      15:00 Ruch Brest - FK Minsk
      Vitaĺ Sievascjanik - Siarhiej Hidrevič, Siarhiej Firynovič - Aliaksandr Kopać

      17:00 FK Viciebsk - Dynama Brest
      Siarhiej Čystoŭ - Dzianis Jemiaĺjančykaŭ, Siarhiej Ciasliuk - Aliaksandr Kalačynski

      19:00 BATE Barysaŭ - Tarpieda-BielAZ Žodzina
      Siarhiej Sciacuryn - Andrej Hierasimuk, Siarhiej Kasaviec - Maksim Kačaliuk

    4. No, I was seriously interested. Why would it be a joke? lol

    5. In the past someone was unhappy with Saudi appointments posted on here, so... :D

  7. Next matches
    Portugal - England: Anders Frisk, Leif Lindberg (both SWE), Emanuel Zammit (MLT), Urs Meier (SUI)
    Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur: Cüneyt Cakir, Bahattin Duran, Tarik Ongun (all TUR), Artur Soares Dias (POR) - Massimiliano Irrati, Marco Guida (both ITA)
    Juventus Turin - AS Monaco: Nikolai Levnikov (RUS) (I don't find the ARs)
    Schalke 04 - Ajax Amsterdam: Ovidiu Hategan, Octavian Sovre, Sebastian Gheorghe, Radu Ghinguleac, Radu Petrescu, Sebastian Coltescu (all ROU)

    1. I still don’t understand why Hategan was wering the blue kit at Schalke. Black or red was better. Ajax played in green.

    2. Red would've been a poor choice for TV due to colour blindness/contrast issues. Black would likely have been best.

  8. Find below refereeing highlights of the following games:

    Paris Saint-Germain vs. Girondins de Bordeaux (Willy Delajod, UEFA Second Category)

    Sevilla FC vs. CA Osasuna (Carlos del Cerro Grande, UEFA Elite Group)

    Enjoy! :)

  9. Review of Round Four and Five from Belarus' Vyšejšaja Liha:

    FK Sluck - FK Viciebsk
    Siarhiej Krasnikaŭ - Ivan Spurhiaš, Aliaksiej Jackievič - Jaŭhien Sakaloŭski

    19’ Penalty (charging) to Sluck? In case, sanction?
    29’ In case (handling), sanction?

    FK Haradzieja - Dynama Minsk
    Siarhiej Sciacuryn - Andrej Hierasimuk, Siarhiej Kasaviec - Michail Tchahaliehaŭ

    13’ Penalty (tripping) given to Haradzieja + YC (DOGSO)
    58’ Penalty (holding) to Dynama?
    64’ Reckless or Serious Foul Play? Second Yellow Card given

    Dynama Brest - FK Islač
    Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ - Dzmitryj Žuk, Aliaksiej Kavalieŭ - Paviel Rudziankoŭ

    Slavija Mazyr - Ruch Brest
    Paviel Karaniec - Uladzimir Rusak, Paviel Mazura - Mikita Šyjan

    30’ Foul (striking)? In case, sanction?

    Dynama Minsk - Nioman Hrodna
    Amin Kurhchieli - Viktar Hiecikaŭ, Andrej Hiecikaŭ - Illia Liašuk

    Bielšyna Babrujsk - FK Smaliavičy
    Jaŭhien Navumaŭ - Kiryl Pakulin, Juryj Chomčanka - Zmicier Dubatoŭka

    79’ Penalty (holding) to Bielšyna + YC (SPA)
    89’ Penalty (charging / tripping) to Smaliavičy

    Šachcior Salihorsk - FK Sluck
    Siarhiej Harajucin - Viktar Famin, Aliaksandar Vaškievič - Vitaĺ Anichimoŭski

    51’ Penalty (handling) given to Šachcior + Second Yellow Card (SPA)

    FK Islač - Slavija Mazyr
    Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ - Maksim Arabiej, Anton Husieŭ - Dzmitryj Kuradaviec

    62’ Penalty (holding / charging) given to Islač

    Ruch Brest - FK Minsk
    Vitaĺ Sievascjanik - Siarhiej Hidrevič, Siarhiej Firynovič - Aliaksandr Kopać

    70’ Reckless or Serious Foul Play? Yellow Card given

    FK Viciebsk - Dynama Brest
    Siarhiej Čystoŭ - Dzianis Jemiaĺjančykaŭ, Siarhiej Ciasliuk - Aliaksandr Kalačynski

