Sunday, 30 June 2019

Srđan Jovanović in charge of 2019 UEFA Under-21 Championship

Srđan Jovanović will be in charge of 2019 U21 final Spain - Germany on 30 June in Udine. 

30 June 2019, 20:45 CET - Udine (Stadio Friuli)
Referee: Srdjan Jovanović (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Uroš Stojković (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Milan Mihajlović (SRB)
Fourth Official: Serdar Gözübüyük (NED)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Charles Schaap (NED)
Video Assistant Referee: Jochem Kamphuis (NED)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
UEFA Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Myrsini Psarropoulou (GRE)


  1. Serdar Gozubuyuk final's fourth official. I don't get why.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Haha, just like Sidiripoulos. ;) But seriously, it doesn't make sense because IMO the final's fourth official should be the referee that performed the best (when not counting the 3 main referees of KO) in the group stage, and Gozubuyuk definitely doesn't meet that condition, so Ekberg or Treimanis should have been in his place. Maybe UEFA has an explanation which we will never get.

    3. This is just ridiculous. Why was Anonymous comment deleted? He just expressed his honest opinion without any swearing words at all. It is comparable to Russia's government actions. I predict this comment (and the previous one) will also be deleted for no legitimate reason.

    4. I deleted the comment by Anonymous at 13:24 because it was in my opinion insulting. It was different from the last ones.

  2. UEFA Delegate: Myrsini Psarropoulou (GRE)
    UEFA Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)

    1. Thanks. Do you have delegates for semifinals?

    2. No :(
      I dont understand UEFA's system. :D

    3. GERROU: Myrsini Psaropoulou (GRE)
      ESPFRA: Yelena Kobak (RUS)

  3. Chefren, I told you some days ago that I have private source about Jovanovic. Well done Srdjan.

    1. Well, if you really have a private source that source obviously forgot to tell you that you could jeopardize the appointment by releasing it before UEFA does...

    2. I absolutely agree with Dutch Ref.

    3. Indeed I invite you to follow the suggestion by Dutch Ref, anonymous. Thanks. We have a big respect for UEFA and we don't want to put anybody in trouble.


    5. Of course nobody is gonna have problems of this. You just wanted to contribute to this blog and give other readers informatuon that they were waiting for. That is totally fine for me because everyone makes such small mistakes! ;)

  4. I watched now the incidents in Kabakov game:
    7' mandatory YC, it is a blatant mistake to miss it, close without doubts to SFP, but not a 100% RC.
    12' if the contact with arm existed, this should be a clear penalty but indeed based on live sequence and also replays one can't be sure player touched the ball with arm, othwerwise no other explanations for VAR missed intervention. Kabakov didn't have any perception of the incident.
    14' penalty to France, for sure an OK call, one can discuss about the real effect of the action by defender, however more penalty than play on, in case of no call by referee I guess VAR would have supported.
    45'+4 which contact was punished there? even after watching replays, I'm not convinced by this call, attacker makes it even worse than what really happened, maybe not a clear and obvious mistake but here one can have many doubts, differently from the previous penalty called to France.
    So I would say, given the difficulty of the game, Kabakov was overall OK but for sure with points for improvement.

  5. ROAD TO QATAR 2022



    GUAM vs BHUTAN (5-0)
    Yu Min Hsun (Taiwan) - 8.3

    (-)10.10 GUAM 10 should recieve yellow card for reckless/tactical faul
    (+)23.10 (1-0 GUAM)
    (+)26.10 (2-0 GUAM)
    (+)32.55 GUAM 16 yellow card for reckless
    (+)50.20 (3-0 GUAM)
    (-)66.20 GUAM 12 should recieve yellow card. He jumped in front of taker closer than 2 meters during the throw-in. Referee was controlling penalty area so he didn’t see it. Same player did the same action at first match!
    (+)81.40 (4-0 GUAM)
    (+)93.40 (5-0 GUAM)

    Referee did overall a good performance in an easy game.Maybe It is nothing to miss yellow card for the throw-in situation but what I understand from this situation that referee didn’t watch the first match carefully.Not a good prepration!

    BRUNEI vs MONGOLIA (2-1)
    Ahmad Yacoub Ibrahim (Jordan) - 7.7

    (+)03.40 (1-0 BRU)
    (-)13.35 BRU 14 should recieve yellow card for SPA
    (-) MNG 8 yellow card for illegal use of arm but It was no touch by hand/arm to the face
    (+)32.45 MNG 17 yellow card for holding
    (+)33.35 (2-0 BRU)
    (+)35.00 BRU goal disallowed for offside (AR1). Interfering with opponent
    (+)37.00 BRU 11 yellow card for reckless (tackle)
    (+)45.13 Correct penalty for MNG. Clear contact to the leg. Difficult to say it was inside or outside because of the camera angle (2-1 MNG)
    (+)48.50 Penalty appeal for BRU. Defender touched the ball.
    (+)53.25 MNG 13 yellow card for reckless (tackle)
    (+)71.54 BRU 10 yellow card for reckless (tackle)
    (-)76.55 BRU yellow card for reckless tackle but It should be a red card for SFP.(sliding tackle/point of contact to the knee with strecth leg)
    (-)92.25 Missed penalty for MNG. Also GK should recieve red card for SFP (contact with studs/high tackle/no intention to play with the ball).Referee was far away the situation.AR 1 could help the referee/clear angle of view.

