Tuesday, 24 October 2017

FIFA Club World Cup 2017 United Arab Emirates - Referees

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional we are proud to announce the officials selected by FIFA for 2017 CWC, to be played in UAE on December. Six officiating trios and eight video assistant referees have been chosen.


Referee: Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan, 1977)
Assistant Referee 1: Abdukhamidullo Rasulov (Uzbekistan, 1976)
Assistant Referee 2: Jakhongir Saidov (Uzbekistan, 1979)
VAR: Abdulrahman Al Jassim (Qatar, 1987)


Referee: Malang Diedhiou, (Senegal, 1973)
Assistant Referee 1: Djibril Camara (Senegal, 1983)
Assistant Referee 2: El Hadji Malick Samba (Senegal, 1979)


Referee: César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos (Mexico, 1983)
Assistant Referee 1: Marvin César Torrentera Rivera (Mexico, 1971)
Assistant Referee 2: Miguel Ángel Hernández Paredes (Mexico, 1977)
VAR: Mark Geiger (USA, 1974)


Referee: Sandro Ricci (Brazil, 1974)
Assistant Referee 1: Emerson de Carvalho, (Brazil, 1972)
Assistant Referee 2: Marcelo van Gasse (Brazil, 1976)
VAR: Andrés Cunha (Uruguay, 1976), Wilton Sampaio (Brazil, 1981), Mauro Vigliano (Argentina, 1975)


Referee: Matthew Conger (New Zealand, 1978)
Assistant Referee: Simon Lount (New Zealand, 1981)
Assistant Referee: Tevita Makasini (Tonga, 1976)


Referee: Felix Brych (Germany, 1975)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Borsch (Germany, 1977)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Lupp (Germany, 1978)
VAR: Artur Dias (Portugal, 1979), Clément Turpin (France, 1982), Felix Zwayer (Germany, 1981)


  1. Tired of seeing Irmatov in Club World Cup again and again... I don't think he'll get a 3rd final in this tournament... I would put Cesar Ramos as my prime candidate for the final...

    Coming to the other names, I think all main referees other than Malang Diedhiou may be considered as confirmed for WC 2018... Same applies for most of the VARs involved, they mostly have the chance of flying to Russia as VARs only... Exceptions here will be Mark Geiger and Andres Cunha as it's likely they'll be in the middle in Russia 2018

  2. I agree Soham, among these names it would be nice to see the Mexican officiating the final, in case, at least it would be something new. Very interesting that he has still Torrentera as his side. A very experienced and "old" assistant referee, 1971 born. I wonder whether, in case of selection for Ramos, he could be confirmed as well for Russia, being at that time already 47 years old.
    Brych for UEFA will have the honor to attend this tournament after having officiated CL final. I think this never happened (at least in recent times). In case of appointment for the final in this tournament as well (however, in my opinion quite unlikely, as he would officiate again Real Madrid, in case), he could write the history with two very important assignement in both UEFA and FIFA competitions in the same year.
    About VAR officials, we have the confirmations that Dias, Turpin and Zwayer are all quite sure of their role and very likely they will be called for Russia along with Orsato and Makkelie.

    1. With the World Cup 2018 final likely to be given to a UEFA referee, I don't expect UEFA referees in U-17 or Club World Cup finals... CONCACAF, AFC and CONMEBOL referees should get these finals at least!!

    2. I don't expect the World Cup 2018 final to be handled by a UEFA referee for some reasons:

      (1) After Webb (2010) and Rizzoli (2014) it would be the third final in a row for a European.
      (2) Since 1974, the final referee was never chosen from the confederation of the host country.

      In my opinion, another UEFA referee could/would be too much Europeanization - even for Busacca.

    3. Irmatov or Pitana the big names imo.
      Ricci? Gassama? Faghani? CONCACAF?

      It is time for a non-European, otherwise I think Busacca could leave the FIFA Referee Department

    4. I think Faghani and Geiger start as the top non-UEFA and non-CONMEBOL candidates. But I disagree that it has to move away from UEFA. The teams want the best referees that know the players and are used to the stage. And I think, for this one match, performance principle can trump all. I would not be surprised, for example, to see Kuipers do the Final (with Makkelie as VAR).

      It is always too early to predict and things will change (I remember thinking Nishimura would have a chance in 2014).

