Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Who will be promoted to UEFA Elite Category?

An update of UEFA Referee Categories is expected on next days. Time for predictions, mostly about the possible new Elite referees. 
Gianluca Rocchi, Italian FIFA referee and UEFA Elite since 2010 will leave the scene
The only sure change so far about Elite panel is the leaving of Gianluca Rocchi, FIFA referee since 2008 and UEFA Elite since 2010. Italian Referees Association (AIA) has decided to replace him due to age reasons. He has officiated internationally in 2019 thank to a special derogation, reaching the chance to be appointed for Europa League final, otherwise he would have had to leave the list already at the end of 2018.  

In recent years the most significant changes and promotions to Elite Category have been made on June's update, but maybe at least a name could get this chance due to Rocchi retirement. 

This is a list of Category 1 referees with some chances of being promoted, main criterion used to justify their presence is at least a Champions League GS appearance over the recent seasons, while the recently (6 months ago) promoted referees to Category 1 have been excluded. Just make your choices and then we will discuss the results when the updates will be revealed.


  1. When exactly will the Referees Committee meeting take place?

    My votes go to experienced first group referees who should be rewarded for constant good form for many years. Those are Buquet and Vincic. My third vote goes to Orel Grinfeeld, a very safe pair of hands, also not the youngest one.

    I would keep the likes of Pawson, Jovanovic, Kabakov, Treimanis, Kovacs, Madden, Ekberg, etc. in first group until June. That will give them extra experience and time to develop.'


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  2. IMO, there should be any promotion to the Elite Group.

    From the names mentioned, I don't think that someone is ready for that step.

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  3. I agree with Edward. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there isn't any promotion to replace Rocchi in December.

    In June? Well, there I can see maybe Kovács, Treimanis...

  4. My guess is that there won't be any promotions to elite in December. There is just no sense to promote anyone. If somebody would be promoted, he would not be appointed to EURO and probably neither to Champions League knock out stage, so IMO there is just no logic to promote anybody. But, in case that they want to replace Rocchi with someone, Vincic would be my choice...

  5. As we saw many times from UEFA, they are not interested in replacements in category revisions per se - but individual national associations are.

    Ie. an Italian would replace Rocchi, using that logic.

    In that scenario I guess Marco Guida would handle Bayern - Tottenham game and then get promoted if he performed well. I am firmly against Guida's promotion this Christmas.

    Generally speaking, of course Buquet
    and Vinčić deserve promotion each time, no doubt. If you ask me, Georgi Kabakov is actually ready for CL KO games and even EURO, but I don't think he'll manage to ascend this time.

  6. My votes are for Buquet and Treimanis; the Frenchman always has stable performances at good level and IMO is comparable to Bastien. Treimanis had recently a fast grown up to Euro U21 and FIFA U17 final match

  7. What about the other categories? Any promotion in December?

  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7753357/UEFA-chief-calls-football-lawmakers-change-offside-works-VAR.html

    To be honest it is very difficult to accept what Ceferin stated today... he also said (I read another interview): "We will use VAR at EURO only because teams can't accept mistakes".
    It seems he definitely hates VAR. Given the role he represents, for sure Rosetti wont be happy there, it seems as Ceferin has some troubles with refereeing.

  9. ELITE PROMOTION December Bognar Boiko Jug Sidiropulos Stavrov Kristoferson Lechner KAVANAH Grinfeeld

  10. Looking at who got promoted recently - Soares, Kulbakov, Bastien, Gil Manzano - then based on year-long experience and quality I see Vincic and Stieler as priorities. Otherwise Kovacs, Kabakov and Treimanis could get closer attention in 2020-21.

  11. Slovenia- Austria is the answer for the absence of Cakir. important mistake against Slovenia in front of Ceferin.


    1. In english:

    2. He mentioned this specific game indeed and this was Cakir's last one... well... we can draw conclusions.

    3. These are the 2 handball situations

      1- https://streamable.com/l4np7

      2- https://streamable.com/e1qsb

      Please, say your words

    4. First of all thank you for the videos!

      First situation - When this is a punishable handball we have to stop playing football!
      No criteria for a PUNSHABLE handball are fullfils:absolutely NO action to the ball, no stretched arm and a football typical (no unusual) movement.

