Wednesday, 18 November 2020

UEFA Nations League 2020/21 - Referee Appointments MD6 (18 November 2020)

2020-21 UEFA Nations League Matchday 6: the last set of referee appointments for Wednesday 18 November games. 

League A - Group 1
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Sarajevo (Stadion Grbavica)
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Italy
Referee: Artur Dias (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Rui Tavares (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Paulo Soares (POR)
Fourth Official: Vítor Fernandes Ferreira (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Rune Pedersen (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Thura Win (ENG)

League A - Group 1
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Chorzow (Silesian Stadium)
Poland - Netherlands
Referee: Orel Grinfeld (ISR)
Assistant Referee 1: Roy Hassan (ISR)
Assistant Referee 2: Idan Yarkon (ISR)
Fourth Official: Gal Leibovitz (ISR)
UEFA Referee Observer: William Young (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Aristeidis Stavropoulos (GRE)

League A - Group 2
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - London (Wembley Stadium)
England - Iceland
Referee: Fábio Veríssimo (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Luis Campos (POR) Bas van Dongen (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Rui Teixeira (POR)
Fourth Official: Antonio Emanuel Carvalho Nobre (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Ichko Lozev (BUL)
UEFA Delegate: Borja Bilbao (ESP)  

League A - Group 2
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Leuven (Den Dreef)
Belgium - Denmark
Referee: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Grega Kordež (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Andraž Kovačič (SVN)
Fourth Official: Nejc Kajtazović (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Miroslav Tulinger (CZE)
UEFA Delegate: Pavel Kolev (BUL)

League B - Group 1
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Belfast (Windsor Park)
Northern Ireland - Romania
Referee: Sandro Schärer (SUI)
Assistant Referee 1: Bekim Zogaj (SUI)
Assistant Referee 2: Jonas Erni (SUI)
Fourth Official: Fedayi San (SUI)
UEFA Referee Observer: John Ward (IRL)
UEFA Delegate: Per Eliasson (SWE)

League B - Group 1
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Vienna (Ernst-Hoppel Stadion)
Austria - Norway
Referee: Benoît Bastien (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Hicham Zakrani (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Frédéric Haquette (FRA)
Fourth Official: Willy Delajod (FRA) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Jan W. Wegereef (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Mark Bos (NED) 

League B - Group 2
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Netanya (Netanya Stadium)
Israel - Scotland 
Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Tomasz Listkiewicz (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Adam Kupsik (POL)
Fourth Official: Paweł  Gil (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Lucílio Cardoso Cortez Batista (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Camelia Nicolae (ROU)

League B - Group 2
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Plzeň (Stadion města Plzně)
Czech Republic - Slovakia
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Fourth Official: Mete Kalkavan (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bernardino González Vázquez (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: João Morais (POR)

League B - Group 3
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Belgrade (Stadion Rajko Mitić)
Serbia - Russia 
Referee: Daniel Stefański (POL) Anthony Taylor (ENG) 
Assistant Referee 1: Marcin Boniek (POL) Gary Beswick (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Dawid Igor Golis (POL) Adam Nunn (ENG)
Fourth Official: Damian Sylwestrzak (POL) Matej jug (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kenneth William Clark (SCO) 
UEFA Delegate: Biljana Velkovska Smilanovska (MKD)

League B - Group 3
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Budapest (Puskás Aréna)
Hungary - Turkey 
Referee: Ivan Kružliak (SVK)
Assistant Referee 1: Tomaš Somolani (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Branislav Hancko (SVK)
Fourth Official: Filip Glova (SVK)
UEFA Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Kazimierz Oleszek (POL)

League B - Group 4
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Dublin (Dublin Arena)
Republic of Ireland - Bulgaria
Referee: Lawrence Visser (BEL)
Assistant Referee 1: Thibaud Nijssen (BEL)
Assistant Referee 2: Rien Vanyzere (BEL)
Fourth Official: Bram Van Driessche (BEL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Michalis Argyrou (CYP)
UEFA Delegate: Jan Willem Van Dop (NED)

League B - Group 4
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Cardiff (Cardiff City Stadium)
Wales - Finland
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Diego Barbero Sevilla (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Ángel Nevado Rodríguez (ESP)
Fourth Official: Juan Martínez Munuera (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer:  Neale Barry (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Marcin Stefański (POL)

League C - Group 4
18 November 2020, 16:00 CET - Almaty (Almaty Ortalyk Stadion)
Kazakhstan - Lithuania
Referee: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Cevdet Komurcuoglu (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Esat Sancaktar (TUR)
Fourth Official: Tugay Kaan Numanoglu (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Rusmir Mrković (BIH)
UEFA Delegate: Anthony Bloch (ENG)

