Thursday, 28 June 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup - Referee predictions - Round of 16 (I)

You can already send now the first set of predictions for round of 16 games. 
You have to guess the exact referee for each game by filling in the form. Just insert your name, or, if you want, a nickname (it must be always the same for all your future predictions) and then for each game just write down the referee and his nationality in brackets. Please write the name of a referee in a clear way, we will try always to support your choice, but don't make it impossible for us.
Example:  Felix Brych (GER), Joel Aguilar (SLV), and so on. 

Points will be assigned according to the following pattern (new rules after group stage):

10 points for having guessed the exact referee of a match
5 point if a referee from the same confederation of the one guessed will be in charge of the specific game
2 points if a guessed referee for a game will get a game in the same round (for example, the whole round of 16)

In order to give you more time, given the short period for predictions, as soon as the first appointment for Round of 16 will be released, the form will be annulled and your predictions wont be accepted.
The day of release for the first appointment of  Round of 16 is 28 June.

A special thank to Soham and Eric. 


  1. Geiger for Brazil vs. Germany.
    Brazil won't accept a UEFA ref. Unfortunately.

    1. I hope so! He was the 4th official for *that* Brazil Germany game last time out, though; maybe he brings up bad memories for Brazil.

    2. I could also see Faghani there perhaps, though on a day shorter rest than the others.

    3. OT : Argentina usually accepts UEFA referees, isn't it?? 🤔

    4. Almost impossible to have Geiger/Faghani for a game between Germany and Brazil. Both Faghani and Geiger are in charge of a Brazilian/German game on MD3. I see no chance to appoint a referee who is not from UEFA.

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  2. I guess I'll say mine:
    France - Argentina: Bakary Gassama
    Uruguay - Portugal: Joel Aguilar
    Spain - Russia: Szymon Mariciniak
    Croatia - Denmark: Bjorn Kuipers

  3. OT

    Would be intresting to know how FIFA makes the VAR appointments when it comes to make sure the referees dosn’t have the same countries too many times. Marocco who where angry on VAR system and that it wasn’t used when they think it should have. The had Zwayer as main VAR all 3 games. Just an intresting that FIFA might need to fix for upcomming tournaments

  4. I didn't make the old predictions. Could I try with these, Chefren?

  5. My choice: (filled in the form)
    URU-POR Aguilar
    FRA-ARG Gassama
    ESP-RUS Brych
    KRO-DEN Pitana

  6. my predictions are irmatov, because a lot of change for today match, and france - argentina i go with ramos. brych and kuipers for the europeans clash.

  7. France - Argentina Ramo
    Uruguay - Portugal Irmatov
    Spain - Russia Kuipers
    Croatia - Denmark Rocchi

    What do you think? Just ideas. About Irmatov, if the replacement as fourth official means that he has a game a few days later, in my opinion URU - POR is the first option, because he wouldn't handle again Argentina.

    1. About Irmatov, what do you think? That blog (which name is something like Arbitro Internacional) gives him 8.7 in Spain - Marocco (!!!). Do you think FIFA liked his performance?

    2. Isn't France v Argentina a bit too much for Ramos so early?? Might be way too risky... He was struggling in Brazil v Switzerland so I'm not sure that he should be put in such a massive game so early in his career!!

    3. Although I agree that Irmatov does not deserve to get another game, I expect at least one more game for him. There is a simple reason for that: He got a QF and SF in 2010, in 2014 a QF despite rather weak performances. Hopefully they don't do it again, but I'm not convinced.
      Another thing I expect is that 'confederation neutrality' will be broken. For instance, I can hardly find referees for FRA-ARG, URU-POR who are not from UEFA and suit for the match. So, I would go for these names:
      FRA-ARG: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
      URU-POR: Felix Brych (GER)
      ESP-RUS: César Ramos (MEX)
      CRO-DEN: Mark Geiger (USA)

  8. Geiger can't be at BRA-MEX.
    I see Brych there.

  9. Anseering Sohan on Ramos: his struggle should book him a flight back home. No need to tke risks with him in KO stage.

  10. Joel Aguilar is there also!

    1. ...and Jair Marrufo. Are there any chances for a R16 matches for him?
      Just based on tournament performance, he should get a second match, I think.