      Second situation - PLEASE watch Austrian No.11, no time for reaction and NEVER DELIBERATE!

      Sorry but for me two EXCELLENT decisions:these situations should not be punishable because these "handball decisions" destroying football and natural player movements on the pitch!

    5. This time I agree with Ref545, correct decision to play on in both cases.

      Çakir missed an SFP in the SVNAUT game and was punished for that - the provisional appointment for him to a top CL game was taken away.


      I agree with UEFA that it was quite a brutal SFP, but I don't think that the Referee's Committee can really take the moral high ground on that issue to be honest...

      If Čeferin intervened to get Çakir suspended then Rosetti should resign with immediate effect, but I don't believe that is the case.

      I just think his statements regarding SVNAUT game are typical attempts to normalise himself to the football public. Such business-centric people as Čeferin have NOTHING in common with the average football fan, that should be very clear.

      Regarding his general views about refereeing and VAR in the article, that has ascertained my view on this matter:

      Mr Čeferin, what you are doing to UEFA refereeing is a disgrace; you should be ashamed!

    6. Only second case can be discussed. But there was no var in this match. Therefore, boss refutes himself.

    7. If Ceferin indeed intervened to have Cakir punished, then IMO the whole Ref. Committee should resign.

    8. If UEFA president thinks that those situations are punishable penalty then we must stop here to discuss. Not acceptable to say that “ Slovenia lost their chance because of missed penalty”. I can’t find any words to say about this.I don’t even say those situations never ever punishable handball

    9. After reading this article I have to say that this Ceferin is a disgrace. Football in Europe will never move forward under him. Just a referee hater that knows absolutely nothing about the laws and the importance of referees. He is somehow in charge!

  12. Arabian Gulf Cup - R3

    EMIRATES 2 - 3 QATAR, Ryuji Sato JAPAN
    VAR: Luis Godinho - PORTUGAL

    => 23' Penalty awarded to Qatar (handball) after an On-Field Review
    (minute 4:30)

    Very difficult situation for the referee and great VAR intervention.

    Mark: 7,8

    1. Here is my report for that game:

      QATAR - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Ryūji Satō (7,3)

      Video Clips:

      => 22' Penalty to Qatar (handling) after On-Field Review

      => 31' Penalty to United Arab Emirates (tripping) confirmed by VAR

      Good performance by Satō in this de facto knockout game. His disciplinary control was spot on, including a well-spotted reckless tackle at 51'. He chose to take a rigorous approach in foul selection and chose to whistle even smaller contacts - this proved to be an astute choice, which was key to the Japanese succeeding in this match. Fitness and positioning was good, I liked his proactiveness. I don't think his 'chatty' way of interacting with players was really successful in this match though - he couldn't really connect with the players (culture difference?) nor assert his authority in a couple of scenes.

      Both in-box situations are really tricky -
      22', on the frame-by-frame you can see the (deliberate) minute contact with the hand; perfect situation for VAR - missing caution though
      31', player is only interested to win the penalty - simulation if you ask me

      -> If Satō would indeed whistle a simulation at 31' he would almost certainly have lost control of this game, also everybody on the pitch expected a penalty there. At least my mantra is though: refereeing is about deciding correctly first, everything else after that. But I understand him.

      Good performance from the AFC-invited team, I wonder if a semifinal is possible for them.

      If you are interested to cover Arabian Gulf Cup please email (mikaelthereferee[at]gmail.com) me as I am watching every game from the competition!

  13. Trond Ivar Døvle, one of the more experienced Norwegian elite referees, has been dismissed from the top division.

    He has made a very strong statement against Terje Hauge. This adds to the many controversies with Hauge's leadership in the last years.