League C - Group 4
18 November 2020, 16:00 CET - Tirana (Arena Kombëtare)
Albania - Belarus 
Referee: Radu Petrescu (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Radu Ghinguleac (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Mircea Mihail Grigoriu (ROU)
Fourth Official: Marcel Birsan (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vadims Direktorenko (LVA)
UEFA Delegate: Emil Ubias (CZE)

League C - Group 2
18 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Nicosia (GSP)
Armenia - North Macedonia 
Referee:  Robert Madden (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: David Roome (SCO) 
Assistant Referee 2: Graeme Stewart (SCO)
Fourth Official: Donald Robertson (SCO) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Costas Kapitanis (CYP)
UEFA Delegate: Phivos Constantinides (CYP)

League C - Group 2
18 November 2020, 18:00 CET - Tbilisi (Boris Paichadze National Stadium Dinamo Arena)
Georgia - Estonia 
Referee: Irfan Peljto (BIH)
Assistant Referee 1: Senad Ibrisimbegović (BIH)
Assistant Referee 2: Davor Beljo (BIH)
Fourth Official: Admir Šehović (BIH)
UEFA Referee Observer: Juan Antonio Fernández Marín (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Alojzije Šupraha (CRO)

League C - Group 3
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Pristina (Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri)
Kosovo - Moldova 
Referee: Roomer Tarajev (EST)
Assistant Referee 1: Neeme Neemlaid (EST)
Assistant Referee 2: Sander Saga (EST)
Fourth Official: Karl Koppel (EST)
UEFA Referee Observer: Sokol Jareci (ALB)
UEFA Delegate: Balász Makray (HUN)

League C - Group 3
18 November 2020, 20:45 CET - Athens (Georgios Kamaras Stadium)
Greece - Slovenia 
Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Fourth Official: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Boško Jovanetić (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Jeroen Roest (NED)


  1. Göçek - farewell game?

    Interesting game for Veríssimo.

  2. Why no games for S Karasev (RUS)

    1. Its the same question about Martins (POR), Tschudi (SUI) and Godinho (POR) ...

    2. Indeed I expected Karasev as well after his EL match. Would be a good possibility to give him match sharpness before a possible CL match on the last matchdays.
      Martins, Tschudi and Godinho all had matches on MD3/4, so a further appointment was not expected especially for the 2nd group members.
      The Hungarians probably suffer from the closed borders of their country?

    3. Karakó had friendly game, Bogár had U21 the answer is no !

    4. Then it's indeed surprising, that Vad and Bognar have no game.

  3. Two Russian matches with Polish refeeres...

    1. UEFA normally even avoids having referees from the same country for the same team among the complete group stage.
      So maybe one of the appointments is a replacement?

  4. No Aliyar Aghayev again.
    Sad to see Category 1 ref didn't officiate any int'l game this season.

  5. Sad to se, again no danish Referee.. Think the fifa referees from Denmark have performed well in the league

  6. Skomina is out from this season, he will comeback stronger next season💪💪

    1. So EURO next year in danger for him??
      That would be horrible!!

    2. What is the actual injury of Skomina? Why will it keep him off the field for so long?

    3. Source from Grega Kordez, i ask him on IG

  7. OT: It appears that Alan Kelly, MLS referee and former FIFA referee from Ireland, has retired. He retweeted this tweet from last weekend, which reads in part: "Meanwhile tonight in the USA Alan Kelly referees his final game in US Major League Soccer when Los Angeles host Portland and it ends a magnificent refereeing career for the Cork native.":

    1. There are rumours he was nominated as FIFA VMO by USSF for the new 2021 list.

    2. I suspect it is highly likely that he will be a VAR in MLS, but more importantly, also in very high level competitions with FIFA going forward. In 2019 he was the VAR with the American teams at the U20 and Club World Cups.

    3. I started poking around with this within the MLS referee community. I learned that Alan took and passed a fitness test October 15th, which he had to do to stay employed by PRO as a referee. Not sure he would have done that if he wasn't planning to whistle in 2021.

      Also, I did not see any indication that Alan Kelly retweeted the tweet. And, in the hours since I started poking around, it seems the original tweet has been deleted.

      I believe the USSF VMO nomination is possible (albeiet a little strange, because USSF doesn't like to listen to PRO and USSF has little incentive in nominating Kelly). But the retirement rumor is taking people by surprise here. It's possible, sure. But this is the first that anyone who I know has heard about it and I am talking about MLS officials.

