Tuesday, 22 December 2020

UEFA Referees Categories for the second part of 2020-21 season - Tobias Stieler (GER) Promoted to Elite

UEFA Referees Committee have computed the promotions and demotions in their category revisions of  Winter 2020. 

Shona Shukrula (NED) promoted from Category 2 to Category 1.

Tobias Stieler (GER) promoted from Category 1 to Elite. This is the only change regarding Men. 


  1. Last predictions for Men Elite?
    My names are Stieler, Massa and Ekberg.

    1. I thought your names were Cheferin and Chechen. ;-)

    2. Chefren, today Russian Refereeing Committee realeased all the lists of Russian FIFA referees for 2021. Here is the link: https://www.rfs.ru/news/212904

      Bezborodov (48 years old in January) is on the list)

      Also, 2 new ARs

  2. will the new list be published today?

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    1. The source is Dutch federation, on its site. When the new categories will be fully published, you will find everything here. I think so far we are still at the step of "referees informed".

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    3. When updates will be added, we will also know the names of new UEFA referees, don't worry. Thanks for your words.

    4. I like a lot, too. Thank you for this blog, for your job and your passion.

  4. I think no promotion of Gözübüyük because the Dutch FA would then reported that at the same time as Shukrula

    1. Yes indeed I made the same thought but we can't be 100% sure, maybe they had different sessions to inform referees... we can only wait.

  5. Serbia - Danilo Grujic out, Milos Milanovic 27y in. Only that change. Dont know about AR list.

  6. Slovakia:
    Referee out: Boris Marhefka
    Referee in: Erik Gemzický (1992)
    AR out: Michal tomčík
    AR in: Daniel Poláček (1988)

  7. @Unknown and @000 is it official info? Could you please write a source?

  8. I think like every year now first half of the season no many promotions. With EURO what is coming I think some refs will go from group 1 to Elite. In may/June I expect a bigger group go to Elite. My list:

    4: Stieler
    5: Jovanovic
    6: Treimanis
    7: Ali Palabiyilk
    8: Madden

    Stieler/Massa/Gozubuyuk/Ekberg have all 3 CL games this season as referee, more then some refs who are Elite!!!
    I expect all these refs go to Elite. I think some now and the rest in the summer.

    More interesting question who will go out from Elite list.

  9. It is many things going on in Czech refereeing worth commenting right now, including suspected involvement of not just Královec, but also UEFA referees Ardeleanu and Rejžek into the match fixing scandal.

    But the biggest news reported tonight is that Vítor Melo Pereira was appointed as a new head of Czech refereeing. It was reported that the name was decided by Roberto Rosetti himself, after UEFA insisted that it must be one of its own referee committee members.

    1. Bad news!

      Melo Pereira is a bad manager.

      He did a bad job in Portugal, between 2012 and 2016.
      And in Greece he didn't do any better.

    2. This entire story with Melo Pereira is very interesting. All our Greece friends informed us that Pereira did terrible job in Greece which unfortunately is proven when you see international appointments of Greek referees. Small number od appointments and their top referee Sidiropoulos is year by year appointed to matches that could be given to category 1 referees... And now he will manage Czech referees and IMO Czech referees are not standing well in UEFA at the moment (at least based on their appointments) and it looks like it won't change since Pereira is now there. I honestly dont understand why Pereira has such status in UEFA -they obviously consider him as very important person...

    3. I am Portuguese.
      Melo Pereira was an excellent referee.
      But as a manager he is very weak.
      He also left Portugal without a referee in the UEFA elite. Only in 2018 did we return to have one there.

    4. Melo Pereira achieved a lot for Portuguese refereeing, especially if you consider that eg. Carlos Silva Valente was not really a top referee, but personally I wouldn't describe Melo Pereira as excellent.

      His problem IMO was that he didn't arouse a high level of trust or respect from the players with his manner. However he set the way for Batista and especially Benquerença / Proença to achieve a lot later.

      It is surprising that UEFA want to appoint him as a leader again. I guess they considered his work in Greece as good? You should read an interview with Marco Ferreira about how he led refereeing in Portugal...

      Finally - can we expect foreign referees to handle games in the Czech Republic?

    5. The news about Melo Pereira is not surprising but it's terrible. I can't understand the logic behind such a decision by Rosetti.

      Pereira's work in Greece was not terrible, it was non-existent. And I am going to explain that.

      When he first came here on summer 2017 he didn't knew any referee. Perhaps only the FIFA ones. Suddenly 1 week after his arrival he published lists for all the categories. Which basically means that he learnt about 500 referees and ARS in 7 days. Remarkable? Well the most logical explaination is that the lists were made by Tritsonis and Koukoulakis.

      For 3 years with Melo Pereira in charge of Greece we witnessed unbelievable things. Referees being promoted not of their performances but because of public relations, SL teams which had a say on the selection and appointments of referees. Referees receiving FIFA badges without knowing English. Fitness tests were repeated 4-5 times until most of the referees could pass them (and so-on, the list is big).

      I don't want to write more because it could take hours. But one last thing.

      My condolences to Czech refereeing.

