Saturday, 9 January 2021

Pierluigi Collina: "Honored to be considered nr. 1 but I also have a bit of nostalgia"

Some days ago Pierluigi Collina has released an interesting interview to the Italian newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera". Law 5 The Referee has translated it for you. 

Pierluigi Collina has been voted by France Football as best football referee ever

"When you think about football referees, the first name coming to your mind is surely Pierluigi Collina: he made the history". With this motivation, France Football has elected Pierluigi Collina as best football referee ever. 

What are your feelings after this nomination, Pierluigi?

There is a clear difference between receiving an award when you are still active referee and after you have retired. In the latter case, it is a honor that nobody will question, because you have already done everything in your career. I live it with satisfaction, pride, but also a bit of nostalgia. It reminds me on a particular activity I really enjoy: being on a pitch.

Can you say more about this difference?

When you are still active, the award is something that must mean people are expecting more from you. It happened to me that during a week I had to officiate in Champions League a game like Manchester United - Real Madrid, and then some days ago to referee in serie B. A person in that position could say: "Well, today I will take it easy". But not, of course you can't do that! It is not easy, not even for top players, to ensure excellent performances in a row in only few days.

The most difficult game for you?

We must analyze the concept of "difficult", what do you mean by that? The most important game? If so, Champions League and World Cup final are two "difficult" games, importance means also to have some consequences after the final whistle for both two teams and referee. But if the difficulty depends on the context of the game, then one could even say that an amateur game of a very low level can be on paper more difficult than WC final. The final score of such games could be also something "worrying" for the referee, if he is not strong and ready to everything. Then, in addition, there is also the real "technical" difficulty of a game. In this regard, I like to mention a particular Italian football team, Foggia, when they were trained by Zdenek Zeman. They used to play in a very particular manner: long ball by keeper and three players starting an extremely quick counterattack, for a referee it was very difficult if not impossible to follow the action closely until the end. 

Changing topic, in 2020 we saw Stéphanie Frappart making her debut in Men's major competitions, culminated in CL group stage assignment. A success or maybe too much rumor for something that should be considered "normal"?

Indeed I would like that people can see this as a very normal thing. If a referee has quality and skills, he / she must be in the condition to show them, regardless man or woman. The rest shouldn't count at all. I would just like to talk about "referees", without any specification to gender. I hope to see many "Frapparts" in future, and I also wish that this will not make sensation. This must be normality.

There have been some LotG changes in the recent two seasons, but there is for sure still something to be fixed. What do you think? 

The most  significant changes have been allowing the execution of a goal kick inside the box (very positive in my opinion) and considering punishable the touch by hand before a gol scored. Scoring thank to the touch by hand is seen as very unsporting, and even before this new rule, we had this kind of  application in past, because people couldn't accept that (remember 2015 CL Final). Then, handball in all its other forms and offside stay both as very critical areas.

Deliberate or not, this is the question... 

Somebody claims that nowadays the concept of  "uninentional" doesn't exist anymore: that's false . The old rule stated that handball had to be "intentional act", but also in past some unintentional touches were punished. We had some examples of that during EURO 2016, for example the Chiellini - Boateng situation, and WC 2018 as well, with Piqué in Russia - Spain. Being deliberate was and it is still only a case in point together with other criteria, that we could describe as "culpable" but not strictly "deliberate". How many times you can say that a defender is touching the ball deliberately in his area in the real meaning of the term? A very few times, almost never. Most of the handballs are because the players put their arms in unnatural position and they take the risk to hit ball, being punished for that.

But you smile when you see defender jumping like "pins"...

Players shouldn't move like penguins, but this doesn't mean that they should be allowed to have very open arms, otherwise everything is allowed. The final assessment must be at referee's discretion, but surely, it is very difficult to have consistency. Referees must understand whether the movements made by arms are harmonic and natural consequences of what players are doing when this happens. Sometimes an open arm by 30 cm. can be natural, in other cases not, so again, it is up to referee to decide.

About offside, some people are not convinced by extremely tight offsides positions, do you think it is fair to disallow such goals? 

If today we are talking about very minimal offside positions, in future, with the further development of technology, maybe we will go even deeper on that. GLT has 6 millimeters as margin of error,  but it is accepted by all people. If the same will happen with offside, then we will have to discuss whether this will be relevant or not. 

Some people say that VAR needs too long time to decide in some situations.

It is considered by people as "long" mostly because they were not used in that in football games. In other sports, there are more breaks, and fans accept that without problems.  We can work for decreasing this time, but it is not easy to match quickness and accuracy. Only important thing at the end of process, is to have the final correct decision. 

In 2020 we have lost many sport champions like Maradona, Rossi, Bryant... 

They were different in their greatness. Paolo Rossi was great in his apparent normality, on the pitch and out of it. The greatness of Kobe was the talent, mixed to a maniacal attention to every detail. Maradona, well, he was the opposite: how to be a great champion, despite of all the rest.

Your expectations for the new year. 

2020 ended without any single FIFA tournament: now in a short time we will start again with 2020 Club World Cup in Qatar. Having selected the officials for this tournament is already a return to a kind of normality. I think that wishing a "normal" 2021 should be already a big success, if compared to what we lived in 2020. Nowadays being normal can be considered as extra-ordinary.

Source: Il Corriere della Sera 02/01/2021, page 43 


  1. Is it common in Germany, for its top referee's to be assigned to matches in the 2. Bundesliga?
    I ask because I noticed that Felix Brych was assigned to the Nurnberg vs Hamburger SV match today.
    Does anybody have any info why? Or ask I asked above. Is it just something that is common in Germany?

    1. Yes, very common.
      Under normal circumstances, all referees only get matches every second matchday or even less often in 1.Bundesliga. And the week between, they either work as 4th official or VAR in 1.Bundesliga or referee in 2.Bundesliga or even (but much rarer) in 3.Liga.
      On each matchday, 3-5 matches in 2.Bundesliga are covered by referees from 1.Bundesliga and there is no difference whether it is a top FIFA referee or a newly promoted referee - all get approx. 5-7 matches per season in the lower division.
      There are also 25 referees on the 1.Bundesliga list (and only 16 on the 2.Bundesliga list) - so enough persons to do this even with some injuries.

    2. This happens in The Netherlands as well (although there is not a clear list of first division referees in The Netherlands)

    3. Thank you for that excellent and thorough explanation. It is a very novel and understandable method to use referee's.

      Liga MX (Mexico) utilizes a different method. Typically the referee's who work in the top tier, only work in the top tier. There's a completely different group of referee's who work in the 2nd and 3rd tier respectively. What Liga MX does do at the beginning of each season. Is assign the most promising talents from the 2nd tier in on the first 3-5 matchdays. For example, Liga MX kicked of its "Clausura" (Closing) season this weekend. And all the matches have referee's from the 2nd tier assigned. With Liga MX "regulars" assigned exclusively as 4th Officials. In the past, 2nd tier referee's who excel in these assignments have been "promoted" for the rest of that season.

  2. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 15

    10th January

    15:30 FC Augsburg - VfB Stuttgart
    Daniel Schlager - Sven Waschitzki, Robert Wessel - Christian Gittelmann
    [Bibiana Steinhaus, Eduard Beitinger]

    18:00 Arminia Bielefeld - Hertha BSC
    Guido Winkmann - Christian Bandurski, Arno Blos - Robert Kampka
    [Robert Hartmann, Christian Fischer]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 15

    10th January

    13:30 SC Paderborn - Erzgebirge Aue
    Martin Thomsen - Robin Braun, Dominik Jolk - Julius Martenstein
    [Pascal Müller, Philipp Hüwe]

    13:30 SV Darmstadt - Hannover
    Patrick Alt - Nikolai Kimmeyer, Katrin Rafalski - Asmir Osmanagic
    [Sören Storks, Franz Bokop]

    13:30 Jahn Regensburg - VfL Bochum
    Marco Fritz - Markus Sinn, Manuel Bergmann - Tom Bauer
    [Matthias Jöllenbeck, Henrik Bramlage]

  3. Chefren, I saw Di Bello appointed in a top clash game today . How was he going?

    1. Another quite good performance, not difficult game. He kept everything under control. Excellent season so far, he could get as reward Supercoppa game between Juventus and Napoli on next days (if not postponed because the serie A game between two teams has to be played as well), and it would be nice because it would be his first national final. We will see.
      Meanwhile, after having being nominated FIFA referee, Maresca seems to be not in a good form in these months.