    4. I am not sure what the employment requirements are for PRO officials, including those (e.g. Jurisevic) who only do the VMO role? Maybe he did the fitness test as a mandatory requirement to stay with PRO, even though he will only continue as VMO? Or maybe on October 15 he was not sure whether he will be nominated as FIFA VMO (the deadline was November 8), so he did the test just in case? Or maybe he had a change of heart? Or a combinations of these reasons?
      We all remember that, when he moved to USA, he told the Irish media that he hoped this move will give him a chance to attend a World Cup... that chance is now closer, but only as FIFA VMO.

    5. I agree with usaref’s assessment; very strange to see the tweet deleted, and I think that it is very reasonable to now doubt the accuracy of its claims. I can promise he did retweet it, here is a screenshot for proof!

      The fact that it stayed up for quite a few days only to be taken down so quickly after Kelly’s retweet raises my suspicion that perhaps their comment on his retirement was in error, and he failed to notice that comment until after his retweet. I suppose we might get more clarity on this topic as playoff assignments come out, for he would surely be a candidate for big games despite his injury.

    6. Yes, all very strange now. I've learned that Kelly needed to pass his October 15th fitness test both as a condition of continued employment AND as a requirement to work the remainder of this year. So the fitness test itself doesn't signal anything necessarily for 2021.

      If I were guessing based on all this circumstantial evidence, I'd say Kelly plans to retire at the end of the playoffs so has a couple more games left and the tweet as it was constituted signals immediate retirement, so he asked for it to be removed once he realized the mistake (or maybe Howard Webb saw it).

      But we'll have to wait and see now!

    7. The most likely situation is he will continue as referee until the end of this season then he will become a specialized VMO in 2021.

      By the way, any new names nominated for the FIFA list in North America?

  8. Taylor instead of Stefański:

    1. New Appointment :

      Serbia - Russia

      Referee : Anthony Taylor (ENG)
      Assistant Referee 1 : Gary Beswick (ENG)
      Assistant Referee 2 : Adam Nunn (ENG)
      Fourth Official : Matej Jug (SVN)

  9. This is probably a consequence of the match Turkey Russia refereed by Marciniak.

    1. More likely because UEFA did a mistake by assigning two Polish referee teams to two consecutive matches of Russia... same as it happened in September with two Romanian referees assigned two consecutive games of France and UEFA had to replace one of the Romanian refs (Kovacs) when they realized their error. Maybe UEFA employees need some training on appointment policies? :)

    2. That particular UEFA employee would be Signore Roberto Rosetti then :)

    3. To me, that Polish referee was a very weak name for the game.

    4. Stefański is in good shape this season. Three games in EL and one in NL without any crucial mistakes.

  10. Do you have any details about Skomina's injury ? The above news that he could miss Euro 2021 is terrible. When do you estimate he can come back on the pitch ?

  11. Bas van Dongen (NED) new AR1 in England
    Campos (POR) with COVID

  12. This is a VAR revision in Brasil vs. Venezuela ( can anyone tell me if this is a correct application of the VAR protocol? Thaks in advance

    1. I would say, no. If the VAR thinks, it is a correct decision to not award the penalty, he should not intervene, i.e. just confirm the referee's decision.
      With hindsight, it was somehow good, that the OFR was done, because the referee changed his decision. But it is not the idea of VAR to have an OFR for every situation, where there COULD be a different decision after OFR.

    2. Indeed we can make an overall speech also including the previous incidents from CONMEBOL with VAR. It seems as they check very particularly every situation, talking with referee. This shouldn't be done. VAR should ask himself before opening communication: "Is that a clear and obvious mistake?".
      If you use VAR in this way, it is like a second officiating, accompanying referee all match long. This is not how VAR has been intended to work. However, if you ask "is that a correct application of VAR?" One must answer "yes", nothing wrong / forbidden made there, but it is more about the concept, there should be more "distance" between VAR and referee on the pitch, even more when situations are absolutely supportable.

    3. 2 more VAR videos from Colombia vs Uruguay Matchday 3 WC Qualification

      Minute 35

      Minute 38

  13. Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 8

    Saturday 21st November

    15:00 Crotone - Lazio
    Juan Luca Sacchi - Matteo Passeri - Robert Avalos - Ivano Pezzuto
    [Marco Guida - Salvatore Longo]

    18:00 Spezia - Atalanta
    Antonio Rapuano - Marco Scatragli - Michele Grossi - Daniel Amabile
    [Luca Banti - Valentino Fiorito]

    20:45 Juventus - Cagliari
    Fabio Maresca - Mauro Vivenzi - Marco Bresmes - Federico Dionisi
    [Maurizio Mariani - Filippo Valeriani]

    Sunday 22nd November

    12:30 Fiorentina - Benevento
    Davide Ghersini - Michele Lombardi - Luigi Lanotte - Marco Piccinini
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Stefano Del Giovane]