    5. I'm also very sure that the final referee will not come from Europe. My big favourite is Irmatov, other options would be Ricci or Pitana.
      But it depends on the teams and performances (and who will be chosen for WC), so it quite difficult to predict them now.

    6. FIFA and politics go hand in hand... Anything can happen... UEFA referees stand the biggest chance anyway... Other options are Pitana, Ricci, Faghani and maybe Geiger as well... Faghani is not in great form at the moment, Pitana and Ricci might be ruled out any day if Brazil and Argentina progress far which they usually do... Geiger can get it provided all politics and everything fall in place... But we need to face one reality which Europe does produce the best referees and even if not the Final, refs like Çakir, Kuipers and even Mazic will go far in the tournament I feel... A logical selection based on performance principle will obviously see a UEFA referee in charge unless something rather unexpected happens!!

    7. usaref: I share your opinion but was "Team Rizzoli" really the best in 2014? I don't think so ...

    8. Does that mean we can't expect the best in 2018?? :)

    9. Well, Team Rizzoli was ONE of the best and the Argentinian federation approved.

      The absolute best doesn't always make it and politics and other considerations will play a role. But performance will weed out many referees--including some favorites--and then allow FIFA to have a choice between a few top candidates. If Kuipers has one terrible mistake or if Argentina advances to the semis, then he and Pitana are out no matter how good we all think they are right now.

      All I'm saying is that what happens for the first 5 matchdays of the tournament has infinitely more to do with the Final assignment than what's happened for the last 3.5 years.

  3. Do you know how many referees will be appointed for WC 2018 ? Some rumors say: 24 main referees, 6 referees acting just as reserve and IV official and 6 referees acting as VAR in addition to main officials.
    Concerning CWC I agree with you but I would prefer Irmatov in final, since he is a very outstanding referee with poor opportunity to show his value.
    IMO Cesar Palanzuelos is at the same level of Garcia Orozco 50% each one of probability to fly in Russia. Regretted for Hauata, he would deserve WC more than Conger

    1. 24 main referees isn't going to be enough at all for so many games... Will definitely be more than that... Then 6 VARs surely not possible because they've called up 8 VARs for Club World Cup so can't imagine World Cup 2018 will require less... Then Irmatov in a 3rd Club World Cup Final is the last thing I would want to see... Then coming to Hauata I agree with you, poor guy will most probably never get the recognition he deserved... Now with FIFA you never know what you'll get so let's wait!!

    2. One of the main questions is indeed, whether there will be strictly seperated rosters for referee and VAR (as at the U20 WC) or whether some of the main referees will also act as VARs.
      A common list would mean more flexibility and allows to use people like Ricci or Geiger in both roles, where it would be difficult otherwise to decide where they are more valuable. Furthermore it would simplify some political decisions (e.g. having a Frenchman at the WC) or other hard decisions (e.g. choosing between two Mexicans)
      On the other hand, specialization could improve the performances.
      And we must not forget that decision about VARs at the WC is only planned for March(?) and last time the referee list was already published in January.

      Are we sure, that Conger will be selected above Hauata? - for me this seemed quite open.

    3. 24 for main referees seems a good number to me. 2 GS matches for everyone, a third match (in R16 and QF) for the better half of them and a fourth match for the best 4 appears sensible.

      If there are indeed seperate rosters, I would expect 12-16 VARs, also depending on whether they need to travel or work from a central location.

    4. Indeed it was my mistake... f got it correct... In 2014 it was 25 main referees and in 2010 it was 29... I was thinking of a figure above 30s but that's actually counting the 4Os in as well... Apologies 😓

    5. And the rumours about 6 VARs maybe correct as well as there are strong suggestions that the VARs will be working centrally from somewhere in Moscow for all the matches... Please see the link attached below, I think it will give us a lot of clue :


    6. I made some predictions for WC 2018, with 24 and 32 referees, and 12 VARs. The eight extra referees in the occurrence of 32 are in brackets.