    2. I have to say that Marco di Bello made a real and evident progress in this season.
      Solid decision making,very clever card management (also in Roma-Inter) and IMO that's the most important developemnt for Di Bello his communication skills and acceptance by the players.
      Even in this hot and exciting match no 'bad' protest by both teams and he had no problems (like the other seasons before) to sell his decisions for the players to understand what they made wrong.

      As Chefren mentioned newly FIFA referee Fabio Maresca not convincing this season. Few weeks ago he was one of few referees who got a suspension for a matchday after the controversial Roma-Sassuolo.
      Then he had a solid Atalanta-Parma (not that difficult).
      Yesterday he was in charge of Milan-Torino.Two OFRs, absolutley crazy card management and really insecure in decision making.

  4. OT

    PAOK - NPS Volos (Ref Tzilos UEFA 3rd)

  5. Estrada Fernández will handle 3 La Liga matches in just 5 days!!

    Must be an absolute record!

    This is because he handled Celta-Villareal last Friday and today he was a replacement for Jaime Latre in Levante-Eibar (weather reasons) and has been appointed for the postponed Atleti-Sevilla next Tuesday.

    By the way, he should retire this season but with the new rules (45 age limit was scrapped last year) maybe he will continue.

  6. Superb Bjorn Kuipers in Ajax - PSV today. Some minor positioning issues and AR1 missed a tight offside at the goal in 50', but overall a very good performance. Kuipers' foul detection was spot on, it allowed the game to flow & he dealt very well with the high intensity of the match.

    1. I don't know any other referee who would be sooo consistently great during his whole career. He's the clear no1 in my ranking of all time referees.

    2. Some situation with offside from the Ajax-PSV

    3. I agree, brilliant refereee

  7. Highlights from the Bundesliga match Augsburg-Stuttgart:

  8. Juventus - Sassuolo:
    Referee decision YC (SPA).
    NO VAR intervention.
    In my opinion RC for DOGSO missed by VAR.

    1. Red card, no doubt. Pause exactly when the foul occurs. If it didn't occur what would happen? Free path with momentum.

    2. IMO RC would be definetly supportable, however, VAR is right in not intervening here for me.

      When you stop at the point of the foul, you can see that the attacker could run right towards the goal, if the foul wouldn't happen.
      However, there are arguments against it, taking into account the defenders nearby and the quite long distance to the goal.

    3. I agree that VAR was correct not to intervene but in my opinion this was a very clear RC - sorry, but Massa simply lacked the courage to send off a big player, for a big team, so early in the game.

      Though - good intervention at the end of the 1H for an SFP foul by Pedro Obiang.

  9. no clear dogs but red card would not be a mistake


    So now you want to admit your error Mr. Oliver? Well, too little, too late.
    While Virgil Van Dijk has been physically unable to be on the pitch. You and Jordan Pickford were able to continue your seasons as if nothing had happened.
    Sometimes football is so unfair, cruel, and unequal to its participants.

    1. At least he admitted it and reflected on it. For instance, Rocchi only said about Chelsea - Ajax "I never have the intention to ruin a game and I am upset about people saying that I did", so I praise Oliver for giving this interview and his honesty. You can only learn if you admit your mistakes.

    2. What else could he say? He and his colleagues failed football that day. This is just him trying to cover his *** and an attempt to have people sympathize with him. Sorry, but I'm not buying it and it's not enough for me. It was unacceptable that he and his crew received no sanctions nor did they miss any future assignments for their collective failure. And the fact that Pickford didn't even get a slap on the wrist from The FA for ending Van Dijk's season. Makes the situation even worse.

    3. Not surprised by Rocchi's lack of self accountability. Arrogance prevents too many referee's from admitting their failures.

    4. I think the point is Oliver didn't have to talk publicly about it and could've asked for the topic not to be bought up in the interview. If you actually view the entire transcript he bought it up in a question about VAR, so volunteered to touch on it - this imo deserves praise because it makes referees more transparent something which football lacks when compared to other sports e.g Cricket, Hockey or Rugby for example. I'm a LFC supporter at heart and was annoyed by that derby but none the less I can move on and acknowledge that we all make mistakes and that stepping out to discuss them openly takes a lot of guts - something Oliver has demonstrated several times!

      I also think the interview shows other insights to Olivers approach, particularly when he talks about others commenting that he was "Politely aloof", something which other people on here have commented on about his style. He also mentions a mistake back in 2009 which cost him promotion to the EPL for another season. So all in all I find it a fascinating insight and thank Oliver for stepping out to offer it!

    5. Actions speak louder than words. The fact is that neither Oliver nor his crew nor Pickford faced any "actions" for this incident. Only one that got screwed over was Van Dijk.

    6. Transparency without accountability is pointless.

    7. A ref can have a bad day, and you should know it.. but you are not a ref if you think that.

    8. This wasn't just a "bad day". A players career was seriously put in jeopardy. Yes, these things happen in sports. But the entire referee crew completely failed to take the appropriate punitive action. The fact that VAR was available for them to use makes it even worse.
      When I've had a "bad day". Corrective action has been taken by my Ref Comm. It usually meant missing a matchday or two, extra training, or 4th Official duty. I wasn't sre or bitter about it. As I only had myself to blame. Quite to contrary, it served as motivation to go out and do it better upon my return.
      I don't understand why its taboo to expect transparency and accountability from football referee's. Other sports do this quite well and their fans thank them for it.

    9. I think you got a point. Referees should be treated the same way as players, If you make such an error, you have to fase the consequences. I like the way the Italian FA deal with referees in that kind of situations, appointments are based on performances and a 'suspension' when you have made a big mistake. I'm not surprised the English FA has taken no action. They prove every time their management of referees is far below the level required. The implementation of VAR is a mess, they could not provide 10 international referees etc. It's a wonder to me why Riley is still the head of referees over there...
      But I don't think we should exaggerate this particular case with statements like 'This is just him trying to cover his **' and 'an attempt to have people sympathize with him'. You can blame Oliver for making the wrong decision, every referee makes such kind of decision from time to time. I'd admire Oliver for his honesty. You should blame the FA for their management, that is the problem.

    10. My opinion about Oliver's role is what it is and it's not going to change.
      In regards to Pickford and the English FA. The English FA could learn a lesson from the Mexican FA. If a player seriously injures a fellow player. That player should be suspended until the injured player recovers and returns to play. The Mexican FA has in the past handed out these types of suspensions. IMO it's the most fair way to deal with players who endanger the career and livelihood of a fellow player.

    11. The thing that all of u have missed from the article is Oliver said that the player reaction on the field was very calm and no one was up in arms and protesting that Pickford should see red so it probably in the moment felt like the right decision. I'm sure Oliver only after seeing it on replay realized Pickford should've seen red

    12. This is my last thought on this;
      - English FA management is poor, though I would also mention that Mike Riley did a TV interview a few years ago where he mentioned that different refs are managed differently in these types of situations and that sometimes suspensions only make the problem worse, so that provides some insight to that peraphs. It’s also that the standard in England is poor so Oliver and Taylor are called into action almost every matchday. Not justifying it just peraphs it explains it.
      - This also needs to be put in some perspective I think. Oliver and his team has made one bad judgement in a tough derby which was otherwise handled relatively well. He is one of the most active referees and his decision accuracy is very high. He refs usually a couple of very high intensity professional matches every week and comes out looking competent so any criticism that suggests this decision should become his reputation I find a bit churlish in that respect. Sure we can discuss his decision and subsequent management but to say that he doesn’t deserve praise for speaking out because he made a bad call and someone else chose to appoint him the next week lacks any perspective whatsoever. If this decision was made by another English ref we would be saying well typical poor English refereeing but it’s only because Oliver is renowned for his standard that more attention got drawn to it.
      - I would also say that I don’t think that any change should take place to disciplinary protocols based on how badly someone’s injury is. I think the FA should be able to overrule in cases like this and suspend Pickford though that should be based on preset protocols not for how long a player happens to be injured for.

      None of this is relevant to the fact that Oliver was willing to publically speak about life as a top ref, which is what this interview was primarily about, and that’s what deserved upmost praise regardless what you think of him.

    13. wwjd,
      "the player reaction on the field was very calm and no one was up in arms and protesting". That is the sorriest excuse he could have possibly used. Referee's shouldn't base their calls or non calls on players reaction or non reaction. In this case the action was crystal clear and the images available to VAR should have sufficed to do the right thing.

