Wednesday, 15 January 2020

UEFA 28th Advanced Course for Top Referees, Majorca, Spain - List of participants

This year the courses for both top UEFA referees and new FIFA referees will take place in Majorca, Spain, from 27/01 to 29/01. We are pleased to provide you the list of participants in the Advanced Course for Top Referees. 
Majorca, Spain
27 - 28 - 29/01/2020

All Elite referees, both men and women will attend the course.

Men Elite
Alexey Kulbakov (Belarus, Elite)
Pavel Královec (Czech Republic, Elite)
Michael Oliver (England, Elite)
Anthony Taylor (England, Elite)
Benoît Bastien (France, Elite)
Clément Turpin (France, Elite)
Deniz Aytekin (Germany, Elite)
Felix Brych (Germany, Elite)
Felix Zwayer (Germany, Elite)
Anastasios Sidiropoulos (Greece, Elite)
Viktor Kassai (Hungary, Elite)* RETIRED
Orel Grinfeeld (Israel, Elite)
Daniele Orsato (Italy, Elite)
Björn Kuipers (Netherlands, Elite)
Danny Makkelie (Netherlands, Elite)
Szymon Marciniak (Poland, Elite)
Artur Dias (Portugal, Elite)
Ovidiu Alin Haţegan (Romania, Elite)
István Kovács (Romania, Elite)
Sergey Karasev (Russia, Elite)
William Collum (Scotland, Elite)
Ivan Kružliak (Slovakia,  Elite)
Antonio Mateu Lahoz (Spain, Elite)
Jesús Gil Manzano (Spain, Elite)
Carlos Del Cerro Grande (Spain, Elite)
Damir Skomina (Slovenia, Elite)
Slavko Vinčić (Slovenia, Elite)
Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey, Elite)

Women Elite
Ivana Martinčić (Croatia, Elite)
Jana Adamkova (Czech Republic, Elite)
Olga Zadinova (Czech Republic, Elite)
Lina Lehtovaara (Finland, Elite)
Stéphanie Frappart (France, Elite)
Florence Guillemin (France, Elite)
Riem Hussein (Germany, Elite)
Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany, Elite)
Katalin Anna Kulcsár (Hungary, Elite)
Sandra Braz Bastos (Portugal, Elite)
Anastasia Pustovoitova (Russia, Elite)
Lorraine Watson (Scotland, Elite)
Pernilla Larsson (Sweden, Elite)
Sara Persson (Sweden, Elite)
Esther Staubili (Switzerland, Elite)
Kateryna Monzul (Ukraine, Elite)

In addition to them, a selection of officials from Category 1 has been made according to the following lists:

Men First
Georgi Kabakov (Bulgaria, Category 1)
Xavier Estrada Fernández (Spain, Category 1)
José María Sánchez Martínez (Spain, Category 1)
Mattias Gestranius (Finland, Category 1)
Ruddy Buquet (France, Category 1)
Daniel Siebert (Germany, Category 1)
Tobias Stieler (Germany, Category 1)
Marco Guida (Italy, Category 1)
Davide Massa (Italy, Category 1)
Gediminas Mažeika (Lithuania, Category 1)
Andris Treimanis (Latvia, Category 1)
Serdar Gözübüyük (Netherlands, Category 1)
Robert Madden (Scotland, Category 1)
Srđan Jovanović (Serbia, Category 1)
Andreas Ekberg (Sweden, Category 1)
Ali Palabıyık (Turkey, Category 1)

Women First
Rebecca Welch (England, Category 1)
Eleni Antoniou (Greece, Category 1)
Eszter Urbán (Hungary, Category 1)
Elvira Nurmustafina (Kazakhstan, Category 1)
Ivana Projkovska (North Macedonia, Category 1)
Ewa Augustyn (Poland, Category 1)
Monika Mularczyk (Poland, Category 1)
Silvia Andreia Rosa Domingos (Portugal, Category 1)
Petra Pavlikova (Slovakia, Category 1)
Marta Frías Acedo (Spain, Category 1)
Marta Huerta de Aza (Spain, Category 1)
Tess Olofsson (Sweden, Category 1)
Melis Özçiğdem (Turkey, Category 1)
Cheryl Foster (Wales, Category 1)

Furthermore, a large pool of specialized VAR has been called:

Stuart Attwell (England, Category 2)
Christopher Kavanagh (England, Category 2)
Craig Pawson (England, Category 1)
Paul Tierney (England, Category 2)
Ricardo de Burgos Bengoechea (Spain, Category 2)
Alejandro José Hernández Hernández (Spain, Category 2)
Juan Martínez Munuera (Spain, Category 2)
Jérôme Brisard (France, Category 2)
François Letexier (France, Category 1)
Benoît Millot (France, Category 2)
Bastian Dankert (Germany, Category 2)
Christian Dingert (Germany, Category 2)
Sascha Stegemann (Germany, Category 2)
Anastasios Papapetrou (Greece, Category 2)
Roi Reinshreiber (Israel, Category 2)
Marco Di Bello (Italy, Category 2)
Michael Fabbri (Italy, Category 2)
Massimiliano Irrati (Italy, Category 2)
Paolo Valeri (Italy, Category 2)
Dennis Johan Higler (Netherlands, Category 2)
Kevin Blom (Netherlands, Former FIFA)
Bas Nijhuis (Netherlands, Category 1)
Pol van Boekel (Netherlands, Former FIFA)
Bartosz Frankowski (Poland, Category 2)
Pawel Gil (Poland, Category 1)
Luís Miguel Branco Godinho (Portugal, Category 3)
Tiago Bruno Lopes Martins (Portugal, Category 1)
João Pedro Silva Pinheiro (Portugal, Category 2)
Vitaliy Meshkov (Russia, Category 2)
Mete Kalkavan (Turkey, Category 2)

Referees who are missing on this list shouldn't be appointed for a game in KO stages. As already reported, during the same days the new FIFA referees will attend their Introductory Course, having also the chance to work together with the Top referees. You can find the new names on international list here, in this previous post. 


