Friday, 17 May 2019

2019 UEFA U-17 Championship - Espen Eskås to handle the Final

Espen Eskås, thirty years old referee from Norway, will referee the Final of the 2019 UEFA U-17 Championship in Dublin on Sunday evening. Riku Vihreävuori and Raimonds Tatriks from Finland and Latvia respectively will run his lines, while Maltese Trustin Farrugia Cann will execute the role of Fourth Official. UEFA Referees Committee member Bo Karlsson will formally evaluate their performance.

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Eskås handled three group stage matches - Iceland vs Russia, Spain vs Germany and Sweden - England - before directly being appointed to the Final after working as fourth official in the Belgium - Netherlands game. Even more impressive, Eskås managed to convince the tournament committee despite not even originally being appointed for the championship; he replaced injured compatriot Kai Erik Steen. Entering the FIFA list in 2017, this surely counts to the most important inset of his international career. Both his assistant referees, Riku Vihreävuori and Raimonds Tatriks have officiated in six games in the Republic of Ireland this May, the Latvian collecting prior experience in Andris Treimanis' international sextet as fourth official and Vihreävuori accompanying Petri Viljanen in some UEFA matches, but this is the first time that either of them will work with the Norwegian. Trustin Farugia Cann led four games as referee in the competition, including the Hungary - Spain Quarterfinal game, and this the first appearance for the thirty-three year old controlling the technical areas.

On behalf of everyone at Law5 blog, we would like to wish the refereeing team good luck!

19 May 2019, 17:30 CET - Dublin (Tallaght Stadium)
Netherlands - Italy
Referee: Espen Andreas Eskås (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Riku Vihreävuori (FIN)
Assistant Referee 2: Raimonds Tatriks (LVA)
Fourth Official: Trustin Farrugia Cann (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: Paul Lyon (GIB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)


  1. Thanks Referee12 for the appointment as all championship, I deleted it to make more space.

    Let me say, remarkable achievement for Espen Eskås given that he wasn't originally appointed. In refereeing, like life, you have to make good friends and seize the chances that arise for you; it would seem that he has done that.
    So to speak, is this some 'light at the end of the tunnel' for Norwegian refereeing?

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  2. Even a Martian would notice that Obrenovic is of a higher class and would have deserved the final .
    Perhaps it is time for some senior Commissioner to do something else and make way for young people.

    1. It’s getting really frustrating your obsession with this referee.There are very experienced observers in this tournament and the fact that he is not appointed not even for semis means better stop being your self a Martian...

  3. Some big games this weekend

    Relegation battle in France. Amiens, Monaco, Caen and Dijon, 16th to 19th place respectively, involved. 18th place will fight in relegation play-off while 19th will be relegated.

    Monaco v Amiens (Clément Turpin)
    Lyon v Caen (Amaury Delerue)
    PSG v Dijon (Jérôme Brisard)

    - - - - -

    Championship battle in Germany. Bayern Munich 75 points, Borussia Dortmund 73 points. In addition, four teams (Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bayer Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt and Wolfsburg) fight for the fourth place that gives a Champions League qualification. It's also not clear who will be directly qualified to Europa League group stage and who will play in the qualifying round for it. We should add to the interested teams 8th Hoffenheim and 9th Werder Bremen. Madness!

    Bayern Munich v Eintracht Frankfurt (Sascha Stegemann, huge test!)
    Borussia Mönchengladbach v Borussia Dortmund (Manuel Gräfe)
    Hertha Berlin v Bayer Leverkusen (Marco Fritz)
    Werder Bremen v Leipzig (Felix Brych, with Borsch and Lupp)
    Mainz v Hoffenheim (Deniz Aytekin)
    Wolfsburg v Augsburg (Felix Zwayer)

    In 2. Bundesliga there is a battle for direct advance. Paderborn (2nd, direct advance at the moment) with 57 pts and Union Berlin (3rd, play-off) with 56 pts.

    Dynamo Dresden v Paderborn (Sven Jablonski)
    Bochum v Union Berlin (Harm Osmers)

    And there is also a battle for avoiding a relegation play-off. Sandhausen 37 pts and Ingolstadt 35 pts.

    Jahn Regensburg - Sandhausen (Martin Petersen)
    Heidenheim v Ingolstadt (Sören Storks)

    - - - - -

    In Spain Valencia, Getafe and Sevilla fight for the fourth place that gives a direct qualification for CL group stage

    Getafe v Villarreal (Xavier Estrada Fernández)
    Sevilla v Athletic Club (José María Sánchez Martínez)
    Real Valladolid v Valencia (Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea)

    In addition, Real Sociedad and Espanyol would like to reach the 7th place (EL qualifying rounds). But here Athletic Club would have to lose his game against Sevilla.

    Espanyol v Real Sociedad (Santiago Jaime Latre)

    - - - - -

    Let us know if there are such big games in your leagues this weekend.


      Battle for championship: Benfica 84pts, Porto 82 pts.

      Benfica v Santa Clara (Jorge Sousa)
      Porto v Sporting (Fábio Veríssimo)

      Battle for avoiding relegation: Tondela 32 pts, Chaves 32 pts - one of the teams will be relegated and... it's a direct clash between them!

