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Law 5 - The Referee - Referee of the Year 2017

The last major tournament  of 2017, FIFA Club World Cup, has ended. Time for voting the best referee of the year has come. This is the first time for Law 5 - The Referee, and of course everything it's up to you. 

Please find and download the file attached below. 
You are invited to write down a list of 15 referees from all confederations.
The referees will get points according to the following pattern:
1) 10 points
2) 8 points
3) 7 points
4) 6 points
5) 5 points
6) 4 points
7) 3 points
8) 2 points
from 9) to 15) 1 point.
Then, the resulting ranking will be published.
You can try to find a mix between good performances and appointments. Personally, I would preferer good / very good performances over good / very good appointments, but of course at high level it is impossible to consider both things as clearly separated. 
At least one referee from each confederation must be there (not mandatory for OFC).
You can't add more than ten referees from a single confederation (for example, no more than 10 referees from UEFA).
Once finished, you can send the document to our mail law5blog[at]
Alternatively, if you can't manage to download or compile the file, you can send your list of 15 referees as normal text via mail. 
All the incorrectly filled lists wont be taken into account. 
Votes will end on 25/12/2017 00:00 CET. After that deadline, mails wont be accepted. Results will be published a few days later on the blog. 
Thanks in advance for your interest and participation. 



    This morning the Dutch FA gave a press conference. Makkelie get from Uilenberg €35.000-49.000 to pay his hypotec because of financial problems Makkelie.

    The Dutch FA can not accept this, and immediately Uilenberg out of Dutch FA en no coach longer of Makkelie. In 2017 integrity are very important. UEFA/FIFA, will not accept this, after Fandel, Karlsson, Jaap the next one!.

    The house what Makkelie buy € 749.000, I will tekst later today more information and links. Big news here, now on TV.

    1. I found a link with the news:

      However, I don't see where is the real problem, and let me say, terms like "Big scandal" are definitely exaggerated.
      Makkelie got this loan from Uilenberg, repaid after two months. If they are friends, I think they could have done that without making it public, so where is the problem with refereeing?

    2. Reason that this came public is that Makkelie commented on a situation by text message to a host of the live commentry. The host named Makkelie’s name and read the text message live on television.

      After this several other referees leaked to the press about this situation.

    3. So?
      Whats the big deal?
      We already mentioned that 'scandal' with SMS.
      I really don't understand...

  2. OMG what a news.

    Dear Chefren, the problem : integrity!
    Uilenberg are member of the referee com of UEFA!! And member of the dutch FA and Personal coach of Makkelie!

    You think this is fair for other referees? Integrity? Uilenberg want his money back,

    Nobody can accept this. Think about the feeling of his colleagues!! Fair?

    1. I need to know more about Uilenberg in Dutch FA. At moment, what is his exact role? What does "personal trainer" mean?
      Is he only Makkelie's trainer? In that case, I wouldn't see problems. Otherwise, if he has to assess his performance, surely this is a conflict of interests and it should be avoided. However, in any case, nothing illegal was done there.

    2. Please guys don’t forget integrity. Jaap are member of FA, observer for FA, member UEFA Ref com, how you can say no problem. Uilenberg have a lot of influence to other observers, to matches. UEFA can not accept this. FA accept this NOT, Uilenberg already out, and Makkelie no matches. He had a cup match, now other referee go, this weekend no match

    3. Our ambition has always been to improve refereeing into a direction where each referee is able to get access to learning material (e.g. via articles or videos), where the performance principle counts and where politics play no or hardly any role.

      What we did online had effects on the life of many international referees and referee managers offline – in both ways, positively and negatively. On the life of a referee (manager) which, at the early phase of our young “blogging careers”, we have maybe not fully understood. 

      Even if we always acted in good faith to improve referees and refereeing as a whole, we cordially regret our mistakes and sincerely ask everyone – referees and association representatives – who were negatively affected by our work for apology – knowing that this is demanded much. It will not happen again from our side.

      Chefren, above text is written in the final statement on ThirdTeam. IMO the behaviour of schiedsrichter1973 is exactly the same.

    4. Nonetheless, I am still curious what are the exact things that negatively affected referees and association representatives... It sounds like a diplomatic gibberish, to be honest.