  10. Turkey, as known earlier Huseyin Gocek & Mete Kalkavan is out, Abdulkadir Bitigen & Yasar Kemal Ugurlu are in.
    My prediction for the groups.
    Cuneyt Cakir
    1st Group:
    Ali Palabiyik
    Halil Umut Meler
    2nd Group:
    Halis Ozkahya
    3rd Group:
    Arda Kardesler
    Abdulkadir Bitigen
    Yasar Kemal Ugurlu

    1. I think Yasar Kemal Ugurlu and Abdulkadir Bitigen so old for be FIFA ref.

    2. Agree and really don't understand these choices. I would prefer Ali Sansalan (1988) and Bahattin Şimşek (1988) över these two.

    3. I think so, Sansalan and Simsek are more talanted than Ugurlu and Bitigen. Besides, I think Kardesler is not talented ref., Kucuk
      would be a more accurate choice.

    4. If Zorbay Küçük properly recovers from injury, when Çakır leaves the list he can be added. Zorbay Küçük is only 28 years old and he is the most promising referee of Super League.

    5. I believe age shouldn't be the only criteria while promoting a referee. A referee can be young but not experienced enough to manage big games. So being young is not enough alone. For me, Bitigen has enough experience to become a FIFA referee, especially with his performance in the last 2 years.

    6. Kalkavan is still listed in the 2021 Turkish UEFA list! Is that a mistake or only Gocek will leave the list at the end of this year?

    7. Mete Kalkavan is removed from FIFA Referee list and added to FIFA VAR list. Cakir, Palabiyik, Bitigen & Kalkavan will be FIFA VARs.

  11. Bosnia and Herzegovina:

    Referee out: Admir Sehovic, Dragan Petrovic
    Referee in: Haris Kaljanac, Luka Bilbija

    AR out: Sreten Udovicic
    AR in: Aleksandar Smiljanic

  12. PDF will follow soon this evening, Stieler promoted to Elite is indeed the only change about Men.
    Date of births have been removed from the lists.

  13. As the infos about categories are finally out, anonymous comments are allowed again.

  14. Thought Ekberg would be promoted with his appointments the latest months

  15. New FUTSAL referees for 2021
    CAT. 2
    Delgado Sastre Pablo (ESP)
    Colombin Giulio (ITA)

    CAT. 3
    Subashi Arlind (ALB)
    Amiraslanov Knyaz (AZE)
    Ustsuizhanin Anatol (BLR)
    Džeko Mislav (CRO)
    Bliadze Zviad (GEO)
    Zimonyi Péter (HUN)
    Kallaba Florentina (KOS)
    Vella Stephen (MLT)
    Vukcevic Drazen (MNE)
    Te Kloeze Joern (NED)
    Nikolic Oliver (SRB)
    Petek Jernej (SVN)

  16. New futsal referees (men)

    Pablo Delgado Sastre (ESP)
    Giulio Colombin (ITA)
    Arlind Subashi (ALB)
    Knyaz Əmiraslanov (AZE)
    Anatoĺ Usciužanin (BLR)
    Mislav Džeko (CRO)
    Zviad Bliadze (GEO)
    Péter Zimonyi (HUN)
    Stephen Vella (MLT)
    Dražen Vukčević (MNE)
    Jörn te Kloeze (NED)
    Telmen Undrakh (NOR)
    Oliver Nikolić (SRB)
    Jernej Petek (SVN)

    1. It seems as in the PDF Telmen Undrakh is not listed as new one.

    2. Chefren where we can find pdf?

  17. Pavek Kralovec has been removed from the list. He doesn't appear at all, not even as demoted.

    1. Ondřej Berka (1987) replaces him on the list in last minute.

    2. Indeed he doesn't appear on the list.

    3. Berka is on the pdf in the Third category.

  18. If true, I'm really disappointed by Roberto Rosetti and UEFA Referees Committee. Stieler was not better than Massa or Ekberg. His performances were often crowned by big mistakes (strangely not corrected by VAR though). He showed deficiencies in positioning and overall way of movement. Sorry to say, and nothing against Stieler of course, but it's clearly political decision.

    1. I have to disagree, imo deserved promotion.
      But I am with you that there could have been demotions to enable more promotions.

    2. Stieler had a weak performance in his last CL match which can happen to everyone. Makkelie had weak matches, Cakir and even Kuipers had them. Juve-Barca is not an easy game, especially not for a newcomer. Besides, he showed his skills and performed very well in the other games. One can argue whether the promotion should have come later. But where is the 'political decision'? What's the benefit for Rosetti to promote Stieler? Germany is represented very well in Elite group. Why would there be a need to take 'political decisons'? I'm sorry, it is too easy to speak of political decisions if a decision is not pleasant.

    3. I would be interested to hear where Makkelie and Kuipers in your view had weak games like the one Stieler had in Barca-Juve?

    4. Makkelie and Kuipers need a lot of time intervention of VA.

    5. Agreed very strange promotion imo, i think group of referees deserved it, but let's wait till summer

    6. @Anonymous 00:42
      Then I challenge you to list the VAR-interventions Makkelie had in the last 6 months. And then make another assessment as to whether or not he needed a lot of interventions.