    73’ Second Yellow Card (SPA – Handling)
    85’ Penalty (striking - kicking) given to Viciebsk + Red Card (Violent Conduct)

    BATE Barysaŭ - Tarpieda-BielAZ Žodzina
    Siarhiej Sciacuryn - Andrej Hierasimuk, Siarhiej Kasaviec - Maksim Kačaliuk

    40’ Penalty (handling) to BATE + Yellow Card (SPA)

    BONUS: Arsienal Dziaržýnsk – Ašmiany game handled by Dzmitryj Markaŭ in the First Division had 1 Red Card, 2 Second Yellow Cards and 2 Penalties.


      Specialist of Refereeing Department gives some comments regarding desicions made by referees in last round (unfortunetely only in Russian), most of them are supported, including 2 RC in Vitebsk - Dinamo Brest match, also there was a line in protocol, that Khacheridi and Dinamo Brest official are tried to hit the referee after the match, so they will face long suspension.

    2. Did he comment on 4th round too? I'm interested in his view regarding missed DOGSO and missed offside by Kulbakou in Brest - Isloch.

    3. Yes, he commented missed offside in another video one week ago, he admitted this mistake by AR2, regarding DOGSO, it wasn't commented.

  10. Highlights of FC INTERNAZIONALE vs. AC MILAN, played last month and refereed by Fabio Maresca (UEFA Second Category).

    This is the first time I have watched Maresca, therefore a question to those who have seen him more and who know him better: how far do you think he can go on an international UEFA/FIFA level, despite his age (39)? IMO, he is Elite material.

    1. Indeed, he's a very talented official whose strengths were discovered too late. But he can be happy he entered the FIFA list at all. Thomas Léonard from France was ommitted and he is one of the best I saw.

    2. I respond with pleasure because I have seen Maresca referee many times here in Italy. I've seen him do a great course since the lower series, unfortunately someone in Italy was wrong to brake him too much and to propose him in FIFA very late. Rosetti who has excellent eyes and who knows him well will soon propose him in test matches to speed up his route. Maresca is a TOP ref and you will soon realize it.

    3. In Spain, a similar case would be that of César Soto Grado. An excellent referee who was still stuck in 3rd division at 38 year old, bordering the compulsory retire for age limit. CTA-RFEF discovered too late his talent, promoting to LaLiga last year after just a season in 2nd Division.

      These are the highlights of his 3rd division Play-off game (2nd leg of play-off final between Cartagena and Extremadura) with two spot-on RCs for violent conduct and SFP, after this game he was promoted to 2nd division (you can skip to 0:45 if you want)

    4. (Note: In Spain, promotion play-offs in 2nd and 3rd division are always handled by referees from the same category, you will never see a LaLiga referee in a promotion play-off because it's a lower category)

    5. So what, Amaury Delerue recived his fifa badge also later.I dont know why Cesar can not reicve it

    6. He can certinly receive it (Del Cerro received it at 37 IIRC) but he will be 40 in June so it's very unlikely that in case of receiving a FIFA badge he would quicky promote and secondly, with CTA-RFEF seeking abolition of age limits maybe there are no FIFA badge handovers in a few years. My perception is that CTA-RFEF recognized too late his talent and wants him as González González or Jaime Latre ('non-FIFA but reliable referee for tough matches')

    7. Quilava, next will be Javier Alberola Rojas.

  11. Quite some interesting incidents from BEITAR JERUSALEM vs. BNEI YEHUDA, refereed by Orel Grinfeld (UEFA Elite Category).

    This game featured quite some interesting situations:
    50' - 2YC for BEI2 (reckless foul)
    51' - potential penalty for handball: Grinfeld decides for dropped ball after OFR
    75' - YC BEI14 for illegally re-entering the field, IDFK given where the ball was when play stopped: excellent LotG application, because BEI14 did not interfere with play!
    80' - Potential foul on the goalkeeper prior to goal? Management after equalizer

    For those who are interested in the entire referee highlights, please follow this link:

    1. 50' Reckless - correct SYC.
      51' No clear evidence of a handling, the ball appears to hit the Beitar player's chest, unnecessary OFR and Grinfeld was right to stick with play on.
      75' Agreed - excellent!
      80' Clear charging and missed foul in my opinion - as Beitar had a 'clearance', and the goal only came after that, VAR was correct not to intervene.

