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FIFA Under-17 World Cup 2019 - Referee Previews

The lattermost of the many FIFA competitions we have enjoyed (and at times endured) this year is the upcoming Under-17 World Cup. For the referees who will travel to Brazil, they face the matches that will begin to determine their futures at a FIFA level - the importance of which is universally agreeable - whilst handling matches contested by players who might not have finished adolescence yet. 

At least personally, I always found that dynamic fascinating (though it would be naïve to say that only performance matters on a FIFA level) and especially this competition - U17 a year after WC - gives us a chance to see some exciting young names who are relative unknowns in the international field. At least, I can say having watched a multitude of continental competitions this year, that in general the performance principle has been applied regarding the selection of referees. 

Indeed, Law 5 - The Referee blog can present a preview of each and every referee at the Under-17 World Cup 2019. We hope you find them insightful and interesting. 

This would not have been possible without the excellent work from our friend Carlos at the Árbitro Internacional blog, our team member Howard Maxi - to them, I can offer a huge 'thank you'. Furthermore, we hope this is the start of further integration between ourselves and our South American partners where possible. 

We have sorted out each preview by association, and you can reach them by simply clicking on the links below. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you, so much appreciated!

  2. OT: LaLiga MD 9 appointments (I think this has not been posted so far). Some interesting choices

    Friday October 18th
    Granada CF - CA Osasuna (21:00)
    Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández (FIFA, 1st group)
    AR1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (FIFA)
    AR2: Guadalupe Porras Ayuso (FIFA)
    4th: Juan Antonio Campos Salinas
    VAR: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández (FIFA, 2nd group)
    AVAR: José Enrique Naranjo Pérez (FIFA from January 1st)

    Saturday October 19th
    SD Eibar - FC Barcelona (13:00)
    Referee: Mario Melero López
    AR1: Manuel Ángel Torre Cimiano
    AR2: José Luis Martínez Serrato
    4th: Juan Peña Varela
    VAR: Santiago Jaime Latre
    AVAR: Fernando Tresaco Escabosa

    Atlético de Madrid - Valencia CF (16:00)
    Referee: Adrián Cordero Vega
    AR1: José Carlos Escuela Melo
    AR2: Antonio Luis Cerezo Parfenof
    4th: José Alberto Pardeiro Puente
    VAR: David Medié Jiménez
    AVAR: Joan Méndez Mateo

    Getafe CF - CD Leganés (18:30)
    Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera (FIFA, 2nd group)
    AR1: Diego Barbero Sevilla (FIFA)
    AR2: César Manuel Noval Font
    4th: Francisco J. Fernández Cintas
    VAR: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz (FIFA, Elite)
    AVAR: Iker de Francisco Grijalba

    RCD Mallorca - Real Madrid CF (21:00)
    Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas
    AR1: Iván Hernández Ramos
    AR2: Marcos Cerdán Aguilar
    4th: Carlos Alberto Carbonell Hernández
    VAR: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
    AVAR: Diego Sánchez Rojo

    Sunday October 20th
    Deportivo Alavés - RC Celta de Vigo (12:00)
    Referee: José Luis González González
    AR1: Rubén Becerril Gómez
    AR2: José Alcoba Rodríguez
    4th: Pablo Fernández Pérez
    VAR: José Luis Munuera Montero (FIFA, 2nd group)
    AVAR: Alfonso Baena Espejo

    Real Sociedad de Fútbol - Real Betis Balompié (14:00)
    Referee: César Soto Grado
    AR1: Alfonso Costoya Rodríguez
    AR2: Carlos Álvarez Fernández
    4th: Carlos Aranda Anquela
    VAR: Alfonso J. Álvarez Izquierdo
    AVAR: Álvaro Yeray Carreño Cabrera

    RCD Espanyol de Barcelona - Villarreal CF (16:00)
    Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande (FIFA, Elite)
    AR1: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (FIFA)
    AR2: Abraham Álvarez Cantón
    4th: Manuel Ángel Pérez Hernández
    VAR: José María Sánchez Martínez (FIFA, 1st group)
    AVAR: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (FIFA)

    Athletic Club - Real Valladolid CF (18:30)
    Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (FIFA, Elite)
    AR1: Ángel Nevado Rodríguez (FIFA)
    AR2: Javier Martínez Nicolás
    4th: Francisco Javier Fernández Vidal
    VAR: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias
    AVAR: Miguel Martínez Munuera

    Sevilla FC - Levante UD (21:00)
    Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (FIFA from January 1st)
    AR1: Juan José López Mir
    AR2: Gonzalo García González
    4th: Rubén Eiriz Mata
    VAR: Valentín Pizarro Gómez
    AVAR: José Antonio Garrido Romero

    1. I'm really surprised to read Cordero Vega's name for Atlético - Valencia. It is the best match of the MD, with two CL teams. I would have never expected such appointment.

      The second best game is Getafe - Leganés. There is a huge rivalry between those Madrid teams (it is a derby) and is likely to be a hot match, specially considering how Getafe usually plays.