  19. PDF added. We are proud that we can offer this service to you. Enjoy.

    1. many thanks Chefren... we all have to highly appreciate your work

    2. So, IG Schiedsrichter was correct again last week when he announced Stieler's promotion?!

    3. But IG Schiedsrichter was wrong with Aytekin's demotion that didn't happen.

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  20. What is the source of the list and categories? According to my friend there is not the list so far

    1. you shouldn't believe your friend. Why you always mention your friend who has opposite info than is written on this blog?

    2. He has acces to fame , thats why i asked.

    3. then he cheat you, because all of this is confirmed in fame a couple days ago...

  21. Was Nyberg(Swe) already in first group?

  22. Regarding EURO selection, we now have 14 Elite referees (including Stieler) with 3 or more matches in CL group stage. Additionally, there are Marciniak, Orsato and Skomina (if recovered) as strong candidates.
    That would mean 14+3+Frappart=18 could be the list.
    Because after that, it gets quite thin. At the moment, I don't see anyone out of Kovacs, Kulbakov, Bastien, Zwayer, Gil Manzano, Kruzliak, Sidiropolous, Collum or Karasev going to the EURO.
    That means, Stieler should have decent chances to be selected - and maybe this is exactly the reason, why UEFA needed to promote him now and couldn't wait until summer.

    1. For me the 18 names should be:

      Brych (GER)
      Stieler (GER)
      Oliver (ENG)
      Taylor (ENG)
      Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
      del Cerro Grande (ESP)
      Turpin (FRA)
      Grinfeeld (ISR)
      Orsato (ITA)
      Hategan (ROU)
      Kuipers (NED)
      Makkelie (NED)
      Marciniak (POL)
      Soares Dias (POR)
      Karasev (RUS)
      Skomina (SVN)
      Vincic (SVN)
      Cakir (TUR)

      The only questionmark for me is Karasev. Alternatives are Collum, Bastien or Kruzliak for me, Frappart should not be deserved.

    2. That's indeed nearly the 18, which I meant. Just Karasev instead of Frappart.
      I also think, that it is too early for Frappart.
      However, as we apparently agree, there is also no other strong candidate for the 18th place. Collum would be very unjustified IMO. I generally like Bastien, but UEFA doesn't seem to trust him much in recent appointments. Kruzliak would make sense with regard to being pre-selected for the WC, but his appointments also weren't great.

  23. What about new assistant referees?

  24. Yesterday in Sheffield-ManU, neither Michael Oliver nor his assistant referees seemed to be wearing goal line watches. Any ideas how this could be?


    1. The technology is synced with the smart watch for this season. GDS will flash up on the smart watch if a goal is scored, so there's no need for the red GDS watch.

  25. I am watching Valentino Pizzaro Gomez in Athletic-Huesca.

    In 57' almost bizarre situation, the player and Pizarro shouting at each other, Pizarro was really too aggresive, it almost seemed like they will have a fight.

    Is that usually his style, keeping the cards in a pocket but at the same time being so annoyed by protests?

    1. Quick video (sorry for quality):
      Very aggressive approach by Valentín Pizarro Gómez.

    2. Yeah, thats it. IMO he crossed the line, a very bad example of controlling emotions.

    3. Unacceptable, I would say! Discredits referees. I'm actually against any shouting by referees at all.

    4. IMO absolutely unacceptable to be that aggressive towards players, he needs to calm down in that case!

    5. But sometimes it's works better than y.c.

    6. Never better.
      Most if not all would agree that it would be unacceptable for a player to act in that manner towards a referee. It's just an unacceptable for a referee to act that way towards a player. As referee's we have "tools" to help us deal with issues like these. Stooping down to that low level yelling match means that the players have won and have taken you out of your match.

  26. Polemic today with referee Mustafa Ogretmenoglu in Fatih Karagumruk-Galatasaray?

  27. What about AR list, how we can see it?

  28. Great news for Stieler. I understand some comments about deserve or not. Sometimes it is political. But this is how the world is working. 4 refs had 3 CL games from group 1 and they all deserve it for promotion to Elite. Massa, Ekberg, Gozubuyuk and Stieler. But i have big respect for Rosetti. He and his colleagues Saijyn, Dallas, Elleray, Uilenberg, Vassaras, Betta have a good plan for the future. You see this with the appointments in Champions League. If we see the list from Elite, 27 refs are on the list.

    For me the top 11 refs: Kuipers, Taylor, Lahoz, Turpin, Brych, Orsato, Makkelie, Marciniak, Hategan, Skomina, Cakir.

    I think Rosetti and his committee members are looking for the future. You see this with appointments. They have to anticipate for the future.

    I look the list and find on google the age of some Elite refs:

    1)Bjorn Kuipers (no 1 in the world) 48 years
    2)Brych 45/46
    3)Orsato 45/46
    4)Skomina 45
    5)Cakirr 44/45
    6)Del Cerro Grande 44
    7)Lahoz 44

    Taylor 42
    Aytekin 42
    Collum 41/42
    Kulbakov 41
    Dias 41
    Karasev 41

    So if you see the age and perspective then for sure committee are focus for summer. I think many many Elite refs will stop after EURO. So from my list of 8, only Stieler go now, then in the summer, Massa, Ekberg, Gozubuyuk, Jovanovic, Treimanis, Madden

  29. Why is Kalkavan listed in the Second category on the UEFA pdf? According to TFF website he will no longer be a FIFA referee in 2021. Which info is correct?

