Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Esteban Ostojich (URU) in charge of 2020 FIFA Club World Cup Final

Esteban Ostojich from Uruguay has been appointed to handle 2020 FIFA Club World Cup Final, to be played on 11/02 between Bayern München and Tigres. Senegal's Maguette N'Diaye will control Third Place game. 

Third Place Game

11 February 2021, 16:00 CET
Al Ahly Sporting Club (EGY) - Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras (BRA)
Referee: Maguette N'Diaye (SEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Djibril Camara (SEN) 
Assistant Referee 2: El Hadji Malick Samba (SEN) 
Fourth Official: Mario Escobar (GUA)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Humberto Panjoj (GUA)
Video Assistant Referee: Drew Fischer (CAN)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Redouane Jiyed (MAR)


11 February 2021, 19:00 CET
FC Bayern München (GER) - Club de Fútbol Tigres de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (MEX)
Referee: Esteban Ostojich (URU)
Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Taran (URU)
Assistant Referee 2: Richard Trinidad (URU)
Fourth Official: Edina Alves Batista (BRA)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Neuza Back (BRA)
Video Assistant Referee: Nicolas Gallo (COL) Julio Bascuñan (CHI) 
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Julio Bascuñan (CHI) Khamis Al Marri (QAT) 


  1. Expected choices with some disadvantages:
    -N'Diaye gets a CAF team in his only match
    -The final referee is a replacement and not (yet) pre-selected for the WC
    -Escobar would have deserved more
    However difficult to find a better solution under the circumstances.

    1. It's very easy to find a solution, appointing N'Diaye to the final and Zitouni to third place game. But for uknown reasons FIFA chose to omit Tahitian who has already shown good performances at FIFA tournaments in the past.

    2. Yes, let me add, this tournament is too short to call so many referees, in addition I don't like the fact that the confederations rule has been broken only for one game, so this would have allowed to make different choices in all cases from the beginning. In such circumstances getting a final without deserving it, or deserving it less than other candidates is not fair.
      Indeed in my opinion, along with Alves Batista, Ostojich was the least convincing referee.
      Also, to underline, Jiyed appointed only as AVAR, no full trust for him in this role even in a third place game.
      To be honest, I prefer by far UEFA organization and management about refereeing. FIFA has lost big credits from me in recent times.

    3. I also would like to point out that, counterintuitively, the “Confederations Rule” seems to actually *cause* conflicts on interest, in my opinion.

      For example, take Ostojich’s case: under the Confederations Rule, if Tigres hadn’t made final, we can say it probably would have been Escobar’s final (or at least, a 50-50 shot between Escobar and Ostojich, assuming they don’t appoint N’Diaye straight to the final). But since Tigres made the final, under the Confederations Rule, Ostojich was the only choice. But Ostojich reffed Tigres in his quarterfinal game! See the issue?

      This situation was easy to calculate from the moment the quarterfinal assignments came out. I am BY NO MEANS, AT ALL suggesting that Ostojich didn’t handle his first game fairly, I simply wish to demonstrate that if the “Confederations Rule” exists to avoid conflicts of interest, it actually causes more problems than it solves, in my opinion.

    4. As Collina says "Expect the unexpected" of course not in term of appointments but on whap happed to Ostojich. One month ago he was not thinking at all to attend Fifa CWC and now he going to blow the final. Lucky has embraced him....
      Well, I agree on all your comments: basically I think that at this level confederation neutrality doesn't make sense since referees are high level professionals. So on such competitions the only criteria should be the merit. We are not talking about country neutrality but confederation. What is the problem (for example) for a Japanese referee to officiate a match involving Saudi Arabia ? Or why an official Qatar can't officiate Australia, which is an other continent.
      I'm also very regretted by the behavior respect to Zitouini. He really deserved to be 1st official in one match and his appointment on 3rd match place would be more fair.
      Finally I like much more Uefa management than FIFA one.

    5. Too bad FIFA missed a chance to give better opportunities to the referees from CAF and OFC. If not now at CWC, then when?

    6. As a Mexican and a "CONCACAF'er" I approve of Ostojich being assigned. A Final is not the time to experiment with a referee (N'Diaye). Leave the experimenting for the "dead rubber" matches (3rd and 5th place).

    7. I will say that the FIFA Ref Comm management and distribution of matches is beyond poor. Even the CONCACAF Ref Comm manages to do it better.

      Fpr example, during the recently played finals phase of the CONCACAF Champions League. Reon Radix was the only main referee who was not assigned a match as a main referee. However IMO, the Ref Comm made it up to him by assigning him as the main referee for the 2nd Semi-final of the CONCACAF League.

      But from FIFA, Zitouni can't even get that type of respect.

    Semifinals - 1’ Leg

    Wednesday, 10th February

    21:15 SC Braga-FC Porto
    Luís Godinho - Rui Teixeira, Valter Rufo - Iancu Vasilica
    [Hugo Miguel, Ricardo Santos]

    Thursday, 11th February

    21:15 Estoril Praia-SL Benfica
    António Nobre - Carlos Covão, Nuno Pereira - Hugo Silva
    [André Narciso, Paulo Brás]

    1. Luis Godinho (Hugo Miguel):




    2. Really really aggressive football on show today, Luis Godinho reminds me of Anthony Taylor. For the first incident it is purely an accident , but nowadays I do not want to call it challenge because it wasn’t a challenge or a tackle but just accidental and an unfortunate serious injury, it is more like one that Andre Gomes suffered from Son a while back in which Martin Atkinson first gave a yellow card then after seeing the serious injury then gave a red card although the red card was rescinded. This is even not like that because the Porto player didn’t make a tackle and was just shooting and the follow through caught the brags player. I am so indifferent right now, I feel it’s harsh

    3. IMO
      1 - clearly wrong, accidental result of his shoot on goal.
      2 - RC is correct, but one of the red players (cannot identify the number) should have seen Red as well.

