Wednesday 3 July 2024

UEFA RAP 2024:1

 Please find below the link to download the RAP DVD 2024:1


  1. Two clips from the second game of Mariani in Copa América.

    Possible RC for SFP, VAR check:
    Very borderline. Clearly missed by Mariani live (no reaction), I think h was informed by somebody inside the crew about the (at least YC). We are definitely at the borders of step on foot, that's something more. In my opinion red card would have been justified, but having to make a comment about VAR, I think at the end they can be right, maybe we can describe this one as something like 95% RC 5% YC.

    Management of confrontation:

  2. I have a suggestion in case people are struggling to open even after downloads etc as I am. If you cannot extract the files, just open the medias > clips section and the clips will play from your devices media player. You can then find the images > decisions section which state the correct outcome.

  3. Hmm, L34 surely is wrongly put as Offside?

  4. trouble with we transfer,i can find rap uefa


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