      I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong. Me agreeing with you would also make me yet another referee apologist and enabler. Which would only maintain the "status quo". I prefer for referee's to be held accountable and for Ref Comm's to be completely open and transparent with this process.

  11. Here is the full interview with Michael Oliver as references above. A very interesting read imo!

  12. Mateu Lahoz has been tested positive with Covid, so he will miss the Supercopa (in case he was appointed for it, they haven't been released for now)

  13. Supercopa de España first semifinal appointment.

    13th January

    21:00 CET - Estadio Nuevo Arcángel (Córdoba)
    Real Sociedad - Barcelona
    José Luis Munuera Montero - Íñigo Prieto López de Ceráin, Alfonso Baena Espejo - César Soto Grado
    [José Luis González González, Raúl Cabañero Martínez]

  14. Greek SL rearranged fixture for MD6

    PAOK - Olympiakos

    Michael Fabbri (ITA)
    Mauro Vivenzi (ITA)
    Lo Cicero Alessandro (ITA)
    Anastasios Papapetrou
    Gianpaolo Calvarese (ITA)
    Konstantinos Triantafyllou

    1. Thanks for reporting that edward.

      What can we read into this appointment about Fabbri, Chefren?

    2. Thanks for the appointment, Edward. Indeed I was expecting Fabbri in a Coppa Italia game on this week, after having missed his turn in serie A on last matchday. I think Fabbri was originally planned for a coppa Italia game this week and this request by Greek federation came later after that. I think he could have handled Milan - Torino tomorrow, as he was fourth official Saturday in the same game in serie A.

    3. Btw the observer for this match is Mark Clattenburg himself.

      I believe that it's a test for Fabbri because the difference between the teams is 10 points. And they play again on 27/01 in Piraeus. If PAOK wants to have a chance to get the 1st place ahead of the play-off round, he must win both matches.

    4. Is Clattenburg simply unwilling to work with the "local" referee's wherever he goes? Makes it look as if he's unable to actually improve the "locals". So his answer is always to bring in foreign referees. I for one am happy to see match reports from Saudi Arabia with Saudi referees assigned and not that revolving door of foreigners.

    5. It's not that simple. I believe that Clattenburg wants to work with our referees. But the teams (especially the big-4) don't trust them. So he and Pereira chose the easy way. Bring foreigners.

      The problem with Greek referees is their level of education. Education is simply non-existent. IMO, Clattenburg and Snoddy should focus on that.

    6. Education?
      Like time spent in seminars or training sessions?
      That's great and all. But what good is "education", if the referee's are then not put on the pitch to use the "education"?

      But hey, keep appeasing the whinny teams with foreigners. While the locals continue to be left behind.

      No wonder Greece hasn't produced a decent international level referee since Kyros Vassaras. No Greek referee's at any major International since Euro 2008. 12+ years, and counting.

    7. There is more to it. Referees are afraid. There are 3 teams (Olympiakos, AEK, PAOK) who make statements all the time about referees and even pressure them. Especially after the attack on Tzilos, most of the referees are on the spotlight from these teams. That affects them.

      But there is another issue. There is a key element that it's missing on the referees promotions and demotions. Meritocracy.

    8. If the Ref Comm and its referees are "afraid" to confront and overcome these challenges. How do they expect to change anything? Bringing in foreign referee's only puts a band aid on the problem. It does nothing to solve the actual problem.

      If the Greek FA is so weak, disordered, unorganized, and/or corrupt. That they're unable or unwilling to properly deal with the "top teams". Then Greek football needs a major structural overhaul.

  15. Appointments - Germany:

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 15

    11th January

    20:30 Braunschweig - Fortuna Düsseldorf
    Alexander Sather - Oliver Lossius, Daniel Riehl - Max Burda
    [Johann Pfeifer, Markus Wollenweber]

  16. Italy Coppa Italia
    Round of 16

    Tuesday 12th January

    20:45 Milan - Torino
    Paolo Valeri - Domenico Rocca - Niccolo Pagliardini - Francesco Fourneau

    Wednesday 13th January

    15:00 Fiorentina - Inter
    Davide Massa - Valerio Vecchi - Damiano Di Iorio - Alessandro Prontera
    [Gianluca Aureliano - Alessandro Costanzo]

    17:45 Napoli - Empoli
    Antonio Giua - Marco Scatragli - Andrea Zingarelli - Manuel Volpi
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Salvatore Longo]

    20:45 Juventus - Genoa
    Daniele Chiffi - Rodolfo Di Vuolo - Domenico Palermo - Simone Sozza
    [Rosario Abisso - Sergio Ranghetti]

    Thursday 14th January

    17:30 Sassuolo - Spal
    Giacomo Camplone - Fabrizio Lombardo - Daniele Marchi - Alberto Santoro
    [Massimiliano Irrati - Dario Cecconi]

    21:15 Atalanta - Cagliari
    Federico Dionisi - Michele Grossi - Filippo Bercigli - Matteo Gariglio
    [Luigi Nasca - Mauro Galetto]

  17. Most important matches in Dutch league:

    Wednesday 13th January

    18:45 PSV - AZ
    Serdar Gozubuyuk - Joost van Zuilen - Johan Balder - Richard Martens
    [Jeroen Manschot - Sander van Roekel]

    20:00 Twente - Ajax
    Pol van Boekel - Richard Polman - Roy de Nas - Edgar Bijl
    [Dennis Higler - Peter Janson]

    Sunday 17th January

    16:45 Ajax - Feyenoord
    Danny Makkelie - Hessel Steegstra - Jan de Vries - Martin van den Kerkhof
    [Jochem Kamphuis - Mario Diks]

    Wednesday 20th January

    20:00 AZ - Ajax (Cup)
    Jochem Kamphuis - Rens Bluemink - Richard Brondijk - Rob Dieperink

    Big match for Kamphuis, his first real test. I don't rate him that high so it will be interesting to see how he will perform.

    1. I have to say, I do rate Kamphuis higher. I think he got quite a natural way of leadership, I usually like his decisions. He has had some bad luck, be he is developing into a good and steady referee in my opinion.

    2. After Higler's disastrous performance in last cup round (Ajax - Utrecht), I expected a more established referee, especially since there is no VAR in this round either.

    3. @RikB agree that he has a quite natural way of leadership. But his decision making this season is not up to the standard. The penalty incident in PSV - ADO (even after a VAR check!) for example.

      I would like to see Lindhout or Manschot in more challenging matches!

    4. Decision making can sometimes be a bit of a problem, yes. Though I think the penalty in PSV-ADO was not so black and white.

      Sorry, but I am not a big fan of Lindhout personally. I think he lacks personality and depends too much on his assistants. Others are fan of him - I am not.
      I think Manschot gets a bit of the Ed Janssen (who served as 6th official in CL and EL like a million times) or Wiedemeijer treatment: a trusted referee, sometimes getting good matches, but never the real clashes.

  18. PAS Giannina - Aris

    Ref Tsagkarakis VAR Diamantopoulos (UEFA 3rd)

    1. Foul on the GK would be supportable for me.. but not a clear and obvious error, hence no VAR preferred.

    2. IMO rather wrong, no clear error.

  19. any idea for PSG v marseille referee for the cup final?