  3. Unofficial info was totally different. No matter,congrats to Ostojich. :)

    1. "Unofficial" very often is used just to say something without any real source!

    2. Agree with Chefren about Anomnymys. Next time Anomnymys you need to tell that you like to see Ndiaye.

  4. Two CWC finals in a row for Ostojich, after being VAR at the last one.

    1. Edina Alves got most appointments (referee and fourth official): 4 of 6 matches!!!
      I think this is a signal from FIFA. I heard that they asked the confederations whether they have top female referees able to pass the men's fitness test, so they can appoint them to men's competitions. If Frappart goes to Euro, we will see another female referee (maybe from AFC) at the men's Olympic tournament.

    2. Main candidates from other confederations with some experience in men's football should be Jacewicz (AUS) and Borjas (HON). Or is there anybody else?

    3. Jacewicz seems a very likely candidate. Maybe also the Japanese referee who attended the 2019 WWC?

    4. To me there seems to be one obvious candidate amongst female referees who fulfils both the necessary technical and physical levels to handle men's FIFA matches - Lucila Venegas Montes from Mexico.

      But I guess she is out for not officiating matches in her local men's top division?

    5. Venegas is a very good referee, but the rumours are that she had not been given men's matches in Mexico because she did not pass the men's fitness test.

  5. OT: Executive Committee dismissed entire Referees Committee in Croatia. New committee is expected to be established on March, but I don't think anything will be changed as long as Refereeing committee and Department are not independent. Some members of executive committee as well as some club presidents still have to much influence on refereeing in Croatia... That is why they won't appoint foreigner as a head of Referees Comittee...

    1. Expected outcome for me. Now let's see how this unfolds. The problem is that Croatia is too small to have plenty of potential candidates and we could predict more or less shuffling the cards. And another potential problem is that Bruno Maric is very popular among referees and very ambitious, but at the same time very controversial in public. Maybe if he presents some project of referee exchange with some other association, what he once said he would like to do, it could help regaining the trust.

  6. This FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP is absolutely without any interest. Better to cancel in a crowd calendar

    1. If FIFA did not change his plans due to Covid, this was supposed to be the last edition in this format.

    2. Dino,
      I would agree with you, but then we would be wrong. So I would say, "speak for yourself". I personally have enjoyed the competition. As a Mexican and "CONCACAF'er", I am excited to see a Mexican/CONCACAF team finally reach the Final.

  7. Early CL knockout stage predictions for next Tuesday/Wednesday:

    BAR-PAR: Kuipers (van Boekel)
    RBL-LIV (from Budapest): Orsato (Irrati)
    POR-JUV: Lahoz (Munuera)
    SEV-DOR: Hategan (Dias)

    1. My predictions for next week (VAR in brackets):
      BAR-PAR: Brych (Fritz)
      RBL-LIV: Kovacs (Kamphuis)
      POR-JUV: Turpin (Letexier)
      SEV-DOR: Oliver (Kavanagh)

      Wolfsberg-Tottenham: Guida (di Bello)
      Kiev-Brugge: Razkowski (Marciniak)
      Sociedad-ManchesterU (in Turin): Sidiropoulos (Dingert)
      Red Star-Milan: Soares Dias (Martins)
      Slavia-Leicester: Meler (Stegemann)
      Braga-Roma: Karasev (Meshkov)
      Krasnodar-Zagreb: Kabakov (Zwayer)
      Bern-Leverkusen: Gil Manzano (de Burgos)
      Olympiacos-Eindhoven: Madden (Valeri)
      Benfica-Arsenal (in Rome): Massa (Irrati)
      Antwerpen-Rangers: Bastien (Delajod)
      Salzburg-Villareal: Kruzliak (Gil)
      Molde-Hoffenheim (in Villareal): Jovanovic (del Cerro Grande)
      Granada-Napoli: Kralovec (Pinheiro)
      Maccabi-Donetsk: Jug (Sanchez)
      Lille-Ajax: Siebert (Dankert)

    2. Philipp, Kralovec has been removed from FIFA list.

    3. CL predictions:
      BAR-PAR: Orsato(Irrati)
      RBL-LIV: Hategan(Kavanagh)
      POR-JUV: Del Cerro Grande(Hernandez Hernandez)
      SEV-DOR: Taylor(Pawson)

    4. Yes, of course. I'll replace Kralovec with Ekberg then.

    5. Does anyone know what was the conclusion of the UEFA investigation into the PSG incident from December? Were the Romanian referees cleared of the accusations?