    1. As it ws already reported, it seems there has been a bit of confusion with Turkish names, maybe a mistake in writing down the list, we can confirm that Kalkavan is out.
      In Women's list it seems to be the same with some names that have left the list but they still appear on UEFA database.

    2. 7 women refs left the FIFA list and they were all removed from the UEFA pdfs. The only one left on these pdfs is Kalkavan.

    3. Kalkavan’s name is still in uefa database in fame even though he should be out according turkish FA . Thats why i wrote yesterday that in fame there are no actual lists or categories. Only new ones are there involved.

    4. Btw Steler’ s name is still there for category 1. Thats the reason i asked for source. I believe he was promoted but I say that on factual source - fame.

    5. All national associations were provided with the official UEFA PDF’s yesterday, so that’s as factual as one could expect. Fame will be updated later I guess.

    6. Perfect thats the answer ! Now its clear. Thank you for your information

  30. After app. 7 minutes this goal was disallowed in Greek SL.

    1. This is not according to the VAR protocol...

    2. Why are we still surprised by anything that involves VAR?
      There is zero consistency and uniformity in how the system is used. Each and every country who uses the system, uses it in the manner that they feel best suits them.

    3. In my opinion this is perfectly within the scope of the VAR-protocol, as we have a misinterpretation of the Laws here.
      The GK throws the ball instead of kicking it (restart was an IFK for an offside offence), which is a quite clear misinterpretation of the Laws.
      If we consider the defender (and not the GK) conducting the restart it’s a clear case of playing the ball twice, which is a misinterpretation of the Laws as well.

      Section 8 of the VAR-protocol includes the next passage:

      “8.8 Misapplication of Law

      What action should the VAR take if a misapplication of Law is clearly identified?

      If there is a clear misapplication of the Laws of the Game not identified by the referee or other match officials e.g. a player touches the ball a 2nd time at a restart (including a penalty kick), the VAR must inform the referee if a goal or penalty situation occurs.
      In other situations, where it is a matter of the referee’s judgment (e.g. 9.15m at a free kick) the VAR should not inform the referee as the VAR is only for incidents where there is a clear error/serious missed incident relating to a goal, penalty, direct red card or mistaken identity.“

    4. Totally agree with DutchRef.

      More pertinently - that's an unacceptable lack of alertness from the on-field officials! Imagine what would have happened in this game without VAR...

  31. Bertrand Layec has just resign from his position as Head of Refereeing in Cyprus

    1. Wasn't Mazic there since the spring of 2020, after he could not continue in China?

    2. Layec could have a new job in UEFA?

    3. Yes Mažič was in Cyprus from last year, but he not doing anything. He waiting and now his time has come

  32. Mazic was Head of education. Now he replaced Layec as Head of refereeing

    1. It was reported on this blog, at the time, that Mazic became the boss of referees in Cyprus.

  33. Full comments reached on the other post, let's continue the discussion here :)

  34. I wish all of you a peaceful and joyful Christmas. Greetings

  35. Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas!

  36. There is a special FIFA badges for VAR official??

    1. I was thinking the same. We will see. Given that it is a FIFA list like other ones, the answer should be (at least on paper) positive...

    2. I saw it from one of the Brazilian VAR referee Instagram accounts.

      The badge is same as Referee or AR but in the middle is "video match official"

  37. FIFA U17 and FIFA U20 world cups that are usualy preparation tournaments for World Cup pre-selected referees are postponed for 2023 which is after World Cup. That means that World cup referees will be selected based on their performance in their confederation's matches...

  38. With respect to a possible promotion of Gozubuyuk, it could up forehand be excepted this summer and not know.

    Because of political reasons it would be to much that 3 refs from a smaller nation like the Netherlands would be in Elite. After the summer there is the chance that Kuipers retires from international refereeing and this would make space for Gozubuyuk.

    1. Besides, for me Gozobuyuk is not really an elite referee. He is a good first group referee, but he is nowhere near the likes of Makkelie, or even Vincic. I guess he would be a elite referee like Sidiropoulos and the likes.

  39. Italy Serie B
    Matchweek 15

    Sunday 27th December

    12:30 Reggiana - Reggina
    Daniel Amabile - Enrico Caliari - Vittorio Di Gioia - Lorenzo Illuzzi

    15:00 Ascoli - Spal
    Rosario Abisso - Tarcisio Villa - Alessio Berti - Luca Massimi

    15:00 Chievo Verona - Cittadella
    Matteo Gariglio - Matteo Passeri - Davide Imperiale - Lorenzo Maggioni

    15:00 Cosenza - Pisa
    Antonio Di Martino - Manuel Robilotta - Giuseppe Perrotti - Ivan Robilotta

    15:00 Frosinone - Pordenone
    Ivano Pezzuto - Vito Mastrodonato - Gianluca Sechi - Manuel Volpi

