Sunday, 15 November 2020

UEFA Nations League 2020/21 - Referee Appointments MD5 (15 November 2020)

2020-21 UEFA Nations League Matchday 5: referee appointments for the second set of games, to be played on 15 November 2020. 

League A - Group 1
15 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Amsterdam (Johan Cruijff ArenA)
Netherlands - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Referee: François Letexier (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Cyril Mugnier (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mehdi Rahmouni (FRA)
Fourth Official: Amaury Delerue (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) Gevorg Hovhannisyan (ARM) 
UEFA Delegate: Garry O'Hagan (SCO)

League A - Group 1
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Reggio Emilia (Stadio Città del Tricolore)
Italy - Poland
Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
Fourth Official: Frank Schneider (FRA) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Manuel Melo Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Jean Paul Mievis (BEL) Philippe Prudhon (FRA)

League A - Group 2
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Copenhagen (Parken)
Denmark - Iceland
Referee: Halil Umut Meler (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Mustafa Emre Eyisoy (TUR) 
Assistant Referee 2: Ibrahim Çaglar Uyarca (TUR)
Fourth Official: Koray Gençerler (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Martin Hansson (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Jānis Mežeckis (LVA)

League A - Group 2
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Leuven (Den Dreef)
Belgium - England
Referee: Danny Makkelie (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Mario Diks (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Hessel Steegstra (NED)
Fourth Official: Allard Lindhout (NED) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Markus Nobs (SUI)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Řepka (CZE)

League B - Group 2
15 November 2020, 15:00 CET - Trnava (Štadión Anton Malatinského)
Slovakia - Scotland
Referee: István Kovács (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Vasile Florin Marinescu (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Ovidiu Artene (ROU)
Fourth Official: Horațiu Feșnic (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jouni Hyytiä (FIN)
UEFA Delegate: Róbert Barczi (HUN)

League B - Group 3
15 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Istanbul (Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadyumu)
Turkey - Russia
Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Paweł Sokolnicki (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Radosław Siejka (POL)
Fourth Official: Paweł Gil (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Levan Paniashvili (GEO)
UEFA Delegate: Konul Mehtiyeva (AZE)

League B - Group 4
15 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Sofia (Natsionalen Stadion Vasil Levski)
Bulgaria - Finland
Referee: Donatas Rumšas (LTU)
Assistant Referee 1: Aleksandr Radius (LTU)
Assistant Referee 2: Dovydas Sužiedėlis (LTU)
Fourth Official: Robertas Valikonis (LTU)
UEFA Referee Observer:  Alexandru Deaconu (ROU)
UEFA Delegate: Georg Lüchinger (LIE)

League B - Group 4
15 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Cardiff (Cardiff City Stadium)
Wales - Republic of Ireland
Referee: Petr Ardeleanu (CZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Ivo Nadvornik (CZE)
Assistant Referee 2: Petr Caletka (CZE)
Fourth Official: Karel Hrubes (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Terje Hauge (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Andrew Shaw (ENG)

League B - Group 1
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Bucharest (Arena Națională)
Romania - Norway
Referee: Ali Palabıyık (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Ceyhun Sesigüzel (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Serkan Cimen (TUR)
Fourth Official: Abdulkadir Bitigen (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate: Paul Lyon (GIB)

League B - Group 1
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Vienna (Ernst-Happel-Stadion)
Austria - Northern Ireland
Referee: Maurizio Mariani (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Alberto Tegoni (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefano Del Giovane (ITA)
Fourth Official: Federico La Penna (ITA) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Sippel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Haris Gvozden (BIH)

League B - Group 2
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Plzeň (Stadion města Plzně)
Czech Republic - Israel
Referee: Srdjan Jovanović (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Uroš Stojković (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Milan Mihajlović (SRB)
Fourth Official: Milos Milanović (SRB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Alfredo Trentalange (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Ciprian Paraschiv (ROU)

League B - Group 3
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Budapest (Puskás Aréna)
Hungary - Serbia
Referee: Glenn Nyberg (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mahbod Beigi (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Andreas Söderqvist (SWE)
Fourth Official: Mohammed Al-Hakim (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE) Cyril Zimmermann (SUI) 
UEFA Delegate: Michal Mertinyák (SVK)