    6. No official announcements so far, but indeed I expect some communications by UEFA. Let's wait.

  8. EL predictions (some of these may not be feasible b/c of travel restrictions):

    OLY-PSV: Oliver (Kavanagh)
    YB-B04: Marciniak (Gil)
    KRA-DZG: Dabanović (Fritz)
    BRA-ROM: Frappart (Letexier)
    SLP-LC: Zwayer (Dingert)
    CRV-MIL: del Cerro Grande (Montero)
    RSO-MU (from Turin): Stieler (Stegemann)
    DKV-BRU: Madden (Attwell)
    WAC-TOT: Ekberg (Kamphuis)
    LIL-AJX: Grinfeld (Reinshreiber)
    MAC-SHK: Palabiyik (Bitigen)
    GRA-NAP: Turpin (Brisard)
    MOL-HOF (from Villarreal): Veríssimo (Martins)
    SAL-VIL: Collum (Pawson)
    ANT-RAN: Kovács (Hernández)
    BEN-ARS (from Rome): Karasev (Meshkov)

  9. Tonight referee Gozubuyuk after the cup match Ajax vs. PSV refused to explain three controversial decisions for the cameras of ESPN, just like Higler did yesterday.
    IMO at least one red card missed and a handball penalty not given. Although VAR was in place no interventions were made.

    1. Two red cards missed IMO. Higler and his VAR yesterday also missed a clear RC...

    2. Here are the incidents (Ajax-PSV - Gozubuyuk/Manshot]



      Handball - penalty?

    3. All three of these moments are not enough for the VAR to intervene, in my opinion.n

    4. IMO, VAR should have intervened in all three situations. The last one is hand to ball (happenes quite often, when the defender wants to put the hand on the attacker)

    5. interesting situations and all of them have arguments to (not) intervene. so are they c/o then? i think if the onfield decission was 2x rc for sfp and a handball-penalty var would not intervene either.
      1) late tackle, ball not reachable - rc as onfield decision would be supported, but lack of impact and power speaks against intervention, so yellow card supported, too
      2) maximum risk, two straight legs, studs up, - also here a red card would have been supported as onfield decision, however no intervention as the ball is clearly played, too
      3) ball to hand or hand to ball? i think this is rather the second one and for me a clear penalty and also an intervention, as the defender by moving his hand to the ball makes his body unnaturally bigger, so it must be a penalty IMO. I hardly find arguments against intervention?

    6. IMO 3 clearly Wrong decisions, VAR should intervene (for sure in 1st and 3rd scene, I have doubts about the 2nd).

  10. Too much leniency from Mateu tonight.
    He is his best to keep cards in his pocket and to let the to flow, but it was bad choice for tonight.

    Atleast 2-3 ckear YC's were not shown and there was confrontation between Messi and Jordam where Messi didnt get even a warning.

    Altough I like Mateu, tonight was not at his best.

  11. It is true that Lucila Venegas has never been assigned as a main referee in a Mexican 1st Division Liga MX match. However I do not know if this is due to a failed fitness test. Even though the fitness standards and expectations are quite high and rigid in Mexico. To include frequent body fat composition measurements (no Jon Moss' in Liga MX). She has however been assigned as a main referee in Mexican 2nd Division matches on multiple occasions.

    The only one female referee has ever been assigned as a main referee in a Mexican 1st Division Liga MX match. It was Virginia "Vicky" Tovar and it was quite a while ago (2004). She was assigned as a main referee in 2 matches but received no further assignments as a main referee after that.

    In regards to the current status of Lucila Venegas. She mainly works as a main referee in the Mexican Women's 1st Division the Liga MX Femenil. But based on quality and quantity of assignments. She probably currently considered Mexico's #4 female FIFA referee. Behind (in order of probable current ranking) Katia Itzel García Mendoza, Priscila Eritzel Pérez Borja, and Francia María González Martínez. The first two are young referee's (28 and 29 respectively) who have been "pushed" quite a bit by the Mexican Ref Comm.

    1. To avoid any confusion, she did not pass the very demanding men's fitness test for Liga MX because apparently she did not take it, not because she failed it.

  12. After seeing Zitouni come and go from yet another FIFA competition without getting the opportunity as a main referee. What if any motivations or reasons would a young upcoming promising OFC referee have to attain his FIFA badge? It is obvious that only New Zealand exists in the eyes of the FIFA Ref Comm. I've always thought that football was the "worlds game". But I guess that is just a fancy slogan touted by FIFA that actually carries no truth behind it.

  13. Barca-PSG brych(dingert)
    Rbl-liv turpin(bastien)
    Por-juv Collum(tierney)
    Sev-dort kuipers(blom)

  14. before my predictions on UCL and UEL, one question: Will VAR be used for UEL KO stage ?


    1. Yes, VAR will be used in EL KO stage.

    2. Did Skomina recovered yet? Because when he got injured in BRUDOR CL match some of the readers said that he risks to miss Euro21. Any news about him?

    3. Mine are:
      Barcelona-PSG Orsato (ITA)
      Leipzig-Liverpool Hategan (ROU) (He lives just 259km from Budapest)
      Porto-Juventus Stieler (GER)
      Sevilla-Dortmund Turpin (FRA)
      Atlético Madrid-Chelsea Makkelie (NED)
      Lazio-Bayern Kovács (ROU)
      Atalanta-Real Madrid Vincic (SVN)
      Mönchengladbach-Man.City Del Cerro (ESP)



    1. Mine are:
      OLY-PSV Frankowski (POL)
      YB-BAY Madden (SCO)
      KRA-DZG Sidiropoulos (GRE)
      BRA-ROM Jug (SVN)
      SLP-LCT Meler (TUR)
      CRV-MIL Buquet (FRA)
      RSO-MU Kulbakov (BLR)
      DKV-BRU Guida (ITA)
      WAC-TOT Visser (BEL)
      LIL-AJA Kabakov (BUL)
      MTA-SHK Martins (POR)
      GRA-NAP Collum (SCO)
      MOL-HOF Gestranius (FIN)
      SAL-VIL Gözübüyük (NED)
      ANT-RAN Siebert (GER)
      BEN-ARS Gil Manzano (ESP)

  16. Cüneyt Cakir will officated tomorrow Süper Lig match betweeen Caykur Rizespor and Erzurumspor with his assistents Ongun and Duran.
    So possible UCL for him... maybe the Leipzig-Liverpool match in Budapest...