      In 93' he assessed a tackle by an already cautioned Beitar as careless when it was probably reckless (no replay) and the flying tackle at +96' is a clear Serious Foul Play in my opinion for which he only issued a Yellow Card, but I guess you can understand Mr Grinfeld's choice to let self-preservation prevail after what happened in this game, technically wrong though it was.

      Overall I thought he handled this tough game really well; thanks for the highlights!

    2. Only issue I have with the bit at 75' is that yellow #14 should not be sent off the field of play again to enter, as there's no reason to do so.

      The Laws allow for the play to be stopped, caution administered, and then the player to remain on the field of play unless there is some other reason to remove them again.

    3. Grinfeld is a top class game manager with his elegant, little bit unusual style.

    Live Q and A session with various FIFA and former FIFA referees and ARs on Twitter at 15:00 EDT (20:00 BST) run by PRO. Some of you might be interested.

  13. Regarding the new laws of the game (no card for SPA if there is an advantage). Should we book the player for lack of respect / unsporting behaviour anyway in such incidents?

    1. IMO it's a possible, but not mandatory YC, which the referee can give or not give based on management and style considerations.
      It's the same as with holding offences which are not SPA in the current Laws.

    2. As far as I'm aware UEFA are the only ones using the "lack of respect" to deal with shirt pulling.

  14. Vyšejšaja Liha, Matchday 6


    17:00 FK Smaliavičy - Dynama Minsk
    Siarhiej Krasnikaŭ - Jaŭhien Ramanaŭ, Vitaĺ Maliucin - Zmicier Dubatoŭka

    19:00 Nioman Hrodna - Enierhietyk-BDU Minsk
    Siarhiej Sciacuryn - Andrej Hierasimuk, Alieh Maslianka - Mikita Šyjan


    14:00 Slavija Mazyr - FK Minsk
    Dzmitryj Dzmitryjeŭ - Paviel Mazura, Uladzimir Rusak - Vitaĺ Paltaržycki

    16:00 FK Haradzieja - BATE Barysaŭ
    Dzmitryj Dolia - Juryj Chomčanka, Kiryl Pakulin - Dzmitryj Žachoŭski

    18:00 Dynama Brest - Šachcior Salihorsk
    Vitaĺ Sievascjanik - Siarhiej Firynovič, Siarhiej Hidrevič - Valiery Halomzik


    13:00 FK Sluck - Bielšyna Babrujsk
    Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ - Anton Husieŭ, Maksim Arabiej - Jaŭhien Kovaĺ

    15:00 Tarpieda-BielAZ Žodzina - Ruch Brest
    Siarhiej Čystoŭ - Dzianis Jemiaĺjančykaŭ, Siarhiej Ciasliuk - Dzmitry Kavalieŭski

    17:00 FK Islač - FK Viciebsk
    Amin Kurhchieli - Andrej Hiecikaŭ, Viktar Hiecikaŭ - Dzmitryj Markaŭ

    1. Thanks for the appointments.

      It seems that ABFF Refereeing Department, with "the world watching", doesn't want to take any chances and appoints more or less the safest names possible week after week.

      If they are trying to replicate the 'EPL' then in this instance anyway they are doing a good job!

    2. Kulbakou is not appointed as often as others (e.g. Kurhchieli)... maybe he is being protected from the pandemic?

    3. No, the reason he is not appointed could be crucial mistake in Dinamo Brest - Isloch, but this week he has a match in 2nd division, derby FC Gomel - Lokomotiv Gomel.

    4. Ah - that's a really nice game for him as he was born and resides in Gomel :)

    5. No restrictions for referees in Belarus? Is it possible to officiate teams from the own city?

    6. If both teams are from the same city, then yes, e.g. we can see referees from Minsk officiatng such games

  15. With current developments, it looks like CL and EL in August and some leagues continuing while others don't. Do you think this will influence referees in CL and EL? So for instance, Netherlands will stop while Germany will continue. Would this imply that Brych has a greater chance of being appointed by UEFA compared to Kuipers?