League C - Group 2
15 November 2020, 15:00 CET - Skopje (National Arena Todor Proeski)
North Macedonia - Estonia
Referee: Marius Avram (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Valentin Avram (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Cristian Orbulet (ROU)
Fourth Official: Iulian Călin (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: Plarent Kotherja (ALB)
UEFA Delegate: Igor Radojičić (SRB)

League C - Group 2
15 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Tbilisi (Boris Paichadze National Stadium Dinamo Arena)
Georgia - Armenia
Referee: Marco Guida (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Matteo Passeri (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Sergio Ranghetti (ITA)
Fourth Official: Rosario Abissio (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stefan Messner (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Anna Kapasoglou (GRE)

League C - Group 4
15 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Tirana (Arena Kombëtare)
Albania - Kazakhstan 
Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Guadalupe Porras Ayuso (ESP)
Fourth Official: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoechea (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Ferenc Székely (HUN)
UEFA Delegate: Fiona Pförtke (GER)

League C - Group 4
15 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Minsk (National Olympic Stadium Dinamo)
Belarus - Lithuania
Referee: Christopher Kavanagh (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Daniel Richard Cook (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Sian Massey-Ellis (ENG) Lee Betts (ENG) 
Fourth Official:  David Coote (ENG) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Darko Čeferin (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Sergiu Lisnic (MDA)

League C - Group 3
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Chișinău (Stadionul Zimbru)
Moldova - Greece
Referee: Fran Jović (CRO)
Assistant Referee 1: Ivica Modrić (CRO)
Assistant Referee 2: Hrvoje Radić (CRO)
Fourth Official: Ivan Vučković (CRO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Fritz Stuchlik (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Vitalii Danylchenko (UKR)

League C - Group 3
15 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Ljubljana (Stadion Stožice)
Slovenia - Kosovo
Referee: Bartosz Frankowski (POL)
Assistant Referee 1:Jakub Winkler (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Bartosz Heinig (POL)
Fourth Official: Tomasz Kwiatkowski (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vladimir Medved (SVK) 
UEFA Delegate: Duško Grabovac (CRO)


  1. Replies
    1. No big game? With all the tensions?

    2. Indeed, considering what just happened in Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh...

  2. @Philipp S You are very good predicting Turpin's games, two in a row ;)

    1. But I think, it's the only one I got correct on MD5...

  3. UEFA announces a documentary about referees launches on 16 november 2020:

    1. Looks very promising from the trailer.
      And Madden added to a list of Elite referees there - do they know more? ;)

    2. Looks like a 'Kill the Referee' 2.0 with UCL referees.

      Really looking forward to it! :D

    3. What a great insight, I will look forward to it.

      As for Madden to elite I think his time has passed. He was unfortunate to wait behind Collum and Thomson for some years and after Thomson’s retirement he was for sure slowed down while young Dallas was pushed, which ultimately was always going to fail. Quite a shame he will never make that step and likely he is only featured here as he does appear to have a good personality.

    4. I'm excited to see what kind of series this will be. It could be some sort of promotion of referees or will it be a series in which is reflected on mistakes / controversial performances as well (Marciniak, Zwayer and Rocchi are the first names that come to mind)?

    5. Wow; fantastic ! I saw the presentation and it seems wonderful; really like "Kill the Referee 2008". I cannot wait anymore for it....
      "Kill the referee" was really nice; I saw it so many times that I can remember any picture and dialogue... :-)

  4. a good match for the Croatian team of referees, Jović and his team have been especially trusted lately

  5. Rizzoli replaced as observer in Netherlands - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    About Jovanovic, after the discussed performance in Europa League, UEFA has assigned Trentalange, that's an interesting choice.
    According to the observer appointed, big test for Nyberg in Hungary. I remember some years ago, it was reported on this blog by a reader from Sweden "Swedish observer" that indeed he was about to become a talent on next years. This looks to be a quite good prediction, so far.

  6. I've seen Mariani and Kavanagh's names on this blog more in the last two months than some members of my family XDDDDD

    Farewell match for Marius Avram, nice from UEFA.

    Also happy for Rumšas, I'm a bit suprised to see him appointed after his (probable) technical mistake in Omonia-PSV for which I felt quite sorry because I think that he's a good and talented referee.