      Pablo González Fuertes and his AR1 Alfredo Rodríguez Moreno have not been appointed even as VAR after punishing an offside position when the ball came directly from a throw-in.

      Álvarez Izquierdo has been appointed, however, after acting as VAR in Leganés - Levante, where he confirmed a penalty call for a foul occurring outside the penalty area. I expected a suspension for him, TBH.

    2. So I think Sanchez Martinez is favourite to handle El Clasico.
      Maybe another name is Hernandez Hernandez.

    3. El Clásico might not be played in the planned date. There are protests in Barcelona and a big demonstration is scheduled for that very same day. Probably the appointment is already made, but I don't know if it will be made public before the decision to postpone the match is made.

      Regarding names, I would really like Juan Martínez Munuera to handle it, he deserves the match given that others with less experience have handled it. If he is not chosen, I would discard Hernández Hernández: he has handle a few recently and most were controversial. Sánchez Martínez would be a better option, IMO.

    4. Maybe then removed it to Sunday if there will be problems in the city.
      But security is good in Europe, I dont think Real and Barca are crazy like for example River and Boca were wehad big mess and lot of incidents.
      Bu then rivarly is rivarly and we never know.

  3. OT - Appointments are out for:
    Hyundai A-League Matchday 2:

    Friday 18/10/19
    Melbourne Victory v Western Sydney Wanderers -
    Referee: Alex King
    Assistant Referee 1: George Lakrindis (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Wilson Brown
    Fourth Official: Lachlan Keevers
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Saturday 19/10/19
    Western United v Perth Glory -
    Referee: Alireza Faghani (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Andrew Meimarakis
    Fourth Official: Alex King
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Saturday 19/10/19
    Central Coast Mariners v Newcastle Jets - (F3 derby)
    Referee: Daniel Elder
    Assistant Referee 1: Scott Edeling
    Assistant Referee 2: James Cleal
    Fourth Official: Stephen Laurie
    VAR: Craig Zetter

    Sunday 20/10/19
    Melbourne City v Adelaide United -
    Referee: Shaun Evans (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Daniel Ilievski
    Assistant Referee 2: Tony Peart
    Fourth Official: Jack Morgan
    VAR: Craig Zetter

    Sunday 20/10/19
    Sydney FC v Wellington Phoenix -
    Referee: Jonathan Barreiro (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Owen Goldrick (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Kearney Robinson
    Fourth Official: Stephen Lucas
    VAR: Kurt Ams (FIFA)

    Back on topic; Confirmation then that last weeks Melbourne derby was Chris Beath and his team's last domestic game before leaving for the FIFA U17 World Cup.

    1. Thanks; it's nice to read news also from country so far from Europe.

    2. Thank you for the A-League MD2 match official appointments. This Canadian Level 2 referee and A-League supporter thanks you!

  4. Cüneyt Çakir was appointed for an important game in Turkish Süper Lig on Sunday.

    Süper Lig Cemil Usta Sezonu 2019/2020 (Profesyonel Takım) Matchday 8 Matchcode 1065

    Sunday, 20 October 2019 15:30 Central European Time (16:30 Local Time, Eastern European Time)

    Bahçeşehir Okullari Stadyumu Antalya, Republic of Turkey

    Aytemiz Alanyaspor Kulübü (1.) – Çaykur Rize Spor Kulübü (14.)

    Referee: Cüneyt Çakir (FIFA Referee, UEFA Elite)
    Assistant Referee 1: Tarik Ongun (FIFA Assistant Referee)
    Assistant Referee 2: Aleks Taşıoğlu (TFF Assistant Referee)
    Fourth Offical: Erkan Engin (TFF Referee)
    Video Assisant Referee: Özgüç Türkalp (TFF Referee)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Çağdaş Altay (TFF Referee)
    Referee Observer: Erol Ersoy

    Delegate: Servet Sarikaya
    Delegate: Cengiz Akar
    Delegate: Bariş Şensoy

  5. Highlights (thank to Mikael W!)

    MNEBUL (Ekberg)
    part 1:
    part 2:

    SVNAUT (Çakır)

    1. Ekberg-personally I'm not fan of his style-so much leniency, forgiven cautions, plenty things do e with just talking and verbal warnings, I'm just not fan of his style and in general plenty of Scandivanian refs are like that.
      He wouldnt be wrong if he showed RC for foul in 90+5.

    2. I agree. I missed more presence in order to stop continuous foul play, especially in the second half. No warnings, no cards, just whistle and go on. Way too passive for my taste. And we talk about a referee who has the needed posture to take a lead.


    I would like to get your feedbacks / comments about some appointments on friendly matches done during last/this week.

    Firstly I saw 6 matches between African nations all managed by French referees. I suppose that all of them were played in French, but two of them (Comoros – Guinea Referee: Jérémie Pignard (FRA) Fourth Official: Aurélien Petit (FRA)and Togo – Equatorial Guinea Referee: Sylvain Palhies (FRA Fourth Official: Arnaud Baert (FRA)) were managed by NON FIFA referee. Is it allowed ? Why not appoint a FIFA referees from the neighbor Swiss or Luxembourg or Belgium ?