    15:00 Inter - Torino
    Federico La Penna - Dario Cecconi - Rodolfo Di Vuolo - Fabrizio Pasqua
    [Rosario Abisso - Mauro Galetto]

    15:00 Roma - Parma
    Gianluca Manganiello - Giovanni Baccini - Manuel Robilotta - Giacomo Camplone
    [Paolo Mazzoleni - Alessio Tolfo]

    15:00 Sampdoria - Bologna
    Livio Marinelli - Luigi Rossi - Andrea Zingarelli - Francesco Fourneau
    [Davide Massa - Stefano Alassio]

    15:00 Hellas Verona - Sassuolo
    Michael Fabbri - Christian Rossi - Filippo Bercigli - Gianluca Aureliano
    [Luca Pairetto - Sergio Ranghetti]

    18:00 Udinese - Genoa
    Gianpaolo Calvarese - Alessandro Costanzo - Francesco Fiore - Daniele Paterna
    [Luigi Nasca - Fabiano Preti]

    20:45 Napoli - Milan
    Paolo Valeri - Alessandro Giallatini - Valerio Colarossi - Daniele Doveri
    [Massimiliano Irrati - Giacomo Paganessi]

    1. Orsato is out from serie A appointments and it was the same also for the last matchday before the break for national teams, I just hope it is not related to COVID. Let's wait for next week's CL assignments, maybe he has a game on Tuesday or Wednesday, so this would explain why no appointment in serie A before.
      Guida VAR on Saturday is maybe another option for CL.

  14. Italy Serie B
    Matchweek 8

    Friday 20th November
    21:00 Frosinone - Cosenza
    Marco Di Bello - Pasquale De Meo - Pasquale Capaldo - Manuel Volpi

    Saturday 21st November

    14:00 Brescia - Venezia
    Lorenzo Illuzzi - Alberto Tegoni - Stefano Liberti - Alessandro Prontera

    14:00 Cittadella - Empoli
    Valerio Marini - Fabio Schirru - Marco Della Croce - Marco Serra

    14:00 Lecce - Reggiana
    Lorenzo Maggioni - Alessandro Lo Cicero - Damiano Di Iorio - Alberto Santoro

    14:00 Pordenone - Monza
    Antonio Di Martino - Edoardo Raspollini - Davide Miele - Giovanni Ayroldi

    14:00 Spal - Pescara
    Luca Massimi - Marcello Rossi - Alessio Saccenti - Simone Sozza

    16:00 LR Vicenza - Chievo Verona
    Daniele Chiffi - Oreste Muto - Antonio Vono - Eugenio Abbattista

    Sunday 22nd November

    15:00 Ascoli - Virtus Entella
    Matteo Gariglio - Daniele Bindoni - Luca Mondin - Luigi Carella

    21:00 Reggina - Pisa
    Piero Giacomelli - Orlando Pagnotta - Alessandro Cipressa - Ivan Robilotta

    Monday 23rd November

    21:00 Salernitana - Cremonese
    Riccardo Ros - Andrea Tardino - Daisuke Emanuele Yoshikawa - Matteo Marchetti

  15. England Premier League
    Matchweek 9

    Saturday 21st November

    13:30 Newcastle - Chelsea
    Craig Pawson - Ian Hussin - Harry Lennard - Robert Jones
    [Simon Hooper - Scott Ledger]

    16:00 Aston Villa - Brighton
    Michael Oliver - Stuart Burt - Simon Bennett - Darren England
    [Chris Kavanagh - Daniel Cook]

    18:30 Tottenham - Manchester City
    Mike Dean - Darren Cann - Dan Robathan - Andy Madley
    [Kevin Friend - Adrian Holmes]

    21:00 Manchester United - West Bromwich
    David Coote - Lee Betts - Nick Hopton - Martin Atkinson
    [Peter Bankes - Andy Halliday]

    Sunday 22nd November

    13:00 Fulham - Everton
    Andy Madley - Eddie Smart - Derek Eaton - Graham Scott
    [Lee Mason - Andy Halliday]

    15:00 Sheffield United - West Ham United
    Martin Atkinson - Constantine Hatzidakis - Peter Kirkup - Robert Jones
    [Jonathan Moss - Andy Halliday]

    17:30 Leeds United - Arsenal
    Anthony Taylor - Gary Beswick - Adam Nunn - Peter Bankes
    [Stuart Attwell - Neil Davies]

    20:15 Liverpool - Leicester
    Chris Kavanagh - Daniel Cook - Marc Perry - Paul Tierney
    [Andre Marriner - Nick Hopton]

    Monday 23rd November

    18:30 Burnley - Crystal Palace
    Kevin Friend - Simon Beck - Adrian Holmes - Mike Dean
    [Anthony Taylor - Adam Nunn]

    21:00 Wolves - Southampton
    Andre Marriner - Simon Long - Richard West - Jonathan Moss
    [Paul Tierney - Gary Beswick]

    1. According to Sky Sports : David Coote was before appointment as VAR between Liverpool against Leicester and Andre Marriner replaced him.