    Nyberg under the eyes of Vassarás (interesting) and also Jovanović with Trentalange, I feel like he's getting a lot of appointments recently (although FEY-WOL was a replacement)

    UEFA searching for the next Turkish Elite, Meler in League A and Palabiyik with Tutk.

    1. I see Palabiyik ahead of Meler in terms of the appointments and possibly he will be next elite. But Meler will also have chance to be elite in a short while.

    2. @Quilava

      Actually Mariani and Kavanagh havent been appointed so much recently, although we all have that impression. They both had intense September, but only one GS game for each of them so far.

    3. Although he said in the last two months, I think he meant this season, which started in August. I do not keep such stats, but I think that Mariani, Kavanagh and maybe Jovanovic got the most UEFA appointments (besides those who did the Final 8) since the competitions restarted. Nothing wrong with that, if they would be the biggest talents of the new generation, but are they?

  7. Jovanovic and Frankowski with their 3rd appointment in this NL season.

  8. No Aliyar Aghayev appointment still...

  9. When are promotions/relegation in NL ?

    1. After MD6 next week, it will be clear, which teams are promoted and relegated.
      Only League C needs a relegation play-out which is planned for March 2022.
      The next NL season starts in June 2022.

  10. Portuguese referees in low form.
    Dias, Martins, Verissimo and Godinho with only 1 game in the NL.
    Pinheiro still with Sars_Cov_2

  11. UEFA confirms that : Romania - Norway is cancelled about Norway Team quarantined at home.

  12. VAR videos from WC 2022 South America Qualification

    Bolivia-Ecuador Minute 86

    Argentina-Paraguay Minute 20

    Argentina-Paraguay Minute 53

    Argentina-Paraguay Minute 57

    1. One more
      Argentina-Paraguay Minute 27

  13. Solid first half by Istvan Kovacs in Slovakia.Three correct YCs and no problems at all.

    1. guy has no game management skills. blows his whistle every 2 secs for no reason doesn't let the game flow

  14. Kovacs has been very poor in the Slovenia-Scotland game. Game has had many promising moments to flourish stopped by the needless whistle. Add in some very confusing decisions relating to fouls and cautions being given, then not moments later has added to this down performance.

    1. Slovenia plays Kosovo later tonight. Scotland played in Slovakia, which is a completely different country.

      How can people believe what you are saying if you don't even know what game you watched...? :)

    2. Got to disagree with Former ref, although i was hoping for a Scotland win I thought Kovacs had an excellent match, all the 8 yellow cards were fully justified and he was always in control. A good prospect for the future

  15. Great performance by Istvan Kovacs in Slovakia - Scotland.All YCs fully deserved and full controll in a hectic end.
    Only one strange situation:Slovakia had an injured player on the ground and played the ball out but Kovacs and especially fourth offical gave throw-in for same team.

  16. Marius Avram looks like a referee from decades ago - balding head, short stature, in his early forties, wearing long-sleeved black kit. :D

    Congratulations and thank you!

  17. Absolutely correct ref card by Marciniak in TUR-RUS. GSO

  18. Totally wrong offside call in NEDBIH in ‘26 by AR2. Goal disallowed

  19. Wrongly disallowed goal for offside in 27' by AR2 in NED-BIH. Bit of a shame, because Letexier was having a great first half so far.

    1. Well, he didn’t have anything to do yet. No challenge whatsoever until this moment.
      In the first 20 minutes of the game he experienced quite obvious positioning issues, resulting in him falling to the ground after being hit by the ball.

    2. Agreed that it was not really a challenging game so far indeed! I do however like his communication style and the way he explains even some small decisions to players, hence I said he was having a good first half.

    3. Absolutely agreed on that, very pleasant ref to watch! I only thought ‘great’ was a bit too much for a game of this level of difficulty :)

    4. Link to the disallowed goal:

  20. In 26. minute a third Dutch goal is incorrectly disallowed for offside. There was no offside in the first place, and apart from that the goal was scored by a defender and the attacker who allegedly was judged offside didn’t interfere with play nor opponent.

  21. Wrongly disallowed goal by Letexier’s AR2. A shame, Mehdi Rahmouni is usually one of the very best AR in France.

    1. This was a quite clear situation. Big mistake

    2. And a mistake of both assistant referee (regarding offside position) and referee (assessment of the element of interfering).