  16. Next FIFATV matches
    Germany - Italy
    Referee: Benito Archundia (MEX)
    ARs: Jose Ramirez (MEX), Hector Vergara (CAN)
    4O: Toru Kamikawa (JPN)
    5O: Yoshikazu Hiroshima (JPN)

    Argentina - England
    Referee: Kim Milton Nielsen (DEN)
    ARs: Halim Abdul Hamid (MAS), Mohamed Al Musawi (OMA)
    4O: Rune Pedersen (NOR)

    1. Only one scheduled match
      Netherlands - Denmark: Esther Staubli, Belinda Brem (both SUI), Sanja Rodjak Karsic (CRO), Bibiana Steinhaus, Katrin Rafalski (both GER)

    2. Sonorous World Cup matches between two storied "heavyweight" nations and Mexican referee's go hand in hand.

    3. Indeed, especially for UEFA-CONMEBOL clashes, so this match is an exemption somehow.
      Also a very good performance by Archundia with a lenient, but good foul detection.

    4. Further matches
      Scotland - England: Pierluigi Pairetto, Donato Nicoletti, Tullio Manfredini, Marcello Nicchi (all ITA)
      Borussia Dortmund - Real Madrid: Damir Skomina, Bojan Ul (both SVN), Gianluca Cariolato (ITA), Jure Prapotnik, Slavko Vincic, Roberto Ponis (all SVN)
      FC Chelsea - FC Liverpool: Luis Medina Cantalejo, Jesus Calvo Guadamuro, Roberto del Palomar, Alfonso Perez Burrull (all ESP)
      RB Salzburg - Lazio Rome: Damir Skomina, Jure Prapotnik, Robert Vukan, Tomaz Klancnik, Matej Jug, Slavko Vincic (all SVN)
      Croatia - Turkey: Roberto Rosetti, Alessandro Griselli, Paolo Calcagno (all ITA), Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez (ESP)

    5. Two Skomina`s matches:)good-good

    6. Out of the referee's who have represented Mexico in WOrld Cups since 1990. Archundia had been the most "player friendly" referee out of the bunch. Not my cup of tea but it worked very well for him throughout his international career. No single match comes to mind in which Archundia because of his lenient style ended up losing control. The man was a master referee and deservedly worked a total of 8 matches a main referee in two World Cups, to include a 3rd place match With an all CONCACAF crew (notice my profile pic).

    7. Barcelona-Bayern and Wales-Belgium were two other Skomina matches already shown on So he should have the highest number of matches there so far. Apparently he often gets matches, which are interesting in the future...

    8. Archundia: I believe that the 2006 WC semi-final Germany-Italy was more important than the match for third place he did in 2010. I actually expected to see him in the final in South Africa, but the presence of Spain in the final determined FIFA to choose Webb.

    9. And Webb was the worst choice.

    10. I agree that was a "huge" assignment for Archundia and his crew. They navigated through that match masterfully.

      Xabi Alonso's caved in chest and I agree with Anonymous in regards to Webb. ;)

    11. More FIFATV matches
      Germany - Brazil
      Referee: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)
      ARs: Leif Lundberg (SWE), Philip Sharp (ENG)
      4O: Hugh Dallas (SCO)

      Germany - Brazil
      Referee: Tammy Ogston (AUS)
      ARs: Maria Isabel Tovar, Rita Munoz (MEX)
      4O: Mayumi Oiwa (JPN)

    12. Why spain in wc 2010 final benito not refereed although in olymbic games 2000 final between spain vs cameroun Mexican referee ramos rizo refereed the final ?

    13. After the appointments for the semi-finals were released, Webb was penciled-in for a final Spain - Netherlands or Spain - Uruguay, while Archundia was considered for a final Germany - Netherlands or Germany - Uruguay.

    14. The 2006 WC semi-final Germany - Italy is now available in full on FIFA TV. Both teams respected Archundia's decisions, but in min. 81, at 0-0, he made an important decision. Archundia called a foul against Italy and awarded a direct free kick just outside the penalty area... where was actually the foul???

  17. The first member of UEFA has made the most logical and safe choice.

    On 24 April 2020 the KNVB announced their final decision:

    The ranking on 8 March 2020 is the final ranking, but Ajax will not be champions.
    There will be no promotion/relegation between the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie.
    European tickets will be assigned based on the ranking on 8 March: Champions League for Ajax and AZ, and Europa League for Feyenoord, PSV and Willem II.