      Irmatov, Faghani, Shukralla, (Sato),

      Gassama, Sikazwe, Diedhiou, (Camille/Alioum)

      Geiger, Aguilar, Ramos, Garcia, (Lopez)

      Pitana, Ricci, Roldan, Bascuñan, (Cunha), (Cacares)


      Brych, Çakir, Kuipers, Mateu Lahoz, Marciniak, Mazic, Rocchi, Skomina, Karasev, (Eriksson), (Kassai), (Hategan/Collum)

      Turpin, Soares Dias, Zwayer, Makkelie, Collum/Orsato,
      Sato/Al Midarsi/Al Jassim, Alioum/Camille/Charef,
      Montero, Pitti,
      Vigliano, Zambrano,

      I hope FIFA trusts their referees enough to choose 24, that means two matches for everyone (only problem is if there are numerous performances of 7,8>). Otherwise 32 with everyone appointed in either MD1/2 would be an option.

      What do you have- could you imagine this?

    7. I believe Lopez has blown his chance in CONCACAF, but Batres is a patron, so who knows?

      I think it's difficult to get two Mexican referees on the field. For CONCACAF, I think you'll have Geiger, Aguilar and Ramos as on-field referees. Then you'll have Garcia and Marrufo as VARs. And then either Montero or Pitti as a 4th official.

    8. CONMEBOL has 5 places... The best 5 will be Pitana, Ricci, Cunha, Bascunan and Caceres... But due to political backing I'm sure Roldan will sneak through and Caceres will probably miss out...

      AFC has 4 spots so Irmatov, Faghani, Shukralla and Sato should go... Too early for Al-Mirdasi

    9. From CAF I think Gassama, Sikazwe and Grisha/Alioum are the favourites!!

    10. Your list looks quite good, I would believe it, if someone claimed it to be real ;)

      Points for discussion:
      - Diedhiou or Alioum as number 3 in CAF?
      - same number for CONCACAF and CONMEBOL?
      - Bascunan or Caceres as number 4 in CONCACAF?
      - Karasev (form/home) or more experience?

    11. Thank you! I think FIFA will appoint somewhere between 24-32, which is irritating with no pattern in appointments, but probably sensible considering the politics and quality of refereeing. To respond to your points

      - I agree, Lopez was a close selection, I really like him as a referee, very good Gold Cup 2011 especially HON-MEX. But MEX-CRC and now PAN-CRC, I think will mean he only has chances as VAR. A shame, for these weren't even his mistakes, Batres is a hope but I think he'll be the odd name out.
      - Garcia and Ramos both deserve it, 2006/2010 is a good sign but Busacca only chose Rodriguez. I would say of Garcia/Ramos/Lopez, two will join Russia.
      - Couldn't agree more with Soham on CONMEBOL, I share almost exactly his perception. Pitana, Ricci and Roldan (the latter undeserved, to my mind) I am sure will be in Russia, and I would say there will be five South Americans. Cunha, despite being the most complete of the next trio will miss out imo, Bascuñan I think is pretty sure, he did well at U20 WC IIRC, and is belonging to the top of CONMEBOL. There is a big Paraguayan influence in FIFA, and BRA-PER with the handball for the Uruguayan, could contribute to Cunha being only a VAR, in favour of Cacares as referee. There are better correspondents on CONMEBOL than me though
      - Gassama and Sikazwe are absolutely certain imo. I have never been convinced by Alioum's lack of personality, whereas Diedhiou has one of the best managements in CAF imo. I think AFCON 2017 should decide in favour of the Senegalese, as well as FIFA's politics. Also Camille with Maillet behind him would have had a good chance, but not attending any FIFA championships seems to consign him to at best VAR. Is he injured?
      - Karasev to my mind is lucky thanks to this constellation:
      Home WC
      Loss of form for Kassai/Eriksson
      Improvement for the Russian on the pitch, especially in personality
      Generally weaker UEFA since some years
      I think Karasev will join his WC, and would deserve it imo. I watched both Kassai and Eriksson recently; they aren't close to the form of their respective zeniths. Especially the comments of 'f' on Kassai and Eriksson apparently even considering retiring after WC 2014, they could join as VAR but they may even miss that to be honest.


    12. - I like Sato a lot, very impressive performance in the Qualifier IRN-SKR, for a young referee he seems pretty complete even as a manager. He would deserve to join WC from my perception. Other three names are certain imo in AFC.

    13. Regarding CAF, I would like to see Diedhiou and Sikazwe as they are three best refs in Africa, in my opinion.

      Gassama was poor at Confederations Cup but is much trusted by CAF. Alioum is just a too passive referee, however pushed (too) much by the powers.