  3. Makkelie has given a reaction in the media about this subject. He has sold the apartment of his parents and himself and the surplus value of these apartments would only be released after passing the notary. Because he already wanted to start with the renovation of his new house he organized together with his coach Uilenberg a bridging to cover this short period. This was completely separate from coaching and football. He repaid this ammount immediately after receiving the surplus value. Thanks to this help he was able to start with renovation work during summer break. He said there were no financial problems. I wouldn't see any problems.

  4. Makkelie was appointed for a cup match tomorrow and as VAR tonight. He has been replaced by Kamphuis and Lindhout. Also he isn’t appointed next weekend.

  5. Some of the politics being played on this (great) blog, is more than sad to see.

    1. What do you exactly mean? I don’t understand your quote.

    2. I think Mikael means that some people want to destroy Danny Makkelie. I also have such feeling although I have no insights in Dutch refereeing world.

    3. I think the same. Pathetic behavior and I actually find the comments of schiedsrichter1973 inflammatory.

    4. Dear Ray and Juan Garcia, I understand what you mean. But we can not close our eyes for these big problems. I can Imagine that you both thinking what's going on there in the Netherlands. I think you can not follow it, because the full Dutch media talking about this scandal. Please don't forget what happened in 2010 in Germany, with big talent FIFA referee Kempter and boss of referees Manfred Amerell. The President of DFB fired them both. I do not want to speculate anything, but the media talk about it. But more important the Dutch FA confirm it about integrity. Makkelie are suspend for matches, and Uilenberg out and no coach anymore of Makkelie. If you are right with that this are nothing special, what's the reason that the Dutch FA taking important decisions like this? I do not want to speculate anything. But we talking about really serious problems. I agree that Law5 website are important for improvement video's or talking about refereeing, but these case we talking about a Elite Referee. We can not close our eyes guys? He must be a role model...

      I only try to inform everybody what's going on. If that are not appreciated then I wil stop with these kinds of news items. Sorry guys

    5. As much as I resent having to react on this topic I do feel I have to, because some allegations made in this thread are simply not consistent with the truth.

      The statements of Chefren, Fidje, Juan Garcia and Timo most accurately tell the story as it was published in our media and these statements are sound.
      Some allegations made by Clown Bakkelo and Schiedsrichter1973 however are inaccurate.
      - Dutch FA did NOT have a press conference, but made a statement through their spokesman;
      - Uilenberg is NOT out of Dutch FA (but indeed the coaching relationship with Makkelie was discontinued by the association);
      - And this matter has NOT been addressed on Dutch television.

      To answer Chefren’s question: Uilenberg is the coach of both Björn Kuipers and Danny Makkelie, and obviously he will not assess the performances of Kuipers and Makkelie as an observer.

      Then to conclude everyone is of course entitled to form their own opinion on this issue. But opinions should be formed based on sound facts and not on fabricated and/or fake statements. In that respect I tend to share the feelings Mikael and RayHD express.

    6. I agree, DutchRef. It is unlucky for Makkelie, that two so called 'incidents' happen shortly after each other, but I think there are no real problems and that in fact nothing strange happened... After working together for years, a friendship can happen. Are some people really so naive to think that Dallas has no good relation with some Scottish referee? Or Collina with an Italian referee? Such thinhs happen, in a small world. And friends help each other out, when needed.

      So Schiedsrichter1973 and some others, please stop with your hatecampaign against a really good referee. Or stop calling yourself a referee.

  6. OT - Some clips again from Germany.

    Daniel Siebert (VAR) advised Christian Dingert after a correct penalty kick to consult the review area for a potential handball around the middle line in the build-up. After reviewing the incident, Dingert changes his decision to DFK for Freiburg. In my view, an excellent spot by Siebert, who immediately advised Dingert and also a good application of VAR. Handball is punishable and happened in the immediate build-up of an attack, so well done, I think.

    Only seconds after Hertha has scored the first goal, Werner (LEI) goes to the goal and falls down after a contact with Torunarigha (HER). Willenborg first makes a play-on gesture then whistles immediately (intervention by AR2?) and then sends Torunarigha off for DOGSO. Many people argue that this decision is wrong, because Werner is running in the way of the defender. However, I think once whistled, this call is fine, enough contact to bring the player down (see 3rd replay).

