Saturday, 7 December 2019

New UEFA referees for 2020

We are pleased to present the list of NEW European FIFA referees for 2020.

Sofik Torosyan (Armenia, 1994, Woman)
Christian-Petru Ciochirca (Austria, 1989, Man)
Walter Altmann (Austria, 1984, Man)
Olivia Tschon (Austria, 1994, Woman)
Viktar Shymusik (Belarus, 1985, Man)
Amine Kourgheli (Belarus, 1991, Man)
Dzmitry Dzmitryieu (Belarus, 1988, Man)
Aliaksandra Yakushevich (Belarus, Woman)
Dragomir Draganov (Bulgaria, Man)
Pavel Rejžek (Czech Republic, 1990, Man)
Andrew Madley (England, 1983, Man)
David Coote (England, Man)
Stacey Pearson (England, Woman)
Kirsty Dowle (England, Woman)
Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Spain, 1984, Man)
Willy Delajod (France, 1992, Man)
Maika Vanderstichel (France, 1994, Woman)
Goga Kikacheishvili (Georgia, 1991, Man)
Harm Osmers (Germany, 1985, Man)
David Fuxman (Israel, 1990, Man)
Fabio Maresca (Italy, 1981, Man)
Tatyana Sorokopudova (Kazakhstan, 1990, Woman)
Visar Kastrati (Kosovo, 1986, Man)
Jasmin Sabotic (Luxembourg, 1994, Man)
Natalia Clipca (Moldova, 1988, Woman)
Oxana Cruc (Moldova, Woman)
Allard Lindhout (Netherlands, 1987, Man)
Jochem Kamphuis (Netherlands, 1986, Man)
Jamie Robert Robinson (Northern Ireland, Man)
Louise Thompson (Northern Ireland, Woman)
Sigurd Kringstad (Norway, 1987, Man)
Vitor Jorge Fernandes Ferreira (Portugal, 1988, Man)
Teresa Alice Pimenta Oliveira (Portugal, 1987, Woman)
Ana Maria Alexandra Terteleac (Romania, 1995, Woman)
Marina Krupskaya (Russia, 1990, Woman)
David Alexander Munro (Scotland, 1990, Man)
Lazar Lukić (Serbia, 1981, Man)
Miloš Đorđić (Serbia, 1987, Man)
Jelena Međedović (Serbia, 1992, Woman)
Lukas Fähndrich (Switzerland, 1984, Man)
Miriama Matulová (Slovakia, 1994, Woman)
Arda Kardeşler (Turkey, 1988, Man)
Viktor Kopiievskyi (Ukraine, 1990, Man)


  1. Wow, Kopievsky
    Good luck to my compatriot) absolutely deserved

  2. If you can help us with the missing years of births...

  3. Matchweek 15 of the Premier League featured 2 VAR reviews (both of them VAR-only, of course). Go to the following link to watch a full video of every review, get all information about each of them and get statistics about VAR in the league.

  4. Miloš Đorđić. Novi Beograd. 11.06.1987
    Arda Kardeşler. Bursa. 1988

  5. There has been a revolution in Belarus. Three new FIFA referees.
    At moment the male referees on the list are indeed three, this should mean that Belarus got a further spot from FIFA, otherwise we should think that also Kulbakov has been removed (of course, that's not the case). I think there will be 4 referees from 01/01/20.
    All the rest has been changed.
    I remember some comments on the blog about Kulbakov in his domestic league as well...

    Two new names for England and now the referees from this country will be 8. Let's remember that at moment they have only 6 FIFA referees on the list, they could have 10. So I guess nobody has been replaced, for sure.

    One Austrian name retiring should be Schörgenhofer for sure.

    One of the new Serbian names is the replacement for Mazic. The other one maybe Grujic? If I remember well, it was reported he was about to be removed as well.

    1. Yes there are 4 places for Belarus. Kulbakou now back on top at home

    2. The second Austrian leaving the list should be Alexander Harkam. The other ones wouldn't make much sense, because they get good appointments regularly (Lechner, Schüttengruber) or are relatively new on the list (Jäger, Gishamer). Schörgenhofer retiring because of his age.