  22. RC by Marciniak:


    2. IMO very difficult to assess. I wouldn't call it a mistake, but it's not crystal clear.

    3. I don't see any foult by the defender. Play on, imo

  23. Difficult situation in 38' in NED-BIH. For me a RC, as BIH #4 purposefully steps on the foot of the Dutch player long after the ball had been played.

    1. Link to the incident:

    2. Just an image of an action. Russian player pulled Turkish player first and while falling Turkish player pulled his jersey. Imo faul iş correct but RC wrong as another defender was close and Turkish player is not fully in control of ball.

    3. I wrote my reply to wrong mesaage. Sorry.

  24. Not difficult IMO. Studs on the foot, textbook YC but nothing more.

    1. The fact that the Bosnian player did not challenge for the ball at all, but makes the tackle seconds later, does provide an argument for VC IMO. But I agree, following the LotG, studs on foot is not enough to be called excessive force.

  25. Netherlands-Bosnia Herzegovina 1st half clips:

    26’ Disallowed goal NED - offside

    38’ YC Todorovic - UB or VC?

    1. IMO
      26' - Absolutely bad decision by AR2.
      38' - Borderline, but I'm okay with YC here.

    2. Thanks for the videos.
      About the disallowed goal, it is exclusive AR's mistake.
      I don't see faults by referee in this case, he couldn't know that player was in regular position. The call should be related to the last player who scored, not the previous one who was clearly onside.
      About the situation in 38', I know that many readers have different ideas on this blog, but when I see a player aware that ball has gone but he still does that, well, I don't see arguments for issuing only YC. It is a clear RC to me.

    3. Totally Agree with Chefren

    4. Clear red card in my opinion

  26. Correct PK for Turkey by Marciniak.

  27. Mistaken red card and mistaken penalty by Marciniak in Turkey Russia. What do you think?

    1. RC for me was correct, PK wrong.

    2. Penalty correct- defender played the ball bit at the same time tripped the Turkish attacker who could still play the ball- that's why PK

    3. Red card and penalty kick as correct as possible

    4. At the red card there appears to be a foul by the attacker first but a difficult call.

      The penalty is wrong, it’s not basketball we are playing. Ball clearly played by defender. Marciniak was a good referee for a period but he really has lost his form the last two years.

    5. why the conclusion that now he is a weak referee

  28. Wrong penalty for Turkey in my opinion...

    1. Defender touched the left foot of Turkish player at last instance. Soft but he couldn't put his left foot to the ground.

  29. 60' Correct PK for Bulgaria by Rumsas, also correct YC for FIN14 (DOGSO with genuine attempt to play the ball)

  30. 67' Another correct PK for Bulgaria, handball by FIN2.

  31. A clip from the Wales - Republic of Ireland game handled by Petr Ardeleanu.

    => 39' Violent Conduct by Wales no.16? Yellow card given (+ YC to IRL no.22)

    1. Yes, VC, because he attempts to hit much harder than he does.

    2. IMO YC for IRL no.22 is okay, but a RC for Wales no.16 is mandatory here.

  32. I watched Kovacs in the Scotland game, I’m not totally convinced by him yet. There was a period in the first half where there were five or six wrongly awarded free kicks in succession. He has skills for sure but needs to develop his feeling for the game and relationship with players.

    Was happy to see Collum have a good performance in Switzerland last night. Two correct penalties and a red card. Would be nice to see him in champions league in next match days and show some consistency.

  33. Great offside decision by Turpin and his AR1. Well done !!

  34. Excellent cooperation Turpin - AR1 for disallowing a goal scored by Italy, a player in offside was impeding goalkeeper's movement. We see that without VAR these decisions are always very difficult to take, so I praise the official involved.
    But, a few minutes later, minute 22', missed RC for deliberate violent coundct by Lewandowski. Unluckily, Turpin not in the best position to view it, he had his view obstructed.
    Very clear movement with elbow toward opponent's body.

  35. Very challenging first half, now penalty to Italy, in my opinion absolutely correct decision, to be checked whether player was onside or not. With the chance to control the ball coming from a long distance, YC is reasonable choice (SPA), not clear DOGSO.

