Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Champions League 2018/19 - Referee Appointments - Play-Offs (Second legs, II)

The following referees will be in charge of the set of games to be played on Wednesday, as second legs of 2018/19 UCL play-offs.
29 August 2018, 21:00 CET - Salzburg (Red Bull Arena)
FC Red Bull Salzburg (AUT) - FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarık Ongun (TUR)
Fourth Official: Ceyhun Sesigüzel (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Halis Özkahya (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Barış Şimşek (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Michael Riley (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Eugène Westerink (NED)

29 August 2018, 21:00 CET - Eindhoven (Philips Stadion)
PSV (NED) - FC BATE Borisov (BLR)
Referee: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Gary Beswick (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Adam Nunn (ENG)
Fourth Official: Ian Hussin (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Paul Tierney (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Pierino Lardi (SUI)

29 August 2018, 21:00 CET - Thessaloniki (Stádio Toúmbas)
PAOK FC (GRE) - SL Benfica (POR)
Referee: Felix Brych (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Borsch (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Lupp (GER)
Fourth Official: Markus Häcker (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Bastian Dankert (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Marco Fritz (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer: Fritz Stuchlik (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Tugomir Frajman (SVN)


  1. from

    Referee Massimiliano Irrati backs interviews after games “as long as they don’t spend five minutes on one incident” and expects VAR in the Champions League.

    Throughout the world fans have called for officials to be interviewed as players and Coaches are, and it appears that isn’t out of the question in Serie A.

    “I think that when there are conditions to do something, why not do it?” Irrati said on Radio Rai Uno.

    “Those who know us know that we are people, and that we’re perfectly capable of conducting a problem-free interview.

    “However, if an interview were to last five minutes and focus on just one incident it would become pointless.

    “If it’s done in an appropriate way though then we’d could be totally open to that.”

    Irrati was one of the officials helping referees with VAR ahead of the World Cup, and he now believes it could be introduced in the Champions League.

    “The experience in Russia was something incredible.I lived in virtual reality for a month.

    “There was a lot of tension around the World Cup and VAR, because we were used to it but the rest of the world knew nothing about the technology, so if there was an obvious error it would have been bad publicity for VAR and those of us who worked so hard on this project.

    “The first time that [Roberto] Rosetti, the head of the VAR project, spoke to us about this technology it seemed inapplicable.

    “Even I was very doubtful, I thought it could spoil football. I was very skeptical, but in a short time I had to change my mind.

    “The actual playing time increased because the behaviour of the players improved.

    “The World Cup was a turning point, we couldn’t get it wrong because that would also rule out its inclusion in the Champions League.

    “However, given the compliments received from around the world, it could arrive in the Champions League soon.

    “I think we’ll see it in European competition in a year at the most.”

  2. First CL Play Off assignment for Taylor.
    It can be considered a more important appointment than Group Stage, due to the direct outcome with the qualified team.
    His countryman Michael Oliver has already officiated a CL KO game, but without handling any single Play Off before that.

    1. I think, it's good to keep up the "competition" between the two and not concentrate too early on a clear number one especially with regard to the next EURO.

    2. Oliver has priority over Taylor.He is a european style english ref, whereas Taylor is more english, traditional. That is why Taylor has not been assigned to ref big european clashes, involving barcelona, real madrid, or bayern.

    3. Taylor has already handled Barcelona when he was still a First Group referee.

    4. He has officiated Barcelona in an uninteresting match, as Barca had already qualified. He has not been tested in competitive fixtures between two big clubs. I would run the risk to say that Chris Cavanagh will pair Oliver in the top category in the next few years. As a fan of Southampton, I have watched him 2-3 times at St Marys.He is the future of English refereeing.

  3. Interesting: Fritz Stuchlik again observes Felix Brych at PAOK - Benfica after Juventus - Tottenham earlier this year and after having agreed to part ways with Austrian association ÖFB a few days later. As far as I know, Fritz Stuchlik has neither been working for ÖFB nor for another association since that announcement but is still/again active for UEFA (and highly regarded there).

    1. That's true and indeed interesting as his leaving from ÖFB was not completely voluntarily (but not in context with the game in Turin).

  4. French appointments :

    Lyon - Nice ( 31/08 - 20h45 ) :
    Referee : LETEXIER François ( FIFA )
    Assistant referee : RAHMOUNI Mehdi ( FIFA ) - GRINGORE Cyril ( FIFA )
    4th : LISSORGUE Romain
    VAR : LESAGE Mikael - PERREAU NIEL Alexandre

    Nîmes - Paris ( 01/09 - 17h ) :
    Referee : BRISARD Jérôme ( FIFA )
    Assistant referee : BOUDIKIAN François - JOUANNAUD Bertrand ( FIFA )
    4th : PIGNARD Jérémie
    VAR : MIGUELGORRY Jérôme - COUE Bruno

    Angers - Lille ( 01/09 - 20h ) :
    Referee : WATTELIER Eric
    Assistant referee : BERTHOMIEU Aurélien - VIALA Alexandre
    4th : KHERRADJI Abdelatif
    VAR : BUQUET Ruddy ( FIFA ) - JAFFREDO Lionel

    Dijon - Caen ( 01/09 - 20h ) :
    Referee : RAINVILLE Nicolas ( FIFA )
    Assistant referee : STIEN Laurent - PIGNATELLI Stephan
    4th : ANGOULA Gaël
    VAR : GAUTIER Antony - BRE Stéphane

