Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Norway - Terje Hauge appoints himself as head of refereeing two months before he got the job?

A story reported by one of the most important Norwegian newspapers on its website:
Nearly two months before he got the job, Terje Hauge wrote, on request, a 44 pages document describing referees and refereeing in Norway in a future perspective - with himself as the head of refereeing.

Initially, this looks like a straightforward common deliberation on the topic "Tasks for the association / Referees Sector". But the special thing about the document from October 28, 2014 is that the author Terje Hauge include as a proposal or a prerequisite: "Terje Hauge 100 percent position: Head of refereeing (role description)

Three days only after the 44-page note has been written - where Hauge already had put himself into the position of Head of refereeing - the job as head of refereeing is announced as vacant on the association web-pages.

Kjetil Siem, then the General Secretary of the Norwegian Football Association, told the norwegian newspaper VG that it was he who asked Hauge to write the document.

-  Yes, that is correct. I asked Terje, and two or three others, to write a document on how the refereees section in the association should be developed. The document is still used by the association, and is further developed as a strategy document, Siem says.

Hauge has appointed himself as "Head of refereeing" in his own document, before the position was announced, and a long time before he got the job. Was he promised the job?

- No, he wasn't. But Hauge was a natural candidate, with all his experience both as a referee and in various other association positions, Siem responds.

- Isn't it a little strange to put yourself in a job before it is advertised?

- It is not unnatural to ask people the question "what would you do" in various situations. So he suggested that he should have the position as Head of Refereeing. I don't see anything wrong in that, Siem replies.

Terje Hauge tells VG that Kjetil Siem contacted him and asked him to write a document on the development of referees in the association. It resulted in a 44 pages document.

- Yes, I can confirm that, by the then General Secretary, I was asked to share some thoughts on the development of the referees area at the time, says Terje Hauge to VG.

It must have taken some time - 44 pages?

- I worked as a referee and club developer in the Hordaland Football Region, I had done much of the same there. Half of the note was about association action plans and values, so it did not take me long to prepare the document. A major portion of the document was copied from material I had written before, Hauge answers.

You put yourself as Head of refereeing in the note. Why?

- My thoughts were requested, so I got into the role and wrote an internal document without thinking about consequences.

Were you promised the job when Rune Pedersen left the position?

- No, I was never promised the job, replies the current Head of refereeing Terje Hauge - who started the job after Rune Pedersen on January 12, 2015.

In the note, Rune Pedersen, the predecessor of Hauge, is listed as "referees consultant" in a 50 percent position. Pedersen never said yes to that job. VG has been in contact with Pedersen, who was Head of refereeing in the association for 10 years, but he refrained from commenting.

- I enjoy the job I have now. And have no other comments, says Rune Pedersen.

Kjartan Berland, who at the time was the chairman of the referees committee, also refrain from commenting.



  1. Wow. Obvious corruption in Norway, of all countries. Hauge should of course resign.

    His tenure has also been terrible, with Moen going from one of the biggest prospects in Europe to demotion to category 1.

  2. What a challenging match for Anthony Taylor between Leeds and Derby for the championship playoffs. Two correct RCs ( 2nd YC both) for each side. One correct penalty for Derby and he had the match tottaly in control. Excellent performance

    1. +1. Immense refereeing. Taylor HAS to attend EURO 2020.

    2. Best game I've seen him ref all season, no nonsense approach but at the same time allowed the game to breath. Challenging games like this suit his style and compared to Pawson's performance in the first leg, it was exceptional

    3. Missed offside by AR2 for Leeds second goal though.

    4. Yes, I forgot to mention it. Really tight but still offside

  3. Does anyone know all Saudi appointments for tomorrow games?

    1. I will post them when they will be available. They are published on the day the games are played.

    2. Thanks. It is reported Pasqua (ITA) should be among the appointed officials.

  4. OT: Francesca Sanzone (ITA) will be a delegate and Miroslava Migalova (SVK) will be observer of the UEFA Woman Champions League final.

  5. Replies
    1. Still not released by Saudi FA...

      Here appointments but since this is a picture, I can't translate from Arabic.
      Officiating crews from: Czech Republic (Kralovec?), Australia, South Korea, Italy, Romania (Hategan?), Greece, Spain and Hungary (Kassai?).