    Original article: https://www.vg.no/sport/fotball/i/zGwJk9/eliteseriedommer-med-naadeloest-hauge-oppgjoer

    Some of the points Døvle mentions:

    - No evaluations of matches, no clips of situations sent to the referees. Very few evaluation meetings, and Hauge doesn't coach referees at all. Referees are left to themselves between games.
    - Hauge prioritises international games over national games. International referees have a better contract than national referees.
    - Handling of media is not good enough.
    - There exists a fear culture where referees are don't voice their opinion neither internally nor in the media, because they're afraid of being removed or not being appointed.
    - Døvle says, very indirectly though, that Hauge should be replaced.

    A Norwegian FA official affirmed that Hauge has their full trust when asked.

    1. I can't believe how this situation has been allowed to go on and on forever. Hauge has some very staunch supporters that have been advantaged by his leadership despite not performing at a sufficient level. Many of these are from his home county FA, Hordaland.

      It's been very easy to dismiss all criticism by claiming that it comes from Edvartsen and are just politics as part of a personal feud between Edvartsen and Hauge.

      However, it's getting more and more difficult to hide behind this as more referees come forward, and this IMO strengthens the idea that Edvartsen has been right all along.

      It's getting all more clear to me that Hauge should resign. Norway are not producing top level referees anymore, and the reasons are clear: Promotions and nominations decided by nepotism, not by ability.

    2. I can only say that we had a very nuanced comment around a couple of months ago from someone who wrote about this objectively - besides that, I can only feel that we have two sides (Hauge and NFF, Edvartsen and rebels) dialogically opposed and each one trying to use our blog to shout louder over each other.

      On an administrative level, I hope our readers undeserved that it is very difficult for Chefren and I to arbitrate.

      Talking in the most rudimentary terms: neither Hauge nor Edvartsen are good guys if you ask me.

    3. I don't consider myself to side with either Edvartsen or Hauge. I have no particular sympathies for anyone of them. I only care about Norwegian refereeing.

      And Norwegian refereeing is best judged on the facts, which are:
      - No referees in Elite or First Group. The so called generation change excuse is not valid: Moen, Hansen, Hobber Nilsen and Hagen are at the age where they should be performing to the best of their ability.
      - Wrong referees are being pushed nationally: Those who are pushed are mostly from a few specific regions with people in the administration or referee commitee promoting them: Most notably the promotions and nominations to FIFA of several referees from Hordaland, Hauge's region. Steen, Hagenes and the ARs Grønevik and Dale are not at a sufficient level.
      - Poor coaching and management of the referees.

      An example: The end of season seminar this weekend will take place at a cruise ferry, Color Line Oslo-Kiel - booked through Ola Hobber Nilsen's employer up until recently, Color Line. The programme consists of a half day of evaluations on Friday, then Saturday is fully devoted to sightseeing and shopping in Kiel, drinking and partying, before the referees are scheduled to go and watch the cup final (cup final referees don't go to the seminar) on Sunday morning.

      And this is how you professionally manage top level referees? The referees, including their association, have spoken out against Hauge's management on several occasions. There is a general feeling among referees that the obnoxious and not too well liked Edvartsen was sacrificed by Hauge, to withdraw focus from the bigger issues and create support for Hauge. It worked initially, but now it's backfiring.

  14. An important news, somebody had asked for that here on the blog a few days ago.

    The #UEFAExCo has agreed to use VAR in the #EURO2020 play-offs in March, and in the 2022 European Qualifiers for the World Cup, subject to approval from FIFA for the latter.

  15. Minute 17' in Manchester United - Tottenham, dark YC missed by Tierney.
    This is a terrible mistake by referee, this was more RC than YC.
    But I must agree with VAR... no intervention because not still very clear 100% RC.

  16. https://basketballofficiate.blogspot.com/, the great blog I have found if somebody interested in baksetball refereeing.

  17. About Ceferin interview and "Cakir problem":

    1. I didn't see the re-plays from Slovenia- Austria when the games was played. I watched just few minutes ago the videos posted here by some members.
    I don't want to be harsh but what Cakir did is close to "robbery":
    - there is a 101% missed red card for Austria. It's unacceptable for a referee like Cakir not to show the red card. A yellow card decision in that situation is scandalous, not tolerable.
    - imho there is a penalty for Slovenia. The handball is obvious, the ball came from long disance, the austrian player has always seen the ball. What do you want more ? More than that, before that situation it was another "no-penalty" decision after another handball. Ok, you didn't whistle penalty in 1st situation, I can accept that. But, in those circumstances, it's a common-sense (and also mandatory) decision to whistle a penalty for the 2nd handball (which was crystal clear).