  1. Interested is that in Malaga I dont see Raczkowski after his match in CL he should be too

    1. Without analysing each name and just talking about appointments - indeed very surprising Raczkowski is not there and Estrada Fernández is. To be honest Spaniard's invitation comes as a total surprise to me, based on his palmarés / age, compared to the other 1st Cat. referees chosen.

    2. And Guida and Sanchez Martinez is suprise but they are future but Raczkowski who become better for season is absent

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  2. Strange that Kamphuis is not there as VAR.

    1. Introductory course for him because he is new FIFA referee for 2020.

  3. OT

    Some in-box situations from the recent Coppa Italia game, Napoli - Perugia, handled by thirty-one years old 'CAN B' referee Luca Massimi (VAR: Marco Serra).

    => 24' Penalty (charging) to Napoli

    => 34' Penalty (handling) to Napoli, given after an On-Field Review

    => +47' Penalty (handling) to Perugia, given after an On-Field Review

    1. The hesitation of referee after 47' OFR was also because they had forgotten to check a possible offside position before penalty.
      Also, I can explain the ratio there, used in Italy, but not universal criterion: if it had been a deliberate play by defender, the following touch by arm wouldn't have been punished. VAR intervened because first touch was only a deflection on another part of his body. These are the guidelines we are following now.

    2. That's good, because it corresponds to what is written in the LotG. :)
      Clear penalty for me for that reason.
      Decision took to long, but you explained, why.

      34' also clear handball, I think.
      24' at least supportable.

    3. 47: That handball call is against everything a referee should do there. Ball bounces up on his arm, no time to react, unexpected ball. Never a handball there.

    4. @Anonymous I understand your point and thats's why, despite of being also reported on LotG, I'm iin trouble to consider this as very universal criterion for handball assessment... but nowadays this is how it works.

    5. I agree with Anonymous. After the ball bounced back from the foot this can‘t be a handball according to the new rules.

    6. C'mon... It's a clear penalty in 47' according to the new Laws. The player is blocking a pass (so the ball is not unexpected), has his arms in an unnatural position and he doesn't deliberately play the ball but the ball bounces back from his foot (deflection). CLEAR penalty.

  4. I dont remember that i saw such clear demonstration of some association influence before. So many referees from few countries, even 2nd category, and on the other hand no referees from smaller countries...

    1. Part of the explanation is, that referees from countries with VAR should have an advantage as it is used in both competitions now.

  5. A small correction, I wrote a wrong info, course will be held in Majorca, not Malaga. Sorry, my mistake.

  6. Based on this, no Bebek in K.O. :(

    1. Bebek never worked with VAR, before all the other considerations, you have to underline that.

    2. If I'm not wrong, 1.HNL will use VAR in it's matches for the second half of the season? Also he handled five Saudi Pro League matches (if I'm allowed to report that :)) which is enough to have 'passed' the VAR clearance.

      To be fair he had a good season from what I saw but crucial mistakes in Dynamo Kyiv - Club Brugge (wrong 2nd YC), Krasnodar - Getafe (wrong 2nd YC) and Celtic - Lazio (missed SFP) probably cost him; he wasn't appointed in the final two rounds of EL matches.

      Indeed as Chefren underlines, clearly UEFA is moving away from referees such as Bebek, Lechner who are already a step behind regarding VAR.

    3. I think 2nd YC in Krasnodar was supportable. Anyways, he was doing ok this season and he is educated for VAR which is starting in few weeks in Croatia, so a bit disappointing if he is not in UEFA considerations. But also Austrians and some other countries are missed, and I dont really see why some of ENG and SPA refs are invited...

  7. Does including so much VARs mean the beginning of preparation referees for EURO ?

  8. OT: Australian referee appointments
    I'll say straight away, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Kate Jacewicz who will be the centre referee on her first A-League game this weekend. An incredible achievement and well deserved.

    Hyundai A-League Match Day 15 -

    Adelaide United v Melbourne Victory -
    Friday, 17 January 2020
    Coopers Stadium, Adelaide
    Kick-Off: 7:00pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Adam Kersey
    Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Paul Cetrangolo
    Fourth Official: Daniel Elder
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Brisbane Roar v Wellington Phoenix -
    Saturday, 18 January 2020
    Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
    Kick-Off: 4:00pm (Local) (5:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Alex King (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Nathan MacDonald (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Andrew Lindsay (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Adam Kersey
    VAR: Kurt Ams (FIFA)

    Melbourne City v Newcastle Jets -
    Saturday, 18 January 2020
    AAMI Park, Melbourne
    Kick-Off: 7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Kate Jacewicz (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: George Lakrindis (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Ilievski
    Fourth Official: Lachlan Keevers
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Western United v Central Coast Mariners -
    Sunday, 19 January 2020
    GMHBA Stadium, Geelong
    Kick-Off: 4:00pm (Local) (4:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Jonathan Barreiro (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Wilson Brown
    Assistant Referee 2: Tony Peart
    Fourth Official: Jack Morgan
    VAR: Alex King (FIFA)

    Western Sydney Wanderers v Perth Glory -
    Sunday, 19 January 2020
    Bankwest Stadium, Parramatta
    Kick-Off: 6:30pm (Local) (6:30pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Adam Fielding
    Assistant Referee 1: Lance Greenshields (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Kearney Robinson
    Fourth Official: Kurt Ams (FIFA)
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    1. Dutch Referee Blog also recently posted this interview with her.

