Friday, 19 June 2020

Bundesliga: Round 32 Review

Review of the refereeing of the last midweek round of Bundesliga matches as the season comes close to its finale.

Manuel Gräfe handled his fourteen game of the season in Leipzig

Let's start with the game most relevant at both ends of the standings:

Harm Osmers in Werder Bremen - Bayern München [VAR: Christian Dingert]

Overall: Doubtful Second Yellow Card given at 79'; mistake-laden and quite weak performance. 

19' Red Card(s) to be given for Violent Conduct(s)?

-> Bayern no.19 has to be sent off, and VAR should intervene [Mikael: the problem is, you can understand why he didn't...]
Philipp: It seems as though Werder no.10 should also be ejected for punching his opponent in the crotch, but we do not have any clear evidence here.

27' Penalty appeal (striking)

Philipp: In his view a decision that could go either way (elbow in the face with some intensity vs. arm in a natural position while running towards the ball, ie. bad luck)

Mikael: Interesting situation. It's quite understandable that the referee probably did not perceive what happened, as it was quite surprising for the Werder player to strike backwards having won the position (expectation-perception-recognition). That is also surely the reason VAR did not intervene, as the defender has won the position. I agree with Philipp - it is hard to make an autoritative judgement here.

Sven Jablonski in Bayer Leverkusen - 1.FC Köln [VAR: Christian Dingert]

Overall: Two potential Red Cards in this game - 21', for a potential SFP where the referee gave a caution and 81', where a clear Second Yellow Card was not given. Besides, good handling of this derby game where the referee savoured a quite high level of acceptance from the players.

Tobias Stieler in SC Freiburg - Hertha BSC [VAR: Tobias Welz]

Overall: Referee had a high number of Key Match Incidents to assess, including a correct play on from a penalty appeal (tripping) 14', a somewhat doubtful freekick leading to a goal at 61' and a correct penalty at 64'. Some fouls given were a bit too little, but no major points of criticism.

35' Penalty (charging)?

Philipp: Giving a penalty would not be wrong and probably be more expected medially. However, play-on can also be supported, because there is no real push with the arm visible and the attacker seems to fall in a delayed and deliberate manner.

Mikael: In my view play on is a very good decision - while there is some contact from behind, it is rather trifling and the attacker does not really make any attempt to actually control the ball, it just hits him and goes away. I agree with Philipp, a penalty would not be wrong but playing on is the more expert decision.

51' Goal disallowed after VAR intervention (foul); sanction?

Philipp: Decision is okay, though not fully convinced that it is a foul.

Mikael: I have more-or-less the totally opposite opinion! Clear foul, correct intervention, and in my view the optimal decision would be to send off Hertha no.6 for Serious Foul Play (dangerous contact with the shin, full force of his body comes down on his opponent); surely, it's not difficult to understand why the referee only cautioned the offender all things considered.

Guido Winkmann in Eintracht Frankfurt - Schalke 04 [VAR: Sascha Stegemann]

Overall: Three interesting incidents in this game - potential foul before a goal (28')Second Yellow Card for a foul evaluated as reckless (77') and a very interesting penalty appeal (83'). On the whole a good performance with a smart disciplinary control.

Frank Willenborg in Borussia Dortmund - FSV Mainz [VAR: Günter Perl]

Overall: Correct penalty at 48' but with a missed Second Yellow Card, a further potential second caution incident at 81'; generally, a well-handled game.

79' Violent Conduct by Dortmund no.13? Yellow Cards given to Dortmund no.13 and Mainz no.6

-> Dortmund no.13 should be sent off for this violent act; VAR should intervene.

Bibiana Steinhaus in Union Berlin - SC Paderborn [VAR: Timo Gerach]

Overall: Well-refereed game with little to discuss. 

Manuel Gräfe in RB Leipzig - Fortuna Düsseldorf [VAR: Robert Kampka]

Overall: Gräfe executed his normal lenient approach well and kept control of the game; a clear foul was missed at 87' before an (important) goal, VAR did not intervene.

8' Penalty appeal (tripping)

Philipp: If the goalkeeper does not touch the ball a penalty should be given, otherwise referee's play on call is supportable.

Mikael: Though the goalkeeper does make a small touch on the ball, it is still clearly within the playing distance of the Leipzig player when he is later felled by the 'keeper'. A penalty should be given in my view.

Robert Schröder in Borussia Mönchengladbach - VfL Wolfsburg [VAR: Martin Petersen]

Overall: Correct play on at 10' from a potential handling eventually leading to a goal, even if that confuses non-refereeing people. Sorted out cards in the latter stages that ensured a good performance.

Deniz Aytekin in FC Augsburg - 1899 Hoffenheim [VAR: Felix Zwayer]

Overall: Besides a penalty appeal at 42', largely unremarkable game for the referee.


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