Saturday, 6 February 2021

2020 FIFA Club World Cup - Referee Appointments - Fifth Place Game and Semifinals

 Appointments of match officials at 2020 FIFA Club World Cup, in Qatar. 

Edina Alves Batista will officiate Fitfh Place game

Fifth Place Game

7 February 2021, 16:00 CET
Ulsan Hyundai FC (KOR) - Al-Duhail Sports Club (QAT) 
Referee: Edina Alves Batista (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Neuza Back (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mariana de Almeida (ARG)
Fourth Official: Abdelkader Zitouni (TAH)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Humberto Panjoj (GUA)
Video Assistant Referee: Nicolas Gallo (COL)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Julio Bascuñán (CHI)


7 February 2021, 19:00 CET
Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras (BRA) - Club de Fútbol Tigres de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (MEX)
Referee: Danny Makkelie (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Mario Diks (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Hessel Steegstra (NED)
Fourth Official: Maguette N'Dyaie (SEN)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Malick El Hadji Samba (SEN) 
Video Assistant Referee: Kevin Blom (NED)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Jochem Kamphuis (NED)

8 February 2021, 19:00 CET
Al Ahly Sporting Club (EGY) - FC Bayern München (GER)
Referee: Mohammaed Abdulla Mohammed (UAE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mohammed Alhammadi (UAE)
Assistant Referee 2: Hasan Almahri (UAE)
Fourth Official: Edina Alves Batista (BRA)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Neuza Back  (BRA) 
Video Assistant Referee: Khamis Al Marri (QAT)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee:  Drew Fischer (CAN)



  2. FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020
    Palmeiras - Brazil vs Tigres UANL - Mexico
    Referee: Danny Makkelie (NED)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mario Diks (NED)
    Assistant Referee 2: Hessel Steegstra (NED)
    Fourth Official: Maguette N'Dyaie (SEN)
    Reserve Assistant Referee:
    Video Assistant Referee: Kevin Blom (NED)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Jochem Kamphuis (NED)
    Al Ahly - Egypt vs FC Bayern Munich - Germany
    Referee: Mohammaed Abdulla Mohammed (UAE)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mohammed Alhammadi (UAE)
    Assistant Referee 2: Hasan Almahri (UAE)
    Fourth Official: Edina Alves Batista (BRA)
    Reserve Assistant Referee:
    Video Assistant Referee: Drew Fischer (CAN)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Khamis Al Marri (QAT)

  3. Reserve Assistant Referee: El Hadji Malick Samba (SEN)

  4. So Maguette N'Dyaie seems to be already planned for Third Place Game, even in case of Al Ahly from the same confederation?

    1. Yes, not optimal. But it still seems more likely than N'Diaye getting no game or the final, I think.

    2. Not long time ago, a CAF referee (Sikazwe) got the final, so not impossible.

    3. Sikazwe only got the final though as an AFC team surprisingly reached the final, and Nawaf Shukralla who was planned for it, got the third place playoff instead (his only inset of the tournament). Sikazwe was NOT really FIFA's choice.

      A familiar story for Abdelkader Zitouni that time too - he was due to have the third place playoff that Sikazwe got, so Zitouni's trio didn't handle a match in the tournament at all :/

    4. Maybe N'Diaye is not FIFA's choice, but the context will help him? Or do you have a serious reason to believe that a CAF referee in the final of such small competition would be impossible?

    5. More serious reasons than other referee's being better, being more tested, or simply being more trusted?

  5. Reserve Assistant Referee: Neuza Back (BRA)

  6. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 20

    6th February

    15:30 Bayer 04 Leverkusen - VfB Stuttgart
    Sven Jablonski - Christian Gittelmann, Rafael Foltyn - Christof Günsch
    [Felix Zwayer, Thomas Gorniak]

    15:30 SC Freiburg - Borussia Dortmund
    Felix Brych - Mark Borsch, Stefan Lupp - Daniel Schlager
    [Günter Perl, Markus Schüller]

    15:30 FC Schalke 04 - RB Leipzig
    Martin Petersen - Alexander Sather, Robert Wessel - Arno Blos
    [Tobias Welz, Thorsten Schiffner]

    15:30 1. FSV Mainz 05 - 1. FC Union Berlin
    Sascha Stegemann - Mike Pickel, Frederick Assmuth - Frank Willenborg
    [Deniz Aytekin, Markus Sinn]

    15:30 FC Augsburg - VfL Wolfsburg
    Robert Hartmann - Christian Leicher, Eduard Beitinger - Timo Gerach
    [Matthias Jöllenbeck, Michael Emmer]

    18:30 Borussia Mönchengladbach - 1. FC Köln
    Christian Dingert - Dominik Schaal, Marcel Pelgrim - Nicolas Winter
    [Harm Osmers, Markus Häcker]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 20

    6th February

    13:00 SV Darmstadt 98 - 1. FC Nürnberg
    Martin Thomsen - Robin Braun, Dominik Jolk - Patrick Kessel
    [Bibiana Steinhaus, Felix-Benjamin Schwermer]

    13:00 VfL Osnabrück - VfL Bochum
    Sven Waschitzki - Florian Exner, Bastian Börner - Tim Skorczyk
    [Patrick Ittrich, Oliver Lossius]

    13:00 Eintracht Braunschweig - Hannover 96
    Benjamin Cortus - René Rohde, Tobias Schultes - Daniel Riehl
    [Benjamin Brand, Wolfgang Haslberger]

  7. Fischer and Al Marri are reversed.

  8. Video Assistant Referee: Khamis Al Marri (QAT)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Drew Fischer (CAN)

  9. Jiyed without any appointment so far. So either he is missing the tournament or reserved to be N'Diaye's VAR.

    1. All VARs are from the same confederation as the referee, so likely he will be VAR for N'Diaye.

    Matchweek 18

    Sunday, 7th February

    21:45 SC Braga-FC Porto
    Artur Soares Dias - Rui Licínio, Paulo Soares - David Silva
    [João Pinheiro, Tiago Costa]

    Monday, 8th February

    18:00 SC Farense-Moreirense FC
    Iancu Vasilica - Álvaro Mesquita, Tiago Mota - Flávio Lima
    [Rui Oliveira, Sérgio Jesus]

    20:00 SL Benfica-FC Famalicão
    Hugo Miguel - Bruno Jesus, Ricardo Santos - Dinis Gorjão
    [Luís Godinho, Rui Teixeira]

    20:00 Marítimo M-CD Santa Clara
    Rui Costa - Nuno Manso, João Bessa Silva - João Gonçalves
    [Vasco Santos, Bruno Rodrigues]

    22:00 Belenenses SAD-Vitória SC
    André Narciso - Paulo Brás, Marco Vieira - Bruno Rebocho
    [Gustavo Correia, Inácio Pereira]

    Tuesday, 9th February

    16:00 FC Paços de Ferreira-Portimonense SC
    Manuel Mota - Jorge Fernandes, Luciano Maia - João Casegas
    [Iancu Vasilica, Álvaro Mesquita]

    18:00 Rio Ave FC-CD Tondela
    Vítor Ferreira - Nélson Cunha, Valdemar Maia - Rui Lima
    [Bruno Esteves, Rui Cidade]

    20:00 Boavista FC-CD Nacional
    Fábio Melo - Pedro Ribeiro, Carlos Campos - Carlos Macedo
    [Luís Ferreira, Paulo Miranda]

    22:00 Gil Vicente FC-Sporting CP
    Nuno Almeida - André Campos, Pedro Felisberto - João Malheiro Pinto
    [António Nobre, Nélson Pereira]

  11. A refreshing act of sportsmanship in the the Serie A match between Atalanta and Torino. YC Romero was cancelled after Torino-player Belotti informing the ref that no foul occurred.