    What are your thoughts?

    1. 1) Correct handling of the situation. It was reported, that Dingert immediately asked the VAR himself, because he had doubts about the situation.
      Although the VAR protocol clearly demands a intervention here, there are many opinions, that it should not be used in such a situation.

      2) I am not so convinced. For me at most a 50-50 call and then it would be at least tactically wiser to decide against the attacker (or play on). Even in the 3rd replay you can say, that the defender wants to play the ball and the attacker trips him, as the attacker is not in possession during the whole situation.
      Also the referee indicating play-on and then changing doesn't help in selling the decision (also AR2 doesn't indicate anything but continues running)
      Anyway I agree, that it is not a VAR situation.

  7. Hi Stake,

    First situation: correct decision by the VAR. Deliberate handball (controling the ball) in a build up/attacking phase leading to a PK. Also in case of a goal scored the decision would be FK for handball.

    Second situation: good decision by the referee and VAR to award FK and RD for DOGSO. Even when you say the contact was soft, it's not CLEARLY wrong to take this decision. For me DOGSO and RD card supportable.

  8. A tricky situation from Mainz - Stuttgart (DFB-Pokal)

    If any of those handballs is deliberate, it's the first one. The ball is deflected by attacker, so it's quite unexpected but you can see defender's arm slightly moving towards the ball. All in all, an understandable and surely supportable decision from Stieler.

    1. Another handball. This time a penalty has been awarded. Good decision.

    2. I agree. Correct PK. Making his body bigger and blocking the shot on goal. Therefore also correctly YC issued.

    3. Potential violent conduct. What's your view?

    4. Difficult to see RayHD. I think not enough excessive force. What is your opinion?

    5. In the first situation the second handball seems more deliberate to me (more movement towards the ball, more increase of the body surface), but still not a clear penalty.
      The awarded penalty is correct by current instructions.
      The potential VC looks very suspicious, but neither the intent nor the contact is totally clear by the pictures - so there would remain a certain guessing, when you show red. Would also be tricky for the VAR (which is not used today).

    6. Indeed Philipp, regarding the potential VC it would be tricky for the VAR. Because it's not clear by the pictures the VAR should not intervene, neither should advice for an OFR.

  9. We have a PK at the game Leicester- Man City for the League Cup in 90+6. PK given to Leicester after a foul made by Walker on Gray. Referee Madley(FIFA). It is discuss worthy IMO. I will look for a video. Did some see it live on television?


    1. Https://

    2. Wrong call. Player lets himself fall, this is simulation IMO. Crucial mistake...

    3. I think it is a crucial mistake as well...

  10. OT
    Has anyone experienced Did someone order'd anything from them?

  11. OT
    I must say sorry to some readers (RayHD, DutchReferee, Clown Bakkelo among others), your comments were marked as spam by the system and I noticed that only today.
    My apologies for that, now I fixed it, I will try to pay more attention in future, but this is an automatic process by blogger, I can't deactivate it.

  12. Pre-list for the Women's World Cup 2019:

  13. There are reports in Germany, that the IFAB plans/tests a SMS information system for the VAR, which might be used at the WC.
    The AVAR should send a text message to TV commentators and stadium staff, which explains the VAR recommendation, so that this can be passed to the viewers at home and in the stadium (via screen).
    IFAB thinks, it is not sufficient to just show the video, because the majority of fans (and commentators) would not be able to interprete it correctly. This should raise the acceptance level for the VAR.

    1. I am a fan of rugby, which has a live broadcast of the referee's microphone (and conversation with their equivalent of VAR).

      So why not just cut out the middleman and introduce ref mic like in rugby? That way you can hear what the VAR is saying, plus the referee's reaction to that and explanations of their decisions.

      To begin with it doesn't need to be live, but all communications should be made available to broadcasters to provide transparency in the VAR process.

  14. Very bad and very important decision made by Guido Winkmann in Werder Bremen - Freiburg

    Also a handball penalty appeal from that game. Correct decision to play on, in my opinion.