    Second point is that Ecuador-Argentina and Chile-Colombia (sonorous matches) were handled by Barceló and Barbeno respectively from Gibraltar and S. Marino. Very good achievement for two officials coming from "small" countries. I guess that, even friendly matches, they have been the nmatch of the life for Barceloa nd Barbeno. Isn't it ?

    1. 1) As a FIFA friendly match has to be handled by FIFA referee, I think that both mentioned games handled by non-FIFA referees were unofficial (non-FIFA) friendlies.

      2) Surely that was an amazing experience for the appointed officials from Gibraltar and San Marino. They can achieve something bigger only if they get chances like that. Well done to those who appointed them to those games!

  7. Polish FA finally introduced virtual offside line to determine if the goal was correctly allowed / disallowed. The system will be used starting from this weekend.

    1. A League introduced this technology this season as well due to an incident in the grand final last season.

  8. Today Rizzoli and his colleagues of serie A committee made a workshop in an Italian pay TV (SKY Sport), they explained the new rules to commentators. It was a very good idea because very often we see journalists without any single knowledge of LotG.
    I post a short video, about handballs issue.
    This includes an incident from serie A game Lecce - Roma, VAR didn't intervene.
    I already mentioned this one a few days ago here on the blog.
    Rizzoli confirmed that for him it is very important who plays the ball before the touch by hand: in case of shot / pass by opponent, clearly there is a trend in punishing it, but it can b different if the ball comes (even in case of deliberate play) from a teammate, even more from the keeper after having tried a save (the specific situation in video). So we can assume that this NO VAR INTERVENTION was correct.
    I think it is very interesting because we already discussed it and for example Philipp and other readers have different ideas...

    1. 2019-20 Serie A VAR Overview so far:

    2. Thank you Chefren! Does "decision still", the purple area in the pie chart, mean that the referee did an OFR but kept his (wrong) decision, right?

    3. Yes it is as you said. Referee checking the incident with OFR after having been invited by VAR, but then he confirms his original (wrong) decision. Very likely this is related to an handball situation in Bologna - SPAL (30/08). Referee Marco Di Bello - VAR Fabbri. A punishable handball was not whistled even after OFR.

    4. I think, if IFAB wanted that not to be a penalty, they could have added something in the new Laws either about distance or about a teammate making the previous contact.
      As the arm is even moving towards the ball, it would have been a quite clear penalty even with the old rules, IMO.

      In general, it's not helpful, if different competitions give their referees different guidelines for handball interpretation.

  9. I watched the rather boring Moldova - Albania and Israel - Latvia games that were well refereed by Christopher Kavanagh and Arnold Hunter respectively. If anyone else was considering to watch these games, my advice would be - don't!

    I would give the Northern Irishman an EL (re)début, he really impressed me in the Universitatea Craiova - Budapest Honvéd game and had no problems in Beersheba where everyone played fairly. He is a strong manager who has no problems taking charge of his games. He deserves a second chance, having been demoted to 2nd Cat. after only one disaster evening in Pireás, and easily has the skills to deserve being put back into 1st Cat. and perhaps even more, without making mistakes.

    Despite the high number of cautions (eight), the control was never under threat for Kavanagh in the Moldova - Albania game. His disciplinary control was very good, I would especially commend him for his ability to pick out reckless tackles that weren't always immediately apparent. Though he issued some solid verbal warnings, he showed lacks in soft skills and alertness. Observed by Levnikov, I guess UEFA wanted to compute whether English referee is ready for an EL début - in my eyes it is better to wait until next season giving him more time to develop for international matches, but my feeling is that he will manage that anyway.

  10. Thanks to the three of the authors who put this FIFA U17 World Cup referee preview. Great to see a preview for the match officials ahead of a major competition. I plan on sharing this on my social media so many more referees here in Canada can get caught up with the current FIFA Level 2 list referees.

  11. PKO BP Ekstraklasa (Matchday 12)

    Friday 18 October

    18:00 CET
    Zagłębie Lubin (10th, 15pts) - Pogoń Szczecin (1st, 21pts)
    Referee: Szymon Marciniak (FIFA, UEFA Elite Category)
    Assistant Referee 1: Tomasz Listkiewicz (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Michał Sobczak
    Fourth Official: Paweł Horożaniecki
    Video Assistant Referee: Zbigniew Dobrynin
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Paweł Sokolnicki (FIFA)

    20:30 CET
    Wisła Kraków (13th, 11pts) - Piast Gliwice (7th, 18pts)
    Referee: Mariusz Złotek
    Assistant Referee 1: Radosław Siejka (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Krzysztof Myrmus (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Marcin Szrek
    Video Assistant Referee: Tomasz Kwiatkowski
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Piotr Lasyk

    Saturday 19 October

    15:00 CET
    Korona Kielce (15th, 8pts) - Wisła Płock (4th, 19pts)
    Referee: Daniel Stefański (FIFA, UEFA First Category)
    Assistant Referee 1: Marcin Boniek (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Dawid Golis (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Damian Sylwestrzak
    Video Assistant Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (FIFA, UEFA First Category)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Michał Obukowicz (FIFA)