    15:00 Lecce - LR Vicenza
    Daniele Paterna - Matteo Bottegoni - Daisuke Emanuele Yoshikawa - Giovanni Ayroldi

    15:00 Venezia - Salernitana
    Luca Pairetto - Andrea Tardino - Fabrizio Lombardo - Alessandro Prontera

    15:00 Virtus Entella - Pescara
    Eugenio Abbattista - Edoardo Raspollini - Christian Rossi - Francesco Meraviglia

    18:00 Brescia - Empoli
    Riccardo Ros - Davide Miele - Marco Trinchieri - Simone Sozza

    21:00 Cremonese - Monza
    Matteo Marchetti - Alessandro Lo Cicero - Salvatore Affatato - Marco Serra

  40. Interesting interview with Manuel Navarro, leader of the Elite refereeing operation in Saudi Arabia.


    1. Very clear ideas, well told. He seems to me rich in refereeing and VAR experience. Could do well in major associations as well.

    2. It may just be me. But I am pleased each and every time I see Saudi referee's listed for Saudi league matches. The overuse of foreign referee's under the previous administration was ridiculous.

  41. Thoughts on referees for the CONMEBOL Libertadores semi finals and final?

    Argentina v Brazil in both semi finals (2 legged):

    River Plate v Palmeiras
    Boca Juniors v Santos

    I expect to see Wilmar Roldan (COL) and Roberto Tobar (CHI) feature. Tobar is clearly looked at as CONMEBOL number 1 given his appointments. Apart from that it’s difficult to see who else could get the matches. Esteban Ostojich and Leodan Gonzalez (both URU) may be good options. Andres Cunha (URU) has been overlooked by CONMEBOL for the past months despite his excellent record in CONMEBOL and WC2018.

    1. As an outside who doesn't follow CONMEBOL refs as closely as I maybe should, I would think Cunha and Tobar are both locks for something big, semis or final or both.

    2. Maybe Guerrero? Only his second CL season, but he had a successful U17WC last year.
      Also Rojas and Valenzuela might be options after their QFs.

    3. Cunha has been out of favour in the last 1.5 years and is not among the 10 CONMEBOL refs pre-selected for WC22, so zero chances for a top appointment in 2020-21.

  42. Handball penalty incident in Fulham - Southampton:


    1. Reminds of me a debated incident from Marco Guida's CL game Krasnodar - Sevilla. In both incidents, despite not greatly enlarging his body surface, the defending player deliberately moves his arm to the ball - penalty to be given. Such a deliberate movement voids the argument that how hard the ball is kicked should impact our judgement.

      This is the problem with how dogmatically IFAB orders handling offences to be assessed nowadays, IMO.

      I guess non-intervention will be praised there by PGMOL though (regardless of whether England perceived the handling from his rather zero angle or not).

    2. Penalty for me as well. Defenders movement of the arm to the ball is definitely deliberate so it has to be whistled.

      VAR should definitely ask the referee for an OFR.

    3. I generally agree, the movement of the arm makes it deliberate, however, the position of the arm (quite close to body) is an argument against a penalty, so IMO VAR correctly did not intervene.

    4. I don't see the attacker moving the arm to the ball. I think he tries to take it behind his back (which he does eventually). Such a small movement (towards the ball), that can only be detected in super-slow-motion is not enough for me. (Similiar to Veltman (Ajax) vs. Chelsea at Stamford Bridge). But it is another question if his arm was in an unnatural position, far from his body (yes), but also behind him, thus not making the body a lot bigger. That being said, it's a PK for me, the arm is too far from the body (unnatural).

  43. OT

    An analysis blog for the games from WC 2010, highlights of which were already posted in the spring-time. I plan to upload about three games a day on there. Feel free to comment on the posts!


    1. Maybe the next project would be wc90... would be very interested in your analysis of Codesal in the final, Vautrot in both the semi-final and opening match and Loustau with the spitting incident Voller-Rijkaard.

    2. Anonymous - I would really like to do WC 1990 too, but unfortunately the full match records for the tournament that I have access to are often missing some minutes.

      It might sound small, but when you watch fifty-two matches of a competition, you don't want to miss anything!

    3. I'd really prefer EURO 2008! And after that, of course EURO 2012, 2004 and 2016 (in that order).

    4. Watching 52 matches in full is a lot!!! Maybe pick and choose the most interesting from the refereeing point of view? Wasn't Codesal the first (and last) Concacaf referee assigned a WC final? And not any final, but the only one with two red cards? I believe that was a top event to be analysed!!!