    @Does anyone know what happened with TFF site, maybe the people who live in Turkey?

  17. Another set of very interesting appointments by Rizzoli for serie A next matchday: among others, Orsato will be VAR tomorrow, so this could mean he has a CL game on next week in CL.
    The most interesting choice is Fabbri in Inter - Lazio, one of the two big matches of this round (the other one is Napoli - Juventus, with Doveri). So after Mariani, now Rizzoli tries to same with Fabbri, he is in a good form and I hope he can show a good performance, that's another chance for him, after a very long time, he can't fail that. I think in case of poor performance, his chances at high level will be definitely over. But let's think positive.
    Rizzoli is doing a good work for some aspects, despite there are many reasons for critizicing him.
    Also, Guida on Saturday in serie B with a FIFA trio Carbone - Peretti, this could mean maybe he has a EL game, or more likely he is planned for a big match in serie A next rounds. In any case, it will be surely interesting to see whether he has recovered after a very long injury.

  18. OT

    Bobby Madden (UEFA 1st) will handle the Greek Classico Panathinaikos - Olympiakos on Saturday. His assistants are David Roome and Graeme Stewart. VAR is Bruno Esteves (POR).

    1. So my prediction for Olympiakos-PSV should be wrong then...

  19. UEFA Report about PSG - Istambul BFK established that Coltescu and Sovre weren't guilty. It is said that they didn't use the word "negru" in a negative way or racist. So, they didn't get any punishment.

    1. Correct decision by UEFA.

    2. A very nice LOL to all people who said i had a racist way to tell there isn’t racism here. Uefa must be racist too...

    3. Great news! Only correct decision in this case.

    4. UEFA is frightened of taking brave decisions. I don’t doubt the inspector’s integrity but 2 months of investigation for this conclusion looks like they wanted to cover up the case as much as they could.
      Players were braver than UEFA that night. The symbol was very important and that’s what matter most.

    5. Correct decision by UEFA IMO.

    6. An official statement by UEFA is expected before making any public comment on that, at least in my opinion. The source must be directly UEFA.

    7. According to a tweet, UEFA posted a statement that they actually opened proceedings, but I am not able to find it on the UEFA website. Did someone see such statement?

    8. Justice won in the end

    9. UEFA instructor statement isn’t UEFA disciplinary decision but he is the most well-placed person to evaluate all facts. And his statement is clear : « no racism ».

    10. Wrong information from Romanian media.

      "Following an investigation conducted by a UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector regarding the events that led to the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and İstanbul Basaksehir FK on 8 December 2020 being abandoned, proceedings have been opened against Mr. Sebastian Constantin Coltescu and Mr. Octavian Sovre for a potential violation of Article 11 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations.

      Further information about this case will be made available once the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body has taken a decision in due course."

    11. There isn’t any wrong information. Instructor’s work is one of the pieces used by UEFA Disciplinary Control Commission and has concluded to a no-racism intention. But this isn’t final decision but a serious work which lightly shows ridiculous rage against Romanian refs...

    12. If UEFA decided it was not racism, why did the open proceedings against the FO and AR? If no racism, what are the allegations?

    13. The big question: if UEFA opened proceedings against Sovre, would he be allowed to continue as AR1 for Hategan in UEFA competitions during the disciplinary proceedings?

    14. The next appointment for Hategan will give the answer.

  20. Definitely CL for Kuipers: he was assigned to Heerenveen - Feyenoord today, which is postponed to Wednesday. He has now been replaced by Siemen Mulder for that game.

  21. What is opinions for WC and UYL in March? I cannot be sure these will take place.. some UCL games change venue/ country. This is not feasible for UYL / WCQ

  22. Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 22

    Friday 12th February

    20:45 Bologna - Benevento
    Davide Ghersini - Davide Imperiale - Mattia Scarpa - Simone Sozza
    [Daniele Orsato - Filippo Meli]

    Saturday 13th February

    15:00 Torino - Genoa
    Fabrizio Pasqua - Alessio Tolfo - Vito Mastrodonato - Federico La Penna
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Damiano Di Iorio]

    18:00 Napoli - Juventus
    Daniele Doveri - Alessandro Giallatini - Fabiano Preti - Gianpaolo Calvarese
    [Paolo Valeri - Daniele Bindoni]

    20:45 Spezia - Milan
    Daniele Chiffi - Luca Mondin - Valerio Vecchi - Juan Luca Sacchi
    [Paolo Mazzoleni - Giacomo Paganessi]

    Sunday 14th February

    12:30 Roma - Udinese
    Piero Giacomelli - Alberto Tegoni - Fabio Schirru - Gianluca Manganiello
    [Luca Banti - Pasquale De Meo]