    1. Nice gesture by Belotti there. Such uncommon attitude must be underlined and praised: few would admit the truth while opponent has a 3-0 lead (Torino came back and the game ended 3-3, so likely spormanship as been rewarded today :) ). Football wins there.

  12. Today's games from World Cup 2010:

    Netherlands - Brazil, Yūichi Nishimura
    Uruguay - Ghana, Olegário Benquerença

  13. RC by Martínez Munuera in Sevilla-Getafe for SFP after OFR (referee missed the incident at first). SEV5 had to be substituted with a serious ankle injury after that challenge.

    A couple of minutes later, both coaches (Julen Lopetegui and José Bordalás) were sent off for having a public argument between them, à la Mejuto González in AUT-GER of Euro 2008.

    1. The RC situation resembles a situation in Dutch Eredivisie a few weeks ago (a RC which was annulled by the disciplinary committee).
      Here I would have the same question: what should the GET player have done differently? He plays the ball in a normal way with the inside of the foot, and then his foot unavoidably lands on the ankle of the SEV player. The accidental contact was caused by both players making an action for the ball (where the GET player actually plays it).
      For me this is a normal football action with a highly unfortunate outcome.

    2. It's very bad situation with refereeing if you start to defend even such fouls only in order to avoid red cards at all cost.

    3. IMO it's a RC.
      Those highly dangerous fouls with studs forwards to the ankle are exactly what I see as endangering the health of the opponent.
      One shouldn't excessively search arguments in order to forgive those tackles.
      As it is a missed serious incident, VAR is right in mit intervening here.

    4. @Anonymous 6:14, a pity you chose to neglect the reasoning of Anonymous 23:35 and immediately start talking about “avoiding red cards at all cost”. In my opinion refereeing is in a very bad situation when referees are not able to, or chose to neglect to understand the nature of the game in their decision making.

      In contrast to making a sliding tackle with studs in front when an opponent is nearby, in this situation I don’t see any irresponsible risk taken by the GET-player. For me this is a completely normal way to try to play the ball (which he successfully does by the way).

      Please Anonymous and Flip, answer these two questions:
      - What should the GET player have done differently to challenge for this ball?
      - Do you think the contact would still have happened if the SEV player wouldn’t have tried to block the ball and made the forward movement with his leg?

    5. You are like Sheriff, just the opposite extremist views.

    6. Anonymous 12:27 (=Anonymous 6:14), thanks for the two posts of a high contentual quality!

      Unfortunately, again, you don’t get into answering my questions. I would say you’d better refrain from posting if you’re not willing to use arguments on a contextual level.

    7. I won't get into answering questions of user whose only goal here is to defend, excuse and PROMOTE the brutal way of playing. Exactly the same as I don't jump into fruitless conversations with Sheriff (at least he sometimes has a point). Fortunately, extremists are only a margin in almost all fields of life. So I would say you'd better refrain from posting if you're willing to promote the way of playing football that causes broken legs and early finished careers.

    8. A shame, you spend many words without touching content (again).
      I do not promote anything, I try to start a discussion on what are punishable acts and what are mere coincidental occurrences (with unfortunate outcomes). I do that because I think it is unfair just to punish a player who makes a normal football action with the unfortunate outcome that an injury occurs to the opponent. You only assess the consequence, not the course of events that lead to it.
      Expulsions should give a signal to not continue a specific behavior or way of playing. That implies that a player for being sent off must make an action which bears a considerable risk in it.
      My statement is that in this particular incident I don’t see a considerable risk. Otherwise players can’t make any challenges with opponents nearby because there is always a small chance of something unfortunate and accidental like this happening.

    9. I actually understand what you mean, Marcello.

      However, I'm convinced that this tackle is seriously endangering the health of the SEV player.
      Both players go into the challenge, fighting for the ball. Then, GET player hits the SEV player with his studs at the ankle. He hazards the consequences of his highly dangerous tackle, when trying to reach the ball.
      I'm still convinced that this is a RC.

      The GET player goes into the challenge with his studs forwards, so he approvingly accepts risk to endanger the health of his opponent:
      Then, the final result of the tackle is definetly worth a RC:

    10. I generally agree with Marcello, that situations, where the player only plays the ball normally, should not result in RCs.
      However in this specific situation it's less clear IMO, because
      a) the blue player doesn't have possession before the duel
      b) the intensity on the opponent's ankle is at least as high as the intensity on the ball.
      c) He could have been aware of his opponent
      d) There was a realistic possibility that the opponent gets the ball first
      All this points distinguish it from the previous example in the Netherlands.
      However there is still the argument, that he gets the ball first and plays it normally. So overall it's a borderline decision for me, where I would accept YC and RC.
      Finally I agree with Marcello, that some comments in this discussion were rather useless due to the lack of arguments...

    11. Thank you Flip and Philipp S for your contentual responses! Actually this was what I was aiming for, a discussion about this quite complicated (and polemic) topic based on arguments.
      I especially share Philipp’s line of argumenting, immediately admitting that this particular incident is less clear than the one we saw in the Netherlands. We only (slightly) differ in our end conclusion, mine being ‘rather no RC’.
      And in the end we don’t all have to agree of course!

  14. The level of disrespect shown towards Zitouni by the FIFA Ref Comm is concerning. Zitouni for sure has worked hard his entire referee career to attain his FIFA referee badge. Only for the FIFA Ref Comm to tell him in the most non direct way, "you're not worthy (good enough) of being assigned as a main referee. This should be very concerning to any and all referee's from OFC nations.

    1. Maybe he is very happy to be there just as fourth official. Consider the level of the games he handled in Oceania before coming to France.

    2. But he proved he is perfectly able to handle games at FIFA tournaments in the past!!! And not appointing him for games even if he proved he can handle them in a better manner than many top-level referees is just another shame for FIFA where meritocracy never existed.

    3. In 2010 Ravshan Ermatov was arguably the best referee in South Africa at the World Cup. The "level of the games he handled" in Uzbekistan didn't seem to be an obstacle for him. If you're good, you're good.
      And as others have stated previously, Zitouni has shown himself to be a capable referee.

    4. I agree with you but why ravshan didn't referee wc 2010 final ?

    5. No, that was Webb, unfortunately.

    6. Granted, I only have seen Zitouni's last three matches at FIFA level (last Club World Cup and two at U20WC), but I was highly impressed by him. A shame FIFA considers non New Zealand OFC referees as merely token representatives, with proper support he could have gotten so much more.