      In addition, I can't imagine the lack of North-Africa referee at the WC, so Charef or Grisha have their (political) chance, too...

    14. I personally would pick Cunha, Bascunan and Caceres ahead of Roldan but more than Cunha I think Caceres is in danger of missing out... Cunha had a very good U20 WC we must note although Caceres has attended more FIFA tournaments... Will be interesting!!

  4. Hi mikael I have to admit the current condition of Kassai is not at best but IMO his lack it's matter of stability and continuity. He is showing good and low performaces, peaks snd valleys. It would be a pity to miss his experience once agsin at WC.
    Different for Eriksson IMO. He is definitevely downgraded and in my opinion overrated eveen when he was judged good.
    Prediction : garcia, aguilar, geiger, pitana, ricci, zambrano, caceres, roldan, gassama, sikawze, camille, mateu, kuipers, brych, rocchi, mazic, cakir, skomina, marciniak, kassai/karasev, irmatov, faghani, shukrallah, conger.
    IV official: cesar, bascunan, alioum, al mirdasi, karasev/kassai, hauata
    VAR (added to main referees): Lopez/hategan, makkelie, zwayer, orsato, turpin, cunha

  5. My list of main referees for WC 2018 :

    AFC : Ravshan Irmatov, Alireza Faghani, Nawaf Shukralla, Ryuji Sato

    CAF : Bakary Gassama, Janny Sikazwe, Malang Diedhiou

    CONCACAF : Mark Geiger, Joel Aguilar, Cesar Ramos

    CONMEBOL : Nestor Pitana, Sandro Ricci, Julio Bascunan, Enrique Caceres, Andres Cunha

    OFC : Matt Conger

    UEFA : Björn Kuipers, Felix Brych, Cüneyt Çakir, Milorad Mazic, Damir Skomina, Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Szymon Marciniak, Gianluca Rocchi, Sergei Karasev, Ovidiu Hategan

    1. Interesting to see that I am not the only one thinking that Hategan still has some real chances to go to Russia. He's made a very good progress over the last season, the semifinal appointment at U17 World Cup should confirm this.

      Karasev I think deserves the call for his home World Cup, I think he is more than a decent referee, he may have had an unlucky night with his team in Munich recently, but I've seen him performing very well (I remember his very good performance in SUI-ROU at Euro 2016).

      The question is whether FIFA lets both Eriksson and Kassai down, who unfortunately are out of their form. Eriksson ever since his EL final is not at his top anymore and I was hoping that Kassai would be back at his old form after his very strong performance in GER-ITA at Euro 2016.

      I actually think that among AFC referees, Sato is going to miss out in favour of Al-Mirdasi. Reading the assignments he received in FIFA tournaments in the past, it seems as if he is quite pushed by Busacca: U20 World Cup Final in 2015 (despite having had one catastrophical performance in the group stage IIRC), 3rd Place Match at the Confederations Cup. I would not be surprised to read his name on the final list.

      And I hope that we get to see two Mexicans at the World Cup, I think García deserves the call.

      An other question which comes to my mind: how big are the chances that political decisions will be taken? I was thinking about Clément Turpin, France could have the second WC in a row without a referee of their nation. And what about England? Could it be possible that Anthony Taylor's presence at the U17 WC might be some sort of last minute pushing by FIFA only to have an English referee at the World Cup (assuming that he'll be promoted to Elite in winter)?

    2. Anthony Taylor didn't even get any huge match in U-17 World Cup so no way he can go to Russia... Turpin looks unlikely to me, there are many names ahead of him... Is Sato misses out to Al-Mirdasi it will be the worst thing possible as Sato is miles ahead... Al-Mirdasi had a horror Confed Cup but Sato is having an excellent U-17 World Cup and he is appointed for the SF Mali v Spain today... So let's see what happens... Coming to Kassai and Erikkson, they don't deserve to go based on their current form but with FIFA you're never sure that they won't be going :)

    3. Mazic?

      Surely it's a joke.

    4. A political choice, then.

    5. Not at all a political choice (why even would it be?) but based on performances. Mažić belongs to the strongest and most experienced UEFA referees, he'll travel to Russia without a single doubt and he's proven - such as the likes of Kuipers, Çakir and Skomina - why he deserves to be called for the World Cup.