    15:00 Cagliari - Atalanta
    Marco Piccinini - Stefano Liberti - Mauro Galetto - Francesco Fourneau
    [Luigi Nasca - Rodolfo Di Vuolo]

    15:00 Sampdoria - Fiorentina
    Fabio Maresca - Pasquale Capaldo - Oreste Muto - Antonio Giua
    [Luca Pairetto - Alessandro Costanzo]

    18:00 Crotone - Sassuolo
    Ivano Pezzuto - Stefano Del Giovane - Alessio Saccenti - Ivan Robilotta
    [Marco Di Bello - Salvatore Longo]

    20:45 Inter - Lazio
    Michael Fabbri - Stefano Alassio - Filippo Valeriani - Gianluca Aureliano
    [Massimiliano Irrati - Sergio Ranghetti]

    Monday 15th February

    20:45 Hellas Verona - Parma
    Luca Massimi - Dario Cecconi - Daniele Marchi - Eugenio Abbattista
    [Davide Massa - Matteo Passeri]

  23. Italy Serie B
    Matchweek 23

    Friday 12th February

    21:00 Monza - Pisa
    Rosario Abbiso - Daisuke Emanuele Yoshikawa - Gabriele Nuzzi - Matteo Gariglio

    Saturday 13th February

    12:00 Salernitana - LR Vicenza
    Giacomo Camplone - Marco Scatragli - Pietro Dei Giudici - Alberto Santoro

    14:00 Cremonese - Lecce
    Marco Guida - Ciro Carbone - Giorgio Peretti - Riccardo Ros

    14:00 Pescara - Venezia
    Lorenzo Illuzzi - Salvatore Affatato - Marco Trinchieri - Antonio Rapuano

    14:00 Pordenone - Cittadella
    Daniele Paterna - Valentino Fiorito - Matteo Bottegoni - Francesco Meraviglia

    16:00 Spal - Empoli
    Maurizio Mariani - Luigi Rossi - Niccolo Pagliardini - Matteo Marchetti

    Sunday 14th February

    15:00 Virtus Entella - Frosinone
    Lorenzo Maggioni - Orlando Pagnotta - Robert Avalos - Manuel Volpi

    17:00 Reggiana - Ascoli
    Giovanni Ayroldi - Michele Grossi - Gaetano Massara - Alessandro Prontera

    21:00 Brescia - Chievo Verona
    Antonio Di Martino - Edoardo Raspollini - Luigi Lanotte - Daniel Amabile

    Monday 15th February

    21:00 Cosenza - Reggina
    Livio Marinelli - Andrea Zingarelli - Domenico Palermo - Valerio Marini


    Luís Godinho, referee of SC Braga-FC Porto, was the target of death threats after the first leg of the Portuguese Cup semi-finals.

    "The referee was informed by the international referee Luís Godinho of the existence of threats, which were also made to family members, following the game this Wednesday night, in Braga.

    The threats received are being treated as something extremely serious.

    Also in the last few hours, the telephone contacts of arbitrators have again become available on social networks, which constitutes an incitement to violence and an unbearable attack on the privacy and serenity of arbitration agents." by: Portuguese Football Federation


  25. England Premier League
    Matchweek 24

    Saturday 13th February

    13:30 Leicester - Liverpool
    Anthony Taylor - Gary Beswick - Adam Nunn - Lee Mason
    [Stuart Attwell - Mark Scholes]

    16:00 Crystal Palace - Burnley
    Michael Oliver - Stuart Burt - Simon Bennett - David Coote
    [Jarred Gillett - Timothy Wood]

    18:30 Manchester City - Tottenham
    Paul Tierney - Lee Betts - Ian Hussin - Craig Pawson
    [Peter Bankes - Neil Davies]

    21:00 Brighton - Aston Villa
    Darren England - Constantine Hatzidakis - Peter Kirkup - Graham Scott
    [Martin Atkinson - Darren Cann]

    Sunday 14th February

    13:00 Southampton - Wolverhampton
    Graham Scott - Darren Cann - Mark Scholes - Darren England
    [Martin Atkinson - Constantine Hatzidakis]

    15:00 West Bromwich - Manchester United
    Craig Pawson - Harry Lennard - Richard West - Jarred Gillett
    [Jonathan Moss - Marc Perry]

    17:30 Arsenal - Leeds
    Stuart Attwell - Dan Cook - Simon Long - Simon Hooper
    [Andre Marriner - Sian Massey-Ellis]

    20:00 Everton - Fulham
    Andy Madley - Adrian Holmey - Simon Beck - Tony Harrington
    [Kevin Friend - Eddie Smart]

    Monday 15th February

    19:00 West Ham - Sheffield
    Simon Hooper - Derek Eaton - Timothy Wood - Graham Scott
    [Michael Oliver - Simon Bennett]

    21:00 Chelsea - Newcastle
    Peter Bankes - Neil Davies - James Mainwaring - Kevin Friend
    [Chris Kavanagh - Dan Cook]

    Wednesday 17th February

    19:00 Burnley - Fulham
    Jonathan Moss - Marc Perry - Nick Hopton - Martin Atkinson
    [Darren England - Dan Robathan]

    21:15 Everton - Manchester City
    Andre Marriner - Scott Ledger - Richard West - Lee Mason
    [Simon Hooper - Derek Eaton]