    1. I’m not French.. but Letexier (seen that he got UCL match) or Brisard (neo 1st category) ?

    2. Actually the appointments are out already.

      Trophée des Champions | French Supercup
      Lens, Stade Bollaert-Delelis
      Wednesday 13th January 2021
      Paris Saint-Germain - Olympique de Marseille

      Referee : Ruddy Buquet [FIFA 1st]
      AA1 : Guillaume Debart [FIFA]
      AA2 : Benjamin Pagès [FIFA]
      FO : Mikael Lesage
      VAR : Willy Delajod [FIFA 2nd]
      AVAR : Alexandre Castro

  20. Appointments - Germany:

    DFB-Pokal (German Cup) 2nd round

    12th January

    20:45 Leverkusen - Eintracht Frankfurt
    Christian Dingert - Benedikt Kempkes, Timo Gerach - Robert Kampka

  21. England Premier League
    Matchweek 18 (1st part)

    Tuesday 12th January

    19:00 Sheffield - Newcastle
    Andy Madley - Eddie Smart - Derek Eaton - Lee Mason
    [Robert Jones - Mark Scholes]

    21:15 Burnley - Manchester United
    Kevin Friend - Simon Beck - Adrian Holmes - Peter Bankes
    [Stuart Attwell - Stephen Child]

    21:15 Wolves - Everton
    Martin Atkinson - Adam Nunn - Nick Hopton - David Coote
    [Jonathan Moss - Peter Kirkup]

    Wednesday 13th January

    19:00 Manchester City - Brighton
    Darren England - Stuart Burt - Simon Bennett - Michael Oliver
    [Mike Dean - Dan Robathan]

    21:15 Tottenham - Fulham
    Paul Tierney - Lee Betts - Harry Lennard - Chris Kavanagh
    [Craig Pawson - Stephen Child]

    Thursday 14th January

    21:00 Arsenal - Crystal Palace
    Andre Marriner - Scott Ledger - Simon Long - Simon Hooper
    [Graham Scott - Timothy Wood]

  22. England Premier League
    Matchweek 19

    Saturday 16th January

    13:30 Wolves - West Brom
    Michael Oliver - Stuart Burt - Simon Bennett - Andy Madley
    [David Coote - Nick Hopton]

    16:00 Leeds - Brighton
    Kevin Friend - Simon Beck - Adrian Holmes - Lee Mason
    [Craig Pawson - Richard West]

    16:00 West Ham - Burnley
    Chris Kavanagh - Ian Hussin - Dan Robathan - Tim Robinson
    [Simon Hooper - Simon Long]

    18:30 Fulham - Chelsea
    Peter Bankes - Neil Davies - James Mainwaring - Mike Dean
    [Jarred Gillett - Adam Nunn]

    21:00 Leicester - Southampton
    Stuart Attwell - Harry Lennard - Eddie Smart - Robert Jones
    [Jonathan Moss - Andy Halliday]

    Sunday 17th January

    13:00 Aston Villa - Everton
    Anthony Taylor - Gary Beswick - Adam Nunn - Chris Kavanagh
    [Mike Dean - Andy Halliday]

    15:05 Sheffield - Tottenham
    Andre Marriner - Richard West - Mark Scholes - Robert Jones
    [Michael Oliver - Andy Halliday]

    17:30 Liverpool - Manchester United
    Paul Tierney - Lee Betts - Constantine Hatzidakis - Craig Pawson
    [Stuart Attwell - Stuart Burt]

    20:15 Manchester City - Crystal Palace
    Lee Mason - Scott Ledger - Tim Wood - Andy Madley
    [Martin Atkinson - Peter Kirkup]

    Monday 18th January

    21:00 Arsenal - Newcastle
    David Coote - Marc Perry - Nick Hopton - Graham Scott
    [Peter Bankes - Sian Massey - Ellis]

  23. England Premier League
    Matchweek 18 (2nd part)

    Tuesday 19th January

    19:00 West Ham - West Brom
    Graham Scott - Neil Davies - Simon Long - Gavin Ward
    [Darren England - Stephen Child]

    21:15 Leicester - Chelsea
    Craig Pawson - Ian Hussin - Sian Massey-Ellis - Jonathan Moss
    [Andre Marriner - Stephen Child]

    Wednesday 20th January

    19:00 Leeds - Southampton
    Simon Hooper - Richard West - Derek Eaton - John Brooks
    [Paul Tierney - Constantine Hatzidakis]

    21:15 Fulham - Manchester United
    Martin Atkinson - Peter Kirkup - Eddie Smart - Stuart Attwell
    [Kevin Friend - Marc Perry]

    21:15 Manchester City - Aston Villa
    Jonathan Moss - Harry Lennard - Dan Robathan - David Coote
    [Andy Madley - Simon Beck]

    Thursday 21st January

    21:00 Liverpool - Burnley
    Mike Dean - Darren Cann - Mark Scholes - Anthony Taylor
    [Lee Mason - Matthew Wilkes]

  24. Have you any detail about the annual winter course for elite referees ? Is it confirmed in remote through skype or any other networks ? Do you know the list of the attendees ?
    1st week of February will conflict with FIFA CWC in Qatar

    1. Yes the course will be online, no real meeting. I'm working to get the list of participants!

  25. Appointments - Germany:

    DFB-Pokal (German Cup) 2nd round

    13th January

    20:45 Holstein Kiel - Bayern München
    Robert Schröder - Jan Neitzel-Petersen - René Rohde - Christof Günsch

    Burnley - Manchester United.
    In my opinion very poor management by Friend and VAR in this incident.
    I think that the previous foul before possible DOGSO is a clear RC for SFP. VAR should have called referee for that even more than the possible DOGSO that is in my opinion possible but not 100% sure (direction of the attacker). In any case, previous RC is more evident for me. But it seems as VAR focus was the DOGSO, as reported and Friend just annulled the YC issued for SPA for the previous foul. This is something against protocol in a way, even though not clearly mentioned, despite of not having issued RC before and after, Friend decided to change decision. Not very common to happen, but most important, he didn't go deep in analyzing that foul that is a clear SFP if you ask me. It looks to me very poor for this reason.

    1. Besides the SFP question, the VAR procedure looks correct to me.
      The VAR determines (IMO correctly) that it should be a RC for DOGSO. Then he still needs to check the APP, where he finds a clear foul by the attacking team. Therefore the YC for SPA is clearly wrong and the correct decision is a FK for Burnley. The check was for DOGSO, therefore the conditions for a VAR intervention are fulfilled IMO.

      Similar situation: Attacker is fouled at the edge of the penalty area. Referee gives FK. VAR determines it was inside the penalty area. VAR checks APP and finds a foul by the attacking team. Then the correct restart is a FK for the defending team and not for the attacking team and the VAR should intervene by my understanding.

    2. UEFA would assess Shaw's tackle as reckless (first hitting point is high, but the contact is only intense at a lower point).

      The difference between that tackle and eg. this is quite vast IMO.

  27. A match situation from Spanish 3rd category (2ªB), referee: Manuel Pozueta Rodríguez (1996)


    1. RC for DOGSO in my oppinion. As a VAR, I would not intervene.

    2. Agree with David.

      To be honest I find the current DOGSO trend quite worrying - what matters now is how DOGSO the situation 'seems' to the untrained eye (Stieler in Liverpool - Ajax, Massa in recent Juventus - Sassuolo, Makkelie in his EL Final, even Faghani in WC 2018 France - Argentina), and avoiding RCs most of the time.

      The objective, technical, reality seems to matter not nowadays when assessing SPA vs. DOGSO scenes.

    3. IMO it's a DOGSO RC scene and I generally agree with Chefren about the development of avoiding DOGSO.
      However, here, the ball is quite far away and two defenders nearby, so nothing crystal clear.

  28. Coppa Italia:Fiorentina-Inter
    Massa with 2 crucial mistakes so far, not too convincing performance.
    1) missed pk for Inter
    2) wrong pk for Fiorentina

    1. I agree with both VAR calls, however in the first situation we must say that here in Italy we don't see consistency in such interventions when an attacker shots and then only after that keeper hits him. Some VARs call the referee, while other VARs don't do that. Personally I think that this was an evident situation in which Massa should have whistled penalty by himself after having waited for a possible advantage, but he didn't that, and he whistled a wrong handball in favor of defenders. I think this aspect increased the chances by VAR to call him. Second penalty was a perception mistake, he was too hurry in whistling. Then in second half a possible second YC to a player from Internazionale. In my opinion poor performance so far by Massa, he hadn't already convinced me in Juventus - Sassuolo (DOGSO situation).

    2. Yes, I forgot the last situation, my 1st instict was 2nd YC.

      Regarding pk for Inter, personally I dont like those penalties after the shot unless there is some reckless tackle. Still, I believe that it will be assessed as a correct OFR and a mistake by Massa.