    2. UEFA is a private society, a corporation, it's not a state. In this order in UEFA does not exist the separation of powers. Ceferin is the boss of UEFA, he has all the powers. The referees are not the judiciary power, like in society. The referees are a part of UEFA, they are just a sector of a private firm (or corporation, as you like), where Ceferin is the boss (or CEO).
    In this order I consider that Ceferin is perfectly entitled to interfere with the activity of refereees and express his ideas. If he consider that a referee is not good enough, he is perfectly entitled to fire that referee. The refereeing activity in UEFA is not like a job in public sector where you promote an exam for a specific position and you have an employment contract (like teachers, doctors, judges, policemen, public servants etc). The referees whistle in UEFA competitions just because someone thinks they are good enough for that, it's just a subjective evaluation. In this order it's much more easy for the boss of the organisation "to fire" a referee. And the boss of UEFA is Ceferin, not Rosetti or some other guy. No, it's Ceferin. He decide.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. omg you can't be serious, your optic is so much against whole refereeing which should be run only by refereeing people (either former referees or refereeing passionates), not by people who knows nothing about refereeing and make such statements like Ceferin

      how can you defend him?!!! well, you always were more of a fan of certain teams than refereeing fan on this blog

      then, I appeal to all UEFA referees for not accepting appointments to Slovenia or Slovenian teams or even boycotting sixth matchday of CL and EL to show solidarity with Cakir who is a victim of businessman Ceferin

      one more thing - Collina would not accept any outside pressure, maybe that's why he was forced to leave or simply he chose to leave the uefa swamp

      and petschovschi, if you want an anti-refereeing businessman as a head of referees committee, then let businessmen referee CL and EL games!!!

    3. @anonymous

      First of all I want to say that it would be more polite from you to have a name.

      Are you sure that Ceferin knows nothing about refereeing ? You think that nobody can evaluate a foul or a handball if he is not a referee ? Excuse me, but every person who knows something about football agrees that a red card was mandatory in that situation. More than that, 2nd handball is a punishable not only in my opinion (for my it's clear penalty). These situations are not complicated, it's a matter of common sense. I said that it was close to "robbery" what Cakir did in Slovenia- Austria because, at this level, 2 mistakes like that are superimportant, are decisive. It's unacceptable for a referee like Cakir to make such mistakes. Maybe you should remember that Cakir was "protected" in 2018 after games like Juventus- Real or Real- Bayern where he didn't whistle some penalties. If you don't take actions against a referee who make important mistakes the result will be even worst, like in Slovenia- Austria. Maybe Cakir from 2018 and 2019 is not anymore at the same level like few years ago.

      I repeat, UEFA is a private organisation and Ceferin is the boss who take (strong) decision based on his opinions/ knowledges/ inspiration. He is entitled to do that (like in every other private firm where the boss take decisions). The refereeing activity is under his autority like every other activity of UEFA. If his decisions are good or no that's other problem. But he is there to take decisions, like any other boss.

      Until few weeks ago I thought that Cakir is the main favourite for the EURO 2020's final. In this moment I'm preety sure that his career is over (more or less). He is born in 1976, I don't think we will see him again in charge of a SF/F in international competitions.

  18. My feedback/comment about Ceferin's interview and Cakir question:
    If Ceferin did pressure to Rosetti for any punishment Vs Cakir for his potential mistake, this is a real shame. IT would be conflict of interest; the president should be neutral and over any controversial so he cannot make any pressure for his team or his country. really if it is the case Ceferin and Ref committee should resign.
    I fully agree with Ceferin when he says that current rules are really "crazy". offside is evaluated if one millimeter is over the defender !!! He is right when he says that if a player has along nose is in offside. Handball is not clear; when is it deliberate and when is not ? Rules became too much difficult to be red. Rules must be easy !! This no more football, this is psychiatry or microelectronic. I remember during WC 1994 it was decided that offside was if there was light between attacker and defender with a certain tolerance. That's was more clear

    1. "his potential mistake" ??? that missed red card is a "potential mistake" ? for me, even the 2nd handbal is a clear mistake, not a ""potential mistake".