  36. As Chefren mentioned,both key decision absolutely correct by Clement Turpin.
    For me an excellent first half,maybe a YC missed in 42' but consistent foul detection and great connections with players as always!!

    1. “Great connection with players as always...” LOL. But Chefren also said missed violent conduct, what about?

  37. Replies
    1. You must be kidding!

    2. Turpin commits a serious mistake, an evident penalty kick for the Italian national team and a yellow card for a Polish player

  38. 50' missed YC by Turpin, in my opinion very clear for a reckless challenge by Acerbi. In terms of disciplinary control Turpin today is rather very lenient...

    1. How on earth Acerbi escapes a yellow card here?? If this is no card no will be given anymore

  39. 55' correctly rejected penalty appeal by Italy for handball, arm in natural position, close to body.

  40. 62' another moment of tension after a very bad foul, close to AR1.
    Again, I think RC was missed by Turpin (excessive force). Looked like a revenge foul.

  41. RC missed and miss foul by Turpin!

  42. 2nd missed RC for Turpin and 1 missed YC. Awful cautions management tonight for the French ref

    1. Indeed, terrible management by Turpin and team tonight. Where is @frenchref tonight?

    2. You can see my comments below dear anonymous ;)

  43. So far two clear missed RC for which I strongly hope VAR would have intervened in a CL game, and a missed YC. However, the control on the game is still solid and this is a great skill by the French.

    1. And now a clear penalty missed. But, yes, he is control ...

    2. I find it very difficult to agree with your views Chefren although I only saw the highlights on TV. Not long after the penalty there was a dreadful tackle by an Italy defender near the touchline which bordered a straight red card, not even a free kick was given resulting in an even worse retaliatory tackle by a Poland player which resulted in a mass confrontation by players of both teams and resulted in only a yellow card to the Poland player which should have been a clear red card for serious foul play. However had the first tackle been penalised and the Italy player red carded, the second foul by the Poland player probably would not have happened. I dont think his handling of this situation could be viewed as "great skill" by any stretch of imagination, and if Melo Periero also considers he missed two clear RC, I shudder to think what his final mark will be

  44. 73' unluckily a missed penalty for handball is the next crucial mistake in Turpin game. Shot on goal stopped by arm, not close to body.

  45. Missed penalty (handball) + YC i think.

  46. Why was Massey-Ellis missing from Kavanagh’s team

  47. I know I’m not always very objective when it comes to French officials, but I’m actually very pleased with what I see from Turpin today.
    Regarding key incidents, the major point for discussion is the potential RC in the 1H. IMO this was a RC, and Turpin did not even book the player. Bad luck, his view on the incident was obstructed. The RC of 62’ is not mandatory, YC should be supported here IMO.
    PK and offside calls in first half correct, and I truly praise AR 1 for this awesome call.
    No PK for both handballs is correct too IMO.

    But I’d like to focus on Clément Turpin’s soft skills tonight. I must say his relationship with the players is remarkable, and this is something rather new. He used to be quite nervous, very sharp with the players and not open to discussion. Tonight he delivers an absolute masterclass regarding this aspect : open, smiling, relax.

    1. Reviewing the second PK appeal for handball, I think more PK than play on.

    2. Both RC are mandatory. The PK in 2nd half too. Missed also a clear YC. Let’s be objective, this was a bad performance, shit happens and Turpin will raise again.

    3. Yes, I agree. My comment was more on his soft skills, something very recent and noticeable I think.

    4. Maybe next time he can try both?

  48. Gosh, probably the worst performance by Turpin in the last years

  49. Are there some clips from Turpin missed RC?

  50. Very Poor performance for Turpin tonight,

  51. No influence on final score, just a day to forget for Turpin.
    It can happen sometimes! However, with three clear crucial mistakes and a missed yellow card, could have been worse in terms of control.
    Also, to underline the correct penalty call and the excellent cooperation with AR1 in disallowing the possible 1-0. Game was extremely challenging.

  52. Very challenging game. I think:
    - Missed VC by Lewandowski, Turpin's view was obstruted
    - Great disallowed goal and cooperation with AR1
    - Correct PK + YC (SPA)
    - YC at 62'to be rewatched, my first impression was RC
    - Missed penalty (handball) + YC
    - Correct second YC

    Even if key incidents were missed I liked Turpin control on the game. Very solid soft skill.