      Tondela v Chaves (João Pinheiro)

      - - - - -


      Championship battle: Piast Gliwice 69pts, Legia Warszawa 67pts

      Piast Gliwice v Lech Poznań (Szymon Marciniak)
      Legia Warszawa v Zagłębie Lubin (Bartosz Frankowski)

      Battle for spot in EL qualifying rounds: Cracovia Kraków 57pts, Jagiellonia Białystok 57pts

      Cracovia Kraków v Pogoń Szczecin (Piotr Lasyk)
      Lechia Gdańsk v Jagiellonia Białystok (Paweł Gil)

      Relegation battle: Wisła Płock 40pts, Miedź Legnica 37pts

      Wisła Płock v Zagłębie Sosnowiec (Jarosław Przybył)
      Wisła Kraków v Miedź Legnica (Tomasz Kwiatkowski)


      CSKA (69 pts) and Ludogorets (72 pts) fight for the championship and Levski (65 pts) have a minute outside chance, now we are in the third-last round.

      Ludogorets Razgrad - Levski Sofia (Nikolay Yordanov)
      Beroe Stara Zagora - CSKA Sofia (Nikola Popov)

    3. Jovic' tackle from Bayern Munich v Eintracht Frankfurt. Not even a yellow card given...

  4. Hi guys... Above all I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to the people who are running the site. It is obvious how devoted and passionate they are about football and football refereeing. I haven't commented anything until now but i have always read the articles and comments with great pleasure and interes. I would like to know if you have any info or links to the actual referee categories in all the continental football organizations - AFC, CAF, OFC, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF and UEFA... I was looking for a long time about that but unfortunately coudn't find anything official. I would be very grateful for any info. Thank everybody in advance and keep on with the fantastic job.

    1. Thanks for your words. We try to do the best.
      About categories, here you can find the UEFA ones:
      Next update should be very close to come.
      About the other confederations, I really don't know, and in any case I think these informations are not released to public.
      I invite readers from AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL and OFC to write if they have info.

    2. Here is the Elite "B" List published by CAF on September 2018. I don't have any other info.

    3. Chefren do you have any idea when the new list for UEFA will come out?

  5. Does anybody have NEW! General terms ands Conditions for referees officiating at UEFA matches? It`s only 2014 version is available on the internet:(

  6. Title deciding match in Turkey between Galatsaray and Basaksehir,refereed by Turkey's best,Cuneyt Cakir.

    Big chaos after Basakshir's first goal,fans throwing stuff at players,players having their battles.
    4 bookings were shown.

    Maybe someone has longer videos...

  7. Predictions U20WC MD1:
    Tahiti – Senegal: Hector Martinez, Walter Lopez (both HON), Helpys Feliz (DOM), Adham Makhadmeh (JOR) – Artur Soares Dias (POR), Pol van Boekel (NED), Ahmad Al-Roalle (JOR), Ammar Al-Jeneibi (UAE)
    Poland – Colombia: Fernando Guerrero, Pablo Hernandez, Jose Martinez (all MEX), Ivan Barton (SLV) – Adonai Escobedo (MEX), Gehad Grisha (EGY), Kyle Atkins (USA), Marco Guida (ITA)
    Mexico – Italy: Fernando Rapallini, Diego Bonfa, Gabriel Chade (all ARG), Alexis Herrera (VEN) – Andres Rojas (COL), Gery Vargas (BOL), Jorge Urrego (VEN), Julio Bascunan (CHI)
    Japan – Ecuador: Slavko Vincic, Tomaz Klancnik, Andraz Kovacic (all SVN), David Yareboinen (PNG) – Alan Kelly (IRL), Benoit Millot , Hicham Zakrani (both FRA), Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez (ESP)
    Honduras – New Zealand: Maguette N’Diaye (SEN), Elvis Noupoue (CMR), Seydou Tiama (BFA), Mustapha Ghorbal (ALG) – Bamlak Tessema Weyesa (ETH), Bakary Gassama (GAM), Mahmoud Ahmed Kamel (EGY), Pol van Boekel (NED)
    Uruguay – Norway: Muhammad Taqi, Min Kiat Koh, Abdul Hannan (all SIN), Pacifique Ndabihawenimana (BDI) - Ammar Al-Jeneibi (UAE), Khamis Al-Marri (QAT), Mohammad Al-Kalaf (JOR), Andres Rojas (COL)
    Qatar – Nigeria: Ivan Kruzliak, Tomas Somolani, Branislav Hancko (all SVK), Daniel Siebert (GER) - Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez, Juan Martinez Munuera (both ESP), Jan Seidel (GER), Fu Ming (CHN)
    Ukraine – USA: Raphael Claus, Danilo Manis, Bruno Pires (all BRA), Joel Alarcon (PER) – Wilton Sampaio (BRA), Jesus Valenzuela, Tulio Moreno (both VEN), Benoit Millot (FRA)
    Panama – Mali: Ahmed Al-Kaf, Abu Bakar Al-Amri, Rashid Al-Ghaithi (all OMA), Ilgiz Tantashev (UZB) - Khamis Al-Marri (QAT), Fu Ming (CHN), Ahmad Al-Roalle (JOR), Artur Soares Dias (POR)
    France – Saudi-Arabia: Leodan Gonzalez, Richard Trinidad, Martin Soppi (all URU), Ivan Barton (SLV) - Julio Bascunan (CHI), Andres Rojas (COL), Jorge Urrego (VEN), Wilton Sampaio (BRA)
    Portugal – South Korea: Ismail Elfath, Kyle Atkins, Corey Parker (all USA), David Yareboinen (PNG) - Alan Kelly (IRL), Adonai Escobedo, Pablo Hernandez (both MEX), Juan Martinez Munuera (ESP)
    Argentina – South Africa: Davide Massa, Filippo Meli, Fabiano Preti (all ITA), Sandro Schärer (SUI) – Marco Guida (ITA), Pawel Raczkowski (POL), Tomaz Klancnik (SVN), Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez (ESP)