  29. Highlights from the Copa Libertadoros match Palmeras-River Plate

  30. As for now, quite good performance by Munuera Montero in Barcelona-Real Sociedad.

  31. Some clips from this weekend's Bundesliga and German Cup matches

    1) Arminia Bielefeld - Hertha BSC, handled by Guido Winkmann [VAR: Robert Hartmann]:
    Penalty? - PK given; rejected after OFR
    Foul prior goal? - not given; no VAR intervention

    2) FSV Mainz - Eintracht Frankfurt, handled by Bastian Dankert [VAR: Matthias Jöllenbeck]:
    Penalty? - PK given; no VAR intervention
    Penalty? - PK given; rejected after OFR
    Penalty? - PK given; no VAR intervention

    3) Bayer Leverkusen - Werder Bremen, handled by Benjamin Cortus [VAR: Deniz Aytekin]:
    Handball prior goal? - FK given; rejected after VAR intervention
    Penalty (handball)? - no PK given; no VAR intervention

    4) FC Augsburg - VfB Stuttgart, handled by Daniel Schlager [VAR: Bibiana Steinhaus]:
    Penalty? - PK given; no VAR intervention
    Serious Foul Play? - YC given; no VAR intervention

    1. 5) Borussia Mönchengladbach - Bayern München, handled by Harm Osmers [VAR: Christian Dingert]:
      Penalty (handball)? - PK given after OFR

      6) Union Berlin - VfL Wolfsburg, handled by Patrick Ittrich [VAR: Tobias Welz]:
      Penalty + Red Card (DOGSO)? - RC given; FK given after VAR intervention
      Penalty (handball)? - PK given after OFR
      Foul prior goal? - FK given; no VAR intervention

      7) Bayer Leverkusen - Eintracht Frankfurt, handled by Christan Dingert [Cup match: no VAR available]:
      Penalty (handball)? - PK given
      Penalty + Red Card (DOGSO)? - FK + RC given

    2. My opinions on the scenes:

      1) I like that the penalty is rejected, but I have doubts about the VAR intervention, taking into account the current imterpretations of clear and obvious in Germany:
      The possible foul is clearly correct assessed for me. Normal physical play and no use of the ellbow.

      2) Two supportable penalties for me, the third one correctly rejected:

      3) The goal is correctly allowed, but I cannnot understand that no PK is given, clear handball with a clearly enlarged body surface:

      4) Two supportable decisions for me.

      5) Clerly correct decision:

      6) RC + FK is correct and the handball decision is okay too:
      But I absolutely don't see a reason to disallow that goal. Missed VAR intervention for me.

      7) Two suppportable calls, good penalty for me:

    3. My opinions
      1) No penalty is the better decision, but the VAR intervention is surprising given the usual line
      No foul before goal is at least supportable, even the slightly better decision

      2) 1st penalty: correct decision
      2nd penalty: good VAR intervention
      3rd penalty: Correct penalty, maybe missing 2nd YC, but not completely mandatory

      3) Correct VAR intervention for the goal - and good, that the referee delayed his whistle
      Handball should be a penalty. No VAR intervention probably correct, if the referee had the full and correct perception, because there remains a little space for interpretation

      4) Penalty is supportable
      Certainly arguments for SFP there, but nearly nobody would a expect a RC there in Germany

      5) Clearly correct penalty, good intervention

      6) Supportable foul decision, DOGSO is clear; correct VAR intervention
      Clearly correct handball penalty and VAR intervention
      Goal should be allowed, but no VAR intervention is correct, because it is not nothing and the referee saw the situation.

      7) Should not be a penalty. Not clear and obvious, but maybe it would have been a wrong perception, because the referee did not have the best angle
      FK+RC is correct

  32. Cüneyt Cakir appointed for the very important derby between Besiktas and Galatasary on Sunday 17th January!

  33. Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 18

    Friday 15th January

    20:45 Lazio - Roma
    Daniele Orsato - Filippo Meli - Luca Mondin - Massimiliano Irrati
    [Paolo Mazzoleni - Filippo Valeriani]

    Saturday 16th January

    15:00 Bologna - Hellas Verona
    Maurizio Mariani - Damiano Margani - Davide Miele - Marco Piccinini
    [Marco Guida - Rodolfo Di Vuolo]

    18:00 Torino - Spezia
    Michael Fabbri - Alessandro Giallatini - Damiano Di Iorio - Davide Ghersini
    [Luca Banti - Daniele Bindoni]

    20:45 Sampdoria - Udinese
    Juan Luca Sacchi - Alberto Tegoni - Antonio Vono - Matteo Gariglio
    [Paolo Valeri - Stefano Del Giovane]

    Sunday 17th January

    12:30 Napoli - Fiorentina
    Daniele Chiffi - Matteo Passeri - Giacomo Paganessi - Gianluca Manganiello
    [Marco Di Bello - Dario Cecconi]

    15:00 Crotone - Benevento
    Simone Sozza - Marco Bresmes - Manuel Robilotta - Federico Dionisi
    [Luigi Nasca - Pasquale De Meo]

    15:00 Sassuolo - Parma
    Ivano Pezzuto - Domenico Rocca - Andrea Tardino - Francesco Fourneau
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Mauro Galetto]

    18:00 Atalanta - Genoa
    Livio Marinelli - Sergio Ranghetti - Gianluca Sechi - Marco Serra
    [Piero Giacomelli - Fabiano Preti]

    20:45 Inter - Juventus
    Daniele Doveri - Ciro Carbone - Giorgio Peretti - Fabio Maresca
    [Gianpaolo Calvarese - Stefano Alassio]

    Monday 18th January

    20:45 Cagliari - Milan
    Rosario Abisso - Stefano Liberti - Alessio Tolfo - Fabrizio Pasqua
    [Davide Massa - Alessandro Lo Cicero]

  34. Serie A Appointment for 18th MD:
    ATALANTA – GENOA h. 18.00
    ABISSO Rosario IV: PASQUA Fabrizio VAR: MASSA Davide
    SOZZA Simone IV: DIONISI Federico VAR: NASCA Luigi
    ORSATO Daniele IV: IRRATI Massimiliano VAR: MAZZOLENI Paolo
    SACCHI Juan Luca IV: GARIGLIO Matteo VAR: VALERI Paolo

  35. Italy Serie B
    Matchweek 18

    Friday 15th January

    19:00 Chievo Verona - Virtus Entella
    Daniele Paterna - Stefano Alassio - Alessio Berti - Eugenio Abbattista

    21:00 LR Vicenza - Frosinone
    Matteo Marchetti - Giovanni Baccini - Riccardo Annaloro - Riccardo Ros

    Saturday 16th January

    14:00 Cittadella - Ascoli
    Alberto Santoro - Enrico Caliari - Francesca Di Monte - Ivan Robilotta

    14:00 Monza - Cosenza
    Gianluca Aureliano - Giuseppe Macaddino - Gabriele Nuzzi - Giovanni Ayroldi

    14:00 Pisa - Brescia
    Daniel Amabile - Robert Avalos - Alessandro Cipressa - Luca Massimi

    14:00 Pordenone - Venezia
    Antonio Di Martino - Marcello Rossi - Marco Della Croce - Francesco Meraviglia

    16:00 Reggina - Lecce
    Manuel Volpi - Pietro Dei Giudici - Marco Trinchieri - Giacomo Camplone

    Sunday 17th January

    15:00 Pescara - Cremonese
    Federico La Penna - Alessio Saccenti - Davide Moro - Antonio Rapuano

    21:00 Empoli - Salernitana
    Luca Pairetto - Vittorio Di Gioia - Vito Mastrodonato - Alessandro Prontera

    Monday 18th January

    21:00 Spal - Reggiana
    Antonio Giua - Thomas Ruggieri - Daisuke Emanuele Yoshikawa - Lorenzo Illuzzi


    Fase Complementación - Fecha 5

    Jueves 14 de enero
    17.45 Defensa y Justicia - Aldosivi, en el estadio de Arsenal
    Árbitro: Mauro Vigliano
    Asistente 1: Ariel Scime
    Asistente 2: Mariana de Almeida
    Cuarto árbitro: Ignacio Lupani

    Final de la Fase Campeón

    Boca Juniors - Banfield

    Árbitro: Facundo Tello
    Asistente 1: Juan Pablo Bellatti
    Asistente 2: Hernán Maidana
    Cuarto árbitro: Nicolás Lamolina
    Quinto árbitro: Cristian Navarro

    Fase Complementación

    Vélez - (Ganador de Fase Complementación Grupo A)

    Árbitro: Patricion Loustau
    Asistente 1: Diego Bonfá
    Asistente 2: Pablo González
    Cuarto árbitro: Jorge Baliño

    Quinto árbitro: Gerardo Carretero

    Fase primer Ascenso a Primera División A

    Sábado 16 de enero

    19.10 Estudiantes (RC)- Sarmiento Junín, en estadio de Unión (TV)

    Árbitro: Fernando Rapallini
    Asistente 1: Maximiliano del Yesso
    Asistente 2: Miguel Savorani
    Cuarto árbitro: Jorge Broggi
    Quinto árbitro: José Castelli

    *En caso de igualdad al cabo de los noventa minutos, la definición se operará mediante la ejecución de tiros desde el punto penal conforme a las disposiciones del Art. 111 punto c) del R.G.

