Thursday, 29 November 2018

Referee of the Year - Danny Makkelie has been voted as best Newcomer of 2018

The first contest of our "Referee of the Year", in cooperation with, has ended. Danny Makkelie, with 198 points, has been elected as "Newcomer of 2018" by our readers.
The Dutch has confirmed himself as very reliable Elite referee with consistent performances throughout the year in both 2017-18 KO stage and 2018-19 group stage, in addition he has worked as VAR during 2018 FIFA World Cup, with many assignments behind the monitor in very important games. Another experience is waiting for him as he will be in UAE for 2018 FIFA Club World Cup, still as VAR.

Andrés Cunha from Uruguay is the runner up with 115 points. The Uruguayan has surprised many of us by being appointed for a WC semifinal. We can definitely say that his experience in Russia has been very good and this was absolutley unexpected. In addition, he had been appointed for 2018 Copa Libertadores final second leg (Argentinian Superclásico), but the game has been postponed. For sure, a deserved achievement. 

Michael Oliver is third-placed in this ranking with 103 points. The English referee, despite of many criticisms against his performance, has surely enforced his position as UEFA Elite official. Being in the middle for a very important game like Real Madrid - Juventus in CL KO stage, has been a very important signal for him, and the start of a certain path at very high level.

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Meanwhile, you can continue to send your preferences. Click here: REFEREE OF THE YEAR
The next contest is about best CONMEBOL referee.


  1. Surely this list can hardly be described as "NEWCOMER" of the year judging by some of the names listed. Maybe a new title is required. A "NEWCOMER" would be someone in their first year on the lists. Have I got this wrong?

    1. Your comment is welcome. Indeed, this is the most difficult contest to describe. For sure, most of the names in the full list are not newcomers (Cakir, Pitana...), but I think that the first names can be considered under this point of view.
      Newcomer could be indeed considered as referee who was already there in 2017 but he enforced his position with strong performances, maybe not expected by most of the people. Or rather, a referee who took the scene that was of another before... for sure, Cunha, given his WC, is without doubts a newcomer at very high level.
      With the next contests, we wont have these problems and even if you try to explain everything to people, you will get always wrong / weird answers.

    2. Yes, surely there are different interpretations of this category. I was looking for referees who I had not noticed much before, but came to my attention positively during the year. Therefore the level was lower in UEFA for me than in other confederations, and I selected Cunha but not Makkelie.

      Restricting on new Fifa officials would be difficult because they mostly did not have many international matches.

    3. "Unknown" you have a valid point.

      Chefren is right on and I will ruin the surprise by saying there have been some UEFA referees nominated for the CONMEBOL award. I will try to filter as best I can. I hope you realize that if 80% of respondents have a similar idea, the results will be very reasonable and outliers will not have much (if any) effect on the outcome.

  2. Same comment ; I understood that newcomers means referee who got FIFA badge on January 1st 2018

  3. Ranking Oliver as 3rd in non-sense given his performance in UCL.. I'm not a big fan of his style and never understood the hype about him.. but well, tastes and colors :)

    1. That's your opinion... in so many others view Oliver was excellent this year and he fits the hype surrounding him

  4. Makkelie who has according to this ranking confirmed himself as very reliable Elite referee with consistent performances throughout the year in both 2017-18 KO stage, 2018-19 group stage and Nations League, will therefore also end high on the ranking best UEFA referee 2018 right? Congratulations to the 35 years old Dutch.

  5. OT: KNVB in Holland has confirmed after Bas Nijhuis now Bjorn Kuipers is also injured till at least winterbreak, his exact injury is not made public because privacy reasons.

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