    5. Indeed, it is quite a lot, but it's possible when you have great passion!

      WC 1990 final for how universally derided it is, is actually one of my favourite matches of all time. There is lots to say about Codesal's performance, but I will wait until that particular project before setting out my view :)

  44. England Premier League
    Matchweek 15

    Sunday 27th December

    13:00 Leeds - Burnley
    Robert Jones - Darren Cann - Nick Greenhalgh - Craig Pawson
    [Michael Oliver - Andy Halliday]

    15:15 West Ham - Brighton
    Simon Hooper - Derek Eaton - Matthew Jones - Lee Mason
    [Andy Madley - Andy Halliday]

    17:30 Liverpool - West Bromwich
    Kevin Friend - Simon Beck - Adrian Holmes - Anthony Taylor
    [Martin Atkinson - Peter Kirkup]

    20:15 Wolves - Tottenham
    Paul Tierney - Dan Cook - Harry Lennard - Andre Marriner
    [David Coote - Nick Hopton]

  45. England Premier League
    Matchweek 16

    Monday 28th December

    16:00 Crystal Palace - Leicester
    Graham Scott - Peter Kirkup - Timothy Wood - Dean Whitestone
    [Robert Jones - Marc Perry]

    18:30 Chelsea - Aston Villa
    Stuart Attwell - Simon Long - Neil Davies - Gavin Ward
    [Darren England - Simon Bennett]

    21:00 Everton - Manchester City
    Martin Atkinson - Lee Betts - Constantine Hatzidakis - Chris Kavanagh
    [Mike Dean - Darren Cann]

    Tuesday 29th December

    19:00 Brighton - Arsenal
    Craig Pawson - Adam Nunn - Ian Hussin - John Brooks
    [Anthony Taylor - Stephen Child]

    19:00 Burnley - Sheffield
    Chris Kavanagh - Gary Beswick - Sian Massey-Ellis - Michael Oliver
    [Peter Bankes - Matthew Wilkes]

    19:00 Southampton - West Ham
    Andy Madley - Scott Ledger - Richard West - Tim Robinson
    [Andre Marriner - Tim Wood]

    19:00 West Brom - Leeds
    Lee Mason - Mark Scholes - Nick Hopton - Michael Salisbury
    [Kevin Friend - Simon Beck]

    21:00 Manchester United - Wolves
    Jonathan Moss - Marc Perry - Dan Robathan - Paul Tierney
    [Simon Hooper - Derek Eaton]

    Wednesday 30th December

    19:00 Tottenham - Fulham
    Peter Bankes - Dan Cook - James Mainwaring - Anthony Taylor
    [David Coote - Stephen Child]

    21:00 Newcastle - Liverpool
    Paul Tierney - Harry Lennard - Adrian Holmes - Lee Mason
    [Stuart Attwell - Stephen Child]

  46. England Premier League
    Matchweek 17

    Friday 1st January

    18:30 Everton - West Ham
    Kevin Friend - Simon Beck - Eddie Smart - Andy Madley
    [Simon Hooper - Nick Hopton]

    21:00 Manchester United - Aston Villa
    Michael Oliver - Stuart Burt - Simon Bennett - Darren England
    [Paul Tierney - Lee Betts]

    Saturday 2nd January

    13:30 Tottenham - Leeds
    David Coote - Lee Betts - Nick Hopton - Graham Scott
    [Paul Tierney - Matthew Wilkes]

    16:00 Crystal Palace - Sheffield
    Stuart Attwell - Marc Perry - Peter Kirkup - Keith Stroud
    [Andre Marriner - Richard West]

    18:30 Brighton - Wolves
    Chris Kavanagh - Darren Cook - Sian Massey-Ellis - Dean Whitestone
    [Peter Bankes - James Mainwaring]

    21:00 West Bromwich - Arsenal
    Martin Atkinson - Constantine Hatzidakis - Harry Lennard - Darren England
    [Jonathan Moss - Stephen Child]

    Sunday 3rd January

    13:00 Burnley - Fulham
    Craig Pawson - Ian Hussin - Dan Robathan - Michael Oliver
    [Graham Scott - Timothy Wood]

    15:15 Newcastle - Leicester
    Robert Jones - Mark Scholes - Derek Eaton - Martin Atkinson
    [Lee Mason - Adrian Holmes]

    17:30 Chelsea - Manchester City
    Anthony Taylor - Gary Beswick - Adam Nunn - Peter Bankes
    [Mike Dean - Darren Cann]

    21:00 Southampton - Liverpool
    Andre Marriner - Scott Ledger - Simon Long - Stuart Attwell
    [Andy Madley - Stephen Child]

  47. Penalty area incident in Sheffield United - Everton:


    1. Interesting, can a trip also start outside and carry on inside the box?

    2. IMO rather difficult situation, VAR correctly did not intervene.

  48. Penalty area incident in Aston Villa - Crystal Palace [OFR]:


    1. I thought it was not a clear and obvious error. I was glad Taylor didn't award the spot kick. Normally it's a PK, when the defender is commited and doesn't get suffiecient contact on the ball. But here is thought the attacker searched it (is not interested in the ball, once he sees the challenge incoming) and the fallow through didn't have much force.

    2. IMO it's a borderline situation. The contact with the ball is so minimal that a penalty wouldn't be wrong, however I generally agree with David here. For me, not worth an OFR.

  49. Handball penalty area incident in Fulham - Southampton:


    1. IMO borderline.
      The arm moves towards the ball significantly, which is an argument for a penalty,
      however there are arguments against it, taking into account that the ball is deflected by the head of another player.
      For me, good no-intervention by VAR.