    1. 4 VARs per match? I seem to recall there were only 2 per match back in 2017. But I really like your predictions!

    2. I think, the number of officials is high enough to allow 4 VARs per match. But I don't know, what FIFA's plans are.
      It also depends on the location of the VARs (central or in each stadium).
      If there are only 2 VARs/match, my prediction are the two first VARs, which I wrote, for each match.

  8. Terrible news.
    The referee Victor Hugo HURTADO, just collapsed on the pitch in the 47th minute of a championship game. He died of an hearth attack at only 32 years old.

    1. Such a terrible news May his soul rest in peace

  9. If Cesar Ramos was bad at the AFC Asian Cup. Then these first 45 minutes show that he's gotten worse. I've just seen one his worst halves ever. Foul detection was all over the place and no decipherable discipline line at all. Player protest were prevalent for the entire 45 minutes. He was also never really "in tune" with the match and lacked the feel/flow of how the match was being played. Failing to apply advantages on a few occasions. And he used a discipline "tool" that I highly dislike. He used the counting gesture to warn a player that he had committed "X" number of fouls and that he would be booked on his next foul. That player then committed yet another foul with Ramos failing to follow through with his "threat".

    This play stood out to me, and it kinda summarizes how he handled the first 45 minutes. A Club America player stays down supposedly injured after a clean tackle. Ramos correctly allows play to continue as Leon are in possession and attacking. Club America recovers possession but does not put the ball out play so their player can be treated. At that point Leon retakes possession and is on the attack when Ramos decides to stop play. The Leon players argue angrily at this decision and tell him that Club America didn't put the ball out of play when they had the opportunity to. This decision by Ramos led to him being forced to send off Leon bench personnel who were upset with him.

    Lastly I will say that I dislike the dismissive and arrogant on field persona that he's assumed since he returned from the World Cup. And I for one after seeing the season he's has this year. I am personally happy that he will not be attending the Gold Cup. Because he does not deserve it. I hope that this omission humbles him brings him back down to earth.

    1. Second 45 of this Semi-Final 2nd Leg was not that much better for Cesar Ramos. His foul detection continued to be all over the place as was his non decipherable discipline line.

      He did however correctly sent off a Leon player for a second bookable offense (SPA). That player was first booked early in the 2nd half for a reckless foul. A Club America player was also sent off for a second bookable offense (Intentional Handling) having earlier been cautioned for a reckless foul. IMO, the fact that he sent both players off isn't anything to highlight for Ramos. As they were decisions that even a grassroots level referee would have done the same.

      Sadly, without deserving it. The Mexican Ref Comm will unjustly assign Ramos to the 2nd Leg of the Final. Other referee have been better this season and are more deserving. But as we see in the Ref Comm's throughout the entire world. The most deserving and best (based on current form) are not rewarded. This years UCL Final being a prime example.

    2. Thank you for your comments, I started watching the game from 70'. To be honest, it was the best piece of refereeing that I ever saw from César Ramos! Correct YCs including a 2nd one for unsporting behaviour, tactical fouls, dissent (re. 82' did he give that wrong throw-in on his own, I had that impression...). By this point the game had an easier 'rhythm' to catch than what you described from before.

      His exclusion from Gold Cup isn't a technical choice by Concacaf, he was originally appointed but incredibly failed the fitness test...

      To be fair I never watched him in Liga MX before and my impressions from Asian Cup should be partly ad hoc, but I don't think arrogance is his problem. In UAE I saw a referee who whistled to avoid trouble and clear YCs, never leaving the background successfully, and making some very poor technical decisions. If anything, he seemed lacking in some self-assurance. I never saw his talent, with all the respect, and he should be well behind names like Rodríguez and García talking about recent times. Someone clearly pushed him a lot.

      I watched Roberto García recently, in Al Ahly - Al Masry in Egypt. Really nice to see him still in good form. His mimics and way of dealing with the players were excellent, purely natural way of leading a match. He correctly awarded a penalty for a standing leg tackle (missed YC but okay); this situation was computed from about thirty yards away and serves as a microcosm of why it is sad he never attended a WC- a great referee held back by his physical condition. I saw he hasn't been appointed in these playoffs either, shame.