  15. Who will referee the cwc 2020 final prediction ?

    1. If Tigres doesn't make it to the Final.
      Mario Escobar (Guatemala) CONCACAF

      If Tigres does make it to the Final.
      Then the situation gets quite interesting.
      Makkelie= Tigres in consecutive games?
      Ostojich= Second match with Tigres?
      N'Dyaie= Direct to the Final with no prior match?
      Escobar= Break confederational neutrality?

    2. If Tigres beat Palmeiras - Batista?...

    3. If tigres beat palmeiras ostojich will referee the final

    4. Maguette Senegal will referee 3 rd place also if with ahli in this match

    The confirmation that an ONLINE course for women will has been held as well, as continuation of the previous one for Men.
    So, it is confirmed that Frappart and Monzul could officiate in Men's KO stage, of course UEFA couldn't invite them to Men's course, as there has been one specifically for them.

  17. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 20

    7th February

    15:30 TSG Hoffenheim - Eintracht Frankfurt
    Daniel Siebert - Lasse Koslowski, Jan Seidel - Christian Dietz
    [Patrick Ittrich, Markus Sinn]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 20

    7th February

    13:30 SpVgg Greuther Fürth - Würzburger Kickers
    Arne Aarnink - Eric Müller, Andreas Steffens - Martin Speckner
    [Matthias Jöllenbeck, Thorsten Schiffner]

    13:30 Karlsruher SC - Jahn Regensburg
    Robert Kampka - Jonas Weickenmeier, Marcel Gasteier - Marcel Schütz
    [Felix Zwayer, Wolfgang Haslberger]

  18. Sorry to say that but just 10 minutes into the game and you cannot see Edina Alves Batista nowhere near the action. Don't get me wrong - it is not because she is a woman - I can say exatly the same for referees like Jonathan Moss or Martin Atkinson. It is ridiculous to see referees who are physically incapable to follow a modern high-speed football and athletes.

  19. Everyone on this blog is writing N'Dyaie but the actual spelling of his name is N’Diaye or Ndiaye ;)

  20. actually even during a pandemic there are more people in the stadium than in a normal quatari league match...

  21. Minute 90': how to explain this missed YC? To be honest I'm in trouble.

  22. It seems as Edina Alves Batista lost her patience with Zitouni...

    1. A substitution was about to be made but then there was a delay and Alves Batista looked to be quite impatient and she resumed the game before allowing that. But maybe more team officials fault.

    2. She has one of the (if not the worst demeanors) that I've ever seen from a FIFA referee. She always seems annoyed, mad, and bitter. She doesn't come of as a very friendly and/or approachable person. It never seems as if she is enjoying doing her job on the pitch.

  23. A quite challenging first half for Makkelie with a couple of important decisions, at first a possible penalty appeal (I don't remember exactly the minute), it looked OK to play on, then for sure in my opinion the most interesting assessment was in 40' when he correctly assessed a challenge as fair on the ball. The yellow cards he issued were absolutely correct, I can add another situation in which a YC it looked possible (close to sideline) but a few seconds after the reaction of the player was a signal that it was enough only to whistle foul, in case.

    1. I'll have to rewatch 40' - to me it seemed like a reckless trailing leg foul.

      To be honest I think Makkelie struggled a bit in that 1H - at first he tried to operate a generous line in fouls, which neither team expected. Then he tried to change to a more rigorous line, leading to some missed fouls (eg. 12') and some late whistles (eg. 21').

      This inflamed the players and technical staff a bit, but Makkelie used his excellent soft skills (21', 23', +46') to calm everyone down.

      So, okay from Makkelie, but not more IMO in the 1H.

      To note - N'Diaye's aggressive manner as fourth official...

  24. Penalty and YC for SPA. Foul was not genuine (holding). One can wonder about a possible RC for DOGSO, In my opinion correct that VAR supported referee, not a black or white situation here, impossible to be sure that player would have reached ball.

    1. A few later possible penalty for the same team, very risky challenge, player touched the ball before opponent and for this reason VAR supported referee. However I think penalty could have been whistled because after having touched ball, defender hit also opponent and maybe he could have reached ball.
      I think not a mistake in any case by referee in this situation, if he thinks that the original touch on the ball is enough to "forgive" player.

    2. Makkelie got both those decisions (no DOGSO, no penalty) spot on in my eyes.

    3. Very clear DOGSO for me. The attacker would be completely alone and he would get the ball for sure.

    4. IMO correct SPA assessment in the penalty incident. Far from evident that the attacker could have reached the ball before the GK would have.
      About the penalty area incident some moments after the awarded penalty, apart from what was said before, the attacker already stretched his right leg and started his fall before the actual contact.

  25. Tense ending of the game. Tigres keeper took a risk by that action, he clearly hit ball, a situation in which one can't discuss about a clear penalty. However, whistling it would have found support by VAR.
    Very, very challenging game for Makkelie, I must say one can agree or at least support most of his decisions.

    1. Indeed, trifling contact by the goalkeeper there, correct to play on.

      Good performance in a more football-focused 2H from Makkelie, navigating the minutes of angst at the end.

      I'll cut some clips later tonight (and will do the same for Alves Batista's game tomorrow).

  26. Tigres UANL victory should mean no final for Escobar.

    So now the final should be for either N'Diaye or Ostojich if Bayern wins tomorrow.

  27. OT : Masterclass first half by Bastien during OM - PSG. Very dit as usual but also very preventive and confident disciplinary control (YC well done to Paredes for eternal complaints). Very good first half in a normal match for this french hot fight.



    Advantage should have been given, but ref whistled foul and issued YC.

  29. Personally, I would like to see Ndiaye in final. Do not exclude Makellie.

    1. Me too. Why not give a chance to N'Diaye? CAF refereeing has improved. They deserve chances too.

  30. OT

    Top class first half by Benoît Bastien in OM-PSG. Very preventive. I invite all those who say he doesn’t deserve to be in Elite to watch second half. ;))

    1. Elite spots are earned in the European competitions, so it would help if he would show the skills you mentioned in European matches. Without saying he doesn’t deserve an elite spot I do think he rather belongs to the lower regions of the list.

    2. RC for Payet : good decision after calm approach. Very good Bastien but i didn’t understand why Gautier didn’t warn Bastien for the two PK OFR...

    3. I can support the second penalty not whistled, as you can argue about the significance of the contact (while PK is the expect and better solution) but the first one has to be rewatched with an OFR IMO. Its a clear holding without any interest for the ball, only to stop his opponent.
      Missing intervention by VAR Antony Gautier there.

      A shame, because Bastien was overall very solid in this game, much calmer than the infamous PSG-OM Brisard has to officiate back in the beginning of the season.

      Overall my mark would be 7.9(5), as I blame more VAR passivity in this case.

    4. @WCReferee
      We all hope that this talented elite referee from French will show his skills during UEFA games, because so far it is the contrary.

    5. After what he did in his last Europa League match...

  31. So who now for the final?

    I think Ostojich is the most likely candidate... but that will probably mean that N'Diaye gets the third place game that will likely contain his confederation's team... of course, the other options for N'Diaye being straight to the final or nothing, so there is no optimal solution here.