      Ceferin didn't make any pressure for his team. That's an obvious thing because Cakir took some decisions against Slovenia. After the game, I think that Ceferin is perfectly entitled to ask for a punishment against Cakir. This is not about neutrality of the president of UEFA, it's about the duty of UEFA's president ! When a referee make (huge) mistakes he must be penalised.

    2. Btw, Hategan missed a World Cup for (only one) mistake like that (Slovenia- Austria was something like a play-off)

    3. Well, it is neither clear, that Slovenia would have won with a penalty and a RC against Austria nor that Austria would have lost in Latvia, if they still played for something (now they didn't use their best players). So not comparable to a play-off for me.

      If Ceferin asks for the punishment of the referee here, he should do it also in other, similar cases - not only if Slovenia is involved.
      I think, talking to Rosetti about certain referee decisions is OK for the UEFA president.
      Whether he has the right to put pressure or decide on refereeing related matters, I am not sure. There probably are some regulations about the powers of the president and when he can overrule the specialist committees. I don't think you just can say, he has the same powers like a "boss" in a private company.

      But from the newspaper reports, we don't know, whether something like this happened at all. Ceferin only used Cakir's decision as an example, where he could accept a big mistake, because VAR is not used - nothing more.
      Maybe it was a free decision of Rosetti's committee to not appoint Cakir after that match, because they also assessed it as clear mistake(s).

    4. don't be naive! how many referees are punished like Cakir?!!

    5. This is normal! In Uefa if the mark is below 7,9 the punishment is at least one MD.....

    6. @petschovschi:

      I used the words "potential mistakes" because I didn't see the match and not yet the streaming video and reading this blog some of you didn't judged it as a crucial mistake.
      Anyway if Cefercin asked for a punishment (but these are only speculations, we don't know at all), it would not be fair because the last decision towards Cakir is matter of Rosetti, who is the chief of the referees and not to Ceferin.
      Agree with Philippe when he says that in this ceferin must ask punishment for all referees making mistakes, including preliminary europe league and champions league matches played begin of july (who nobody takes care)
      But I fully disagree when you say that when a referee makes a huge mistake he must be penalized; he must be corrected and mistakes must avoided in the future but at the same time mistakes must be accepted.
      ANyway my comment was more focus on the fact that today the rules are really too sophisticated and don't help referee. Make then simpler !!!

    7. Regarding rules:
      It is a bit strange, that the clear offside rule, which is a black/white decision, should be made "softer", i.e. allowing more tolerance. And on the other side for handball the grey area should be reduced and a possibility for black/white decisions would be appreciated by the same people.

      For me, it doesn't make sense to change offside like Ceferin suggests. If you define some new rule (e.g. 20cm or "light between attacker and defender"), there always will be situations where it is tight and which are minimal offside or onside. That would not improve anything. If one wants less precise offside decisions, one could simply get rid of the VAR for offside and say, what the AR says is defined as correct. But I don't think, that would make people happier.

      Regarding handball, I agree, that more clarity is needed, so that everyone can predict the decision in most situations. My suggestion would be to get rid of the word "deliberate" and use the conditions in the new LotG as fixed criteria without the "(not) usually an offence".

  19. Is this interview real? How can he say these things? In this case if a referee make a mistake against slovenian teams, so fire them. What a sense! I have no believe in this blog anymore after this interview. He should have criticized the commitee and uefa by this action but he defended them and talked like its normal.