  9. Has Gediminas Mažeika ever handled a game with VAR in live operation?

    1. Indeed, he never handled game with VAR...

    2. But some game has to be his first.
      Some referees had their first VAR match in this CL season, so I don't think, it's a problem, if Mazeika has his first one in EL R32.
      The alternative would be to send him to Saudi-Arabia soon. ;)

  10. Robert Madden, attendee of the UEFA Advanced Course, will handle first quarterfinal of the King's Cup in Saudi Arabia this afternoon. Full appointment:

    Al Hilal - Al Ittifaq, 1605CET
    REF: Robert Madden (SCO)
    AR1: Graeme Stewart (SCO)
    AR2: David McGeachie (SCO)
    4th: Shukri Al-Hanfush (KSA)
    VAR: Vasco António Moreira dos Santos (POR)
    AVAR: Muhamad Al-Huaysh (KSA)

  11. OT: Offside call overturned by VAR in PSG - Monaco:

    Should Marquinhos's touch be considered as a "save"?
    What do you think of that situation?

    1. Very interesting situation!
      At first, I want to underline that the clear movement by defender with his leg makes the act as deliberate play in all cases.
      Then, all is about the nature of the original ball, I think it was not a shot on goal but rather a pass, so in that case action by defender wouldn't be save, but only deliberate play.
      I would go for NO OFFSIDE for this reason, but I'm open to discussion, if you can prove that original shot was an attempt to score a goal, then the concept of save would be allowed, but I haven't this feeling.

    2. I agree with Chefren.
      The question is, whether it was clear and obvious enough for an VAR intervention.
      Was it done with or without OFR?
      I wonder what could have changed the mind of the referee.

    3. No OFR, I think Antony Gautier explained his point of view with VAR Amaury Delerue and they agreed that it was not a "save".

    4. Hm, but that's not how VAR is supposed to work. Referee must take a decision on himself first and then VAR only intervenes if it was clearly wrong.

    5. Yes, I agree. Decision on the pitch was offside. I expected an OFR if the decision was clearly wrong...

    6. And Gautier did the monitor gesture after validating the goal and not before, it was weird.

    7. According to me there are 2 very important points here:
      1. The action by the defender should not be observed as a deliberate or not deliberate because all the actions by a defender are deliberate - blocking a shot, cutting a pass... all these are deliberate actions. Therefore we must observe if the defender is in control of the ball - and he clearly is not;
      2. VAR has absolutely no right in this situation to take the decision by themselves... The maximum they can do is to offer an OFR.
      So, according to me a crucial mistake by VAR which is a complete shame. People can understand if the referee on the pitch makes a mistake but one cannot understand how VAR that has all the time and cameras in the world can make a mistake or simply is incompetent.

    8. Kralazar, your arguments are invalid. If he is in control or not has zero meaning. The ball was deliberately played in a bad way. There was no save. A save is when a ball is going in or very close to the goal. That was not the case. Easy decision. VAR was fully correct. No on field review is needed.

  12. OT: Spanish Copa del Rey round of 32 appointments, no VAR yet:

    Tuesday 21th of January:

    Recreativo de Huelva (3) - Osasuna: Jesús GIL MANZANO (Elite)

    Zaragoza (2) - Mallorca: Antonio MATEU LAHOZ (Elite)

    Sevilla - Levante: José María SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ (First)

    Wednesday, 22th of January:

    Ibiza-Eivissa (3) - FC Barcelona: Pablo GONZÁLEZ FUERTES

    Elche (2) - Athletic Bilbao: José Luis MUNUERA MONTERO (Second)

    Tenerife (2) - Valladolid: David MEDIÉ JIMÉNEZ

    UD Logroñés (3) - Valencia: Adrián CORDERO VEGA

    Unionistas de Salamanca (3) - Real Madrid: Mario MELERO LÓPEZ

    CF Badalona (3) - Granada: Santiago JAIME LATRE

    Girona (2) - Villarreal: Guillermo CUADRA FERNÁNDEZ (Second)

    Real Sociedad - Espanyol: Alejandro HERNÁNDEZ HERNÁNDEZ (Second)

    Thursday, 24th of January:

    Mirandés (2) - Celta de Vigo: Juan MARTÍNEZ MUNUERA (Second)

    CD Ebro (3) - Leganés: José Luis GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ

    Cultural Leonesa (3) - Atlético de Madrid: Javier ALBEROLA ROJAS

    CD Badajoz (3) - Eibar: Carlos DEL CERRO GRANDE (Elite)

    Rayo Vallecano (2) - Betis: Ricardo DE BURGOS BENGOETXEA (Second)

  13. Predictions for EL Ko games updated with the referees selected for Winter Course:

    Wolverhampton Wanderers - Espanyol
    Anastasios Sidiropulos (GRE) / Denyz Aytekin (GER)