    It was not a good day for the referee team.They missed a penalty,red card and clear yellow card in the match.His player managment was ok. Some other decisions were supportable.(also because of the camera angles).He needs some courage for the his next international games

    Yusuke Araki (JPN) - 8.5

    (+)10.35 (0-1 MAS)
    (-)16.25 (0-2 MAS) goal should be disallowed for offside.interfering with opponent (AR2)
    (+)24.30 penalty appeal for (MAS) correct play on.both players are collided
    (+)26.55 penalty appeal for (MAS).ball touch to arm but defender didn't see the ball while he was jumping.everything was natural
    (+)28.45 correct penalty (TLS) and yellow card to GK for dogso situation. penalty missed
    (+)36.05 (0-3 MAS)
    (+)46.40 MAS 12 yellow card for holding. yellow card shown when the ball went out after the game quick restart.Very good example regarding new changing
    (+)54.05 (0-4 MAS)
    (-)55.40 penalty appeal for (MAS) there was a foul but it was outside.referee didn't penalised
    (+)57.55 correct penalty for (MAS) tackle. penalty missed
    (+)63.45 (0-5 MAS)
    (+)71.10 (1-5 TLS)
    (+)92.40 MAS 13 yellow card for dissent (kicking the ball away)

    Very good referee performance with many challenging situations.Good control and managment with 2 correct penalty decisions.The match was also very difficult for AR1 who did excellent performance during the match.


    1. BANGLADESH vs LAOS (0-0)
      Timur Fayzullin (KGZ) - 8.3

      (+)03.00 BAN 14 yellow card for delay restart of the game
      (-)46.20 BAN 5 should recieve at least yellow card because of illegal use of arm.Referee didn’t whistle for this borderline situation
      (+)51.05 Penalty appeal for BAN.Soft pushing behind while running.Play on is correct decision
      (+)59.10 BAN 11 yellow card for tactical faul
      (+)88.40 BAN 8 yellow card for reckless
      (+)90.15 BAN 1 yellow card for time wasting
      (+) 92.45 LAOS 7 yellow card for reckless

      Good control with good fitness.Fair result after the final whistle

      PAKISTAN vs CAMBODIA (1-2)
      Hanna Hatab (SYR) - 7.9

      (-)09.05 PAK 1 yellow card for SPA but it should be DOGSO and red card.Faul committed outside by holding opponent.There was only 1 defender in the penalty area.
      (+)16.25 Correct penalty in favour of PAK.Handball /shot on goal.CAM 13 yellow card (1-0)
      (+) 61.20 PAK 11 yellow card reckless tackle (after advantage)
      (+)63.50 (1-1 CAM)
      (+)81.00 CAM 23 yellow card for tactical faul
      (+)88.00 PAK 4 yellow card for tactical faul
      (+)88.45 (1-2 CAM)
      (+)90.35 PAK 9 yellow card for reckless tackle

      Referee started the match to face with crucial decision DOGSO or not. IMO he choosed the wrong colour to show to GK. But the rest of match he was confident and took correct decision including penalty decision.


      Macao didn’t want to travel to Sri Lanka because of security problem.FIFA will decide / or already decided.



    “I set myself three targets – to referee in the Serbian top league, to be an international referee, and to take charge of a Belgrade derby – I’m hoping that I might referee the derby one day!”

    For sure this will happen soon, but as it was also asked by other people here on the blog, what about neutrality rules in Serbia? Is a referee from Belgrade allowed to handle Belgrade teams?

    1. Referee from Belgrade is allowed to handle Belgrade teams.
      Both teams are from the capital of Serbia, so that's no problem at all. There are examples from the past (Dejan Delević, Dejan Filipović, Dragomir Stanković...)
      Jovanović can expect to be appointed this season for the eternal derby, that's my opinion.

  7. Missed a clear corner kick for Germany… strange decision: he was very close.

  8. 26' first foul on the match

    28' very good and strong verbal warning

    So far ARs had more job and all their decisions were correct.

  9. Potential RC.Imo,that foul deserved red.

  10. 34': VAR check for a possible RC for SFP. Wouldn't have been wrong.