    3. Chefren, let me correct you with new FIFA referees from Russia.

      It is written that Marina Krupskaya is a new Russian internatinal ref, but she got the FIFA badge one year ago for sure.

      There are only 2 new referees from Russia: they are actually both assitants and females: Ekaterina Kozyreva (1993) and Ekaterina Chernova (1994)

    4. Chefren, please, also tell us, are there any rules on how many FIFA referees can each country have? Are there any strict slots?

    5. About Marina Krupskaya, it should be that for some reasons (maybe you will confirm that) she couldn't start the international career so she is considered still new for UEFA having to attend the specific course. There were also other similar cases in past, major reason should be that they couldn't pass tests or something like that.
      In addition, I wanted to ask whether Bezborodov has been indeed still confirmed on the list, he should turn 47 in 2020. What about Russian age limits?
      And then, about the last question, for sure I can't answer. This is something very specific, I only know that this number changes for some country, but, as Philipp wrote in another post, for the European "major" federations the slots are always 10.

    6. 10

      POR, RUS


      BUL, CRO, CZE, HUN



      ALB, AZE, BIH, EST, GEO, KVX(?, 2 at the moment + Visar Kastrati), LTU, LUX, LVA, MDA, MKD, MNE, WAL

      ARM, FRO

      AND, GIB, SMR

    7. Thank you very much for the answer.

      Speaking about Marina Krupskaya, actually she was in the FIFA list in 2017 for the frist time, but she didn't pass test on speaking English. Then, in 2018 she finally passed it and for sure she was on the list to go to seminar in Portugal last year. I heard that she had problems with visa. And if I'm not mistaken she didn't get it and couldn't attend the seminar. Maybe that is the reason, why she is considered to be still "new". Actually I don't remember, whether she got any international appointments this year.

      Turning to Bezborodov, he is definitely confirmed and yes, he is going to turn 47 in January!!!

      The same situation with assistant referee Anton Averianov. He was one of the Karasev's assistants on the WC 2018. He will turn 47 as well next yaer and he is confirmed as a FIFA assistant ref for the next year! By the way, he is FIFA referee since 2000!!! So, it would be is 21th year as FIFA ref!!! Unbelievable!

      In Russia we had age limits in the past but now there are no age limits at all

  6. Ana Maria Terteleac, Roumanie, born to 1995

    1. She was born in 1994, it s a mistake there

  7. Penalty given in the Manchester derby to United by VAR Michael Oliver after it was missed on field by referee Anthony Taylor. Correct decision for me but again as usual there was no On Field Review. Lots of protests by City which maybe wouldn't be as much if they saw the referee taking the decision himself by looking at the replays on the pitch side monitor.

    1. I strongly condemn this habit by Premier League officials to whistle penalty after VAR consultation without looking at monitors.
      Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

    2. Unfortunately it's not just a bad habit but a directive from those above in decision making roles.

  8. David Coote and Andy Madley have only 24 Premier League matches between them. Is it known who they're replacing on the list?

    1. Ahh they're not replacing anybody. Just read Chefren's post above. Crazy to think that England can have 10 FIFA referees? Wow.

    2. Spain also does have 10 FIFA spots.

      Maybe is the same 'privilege' that will get Madley, Coote, Cuadra Fernández, Delajod, Maresca and Osmers directly promoted to Second Category.

    3. Not only the 5 biggest European football nations (England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), but also Argentina, Brazil and Mexico (can) have 10 FIFA referees. Not sure, whether Portugal and Russia, which have 9 referees on the list in 2019, could have a tenth spot.
      Otherwise, I didn't find any country with more than 7 FIFA referees, but maybe there is?

  9. This VAR thing is a total crap! In Red Star-Bayern (when it was 0-1) Kuipers gave penalty for handling, and absolutely the same thing (maybe even more obvious) occur in Mancherster City-Manchester United and Teylor didn't whistle PK, and VAR confirmed it! Two among top 5 European refs in same situation made two totally different decisions. ABNORMAL! To add that Taylor made big mistake when not whistled PK for United, but VAR correctly gave it.