    6. By all respect for Hategan, I think Eriksson and Kassai would come before. Especially the latter who is on the Eurpean top for years, missed already Brazil 2014 and now probably has his last chance for a WC appearance as he is 42 y.o. while Hategan is only 37 y.o.

    7. On current form don't you think Hategan is ahead of Kassai... Strictly based on performance tell me??

    8. Anonymous must be fan of Crvena Zvezda, LUL
      Mazic surely deserve to be called for WC.

    9. I guess we all remember what happened on the last WC. And it proved to be a big mistake from PLC to call Mazic ahead of Kassai.

    10. That was 3 years ago, have you ever watched Mazic from that match?
      He was EC final candidate, EL, CL candidate, you have no idea what you're talking about.

    11. And Mazic has recently added the Confederations Cup Final Chile v Germany in his palmares... Not too small a game by any means :)

    12. You absolutely CANNOT read too much into the U17 assignments. Take a look at the U17 2013 assignments.

      Thomson did the Final. Rocchi and Lopes the did the semifinals. Diatta did the 3/4 playoff. And Marrufo, Abdou, Moen and Stark did the QFs. Not a single one of them was selected to referee at WC14.

      Hategan and Sato performing well in India is good for them, but it does NOT mean they are going to Russia as main referees. They still could, of course (and I think Sato might), but you can't base it just on the U17s.

    13. I'm romanian and it's obviously that I am biased. To say that Kassai deserves a place in Russia more than Hategan it's a joke imo.
      Kassai was a great referee until 2011-2012. After that his performances were not so good (I remember enough games of him with big mistakes).
      It's true, Hategan doesn't have the palmares of Kassai but you can't remember a game "destroyed" (or, at least, huge mistakes) by Hategan in his career.
      In 2015 Hategan had a QF in FIFA u20, in 2016 a SF in olympic tournament (Brazil-Honduras in Rio, on Maracana)and today he whistled the SF in FIFA u17 (Brazil- England). After all these games (in FIFA competitions) maybe he has a small, small chance to reach Russia 2018.
      IMO, sure names for next year are: Cakir, Kuipers, Skomina, Mazic, Brych, Rocchi, Marciniak and Mateu Lahoz (despite the fact that I don't like him at all). Eriksson is very probable name imo. For various reasons some chances have Hategan, Karasev and Collum ...

  6. Arsenal vs Watford. I think Madley missed 3 SFP.

    1. And a clear penalty for Watford in extra time

    2. Andrew Madley you mean??

    3. Also is it Arsenal v Watford or Arsenal v Norwich City??

    4. Sorry I mixed the team. Yes Norwich. Yes Andrew Madley not the Premier league Madley.

  7. OT
    Anyone going to any tournament of Refereeaboard ?
    Would like to hear anything if anyone has ever been to their tournaments?

    1. If you mail me at
      I can discuss more

  8. Nice discussion, thank to all readers.
    About the opportunity by FIFA to announce the list of referees with a clear indication of the names who will work only as VAR: so far, in all FIFA tournaments, this was clearly indicated, so the same should be for WC. But Philipp is right when he says that it would be better to have more flexibility (publishing only the names without the roles). However, I think FIFA will indicate the video assistant referees, but then in case of need, something could change during the tournament. Basically, the "main referees" could act as VAR without problems, while the VAR shouldn't get games on the pitch...

    1. Maybe we are back to WC 1990 with one list of referees and linesman... Could there specialist VARs one day? In Rugby/Hockey there is, I don't think so for Football to be honest.

    2. 1994 was the only World Cup with a fully separate list for referees and linesmen. In 1998, they were renamed ARs and the separate lists were kept for that World Cup and 2002. 2006 was the first WC with trios.

      For 1990 and before, there was just one big list. In some tournaments, more local referees were included to do the linesmen duties and there were a VERY FEW specialty linesmen (like Listkiewicz). But if you look closely at a tournament such as 1990, you'll see main referees (Quiniou and Mikkelsen) were acting as linesmen in the semifinals.