    1. Agree with Nathan. Both RC missed by Turpin but first one impossible to see for ref without VAR. Big leniency error with only YC at 62. Second YC correct. Missed penalty too but seemed very unlucky hand and shoot without goal direction.
      Poor performance in terms of crucial mistakes but no score influence as Chefren said and remarkable soft skills showed.

  53. Good, expected level performance by Fran Jovic on MDA-GRE. The match was easy for the referee. He had good rapport with players and was always in control. Also good foul detection. Only 3 YC's (2 MDA, 1 GRE) and all were correcr.

  54. Hi! I was silent this evening to not be accused of being a Polish hater of Szymon Marciniak. ;) but now... please find below the refereeing highlights of Clément Turpin's performance in ITAPOL. I will share my views in due course.

    1. Only one word for Turpin in this game: a complete DISASTER!

      2 missed RCs, one crystal clear YC ("orange") missed, and a clear handball pk missed.

      This was a game for Mažić or Brych style, strict and with few YC early to calm things down. There were few really dirty scenes, well beyond "combative".

    2. I have told that Clement Turpin is very chaotic and nervous person, it seems that he hasnt good contact with players and he thinks that he is a god and the best person in the pitch, IMO after his awful performance today he wont be main referee in the most important matches.

    3. @Matio you may not like the referee, but at least please respect the man...

    4. OK, here are my views:

      04' - very good public warning for a late foul, optimal solution after first foul in the game

      15', 49' - very good use of advantage!

      17' - isolatedly, a missed mandatory YC to #20ITA for reckless strike while fighting for the ball, but after he warned Polish player in 04', I would also support a 'balancing' warning in this case; but the type of the foul seems to be missed on perception level

      20' - rightly disallowed ITA goal for offside (good spot by AR1) by impeding GK; quite significant delay before making the final decision but the most important is the final outcome: no goal

      23' - #09POL is strongly held by an opponent who is fully behind his back and retaliates by striking him with elbow; FK in favour of POL correctly given, no action against potential violent conduct; Apart of referee's line of vision being blocked, I think it's nearly impossible to be 100% sure about the real intention of #09POL - was he only trying to free himself or did he deliberately strike his opponent out of frustration? I tend towards the latter having watched replays but I cannot imagine a referee who would issue a RC live, even if seeing it properly; interesting if VAR would intervene in case of a) missed incident, b) the referee assessing it as undeliberate (no card or yellow card)

      26' - penalty awarded in favour of ITA, YC #10POL for UB/holding; fully correct, good spot by ref and good onside by AR1, nothing to add

      29' - YC to #09ITA for reckless kick; correct

      34' - potential SPA and 2nd YC #10POL; other defenders ready to intervene, not many teammates to play the ball to - correct no disciplinary action

      50' - both players compete for the ball performing dynamic slide tackles, Polish player plays the ball and Italian player creates a painful knee clash; in my opinion it's just a careless foul, nothing malicious, not typically reckless too (collision more than a serious contact), acceptable no disciplinary sanction

      55' - penalty incident: handball of POL #10 while blocking a shot on goal; hand in a natural position, not unfairly increasing body surface - correct play-on call!

      62' - YC #06POL for reckless tackle; at first there is a tackle of Italian player which is correctly assessed as fair (ball blocked and played, Polish player jumps over an opponent and falls down); then, there's a high-force flying tackle of #06POL; perhaps I would accept a straight red card being given but taking into account that: the point of contact is very low, the straight leg plays the ball and the contact is made only by the second, bent leg, I think the optimal decision was made by the French crew (REF, AR1, 4OF)!

      67' - #06POL kicks the ball on the face of a previously fouled opponent who falls down on the ground, no disciplinary action; was there enough time to perform this action in a deliberate manner? I don't think so as it was a split second between Italian player falling down and the kick being made; again, correct decision

    5. 73' - penalty incident: handball; missed penalty and YC to #05POL for blocking a shot on goal with hand; the action of Polish defender is targeted on blocking a potential shot; he raises his leg twice in order to block it and at the second time he is hit by the ball in an outstretched hand; crucial mistake

      75' - potential reckless stamp and 2nd YC #10POL; Italian player tried to force the referee to show this card; referee doesn't see the incident due to bad positioning, the replay is not the best but if there indeed was a stamp, the 2nd YC could have been given; not clear enough to mark down the referee for that