  50. Foul on GK in Leeds United - Burnley. Who fouled who? VAR can't intervene as the referee had blown the whistle before the ball entered the goal


    1. VAR can intervene of course :)

    2. VAR can't intervene, as you said. Mistake from the referee IMO. Would anyone whistle a PK for the knee in the back of Mee? I would.

    3. Of course they can intervene. Becuase that's clearly a penalty rather than a foul by the attacker. They could have checked that. And another scandal happened in the Westham game in minute 70. Clear handball before the goal but VAR allowed it.

    4. https://videos.sh/embed-5zj723bzx61g.html

      I think correct by VAR to not intervene there. No conclusive replay proving the contact with hand. Also, I have to be honest here, I don't think it's a good law if you can disallow a goal for such marginal contact with hand. Come back to the old handball law with intention as key factor, please! I have absolutely no issues with goals being scored by unintentional handballs!

    5. IMO

      Leeds United - Burnley: That's not a foul by the attacker.
      VAR cannot allow the goal for sure, as he blew the whistle before the ball went in the net, but a penalty (which would be absoutely deserved - knee in back) could be given.
      However, VAR not intervening here is probably the best choice.

      Westham - Brighton: Very difficult to decide, but I think it's a handball. Calling it a 'scandal' is way too harsh, but I think this picture shows the contact with the forearm:

    6. @Anonymous27 December 2020 at 17:17
      How can you say it's probably the best for VAR not to intervene?? Ok, goal can't be allowed since referee whistled before, but here we have atacker doing nothing wrong, GK made a clear reckless foul (knee in the back), and decision is foul in favor of the GK???? You don't see nothing wrong with that?? The best decision for football would be goal, but since goal can't be awarded due to early whistle, PK would have been only reasonable and only correct decision! If thisvis not clear and obvious than VAR is useless

    7. Sorry, not Anonymous27 December 2020 at 17:17, my reply was for @Flip

    8. I'm not too sure if it's a clear error, however, OFR would be correct, I have to admit that.

  51. Does any one have A League referee appointments?

    1. 28/12 Western United vs Adelaide Shaun Evans

    2. Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne City Adam Kersey

  52. Today's games from WC 2010:

    Korea Republic - Greece, Michael Hester
    Argentina - Nigeria, Wolfgang Stark
    England - United States, Carlos Eugênio Simon

    All highlights and reports can be found here:

  53. 30/12/2020

    Celtic v Dundee United (16:00)
    William Collum - Alastair Mather, Ross Macleod - Kevin Clancy

    St. Johnstone v Hamilton Academical (16:00)
    David Munro - Drew Kirkland, Joseph Lawson - Craig Napier

    St. Mirren v Rangers (16:00)
    Alan Muir - Frank Connor, Ralph Gordon - Kevin Graham

    Livingston v Aberdeen (17:00)
    Steven McLean - Graeme Leslie, Gary Hilland - Graham Grainger

    Hibernian v Ross County (19:00)
    Don Robertson - John McCrossan, Andy Milne - Matthew MacDermid

    Motherwell v Kilmarnock (19:15)
    John Beaton - Calum Spence, Steven Traynor - Steven Kirkland


    Rangers v Celtic (13:30)
    Bobby Madden - David McGeachie, Daniel McFarlane - Nick Walsh

    Aberdeen v Dundee United (16:00)
    Kevin Clancy - Frank Connor, Dougie Potter - Steven Reid

    Hamilton Academical v Motherwell (16:00)
    Colin Steven - Alan Mulvanny, Craig Ferguson - Duncan Williams

    Hibernian - Livingston (16:00)
    David Munro - Graeme Stewart, Paul O'Neill - Alan Muir

    Kilmarnock v St. Mirren (16:00)
    Craig Napier - Sean Carr, Stuart Hodge - Steven McLean

    Ross County v St. Johnstone (16:00)
    William Collum - Graham Chambers, Jonathan Bell - Barry Cook

    *all kick-off times in CET

  54. Today's games at WC 2010:

    Algeria - Slovenia, Carlos Batres
    Serbia - Ghana, Héctor Baldassi
    Germany - Australia, Marco Rodríguez

    All highlights and reports can be found here:

  55. Italy Serie B
    Matchweek 16

    Wednesday 30th December

    15:00 Cittadella - Lecce
    Marco Piccinini - Michele Grossi - Alessio Saccenti - Lorenzo Illuzzi

    15:00 Pescara - Cosenza
    Marco Serra - Matteo Passeri - Gaetano Massara - Daniele Paterna

    15:00 Pordenone - Reggiana
    Luca Massimi - Alessandro Cipressa - Francesca Di Monte - Daniel Amabile

    15:00 Reggina - Cremonese
    Maurizio Mariani - Damiano Margani - Thomas Ruggieri - Ivan Robilotta

    16:00 Monza - Salernitana
    Juan Luca Sacchi - Francesco Fiore - Marcello Rossi - Matteo Gariglio

    17:00 Pisa - Frosinone (POSTPONED)
    Michael Fabbri - Riccardo Annaloro - Gabriele Nuzzi - Francesco Meraviglia

    18:00 Empoli - Ascoli
    Giacomo Camplone - Alessandro Costanzo - Daniele Marchi - Matteo Marchetti

    18:00 LR Vicenza - Virtus Entella
    Alberto Santoro - Antonio Vono - Gamal Mokhtar - Simone Sozza

    18:00 Spal - Brescia
    Federico Dionisi - Marco Bresmes - Filippo Bercigli - Alessandro Prontera

    21:00 Chievo Verona - Venezia
    Massimiliano Irrati - Fabio Schirru - Luigi Lanotte - Lorenzo Maggioni

  56. To all our readers from Croatia I hope you are OK. Very strong earthquake felt in some regions of Italy as well... I fear this event made many, many victims, unluckily.