  9. I think 26 refs would be logical in Russia. I go for...
    Europe: Brych, Cakir, Hategan, Karasev, Kuipers, Marciniak, Mateu Lahoz, Mazic, Rocchi, Skomina.
    Conmebol: Bascunan, Caceres, Cunha, Pitana, Ricci, Roldan.
    Concacaf: Aguilar, Garcia, Geiger.
    Africa: Gassama, Grisham, Sikazwe.
    Asia: Faghani, Irmatov, Sato.
    Oceania: Conger

    1. Usually CONMEBOL gets 5 spots and AFC gets 4... :)

    2. I doubt that just the title of his latest crime novel "The Whistler" will be sufficient for an appointment of John Grisham as a WC 2018 referee. ;-)

  10. Mali were trailing 2–0, scored an excellent goal via a long shot but the goal was disallowed by the officials... Now where GLT and all other technology FIFA usually blabbers about?? The officials couldn't do anything here... They were following play perfectly, all of a sudden the Mali player took a long shot and the ball went straight into the goal and just crossed the goal line and bounced out... There was no way AR1 could reach the goal line within time and have a better look as it was a quick, long shot... I won't Sato or his AR1 at all... This is as usual a problem of FIFA's own making!!

    1. Soham my dear friend. In Busacca's delusion, he actually believes that the VAR System is perfected and that no further testing or training is needed prior to the World Cup. Pay no attention to the fact that VAR continues to be misinterpreted, misused, and misapplied. And GLT!?!? Who needs that? This is a simple U-17 competition. No need to give the referees every single edge and advantage that's available to them.
      Unfortunately it's too late to get rid of Busacca. As the World Cup is too near. Good willing Russia 2018 will be his last tournament that he had an opportunity to ruin.

    2. Here the video:
      Soham is right. Officials can't be blamed for any reason, it was a shot from a long distance. This made it even more impossible for referee and AR1. FIFA is guilty: going on and playing such tournaments without GLT is something I will never understand. We are in the "technology era", it is impossible to see such blatant incidents on the pitch. Ok, we are talking about U17 WC, but let me say this is a very important and followed tournament, so FIFA could invest money in assuring GLT in each stadium.
      And before WC Play Off I want to repeat that again: I hope we will see GLT in every game there, otherwise there could be big problems, really big problems, for some referees. Please Busacca, if you are reading there, do something! Nowadays it is impossible to accept such football, we have everything to make it better.
      Really sorry for Mali.
      However, let me add, the penalty seems questionable as well, I don't see a clear contact, to be honest.

    3. I'm okay with the penalty decision... The referee can be backed with it IMO... Now the question is will Sato and his team be held responsible for a mistake that apparently isn't their fault?? If Busacca penalises Sato for this in any way it will be extremely unfair and firing the gun from someone else's shoulder basically... I'm really sorry for Sato but this is all FIFA's own doing... Even a simple GLT in the tournament could've avoided this entire controversy... We can never blame Sato or AR1 Sagara for this... No AR in the world could've managed to reach the goal line in that short time...

    4. I'm sorry for Mali but the way they mocked Sato and Argote by calling them blind it's unacceptable... They just can't be blamed here so the tirade was unfair on the officials... Just because of certain garbage decisions FIFA officials are going through all these... What an absolute shame!! 😠

    5. I really hope one moment doesn't affect the Japanese trio in their WC chances, there is no way of knowing but for him to politically miss Russia thanks to this would be (characteristically?) poor management. I feel a bit for Busacca, but he no referee manager tbh; I hope this Swiss is only a de jure leader of FIFA's Referee Department.

    6. While we despise actions like those displayed by the Malian coaching staff. In such an emotionally charged environment. Where your team had been clearly outplayed. You get that small glimmer of hope in the form of a Goal. Yet it's unjustly not given. How else do we honestly expect them to react? I'll say it again, it's not right and we all hate it when we are faced with it in our games. But it's certainly understandable.

    7. The Mali coaching staff could never ever be sure without watching a replay... And as I am saying from yesterday, the officials are not at fault here :)

  11. From AFC Irmatov, Faghani and Shukralla are sure names IMO... The 4th name must be Sato if the best 4 referees are to fly to Russia... If Sato isn't selected then Al-Mirdasi will be selected which will be one of the worst and most undeserved selection in a WC in the last decade or two... I really hope it's Sato as Al-Mirdasi in Confederations Cup was an absolute disaster whereas Sato had a really good U-17 World Cup (barring this controversy but not his or his AR's fault as such)... I won't like to see either Abdulla Hassan Mohammed or Abdulrahman Al-Jassim as well in Russia as main referees so the 4th name must be Sato!!