    Sporting - Istanbul Başakşehir
    Ruddy Buquet (FRA) / Davide Massa (ITA)

    Getafe - Ajax
    Orel Grinfeeld (ISR) / Benoît Bastien (FRA)

    Bayer Leverkusen - Porto
    Andris Treimanis (LVA) / Andreas Ekberg (SWE)

    Copenhagen - Celtic
    Srđan Jovanović (SRB) / Xavier Estrada Fernández (ESP)

    APOEL - Basel
    Robert Madden (SCO) / Mattias Gestranius (FIN)

    Cluj - Sevilla
    Georgi Kabakov (BUL) / Daniel Siebert (GER)

    Olympiacos - Arsenal
    Pavel Královec (CZE) / Slavko Vinčić (SVN)

    AZ Alkmaar - Linz
    José María Sánchez Martínez (ESP) / Ali Palabıyık (TUR)

    Club Brugge - Manchester United
    Gediminas Mažeika (LTU) / Serdar Gözübüyük (NED)

    Ludogorets Razgrad - Inter
    István Kovács (ROU) / Artur Dias (POR)

    Eintracht Frankfurt - RB Salzburg
    Sergey Karasev (RUS) / Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)

    Shakhtar Donetsk - Benfica
    Michael Oliver (ENG) / Szymon Marciniak (POL)

    Wolfsburg - Malmoe
    Marco Guida (ITA) / William Collum (SCO)

    Roma - Gent
    Anthony Taylor (ENG) / Aleksei Kulbakov (BLR)

    Rangers - Braga
    Damir Skomina (SVN) / Tobias Stieler (GER)

    1. Mine are (with VAR in brackets):
      Wolverhampton Wanderers - Espanyol: Buquet (Brisard) / Soares Dias (Martins)
      Sporting - Istanbul Başakşehir: Stieler (Dingert) / Oliver (Kavanagh)
      Getafe - Ajax: Massa (Irrati) / Madden (Guida)
      Bayer Leverkusen - Porto: Gözübüyük (Kamphuis) / Sidiropoulos (Papapetrou)
      Copenhagen - Celtic: Palabiyik (Kalkavan) / Karasev (Meshkov)
      APOEL - Basel: Collum (Attwell) / Kruzliak (Gil Manzano)
      Cluj - Sevilla: Brych (Dankert) / Skomina (Makkelie)
      Olympiacos - Arsenal: Gil Manzano (Martinez) / Jovanovic (Higler)
      AZ Alkmaar - Linz: Estrada (Sanchez) / Turpin (Letexier)
      Club Brugge - Manchester United: Treimanis (Valeri) / Kovacs (Fabbri)
      Ludogorets Razgrad - Inter: Gestranius (Tierney) / Siebert (Dingert)
      Eintracht Frankfurt - RB Salzburg: Kabakov (Fabbri) / del Cerro Grande (Hernandez)
      Shakhtar Donetsk - Benfica: Grinfeeld (Reinshreiber) / Aytekin (Stieler)
      Wolfsburg - Malmoe: Guida (di Bello) / Sanchez (Martinez)
      Roma - Gent: Mazeika (Nijhuis) / Kulbakov (Pawson)
      Rangers - Braga: Ekberg (Frankowski) / Kralovec (Buquet)

      (Planning with Bastien, Hategan, Kuipers, Marciniak, Mateu, Taylor, Vincic and Zwayer for CL 1st legs)

  14. If I'm not wrong 22' in Parma - Roma game was a total failure by referee-VAR. Defender plays the ball, AR1 gives offside, GK commits a DOGSO foul, referee restarts the game.

    Video clip?

    1. The defender didn't play the ball, they touched the ball almost at the same time, and then there have been a deflection by another Roma defender. It's possible to discuss about who touched the ball as last, but for me is difficult to detect. Anyway not a clear mistake ;)

    2. Anonymous is right, that's explanation, I think impossible to judge that even with VAR, simultaneous touch. At first glance, I had the same impression you wrote, Mikael, but then it turned out to be a very tricky case.

  15. AFC Cup U-23 - Thailand 2020



    Referee: Sato Ryuji (JPN)
    Assistant Referee 1: Yamauchi Hiroshi (JPN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Mihara Jun (JPN)
    Fourth Official: Nawaf Abdulla Ghayyath Shukralla (BHR)
    Video Assistant Referee: Kimura Hiroyuki (JPN)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Iida Jumpei (JPN)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Tojo Minoru (JPN)


    Referee: Ahmed Abu Bakar Said Al Kaf (OMA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Al-Amri Abu Bakar Salim Mahad (OMA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Rashid Hamed Ali Al Ghaithi (OMA)
    Fourth Official: Ali Sabah Adday Al-Qaysi (IRQ)
    Video Assistant Referee: Beath Christopher James (AUS)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Evans Shaun Robert (AUS)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Ko Hyung Jin (KOR)

  16. AFC Cup U-23 - Thailand 2020



    Referee: Abdulrahman Ibrahim Y J Al-Jassim (QAT)
    Assistant Referee 1: Taleb Salem H A Al-Marri (QAT)
    Assistant Referee 2: Saoud Ahmed S A Almaqaleh (QAT)
    Fourth Official: Khamis Mohammed S A Al-Marri (QAT)
    Video Assistant Referee: Abdulla Ali A A Al-Marri (QAT)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Khamis Mohamed K A Al-Kuwari (QAT)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Sivakorn Pu-Udom (THA)


    Referee: Fu Ming (CHN)
    Assistant Referee 1: Shi Xiang (CHN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Cao Yi (CHN)
    Fourth Official: Ma Ning (CHN)
    Video Assistant Referee: Evans Shaun Robert (AUS)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Beath Christopher James (AUS)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Adham Mohammad Tumah Makhadmeh (JOR)

  17. (OT) Cyprus FA postpones league matches after the car of ref Andreas Konstantinou (33 yrs old) was bombed yesterday night. Investigators turned their attention to Konstantinou’s involvement with football, specifically to a fixture between Doxa and AEL which ended in a 2-2 draw. After the game, AEL had expressed complaints about the refereeing.

