Sunday, 30 September 2018

UEFA Youth League - Domestic Champions Path First Round (First Legs)

Just click below to know all referee appointments for Youth League Domestic Champions Path First Round (First Legs).

UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE - Domestic Champions Path First Round (First Legs)


  1. Penalty given in Fiorentina v Atalanta. Var wasn't used for this dive! Doveri was the Var, Valeri was the ref.

    Offside given after a throw in during Roma v Lazio (Rocchi ref)

    1. Big discussion about the penalty by Valeri in Florence, for sure very soft it not totally wrong, rather a simulation.
      Was VAR allowed to support it? I will post videos of a batter quality later... I can't blame too much Doveri, who was VAR there, if you have even the minumum contact, you must support referee. Difficult to explain to fans.

    2. Clear dive. He started falling before small contact.

  2. Crucial situations for Juan Martínez Munuera in Madrid's Derby.

    Penalty? 30' (
    2nd YC? 51' (
    Red Card? 60' (

    A short report about his performance, can be viewed here.

  3. UEFA Champions League:
    UEFA Europa League:

  4. Also for me is big discussion about the penalty given by Valeri to Florence.


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