      The next months should point us in the direction of who will attend Qatar from Mexico, with U20 WC (starts on Thursday!) and Gold Cup coming up.

      Finally, let me say that Liga MX is a league that I would certainly watch more if the timezone allowed me to :-)

    3. Thank you for your input Mikael. I greatly appreciate you adding to the conversation. I agree Ramos lacks when compared to Archundia, Rodriguez, Ramos Rizo, Brizio Carter and of course Garcia.

      Roberto Garcia is an interesting topic. I am glad to hear that he got an assignment in Egypt recently. Because this clausura (ending) season he was not once assigned as main referee in a league match. He was used exclusively as a 4th official. With the only main referee assignments coming in mid week Cup matches. So that's the reason why he's not involved in the playoffs. However, I'm not that connected in the inner loop of the Mexican Ref Comm to know why he was excluded this season. Unfortunately Garcia was early on overshadowed by Archundia and then Rodriguez. But once those two bowed out, I figured it was his time for something "big" on the international stage. Yet he was upstaged by the upstart Ramos. Who as you say was "clearly pushed a lot". I hope that Ramos doesn't suffer from a case of too much too soon moving forward.

      Looking towards Qatar. Mexico has a talented group of young referee's who how that the country has a bright future. But in all honesty, Ramos' spot in Qatar is pretty much assured unless he has a major drop in form.

      Yeah, Liga MX is an interesting league to watch refereeing wise. And yeah timezone's do make it hard for those in Europe to watch. But hey, that's what DVR's are for, right?

      Lastly, I am glad that we were able to have a decent conversation. I know that we both feel very strongly in regards to how we feel refereeing should be done. And that's probably never going to change. But this was quite nice. Thanks again Mikael and have an amazing week.


    1:26-1:57 Own Goal Disallowed for Offside
    Not sure if VAR was involved in decision. Or if AR followed proper procedure in regards to leaving the flag down.

    comments, opinions?

    1. If anybody has any more info in regards to the disallowed goal. Please share it. I'm truly curious to know as to why the goal was disallowed and then the "decision upheld".

    2. My best guess is that they upheld the original offside decision, although it looks like onside for me (1:43). Very curious scene.

      Looks 100% regular for me.

    3. I agree Maxi. I too am left a bit flummoxed as to why the offside call wasn't overturned. Sure the play was tight. But it was a "tight" onside.

  11. I watched Ovidiu Hațegan officiate the Al Nassr - Al Batin match that was decisive in the final round of fixtures to decide who would win the championship, eventually Al Nassr got the victory they needed in partly agonising circumstances to win Saudi Pro League for this season.

    I can report a (finally :-)) good use of VAR in Saudi Arabia, correct penalty awarded to Al Nassr after an On-Field Review for a handball.

    About the rest, I was very disappointed with Hațegan's performance. He missed five CLEAR stopping a promising attack / lack of respect cautions (only a verbal warning for the first, okay, but NOTHING for the rest), besides he had no confident aura and kept talks with players to a real minimum. My feeling is that he is very tired after a long season with many games for him, let me say that KSA can't help him, and he lost his form a bit part way through this year. He reached much this season, but ends it with quite a disappointing resonance. I agree with what Vlad said after the Napoli - Arsenal game, he must improve his optic to obtain a stronger leadership in his games (I can be wrong, but I think he managed this at the start of the season, but lost it a bit at the end).

    1. Mikael, maybe I am wrong. And by all means, tell me if I am. But I am seeing a troubling pattern with the referee's and players in the KSA league. The players vehemently dissent to pretty much each and every call the referee's make. Sometimes even invading the referee's personal space and jostling him. Yet, most of not all of the referee's allow this to happen with little to no consequences for these actions. Is this something that is forced upon them by the local Ref Comm? Or are the referee's just overly permissive and lenient?

    2. The funniest thing is even a referee begins to spray his cards the players do not care getting multiple red cards as long as they are satisfied with thier dissent and protest and it's all down to the Saudi association who allow such without any due punnushment

    3. Very true Chiagozie. The referee's need to do their part on the field by cautioning and/or sending off the guilty players. But the KSA Disciplinary Committee needs to also give exemplary punishments to stamp out this type of behavior.

  12. OT: Update regarding Europa League final, Sándor Berzi (HUN) is appointed as UEFA delegate.

  13. Refereeing highlights of Janny Sikazwe and Co.'s performance in first leg of CAF Confederation Cup final between Renaissance Sportive de Berkane (Morocco) and Zamalik SC (Egypt).

  14. Saudi Relegation Play Off (first leg)

    Al-Hazm Ar-Rass v Al-Khaleej Saihat
    Referee: Ovidiu Alin Hațegan
    Assistant Referee 1: Octavian Șovre
    Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe
    Fourth Official: Sebastian Constantin Colțescu
    Video Assistant Referee: João Carlos dos Santos Capela

  15. OT:

    Refereeing team for Spanish Copa del Rey final
    Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (Comité navarro; FIFA, Elite group)
    Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (Comité madrileño; FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Íñigo Prieto López de Ceraín (Comité navarro; FIFA)
    4th official: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea (Comité vasco; FIFA, 2nd group)
    VAR: Carlos del Cerro Grande (Comité madrileño; FIFA, Elite group)
    AVAR 1: José María Sánchez Martínez (Comité murciano; FIFA, 2nd group)
    AVAR 2: Roberto Díaz Pérez del Palomar (Comité vasco; FIFA)

    No reserve assistant referee has been appointed (yet).