    Highlights of the game in question:

  18. Replies
    1. 12: He trips him . SLight contact but absolutely enough at that speed. Red card missed 100%.

      39: Clear foul. Unbelievable decision to play on.

    2. 5% possibility to support referee's decision in the 12´ but zero possibility to do so in the 39´.

    3. 39' referee gave advantage

  19. DFB has instructed the referees to be way stricter towards unsporting behaviour by players, coaches and team officials. They say that the instruction is a reaction to increasing violence against referees in Germany's lowest divisions. Players who surround the referee or make the 'monitor signal' will be punished more quickly with a YC. In addition, provoking or causing a big mass confrontation will immediately lead to a straight RC.
    It will be interesting to see, how strictly this instruction will be applied by the referees.

    1. Basically they are instructed to follow the laws of the game instead of igoring them. England has the biggest problem in this.

  20. Kate Jacewicz has just started her first A-League game!
    History made!

    1. I'm happy to report that overall Kate Jacewicz had a good first A-League game. One correct VAR intervention for a handball penalty.

  21. Schalke - Gladbach referee Deniz Aytekin

    tackle assessed as fair


    normal contact or spa-dogso (imo only spa)

    and, as a bonus, great reaction on common unsporting behaviour by kicking the ball away after whistle, all referees should learn from Aytekin how to act against this

    1. The YC for kicking the ball after whistle not necessarily is but could be a first consequence of the new instruction I described above. Lutz-Michael Fröhlich said players and spectators should not be surprised if there will be some more YCs on the following matchdays. To complete the examples above, I can tell you that following actions will cause a
      - YC
      attacking a player, who lays on the ground verbally
      running towards / surrounding the referee
      protesting with gestures
      carrying or throwing the ball away in order to delay the restart of the game
      demanding the use of VAR or calling for a YC for the opponent
      simulating an opponent's contact without being touched
      - 2ndYC
      continuing with protests after having received a YC
      provoking/causing a big mass confrontation

    2. All decisions are correct or at least supportable (not clear mistakes). The tackle could have been assessed as foul due to what happened after having played ball, in this case player was aware that opponent was there, but still NO FOUL is not perceived as mistake there. Handling absolutely not punishable. I also agree on play-on in the third situation, however in case of foul there, RC for DOGSO for me.
      Bonus clip: excellent reaction by Aytekin, this action was not so blatant like other ones, but very often we see such behavior unpunished. So I praise the German. Maybe this is related to what Ref_1707 wrote in his comment, new strict guidelines by DFB against all the unsporting behaviors by players.

    3. I strongly disagree that the tackle could be assessed as fair. That was very dangerous and reckless.

    4. Fair tackle.

    5. Reckless tackle.

    6. About 10' - archetypal standing leg tackle, I really do not see how any outcome is possible other than evaluating that as reckless.

      You can criticise UEFA for some things but they must be praised for their robust evaluation of such tackles since 2015/16 season, IMO.

  22. Following on from earlier the host broadcaster for the A-
    league interviewed Kate Jacewicz after the match.

    1. Thank you Jackson, I share this video on social networks.

  23. AFC Cup U-23 - Thailand 2020

    Referee: Ahmed Abu Bakar Said Al Kaf (OMA)
    Video Assistant Referee: Beath Christopher James (AUS)

    Crucial penalty dicision by VAR only review.
    VAR thought release of holding was only for a moment but it was late.

    1. As for disciplinary:

      No card.

      No card.

  24. Arsenal-Sheffield United
    500th game for Mike Dean in PL.
    Unbelievable achievement to referee that many games on the highest level.Just for the contrast Martin Atkinson is the second with 397th games.
    Congrats to Dean and let's see how many games will still come for him!

  25. Two interesting scenes in Real Madrid - Sevilla.

    A Sevilla goal was disallowed after OFR (29’)

    And another Sevilla goal which stood, after the ball hit an attcker’s arm (twice) prior to the goal (64’).

    1. 29': Correct decision and VAR intervention IMO.
      64': Borderline decision, whether it is immediate before the goal or not. Both would be supportable IMO.

  26. Replies
    1. So after Kulbakov and Madden, in my opinion it is not a coincidence to see another referee who will attend the UEFA Winter Course and will officiate in EL KO stage with VAR. They are all coming from countries without VAR. Maybe these appointments were directly made by Rosetti or something like that :).
      BTW, thanks for your work with all these clips! I will check them later.

    2. 11' Jumping for hitting the ball right in front of keeper and with another defender who is challenging for the ball as well are definitely clear signals of an active offside position, correct decision after VAR OFR.

      25' Live I had the impression of a very clear penalty for reckless tackle, then after watching replay I must say there is almost no contact between players, but one can't be 100% sure. I can understand why OFR was made there and I can understand also the final decision by referee, not clear situation in any case, maybe more PLAY ON than FOUL.