    Fase segundo ascenso a Primera División A - Primera Instancia Eliminatoria

    Domingo 17 de enero

    17.10 Atlanta - San Martín (T), en Estudiantes de Río IV (TV)
    Árbitro: Adrián Franklin
    Asistente 1: Eduardo Lucero
    Asistente 2: Manuel Sánchez
    Cuarto árbitro: César Ceballo

    17.10 Defensores de Belgrano - Instituto, en Villa Dálmine
    Árbitro: Yamil Possi
    Asistente 1: Juan Manuel Vázquez
    Asistente 2: Pablo Gualtieri
    Cuarto árbitro: Julio Barraza

    17.10 Gimnasia (M) - Ferro, en Instituto de Córdoba
    Árbitro: Yael Falcón Pérez
    Asistente 1: Damián Espinoza
    Asistente 2: Hernán Vallejos
    Cuarto árbitro: Guillermo González

    17.10 Deportivo Morón - Villa Dálmine, en Platense
    Árbitro: Nazareno Arasa
    Asistente 1: Diego Martin
    Asistente 2: Matías Bianchi
    Cuarto árbitro: Cristian Cernadas

    19.10 Estudiantes (BA) - Barracas Central, en Argentinos Juniors
    Árbitro: Diego Ceballos
    Asistente 1: Walter Ferreyra
    Asistente 2: Hugo Páez
    Cuarto árbitro: Ramiro López

    19.15 Tigre - San Martín (SJ), en Estudiantes BA (TV)
    Árbitro: Pablo Echavarría
    Asistente 1: Diego Verlotta
    Asistente 2: Gerardo Lencina
    Cuarto árbitro: Sebastián Zunino

    20.00 Deportivo Riestra - Temperley, en Chacarita Juniors
    Árbitro: Gerardo Méndez Cedro
    Asistente 1: Andrés Barbieri
    Asistente 2: Sebastián Raineri
    Cuarto árbitro: Pablo Giménez

    21.20 Agropecuario - Quilmes, en Atlanta (TV)
    Árbitro: Leandro Rey Hilfer
    Asistente 1: Marcelo Bistocco
    Asistente 2: Mariano Rossetti
    Cuarto árbitro: Franco Moron

  37. Spain, Copa del Rey round of 16 appointments:

    Saturday 16th January

    12:00 Almería - Alavés
    Javier Alberola Rojas - Íñigo Prieto López de Ceráin, Marcos Cerdán Aguilar - Antonio Alberola Rojas

    12:00 Rayo Vallecano - Elche
    Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos - Rubén Becerril Gómez, José Carlos Escuela Melo - Daniel Pastoriza Iglesias

    12:00 SCR Peña Deportiva - Valladolid
    David Medié Jiménez - Juan Carlos Barranco Trejo, Joan Méndez Mateo - Sergio Pérez Muley

    16:00 Girona - Cádiz
    Valentín Pizarro Gómez - José Antonio Garrido Romero, Iván Massó Granado - Víctor Pérez Peraza

    18:00 Fuenlabrada - Levante
    Santiago Jaime Latre - Jorge Bueno Mateo, Fernando Tresaco Escabosa - Alonso de Ena Wolf

    20:00 Leganés - Sevilla
    Pablo González Fuertes - Alfredo Rodríguez Moreno, Israel Bárcena Rodríguez - Miguel González Díaz

    17th January

    12:00 Málaga - Granada
    Carlos del Cerro Grande - Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez, Gonzalo García González - Alfonso Vicente Moral

    12:00 Espanyol - Osasuna
    Mario Melero López - José Luis Martínez Serrato, Antonio Ramón Martínez Moreno - Francisco Sáez Vital

    16:00 CDA Navalcarnero - Eibar
    Adrián Cordero Vega - Antonio Luis Cerezo Parfenof, Álvaro Carreño Cabrera - Francisco Javier Fernández Vidal

    16:00 Sporting de Gijón - Betis
    Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea - Roberto Díaz Pérez del Palomar, Jon Núñez Fernández - Gonzalo Saiz Pérez

    18:00 Alcorcón - Valencia
    Xavier Estrada Fernández - Teodoro Sobrino Magán, Guadalupe Porras Ayuso - Guillermo Cueto Amigo

    18:00 Tenerife - Villarreal
    César Soto Grado - Carlos Álvarez Fernández, Aitor Villate Martínez - Alexandre Alemán Pérez

    1. So, there are basically 3 candidates for Supercopa final: Hernández Hernández, Sánchez Martínez and Cuadra Fernández. Gil Manzano and Mateu Lahoz are out due to Covid.

    2. The two Alberola Rojas are brothers?

    3. Yep. And Antonio Alberola Rojas the 3rd category referee is older (1990) than his brother Javier Alberola Rojas (1991)

    4. Sánchez Martínez whistled the final last year so maybe we can rule him out, but I have checked and Cuadra was 4th official, so the most "logical" appointment should be Hernández Hernández main official, Cuadra at VAR and Sánchez Martínez as 4th Official, although usually 4th official role is assigned to promising and rising officials, so who knows...

  38. Some clips from yesterday French Super Cup PSG-Marseille:
    RC in the match Santos-Boca Juniors :

    1. Video doesn't work for me but Roldán's call (and management of the RC) was very good.

    2. Wilmar Roldán is an excellent referee at Conmebol. A shame that in FIFA tournaments he didn't show his worth.

    3. Well, he was in charge of 2015 Copa America's Final and more important matches.

    4. I never understood why Roldan's performances and acceptance were so much different in FIFA vs CONMEBOL... how can that be explained?

    5. In CONMEBOL competitions he's allowed to be himself. He's allowed to officiate in the manner that he knows best at that works best for him.
      Unfortunately the FIFA Ref Comm frowns on and discourages individuality. It's their "way" or the "highway".

    6. to @Mikael W, video is working but if clip is longer that 30 sek., you have to watch only via telegram messenger

  39. Who is your candidate for the Copa Libertadores Final?

    It'll be an all Brasilian affair on January 30.
    Palmeiras vs Santos at the mythical Maracana Stadium.

    The semi-finals were handled by Roberto Tobar, Leodán González, Wilmar Roldán, and Esteban Ostojich.

    If Seneme decides to go with a Brasilian crew for the Brasilian teams in a Brasilian venue. My candidates would be Raphael Claus or Wilton Sampaio.

    If Seneme decides to use a referee from another nation. My candidates would be Argentines Fernando Rapallini or Patricio Loustau.

    Who are your candidates?

    1. That would be (very) unlikely as he handled A SF 2nd leg, but Wilmár Roldan(COL) is the first name coming to my mind. He has shown remarkable consistency in CONMEBOL tournaments (one of the few who displayed a more-than-decent level in Copa America 2019) and is a very trustworthy referee (reminds me of Felix Brych: excellent in Continental tournaments but in trouble and unable to make the same officiating in FIFA tournaments)

      I would also point the name of Alexis Herrera(VEN). I don't know how his season is going, but he look much like a talented and promising referee which can fulfill this job.

      Besides them, the names you mentionned are fitting as well IMO. My bet is on Fernando Rapallini.

    2. I am 99% it will be an Argentinian (Rapallini), unless CONMEBOL will want again Tobar, who was assigned a record number of CONMEBOL finals in the last 3 years.

    3. If Tobar (highly doubt it) is chosen yet again after doing last years Final and having just done a semi-final. It will become even more obvious that the CONMEBOL Ref Comm is either very biased or have a very narrow vision.

    4. My first option is Pitana. The second one Rapallini. And the third one Loustau.

    5. I'm very anxious to know the name of such brasilian derby; I'm quite sure that he will be from Argentina: Rapallini or even PItana, due to sonorous match

    6. 1st options, for me, should be Roldan or Gonzalez. After this, I would like to see Loustau.

    7. BritRef, both of those referee's are great options. But they both had semi-final matches. Obviously anything is possible, but I highly doubt it.

      For the good of the game and the referee's. I hope that Seneme doesn't decide on a Brasilian. If that referee were to have a "bad day". The poor guy would continue to hear about it long after the match has ended. As he would undoubtedly see those teams and/or players again in their domestic league.
      If it's a foreign who has the "bad day". That referee and his crew get to leave the country and away from the teams by simply returning home.