      77' - 2nd YC to #06POL for reckless tackle; Italian player tried to shield the ball but didn't manage to perform the full 'shield', ball is played fairly by #06POL who is carelessly kicked by an opponent finishing the shielding movement; perception mistake, maybe also the tackle in 62' played a role, but it's second crucial mistake

      83' - 2-0 goal; #10ITA is in the goal area, close to the Polish goalkeeper, he doesn't obstruct his line of vision but should his presence be assessed as 'clear action...'? I think not strictly interpreting the LotG but after watching some educational videos, I have trouble to say it being 100% sure; grey area?

      Many, many incidents - a challenging game for Clément whose body language, mimics and gestures are one of the best if not simply the best in UEFA - such elegant way of refereeing! In my opinion, there are two crucial mistakes: lack of penalty in 73' and 2nd YC in 77'. The rest is either supportable or simply correct (apart from the missed YC in 17'). A strong 7.4 I would say ;)

    6. Great analysis, after rewatching the second YC, indeed wrong perception of the fault by the referee here.

    7. I respect him and Every person in middle :) but I didnt say nothing words which are disrespectful :)

    8. Brilliant analysis by Anonymous, I agree with almost everything. I think the game was getting hotter from 62' and I think the first tackle by the Italian could have been whistled, dangerous play (scizor motion) for me. Then the tackle by #06Pol is red for me, because he's out of control with both feet off the ground.

  55. Didn't watch the late and decisive penalties given by Meler (DEN-ISL) and Frankowski (SVN-GRE). Were they correct?

    1. Both were handball penalties.
      The DEN-ISL was a correct penalty as arm was far out from the body (although defender didn’t have any idea where the ball was).
      Penalty in SVN-KOS very debatable in my opinion. Arm was tight to the body and not even sure if the ball hit the arm or the shoulder.
      But Mr Rosetti himself and his companions in the committee haven’t got the slightest idea anymore which handballs to call and which not, so I guess the referees can’t be blamed.

  56. Austria equalizer was from an offside. But difficult to spot in real time without VAR...

  57. UEFA posted 1st episode (it lasts 48 minute) of "Man in the middle" at :) Are you going to disassemble episodes?
    P.S. what`s your thoughts about Howard Webb`s book "Man in the middle"?

    1. I would recommend the book. It's by far my favourite english referee book, in my oppinion better than Collinas biography. Give it a read!

  58. The first episode of the UEFA documentary on Referees has 3 main protagonists: Turpin, Kuipers and Skomina and the focus matches were from the Champions League season 2018-2019.

  59. Seems to be a great onside by AR1 Tegoni in AUS-NIR refereed by Mariani

  60. Very poor performance of Turpin,i think if such a match would happen of Hategan,Grienfield,Zwaayer,Marcianiak,wave of criticism would be much bigger.

  61. To my point of view, the serial "Man in the middle" was preparing to UEFA EURO 2020 and the referees life during the tournament(like "Kill the referee" in 2008, but unfortunately due to COVID-19, we won`t see original idea...

  62. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. 29:12 Cuneyt Cakir's name written wrong (Cunet)

    2. Lol, that is by no means Michael Dean if it is the same Dean you are referring to

    3. That is simply a falsehood, what a sad comment to write.

  63. Appointments Netherlands:
    Willem II - VVV-Venlo: Erwin Blank
    FC Groningen - Vitesse: Björn Kuipers
    PEC Zwolle - FC Utrecht: Danny Makkelie
    Ajax - Heracles: Jeroen Manschot
    Fortuna Sittard - Feyenoord: Dennis Higler
    Sparta - ADO Den Haag: Kevin Blom
    FC Twente - PSV: Pol van Boekel
    RKC Waalwijk - sc Heerenveen: Christiaan Bax
    AZ - FC Emmen: Marc Nagtegaal

    Regarding possible international appointments: both Kuipers and Makkelie appointed on Saturday. Gözübüyük appointed for top clash in second division this Thursday, Nijhuis not appointed at all.

    1. Higler with 2 Fifa AR's (van Zuilen and de Vries) could mean he has a EL match on thursday!

  64. OT

    Refereeing highlights of the first twenty games at World Cup 1994 can be found on the WC 1994 blog below. Certainly there were some interesting personalities and presences on the pitch in this tournament :).