    Also, Ostojich wasn't even meant to be at this tournament in the first place! I can only imagine the frustration that Leondan Gonzalez feels, especially if Ostojich gets the final, such a great opportunity was so close, but taken away at the last second...

    1. Personally, I can't see how it won't be Ostojich (and N'Diaye for third place playoff).

      Escobar handling the CONCACAF CL Final should definitely put him out of the (Tigres) final here, even besides confederational neutrality etc.

  32. Some clips from Makkelie's game:

    21' - Management scene

    52' - Penalty to Tigres (+ YC, SPA)

    55' - Potential penalty to Tigres

    +93' - Potential penalty to Palmeiras

    BONUS - ref vs. Gignac :)

    Overall: some problems in foul selection / detection (in the first half), but good disciplinary control + excellent presence. In my view, all KMIs assessed correctly.

    1. 93': Not a penalty, but he really should have stopped the game for a potential head injury, especially with the player not moving after some seconds.

    2. 52' The attacker is not yet in control of the ball, but with VAR that has to be DOGSO for me, he will definitely get to the ball before the GK.
      55'defender gets a touch of the ball, but then fouls the attacker, who would still have reached that ball. The fact that the attacker was not in a dangerous position anymore (had he reached that ball), probably makes this no PK. How do others assess situations like that?
      93' Not a PK at the pro level, but VAR would not have intervened had it been given IMO.
      Thanks for the clips, Mikael!

    3. @55': If the player gets the ball first and afterwards makes only such a light contact with the opponent, it's no foul for me (also in midfield. Only if the contact is dangerous and clearly reckless, I would consider a foul.
      @52': It's also more RC than YC for me, but I wouldn't expect VAR to intervene as there are arguments against DOGSO (player not moving towards goal and not yet in control)

    4. Agree with the consensus on 55' and +93'.

      52' - to me it IS clear that the attacker will reach the ball before the goalkeeper, but only from a wide (ie. no DOGSO) position, so only SPA.

      The trend to ostensibly avoid DOGSO RCs wherever possible nowadays is wrong IMO, but a YC here is simply a good / the correct call in my eyes.

    5. @Mikael: The more i look at it, the clearer a DOGSO it is for me. The attacker would get the ball just in front of the 5yard-box. The pass is played towards goal, it does not go from in to out, but from out to in.

    6. If one day later and having looked more and more the DOGSO becomes clearer and clearer, how O(bvious) can it be. SPA decision simply correct for me, as ball possession is far from clear.
      Comparable by the way with the Michael Oliver penalty in LIV vs MCI yesterday (62’).

    7. IMO KMIs completely correct assessed.

  33. Today's games from World Cup 2010:

    Argentina - Germany, Ravšan Ėrmatov
    Paraguay - Spain, Carlos Batres

  34. HNL NEWS FROM CROATIA ( just in one week)
    Expert comment national TV HTV: Marijo Strahonja
    Comitte conclusion on football TV HNTV: Member of committee

    Rijeka - Gorica (Ref Jovic UEFA Cat.1, VAR Gabrilo)
    Penalty (handball)? – Referee decision – VAR decision: no PK given; no VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : PK, VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: PK, NO VAR intervention

    Osijek – Istra 1961 (Ref Strukan UEFA Cat.2, VAR Gabrilo)
    Penalty (foul)? - – Referee decision – VAR decision: PK given; no VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : PENALTY, NO VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: PK, NO VAR intervention
    Penalty (handball)? - – Referee decision – VAR decision: no PK given; no VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: PK, NO VAR intervention

  35. Dinamo - Sibenik (Ref Bel UEFA Cat.3, VAR Bebek UEFA Cat.1)
    Penalty (folul)? - – Referee decision – VAR decision: no PK given; no VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: PK, NO VAR intervention
    Penalty (folul)? - – Referee decision – VAR decision: no PK given; no VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: PK, NO VAR intervention
    Penalty (folul)? - – Referee decision – VAR decision: no PK given; no VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: PK, NO VAR intervention

    Dinamo – Hajduk (Ref Zebec UEFA Cat.3, VAR Bebek UEFA Cat.1)
    Penalty (folul)? – Referee decision – VAR decision: NO PK given (PLAY ON AFTER OFR); VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : PENALTY, VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: PENALTY, VAR intervention
    Penalty (folul)? – Referee decision – VAR decision: NO PK given; no VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : NO PENALTY, VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention

    Istra – Slaven Belupo (Ref Pajac UEFA Cat.3 – UEFA , VAR Matoc)
    Penalty (folul)? – Referee decision – VAR decision: no PK given (PK AFTER OFR); VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention
    Penalty (folul)? – Referee decision – VAR decision: PK given; NO VAR intervention
    Comitte conclusion on TV HNTV : NO PENALTY, VAR intervention (to cancle PK) -
    Expert (Strahonja) conclusion on TV HTV: NO PENALTY, NO VAR intervention

    1. Anonymous, Good job! Keep up the good work!

  36. APPOINTMENTS Serie B Matchday 22

    9th February
    19.00 Cittadella - Cosenza
    Ivan Robilotta - Andrea Tardino - Thomas Ruggieri - Lorenzo Illuzzi

    19.00 Empoli - Pescara
    Marco Serra - Davide Miele - Gamal Mokhtar - Livio Marinelli

    19.00 Lecce - Brescia
    Gianpaolo Calvarese - Alessio Berti - Vittorio Di Gioia - Francesco Fourneau

    19.00 Vicenza - Monza
    Antonio Rapuano - Sergio Ranghetti - Fabrizio Lombardo - Lorenzo Maggioni

    19.00 Pisa - Salernitana
    Alessandro Prontera - Damiano Margani - Gianluca Sechi - Giacomo Camplone

    19.00 SPAL - Pordenone
    Marco di Bello - Pasquale de Meo - Antonio Vono - Daniel Amabile

    19.00 Venezia - Cremonese
    Francesco Meraviglia - Stefano Liberti - Salomé Di Iorio - Giovanni Ayroldi

    21.00 Ascoli - Frosinone
    Riccardo Ros - Alessio Tolfo - Giuseppe Maccadino - Manuel Volpi

    10th February
    19.00 Reggina - Virtus Entella
    Davide Massa - Davide Moro - Marco Della Croce - Matteo Marchetti

    21.00 Chievo Verona - Reggiana
    Valerio Marini - Francesco Fiore - Marcello Rossi - Juan Luca Sacchi

    1. Well, for sure not Salomé Di Iorio (Argentinian FIFA referee) but Damiano Di Iorio!

    2. You are right.I watched too much Argentinian football.

    3. LR Vicenza-Monza, 2nd AR is Michele Lombardi, not Fabrizio Lombardo. Two names very similar one to each other.

  37. APPOINTENTS Coppa Italia Semifinal 2nd leg

    Tuesday, 9th February 20.45
    Juventus - Internazionale
    Maurizio Mariani - Daniele Bindoni - Giacomo Paganessi - Daniele Chiffi
    [Paolo Valeri - Alessandro Giallatini]

    Wednesday, 10th February 20.45
    Atalanta Bergamo - SSC Napoli
    Federico La Penna - Federico Longo - Giovanni Baccini - Fabrizio Pasqua
    [Massimiliano Irrati - Dario Cecconi]

  38. Excellent appointments by Rizzoli for coppa Italia semifinals - second legs. Mariani in Juventus - Inter, very hot game, I'm really delighted!
    And La Penna, in a very good form, for Atalanta - Napoli.
    Why La Penna was not appointed as FIFA referee, still stays as absurd!