      39' Missed foul and RC, SFP. I disagree with NO VAR intervention, I hope in CL and EL KO stages such fouls will be punished by RC.

      42' Should have been penalty. No matter the very short distance between header and then touch by arm, defender took a risk with arm in that position. Also, no reasons for NO VAR intervention there if we want consistency in such situations.

      73' It is a deliberate action without any intent to play ball but just to hit opponent. To me, clear violent conduct and VAR must intervene. With VAR, such behaviors should be spotted and punished. That's the minimum we can expect. Not good performance by VAR in this game, to be honest. I hope UEFA VARs in KO stages will act in a different way.

      105' To be honest RC was correct. The tackle by defender is targeted on the ball, right, but for sure the effect of this touch are absolutely not significant. Ball still stays there. Then, defender with such action impedes attacker from a clear possession of the ball. RC was correct. Wrong OFR, and in this case I would say it was a very poor decision to change idea.

    3. 73’ - In UEFA KO stages VAR’s will certainly not intervene because for UEFA these actions are considered as reckless fouls. Only when brutality or excessive force are used situations like these are assessed as violent conducts. Multiple examples in recent RAP’s.

    4. Anonymous 1806 is correct - clip from additional time in ARSREN was evaluated as only a caution by UEFA in last RAP released, for instance.

      I agree with Chefren though; I really cannot see how kicking an opponent with any amount of force off-the-ball is not "excessive".

  27. Shocking decision by Giacomelli in Lecce - Inter, he was called by VAR for a possible RC for SFP, he confirmed YC. I'm speechless.

    1. The only reason I can think of is that the Lecce player had no intention to injure his opponent. Ball took a deflection while his foot was already in air and he landed on Barella's ankle.

      Most importantly, the injury was not serious and Inter player was able to continue the match.

    2. To be honest Chefren I agree with Giacomelli to not send Lecce player off. Lecce-player first played the ball in a quite normal manner and after that his foot has to come down ay some point. Inter-player at the same time moves his leg in front, which causes this highly unfortunate contact. One cannot blame the Lecce-player for SFP in my opinion.

    3. Another 'Accidental SFP' incident - wow, there have been so many this season!
      I even start to wonder how much they are all accidents...

      There really ought to be a specific framework given by associations for how to evaluate these contacts that are evidently SFP in nature, but are ostensibly accidents in their coming.

      Maybe we will write a blog post about how to evaluating such tackles in the near future.

    4. I would remind all that it does not matter in the laws of the game whether something like SFP was intentional or accidental. If it endangered the safety of the opponent that's it. In fact judging by law changes over the last 5 years I would argue we are moving further towards impact and outcome based interpretations.

    5. I agree that also incidental acts of SFP can be sanctioned with a sending-off, but only if the player involved decides to take an irresponsible risk in challenging for the ball.

      The LotG state that “a tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as SFP”. Explicitly the tackle or challenge in itself should be considered here in my opinion, and when this tackle or challenge is just a normal football action (without excessive force, without excessive speed, initiated with no studs up as in the Lecce-Inter example), and the ‘danger’ arises only because BOTH players make an action for the ball, and the alleged offender even playing the ball first, then it makes no sense to punish him with a red card.

      Luckily UEFA in their RAP’s, among others, also use the criteria of ‘intent’ and ‘malice’ to evaluate tackles and challenges, and not only assess incidents on impact and outcome.

    6. Well, the "or" in the LotG actually makes "endangering the safety" sufficient for SFP. Excessive force is not required by the wording in the Laws.
      But in practical terms, I completely agree with your Statement.

  28. Scandalous refereeing Liverpool vs Manchester at 2-0 that was overturned. Many players shouting and touching and pushing the referee who only shows one yellow card. Several cards and at least a red card should have been given for De Gea for touching the referee several times. Embarrassing.

    1. It's English officiating!

    2. Anyone else think the goal should have stood? I know gks get more protection but I saw no clear foul... maybe other angles will say different. Also good offside by AR to disallow another LIV goal (although I would expect Gary Beswick to spot this as he did).

    3. Clear offence by the Red attacker. He may have been looking at the ball, but jumped into the GK with no chance to win the ball (height of head vs height of arms).

      Having said that, once the referee decided not to call that offence and allow the defending player to carry the ball out of his own penalty area (poor example of advantage, please do not try at home), the attacking phase of play restarted anew for the actual goal, so VAR should NOT have been able to call this back.

    4. Clear faul on GK. Coreect decision to overturn it.

  29. 2-0 in LIVMUN after one of the greatest advantages in history. Just WOW!!!

    1. You are probably joking. That's a a standard offside advantage. Goalkeeper had full control of the ball of course a referee should give an advantage there. It is expected.

  30. OT: CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament referees, source Árbitro Internacional.

    Darío Herrera (ARG, 1985)
    Facundo Tello (ARG, 1982)
    Ivo Méndez (BOL, 1991)
    Rodolpho Toski (BRA, 1987)
    Piero Maza (CHI, 1984)
    Nicolás Gallo (COL, 1986)
    Franklin Congo (ECU, 1988)
    Eber Aquino (PAR, 1983)
    Kevin Ortega (PER, 1992)
    Esteban Ostojich (URU, 1982)
    Andrés Matonte (URU, 1988)
    Ángel Arteaga (VEN, 1986)

  31. A situation from serie A game Brescia - Cagliari.
    Balotelli sent off with a straight RC for an insult against referee, following a YC for reckless challenge.