    1. I saw both incidents and imo the penalty whistled by Kuipers was wrong and I think it was right not to whistle penalty for handball against United. For me there is no offence here.

    2. But this is not a VAR problem, but a problem with the handball rules still not being clear enough. Without VAR, nothing would be better in this aspect.

    3. I think it would be helpful to go back to the old handball-interpretation, only giving handball, when you can see the intention to play the ball! I am tired to see defenders with arms on their back in unnatural positions just to prevent a penalty.

  10. Pay attention to the new referee from Belarus Amine Kourgheli. This is a fantastic promotion. He is only 28 years old, and he is only the second year in the main league of Belarus. In the ranking of the referee of the most respected sports newspaper, Kourgheli is the first of this season. A former football player, he interrupted his career to become a referee.
    Amine was born in Belarus, but has Algerian roots. At one time, his father came to Belarus to get a higher education and met his mother. He speaks good French.
    But skeptical remarks are also made, for example: “Amine now takes mainly due to physical qualities. He moves like a meteor. Every moment he is near. He sees everything. But five years will pass, there will be no such physical conditions - other qualities should already be turn on."

    1. I hope the words "running gag" don't get a new meaning!???
      No, no, for sure he is a good one. Good luck to all newbies...!

  11. Miriama Matulová (Slovakia, 1994)

  12. Besides the missed penalty corrected by VAR I think it was a good performance by Anthony Taylor. Especially when you compare it to the earlier game refereed by Craig Pawson where many cautions were missed.

  13. Jelena Međedović. Beograd. 01.01.1992

  14. Wow...congratulations to David coote....Really happy for him

  15. David Foxman 09/12/1990

  16. The referee managers of 10 regions (of 18 in Norway) has sent a letter stating their distrust of Terje Hauge and their wish of a new leadership. Reasons are:
    - bad cooperation with leading people (Rune Pedersen, regional referee managers, referees and observers)
    - favorisation of referees from some regions, especially Hauges own.
    - bad sporting level and bad or no instruction
    - leadership style
    - division of the referee community ("divide and rule" )

    This might be the end of Hauges time as referee manager in Norway...

  17. For instagram Makkelie will be referee in Salzburg-Liverpool

    1. So we have the confirmation that a fourth appointment is possible, no doubts about that. Let's wait for the other names in a short time.

    2. But Makkelie was not appointed on MD5, so he was expected anyway.

  18. Kuipers confirmed for Inter-Barca. Fourth appointment for him too.

    1. So Kuipers and Makkelie with four out of six matches. Does this mean they are number 1 and 2 on the Elite at this moment?


  20. Which Dutch referees are leaving the FIFA-list?

    1. Blom and? Kuipers kept only for EURO.

    2. Coote n Madley fifa refs, just shows how shockingly poor Premiership referees actually are

  21. What about the new assistants?

  22. Who will be replaced instead of Pavel Rejžek from Czech?

  23. Replies
    1. Is's surprised. I expected Ardeleanu will be removed...

    2. Ardeleanu has been followed closely by committee as potential talent, impossible to think that he would have been removed.
      Under an international point of view (of course, I don't know domestically) Zelinka is not in a good position...

    3. Chefren, is there any info about new AR ?

    4. No info, when I will get the list, I will publish it on the blog.

  24. Zelinka is better referee than Ardeleanu. Ardeleanu has no match in Chech league in this season probably due to punishment for some mistakes in last season. I don't understand his promotion. No Champion league matches for chzech referees in year 2019, so bad times for czech referees probably started.

  25. About Arda Kardesler, new Turkish FIFA Referee, had lots of games with too many controversial decisions on Turkish Super League this year. Personally I don't think he is ready for UEFA spot. Umit Ozturk lost his place because of his photos together with Galatasaray trainer Fatih Terim after a game inside the stadium.
    I would prefer Zorbay Kucuk (1992) ahead of any other referee for last Turkish Referee spot.

  26. Any news on full list of ref for 2020

  27. is there any word on the assistants referee list? any long serving assistants coming off the list?

  28. Where is futsal referee Katarzyna Netkowska?


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