  39. No final for Makkelie for sure: Blom, Kamphuis and Makkelie are all appointed this weekend in the Eredivisie.

    1. The final is planned on Thursday 11/02.
      Blom has a game on 13/02 while Makkelie and Kamphuis Sunday.
      I think that an appointment is still possible, KNVB knew that before making domestic choices. Am I wrong?

    2. The KNVB would not do that. After flying home, and probably taking a test, some time is needed. The KNVB never appoints within 48 hours.

  40. Appointments - Germany:

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 20

    8th February

    20:30 Fortuna Düsseldorf - Holstein Kiel
    Sören Storks - Philipp Hüwe, Jochen Gschwendtner - Tobias Fritsch
    [Robert Kempter, Mitja Stegemann]

    3rd division Matchday 23

    8th February

    19:00 1. FC Saarbrücken - MSV Duisburg
    Tobias Reichel - Tobias Endriß, Christina Biehl*

    * UEFA AR Women

  41. Unofficial: Ndiaye for Final!!!

    1. Hope so!!! Would like to see N'Diaye for the final and Zitouni for third place.

  42. Some clips from Alves Batista's game:

    4' - goal correctly disallowed by Mariana de Almeida

    57' - potential penalty to Ulsan

    59' - DtR prevention; management

    90' - crystal clear YC (SPA/LoR) ignored

    +93' - Alves Batista and Zitouni

    Overall: verrrry boring game, not difficult to referee :)

    + good caution choices, preventative at corners, great fitness (disagree with Kralazar - this pitch was HUGE and the Brazilian ref covered it really well), reverse crossover call (4') by de Almeida was sound.

    - many basic mistakes in unimportant freekicks / restarts in the first 25 minutes (until the game settled); no prevention at all, cards or nothing (28', 34', 39' and 90'...); too aggressive attitude in dealing with the players (79', 85'); attitude towards her teammate Zitouni at +93'; important mistake by AR de Almeida, poor onside (42').

    Balance: I don't see female and male referees, I just see referees - I am pleading with FIFA not to appoint this particular one to WC 2022...

    1. Thanks for your video and analysis, I agree with everything you said. When such very obvious incidents happen, like in 90', I really would always like to know whether the referees are aware of the missed card or they don't have (it is difficult to think, to be honest) the exact perception about what has happened. Even Zitouni was surprised after this missed YC, I would say. And in my opinion this is the key moment from which the analysis of the performance must start: it seems as Edina Alves Batista has some moments in which she is not consistent, hwile in other occasions she looks to be too emotional (see 90'+3 incident).
      In a game of normal difficulty, for me this missed YC is something to talk about, to be honest.

    2. Wow, I'm horrified by 90'.
      Such clear YC, absolutely unnecessary mistake.

    3. Are you sure it was missed or just ignored?

    4. Gesture and behavior towards Zitouni are completely unprofessional and bad signs of body language and referees team’s solidity. Shame to see this arrogant way to collabore with a colleague. Not a good point. For YC at 90´, simply unbelievable to ignore - because she was acting voluntary - this kind of crystal caution...

    5. It's clear that Zitouni adviced a YC at 90', and correctly so: it's impossible not to give a YC there. I also don't get why she acts towards Zitouni like this: the teams made a mistake I guess. On the other hand, Zitouni struggled with it twice, also in his other match as 4th official.

    6. It is shame to see such a disrespectful & unnecessary gesture by Batista. Clear miss YC at 90' is also a terrible judgement. I would say this is a bad performance for the referee

  43. One of my biggest pet peeves is improper spotting of the ball. At 14:20, foul was near the touchline, but Bayern player takes free kick about two yards inside it and the ref allows this. How far from foul is a free kick allowed to be taken?

    1. So far away, that it is not expected to make a difference for the further play. I.e., the nearer it is to the opponent's goal the more exact the location should be maintained. For the foul at 11:40, the referee actually showed awareness for that today.

  44. Technically strong football match for Mohammad Abdullah Hassan! Very big difference between the SF and 2R ties.

    He should have given a caution at 23' (SPA/LoR), but we all know the FIFA guidelines in their games. Correct no penalty at 37', the goalkeeper challenge was careless after the ball shot at goal.

    Besides, good performance overall, but his perception accuracy seems doubtful to me (4', 6', 12', 15', 32', 33', 38', 42') - put simply, I don't think the Emirati ref is that sure in what he's seen himself.

  45. I quite like Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Mohammed... I haven’t been able to watch the game as closely as others here, so I will leave the in-depth analysis to others, but the most noticeable thing has been that he has a great sprint on him, really good for keeping up with Al Ahly’s numerous counterattacks. He definitely gives the appearance of a very fit, modern ref. I liked his performance in France - Peru 2018, hopefully another World Cup in store for him.

    1. He is among the top 3 candidates in AFC so I think he will in the next WC.

  46. OT: Ligue 1, Matchweek 25

    13 February 2021
    PSG - Nice, 17:00 CET
    Jérémie Pignard - Alexandre Viala, Philippe Jeanne - Guillaume Paradis
    [Amaury Delerue, Stephane Bre]

    Reims - Lens, 19:00 CET
    Eric Wattellier - Aurelien Berthomieu, Matthieu Lombard - Ludovic Genest
    [Alexandre Castro, Bruno Coue]

    Lyon - Montpellier, 21:00 CET
    Antony Gautier - Michael Annonier, Julien Haulbert - Cedric Dos Santos
    [Thomas Leonard, Yohann Rouinsard]

    14 February 2021
    Monaco - Lorient, 13:00 CET
    Benoît Millot - Aurelien Drouet, Mathieu Grosbost - Aldric Chancioux
    [Johan Hamel, Dominique Julien]

    Angers - Nantes, 15:00 CET
    François Letexier - Cyril Mugnier, Mehdi Rahmouni - Pierre Legat
    [Clément Turpin, Cyril Gringore]

    Dijon - Nîme Olympique, 15:00 CET
    Aurelien Petit - Frédéric Haquette, Mohamed Benkemouche - Romain Lissorgue
    [William Lavis, Lionel Jaffredo]

    Metz - Strasbourg, 15:00 CET
    Mikael Lesage - Huseyin Ocak, Erwan Finjean - Sylvain Palhies
    [Jérôme Miguelgorry, Christian Guillard]

    Rennes - Saint-Etienne, 15:00 CET
    Florent Batta - Julien Aube, Bertrand Jouannaud - Olivier Thual

    Lille - Brest, 17:00 CET
    Bastien Dechepy - Brice Parinet Le Tellier, Gwenael Pasqualotti - Azzedine Souifi
    [Hakim Ben El Hadj, Wilfried Bien]

    Bordeaux - Marseille, 21:00 CET
    Jérôme Brisard - Yannick Boutry, Bastien Courbet - Alexandre Perreau Niel
    [Frank Schneider, Hicham Zakrani]

    I think we will see Turpin in CL next week.