    1. I agree, borderline decision, orange card.
      To be honest, I expected OFR

    2. Agree. Exactly situations like that should at least be an OFR.

    3. @DD So ref can decide is orange more yellow or more red.

    4. But that’s not what VAR is allowed to do. As this obviously is not a missed incident, VAR can only intervene if the yellow card in his eyes is a clear and obvious mistake.

    5. I know, obviously VAR didnt evaluate this tackle as clear RC.

    6. VAR room should, in my opinion, call it a clear and obvious mistake. In the end, it will be the referees’ decision if it’s a YC or RC. We have seen many situations, especially hands situations, where we got an OFR but wasn’t ‘clear and obvious mistake’ but just a ‘extra check’ if you can say that. Hope you understand my point.

    7. I understand your point, but I’m arguing it is not according to protocol. In what UEFA matches you saw these OFR’s just as an ’extra check’? I can’t remember honestly.

    8. For example the penalty at the CHL semifinal between PSG and Man. United. You can’t call it a ‘clear and obvious mistake’ but a ‘good one to look at’. I’m just saying that I really want an OFR on Vallejos’ foul after 33 minutes.

    9. Once again: It can be a "missed incident" or a "clear and obvious mistake" that requires a VAR review. In PSG-Manchester it was a missed incident, because the referee didn't see the handball - clear and obvious was not required
      Today the referee did not miss the incident, therefore it needed to be clear and obvious for an intervention.
      If Jovanovic told the VAR correctly what happened (high leg against the opponent's shin), but evaluated it as only reckless, the VAR can't do much, because it's unlikely the referee would change his opinion in front of the screen.

    10. Thanks for the explanation.

  11. VAR check for possible RC. IMO, not a clear mistake.

  12. 34' IMO should have been straight red card for sfp

  13. Replies
    1. Live it wasnt that harsh tackle but replay showed us something different (point of contact is in the air). So, if this is a mistake, it's VAR mistake.

  14. I can’t believe that VAR don’t help on that situation!

  15. 23' - missed foul centimetres outside the penalty area (did the ref wait for VAR confirmation?)

    28' - unnecessary advantage, good management though

    33' - reckless or excessive force?

    1. Thanks, I can add:
      Warning (referee wants player to look at him in face)
      This is very particular.

    2. About 28'
      I'm always for the advantage, especially when you have such techniqualy good teams and when the first foul was whistled in 26'
      Let them play

    3. 33': For me this is clear SFP...

    4. Agreed, Nathan. SFP for me and a rather clear one as well.

    5. 28' Both advantage, both foul is fine for me in this situation. It depends of the referee.

    6. 23' I am sure that he didn't wait for the check to finish because I doubt the check could be that quick. Fortunately the foul was outside the penalty area (by the way, also a mistake to not spot that obvious foul). If it would be inside, this would be the next most disapointing incident in the tournament after Kulbakov's offside). But I think we can't blame the referee and VAR - it's more the AVAR's mistake as the VAR was busy with checking. Probably Nijhus paid too much attention to the incident, he should view the live footage and inform Jovanovic to delay the restart.

    7. Agree with @anonymous

    8. That is so clearly serious foul play it's ridiculous!

  16. 68' Very good no penalty decision, 15 seconds after that perfect no offside decision.

  17. Remarkable preformance by Jovanovic. From 2020 see you in Elite Cat. Srđan!!!!

  18. Jovanovic was not convinced me today. Clear RC and the duel evaluation, he was a few wrong. That is only my opinion.

  19. Actually, I'm not very happy. He showed some insecurities with corner/goalkick, the foul of Vallejo is very hard, sometimes very poor management. One time he whisteled offside without the assistent's flag raised, very poor for everyone seeing it without listening to the conversation.

    I'm afraid I didn't like his performance this night

  20. Srđan could be generally satisfied with his performances at this tournament. Far from media attention (we all know it's just the luck a referee has or has not). Control and management visible in all three games he handled. Surely ready for CL-debut.

    Apart from the red card for serious foul play changed from yellow card after an on-field review in ENGFRA (VAR: Guida&Fabbri), there were two incidents in Srđan's games that should've resulted in red cards being shown (BELITA: deliberate stamp on the hand (VAR: Dingert&Stieler), ESPGER: serious foul play (VAR: Kamphuis&Nijhuis)). Here we should ask why there were no OFRs - was the RefCom not happy with the sending-off in ENGFRA and then the referees were forced to keep all 22 players on the pitch? If yes, well... If not, those were missing on-field reviews in my opinion.

  21. Jovanovic has a feeling for football. It does not apply a predefined matrix, but rather monitors the development of the situation. The characteristic of intelligent referee.

  22. A final with few incidents and a much better team that controlled the game in a game that would have a different outcome if the correct decision was made to show a clear red card for SFP instead of a yellow card.

  23. The trial is not a black and white photo. The trial is 1000 gray shades.

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