    1. Excellent behavior of the referee. I saw the whole match and I liked Giua really a lot.

    2. Well, he wasnt too aggressive in his protests so it must be some insult.

  32. AFC Cup U-23 - Thailand 2020



    Referee: Nawaf Abdulla Ghayyath Shukralla (BHR)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mohamed Jaafar Mohamed Salman (BHR)
    Assistant Referee 2: Abdulla Saleh Abdulla Mohsen Alrowaimi (BHR)
    Fourth Official: Adham Mohammad Tumah Makhadmeh (JOR)
    Video Assistant Referee: Mohammed Abdulla Hassan Mohamed (UAE)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Omar Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Alali (UAE)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Sivakorn Pu-Udom (THA)


    Referee: Sato Ryuji (JPN)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mihara Jun (JPN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Yamauchi Hiroshi (JPN)
    Fourth Official: Tojo Minoru (JPN)
    Video Assistant Referee: Kimura Hiroyuki (JPN)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Iida Jumpei (JPN)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Ma Ning (CHN)

  33. Al Wehda - Al Ahli, Ivan Bebek (Igor Pajač)

    22' Penalty (tripping) awarded after an On-Field Review; Management
    59' Reckless vs. Violent Conduct? VAR supports Yellow Card

    Quite impressive performance from Bebek - he successfully managed to present himself as a players' friend referee in an Arab match. Three missed cautions though: two reckless stamps and one rather irregular standing-leg tackle were not sanctioned.

    Maybe refereeing moved on a bit from his style but he made a good case (if futile) to be given a Europa League Knockout game this year.

  34. What a game for Massa in Napoli - Lazio Coppa Italia quarterfinal.
    I never saw a so challenging first half when we are still in the 28' minute...

    1. Unfortunately, I zapped in too late. Does anyone have videos for both red cards and the penalty?

    2. Fascinating how everything calmed down after that 2nd RC.

  35. Imo, Atkinson's style of officiating match has no plaće in todays game.
    Obvious cards not given, one was 2nd bookable offence that should have been given to AVL player(even player was expecting it).
    He tried to talk with players too much, yes he is big name and can afford that but tonight was too much imo.

    1. That is exactly what football fans and the PL wants.

    2. Do they though? Because the winning goal actually came off the player that should have been sent off.

  36. DFB has published some statistics for VAR in the first half of the Bundesliga season:
    844 checks in 153 matches (545 goals, 204 (potential) penalties, 93 (potential) Red Cards, 1 mistaken identity)
    583 silent checks (no communication between referee and VAR)
    200 checks with communication but without intervention
    61 VAR interventions: 57 of those were correct with the correct final decision, in 2 cases the intervention was correct, but the final decision was wrong (i.e. the referee made the wrong choice after the OFR), in 2 cases the intervention was wrong, but the final decision was correct. The number of wrong interventions was much lower than in previous seasons.
    8 VAR interventions were missing.
    The duration of a review process was 79 seconds on average, more than in previous seasons.

    2. Bundesliga:
    162 matches; 820 checks; 65 VAR interventions, 52 of them correct; Of the 13 wrong interventions, 2 lead to a correct final decision, 1 to a wrong final decision, in the other 10 cases the final decision was neither clearly richt nor wrong. 6 VAR interventions were missing.

  37. What a failure of VAR in France..
    Referee gave PK to Losc in 90min but replay showed Rafael cleared the ball first. No OFR..


    2. Very good decision by Millot, typical standing leg tackle (correct caution too).

  38. Keeper was almost a metre off his line for the penalty save in Sheffield v Manchester game. They have VAR in PL but refuse to use it for these situations like the law says too. Just another example of how the Premier League refuse to follow VAR protocol as set down by IFAB.

  39. 1/2
    Davide Massa in Napoli - Lazio, Coppa Italia quarterfinal.

    First half was very challenging for referee with several crucial decisions to be taken. Overall, one can back his choices (indeed there wasn't any VAR intervention for correcting) but for sure at the same time one could say that he lacked in something, especially the skill to make his decisions accepted by players. It has been a long time that Massa has shown great technical abilities, but unluckily it seems as he can't match that with players management. I always hoped he could improve in that but for now I must report (my opinion of course) that this has not still happened. Would be great to see him developing in this area, but many years have passed and I'm afraid this will be very difficult. A pity because under a technical point of view he is very often excellent. Character and personality can't be changed, or at least can't be changed radically, therefore I think that at least fpor now he is not referee for so hot games. I hope in future he can prove that I'm wrong.

    8' Penalty for reckless challenge
    The decision is correct, very stupid action by defender with keeper ready to gain possession of the ball, the result is a reckless action. Good spot by Massa with YC, and here you can see his abilities. However, he waited a bit before whistling. At first I thought of a possible intervention by AR2, but he was too far from this incident, I think Massa waited to be sure (we will see that this will happen later as well). The penalty will be then missed by player, slipping before kick, in case of goal it would have been disallowed by VAR for double touch (replay confirmed that). Double touch was not detected on the pitch.

    14' YC for reckless challenge.
    Another good decision, referees explains the reasons of his decision (foot in face).