  20. OT: Appointments Australia
    Hyundai A-League Match day 9 -

    Melbourne City FC v Perth Glory -
    Friday, 6 December 2019
    AAMI Park, Melbourne
    Kick-Off: 7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Shaun Evans (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Owen Goldrick (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: George Lakrindis (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Lachlan Keevers
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    Wellington Phoenix v Western Sydney Wanderers FC -
    Saturday, 7 December 2019
    Eden Park, Auckland
    Kick-Off: 7:15pm (Local) (5:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Daniel Elder
    Assistant Referee 1: Mark Rule (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Sarah Jones (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Tim Danaskos
    VAR: Nick Waldron (FIFA)

    Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar FC -
    Saturday, 7 December 2019
    Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah
    Kick-Off: 7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Alireza Faghani (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Ashley Beecham (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Matthew McOrist
    Fourth Official: Ben Abraham
    VAR: Kurt Ams (FIFA)

    Western United FC v Melbourne Victory
    Sunday, 8 December 2019
    GMHBA Stadium, Geelong
    Kick-Off: 4:00pm (Local) (4:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Adam Kersey
    Assistant Referee 1: Nathan MacDonald (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Wilson Brown
    Fourth Official: Jonathan Barreiro (FIFA)
    VAR: Alex King

    Adelaide United v Newcastle Jets
    Sunday, 8 December 2019
    Coopers Stadium, Adelaide
    Kick-Off: 5:30pm (Local) (6:00pm (AEDT))
    Referee: Chris Beath (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Paul Cetrangolo
    Fourth Official: Daniel Cook
    VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

  21. Boiko and KAVANAH ELITE!

    1. Kavanagh was Cat 2 last year so impossible to be Elite

  22. Andrew Madley is new Fifa Referee for next year 2020.

    Source : Twitter by Bobby Madley

  23. It is very sad This is the end beatiful carrer for Rocchi, one of the best referee in Wordl I think it should be Italian referee but No Guida I dont like his style, if No italian so should be Vincic or Jovanic

  24. Hello chefren please I need your help...
    I want to ask some important question...
    Too wild to talk about here...
    I wouldn't mind getting your WhatsApp number...

    1. No personal contacts, just write a mail to law5blog[at]gmail.com and in case we will answer.

  25. I dont believe that Ceferin or Rosetti punish Cakir . He has big respect and trust by them. Everybody make mistakes. But he is still the biggest candidate for all of the finals end of the season.
    ( ps : two handball situation is never penalty for me)

  26. About Çakir,wait for upcoming UCL appointments... :)

    But of course when he won't get any match I am pretty sure he will not participate UEFA EURO

  27. https://iusport.com/art/97741/mateu-lahoz-y-del-cerro-grande-seran-los-arbitros-espanoles-en-la-eurocopa

    According to iusport (quite reliable source regarding Spanish referees, although is not a specific refereeing site) Mateu Lahoz and Del Cerro Grande have been confirmed for EURO 2020.

    Also, UEFA plans to have 18 trios (as in 2016) + specific VARs.

    So, my early prediction is:

    Mateu Lahoz, Del Cerro Grande, Oliver, Taylor, Orsato, Çakir, Brych, Zwayer, Makkelie, Kuipers, Skomina, Turpin, Bastien, Marciniak, Hategan, Kassai, Sidiropoulos, Karasev.

    1. On next days many important news will come!
      EURO selection, UEFA categories, new FIFA (at least for UEFA) officials for 2020.

    2. Do you really think, we will know names for UEFA EURO 2020 next week?
      For UEFA EURO 2016 Referees were confirmed only at March
      3 months before EURO

  28. Arabian Gulf Cup - R3

    QATAR - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Ryūji Satō (Quite Ch.)

    Video Clips:

    => 22' Penalty to Qatar (handling) after On-Field Review

    => 31' Penalty to United Arab Emirates (tripping) confirmed by VAR

    1. YEMEN - IRAQ, Ahmed Faisal Mohammad Al Ali (Quite Ch.)

      Video Clips:

      => 4' Red Card (IRQ No.3) for Serious Foul Play given after an On-Field Review

      => 58' Goal disallowed (Yemen) for a reckless elbow in the APP

      => +92' Missed Red Card (YEM No.2) for Serious Foul Play

    2. OMAN - SAUDI ARABIA, Alexandre Boucaut (Normal)

      Video Clip:

      => 25' Handling before a goal (Saudi Arabia) - no VAR intervention

    3. KUWAIT - BAHRAIN, Ammar Ali Abdulla Jumaa Aljneibi (Quite Ch.)

      => 47' Yellow Card (KUW No.13) for reckless tackle; SFP?