    2. He was. Coote was replaced I'm guessing because Liverpool complained

  16. What kind of referees should we expect for the relegation play-off for League C? Top Elite, lower Elite, First Category?

    1. My guess would be First Group referees.
      If I understand correctly, they are also played at the same time as WC play-offs in March 2022, so (top) Elite referees will be busy there.

  17. Correct RC by Gil Manzano in WAL-FIN

  18. Good Grinfeld today but he missed a second yc for Krychowiak for push in face

    1. Grinfeld used to be very strict, but once promoted to Elite he adapted to the modern trend.

  19. In Pol-Ned 59th minute Krychowiak escaped a second yellow card after a reckless illegal use in the face of Memphis.

  20. Maybe in 76' (to be rewatched) a penalty missed by Soares Dias, he looked for AR2 help, but no signals.
    Overall many minor mistakes so far, not the best performance in a game of normal difficulty.

    1. No penalty seems correct to me. The attacker slips and there is nearly no contact between the players.

  21. Correct penalty by Grinefeld

  22. Correct RC for DOGSO by Roomer Tarajev in KOS-MDA

  23. Correct RC for SFP by Carlos del Cerro Grande in GRE - SVN

  24. Correct RC for DOGSO in GRESVN by del Cerro Grande (90').

    1. I think it was for SFP, what do you mean? Ball is far away...

    2. Tackle is clearly reckless (ball-orientated, no dangerous studs contact); a "7" on RAP.

    3. High intensity, no chance of playing the ball and just too late - I don´t think it´s clearly reckless.


    5. Desperate tackle in 89', both SFP and DOGSO could be valid reasons for RC IMO.

    6. Agree with Quilava but if I had to put money on what the referees report said, it would be DOGSO.

    7. IMO absolutely correct RC.

  25. Replies
    1. Potential penalty incident (handling) at 74'-76'ish that I would like to rewatch; didn't see much of the rest and would also be interested in any impressions :)

    2. Penalty in my opinion. Arm increases the body surfaces and even somehow moves towards the ball (as part of the body turn).

  26. Does anyone know, why AR1 runs directly into the locker room after the matches at UEFA level ?

    1. To observe players in the tunnel

    2. He looks at players on their way to dressing rooms, prevents potential confrontation in the tunnel, informs referee about any kind of incident if something happens

    3. You don' t do that in your league?

  27. Good, expected level performance by Del Cerro Grande on GRE-SVN.
    8 YC's in total (3-5) and a RC (90') for DOGSO. All correct.

    Foul detection was satisfactory with a few smaller mistakes. Very good fitness and management of the match. Good verbal warnings on set-pieces. Good decision for an IFK + YC (simulation) at 56'.

  28. Handball situation in NIR vs ROU min 72'. Penalty or not? (ref.
    Sandro Schaerer)

    Otherwise an easy game for the Swiss ref. Also very good on-side decision from the AR at Northern Ireland's goal.

    1. Penalty would not be completely wrong, but it still can be seen as natural position, I think.

    2. Never a penalty. I don't understand how we could justify a penalty as "not completely wrong" there. The point of the re-write was to get consistency.

      The ball is directly from the foot of an opposing player who is close. The hand/arm is not making the body unnaturally bigger--he is in an expected defensive position. And the hand/arm is obviously not above shoulder level.

      Why would this be a penalty? Everything in the Laws says this is not a penalty. We confuse the issue unnecessarily when we go looking for ways to justify something that would be, indeed, completely wrong.

    3. OK, you convinced me, this should indeed not be a penalty.

    4. Penalty for me.

    5. Just remember not every handball is an offence. No way is this a penalty

    6. If the attacker runs at the defender, crosses the ball and it hits the arm, it's a PK in this situation. But this is maybe different, because the defender can not anticipate such a flick from the attacker. No PK for me.

  29. Good performance by Raczkowski in ISR-SCO. Three straight forward and correct cautions late on, one for challenge by Jack and then delay of restart by Fani and a late denial of promising attack by Dgani.

    Also two very good denials of penalty claims by SCO for handball against Dgani and Dasa (one clearly by his side and the other coming straight from player's knee).

    Raczkowski let the game flow and such a difference to the performance of Kovacs on Sunday.