    1. Thanks Chefren. At the moment only one victim was reported - unfortunately 13 years old girl. Furthermore, Cities of Petrinja and Sisak are severely damaged - based on current reports Petrinja is almost entirely destroyed...

    2. Just as I wrote previous comment, another victim was confirmed dead. Also, current reports sais there are 20 severly injured people...

    3. A strong embrace to the Croatian people .

  57. Gil Manzano tested positive to COVID-19 and he will be replaced by Mateu Lahoz in Atlético de Madrid - Getafe. Luckily he is asymptomatic, hope he will recover soon.

  58. Has UEFA concluded its investigation of the incidents from the UCL match PSG - Istanbul?

  59. Today's games from World Cup 2010:

    Netherlands - Denmark, Stéphane Lannoy
    Japan - Cameroon, Olegário Benquerença
    Italy - Paraguay, Benito Archundia

    All highlights and reports can be found here:

  60. I would like to read your views

    Rangers vs. Hibernian (Willie Collum)

    Hamilton Academical vs. Celtic (Don Robertson)

    1. Very interesting clips!
      1. I'd rather see no PK, but PK would 100% be supportable. (Soft trip, but defender is commited and doesnt get ball)
      2. PK for me, but in real time it looks like a good tackle. I don't think VAR should intervene
      3. I think it's a foul from the hibs player, but I can see why it was given the other way. Technically I would also want to give the hibs player a YC. Very similiar to the PK given by Moss AVL vs. MU 26' (Fernandes vs. Konsa)
      4. I think there's no contact, so Ind. FK would be the best option IMO
      5. The easiest situation for me, no PK, a bit of contact happens in the box

      Hamilton vs. Celtic: Rather a PK, would not want VAR if the PK was not given. Great clips, thanks!

    2. IMO
      1 - There is indeed a soft trip, but I prefer no penalty here.
      2 - Rather penalty, because the defender clearly hits the opponent's calf, but taking into account the presence of the ball (which is touched), I'm okay with play-on.
      3 - FK in favor of RAN + YC for HIBS no. 5 for me
      4 - Dangerous tackle, but no cotnact, so I think IDFK is the best choice.
      5 - Rather no penalty, because of the very soft contact, but a PK would be supportable

      6 - Clearly correct penalty for me.

  61. What is your oppinion on C. Dawsons kick in the head of Che Adams? I haven't seen many complaints, MOTD not showing it again but no mention of a RC. Of course it wasn't on purpose, but this is a RC, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah7juQQJ3Ek

    1. Hm, difficult! I think there are arguments for both YC (low position of an opponent's head; ball-oriented action) and RC (the kicking player is aware of presence of an opponent).

    2. What about a comparison with this one? (Lee Chun-Soo belts Maldini in the head, Italy v South Korea, 2002 WC) www.gifs.com/gif/VPzxWM

    3. I personally strongly prefer a RC in both cases (which are indeed very similar).
      The player seriously endangers the health of the opponent and is fully aware of his presence right in front of him.
      But taking into account that there are some minor arguments for a YC, I would prefer a non-intervention by the VAR.

    4. I understand that many people don't see it as a RC. But as the safety of the players is such an important job of a ref, I would like to see a RC with VAR. I'm sure if the player was unconscious and had to be taken away on a carry, the public oppinion would be very different. Given the force, that could really have happened IMO.

  62. How was it possible that a Player of yesterday's game West Brom v. Leeds did not wear a jersey number? As per IFAB-laws this is not obligatory but according to the Premier League handbook every player is obliged to wear a jersey with a number on it.

    1. If it's as a result of a blood injury requiring a shirt change then it's generally not enforced as teams don't always have a second shirt spare out on the bench.

    2. Yes, but according to PL-rules every Team is obliged to have a second shirt in place...

  63. Today's games at World Cup 2010:

    New Zealand - Slovakia, Jerome Damon
    Côte d'Ivoire - Portugal, Jorge Larrionda
    Brazil - DPR Korea, Viktor Kassai

    All highlights and reports can be found here:

  64. Did anybody See Valencia vs. Granada? What are your opinions on the three Red cards?

    1. I did. Jason's 2nd YC could have easily been a straight RC, Guedes said "vete a la mierda" to the referee according to the match report (which would be equivalent to "fuck off"), and Domingos Duarte's was OK for me, but probably would have been just a YC if he hadn't sent off two players before that.

  65. I think Georgi Kabakov deserves a chance to Elite Group

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  67. Hi. Could you tell me please the source of the list? Also where can I find the next lists of referres and UEFA categories???


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