    3. Al-Fatah Al-Ahsa - Al-Ra'id Buraidah
      Pavel Královec - Ivo Nádvorník, Tomáš Mokrusch - István Vad (VAR: Bruno Paixão)

      Uhud Madinah - Al-Ittihad Jiddah
      Matthew Conger - Tevita Makasini, Mark Rule - ? (VAR: Hélder Malheiro)

      Al-Faiha'a Al-Majma'ah - Al-Wahda Mecca
      Kim Woo-Sung - Song Bong-Keun, Jang Jong-Pil - Tamás Bognár (VAR: Bruno Esteves)

      Al-Hilal Riyadh - Ash-Shabab Riyadh
      Daniele Orsato - Alberto Tegoni, Luca Mondin - Piero Giacomelli (VAR: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni)

      An-Nassr Riyadh - Al-Batin
      Ovidiu Alin Hațegan - Octavian Șovre, Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe - Sebastian Constantin Colțescu (VAR: Luca Pairetto)

      At-Ta'awun Buraidah - Al-Faisali Al-Majma'ah
      Anastasios Sidiropoulos - Polychronis Kostaras, Lazaros Dimitriadis - Ioannis Papadopoulos (VAR: António Emanuel Carvalho Nobre)

      Al-Qadisiya Al-Khubar - Al-Hazm Ar-Rass
      Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz - Pau Cebrián Devís, Iker de Francisco Grijalba - Ivan Bebek (VAR: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández)

      Al-Ahli Jiddah - Al-Ittifaq Ad-Dammam
      Viktor Kassai - György Ring, Vencel Tóth - József Erdős (VAR: Fabrizio Pasqua)

    4. * Fourth Official in Uhud v Al-Ittihad is Campbell-Kirk Kawana-Waugh

  6. Bas Nijhuis (Fifa, 1st) and Jochem Kamphuis (No-fifa) appointed as VAR for EURO U-21.

  7. do you know a site or do you have matches in Arabia?

  8. Interesting video about Undiano Mallenco before the last match in his career.

  9. Refereeing in Saudi Arabia is surely an extreme experience ;)

    1. That is super crazy. Who on earth would want to referee in Saudi Arabia!??!

    2. Would have helped (a bit), if the VAR quickly confirmed the decision. Never a clear and obvious mistake.

    3. In Saudi Arabia, players force referee to check VAR. He is obliged and he does that for selling better the decision, even though it is unnecessary.

    4. Anonymous [09:08] is right. The referees in Saudi Arabia are asked for checking every incident that makes player furious. It has nothing to do with VAR protocol but it's the reality there. Saudi players demand on-field reviews everytime they feel hard done by referee (every time the big decision is made or not made according to them) and you can see how difficult (impossible?) to manage they are...

    5. One can actually see him think: "What am I doing here for gods sake?"
      Clear penalty, and some more red cards could have been shown. Disgrace for football.

    6. His lackadaisical and uninterested posture after the call blew up in his face. So little authority shown by Lahoz. He allowed himself to be manhandled by multiple players multiple times. But based on him having a penchant to also unnecessarily place his hands upon players. I'd say that he opens himself up to being fondled by players. His "tough guy" approach that seems to intimidate players in Europe doesn't seem to work all that well in the Kingdom.

      I don't see what makes the "so tough" to officiate in. I mean other that the extremely poor discipline that the players in this league seem to have. Am I missing something? Because it most certainly isn't because of the high level/quality of play. And the poor discipline by the players has to be a direct result the lenient and overly permissive style these imported referee's use.

      Kinda sad that these referee's feel the need to exploit themselves for money.

    7. What makes refereeing in Saudi Arabia difficult:

      - spontaneous way of playing (you can't predict where the ball will be in a few seconds what makes taking position on the field very difficult for refs)

      - mentality (the referees are treated there like those who spoil the game and it's difficult to change the mentality of thousands people; you can also see that the players have absolutely no respect towards match officials when big calls are made; the players also believe that by pressuring a referee they can force him to change a decision)

      - pressure (clubs running by extremely rich men, connections with the royal family, every move closely controlled by federation (Al-Ghamdi has been already fired after some days...)).

      I quite agree with the last sentence though.