    17:30 CET
    Legia Warszawa (9th, 17pts) - Lech Poznań (5th, 18pts)
    Referee: Tomasz Musiał (FIFA, UEFA Third Category)
    Assistant Referee 1: Sebastian Mucha
    Assistant Referee 2: Jakub Ślusarski
    Fourth Official: Sebastian Krasny
    Video Assistant Referee: Paweł Gil (FIFA, UEFA First Category)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Konrad Sapela (FIFA)

    20:00 CET
    Jagiellonia Białystok (8th, 17pts) - Cracovia Kraków (2nd, 20pts)
    Referee: Jarosław Przybył
    Assistant Referee 1: Marcin Borkowski (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Bartosz Kaszyński
    Fourth Official: Karol Iwanowicz
    Video Assistant Referee: Krzysztof Jakubik (FIFA, UEFA Second Category)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Radosław Siejka (FIFA)

    Sunday 20 October

    15:00 CET
    Arka Gdynia (14th, 9pts) - Lechia Gdańsk (3rd, 19pts)
    Referee: Tomasz Kwiatkowski
    Assistant Referee 1: Arkadiusz Kamil Wójcik (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Marek Arys
    Fourth Official: Wojciech Myć
    Video Assistant Referee: Daniel Stefański (FIFA, UEFA First Category)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Marcin Boniek (FIFA)

    17:30 CET
    Górnik Zabrze (11th, 13pts) - ŁKS Łódź (16th, 7pts)
    Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (FIFA, UEFA First Category)
    Assistant Referee 1: Michał Obukowicz (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Tomasz Niemirowski
    Fourth Official: Daniel Kruczyński
    Video Assistant Referee: Tomasz Musiał (FIFA, UEFA Third Category)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Tomasz Listkiewicz (FIFA)

    Monday 21 October

    18:00 CET
    Raków Częstochowa (12th, 12pts) - Śląsk Wrocław (6th, 18pts)
    Referee: Łukasz Szczech
    Assistant Referee 1: Konrad Sapela (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Michał Pierściński
    Fourth Official: Paweł Pskit
    Video Assistant Referee: Szymon Marciniak (FIFA, UEFA Elite Category)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Marcin Borkowski (FIFA)

    The biggest games go to Tomasz Musiał (Legia - Lech, Polish Classic), Jarosław Przybył (Jagiellonia - Cracovia, strong teams last years) and Tomasz Kwiatkowski (Arka - Lechia, Tricity Derby).

  12. It's official, Spanish Clásico has been postponed.

    So we'll have to wait for the appointment.


    Friday (18.10)
    Nice - Paris, 20:30 CET, referee: François Letexier, FIFA Cat. 1 (VAR: Willy Delajod)

    Saturday (19.10)
    Lyon - Dijon, 17:30 CET, referee: Frank Schneider, FIFA Cat. 2 (VAR: Mikael Lesage)
    Reims - Montpellier, 20:00 CET, referee: Florent Batta (VAR: Willy Delajod)
    Angers - Brest, 20:00 CET, referee: Eric Wattellier (VAR: Nicolas Rainville, FIFA Cat. 3)
    Metz - Nantes, 20:00 CET, referee: Jérémie Pignard (VAR: Alexandre Castro)
    Toulouse - Lille, 20:00 CET, referee: Stéphanie Frappart, FIFA Elite Women (VAR: Jérôme Miguelgorry)
    Nîmes - Amiens, 20:00 CET, referee: Jeremy Stinat (VAR: Benoît Millot, FIFA Cat. 2)

    Sunday (20.10)
    Bordeaux - Saint-Étienne, 15:00 CET, referee: Ruddy Buquet, FIFA Cat. 1 (VAR: Benoît Bastien, FIFA Elite)
    Monaco - Rennes, 17:00 CET, referee: Hakim Ben El Hadj (VAR: Benoît Millot, FIFA Cat. 2)
    Marseille - Strasbourg, 21:00 CET, referee: Jérôme Brisard, FIFA Cat. 2 (VAR: Antony Gautier)

    1. Stake, are there any news about Miguelgorry's injury? He still hasn't handled any game this season


    Saturday (19.10)
    Everton - West Ham, 13:30 CET, referee: Paul Tierney, FIFA cat. 2 (VAR: Michael Oliver, FIFA Elite)
    Aston Villa - Brighton, 16:00 CET, referee: David Coote (VAR: Martin Atkinson)
    Bournemouth - Norwich, 16:00 CET, referee: Lee Mason (VAR: Simon Hooper)
    Chelsea - Newcastle, 16:00 CET, referee: Andre Marriner (VAR: Mike Dean)
    Leicester - Burnley, 16:00 CET, referee: Jon Moss (VAR: Andy Madley)
    Tottenham - Watford, 16:00 CET, referee: Chris Kavanagh, FIFA cat. 2 (VAR: John Brooks)
    Wolverhampton - Southampton, 16:00 CET, referee: Peter Bankes (VAR: Kevin Friend)
    Crystal Palace - ManCity, 18:30 CET, referee: Anthony Taylor, FIFA Elite (VAR: Michael Oliver, FIFA Elite)