  65. more VAR videos from World Cup 2022 South America Qualification - Matchday 3

    Chile-Perú Minute 14

    Colombia-Uruguay Minute 73

    Colombia-Uruguay Minute 79

    Brazil-Venezuela Minute 7

    Brazil-Venezuela Minute 52

    Brazil-Venezuela Minute 57

  66. Fun question guys😃😃,let's test our knowledge on the laws of the game. Tho it rarely occurs but if there is a simulation in by a defending player in his/her box and the referee spots it and it is to be punished, what is the correct decision???

    1. indirect free kick for the attackers. No penalty kick :P

  67. Your opinion regarding about Turpin:

    at 0:30

  68. For Turkey Huseyin Gocek will leave FIFA Referee List and will be replaced by 37 years old Abdulkadir Bitigen.


    Jueves 19 de noviembre

    21.15 Atlético Tucumán - Racing
    Árbitro: Diego Abal
    Asistente 1: Lucas Germanotta
    Asistente 2: Norberto Páez
    Cuarto árbitro: Rodrigo Rivero

    Viernes 20 de noviembre

    17.10 Arsenal - Unión
    Árbitro: Hernán Mastrángelo
    Asistente 1: Walter Ferreyra
    Asistente 2: Daiana Milone
    Cuarto árbitro: Jorge Broggi

    19.20 Boca - Lanús
    Árbitro: Facundo Tello
    Asistente 1: Maximiliano Del Yesso
    Asistente 2: Diego Verlotta
    Cuarto árbitro: Lucas Comesaña

    21.30 Banfield - River
    Árbitro: Fernando Rapallini
    Asistente 1: Diego Bonfá
    Asistente 2: Gerardo Carretero
    Cuarto árbitro: Pablo Dóvalo

    Sábado 21 de noviembre

    17.10 Colón - Defensa y Justicia
    Árbitro: Darío Herrera
    Asistente 1: Alejo Castany
    Asistente 2: Mariano Viale
    Cuarto árbitro: Sebastián Zunino

    19.20 Huracán - Vélez
    ​​​​​​​Árbitro: Nicolás Lamolina
    Asistente 1: Facundo Rodríguez
    Asistente 2: Damián Espinoza
    Cuarto árbitro: Yael Falcón Pérez

    21.30 Independiente - Central Córdoba
    ​​​​​​​Árbitro: Ariel Penel
    Asistente 1: Pablo González
    Asistente 2: Ariel Scime
    Cuarto árbitro: Emanuel Ejarque

    Domingo 22 de noviembre

    17.10 Estudiantes - Aldosivi
    ​​​​​​​Árbitro: Fernando Echenique
    Asistente 1: Hernán Maidana
    Asistente 2: Gisella Trucco
    Cuarto árbitro: Leandro Rey Hilfer

    19.20 Patronato - Gimnasia
    ​​​​​​​Árbitro: Pablo Echavarría
    Asistente 1: Eduardo Lucero
    Asistente 2: José Castelli
    Cuarto árbitro: Fabricio Llobet

    21.30 San Lorenzo - Argentinos
    ​​​​​​​Árbitro: Andrés Merlos
    Asistente 1: Juan Pablo Belatti
    Asistente 2: Gabriel Chade
    Cuarta árbitra: Roberta Echeverría

    Lunes 23 de noviembre

    19.00 Godoy Cruz - Rosario Central
    ​​​​​​​Árbitro: Néstor Pitana
    Asistente 1: Iván Núñez
    Asistente 2: Gerardo Lencina
    Cuarto árbitro: Nelson Sosa

    21.15 Newell's - Talleres
    ​​​​​​​Árbitro: Silvio Trucco
    Asistente 1: Marcelo Bistocco
    Asistente 2: Juan Manuel Vázquez
    Cuarto árbitro: Mariano González

    1. Pitana world cup 2022?

    2. Nicolás Lamolina - son of the WC 1994 referee, Francisco Lamolina?

  70. Particular friendly appointment:
    Basque Country - Costa Rica (played in Eibar):
    Ricardo de Burgos (ESP)
    Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP)
    Jon Nunez Fernández (ESP)


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