  47. No cards and just 20 fouls (14 by Al Ahly, 6 by Bayern) tonight. Perhaps could’ve been more, I don’t know, if anyone has clips please post them! I wasn’t watching too closely but it felt like there were a few strong-ish challenges from Al Ahly. But all in it was a very pleasing game to watch, and Mohammed didn’t get in the way of that.

  48. Some clips from Mohammad's game:

    Potential penalty:

    Potential cautions:

    Overall: good performance, but in terms of technical accuracy in the goings-on of the game, Mohammad isn't the best amongst AFC WC candidates.

    1. I couldn't make a clear assessment about referee's performance today. I think what he did was just "enough" to officiate this game, but the curiosity is for sure about something more. The penalty as well as yellow cards could have been issued. However, play on is not crucial mistake.

    2. Interesting scene with potential penalty! Indeed, it's a dogma nowadays that if the ball is already played and not reachable and a foul is only careless, penalty is not awarded. But here one can ask if the tackle is only careless.

      See the right knee of the goalkeeper. Can you imagine Lewandowski not jumping up just in time?

    3. Anonymous - agree!

      Having praised him 'live' for playing on, rewatching it I had the same thought as you. Penalty (+ YC) is the correct outcome there I think.

      It's not okay that players could have the choice between jumping for their safety vs. winning a penalty for their team.

      In this instance, Mohammad was too close / had a sub-optimal insight angle to really perceive how reckless this goalkeeper charge was. Though I suspect the decision in today's match would have been the same either way.

    4. Not the best performance for Mohammad but I do think he will be selected in the next WC. Probably 1 (maybe 2, but I think this is less likely) games to handle in the group stage.

    5. I cannot agree with penalty. Who else except you guys want that penalty? Nobody! Is there even contact?? If there is, what kind od contact is that?? Even Levandovski doesn't want penalty. He thought that is corner kick and that is all. Guys hot water is allready invented :)

    6. Of course - I agree that play on is the most sensible decision practically (football understanding etc.).

      But in refereeing, on an objective level, in my opinion it's important to chart the most technically correct decision, which is as we discussed above.

      Please, there is no need to polemicise refereeing into two totally opposed sides "by the book" vs. "modernists", it's perfectly possible to synthesise different approaches in a discussion.

    7. For me the goalkeeper challenge should totally be a penalty, but I reluctantly concede that it is never called and that this sort of challenge is, for some unknown reason, accepted in the sport.

  49. So at the end Maguette N'Diaye willbe the only referee to officiate a team from his confederation? That's however strange.
    My final predictions are:

    Maguette N'Diaye Third Place Game
    Esteban Ostojich Final

  50. Árbitros designados para la fecha 1 de la Copa de la Liga
    Publicado: 04/02/2021

    Fecha 1

    Viernes 12 de febrero

    19.15 Banfield – Racing
    Árbitro: Nicolás Lamolina
    Asistente 1: Diego Bonfa
    Asistente 2: Gerardo Carretero
    Cuarto árbitro: Hernán Mastrángelo

    21.30 Unión - Atlético Tucumán
    Árbitro: Darío Herrera
    Asistente 1: Lucas Germanotta
    Asistente 2: Iván Aliende
    Cuarto árbitro: Silvio Trucco

    21.30 Central Córdoba - Colón
    Árbitro: Mauro Vigliano
    Asistente 1: Facundo Rodríguez
    Asistente 2: Walter Ferreyra
    Cuarto árbitro: Fabricio Llobet

    Sábado 13 de febrero

    17.10 Aldosivi - Godoy Cruz

    Árbitro: Ariel Penel
    Asistente 1: Alejo Castany
    Asistente 2: Pablo Gualtieri
    Cuarto árbitro: Bruno Boca

    17.10 Talleres - Patronato
    Árbitro: Néstor Pitana
    Asistente 1: Gabriel Chade
    Asistente 2: Gissella Trucco
    Cuarto árbitro: Jorge Baliño

    19.20 Vélez - Newell's
    Árbitro: Patricio Loustau
    Asistente 1: Hernán Maidana
    Asistente 2: Hugo Páez
    Cuarto árbitro: Leandro Rey Hilfer

    21.30 San Lorenzo - Arsenal
    Árbitro: Fernando Espinoza
    Asistente 1: Juan Belatti
    Asistente 2: Miguel Savorani
    Cuarto árbitro: Nazareno Arasa

    Domingo 14 de febrero

    17.10 Defensa y Justicia - Huracán
    Árbitro: Fernando Echenique
    Asistente 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
    Asistente 2: Sebastián Raineri
    Cuarto árbitro: Ramiro López

    19.20 Boca - Gimnasia
    Árbitro: Pablo Echavarria
    Asistente 1: Pablo González
    Asistente 2: José Castelli
    Cuarto árbitro: Yael Falcón Pérez

    21.30 Estudiantes - River
    Árbitro: Facundo Tello
    Asistente 1: Julio Fernández
    Asistente 2: Javier Uziga
    Cuarto árbitro: Diego Abal

    Lunes 15 de febrero

    19.15 Rosario Central - Argentinos
    Árbitro: Andrés Merlos
    Asistente 1: Iván Núñez
    Asistente 2: Maximiliano Castelli
    Cuarto árbitro: Julio Barraza

    21.30 Independiente - Lanús
    Árbitro: Fernando Rapallini
    Asistente 1: Cristian Navarro
    Asistente 2: Maximiliano Del Yesso
    Cuarto árbitro: Pablo Dóvalo


    Platense - Sarmiento

  51. England FA CUP
    5th round

    Tuesday 09th February

    18:30 Burnley - Bournemouth
    Darren England - Gary Beswick - James Mainwaring - Michael Oliver
    [Stuart Attwell - Harry Lennard]

    20:30 Manchester United - West Ham United
    Paul Tierney - Constantine Hatzidakis - Ian Hussin - Lee Mason
    [Craig Pawson - Richard West]

    Wednesday 10th February

    18:30 Swansea - Manchester City
    Peter Bankes - Adam Nunn - Neil Davies - Andre Marriner

    20:30 Leicester - Brighton
    Mike Dean - Darren Cann - Timothy Wood - Simon Hooper
    [Graham Scott - Eddie Smart]

    20:30 Sheffield - Bristol
    Robert Jones - Peter Kirkup - Derek Eaton - Jonathan Moss
    [Anthony Taylor - Stuart Burt]

    21:15 Everton - Tottenham
    David Coote - Lee Betts - Nick Hopton - Martin Atkinson
    [Chris Kavanagh - Stephen Child]

    Thursday 11th February

    18:30 Wolverhampton - Southampton
    Jonathan Moss - Marc Perry - Dan Robathan - Graham Scott
    [Simon Hooper - Marks Scholes]