      => 58' Penalty (tripping) given to Kuwait

      => 63' Missed Red Card (KUW No.13) and a Penalty to Bahrain

      => 65' Goal disallowed (tugging) for Kuwait after an On-Field Review

      Semifinals (Satō and Al Ali(!)) played today.

    4. Working links:

      => 22' Penalty to Qatar (handling) after On-Field Review

      => 31' Penalty to United Arab Emirates (tripping) confirmed by VAR

  29. I couldn't believe Cakir out from EURO but guy, if what you are saying it's true, this is possible as well. OMG. This would be big astonishment inside UEFA refereeing.

  30. Some news from Northern Ireland
    It seems as Arnold Hunter has ended his career as FIFA referee.
    Jamie Robinson will be the new name replacing him.
    Maybe what happened this summer in that Europa Leagua game played a role in this decision. However, after a demotion to Category 2 and a certain age reached, this could have been evenexpected.
    All the best for his future.

  31. Same thing that happen in Leicester vs Everton when Graham Scott let play continue when the linesman raise his flag...
    Has happen today Sturt attwell let play continue... But the Sheffield players stop running because they saw linesman raise his flag...
    I think this thing will cause more conflict in the game...

  32. Arabian Gulf Cup - SF

    REF: Ryūji Satō (JPN)
    AR1: Akane Yagi (JPN)
    AR2: Osamu Nonura (JPN)
    4th: Ahmed Abu Bakar Said Al-Kaf (OMA)
    VAR: Muhammad Abdullah Hassan Mahamad (UAE)
    AVAR: Benoît Millot (FRA)

    Video Clips:

    => 99’ Penalty (handling)? VAR supported play on.

    Very good refereeing presented by Ryūji Satō.

    Foul detection, disciplinary control, positioning were all on an expected level.

    I was really impressed with his soft skills! In all verbal warnings issued - referee used them well as a wider part of his disciplinary control - he managed to reach the players on an empathic level, this really took me by (positive) surprise. He showed soft skills that are among the best I saw in AFC at the moment. I would highlight 29’ especially as optimal refereeing and sth to be shown in seminars!

    Some points for improvement:
    * Two missed cautions. At 50’ he had a clear view and ought to have issued a card for the studs-on-boot tackle; 114’ should have been reported by Osamu Nonura despite being a distance away, another studs-on-boot tackle. I would have issued a further YC, LoR at 111’, but a well-delivered verbal warning was okay.
    * Whistling for FT (to ET) and not punishing a fully deliberate handling (halfway line and still not LoR, though) was not the smartest choice.
    * Very irregular KO at 1ET where attacker had entered opponent’s half by about ten metres; his positioning at KOs was odd too.
    * Incorrect to ask an IRQ to replace the ball during the penalty competition – ball was regularly placed.

    -> 99’ I would tend to say that IRQ No.17’s handling should be punished, but I think that BAH No.12 handles the ball before, voiding that. We only get one (poor) angle though. I would support the choice to play on.

    Indeed, very good (8,5) performance by Ryūji Satō. Congratulations to the Japanese trio for a great tournament as AFC invitees!

  33. Vinčić for New Elite Ref💯

  34. According to kicker.de, IFAB plans only two Law changes for 2020:
    - If goalkeepers leave the line too early during a penalty and the ball misses the goal, the penalty is only retaken, if the goalkeeper influenced the missed kick according to the referee
    - (Undeliberate) Handballs before goals are only forbidden, if they happen immediately before the goal (committed by the goalscorer or a teammate). This is a clarification, that not the whole APP counts.

    Otherwise IFAB thinks that the handball rule is clear enough, but want to improve communication and provide more examples on what would be the correct decision in certain situations.
    Apparently seven European federations (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland) asked for a change in this area and wanted a more concrete regulation under the key words "Allowed", "Forbidden" and "Exceptions".