    1. 1) For me this is offside beacuse player stop'd defender to get to the ball, clear mistake
      2) correct decision

  15. Player kicks the ball into the crowd, receives a yellow card:

    Arguably was done with excessive force so lucky not to get a red for violent conduct...

    1. Absolutley violent conduct. He kicked the ball with such a lot of power that he can injured a supporter. Imagine that you get that ball in your

  16. Some situations from yesterday Coppa Italia's games, involving VAR.

    Roma - Torino
    02:40 penalty confirmed by VAR, no intervention, question is: was that a clear and obvious mistake? I think that for somebody the answer can be positive

    Juventus - Genoa
    02:35 penalty annulled after VAR revision

  17. Some situations from Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortmund (Sascha Stegemann)

    Ribéry booked for re-entering the field of play without a permission. I'm curious how the game was restarted (it should've been a direct free kick). Good intervention from the fourth official.

    Penalty incident - holding

    Penalty incident - handball

    Lewandowski booked for dissent. The referee was aware that the contact was not caused by Lewandowski himself but in the result of a push from an opponent

    Wrong whistle, imo

    1. The penalty situations are borderline, but no clear mistakes, I think.
      YCs for Ribery and Lewandowski correct and I agree about the wrong whistle in the last scene.
      Overall a good performance in a not too challenging match (if you don't see any of the penalty situations as crucial mistakes).

  18. François Letexier penalty decision in Lyon favour yesterday evening (Lyon won 2-1 away at Toulouse), for what appears to be a clear dive:

    1. Very clear dive, and also a definitely poor one.

  19. Premier League
    Matchday 19

    Friday 22 December
    19:45 Arsenal v Liverpool
    Referee: Martin Atkinson
    Assistants: Stephen Child, Adam Nunn
    Fourth official: Graham Scott

    Saturday 23 December
    12:30 Everton v Chelsea
    Referee: Bobby Madley
    Assistants: Peter Kirkup, Marc Perry
    Fourth official: Anthony Taylor

    Brighton & Hove Albion v Watford
    Referee: Paul Tierney
    Assistants: Simon Long, Mark Scholes
    Fourth official: Graham Scott

    Manchester City v AFC Bournemouth
    Referee: Mike Jones
    Assistants: Ian Hussin, Derek Eaton
    Fourth official: Geoff Eltringham

    Southampton v Huddersfield Town
    Referee: Lee Probert
    Assistants: Simon Beck, Andy Garratt
    Fourth official: Keith Stroud

    Stoke City v West Bromwich Albion
    Referee: Neil Swarbrick
    Assistants: Scott Ledger, Adrian Holmes
    Fourth official: Chris Kavanagh

    Swansea City v Crystal Palace
    Referee: Craig Pawson
    Assistants: Lee Betts, Richard West
    Fourth official: Kevin Friend

    West Ham United v Newcastle United
    Referee: Lee Mason
    Assistants: Harry Lennard, Constantine Hatzidakis
    Fourth official: Tim Robinson

    17:30 Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur
    Referee: Michael Oliver
    Assistants: Simon Bennett, Daniel Cook
    Fourth official: Mike Dean

    19:45 Leicester City v Manchester United
    Referee: Jonathan Moss
    Assistants: Eddie Smart, Andy Halliday
    Fourth official: Roger East

    1. Matchday 20

      Tuesday 26 December
      12:30 Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton
      Referee: Graham Scott
      Assistants: Peter Kirkup, Constantine Hatzidakis
      Fourth official: Craig Pawson

      AFC Bournemouth v West Ham United
      Referee: Bobby Madley
      Assistants: Marc Perry, Simon Long
      Fourth official: Mike Jones

      Chelsea v Brighton & Hove Albion
      Referee: Mike Dean
      Assistants: Ian Hussin, Daniel Cook
      Fourth official: Lee Probert

      Huddersfield Town v Stoke City
      Referee: Anthony Taylor
      Assistants: Eddie Smart, Mick McDonough
      Fourth official: Jonathan Moss

      Manchester United v Burnley
      Referee: Martin Atkinson
      Assistants: Stephen Child, Harry Lennard
      Fourth official: Lee Mason