    Sunday (20.10)
    ManUnited - Liverpool, 17:30 CET, referee: Martin Atkinson (VAR: David Coote)

    Monday (21.10)
    Sheffield - Arsenal, 21:00 CET, referee: Mike Dean (VAR: Andre Marriner)


    Friday (18.10)
    Frankfurt - Leverkusen, 20:30 CET, referee: Christian Dingert, FIFA Cat. 2 (VAR: Sven Waschitzki)

    Saturday (19.10)
    Bremen - Hertha, 15:30 CET, referee: Felix Brych, FIFA Elite (VAR: Günter Perl)
    Düsseldorf - Mainz, 15:30 CET, referee: Felix Zwayer, FIFA Elite (VAR: Bastian Dankert, FIFA Cat. 2)
    Augsburg - Bayern, 15:30 CET, referee: Daniel Siebert, FIFA Cat. 1 (VAR: Sven Jablonski)
    Union Berlin - Freiburg, 15:30 CET, referee: Benjamin Cortus (VAR: Tobias Stieler, FIFA Cat. 1)
    Leipzig - Wolfsburg, 18:30 CET, referee: Deniz Aytekin, FIFA Elite (VAR: Benjamin Brand)

    Sunday (20.10)
    Cologne - Paderborn, 15:30 CET, referee: Manuel Gräfe (VAR: Guido Winkmann)
    Hoffenheim - Schalke, 18:00 CET, referee: Robert Hartmann (VAR: Patrick Ittrich)

    1. Leipzig-Wolfsburg is at 15:30.
      And you forgot Dortmund-Mönchengladbach at 18:30: Sascha Stegemann (FIFA Cat.2)+ VAR Harm Osmers

  16. Thanks for the excellent preview, Mikael!
    Interestingly, the UEFA team matches the one from U21 Euro much more than what happened in 2017, where only Madden and Vincic took part to both events

  17. Predictions CL MD3 (VARs in brackets):
    Brugge - PSG: Oliver (Attwell, Tierney)
    Galatasaray - Real: Brych (Dingert, Welz)
    Tottenham - Red Star: Kuipers (van Boekel, Blom)
    Olympiakos - Bayern: Makkelie (Kamphuis, Nijhuis)
    Donetsk - Zagreb: del Cerro Grande (Sanchez, Martinez)
    Man City - Atalanta: Raczkowski (Gil, Kwiatkowski)
    Atletico - Leverkusen: Sidiropoulos (Marciniak, Stefanski)
    Juventus - Lokomotiv: Bastien (Millot, Buquet)
    Salzburg - Napoli: Mateu (Hernandez, Estrada)
    Genk - Liverpool: Stieler (Dankert, Zwayer)
    Inter - Dortmund: Cakir (Kalkavan, Palabiyik)
    Slavia - Barcelona: Kulbakov (Soares Dias, Verissimo)
    Leipzig - Zenit: Skomina (Orsato, Fabbri)
    Benfica - Lyon: Rocchi (Valeri, Mariani)
    Ajax - Chelsea: Hategan (Stegemann, Siebert)
    Lille - Valencia: Madden (Martins, Pinheiro)

  18. Thank you very much for the Referee Previews!

    Yesterday a Latvian Football Federation congress happened (the president was removed from his post) and Aleksejs Spasjoņņikovs (Andris Treimanis' AR) could be seen there so, at least yesterday, Treimanis' crew hadn't departed to Brazil yet. He isn't appointed to any Higher League matches tomorrow or on 20 October, so he won't have any matches before the U-17 World Cup. But I can't say when he an his ARs will depart (if they haven't departed today).

    Matchweek 8 of the Premier League featured 1 VAR review (I think I don't have to mention the type - of course VAR-only ;); regarding goal / no goal). Visit the following link to watch a full video of every review, get all information about each of them and get statistics about VAR in the league.

  19. Any info about Saudi appointments for today?

    1. Here you are :)

      Al-'Adalah - Al-Fatah Al-Ahasa
      Bakary Gassama
      Djibril Camara, El Hadji Samba
      Khalid At-Trais
      Tobias Welz, Martin Thomsen

      Al-Hilal Riyadh - Damak
      Hugo Miguel
      Angelo Boonman, Nicky Siebert
      Pol van Boekel
      Viktor Kassai, Joey Kooij

      Al-Ahli Jiddah - At-Ta'awun Buraidah
      Jorge Sousa
      Ricardo Santos, Jorge Fernandes
      Danilo Grujić
      Fábio Veríssimo, Dalibor Đurđević

  20. Who will be FIFA referee assesor in this tournament? I'm interesting for the referee observer from UEFA for WC Under 17. By the way, also we have the olimpic tournament and I want to know which refs will be selected, from Elite or from the First category.