    1. Are Busacca and his committee known for making "logical" choices or decisions? Nope! They sure aren't. So we'll see undeserving people rewarded for the mediocrity with a spot at the biggest sporting event in the world.

    2. Rather than analysing in a popularistic way, Arab already have two referees Shukralla/Faghani, with Irmatov from the former USSR, I do expect an Eastern Asian referee, and Sato is on a WC Level imo anyway. Al-Midarsi I imagine has high level of English, and of course Arabic, so he could be there as VAR, which would be justifyable if not totally deserved.
      However in principle I do agree with your points on Busacca in FIFA.

  12. Mazic didnt get any game in JSL, might see him in EL this time?

    1. Like than Kassai and his team in Hungary.

    2. Mazic has a match in Qatar 27.10.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry typo mistake: Question: why most of you are selecting Bascunan (who was reserve at the beginning) for WC and nobody Zambrano ? Big mistakes by official from Ecuador ?

    2. For me anyway
      - Bascuñan was only reserve to Osses, and was even a top referee before the latter retired
      - Bascuñan was more impressive when I've seen him, just my opinion, based mainly on their 8,1 / 8,9 in USA matches at Copa America 2016
      - Zambrano is the best easily in Ecuador (Ponce no2?), but I don't know he is that good compared to CONMEBOL, again just my impression. A very different politics compared to UEFA in South America, as I guess you know.
      - Zambrano's progress seems to have stagnated in CONMEBOL, and it was reported here a poor performance in BRA-CHI

      But I would not be surprised to see Zambrano in Russia either- it would nice to have Carlos or someone who follows CONMEBOL more, describe the situation :-)

    3. Zambrano is very poor in CONMEBOL... Bascunan, Caceres, Cunha way better than him any day

  14. Important news from serie A: Orsato is back. He has recovered from the injury, and he has been appointed for a game on Sunday. However, I think that he wont appear in Champions League, because it would be too early for him. I wouldn't be surprised if we will see Banti replacing him in a game... it would be a deserved appointment for the Category 1, who is showing some excellent performances in this beginning of new season in serie A.
    Tagliavento is an option as well, if committe will consider his previous game (Leipzig - Porto) only as replacement for Orsato.

  15. Kassai has a match in China this weekend.

  16. Zwayer had an intense match in the DFB Pokal, Second Round (!), Leipzig - Bayern last night.
    It was challenging on the pitch, but I don't think it was Zwayer's best evening- three crucial situations to evaluate

    1) Pulling by BAY clearly outside, and then a tackle (clear foul) absolutely on the borderline of the penalty area. We didn't see a decisive replay but I would have decided freekick not penalty. The sequence was: Whistle, Zwayer pointing for a penalty, BAY players run to him, Zwayer talks to the players EMPATHICALLY whilst talking in the micro(?), then runs to AR2 Blos, Zwayer runs back and gives the freekick. To my mind the way he dealt with the BAY players looked like they persuaded him, maybe this isn't the case but reacting in a Stark-esque way would have been better. It is impossible to assign a crucial mistake in that situation anyway
    2) Clear 2YC->RC for a SPA by a pull
    3) Penalty to LEI, clear simulation, Zwayer didn't have a good angle on the (lack of) contact

    Otherwise it was okay, slightly missing a clear line in cards especially missing YC to Tolisso, but he didn't really savour too much acceptance from either team, ever since the first situation ^. Still he had control of a hard match and wasn't so bad, but he still must develop to an absolute top class referee, in my opinion.

    Interesting to see who is assigned BAY-LEI and DOR-BAY between Stieler and Gräfe, by DFB.

    1. The situations mentioned by Mikael:

      1) Penalty for Leipzig changed to DFK

      2) 2nd YC for Keita after SPA

      3) Penalty for Leipzig

      Furthermore, neither Stieler or Gräfe have been assigned, Daniel Siebert will take charge of Bayern-Leipzig on Saturday.

    2. Daniel Siebert has Bayern - Leipzig on Saturday.

      I mostly agree regarding Zwayer, but would summarize it as slightly below OK (mark-wise a 7,8 (8,1) for me).

      @2) surely no mistake, but the pull is quite short and maybe not the reason for Lewandowski to fall. So it appeared harsh considering some not given YCs in first half

      There was another penalty by LEI in 50', where Boateng's impact on the opponent seems higher than on the ball. No crucial mistake, but a better opportunity for a penalty than 3)

      Thiago's YC could also have been RC (foot in face).