    1. Would agree with you entirely although I was disappointed with the result.I watched the game live on TV, it was the first time I have seen him officiate and I was very impressed and at the risk of upsetting the Polish fans of Marciniak I thought him better and without the major errors that seem to follow Marciniak match after match

  30. OT

    Refereeing highlights of two very interesting (and not necessarily well-refereed) games from the group stages of World Cup 1994.

    Belgium - Netherlands, Renato Marsiglia (from Brazil)

    Argentina - Nigeria, Bo Karlsson (from Sweden

    Analysis of these two and other games 'so far' can be found on the blog.

    1. I have to say...Marsiglia failed to get any respect. Also, strange decisions.

    2. Agreed - it was simply a poor performance by the Brazlian referee. As I wrote on the blog, Paolo Casarin (leader of WC 1994 refereeing) wanted to remove him but FIFA President Havelange, also from Brazil, successfully argued for his staying. Marsiglia got a R16 match but was removed after that anyway, because his nation qualified for the QF.


    Turkish football federation has published all the new lists for 2020.
    It is interesting to read the choices about VIDEO ASSISTANT REFEREES list: Çakır, Palabıyık, Bitigen, Kalkavan, Şimşek.
    So it is confirmed that Kalkavan has been kept as VIDEO ASSISTANT REFEREE, and the choice to remove him from the FIFA referees is related only to "pitch performance matters".
    So we will have this new list for VAR that can include both FIFA and no FIFA officials.
    For Italy, we have so far 4 Italian specialized VAR (former referees who retired): Banti, Di Paolo, Mazzoleni and Nasca. I think that at least both the former FIFA referees (Banti and Mazzoleni) could join this new list.
    Then, about the active FIFA referees, the new FIFA VAR could be: Di Bello, Fabbri, Guida, Irrati, Orsato, Valeri.

    The possible penalty in England - Iceland.
    In my opinion penalty should have been whistled, not easy to see for Verissimo, but arm was not in natural position and defender increased body's volume, by moving in that way. In this case I think one can expect VAR intervention, also because it is quite sure referee has not seen properly the incident.

    1. IMO it's a difficult situation. I would definetly not disagree with a issued penalty, but I wouldn't be too convinced by a VAR intervention in this case. Borderline for me.

  33. I'm not confident with Munuera Montero appointed for FC Barcelona-Atlético Madrid, I expect a close match with high intensity and tension and I don't think he is the right choice for that kind of match, I'm sure Quilava will side with me as I know his opinion about him is also quite bad indeed.

    1. Indeed. Maybe he has an easy match or even a good performance in a normal/challenging game but for me he's the worst Spanish FIFA referee.

    2. Worse than de Burgos?

    3. Agree.

      He changed his style over few years that he has been in Primera.
      When he first started he was too quick on his cards, every match was nearly a safe bet that he will show 6+bookings.Over some oeriod of time, he became too lenient and too forgivable to players, instead of action he is trying to solve things with talking, but we all know that style in Spain is rarely good.

  34. OT

    I’m so excited that after four years as a referee, tomorrow will be my first ever official first team game in my country’s top division.

    I’m confident in my refereeing abilities, my body language and personality. However, I’m not sure how I should comminicate with the players. What should I tell the captains before the toss? or only do the toss and get on with it? Should I ignore slight dissent during the game or react immediately to let them know that I won’t tolerate this behavior?

    Both teams have never seen me before, what should I try my first impression to be?

    Or am I overthinking it and I should just do what I’ve been doing before?

    1. You've made it to top division by doing what you did. Why would you change that just because it is top division? You made it to top division so you did good so far, right? Don't doubt yourself and do what you did before.

    2. Thanks Gylfi for a heartwarming comment! If you are handling a top division match in a mere four seasons as a referee, then maybe we can expect to be analysing your performances on Law5 before too long ;)

      Out of interest - will the game be on WyScout? All the best for tomorrow!

  35. OT

    Soares Dias (POR) will handle the Greek Classico Olympiakos - Panathinaikos on Satutday (18:30 CET). His Assistants will be Rui Tavares and Paulo Soares. VAR will be Bruno Esteves.

    1. VAR official Bruno Esteves can't come to Greece due to flight restrictions.

      He is replaced by Angelos Evangelou.

  36. Btw All Greek SL referees will have a video-conference with FIFA instructor María Luisa Villa Gútierrez.

  37. Who will referee caf champions League final on 27 th November between ahli and zamalek in Egypt ?

  38. I heard that referee from Uruguay will referee hilal vs nasr in saudi league this Monday who this referee ?

    1. As long as he keeps being overlooked by CONMEBOL, he found work in the Saudi League.

    2. But who will referee king's saudi cup final from Uruguay this Saturday 28 th November ?

  39. Changes in Bosnian Fifa referees!

    IN: Haris Kaljanac (Sarajevo), Luka Bilbija (Prijedor), Aleksandar Smiljanić (Laktaši)

    OUT:Dragan Petrović (Banja Luka), Sreten Udovičić (Prijedor) and Admir Šehović (Sarajevo).