    I can only hope this is causes a domino effect among other UEFA nations and that they follow this exemplary decision by KNVB. No amount of sponsor money is worth endangering the health and well being of a player, staff member, referee or any other personnel.

    1. I hope, it is the first and the last such decision made by UEFA member federation...
      Polish Ekstraklasa is going to start at May of 29

    2. Could you please share with the forum what measures and precautions the Polish Ekstraklasa is taking and implementing to ensure the health and well being of all that are involved in resuming play?


      translate it by translator ;)

  18. Today AIA (Italian Referees Association) has released the decisions for the next season so far only in terms of numbers.

    Here the link to official document:

    3 referees will be removed from serie A panel and 2 referees will be promoted from serie B to serie A.
    1 referee will be removed from VAR PRO panel, 3 referees will join it.

    The names should be the following if nothing extra-ordinary will happen:

    Calvarese, Rocchi and Giacomelli with the end of their career, all for age / seasons limits, Sacchi and Volpi should be the referees promoted to serie A. Among VAR PRO officials, Di Paolo should be the one leaving, while Aureliano, Calvarese and maybe Giacomelli (more doubts about the latter) should be new ones.
    Rocchi for sure with a different future, let's see what he will decide, very likely AIA will invite him to join one of the national committees as member or even head, but then he could have different ideas.

    It is the first time in recent times that AIA makes this info, about the numbers for next season, public. This is a consequence of Gavillucci affaire, he asked for more transparency and indeed AIA following that has also changed some old habits, including rules.

  19. CTA-RFEF is quite active on social media since the quarantine started.

    8 LaLiga referees (Mateu Lahoz, González González, Estrada Fernández, Soto Grado, Prieto Iglesias, De Burgos Bengoetxea, Melero López and Jaime Latre) reading books with their children for World Book Day :D

    Also, the 4 LaLiga referees who are policemen in leave of absence (Del Cerro Grande, Martínez Munuera, González González and Jaime Latre) made a tribute video to security forces who are working in hard conditions.

  20. Anybody knows how is going Fabio Costa Verissimo ? Does he recover from COVID19 ?
    Any other referee stroke by the virus?

  21. The South Korea's K Leuge will start its season on May 8th. The 2020-21 LOTG will be used.

  22. Season is over in France (Prime Minister announcement).

    1. Pleased to see that yet another European country has has made the most logical and safest possible choice.

  23. Belarus Cup
    Semifinal Return Legs

    Wednesday 29th April

    17:00 Šachcior Salihorsk - Dynama Brest (0-2)
    Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ - Anton Husieŭ, Maksim Arabiej - Voĺha Ciareška

    19:00 BATE Barysaŭ - Slavija Mazyr (0-1)
    Siarhiej Sciacuryn - Siarhiej Kasaviec, Andrej Hierasimuk - Anton Lašuk

    What a game for Siarhiej Sciacuryn! From my observations and the appointments it seems he’s in top form at the moment. It’s a real shame that this 1981-born man missed out on the FIFA list (he is definitely more able than one of the recent entries to the FIFA list from Belarus). Nice game also for recently removed FIFA referee Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ, too.

    As an aside: ABFF have not released the review of the refereeing from the sixth round of league games, so find below some highlights:

    => FK Smaliavičy - Dynama Minsk, Siarhiej Krasnikaŭ
    2:10 Penalty (tripping) given

    => FK Haradzieja - BATE Barysaŭ, Dzmitryj Dolia
    3:10 Penalty (charging)?

    => Dynama Brest - Šachcior Salihorsk, Vitaĺ Sievascjanik
    5:08 Penalty (charging)?

    => FK Sluck - Bielšyna Babrujsk, Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ
    6:55 Second Yellow Card (SPA/LoR)

    => Tarpieda-BielAZ Žodzina - Ruch Brest, Siarhiej Čystoŭ
    7:00 Second Yellow Card (Tackle)
    [I feel for Čystoŭ, having been assaulted last week by Yevhen Khacheridi for a correct and courageous call, surely he would have been due a rest]

    => FK Islač - FK Viciebsk, Amin Kurhchieli
    2:33 Penalty (charging / tripping) given + Yellow Card (SPA? DOGSO?) [sanction here is an interesting theoretical study]

  24. In Spain, professional athletes (including professional footballers) will be allowed to go back for practices and trainings from 4th May, but not 'collectively' as e.g. training grounds will remain closed. They will be allowed to work out outdoors