    21:00 Barnley - Chelsea
    Martin Atkinson - Dan Cook - Sian Massey-Ellis - Kevin Friend

  52. Spain Copa del Rey
    Semi-Final first leg

    Wednesday 10th February
    21:00 Sevilla - Barcelona
    Antonio Mateu Lahoz - Pau Cebrián Devis - Iker De Francisco Grijalba - Ivan Caparrós Hernández
    [Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva - Juan José López Mir]

    Thursday 11th February
    21:00 Athletic Bilbao - UD Levante
    Jesús Gil Manzano - Angel Nevado Rodríguez - Javier Martínez Nicolás - Manuel Garcia Gomez
    [José Luis González González - José Alcoba Rodríguez]

    La Liga
    Matchday 1 recovery match

    Tuesday 09th February
    21:00 Real Madrid - Getafe
    Javier Alberola Rojas - Iván Hernández Ramos - Marcos Cerdán Aguilar - Miguel González Díaz
    [Jose Luis Munuera Montero - Alfonso Baena Espejo]


    Matchday 22
    Friday, February 12th
    20:00 RKC Waalwijk - FC Emmen
    Edwin van de Graaf - Richard Polman, Michael Osseweijer - Martin Pérez
    [Richard Martens - Dave Goossens]

    Saturday, February 13th
    18:45 ADO Den Haag - PSV
    Pol van Boekel - Bas van Dongen, Rob van de Ven - Alex Bos
    [Luca Cantineau - Sjoerd Nanninga]

    20:00 FC Groningen - PEC Zwolle
    Jeroen Manschot - Richard Brondijk, Yorick Weterings - Nick Smit
    [Clay Ruperti - Joey Waleveld]

    20:00 Sparta Rotterdam - Fortuna Sittard
    Martin van den Kerkhof - Frank Jansen, Nils van Kampen - Robin Gansner
    [Siemen Mulder - Ralf van Vlokhoven]

    21:00 Heracles Almelo - Ajax
    Kevin Blom - Christian Dobre, Freek Vandeursen - Erwin Blank
    [Rob Dieperink - Mark Strijker]

    Sunday, February 14th

    12:15 AZ - SC Heerenveen
    Danny Makkelie - Hessel Steegstra, Mario Diks - Jesse Rozendal
    [Ingmar Oostrom - Johan Balder]

    14:30 Feyenoord - Willem II
    Jochem Kamphuis - Mark Strijker, Maarten Ketting - Laurens Gerrets
    [Marc Nagtegaal - Rens Bluemink]

    14:30 FC Utrecht - VVV-Venlo
    Dennis Higler - Thomas Krijt, Kevin Bodde - Martijn Vos
    [Stan Teuben - Rob van de Ven]

    16:45 Vitesse - FC Twente
    Sander van der Eijk - Rogier Honig, Roy de Nas - Jannick van der Laan
    [Allard Lindhout - Stefan de Groot]

    1. Based on the standings Vitesse - FC Twente is the best match, being number 3 and 7. Sander van der Eijk (29) in charge of that match. A very good sign for him, as the whole season already has been. Anyhow pretty surprising, especially after his dismissed red card two weeks ago.

      Good to see Makkelie, Kamphuis and Blom back after the CWC. Directly big matches for all of them.

      Edwin van de Graaf (37) is in charge of an important relegation match. He is very experienced and trusted, but up to now has not been able to reach the national top.

    2. Van de Graaf has been a safe pair of hands for a long time. I guess there was a bit too much controversy around him around the time there was space for promotions (that was when Braamhaar, Wiedemeijer, Vink and Van Sichem resigned), which meant that Lindhout, Mulder, Manschot went up and that there was no space for Van de Graaf. A shame, cause I really like the way he takes charge of matches.
      A good sign for him was that he was assigned to a match of Feyenoord this season. But he did about 65 eredivisie matches by now.

      However, there are more referees like this: even if I am not a big fan of his style, Van de Kerkhof has been a safe pair of hands for almost 5 years now. I believe he did about 75 matches at the highest level by now. And even on in Saudi-Arabia. It's frankly ridiculous that he is still at the 'junior' list. A couple of years ago, Higler, Gozobuyuk, Makkelie and those referees were promoted after maybe 10-20 matches in the Eredivisie.

      A referee like Van der Eijk is doing very well of course, just like for example Kooij did (injured for a long time), and Dieperink is a really good referee.

      Frankly, it's ridiculous that Van de Kerkhof and Van de Graaf haven't been promoted yet. Must be really a demotivation, after taking charge of so much matches, with hardly any controversy and generally good matches, you still can't make that final step.
      It's just mismanagement. It really is bad management by the KNVB. Yes, we have two top referees (Makkelie, Kuipers) and one below that (Gozobuyuk) but behind that, Nijhuis hasn't got much future (44), Higler struggles to take the step to group 1, Lindhout and Kamphuis are still a bit inconsistent and are no future elite referees in my view. Both good and trustworthy referees, but not at thát level.
      Maybe it's time to see that Dutch refereeing seems really well (and frankly, it ís at a good level) but too much referees are just that: good referees. And that may be what you get, if there is hardly any promotion to the highest level.

    3. This is the problem that comes along with the removal of age limits and it will soon show in other countries as well. On one hand, yes, referees have the right to continue regardless of age if they are fit, but, on the other hand, there is no room for promotion for upcoming referees...

    4. @RikB, don't share your opinion. Vd Graaff and vd Kerkhoff had multiple chances but never convinced. Lindhout is just 31 and has already over 100 matches of Eredivisie expercience. It is to early to say if he will be the next great referee after for example vd End, Jol, Vink, Kuipers and Makkelie. But he is very talented. I know all the three of them and like them all as a person. But Lindhout is more talented than the other two. Kamphuis also is a good ref, but is already 34. Compared to the age of Makkelie when he got his first Fifa badge he is alreay quite old to say it in that way.

      When being at 31 Makkelie got lot of critism as wel. Frankly only the last two or three years he got better accepted and created a better reputation. And see where he is now.

    5. Provide correct information Mr Fidjer, Mr Lindhout is 33 yo,l. Makes him quite old compared to Mr Makkelie as well.
      And to be honest, comparing Mr Lindhout and Mr Makkelie at 33 yo seem to be, quite lop-sided to say the least.
      A personal acquaintance of Mr Lindhout I would say?

  54. Does anybody know if there is a big technical problem with the Turkish Football Federation site where the appointments will be published?

    1. I confirm that I can't open the site of TFF at moment.

    2. It seems that TFF site is down.


    Big mistake by AR1 between Braga against Porto.

    1. absolutely...and the follow-up mistake by the referee to blow the whistle, too...i wonder why he didnt play on and waive down the assistant? they have var and i expect from a fifa referee to see that by himself, let play on and wait if it is offside by var...

  56. A new kind of protest has been made in Juventus - Inter coppa Italia semifinal second leg, now playing in Turin: kicking deliberately the ball out after a penalty incident to force referee to go to VAR.
    Would you book the player kicking deliberately the ball out for that?
    BTW, excellent start for Mariani.