    1. In the last Olympic tournaments, all UEFA referees were Elite, I think.
      In 2016, 4 of 5 also were at the EURO, while nobody took part in both tournaments in the previous editions.

  21. For interest :-)

    FORTUNA League – Czech Republic (Matchday 12)

    Saturday 19.10.2019

    14:30 CET
    Liberec (10th, 14pts) – Jablonec (5th, 20pts)
    Referee: Pechanec Ondřej (FIFA, UEFA Cat. 3)
    Assistant Referee 1: Koval Zdeněk
    Assistant Referee 2: Váňa Jan
    Fourth Official: Petřík Jan

    16:30 CET
    Olomouc (8th, 17pts) – České Budějovice (13th, 11pts)
    Referee: Houdek Jiří
    Assistant Referee 1: Hrabovský Jakub (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Hock David
    Fourth Official: Cieslar Ondřej

    16:30 CET
    Zlín (15th, 10pts) – Mladá Boleslav (3rd, 22pts)
    Referee: Proske Zbyněk (FIFA, UEFA Cat. 3)
    Assistant Referee 1: Kotík Radek (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Dresler Radim
    Fourth Official: Adámková Jana (FIFA Women, Elite Category)

    19:00 CET
    Slavia Praha (1st, 32pts) - Příbram (14th, 11pts)
    Referee: Zelinka Miroslav (FIFA, UEFA Cat. 2)
    Assistant Referee 1: Kubr Jaroslav
    Assistant Referee 2: Pečenka Jiří
    Fourth Official: Ginzel Ondřej
    Video Assistant Referee: Franěk Pavel
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Ratajová Lucie (FIFA Women)

    Sunday 20.10.2019

    15:30 CET
    Karviná (12th, 15pts) - Slovácko (6th, 18pts)
    Referee: Rejžek Pavel
    Assistant Referee 1: Blažej Petr (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Melichar Vít
    Fourth Official: Dubravský Radek

    15:30 CET
    Plzeň (10th, 15pts) - Ostrava (1st, 21pts)
    Referee: Marek Emanuel
    Assistant Referee 1: Podaný Marek
    Assistant Referee 2: Kotalík Petr
    Fourth Official: Pechanec Ondřej (FIFA, UEFA Cat. 3)
    Video Assistant Referee: Berka Ondřej
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Hock David

    15:30 CET
    Bohemians Praha (11th, 12pts) - Opava (16th, 9pts)
    Referee: Královec Pavel (FIFA, UEFA Elite Category)
    Assistant Referee 1: Nádvorník Ivo (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Mokrusch Tomáš (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Julínek Pavel

    18:00 CET
    Teplice (9th, 17pts) – Sparta Praha (7th, 17pts)
    Referee: Machálek Jan
    Assistant Referee 1: Moláček Jiří (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Caletka Petr (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Lerch Ondřej
    Video Assistant Referee: Ardeleanu Petr (FIFA, Cat 1.)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Kříž Jiří

    1. Pavel Kralovec is back after injury. Nice !

    2. Will be interesting, whether he will directly be appointed to CL or EL on MD3/4.

  22. Referees wc club 2019 in Qatar list please

    1. Abdulrahaman Al-Jassim (Talib Salim Al-Marri, Saud Ahmad Al-Maqalah) are one of the crews.


    2. Big plans for Al-Jassim. After the Korean derby, now this call, he will be for sure main referee at 2022 WC in his homeland, and maybe he will be considered for something very big.
      However, after Irmatov's retirement, one must admit that Faghani is still ahead and has the chances for officiating the final in case of good performances.

    3. As you know Chefren, Faghani is currently refereeing in the A-League in Australia. There was a newspaper article that came out in Australia where Faghani was interviewed saying that Iran will continue to nominate him each year for his FIFA badge and that AFC will sponsor him to attend the World Cup in Qatar. That is now his goal.
      I can't share the article as it's behind a pay wall.

  23. Can anyone report who will handle this important game in Chinese Super League:

    Beijing Sinobo Guoan - Shanghai SIPG (KO 1335 CET)

    1. Damir Skomina

  24. Serie A appointments, Matchday 8:

    BRESCIA – FIORENTINA Lunedì 21/10 h. 20.45

    IV: ROS

    JUVENTUS – BOLOGNA Sabato 19/10 h. 20.45

    LAZIO – ATALANTA Sabato 19/10 h. 15.00

    MILAN – LECCE h. 20.45

    NAPOLI – VERONA Sabato 19/10 h. 18.00

    PARMA – GENOA h. 18.00

    IV: GIUA

    SASSUOLO – INTER h. 12.30


    Rocchi gets a second game in a row after a very good performance in Inter - Juventus, today he will officiate Lazio - Atalanta, I guess it will be a very difficult game. Guida will be VAR there.
    Irrati has been appointed for another game to be played today, Juventus - Bologna. This is not something one could have expected for him, so it is easily explained that he has for sure VAR duties on Tuesday in Champions League (otherwise he would have got a more suitable game for him).
    So I would dare to say quite sure an Italian referee will appear in CL on Tuesday with Irrati VAR: all options are open. Rocchi, Orsato, Massa and maybe even Guida in case of debut. However, Massa at moment is not in a best form so I would rule him out. He had two very controversial games in this start of season: at first Fiorentina - Napoli and then Roma - Cagliari some weeks ago.
    On another note, I have pleasure to underline that Piccinini, recently promoted in serie A, is doing well (1983 born). He is not that young, but I think he is on the right track for achieving something good in future.