  26. Spain La Liga
    Matchweek 23

    Friday 12th February

    21:00 Celta de Vigo - Elche CF
    Ricardo De Burgos Bengoechea - Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar - Jon Núnez Fernández - Pablo Fernandez Perez
    [Valentin Pizarro Gomez - José Antonio Garrido Romero]

    Saturday 13th February

    14:00 Granada CF - Atletico De Madrid
    Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz - Pau Cebrián Devis - Iker De Francisco Grijalba - Roberto Gonzalo Sanchez
    [José Luis González González - Juan José López Mir]

    16:15 Sevilla FC - SD Huesca
    David Medié Jiménez - Juan Carlos Barranco Trejo - Joan Méndez Mateo - Jesus Delfa Ramos
    [Adrián Cordero Vega - Antonio Luis Cerezo Parfenof]

    18:30 SD Eibar - Real Valladolid CF
    Isidro Díaz De Mera Escuderos - Jose Carlos Escuela Melo - José Alcoba Rodriguez - Imanol Irurtzun Artola
    [Jose Luis Munuera Montero - Inigo Prieto López De Cerain]

    21:00 FC Barcelona - Deportivo Alaves
    Jorge Figueora Vásquez - Antonio Ramón Martínez Moreno - Álvaro Yeray Carreno Cabrera - Abraham Dominguez Cervantes
    [Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez - Teodoro Sobrino Magán]

    Sunday 14th February

    14:00 Getafe CF - Real Sociedad De Fútbol
    Pablo González Fuertes - Alfredo Rodriguez Moreno - Israel Barcena Rodriguez - José Luis Guzmán Mansilla
    [Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva - Miguel Martinez Munuera]

    16:15 Real Madrid - Valencia CF
    José Maria Sánchez Martínez - Raúl Cabanero Martínez - José Gallego Garcia - Álvaro López Parra
    [Mario Melero López - José Luis Martinez Serrato]

    18:30 Levante UD - Osasuna
    Santiago Jaime Latre - Jorge Bueno Mateo - Fernando Tresaco Escabosa - Daniel David Baiges Dones
    [Carlos Del Cerro Grande - Gonzalo Garcia González]

    21:00 Villarreal CF - Real Betis SD
    Jesús Gil Manzano - Angel Nevado Rodriguez - Javier Martínez Nicolas - Armando Ramo Andres
    [Javier Alberola Rojas - Marcos Cerdán Aguilar]

    Monday 15th February

    21:00 Cádiz - Athletic Bilbao
    Alejandro José Hernandez Hernandez - José Enrique Naranjo Pérez - Diego Sanchez Rojo - Jayro Munoz Garcia
    [Cesar Soto Grado - Carlos Álvarez Fernández]

  27. France Ligue 1
    Matchweek 25

    Saturday 13th February

    17:00 PSG - OGC Nice
    Jérémie Pignard - Alexandre Viala - Philippe Jeanne - Guillaume Paradis
    [Amaury Delerue - Stéphane Bré]

    19:00 Stade Reims - RC Lens
    Éric Wattellier - Aurélien Berthomieu - Matthieu Lombard - Ludovic Genest
    [Alexandre Castro - Bruno Coué]

    21:00 Olympique Lyonnais - Montpellier
    Antony Gautier - Michael Annonier - Julien Haulbert - Cédric Dos Santos
    [Thomas Leonard - Yohann Rouinsard]

    Sunday 14th February

    13:00 AS Monaco - Fc Lorient
    Benoît Millot - Aurélien Drouet - Mathieu Grosbost - Aldric Chancioux
    [Johan Hamel - Dominique Julien]

    15:00 SCO Angers - Fc Nantes
    Francois Letexier - Cyril Mugnier - Mehdi Rahmouni - Pierre Legat
    [Clément Turpin - Cyril Gringore]

    15:00 Dijon - Olympique Nimes
    Aurélien Petit - Frédéric Haquette - Mohamed Benkemouche - Romain Lissourge
    [William Lavis - Lionel Jaffredo]

    15:00 FC Metz - Racing Strasbourg
    Mikael Lesage - Huseyin Ocak - Erwan Finjean - Sylvain Palhies
    [Jérôme Miguelgorry - Christian Guillard]

    15:00 Stade Rennais - AS Saint-Etienne
    Florent Batta - Julien Aube - Bertrand Jouannaud - Olivier Thual
    [VAR - TBC - AVAR TBC]

    17:00 LOSC Lille - Stade Brest
    Bastien Dechepy - Brice Parinet - Gwenael Pasqualotti - Azzedine Souifi
    [Hakim Ben El Hadj - Wilfried Bien]

    21:00 Bordeaux - Olympique Marseille
    Jérôme Brisard - Yannick Boutry - Bastien Courbet - Alexandre Perreau Niel
    [Frank Schneider - Hicham Zakrani]

  28. Detailed thoughts later but so far I am VERY impressed by Maguette N'Diaye. It seems he could be the first strong candidate from CAF in quite a long time.

    1. When few of us suggested FIFA should trust him with the final, you did not take it too seriously... hopefully, you will change your mind on his capabilities to do a meaningful match.

    2. He was really impressive on the FIFA U20 in Poland

  29. 64' possible penalty for Palmeiras.