    8. When will this appointment be made? What happened to Andres Cunha? And Victor Carrillo?

    9. BritRef,
      The assignments have been made. Look further down in the comments to see the full assignments.

      Cunha for reasons unknown to me, has been out of favor with the CONMENBOL Ref Comm in recent times. I just hope that Cunha doesn't become another Svein Odvar Moen. Pushed really hard early in his career and probably given too much too soon. Only for him to flame out, implode, and become irrelevant later on in his career.

      As for Victor Hugo Carilloc from Peru. He is still a trusted referee by the CONMEBOL Ref Comm. On a yearly basis he gets a decent amount of assignments in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. He's a good and consistent referee. But he's never been seen as a "FINAL level" referee.

  40. Preselected for Women WC 2023.
    Referees: Kate Jacewicz (AUS), Casey Reibelt (AUS), Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL)
    Assistant Referees: Joanna Charaktis (AUS), Sarah Ho (AUS), Sarah Jones (NZL)

    1. So far, CAF and some AFC, Concacaf and OFC federations published their candidates for WWC23. Any news from UEFA and CONMEBOL?

  41. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 16

    15th January

    20:30 Union Berlin - Bayer Leverkusen
    Florian Badstübner - Markus Schüller, Thomas Stein - Alexander Sather
    [Benjamin Brand, Thorsten Schiffner]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 16

    15th January

    18:30 Greuther Fürth - SC Paderborn
    Matthias Jöllenbeck - Justus Zorn, Tim Skorczyk - Martin Speckner
    [Harm Osmers, Arno Blos]

    18:30 Würzburger Kickers - Braunschweig
    Florian Heft - Lukas Benen, Fynn Kohn - Timo Klein
    [Daniel Siebert, Thomas Gorniak]

  42. Munuera Montero will whistle the Supercopa final (FC Barcelona-Athletic), González González will be VAR.

    1. Nope, it was a typo from RFEF account who repeated SF1 appointments collage image in the tweet. Actual appointment is:

      Jesús Gil Manzano - Ángel Nevado Rodríguez, Javier Martínez Nicolás - José María Sánchez Martínez
      [Alejandro Hernández Hernández, Guillermo Cuadra Fernández]

  43. I got tricked haha, I was quite surprised when I saw that to be honest; expected appointment once he has recovered of COVID, do you think Mateu would have been appointed had not he been infected?


    Now only seven, not eight, matches at next month's Club World Cup.

    1. If Makkelie (or any UEFA referee) can't get the final because of the involvement of European teams, surely the withdrawal of Auckland (New Zealand, OFC) means nothing for Zitouni?

    2. Zitouni was planned as support referee anyway (without any OFC ARs).

    3. Zitouni is indeed planned as reserve referee, furthermore, if I'm not wrong, he now lives in France (and maybe he even officiates here?). OFC only on paper...

    4. Zitouni has been back in France since 2018 due to professional reasons (actually he was born there and grew up there; his brother Djemel is AR in Ligue 1), but I've come across an article a few days ago that said that he will return to Tahiti this spring.

      And indeed, Zitouni referees in France at National 3 level, which is the 5th (!) tier of French Football.

  45. OT

    Ivan Bebek (CRO, UEFA 1st) will handle another SL match 3 days after ARIS-AEK. Now he will be in charge of Volos NPS - Lamia.

    Honestly, I can't understand the logic behind such an appointment. IMO, the situation here starts to look like Saudi Arabia and the time they brought foreign referees for all the league matches (with Clattenburg in charge).

    1. Clattenburg's review of MD15 and MD16:

    2. My opinions
      1) Very interesting, final decision and explanation is understandable, but TBH I did not find that solution when watching the clip.
      2) I agree with Clattenburg, that this wasn't clear enough for an intervention. However, I don't think an OFR would have helped
      3) No clear solution for such situations, where the GK gets the ball first. Referee should be supported either way.
      4) Clearly correct
      5) Correct, as one could at least not verify, that the ball was still in play. 2nd YC would be technically correct, but also a bit "academic"
      6) I wouldn't have called that a "natural position, not making himself bigeer" and prefer a penalty. However probably not "clear and obvious" - but maybe enough for a "missed incident" OFR?
      7) It's clever refereeing to give that as a foul, but I have doubts, that this qualifies as a clear foul - because it is mainly a collision caused by the GK
      8) Not convinced by the SFP, because of rather low intensity and main contact with the side of the foot. However, referee should be supported by VAR as it is not a clear mistake.

    3. Greek refereeing was already in bad shape prior to Clattenburg's arrival. His preferred method of working (bring in foreigners) will only serve to further set back Greek refereeing. But hey, as long as the team owners are happy, screw the Greek referee's, right?

    4. I think without knowing exactly what football in Greek is like, now one can judge somebody like this.
      The reviews are good and maybe some people will understand what it is all about. If the influence of the int. referees works probably the domestic refs do not have to much pressure and can make the next step in their development

  46. Peter (or whoever has a database with DOBs): is it correct that currently only 4 FIFA referees (Kuipers, Orsato, Brych, Bezborodov) and 3 FIFA ARs (Sapela, Gringore, Sovre) are older than 45, despite the removal of age limits?

    1. Veaceslav Banari from Moldova is also 45

    2. Thorsten Schiffner (GER) is also 45

    3. Matthew Cream from Australia is 45 and has been a FIFA Assistant Referee since 2000.

  47. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 16

    16th January

    15:30 Borussia Dortmund - FSV Mainz
    Sven Jablonski - Norbert Grudzinski, Sascha Thielert - Martin Thomsen
    [Harm Osmers, Thomas Gorniak]

    15:30 TSG Hoffenheim - Bielefeld
    Marco Fritz - Dominik Schaal, Marcel Pelgrim - Michael Bacher
    [Robert Schröder, Mike Pickel]

    15:30 VfL Wolfsburg - RB Leipzig
    Tobias Stieler - Christian Gittelmann, Eduard Beitinger - Bastian Dankert
    [Tobias Welz, Robert Wessel]

    15:30 FC Köln - Hertha BSC
    Frank Willenborg - Arne Aarnink, Rafael Foltyn - Marcel Unger
    [Benjamin Brand, Arno Blos]

    15:30 Werder Bremen - FC Augsburg
    Sascha Stegemann - Mark Borsch, Frederick Assmuth - Thorben Siewer
    [Daniel Siebert, Thorsten Schiffner]

    18:30 VfB Stuttgart - Mönchengladbach
    Felix Brych - Stefan Lupp, Christian Dietz - Benjamin Cortus
    [Bibiana Steinhaus, Michael Emmer]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 16

    16th January

    13:00 Hannover - FC St. Pauli
    Sören Storks - Philipp Hüwe, Jochen Gschwendtner - Robin Braun
    [René Rohde, Eric Müller]

    13:00 Erzgebirge Aue - Düsseldorf
    Christof Günsch - Florian Lechner, Julius Martenstein - Lothar Ostheimer
    [Patrick Hanslbauer, Felix-Benjamin Schwermer]

    13:00 VfL Bochum - FC Nürnberg
    Guido Winkmann - Christian Bandurski, Patrick Glaser - Oliver Lossius
    [Pascal Müller, Tobias Fritsch]

    1. Hi! Tell me, please. Can you write appointments earlier?)

    2. German Referee Appointments will pubshiled always on Matchday and not before because Corona-Test

    3. In the match Borussia Dortmund - FSV Mainz, 4th official Martin Thomsen replaced AR2 Sascha Thielert during halftime due to an injury.

    4. Marvin Becker, It's a pitty( Thanks!

  48. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 16

    17th January

    15:30 Bayern München - SC Freiburg
    Christian Dingert - Benedikt Kempkes, Timo Gerach - Marco Achmüller
    [Martin Petersen, Mike Pickel]

    18:00 Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Schalke
    Manuel Gräfe - Guido Kleve, Markus Sinn - Sven Waschitzki
    [Robert Kampka, Christian Fischer]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 16

    17th January

    13:30 FC Heidenheim - SV Darmstadt
    Robert Hartmann - Christian Leicher, Tobias Schultes - Marcel Schütz
    [Johann Pfeifer, Felix-Benjamin Schwermer]

    13:30 Holstein Kiel - Karlsruher SC
    Lasse Koslowski - Max Burda, Henry Müller - Fabian Porsch
    [René Rohde, Eric Müller]

    13:30 Jahn Regensburg - SV Sandhausen
    Nicolas Winter - Patrick Schwengers, Roman Potemkin - Johannes Huber
    [Robert Schröder, Tobias Fritsch]

    3rd division Matchday 19

    17th January

    14:00 MSV Duisburg - SV Meppen
    Patrick Alt - Katrin Rafalski*, Christina Biehl**

    * UEFA VMO + AR Women
    ** UEFA AR Women

  49. Good performance by Paul Tierney in the big Liverpool - Manchester United derby match today. Sure he could have issued some more cards (two potential SPA incidents in the 1H eg.), but he handled this game really sensibly in my view. Perhaps he could have increased his presence a trifle more at the end, but no matter.