    1. Why is Juventus-Bologna not so suitable for Irrati?
      BTW, Irrati has been VAR for Non-Italian referees on MD1 and MD2 - so I think, this could again be an option.

    2. Because this kind of game (big teams, especially Juventus) at home against medium-low ranking teams are mostly for NO FIFA referees... if there is such an appointment, there should be a particular reason.

  25. Today's Saudi appointments

    17:05 CET
    Ash-Shabab Riyadh - Al-Ittifaq Ad-Dammam
    Matej Jug
    Manuel Vidali, Matej Žunič
    Turki Al-Khudair
    Matthew Conger, Milovan Ristić

    17:10 CET
    Ar-Ra'id Buraidah - An-Nassr Riyadh
    Tobias Welz
    Martin Thomsen, Christian Gittelmann
    Muhammad Al-Huwaish
    Bakary Papa Gassama, Djibril Camara

    19:00 CET
    Al-Wahda Makkah - Al-Ittihad Jiddah
    Pol van Boekel
    Angelo Boonman, Nicky Siebert
    Danilo Grujić
    Joey Kooij, Sami Al-Jarais

  26. I need fifa wc club in qatar referees list

  27. Very good performance by Tomasz Musiał (UEFA Third Category) in Polish classic duel between Legia Warszawa and Lech Poznań.

    Although there were no key match incidents to assess, Musiał showed full focus and awareness starting from the first whistle. Two early yellow cards to Legia's (right and left) defenders respectively for holding/SPA and reckless tackle immediately gave the impression the referee is there and has everything under control.

    Well, it was not Tomasz Musiał we know here in Poland - players' friend type of referee but overly lenient, missing fouls and forgiving cards - that was the best Tomasz Musiał I saw in a long time (ever?). He kept the great contact he always has with players but added to that the optimal decision-making. No dissents, full acceptance and thanks after the game.

    Great job!

  28. Weak performance by Cordero Vega in Atlético - Valencia. Foul detection was poor, as was disciplinary line. Two VAR interventions to correct mistakes: a penalty due to handball that he completely missed and a (clear) RC that he wrongly assessed as a YC.

    1. I was hugely surprised reading this appointment. Cordero Vega was really poor - very passive, no soft skills, no management skills - when I watched him last time. My idea when I saw this appointment was that maybe RFEF wanted/wants him as next FIFA referee? I hope not.

    2. Me too. This kind of matches are usually refereed by FIFA referees or top non-FIFA. At the moment, Cordero Vega should be in the low part of the non-FIFA referees. It's only his second season in LaLiga, and this is one of the top clashes in the category.

      The performance was not completely unbearable (control was kept and all that), but not what I would expect in this matches.

    3. I think González González is the best non-FIFA referee, do you agree?

    4. Yes, followed by Jaime Latre, Cuadra Fernández and Alberola Rojas. The others are a step or two behind, excluding Pizarro Gómez and Soto Grado, who I have not seen enough yet.

    5. Alberola Rojas is handling Mallorca-Real Madrid. 2 correct YC issued for reckless challenge and SPA.

      Most discussed action so far: A possible PK for Real Madrid which couldn't be reviewed due to a previous (wrong) offside call.

    6. @George @Mhmd S. AlKhalifi

      For me, González González (and Cuadra Fernández who's becoming FIFA in January 2020) are more reliable as referees than e.g. Munuera Montero who's already a FIFA referee.

      A step behind those two are the mentioned Munuera Montero, Alberola Rojas and Jaime Latre.

      My 'reliability hierachy' of non-FIFA referees in Spain from top to bottom:

      -González González and Cuadra Fernández
      -Alberola Rojas and Jaime Latre (and Munuera Montero)
      -Medié Jiménez
      -Cordero Vega
      -Melero López, González Fuertes and Prieto Iglesias.

      I still don't rank the promoted referees of this year (Pizarro Gómez & Soto Grado), but I must say that their season start has been quite promising so far, a pity that they're already too old to become FIFA referees. I still wonder who could CTA-RFEF appoint as FIFA referee when Del Cerro Grande and Estrada Fernández retire in 2021. I guess that Alberola Rojas could be one of them, but I can hardly imagine Cordero Vega and Medié Jiménez (both are born in 1984, there can hardly be other choices from the current referee roster because of age reasons) as FIFA referees, they lack the potential and skills for it.

      I wish González González gets the Copa del Rey Final on his very last year, I remember a very solid performance from him in the 2nd leg of the last Copa del Rey SF Valencia-Betis. Plus, he has good perspectives regarding regional neutrality as he's from Castilla y León, and the only LaLiga club from that region is Valladolid, so it's very unlikely that a club from his region reaches the Final; Fernández Borbalán couldn't handle the 2018 Final because an Andalusian team (Sevilla) was one of the contenders.