    19' Second YC for SPA / reckless challenge and a possible VAR intervention before.
    At first I must report that the VAR assessment was that it wasn't a punishable handball. Then, you can see how much difficult was this situation for referee. Before issuing second YC to player (the same who had committed penalty's foul) he looked several times at fourth official. Here the most important points for discussion: referee had missed the player who had fouled opponent, or maybe he was waiting for previous VAR assessment before proceding? I think that the correct answer is the former. Very likely he asked fourth official which player he had to book. Still a very correct decision, but the management was not the best, as you can see. In these minutes, game was very hot.

    24' YC for SPA / Reckless and straight RC for insult against referee
    And now we come to the most controversial situation in which very likely there is a mistake. The original challenge by Lazio player was overall targeted on the ball, Massa assessed a foul and then he booked him. Once detected this action as foul, it is a fully correct decision to give YC. However, after that player showed his dissenting behavior by insulting referee and he was correctly sent off. The same made by Balotelli in Brescia - Cagliari, I posted a clip on the blog. Many people are thinking that this straight RC was an effect of what had happened before, otherwise referee wouldn't have sent him off. I can't accept this reasoning, I'm sure Massa would have booked in all cases the player for his desrepectful behavior.

    1. 2/2
      After that, game calmed down for almost all its duration.

      In second half he missed this clear YC for a very reckless challenge (56'):
      Absolutely wrong perception by referee, who didn't whistle foul and allowed game to be resumed by throw-in (for me, more mistake than the previous YC to Lazio player before straight red).

      In 63' and 88' there were two excellent offside calls by AR1, VAR confirmed the disallowed goals.



      You should watch full first half to understand in a more detailed way why, despite of some excellent calls in a very hot game, without need of VAR interventions, Massa should definitely improve his skills before thinking about something very big for him. Again, let's hope that in future he will do that, his first part of 2019-20 season has been very poor and I'm really sad for that. He was the first option for Italy behind Rocchi and Orsato, with the call for Qatar 2022 preselection.

    2. Thank you, Chefren! Great to read and watch, for sure it will be interesting to look at Massa‘s development

  40. OT: Australian referee appointments
    Hyundai A-League Match Day 16 -

    Wellington Phoenix v Newcastle Jets -
    Friday, 24 January 2020
    Westpac Stadium, Wellington
    Kick-Off: 7:15pm (Local) (5:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Ben Abraham
    Assistant Referee 1: Lance Greenshields (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Sarah Jones (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Tim Danaskos
    VAR: Nick Waldron (FIFA)

    Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC -
    Friday, 24 January 2020
    AAMI Park, Melbourne
    Kick-Off: 7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Alex King (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: George Lakrindis (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Wilson Brown
    Fourth Official: Kate Jacewicz (FIFA)
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Central Coast Mariners v Brisbane Roar -
    Saturday, 25 January 2020
    Central Coast Stadium, Gosford
    Kick-Off: 5:00pm (Local) (5:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Adam Fielding
    Assistant Referee 1: Owen Goldrick (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Andrej Giev
    Fourth Official: Katie Patterson
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Melbourne City v Perth Glory -
    Saturday, 25 January 2020
    AAMI Park, Melbourne
    Kick-Off: 7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Daniel Elder
    Assistant Referee 1: David Walsh
    Assistant Referee 2: Tony Peart
    Fourth Official: Alex King (FIFA)
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Western United FC v Adelaide United -
    Sunday, 26 January 2020
    VU Whitton Oval, Footscray
    Kick-Off: 6:00pm (Local) (6:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Kurt Ams (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Daniel Ilievski
    Assistant Referee 2: Andrew Meimarakis
    Fourth Official: Lachlan Keevers
    VAR: Alex King (FIFA)

    *Am expecting to see those referees currently at the AFC U23 Championships in Thailand to be back on A-League games next week.

  41. Matej Jug from Slovenia is chosen by the greek referee commitee to handle the derby between AEK Athens and Olympiacos on Sunday. On VAR duty will be Koumparakis ( not FIFA listed).

  42. Next Serie A matchday: two big matches on sunday afternoon / night
    Roma's derby ROMA - LAZIO CALVARESE (NON FIFA referee at his last year)
    Orsato, Massa, Guida, Irrati, Valeri and Di Bello are not available on sunday due to their travel to Mallorca for Uefa winter course

    1. First big match ever for Mariani since he has become a FIFA referee, it will be interesting to watch this game. Rocchi will work as VAR there, while his "UEFA colleagues" will attend the first course without him on next week...

  43. AFC Cup U-23 - Thailand 2020



    Referee: Mohammed Abdulla Hassan Mohamed (UAE)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mohamed Ahmed Yousef Abdulla Alhammadi (UAE)
    Assistant Referee 2: Hasan Mohamed Hasan Abdulla Almahri (UAE)
    Fourth Official: Sivakorn Pu-Udom (THA)
    Video Assistant Referee: Abdulrahman Ibrahim Y J Al-Jassim (QAT)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Omar Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Alali (UAE)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Khamis Mohammed S A Al-Marri (QAT)

  44. AFC Cup U-23 - Thailand 2020



    Referee: Beath Christopher James (AUS)
    Assistant Referee 1: Anton Shchetinin (AUS)
    Assistant Referee 2: Ashley Warwick Beecham (AUS)
    Fourth Official: Ma Ning (CHN)
    Video Assistant Referee: Evans Shaun Robert (AUS)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Fu Ming (CHN)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Adham Mohammad Tumah Makhadmeh (JOR)

    1. YES! Congratulations to Chris Beath and his team.

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