  35. I don't know if anyone saw it but another clear example of what can go wrong with VAR in the Premier League game SHU v NEW.
    As some might know, the Premier League has decided to implement VAR in their own way, different to the rest of the world. The biggest examples people might know of are of course the referees not going to the monitor for OFR's and this nonsense talk of a "high bar" that they have used to justify not intervening in instances of CLEAR mistakes. However there is another instance where the Premier League is differing, and that is with assistant referees. The AR's in England aren't delaying the flag for offsides, instead the responsibility falls on the referee to delay the whistle for potential offsides leading to goal scoring opportunities. Of course what happens when the players stop for the flag but the attacker plays on, scores and then the review finds that he was onside? This is exactly what happened in SHU v NEW.
    Of course the players should play to the whistle, this is basic and they should know this. However it is so much better to avoid this entire scenario by simply delaying the flag until the end of play. Which is why every league using VAR is doing exactly that, except of course for the Premier League who think they know better then everyone else.

    1. The link is down, here is another one (min 6:30):

      It is the same situation as in LEICESTER - EVERTON, the difference being this time the defending team stopped chasing the attacker.

      The way Premier League ref's have implemented VAR is indeed ridiculous.

      If AR's in all other leagues with VAR can delay the flag, or ref's can check the on-field monitors, why does the Premier League has to be any different?

      Probably, as others have said here, they think they are better than the rest of the world. And because of their arrogance, their rigidity, their inability to move on from their traditions, the entire VAR system is now under scrutiny.

    2. Sorry, to be honest, I don't understand that a professional player stops playing just by raising the flag. I think this is an amateur level mistake.

      But if the majority of players are aware that this mistake is inevitable, it would be better to delay the flag. So I think it would be better if the players showed their intentions.

    3. This link should work:

  36. News from Germany:
    Harm Osmers (Born in 1985) will become FIFA referee this winter. A talented referee who only since 2016 is in charge in the Bundesliga. I‘m really looking forward to watching him in international matches!
    Dominik Schaal (1985) will become FIFA Assistant referee at the same time

  37. Very interesting news from Germany:
    Tobias Welz leaves the FIFA list voluntarily in order to make space for younger referees on the list. I guess, it has also something to do with his amount of injuries that he suffered last years and since some weeks again. Also, as some of you have already guessed, AR Markus Häcker leaves the FIFA list because he has reached the age limit.
    Tobias Welz will be replaced by Harm Osmers, who is 34 years old and a Bundesliga referee since 2016. He, for instance, refereed the opener of this year's Bundesliga season Bayern Munich - Hertha BSC and the top match on Saturday, Leverkusen-Schalke. It's an expected nomination.
    Markus Häcker will be replaced by the 34-year-old Dominik Schaal. He's an assistant referee in Bundesliga since 2013 and has already had 107 matches there.


  38. Easy going 1st half for Calvarese in Inter-Roma (Serie A). He wisely stayed in the background. Only a few correctly declined penalty appeals by Inter to deal with, and an unlucky collision with De Vrij :) Luckily no injury for both

    1. Very good performance in my opinion. The 2H has been good as well as the first.

  39. Scottish League Cup - Final
    Sunday 8th December, 1600CET
    Rangers - Celtic

    REF: William Collum
    AR1: David Roome
    AR2: Alan Mulvanny
    4th: Kevin Clancy

    After a solid 2018/19, it seems that there it is quite probable that Willie Collum will miss EURO 2020.

    Perhaps there were some problems with his VAR interactions in the Juventus - Bayer Leverkusen game, or maybe UEFA just wanted an experienced referee for the Roma - Başakşehir game.
    We all remember what ensued in Rome.

    Since, his compatriot Bobby Madden, VAR-trained from U21 EURO 2019, has essentially been appointed as an Elite referee. It seems almost invariable that Madden will be promoted in time for next season.

    One can also ponder the question - how important are such mistakes in UEFA's psyche regarding the selection to a EURO where VAR would have helped change that decision?

    Anyway, Collum will handle one of the great derbies of world football tomorrow afternoon; will be interesting to see what kind of shape he is in.

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