    7. Correct 2nd YC for Odriozola now by Alberola Rojas.

    8. 2 clar penalties for Real Madrid not given. The first one they called an incorrect offside and the second one was an extremely clear shirt holding.

    9. I didn't watch the first one. I agree with the second.

    10. First one couldn't be rewatched because of the offside.

      I agree with the 2nd, the holding is difficult to see but it's too blatant and continuous. VAR material, Iglesias Villanueva should definitely have asked for a review.

    11. But even though they called an offisde didn't the offside whistle come after the tackle? Then they should be able to call a penalty. Am I wrong?

  29. Turkish League..

    Ref: Ali Şansalan

    Red Card or Not? Ref. and VAR: No card..

    1. For me as well no card seems as the best decision. Definitely not a clear and obvious error to not show a red card.

  30. ΟΤ

    Penalty or Not?

    Olympiakos - OFI (Ref is Papadopoulos, UEFA 3rd).

    1. I think penalty is the better decision and this can be categorized as a 'clear and obvious error' to say that an OFR should have been recommended (although it is surely not a 100% penalty).

  31. On Topic ;)
    U17WC MD1 predictions
    Brazil – Canada: Andris Treimanis, Haralds Gudermanis, Aleksej Spasjonnikovs (all LAT), Ko Hyung-jin (KOR) – Bartosz Frankowski (POL), Luis Godinho (POR)
    New Zealand – Angola: Ivan Barton, David Moran Santos (both SLV), Zachari Zegelaar (SUR), Ma Ning (CHN) – Armando Villareal (USA), Quetzalli Alvarado (MEX)
    Nigeria – Hungary: Khamis Al Marri, Mohammad Dharman, Ramzan Al-Naemi (all QAT), Edina Alves Batista (BRA) – Abdullah Ali Al Marri (QAT), Hiroyuki Kimura (JPN)
    Ecuador – Australia: Victor Gomes (RSA), Souru Phatsoane (LES), Lionel Hasinjarasoa Andrianantenaina (MAD), Georgi Kabakov (BUL) Bibiana Steinhaus (GER), Dennis Higler (NED)
    France – Chile: Chris Beath, Anton Shchetinin, Ashley Beecham (all AUS), Nick Waldron (NZL) – Hiroyuki Kimura (JPN), Abdullah Ali Al Marri (QAT)
    South Korea – Haiti: Guillermo Alcivar, Juan Carlos Macias Franco, Ricardo Cordova (all ECU), Mario Diaz de Vivar (PAR) – Braulio da Silva Machado (BRA), German Delfino (ARG)
    USA – Senegal: Istvan Kovacs, Vasile Marinescu, Mihai Artene (all ROU), Claudia Umpierrez (URU) – Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea (ESP), Marco di Bello (ITA)
    Japan – Netherlands: Andres Rojas, Dionisio Almanza, John Sanchez (all COL), Juan Gabriel Calderon Perez (CRC) – Nicolas Gallo Barragan (COL), Pierro Maza (CHI)
    Spain – Argentina: Ma Ning, Xiang Shi, Yi Cao (all CHN), Ko Hyung-jin (KOR) – Yaqoub Al Hammadi (UAE), Marco di Bello (ITA)
    Tajikistan – Cameroon: Mario Escobar, Humberto Noel Panjoj Chitay (both GUA), Nicholas Anderson (JAM), Srdan Jovanovic (SRB) – Drew Fischer (CAN), Armando Villareal (USA)
    Solomon Islands – Italy: Redouane Jiyed, Lahcen Azgaou, Mustaph Akerkad (all MAR), Ivo Nigel Mendez Chavez (BOL) - Abdullah Ali Al Marri (QAT), Hiroyuki Kimura (JPN)
    Paraguay – Mexico: Andreas Ekberg, Mehmet Culum, Stefan Hallberg (all SWE), Peter Waweru (KEN) - Bartosz Frankowski (POL), Craig Pawson (ENG)

  32. OT: A couple penalty appeals from the Premier League.
    There was of course no intervention by VAR as usual. Anything to avoid an OFR.
    For me the first one is a nailed on penalty and I'm very surprised Taylor didn't give it live.

    1. This penalty appeal is getting worst in England....
      Since the start of this season Var has never confirm a penalty failed by the referee....
      And i think the cause of this is referees not going to the monitor to check their self...

  33. Is there any chance of getting a list of the observers?

  34. Can you bring Matue Lohoz and Del Cerro Grande to euro 2020

  35. Can you anounce the e.k refrees list this year

  36. At the varteam from spanish can you put Hernández Hernández, Juan Martinez Manuera,Gonzalez Gonzalez and Jiame Laitre

  37. Can you bring Matue Lohoz and Del Cerro Grande to euro 2020

  38. Why did you bring womens refrees

  39. Pleas chefren answer my question

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  41. Can you bring Micheal Oliver to euro 2020 ?

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