    1. By the book, that was a clear careless-reckless striking foul IMO.

    2. Referees should take into account the spirit of the law, not only the letter.

  30. I found the first penalty execution by Palmeiras very ridiculous to be honest...

  31. Video Assistant Referee: Nicolas Gallo (COL) - Positive

    1. How was it possible fof Gallo to test positive while being the "bubble" for at least 10 days? If he got infected before arriving in Qatar and then spent his time with other referees during the tournament, only he tested positive? Something is missing here....

  32. Referee:
    Esteban OSTOJICH URU
    Assistant Referee 1:
    TARAN Nicolas URU
    Assistant Referee 2:
    Fourth official:
    Video Assistant Referee:
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee:
    AL MARRI Khamis QAT

  33. Does anyone have a video of the goal line camera replay of the final Palmeiras kick (by Felipe Melo)? I watched it live and thought that the goalkeeper (who saved the shot) started on the goal line, then had both feet in front of the goal line, and then moved one foot back onto/in-line-with the goal line at the moment the kick was taken.

    When I saw this image, I was surprised that the kick wasn't reviewed. While Law 14 says "When the ball is kicked, the defending goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot touching, or in line with, the goal line," it ALSO states that "The defending goalkeeper must remain on the goal line, facing the kicker, between the goalposts, without touching the goalposts, crossbar or goal net, UNTIL the ball has been kicked."

    Perhaps I saw it wrong? Or has FIFA instructed their VARs to only consider the moment of the kick for some reason? Interested to hear everyone's thoughts.

  34. Clear offside in this Bayern goal. To be honest, I expected AR to raise the flag live, too evident.

  35. Correct offside decision in my opinion, after the review. Lewandowski made an obvious action which impacted on Guzman's ability to play the ball.

  36. Now YC for time wasting in 1st half.

  37. Alphonso Davies cut socks are wayyy too high

  38. Another VAR intervention for wrong offside call by AR2 and goal correctly allowed for Bayern. A few later, penalty appeal by Tigres for handball, there was a touch by hand with player lying down. Referee assessed it as not punishable due to the movement. Reasonable decision, no VAR stuff, however in case of penalty whistled, VAR would have supported as well.

  39. A horror show by VAR - after watching for an offside for about 2 minutes, they somehow managed not to see that Lewandowski touched the ball with a hand... Speechless...

  40. Video:
    Handball offense missed by VAR?
    I think in case of touch by hand, this was immediately related to the goal scored by teammate, so to be annulled in all cases.
    VAR focused only on offside?

    1. Clear handball with inside goal camera. Unbelievable error by VAR Bascunan...

    2. So... We can safely say that what should be the biggest football club forum was decided by a HUGE AND COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE MISTAKE by some people in the VAR room who had about 2 minutes and over 20 replays and still could not take the right decision. Yes, now we can say they were looking for the offside or it is human to make mistakes... But I think that we should accept the fact that their work was a disaster. And when a football coach works like this he gets fired. And what happens with our colleagues - nothing because we start looking for excuses and explain how difficult their job is. It could be difficult sometimes on the pitch but it is completely unacceptable to make such mistakes in the VAR room. I may sound a little extreme now but I am telling this with sadness and pain because I know a lot of football referees who love and understand football but unfortunately I know more for who the football game is just an event which they have to attend to get some money... I don't think that there are many more jobs in the world that you can do so many mistakes unpunished.

    3. Here is a handball without any doubts:

      I'm horrified. The Video Assistant Referee HAS TO see that!

    4. this touch of hand was so obvious, I would have expected that they already solve it on the field?! referee and assistant have clear view on the ball??

    5. so all in all VAR changed two correct onfield decisions into wrong ones:

      18' - at the point of contact, lewandowski is in offside-position, but neither "clearly obstructing opponent's line of vision" nor "making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball".
      --> given all the replays i have assessed so far, the goalkeeper of tigres has clear vision of the ball when the shot is taken, and lewandowskis "try not to be hit" is clearly NOT impacting the goalkeepers ability to play the ball? at least i could not find out why the goalkeeper could not have played the ball anyways?

      59' - the onfield decision was "no goal" (yes for offside, but whatever^^). first i would have liked the crew on the field to spot the handball, as it was actually easy to see? then of course, VAR technically checks the offside-position, but he can not NOT see the handball? this is totally unacceptable. there are so many people in the var-room nowadays. even the hawkeye technician or any other operator could have seen it. we only blame the VAR, but also AVAR was sleeping? remember this was a Quatari. and i am not sure if we will see him next year in the would just not be deserved. people sometimes even say that he quatari avar saw it, but Qatar is big sponsor of FC Bayern. i think this is nonsense. the avar just isnt qualified for matches on this level...

      so in the end i dont know what to say? i think on the one hand it would be unfair to rule out the referee team on the field for wc22. however the var-crew surely should not be seen there...

    6. The comment by grumpy-ref about the first situation gives me a perfect oppurtunity to state once more what I have stated many times, i.e. a lot of football referees just read the rules but do not understand them because they simply do not understand football. I don't want to insult anybody personally - I just use the comment as an example.
      What I mean - the fact that Lewandowski jumped away from the ball and did not stay between the ball and the goalkeeper DOES NOT mean that he had no impact on the situation. When the ball passes in such a close distance to him the natural reaction of the goalkeeper is to stop for a micro second and to expect a touch from Lewandowski. Thats why the position of the striker "... clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball". For anybody who has watched a lot of football games or has played football this is quite simple situation. That's why I urge football referees not just to read the rules but to try to understand what do they mean.
      Once more - I really hope that nobody takes what I've written personally.