    1. Kaljanac and Bilbija central referees, Smiljanić AR?

      Do you know Kaljanac's year of birth? According to Transfermarkt, Bilbija was born in 1989.

    2. Yes, you are right.

      I think Kaljanac is born in 1983.

      Petrovic and Sehovic are in general good referees, but obviously due to lack of improvement in terms of categories, FA decided to try with new faces. Especially Bilbija who is very talented and young should be in focus, I think he could have all what is needed to become "new Peljto".

  40. Re: New FIFA referees:

    Should we expect new referees from countries who had referees demoted to Third last season? (Norway-Hansen, Denmark-Tykgaard and Israel-Shmuelevitz)

  41. FIFA appoint Egyptian referee Yara Atef for 2023 Women's World Cup (
    Assuming the news was meant to say that Yara Aref was pre-selected for WWC 2023 rather than appointed directly to WWC 2023. So, that means that FIFA has released the pre-selected list for WWC 2023 to the national FAs. Do you know if any national FA published it or can anyone obtain it?

    1. The last update we got is here:
      The process of 2022 and 2023 Preselection should be blocked at moment due to the current situation, indeed some FIFA seminars planned for previous months had been annulled.
      I don't know whether, despite of that, FIFA updated the lists with some changes, or maybe the Egyptian official is just a replacement for somebody else from previous CAF women's list.

    2. Ah sorry, I see that she is an assistant referee, not a referee.
      So in this case it is possible indeed that she has been assigned to one of the CAF women. I don't have so far info about full trios.

    3. It seems that the FIFA Referees Committee had a recent meeting where it approved the FIFA List nominations for 2021 and updated the pre-selected lists for WC 2022 and WC 2023. They were communicated to the national FAs.


    5. Thanks. A chance to get all trios of all confederations both men and women? Maybe I'm asking for too much ;)
      Readers who have such infos with official documents can contact us in private, if they want.


      From Iran

      Referee: Mahsa Ghorbani
      Assistant: Ensieh Khabbaz Mafinejad

    7. Interesting that there is a ranking in the PDF on the CAF site.

    8. Indeed I assume that it was a document not to be published :)

    9. 1st UEFA official revealed.

      Referee: Kulcsár Katalin
      Assistnats: Török Katalin, Vad Anita

    10. TFF also posted their ranking of the FIFA List, as opposed to the alphabetical order, so the confederations/national FAs have to freedom to choose the way they release their information. They should be praised for showing much-needed transparency.

  42. The J League has uploaded 'Judge Replay'.
    Judge Replay is a famous refereeing show in Japan, and this is the first episode with English subtitles. Please check it out.

    1. Thanks. I agree with the ultimate consensus that it's a clear penalty.

      Nice to see Shin'ichirō Obata there, he was a standby official for WC 1994. Given that he handled the second leg of the Australia - Canada playoff (Arturo Brizio Carter handled the first) do you have any idea why FIFA didn't select him for the final tournament? He would surely have been better than Ali Bujsaim...

      It also would be interesting to hear in detail what Leslie Mottram did to help Japanese refereeing in his role which he resigned in 2005? :)

    2. This is very Japanese haha. I like that they just bring in a random fan I think it adds a certain organic value to the show.

  43. Appointments - Bundesliga Germany
    Matchday 8:

    21st November

    15:30 Bayern München - Werder Bremen
    Guido Winkmann - Christian Bandurski - Arno Blos - Matthias Jöllenbeck [Robert Schröder - Guido Kleve]

    15:30 Mönchengladcah - FC Augsburg
    Markus Schmidt - Christof Günsch - Markus Sinn - Jan Neitzel-Petersen [Timo Gerach - Marco Achmüller]

    15:30 TSG Hoffenheim - VfB Stuttgart
    Daniel Siebert - Lasse Koslowski - Jan Seidel - Christian Leicher [Tobias Welz - Rafael Foltyn]

    15:30 FC Schalke - VfL Wolfsburg
    Marco Fritz - Dominik Schaal - Marcel Pelgrim - Harm Osmers [Sascha Stegemann - Mike Pickel]

    15:30 Arminia Bielefeld - Leverkusen
    Felix Brych - Mark Borsch - Stefan Lupp - Sven Jablonski [Robert Hartmann - Michael Emmer]