      Watford v Leicester City
      Referee: Chris Kavanagh
      Assistants: Lee Betts, Sian Massey-Ellis
      Fourth official: Andre Marriner

      West Bromwich Albion v Everton
      Referee: Roger East
      Assistants: Adam Nunn, Derek Eaton
      Fourth official: Neil Swarbrick

      17:30 Liverpool v Swansea City
      Referee: Kevin Friend
      Assistants: Adrian Holmes, Mark Scholes
      Fourth official: Paul Tierney

      Wednesday 27 December
      19:45 Newcastle United v Manchester City
      Referee: Andre Marriner
      Assistants: Scott Ledger, Richard West
      Fourth official: Neil Swarbrick

      Thursday 28 December
      20:00 Crystal Palace v Arsenal
      Referee: Michael Oliver
      Assistants: Simon Bennett, Daniel Cook
      Fourth official: Graham Scott

  20. Apparently, that's a yellow.....

  21. Good first half of Sánchez Martinez's Classico, actually it was quite easy, of course talking relatively. AR1 Cabañero disallowed an early goal, clear decision. One YC for clear tactical foul, Ramos could have also- but I just to take note was enough there.
    There is no comparison for instance to Stark's in CL, it is calm at least so far in Madrid.

    1. Totally agree with you. Good performance for now.

  22. Actually BAR could have had a penalty, but I think that would be very hard to detect on the pitch. Not a crucial mistake, to my mind.

    Apparently, a correct decision by Sánchez Martínez to whistle penalty and to show a RC for DOGSO (deliberate handball saving a goal) but he could have waited less than a second before whistling and the best solution there would have been advantage + YC.
    Barça had scored, but they had to "return back" with a penalty.
    Surely a point for improvement for the referee, it was not difficult to delay the whistle in this case.
    However, technically not a mistake, and luckily Barça scored the penalty...

  24. Much more intensive second half for Sánchez Martinez, very many foul/no foul situations which I think he basically always got right. All YCs were correct, I was really impressed with how he calmly, determinedly talked at Ramos after his card. Some penalty appeals for handball he was right to say no to RLM. Yes, he should have waited to send off Carvalhal agreed with Chefren, but under the pressure of a Classico, the problem of losing sight of the player who handballed, I do understand why he whistled quickly.
    His prevention in the early minutes was excellent, then it was only okay after that, still it all ended fine.
    Really impressed with Sánchez Martinez, he has a big future I think.

    1. Totally agree. A very good performance by him. About Carvajal's RC, I think exactly in the same way. It is a very tough match to referee, because your name will surely be on the news right after the match. Given that, referees are extremely focused in detecting everything they can, and because of this, I think he whistled as soon as he could after seeing the handball and didn't think and advantage could occur. Something to improve, surely, but given the final outcome, nothing that important in the end. He can be really happy today.

  25. Here are some clips from El Clásico from today, have a look.

    2' - Disallowed goal for offside

    18' - YC Vermaelen for SPA

    59' - YC Ramos for illegal use of arms

    63' - RC Carvajal for DOGSO

    74' - Penalty appeal for handball

    83' - Penalty appeal for handball + YC Marcelo for dissent

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Apparently, that's a YC......

  28. We are receiving some fake mails for the referee of the year.
    It is more than clear to understand that everything is made in favor of a specific referee. Such mails wont be taken into account for the final ranking.
    Please respect us and all the other readers, who regularly sent their choices.
    The last was Stake, a big thank to him and all the other people who sent the document.

  29. This is my list. I have only sent my list today and I have been told that it cannot be taken into consideration.
    3 ORSATO
    5 OLIVER
    6 PITANA
    9 MATEU
    12 IRMATOV
    13 RAMOS
    14 GASSAMA
    15 CONGER

    1. Manzani, Rojas, Oliver, Martinez, Hernandez..?

    2. Can someone please tell me more about the name Piccinini?? I've never heard of him before 🤔🤔

    3. Yes I can, Piccinini is an excellent young italian referee
      very promising in Series B. That's why I have included his name in my list. In my opinion, in 2017 he was among the best in front of my eyes.

    4. Hopefully we will see him in Serie A soon :)

  30. I hope my letter is taken into account:)?

    1. Don't you know them or don't feel they are among the best?


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