    2. I think it's tough to see him in KO stage!

  11. and for the next games in round of 16. brazil - mexic with rocchi, and sweden - switzerland with lahoz. i don`t know what about marciniak after the controversial game in sweden - germany. and gassama i tried him in the last day of the round, who could be england or belgium with japan or columbia.

  12. France - Argentina: Bjorn Kuipers
    Uruguay - Portugal: Gianluca Rocchi
    Spain - Russia: Szymon Mariciniak
    Croatia - Denmark: Andrés Cunha

  13. France-Argentina Rocchi
    Uruguay-Portugal Ramos
    Spain-Russia Kuipers
    Croatia-Denmark Diedhiou

  14. FRA ARG Geiger
    URU POR Ramos
    ESP RUS Gassama
    CRO DEN Turpin

    My predictions with many doubts.

    1. Geiger will return today from Kazan... Once again in Kazan for 30 June?? That will be some workload for sure!

    2. I think Turpin WC has ended yesterday, in my opinion he wasn't planned for more than two group stage games... but we will see. I would like to see referees from almost all confederations than many from UEFA...

  15. I don't still see where Ramos Palazuelos struggled in BRA-SUI, if you rule that allowing the 1-1 was acceptable (as Mr Elleray did, member of UEFA RefCom with surely a quite loud voice in FIFA also).

    Only problem I found was a missing advantage, and someone on here saying "he whistled a softer foul than he allowed for the 1-1, he has no consistency" which, IMO, is pure bullshit with no relevance to top level refereeing.

    I don't want to seem so aggressive, but I am just interested where you think Ramos struggled.

    1. The overall impression in that game was that it lacked a bit of polishing... Poland v Colombia was much better though!

  16. Kuipers, Gassama, Rocchi & Geiger.

    Don't remember the exact matches.

  17. OT: if you want to try out :-)

  18. France-Argentina - KUIPERS
    Uruguay-Portugal - BRYCH
    Spain-Russia - RICCI
    Croatia-Denmark - ROCCHI

  19. Short synthesis/analysis after group stage appointments, as well my thoughts.
    2 Assignments: Ramos P., Geiger, Cunha, Pitana, Ricci, Roldan, Caceres, Turpin, Mateu L., Mazic, Kuipers, Skomina, Cakir, Marciniak, Rocchi, Shukrallah, Faghani, Irmatov, Sikazwe, Diedhou
    1 Assignment: Conger, Karasev, Brych (!), Mohamed A.,Gassama, Grisha, Marrufo, Aguilar,
    0 Assigment; Pitti, Montero, Hauata, Tessema, Abid Charef, Sato, Bascunan,
    Among Top level referees only Brych takes just one match; Aguilar and Gassama also with one match but they are less quoted than Brych. I cannot also understand why Mohamed took an assignment while nothing for Sato, Bascunan and Hauata who are more experienced and who have shown higher performances.
    All Confederations excepts Uefa have at least one referee not assigned as main referee
    4 Appointments: Pitti, Montero, Hauata, Tessema, Abid Charef, Bascunan, Sato (exactly who has not used as main referees)
    3 Appointments: Mohamed A.
    2 Appointments: Cunha, Karasev, Al Jassim
    1 Appointment: Sikazwe, Rocchi, Cakir, Skomina, Mateu L., Mazic, Kuipers, Marrufo, Ricci, Roldan, Shukrallah
    Al Jassim is the only dedicated VAR appointed as IV official too.
    VAR 1:
    8 matches: Irrati
    7 matches: Zwayer, Makkelie
    6 matches: Vigliano
    5 matches: Orsato
    3 matches: Geiger, Turpin, Soares Dias
    2 matches: Valeri
    1 match: Dankert, Ricci, Tiago Martins, Marciniak
    Very impressive Irrati, better than elite referees Orsato, Makkelie and Zwayer. Among main referees only Ricci, Marciniak, Geiger and Turpin have been appointed as VAR; I was expecting someone more. Among dedicated VAR referees Al Jassim, Gil (with 11 appearance as VAR2) Vargas and Sampaio was never appointed as VAR1.
    Record for GIL: 11 times VAR2
    Any comments ?

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