    3. Fully agreed with Phillip
      Sonorous EL Debut and now BAY-LEI, important weeks in Siebert's career. For people who watch him (more) often- is he a big talent?

  17. Bundesliga appointments if anybody is interested:

    27/10/2017, 20:30 CET
    Referee: Sascha Stegemann
    Assistant Referee 1: Christian Fischer
    Assistant Referee 1: Mike Pickel
    Fourth Official: Guido Winkmann
    Video Assistant Referee: Günter Perl

    28/10/2017, 15:30 CET
    Referee: Harm Osmers
    Assistant Referee 1: Florian Heft
    Assistant Referee 1: Thomas Gorniak
    Fourth Official: Frederick Assmuth
    Video Assistant Referee: Frank Willenborg

    28/10/2017, 15:30 CET
    Referee: Felix Brych (FIFA, Elite)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mark Borsch
    Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Lupp
    Fourth Official: Robert Hartmann
    Video Assistant Referee: Bastian Dankert (FIFA, 2nd)

    28/10/2017, 15:30 CET
    Referee: Markus Schmidt
    Assistant Referee 1: Martin Thomsen
    Assistant Referee 1: Rafael Foltyn
    Fourth Official: Marcel Pelgrim
    Video Assistant Referee: Marco Fritz (FIFA, 2nd)

    28/10/2017, 15:30 CET
    Referee: Manuel Gräfe (FIFA, 1st)
    Assistant Referee 1: Robert Kempter
    Assistant Referee 1: Markus Sinn
    Fourth Official: Markus Schüller
    Video Assistant Referee: Günter Perl

    28/10/2017, 15:30 CET
    Referee: Patrick Ittrich
    Assistant Referee 1: Norbert Grudzinski
    Assistant Referee 1: Sascha Thielert
    Fourth Official: Sven Jablonski
    Video Assistant Referee: Wolfgang Stark

    28/10/2017, 18:30 CET
    Referee: Daniel Siebert
    Assistant Referee 1: Lasse Koslowski
    Assistant Referee 1: Jan Seidel
    Fourth Official: Daniel Schlager
    Video Assistant Referee: Jochen Drees

    29/10/2017, 15:30 CET
    Referee: Sören Storks
    Assistant Referee 1: Thorben Siewer
    Assistant Referee 1: Sven Waschitzki
    Fourth Official: Holger Henschel
    Video Assistant Referee: Jochen Drees

    28/10/2017, 18:30 CET
    Referee: Tobias Stieler (FIFA, 1st)
    Assistant Referee 1: Thomas Stein
    Assistant Referee 1: Christian Gittelmann
    Fourth Official: Robert Hartmann
    Video Assistant Referee: Felix Zwayer (FIFA, Elite)

  18. Qatar Stars League

    As-Sadd - Ar-Rayyan
    Milorad Mažić, Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević (SRB)

  19. Lots of new appointments are out... Thanks to our friends from Arbitro Internacional blog :)

    FIFA U-17 World Cup :

    Final :
    England v Spain : Enrique Cacéres (Paraguay)

    3rd place playoff : Ricardo Montero (Costa Rica)

    FIFA Inter-confederations playoff :

    Honduras v Australia : Daniele Orsato (Italy)
    Australia v Honduras : Nestor Pitana (Argentina)

    New Zealand v Peru : Mark Geiger (United States)
    Peru v New Zealand : Clement Turpin (France)

    1. All thanks to Arbitro Internacional :) I merely got the info from them and typed it for you all... All credit to them :)

  20. Hmmm, Orsato in San Pedro Sula, interesting. Personally I would have reversed the assignments. Pitana in San Pedro Sula and Orsato in Sydney. The environment in San Pedro Sula is going to be no different from what Pitana has experienced on a weekly basis in his local league or in any South American competition. Orsato will have to be in top for to not only manage the match but also all the other intricacies that this clash will present.
    The other playoff in theory is the simpler of the two. Not surprised to see that two referees of lesser grandeur were assigned. Neither Geiger nor Turpin should have a difficult time.

    On a side note. Yay and Thank You FIFA for a slight more Confederational equality! Still a ways to go, but it's a start.