    18:30 Eintracht Frankfurt - RB Leipzig
    Sören Storks - Thorben Siewer - Philipp Hüwe - Thomas Gorniak [Günter Perl - Norbert Grudzinski]

    20:30 Hertha BSC - Borussia Dortmund
    Bastian Dankert - René Rohde - Markus Häcker - Patrick Ittrich [Bibiana Steinhaus - Markus Schüller]

    1. In addition, Christian Dingert referees today's 2nd division match SC Paderborn - FC St. Pauli.

  44. Aston Villa Brighton:
    Micheal oliver gives a pen to Aston villa in 90+3. Chris kavanagh advises micheal to look at the monitor and pen gets disallowed.
    How a pen has been overturned... I have no idea.
    IMO clear penalty, and even if not, not a chance a clear and obvious error from micheal.
    Another dark day for England with Var

    1. Any video of this incident?

    2. The final 5 minutes were AWFUL from Oliver and Kavanagh. Simply horrendous. Potentially a missed VC by Trezegut followed by a soft/unnecessary 2CT against Lamptey and then the penalty catastrophe at the end. Three poor, poor, poor decisions.

  45. Good performance by Hernández Hernández in Villarreal-Real Madrid, only mistake by AR2 who raised for 1 second the flag in Madrid goal and confused Villarreal defenders, fortunately Hernández Hernández didn't blow his whistle

  46. Very bad performance by Brych (and also Hartmann as VAR) today. Clear penalty and RC missed, several clear YC missed as well.

    1. 1)Anonymous
      2) no game specified
      3) not a single information about the situations, for example minute of the incident, type of foul (DOGSO, VC, SPA...)

      Please try to provide some information that could be helpful for readers next time you comment.

    2. The German appointments for today were mentioned like 2 comments above me, so I guessed that it was unnecessary for me to mention game, but it was Bielefeld - Leverkusen.
      This is the RC (or what should have been a RC):
      Penalty situation occurred around the 30th minute.

  47. Bad news from Romania. Kovacs who should be at Botosani --Craiova. From what says the romanian sport site, he was tested positive and he new the result with 10 minutes before the game. He was replaced by the 4O, Bogdan Dumitrache. If it real, Kovacs is the first FIFA referee from Romania, who had the virus. So, i think Hategan will get the 4 match in the row.

  48. Everyone please go watch the MLS playoff bye Orlando and NYCFC. It is rediculous what's going on there, really really really terrible, the whole officals do not know the LOTG. God of mercy

  49. It is commical, Orlando thought they where through after their goalkeeper saved a penalty only for VAR to see the goalie had stepped of his line

  50. I am sorry I can't believe my eyes, the referee does not know the laws of the game during the penalty shoot, to further he allowed a substitute during the penalty shootout only for VAR to intervene that he shouldn't have allowed the substitution rather an outfield player. Should go in goal, so he told the substitute goalie to leave the penalty area and then a player went in goal. Not to mention he blew the final whistle for the second time forgetting there was still one more penalty to be taken only for VAR to tell him again and had to call them back for the second time from celebration but luckily enough the outfield player saved a PK and for the the third time asking Orlando go through. But I have never ever ever seen an officiating like that, I don't even see such in Sunday league. Howard webb needs to put more on LOTG test after tonight, because it was awful

    1. Based on your description, I think I can't count how many technical mistakes did the referee commit XD

    2. It's interesting pro has said Chapman was correct in his handling of the hole situation

    3. PRO did not say that and, believe me, PRO is NOT happy with what happened this weekend. All six officials are suspended from the remainder of the playoffs.

      What PRO said is that, ultimately, the lawfully correct decisions were taken because the substitution was NOT allowed. Also the 2CT was consistent with the 2019-2020 LOTG (which MLS is still using), so once the encroachment was called it was the proper decision.

      But there are about 5 major things that occurred, which PRO is unhappy about. If you can believe it and if you could hear the audio amongst the crew, it is probably even worse than you all expect. A black eye foremost for the referee and fourth official, though the VAR didn't do well either and the ARs and AVAR failed to step in.

  51. What do you think of that scene?

    YC or RC?

    1. Very clear RC, sorry for Soares Dias, but I'm more disappointed for NO VAR intervention...

    2. Full appointment:

      Artur Dias - Rui Tavares, Paulo Soares - Aristidis Vatsios
      [Bruno Esteves, Konstantinos Triantafyllou]

      And Mark Clattenburg as official observer.

    3. Bruno Esteves with COVID-19

    4. IMO RC would be better, but no VAR intervention is supportable.

    5. VAR was Angelos Evangelou (NO-FIFA).

  52. Any news from Slovenia about Skomina`s fit and health?


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