    1. To be honest I do not think this is a good idea with the booking.In this cases referees should clearly signal that VAR confirmed live decision.
      I saw this case with playing the ball out to wait for VAR intervention in a few Serie A games before.

  57. KNVB beker: Excelsior - Vitesse
    Referee: Dennis Higler / VAR Laurens Gerrets

    Another difficult match for Higler.

    1) Miss RC (no card en coner-decision)
    2) VAR intervenes and cancels the score because the ball is not completely stopped at a free kick

    1) I don't think it looked like Higler in terms of position, so AR should have been watching. The VAR probably decided that it wasn't strong enough to intervene, but it's a dangerous enough tackle from behind to the achilles tendon that doesn't play the ball at all.

    2) It's hard to understand. The score was decided after one more pass from this free kick. In other countries these days, cases where "balls have not stopped" have not been intervened by VAR. Was there any special reason for them to know it?

    1. On 2): VAR, according to the protocol, isn’t even allowed to intervene in this situation. And not intervening in 1) makes the refereeing look quite incredible tonight.
      After the match Higler was asked to elucidate both scenes for the cameras of ESPN (common practice in the Netherlands), but according to the broadcasting company he refused to. On the contrary, before the match he did appear in front of ESPN’s cameras to talk about the condition of the pitch. If true not particularly a sign of great strength.

    2. is "restart of play" one of the categories that must be checked? IMO it is impossible as an incorrect restart is not an "attacking team offence in the build-up to or scoring of the goal (handball, foul, offside etc.)" so in my eyes the club who was "punished" could have appealed and had good chances to get a replay of the match...

    3. Luckily the team which was harmed won this cup game so it won’t come to an appeal.

    4. @grumpy-ref
      In fact, in bundesliga etc., "illegal restart" is not subject to review and is explained by the refereeing committee.

      I don't have it, but it's probably clearly written in the VAR handbook.

    5. IMO
      1) RC, as the black player hazards the consequences of his highly dangerous tackle and hits the yellow player terribly at the ankle.

      2) Not according to the protocol, so simply wrong.

    6. Higler explained to ESPN:
      "When Bazoer took the free kick quickly, I had my doubts whether the ball was completely still or not. I let play continue and Vitesse scored. Then on my own initiative I contacted the VAR to ask if the ball indeed lay still. The VAR then showed me the images, which made it clear to me that the ball was still rolling and I therefore had to reject the goal. So it's not like the VAR called me to the screen to look. The protocols also state that a VAR may not do this for such moments, but a referee may always request a review."

      I'm still not sure if KNVB will give any explanation.

    7. KNVB Refereeboss Dick van Egmond:
      "Referee Dennis Higler himself asked the VAR whether the ball was still rolling, he had his doubts and wanted to be on the safe side. Then Dennis went to the screen and rightly rejected the goal. So in this order it went according to the protocols."

      "That is up to the referee and the VAR will stay away from it. That is and will remain a good rule because it often concerns details. Now it was an important moment and that is why it is good that Higler asked the VAR to check the situation. But this doesn't happen that often in practice. "

      "I think this is a good example of how it should and can be done. In an ideal situation, a referee will see it himself of course. But if you think you are missing something, the VAR can be a nice backstop. That is evident from this example. "

  58. In my opinion Mariani was very good in Juventus- Inter (2nd leg)

  59. Mariani and his assistants were just perfect tonight.

    1. i agree, this was an absolutely great performance. i love especially what i call "natural acceptance". it is a cup final 2nd leg and there is only one caution for dissent! IN ITALY!!! he managed all aspects of L12 excellently. only sometimes i felt that he was a bit far away from play? there were crosses into the box or even the goalzone and he was 20-25m away? but i find this in every top italian referee? i have no italian "runner" in mind, like del cerro or zwayer? of course they get the job done excellently, too...but i tend to say: the ref should be "visible" in tv :-) and not only when the ball is dead^^

  60. Mariani is finally ready for everything, I would say, after this evening's game. This was the best national appointment for him so far in his career and he was excellent throughout whole game. The difficulty was medium, with a later trend to normal but this happened because referee controlled very well the game. He was in full empathy with players. He never looked to be worried. A referee smiling is most of the times a good signal because this means that he is mentally calm (not in tension, no worried, and so in the game). The most interesting minutes were at the beginning when Inter had still chance to qualify (they had to score 2 goals, very difficult task at Juventus home). A correctly rejected penalty appeal (no contact with opponent, player just slipping down). Then, after that some protests from the benches for some cards issued, but everything was correct. Less challenging second half, but referee always alert. An excellent performance by assistant referees as well.
    I think today we can say that Mariani deserved the promotion to Category 1 and now it will be up to him to keep standard for achieving more. Step by step, he can reach much.
    Today's good officiating came after a long period in which he has been mostly good.
    Now, I would like to say the same for Fabbri who was promoted FIFA referee with him, but at moment this is not still possible... let's see what will happen in future.

    1. see comment above :-) and may i add: chefren, why is this big cup-clash only "medium" difficulty ;-) matches do only in the least cases get difficult or hard due to the spirit and emotion or the close score or what's at stake. consistent, reliable and empathic match-management is key to keeping a match only "medium" ;-) where is my line of intervention? how much do i tolerate...i as a hobby-musician always say the first 10 minutes are the referees "overture" where he is setting the course for the rest of the match...and i haven't seen much better than mariani doing this and sticking to his plan consistantly and realibly like today

    2. Excellent performance, 8.6 or 8.7 for me.



    1. IMO SPA because of the distance from goal, so the second defender might be able to intervene, let's say, on the penalty area line.

    2. IMO, just as Anonymous explained, YC SPA.

    3. RC-DOGSO wouldn't have been wrong(one can say that the defender was a bit far vertically from the attacker) but IMO YC-SPA is the most sensible decision here, for the arguments Anonymous gave. I kind of disagree with OFR there, it is not a clear mistake by referee, especially if you consider guidelines and current trend towards DOGSO (eg Stieler in LIVAJX CLMD5): it must be very clear.

  62. Referee designations FCWC 2020 - Final:
    Squared vs
    (11 February 2021)

    Referee: Esteban OSTOJICH Flag of Uruguay
    ASR 1: Nicolas TARAN Flag of Uruguay
    ASR 2: Richard TRINIDAD Flag of Uruguay
    4th Off. Edina ALVES BATISTA Flag of Brazil
    Res ASR: Neuza BACK Flag of Brazil
    VAR: Nicolas GALLO Flag of Colombia
    AVAR: Julio BASCUNAN Flag of Chile

  63. Referee designations FCWC 2020 - Match for 3rd place
    Squared vs
    (11 February 2021)

    Referee: Maguette NDIAYE Flag of Senegal
    ASR 1: Djibril CAMARA Flag of Senegal
    ASR 2: El Hadji SAMBA Flag of Senegal
    4th Off. Mario ESCOBAR Flag of Guatemala
    Res ASR: Humberto PANJOJ Flag of Guatemala
    VAR: Drew FISCHER Flag of Canada
    AVAR: Redouane JIYED Flag of Morocco


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