Wednesday, 30 January 2019

RIP Peter Mikkelsen

1960 - 2019


  1. Very sad! One of the great is gone

  2. I'm astonished !!! What happened ? Was he sick ? I'm really sad. In the 90th when Peter reached his top peak, I was progressing in the different categories of the refereeing and he was one of my model. He was a great surprise at Fifa WC in Italy in 1990 and after in the USE in 1994 he was the first candidate to officiate the final match between Italy and Brasil, Then the former president Havelange (brasilian) decided for Puhl.
    Rest in peace. Do you know the reason of his disease ?

    1. He was fighting against cancer for many years...

      He is a true legend who inspired a lot of people in his/her career. And no doubt, he is among the best officials who ever refereed on international stages.

    2. Peter had melanoma with brain, spinal, liver and lunge metastases...


    part of my youth has gone....

  4. What a shock !! What a World Talent !!
    RIP Peter

  5. Rest in peace. Very good referee

  6. We will all miss him. A certain match and a certain moment comes to my mind: Peter Mikkelsen at the 1990 World Cup as AR in the semifinal Argentina vs. Italy (30 years old).
    See from 12:55

  7. Peter Mikkelsen handled this crucial Intercontinental Playoff Return aged only thirty-three. Incredible achievement for a special man on, and more importantly off, the pitch.
    One of the best referees to ever blow the whistle, for certain.

    RIP, Peter.


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