    1. Reserve assistant referee: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (Comité murciano; FIFA)

  16. OT2: regarding referee kits in Spain for next season.

    RFEF has just announced that they have broken their contract with Adidas for, at the very least, the national teams, so it likely includes referee kits too.

    This opens a very interesting question: what is going on with Adidas? They have lost what I would call two major contracts in the recent months. Also, the official statement says that "the conditions in which the contract was signed (2017) does not comply with the legality, transparency, and equity that RFEF considers acceptable". That doesn't sound really well…

    1. The contract with Adidas until 2026 was signed under Villar's rule on RFEF so I'd be not surprised at all if it really lacked transparency.

      Anyway, IIRC most of territorial federations in Spain have already collected the data from grassroots referees to give them Adidas, so I hope at least for next season we'll have our Adidas kits.

      Also, the announcement says that Adidas will remain as technical sponsor until RFEF finds a proper one.

    2. As a matter of fact, the contract with UEFA was not a "major" one. Equipping referees/staff etc. with tracksuits and kits is more of a goodwill business, which would not be profitable if it weren't for exclusive sponsoring rights with the respective assosciation. Also adidas made the decision to focus on the "creators", e.g. the players and not so much on the technical staff. It does make sense for a smaller supplier like Macron, as it will boost their visibility whereas adidas is already a well known brand.

      The language in the official statement of RFEF is indeed a bit worrying, from a business perspective the contracts with national assosciations are not as important as the contract with clubs, though.

      Personally, I don't like that adidas appears to be moving way from referee kits as I have been wearing them for my whole career, but I do see the business idea behind it.

    3. I am personally happy to see the "little brands" get their chance on the big stage. Some of these companies products are just as good if not better than the overpriced and overrated stuff from Adidas and Nike.

  17. Busy summer for the blog! Please find below the dates and hours (CET) of all the major tournaments

    23 MAY

    18:00 MEXICO - ITALY (U20WC)
    18:00 TAHITI - SENEGAL (U20WC)
    20:30 JAPAN - ECUADOR (U20WC)
    20:30 POLAND - COLOMBIA (U20WC)

    24 MAY

    18:00 QATAR - NIGERIA (U20WC)
    20:30 URUGUAY - NORWAY (U20WC)

    25 MAY

    18:00 PANAMA - MALI (U20WC)

    26 MAY

    15:30 MEXICO - JAPAN (U20WC)
    18:00 SENEGAL - COLOMBIA (U20WC)
    18:00 ECUADOR - ITALY (U20WC)
    20:30 POLAND - TAHITI (U20WC)

    27 MAY

    18:00 HONDURAS - URUGUAY (U20WC)
    18:00 QATAR - UKRAINE (U20WC)
    20:30 NORWAY - NEW ZEALAND (U20WC)

    28 MAY

    18:00 PANAMA - FRANCE (U20WC)
    20:30 SAUDI ARABIA - MALI (U20WC)

    29 MAY

    18:00 ECUADOR - MEXICO (U20WC)
    18:00 ITALY - JAPAN (U20WC)
    20:30 SENEGAL - POLAND (U20WC)
    20:30 COLOMBIA - TAHITI (U20WC)

    30 MAY

    18:00 NORWAY - HONDURAS (U20WC)
    20:30 NIGERIA - UKRAINE (U20WC)

    31 MAY

    18:00 MALI - FRANCE (U20WC)

    1 JUNE


    2 JUNE

    17:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)
    20:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)

    3 JUNE

    17:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)
    17:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)
    20:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)

    4 JUNE

    17:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)
    17:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)
    20:30 ROUND OF 16 (U20WC)

    5 JUNE


    6 JUNE


    7 JUNE

    15:30 QUARTER-FINAL (U20WC)
    18:30 QUARTER-FINAL (U20WC)

    8 JUNE

    17:30 QUARTER-FINAL (U20WC)
    20:30 QUARTER-FINAL (U20WC)

    9 JUNE

    20:45 UNL FINAL

    1. 10 JUNE


      11 JUNE

      17:30 SEMI-FINAL (U20WC)
      20:30 SEMI-FINAL (U20WC)

      14 JUNE

      20:30 THIRD-PLACE MATCH (U20WC)
      02:30 BRAZIL - BOLIVIA (CA)

      15 JUNE

      18:00 FINAL (U20WC)
      21:00 VENEZUELA - PERU (CA)
      01:36 CANADA - MARTINIQUE (GC)
      04:06 MEXICO - CUBA (GC)

      16 JUNE

      18:30 POLAND - BELGIUM (U21EC)
      21:00 ITALY - SPAIN (U21EC)
      21:00 PARAGUAY - QATAR (CA)
      00:00 URUGUAY - ECUADOR (CA)
      00:06 HAITI - BERMUDA (GC)