    In order to preserve the ease of following discussion on the blog, we have created a dedicated page for domestic appointments. Follow the link in the top-right of the site.

    Please post all appointments there!

    1. I think that is a good idea. Predictions still in the main articles?

    2. Thanks Michael... A good idea and much easier to follow...

  42. I share a question made above, how it was possible to be positive for Gallo, as he should be with the other officials in Qatar since more than 10 days, following strict rules? And only him with COVID?

    "Hategan is not under investigation for his part in events at the Parc des Princes, but assistant Octavian Sovre is. However, neither Coltescu or Sovre are under investigation over any charges relating to racism. Instead, both face charges of general misconduct for their action during that evening in the French capital."
    If cleared for racism, what misconduct charges are they talking about?

    1. Maybe because saying 'negru' was not racist because it's a purely descriptive word, but still inappropriate and unwise.

  44. Surely this is a pretty big scandal? The Club World Cup final decided by a goal that shouldn't have been given due to a huge VAR error.



    Group A
    AS Vita Club (COD) - Simba SC (TAN)
    Referee: Bakary Papa Gassama (GAM)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mustapha Bojang (GAM)
    Assistant Referee 2: Abdoul Aziz Bollel Jawo (GAM)
    Fourth Official: Maudo Jallow (GAM)

    Group D
    Az-Zamalik Cairo (EGY) - MC Alger (ALG)
    Referee: Bamlak Tessema Weyesa (ETH)
    Assistant Referee 1: Temesgin Atango Samuel (ETH)
    Assistant Referee 2: Kindie Mussie (ETH)
    Fourth Official: Tewodros Mitiku (ETH)


    Group B
    TP Mazembe (COD) - CR Belouizdad (ALG)
    Referee: Éric Arnaud Otogo Castane (GAB)
    Assistant Referee 1: Urbain Ondo Ndong (GAB)
    Assistant Referee 2: Boris Marlaise Ditsoga (GAB)
    Fourth Official: Gauthier Marc Mihindou Mbina (GAB)

    Group B
    Mamelodi Sundowns FC (RSA) - Al-Hilal Omdurman (SDN)
    Referee: Ghead Zaghloul Grisha (EGY)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mahmoud Ahmed Abu El-Regal (EGY)
    Assistant Referee 2: Ahmed Hossam Taha (EGY)
    Fourth Official: Mohamed Adel El-Said (EGY)

    Group C
    Horoya AC (GUI) - Atlético Petróleos de Luanda (ANG)
    Referee: Beida Dahane (MTN)
    Assistant Referee 1: Youssuf Mohammed Mahmoud Yahia (MTN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Abderrahmane Warr (MTN)
    Fourth Official: Babacar Sarr (MTN)

    Group D
    Espérance Sportive de Tunis (TUN) - Teungueth FC (SEN)
    Referee: Peter Waweru Kamaku (KEN)
    Assistant Referee 1: Gilbert Kipkoech Cheruiyot (KEN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Tony Kidiya (KEN)
    Fourth Official: Dickens Nyagrowa (KEN)


    Group A
    Al-Ahli Cairo (EGY) - Al-Marraikh Omdurman (SDN)
    Referee: Janny Sikazwe (ZAM)
    Assistant Referee 1: Arsénio Chadreque Marengula (MOZ)
    Assistant Referee 2: Jérson Emiliano dos Santos (ANG)
    Fourth Official: Derrick Kasokota Kafuli (ZAM)

  46. After having seen this happened many times, I would say that the skills of a VAR are tested when he is called for checking a particular situation after a goal scored (offside, as example) but the goal is irregular for another reason. If VAR spots that, he shows to be quite reliable. Otherwise, he will just only check what he was called for...
    As general consideration after this tournament, I would strongly invite FIFA to think more about this policy and the confederations (unwritten) rule, leading to more troubles than what happened in past.
    At the end a reserve referee (said with all respect) was the only one with two games, with three VAR interventions in his game but still with a crucial mistake. That's unacceptable.
    Also, where is the problem for FIFA, when we saw that in all cases at least a referee was forced to get a team from his confederation?
    It is just impossible to avoid that.
    So, more meritocracy less politics choices.
    What I always observed in FIFA tournaments is that most of the times they always start with clear ideas about who to appoint and that's not good, it is even worse in a so short tournaments.
    And yes, now I would say that Bascuñán experience at FIFA tournaments can be definitely over in all cases... really sorry.
    Finally, I also think that Collina is the best "technician" of refereeing, can he just accept that? For sure not...

    1. fully agree with you (as so often), Chefren. the confederations-rule is just from the past. also for me personally, it never made any sense geographically. football needs the best and most capable referees, also not by quota but as you have written many times too, by skill! and the same applies to var. it is absolutely impossible for me to nominate vars from countries that do not use var :-) or to appoint referees from countries that use var but do not have any experience in doing it. it doesnt make any feels a bit like in the old days before specialist-assistants where introduced and the jacky taylors or aaron schmidhubers ran the lines :-) they had no idea what to do but made a good impression...

  47. interesting offside clip from the WC club:

  48. Does anyone (maybe the readers who live in Turkey) what happened to the TFF website for appointments?
    Maybe the website is only working now in Turkey..?


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