    Well done!

    1. You seem to have watched the game. Is this ( true? If so, that is unacceptable for me.

    2. Actually this is indeed what happened. He blew the half-time whistle 5 seconds before additional time was over, at the exact moment the Reds were starting a very dangerous attack.

  50. Another outstanding performance can be reported in today’s Ajax vs. Feijenoord match.
    Danny Makkelie handled the Dutch “Klassieker” involving the two highest ranked teams of this moment in a very good way. Without any disciplinary sanction needed he was in full control and no discussion about the refereeing afterwards.

    1. He was not good at all. Not pausing the game when the Ajax goalie was injured and many small fouls

    2. I feel like Makkelie did okay, but he slowed the game down a lot with small fouls being whistled all the time, whereas Kuipers last week really contributed to a great game with his refereeing style. For me, after those two games, Kuipers is still the clear Dutch number one.

    3. Let’s say different perspectives, different opinions. In Netherlands’ most important football medium Voetbal International his performance was graded a 7,5. Rotterdam’s news medium Algemeen Dagblad assessed the performance a 6. Then it can’t have been that bad Hans, even from your Amsterdam perspective.

    4. I think Makkelie did well. The game wasn't that demanding, but that's also because Makkelie commands a lot of respect at the pitch. Kuipers and Makkelie are completely different referees.

  51. Very good performance by Daniele Doveri in top clash serie A Match between Inter Milan and Juventus.
    Solid foul detection and correct yellow cards.
    Very good performance by Carbone and Peretti, two of the bests in Italy, his assistant referees.

  52. OT

    Aris - Panathinaikos (Ref Sidiropoulos)

    1. YC for me, reckless jump.

    2. I agree with Quilava, reckless, clear YC, but I can't see a RC here.

  53. Sudamericana Fina: Leodan Gonzalez; VAR: Julio Bascuñan

    Libertadores Final: Patricio Loustu; VAR: Mauro Vigliano

    1. Copngrats to both of these excellent referee's. Fully deserved appointments for both.

      Full Assignments:
      2020 Copa Sudamericana Final 23 January 2021
      Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes Córdoba, Argentina

      Lanús (ARG) vs Defensa y Justicia (ARG)
      Ref: Leodán González (Uruguay)
      AR1: Nicolás Tarán (Uruguay)
      AR2: Richard Trinidad (Uruguay)
      4th: Jesús Valenzuela (Venezuela)
      5th: Jorge Urrego (Venezuela)
      VAR: Julio Bascuñán (Chile)
      Ángelo Hermosilla (Chile)
      Raúl Orellana (Chile)
      Víctor Carrillo (Peru)

      Best of luck to the crew.

    2. Full Assignments:
      2020 Copa Libertadores Final 30 January 2021
      Estádio do Maracanã Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

      Palmeiras (BRA) vs Santos (BRA)
      REF: Patricio Loustau (Argentina)
      AR1: Ezequiel Brailovsky (Argentina)
      AR2: Diego Bonfa (Argentina)
      4th: Darío Herrera (Argentina)
      5th: Julio Fernández (Argentina)
      VAR: Mauro Vigliano (Argentina)
      Jhon Ospina (Colombia)
      Juan Belatti (Argentina)
      Fernando Rapallini (Argentina)

      Best of luck to the crew.

    3. Great appointment for Loustau; good luck for him: is Patricio Loustau the son of Loustau referee who has officiate a Fifa WC Italy in 1990 ?

    4. Yes, he is the son of Juan Carlos Loustau, remembered for the spitting incident between Voller and Rijkaard at WC90.

  54. Messi sent off in min 120 of Spanish Supeecup!

  55. RC for Messi by Gil Manzano after OFR in the last minute of extra time for a clear VC. Correct VAR intervention by Sánchez Martínez

    1. Absolutely correct VAR intervention, but Gil Manzano clearly shows the RC to the wrong player (Jordi Alba). A moment later one can see Messi stepping in the camera from behind.
      Apart from that, looking into the VOR during the OFR, was it really Sánchez Martínez sitting there? In a glance it looked more like Hernández Hernández to me.

    2. Glad that I am not the only one who saw the referee clearly show the Red Card to the wrong player (Alba). If Messi was a different type of player. That situation could have gotten quite messy for the referee.

    3. Hernandez Hernandez was VAR. Sanchez Martinez was the fourth official.

    4. Clip of Messi RC

    5. Two clips from the Super cup final, with onside and offside

    6. The situation was never in danger. The ref was clearly pointing out to Messi and those surrounding him that it was him that the VAR check was adressing him before he went to the OFR.
      He definately could have been more clear about it when issuing the card, but with no spectators and only the TV to take in consideration, it was not a big mistake in my opinion. Good and lean management, but bad and unclear TV..

    7. Of course it wasn’t a big mistake, the correct decision was taken. It was just sloppy refereeing, which doesn’t show too good to the general audience.

  56. Appointments - Germany:

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 16

    18th January

    20:30 Hamburger SV - VfL Osnabrück
    Daniel Schlager - Markus Häcker, Nikolai Kimmeyer - Franz Bokop
    [Robert Kampka, Marcel Gasteier]

  57. Italy Serie B
    Matchweek 8

    Tuesday 19th January

    19:00 LR Vicenza - Chievo Verona
    Matteo Gariglio - Orlando Pagnotta - Pietro Dei Giudici - Francesco Meraviglia

  58. Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 10 recovery

    Wednesday 20th January

    15:00 Udinese - Atalanta
    Gianpaolo Calvarese - Pasquale Capaldo - Christian Rossi - Daniele Chiffi
    [Piero Giacomelli - Alessio Tolfo]

  59. Italy Coppa Italia
    Round of 16 (2 matches)

    Tuesday 19th January

    21:15 Roma - Spezia
    Davide Ghersini - Emanuele Prenna - Michele Lombardi - Fabrizio Pasqua
    [Marco Guida - Rodolfo Di Vuolo]

    Thursday 21st January

    21:15 Lazio - Parma
    Giovanni Ayroldi - Pasquale De Meo - Edoardo Raspollini - Juan Luca Sacchi
    [Luca Banti - Stefano Liberti]

    1. Highlights from very exciting game Roma_Spezia

  60. Italy Suppercoppa Final

    Wednesday 20th January

    21:00 Juventus - Napoli in Mapei Stadium - Reggio Emilia
    Paolo Valeri - Daniele Bindoni - Stefano Del Giovane - Maurizio Mariani
    [Marco Di Bello - Giacomo Paganessi]

  61. Hi everybody,

    sad news coming again from France. Roger Machin, Former FIFA referee(1970 WC) and former member of fifa referees' committee died today aged 94.

    He was also former french referees'committee for many long years.

    He had a favorite quote :"Set Back Church in the centre of the town".

    1. I was one of the referee's at the 1984 Olympic Football Tournament in Los Angeles. Roger was one of the FIFA referee Committee in attendance, a very nice and very fair man and as I spoke French I had many conversations with him. May he rest in peace

    2. Then you must be Brian McGinlay, who never sent off a player in 21 Old Firm derbies (according to Wikipedia)!

    3. B.R. Scotland, if you are Brian Mc Ginlay, my souvenirs tell me that i ran the line for you during dallas cup tournaments. I was there as young french ref 85, 87 and 89. I remember of Stanley lover asking to speak english and not scottish (lol)

  62. Yes I am indeed Brian McGinlay, in los Angeles I refereed Brazil v Saudia Arabia, Quarter Final Italy v Chile and 3/4 match Yugoslavia v Italy. Was at the Dallas Cup 85 and 89, it was a very good tournament for young referee's working with FIFA refs and getting great experience.I was very friendly with Vautraut and Quinieu. Hope you are well

    1. Wikipedia says that you were about to go to WC 1996 in Mexico, but then you were removed for personal reasons. After more than 30 years, could you tell us what actually happened?

    2. Of course, WC 1986.

    3. Brian, are you not willing to share after so many years...?


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