      17 JUNE

      18:30 SERBIA - AUSTRIA (U21EC)
      21:00 GERMANY - DENMARK (U21EC)
      01:00 JAPAN - CHILE (CA)
      01:06 CURACAO - EL SALVADOR (GC)
      03:36 JAMAICA - HONDURAS (GC)

      18 JUNE

      18:30 ROMANIA - CROATIA (U21EC)
      21:00 ENGLAND - FRANCE (U21EC)
      23:30 BOLIVIA - PERU (CA)
      02:30 BRAZIL - VENEZUELA (CA)

      19 JUNE

      18:30 SPAIN - BELGIUM (U21EC)
      21:00 ITALY - POLAND (U21EC)
      23:30 COLOMBIA - QATAR (CA)
      02:06 CUBA - MARTINIQUE (GC)
      04:36 MEXICO - CANADA (GC)

      20 JUNE

      18:30 DENMARK - AUSTRIA (U21EC)
      21:00 GERMANY - SERBIA (U21EC)
      01:00 URUGUAY - JAPAN (CA)
      01:06 NICARAGUA - HAITI (GC)
      03:36 COSTA RICA - BERMUDA (GC)

      21 JUNE

      18:30 ENGLAND - ROMANIA (U21EC)
      21:00 FRANCE - CROATIA (U21EC)
      22:00 EGYPT - ZIMBABWE (AFCON)
      01:00 ECUADOR - CHILE (CA)
      01:06 EL SALVADOR - JAMAICA (GC)
      03:36 HONDURAS - CURACAO (GC)

      22 JUNE

      16:30 CONGO DR - UGANDA (AFCON)
      21:00 BELGIUM - ITALY (U21EC)
      21:00 SPAIN - POLAND (U21EC)
      21:00 PERU - BRAZIL (CA)
      21:00 BOLIVIA - VENEZUELA (CA)
      23:36 GUYANA - PANAMA (GC)

      23 JUNE

      21:00 AUSTRIA - GERMANY (U21EC)
      21:00 DENMARK - SERBIA (U21EC)
      21:00 QATAR - ARGENTINA (CA)
      21:00 COLOMBIA - PARAGUAY (CA)
      22:00 ALGERIA - KENYA (AFCON)
      00:06 CANADA - CUBA (GC)
      02:36 MARTINIQUE - MEXICO (GC)

      24 JUNE

      19:00 TUNISIA - ANGOLA (AFCON)
      21:00 CROATIA - ENGLAND (U21EC)
      21:00 FRANCE - ROMANIA (U21EC)
      00:36 BERMUDA - NICARAGUA (GC)
      01:00 CHILE - URUGUAY (CA)
      01:00 ECUADOR - JAPAN (CA)
      03:06 HAITI - COSTA RICA (GC)

      25 JUNE

      22:00 GHANA - BENIN (AFCON)
      02:06 JAMAICA - CURACAO (GC)

      26 JUNE

      16:30 NIGERIA - GUINEA (AFCON)
      22:00 EGYPT - CONGO DR (AFCON)

      27 JUNE

      22:00 KENYA - TANZANIA (AFCON)
      02:30 QUARTER-FINAL (CA)

      28 JUNE

      16:30 TUNISIA - MALI (AFCON)
      21:00 QUARTER-FINAL (CA)
      01:00 QUARTER-FINAL (CA)

      29 JUNE

      19:00 CAMEROON - GHANA (AFCON)
      21:00 QUARTER-FINAL (CA)
      01:06 QUARTER-FINAL (GC)
      04:06 QUARTER-FINAL (GC)

      30 JUNE

      U21 EURO FINAL
      18:00 BURUNDI - GUINEA (AFCON)
      21:00 UGANDA - EGYPT (AFCON)
      23:36 QUARTER-FINAL (GC)
      02:36 QUARTER-FINAL (GC)

    2. 1 JULY

      21:00 KENYA - SENEGAL (AFCON)

      2 JULY

      18:00 BENIN - CAMEROON (AFCON)
      21:00 ANGOLA - MALI (AFCON)
      02:30 SEMI-FINAL (CA)
      04:36 SEMI-FINAL (GC)

      3 JULY

      02:30 SEMI-FINAL (CA)
      03:36 SEMI-FINAL (GC)

      5 JULY

      18:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)
      21:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)

      6 JULY

      19:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)
      21:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)
      21:00 THIRD-PLACE MATCH (CA)

      7 JULY

      18:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)
      21:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)
      22:00 FINAL (CA)
      03:15 FINAL (GC)

      8 JULY

      19:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)
      21:00 ROUND OF 16 (AFCON)

      10 JULY


      11 JULY


      14 JULY

      18:00 SEMI-FINAL (AFCON)
      21:00 SEMI-FINAL (AFCON)

      17 JULY


      19 JULY

      21:00 FINAL (AFCON)

    3. And don't forget about the Women's World Cup. Indeed a summer jam packed with football. Fantastic!

  18. I have an OT question. Champions League final will be played on 1/6/2019. Changes on the Laws Of The Games are applied on 1/6/2019. Will the final be played with the new laws?

    1. For sure. I remember on past years, when finals were planned and LotG were about to change, it was reported that these games would have been played with the updated version of the rules.

    2. The new law with free kicks and goal kicks where opponents can enter and play in the penalty area as soon as the ball clearly moves will 100% make goalkeepers shoot the ball far instead of playing short to the defenders as they usually do.

    3. If it's true which I highly doubt because the final it's still part of the 20172019 season and the players won't be briefed on the new rule change until pre-season and each tournament has it's rules until the end of the competition

  19. Anybody watched Lazio-Bologna yesterday evening?
    Pasqua made an OF review after the 3rd goal of Bologna. Clear reckless use of elbow, and he still decided to give the goal. I can't understand how he still decided as this is a regular contact...

  20. Wow! Much, much improved performance by Ovidiu Hațegan in the first leg of the relegation playoff game between Al-Hazm Ar-Rass v Al-Khaleej Saihat.

    Three crucial situations to evaluate, all computed with On-Field Reviews:

    15' Penalty awarded after OFR (handball, blocking a shot)

    86' Penalty appeal (tripping, standing leg tackle) rejected for tripping, confirmed after OFR

    +92' After missed incident, OFR for violent conduct results in a YC for unsporting behaviour (hands to the face)

    This was close to optimal refereeing, especially in 1H. Fully motivated impression: ideal disciplinary control (ft. great verbal warnings), faultless foul detection, successful mimics, no toleration of dissent, always with good positioning. Much more 'humane' and relaxed impression than in the last months; his acceptance was very good for KSA. He should look more assured in the scene at 86', together with a missed YC for a rather flying reckless tackle on the ball ≈70' are the only points for improvement.

    Difference between his performance here from the Al Nassr - Al Batin game is 'night and day'. One can remember again that he attended two EL SFs, a EURO, and a WC playoff. It is THIS Hațegan that can reach much, let's hope he can further improve next season.

    Second leg is on Friday at 21:30 CET.

  21. When will FIFA release the appointment for the under 20 word cup. I thought it's usually 48 hours before

  22. Egyptian Premier League today (22:00 CET)

    Wadi Degla v Haras El Hodood
    REF: Matej Jug
    AR1: Matej Žunič
    AR2: Manuel Vidali
    4OF: Nejc Kajtazovič

    Smouha v Petrojet
    REF: Danilo Grujić
    AR1: Dejan Petrović
    AR2: Nemanja Petrović
    4OF: Miloš Đorđić

  23. What a decision for Frank Schneider and AR2 Nicolas Henniniot in the Paris FC - RC Lens game! An equaliser eventually allowed for Paris at +92' after the flag was raised by Henniniot initially. Very, very tight - but I think they got it right, Schneider perceiving another touch that made goal-scorer ONSIDE. Now the game goes to extra time! I'll try to make a clip (a question for French readers, will all L1-L2 and L2-Nat playoff games be found on robindesdroits site?).

    1. Crucial and totally right decision very well done!

    2. @Mikael W L1-L2 matches will be on the site I think but i don't know for L2-Nat

    3. Masterclass cooperation between Frank Schneider and Nicolas Henninot, in such a crucial situation. Well done !!

    4. Here are the clips of the situation at +92':

      And a penalty appeal from extra time:

    5. Frank Schneider and Ligue 1 promotion playoffs, a love story.

  24. WC U20

    Japan- Ekvador Vincic source Slovenian FA


      Official source.

  25. Bundesliga play-off first leg on Thursday
    Stuttgart - Union Berlin: Bastian Dankert (VAR: Frank Willenborg)

    23.05.2019. (19 CET)
    FC Red Star - FK Partizan
    Referee: Novak Simović
    AR1: Milovan Ristić
    AR2: Dalibor Đurđević
    FO: Aleksandar Vasić

  27. Who knows the names of appointed referees for the coming matches of World U 20 Championships in Poland?

    1. Maybe FIFA changed their politics about date of appointments?

  28. I think the appointments will be released today, maybe later in the afternoon / evening.
    For Italy, Trentalange is there as FIFA instructor / assessor, with Massa, Guida, Preti and Meli.

  29. OT

    Melo Pereira remains as Greek Head of Refereeing after a press conference that was held today on HFF Headquarters. FIFA is satisfied with his work (as stated) but foreign referees will continue to come when the ref. committee thinks it's necessary.

    No comment.

  30. International Friendly

    30.05.2019. 20:00 CET
    Antalya Stadium
    Referee: Radu Marian Petrescu (Romania)
    Assistant referees: Radu Adrian Stefan Ghinguleac, Vladimir Costin Urzica (Romania)
    Fourth official: Ali Palabıyık (Turkey)

    02.06.2019. 20:00 CET
    Bahçeşehir Okulları Stadium
    Referee: Srdjan Jovanovic (Serbia)
    Assistant referees: Uros Stojkovic, Milan Mihajlovic (Serbia)
    Fourth official: Halil Umut Meler (Turkey)


    POL - COL will be refereed by an Algerian/Egpytian team headed by Mustapha Ghorbal. No infod about VARs though.

    1. I asked CAF for the full appointment, they didn't anaswer.
      BTW it is really strange that FIFA has not still revelead the first assignments...

  32. I have the FIFA app. There already appeared the appointments of the matches tomorrow and Friday.

    1. So, please can you help us by posting them? :)

    2. Japón vs Ecuador:
      Slavko Vincic, Tomaz Klancnik, Andraz KOvacic (SVN),
      4th: Sandro Schaerer (SUI)
      VAR: Artur Dias (POR), Ammar Aljneibi (UAE)

      Polonia vs Colombia:
      Mustapha Ghorbal (ALG), Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY), Mokrane Gourari (ALG),
      4th: Said Martinez (HON)
      VAR: Marco Guida (ITA), Khamis Al Marri (QAT)

      México vs Italia:
      Raphael Claus, Danilo Manis, Bruno Pires (BRA),
      4th: Leodan Gonzalez (URU)
      VAR: Wilton Sampaio (BRA), Andres Rojas (COL)

      Tahití vs Senegal:
      Muhammad Bin Jahari, Min Kiat Koh, Hannan Bin Abdul (SIN)
      4th: David Yareboinen (PNG)
      VAR: Paulus Van Boekel (NED, Fu Ming (CHN)

  33. OT

    Penalty awarded by Kominis on the relegation P.O. between OFI and Platanias

    1. It isn't a clear mistake as one could maybe say at first glance. Very interesting.

  34. Qatar - Nigeria:
    Guerrero, Hernández, Martínez (MEX) - Barton (SLV) - Martínez Munuera (ESP), Escobedo (MEX)

    Honduras - New Zealand
    Herrera, Urrego, Moreno (VEN) - Alarcón (PER) - Bascuñán (CHI), Valenzuela (VEN)

    Uruguay - Norway
    Elfath, Atkins, Parker (USA) - Tantashev (UZB) - Kelly (IRL), Raczkowski (POL)

    Ukraine - USA
    N'Diaye (SEN), Noupue (CMR); Tiama (BFA) - Ndabihawenimana (BDI) - Millot (FRA), Hernández Hernández (ESP(

  35. Thursday-23/05
    Ref:Muhammad Bin Jahari (SIN)
    Assist.1:Min Kiat Koh (SIN)
    Assist.2:Hannan Bin Abdul (SIN)
    4 official:David Yareboinen (PNG)
    VAR:Pol van Boekel (NED)
    AVAR:Ming Fu (CHN)

    Ref:Raphael Claus (BRA)
    Assist 1.:Danilo Manis (BRA)
    Assist 2.:Bruno Pires (BRA)
    4 Official:Leodan Gonzalez (URU)
    VAR:Wilton Sampaio (BRA)
    AVAR:Andres Rojas (COL)

  36. Thank to all for the appointments, so this time only VAR and AVAR differently from 2018 WC? Well, maybe for a U20 WC that's already enough.

    1. Like in 2017 U20 WC, yes. 2 looks like a solid number.

  37. Poland-Colombia
    Ref:Mustapha Ghorbal (ALG)
    Assist 1.:Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY)
    Assist 2.:Mokrane Gourari (ALG)
    4 Official:Hector Martinez (HON)
    VAR:Marco Guida (ITA)
    AVAR:Khamis al Marri (QAT)

    Ref:Slavko Vincic (SLO)
    Assist 1.:Tomaz Klancnik (SLO)
    Assist 2.:Andraz Kovacic (SLO)
    4 Official:Sandro Schaerer (SUI)
    VAR:Artur Dias (POR)
    AVAR:Ammar al Jeneibi (UAE)

  38. Friday-24/05
    Ref:Fernando Guerrero (MEX)
    Assist 1.:Pablo Hernandez (MEX)
    Assist 2.:Jose Martinez (MEX)
    4 Official:Ivan Barton (SLV)
    VAR:Juan Martinez Munuera (SPA)
    AVAR:Adonai Escobedo (MEX)

    Honduras-New Zealand
    Ref:Alexis Herrera (VEN)
    Assist 1.:Jorge Urrego (VEN)
    Assist 2.:Tulio Moreno (VEN)
    4 Official:Joel Alarcon (PER)
    VAR:Julio Bascunan (CHI)
    AVAR:Jesus Valenzuela (VEN)

  39. Uruguay-Norway
    Ref:Ismail Elfath (USA)
    Assist 1.:Kyle Atkins (USA)
    Assist 2.:Corey Parker (USA)
    4 Official:Ilgiz Tantashev (UZB)
    VAR:Alan Kelly (USA)
    AVAR:Pawel Raczkowski (POL)

    Ref:Maguette Ndiaye (SEN)
    Assist 1.:Elvis Noupue (CMR)
    Assist 2.:Seydou Tiama (BFA)
    4 Official:Pacifique Ndabihawenimana (BDI)
    VAR:Benoit Millot (FRA)
    AVAR:Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez (SPA)

  40. OT: President of Scotish FA Alan McRae is appointed as UEFA delegate for Champions League final. My guess is Rosetti will be appointed as official observer in the final match. For Europa League I expect Hugh Dallas or Kyross Vassaras.

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