    Guingamp - Toulouse ( 01/09 - 20h ) :
    Referee : ABED Karim ( FIFA )
    Assistant referee : OCAK Huseyin - BOUTRY Yannick
    4th : VALNET Antoine
    VAR : DELAJOD Willy - CHAOUI Abdelali

    Reims - Montpellier ( 01/09 - 20h ) :
    Referee : STINAT Jérémy
    Assistant referee : DANOS Nicolas ( FIFA ) - PASQUALOTTI Gwenaël
    4th : GAZAGNES Yann
    VAR : BEN EL HADJ Hakim - GUENAOUI Hamid

    Strasbourg - Nantes ( 01/09 - 20h ) :
    Referee : THUAL Olivier
    Assistant referee : LUZI Stephan - MOUYSSET Christophe
    4th : LAVIS William
    VAR : CASTRO Alexandre - BENCHABANE Faouzi

    Saint Etienne - Amiens ( 02/09 - 15h ) :
    Referee : LEONARD Thomas
    Assistant referee : HEBRARD Frédéric - LANG Gilles
    4th : DOS SANTOS Cédric
    VAR : SCHNEIDER Frank ( FIFA ) - DELPECH Romain

    Rennes - Bordeaux ( 02/09 - 17h ) :
    Referee : BASTIEN Benoît ( FIFA )
    Assistant referee : ZAKRANI Hicham ( FIFA ) - DANIZAN Eric
    4th : DECHEPY Bastien
    VAR : DELAJOD Willy - GUILLARD Christian

    Monaco - Marseille ( 02/09 - 21h ) :
    Referee : MILLOT Benoît ( FIFA )
    Assistant referee : MUGNIER Cyril ( FIFA ) - DROUET Aurélien
    4th : HAMEL Johan
    VAR : DELERUE Amaury ( FIFA ) - PETIT Aurélien


  5. Oliver, he is much better referee that Taylor.
    I think.........

  6. I think all Elite referees will be involved in Euro 2020 so wont be a case of having to establish a number 1

    1. The way EURO 2020 will be played, gives room for that indeed. However, I doubt if that is wise. It will make it seem even more as some qualification round. Besides, not all Elite referees need to do EURO.
      I'd prefer a selected group.

    2. Is that confirmed by the committee? Whoever belongs to the Elite group will ref a match in Euro 2020.? It seems awkward; a selected group makes more sense. Also, does anyone have appointments for the new format of european qualifiers, called I think nations cup? thanks.

    3. It is called nations league. It is new competition,and also another way to qualify for EURO. Regular qualifications will begin in march next year

    4. There are a few matches in September for this new cup.Who appoints the refs? Any appointments yet?

    5. Well there is a lot a matches in September since it replaces amical matches

    6. UEFA Referees Committee appoint referees to UEFA Nations League. We expect the appointments for UNL being realised two days before matches.

    7. I think, those matches are a good opportunity for the "second row" of Elite referees to gain experience as preparation for EURO 2020. It could also help in the selection process for that torunament. I hope, that we don't only see the Top 10 referees for the League A top clashes, but also the likes of Kralovec, Zwayer, Hategan, Collum, Kassai, Karasev, Makkelie etc.
      I could even imagine to see some of those non-WC referees in the Nations League Final Four at the end of the season.

  7. How wasn't that a penalty after an on-field review?

    1. Indeed, really hard to explain

    2. VAR is fully based on protests. Had 10 players surronded the ref yelling for a PK he would have rewatched the incident and given the penalty.

    3. That’s the pattern for all penalty VAR decisions I have seen. If no player reacts, no penalty is called.

    4. @Victor: You are right in general, and one could argue, that it is probably not obvious if nobody protests.

      But in this case an OFR was done.

    5. And the penalty for handball awarded after an on-field review

  8. LaLiga MD3 appointments.

    Getafe Club de Fútbol - Real Valladolid Club de Fútbol SAD (31/08/2018, 20:00)
    Referee: Cordero Vega, Adrián
    Fourth Official: Pozueta Rodríguez, Manuel
    AR1: Escuela Melo, José Carlos
    AR2: Cerezo Parfenof, Antonio Luis
    Referee observer: Gallo Moreno, Juan José
    VAR: Álvarez Izquierdo, Alfonso Javier
    AVAR 1: Naranjo Pérez, José Enrique

    Sociedad Deportiva Eibar - Real Sociedad de Fútbol (31/08/2018, 22:00)
    Referee: Sánchez Martínez, José María (FIFA, 2nd)
    Fourth Official: Recio Moreno, David
    AR1: Cabañero Martínez, Raúl (FIFA)
    AR2: Gallego García, José
    Referee observer: Delgado Ferreiro, Carlos
    VAR: Martínez Munuera, Juan (FIFA, 2nd)
    AVAR 1: Noval Font, César Manuel

    Villarreal Club de Fútbol - Girona Futbol Club SAD (31/08/2018, 22:00)
    Referee: Prieto Iglesias, Eduardo
    Fourth Official: Usón Rosel, Sergio
    AR1: Villate Martínez, Aitor
    AR2: García Fernández, César
    Referee observer: Medina Hernández, Pedro
    VAR: Alberola Rojas, Javier
    AVAR 1: Hernández Ramos, Iván

    Real Club Celta de Vigo - Club Atlético de Madrid (1/09/2018, 16:15)
    Referee: Mateu Lahoz, Antonio Miguel (FIFA, Elite)
    Fourth Official: Fernández Vidal, Francisco Javier
    AR1: Cebrián Devís, Pau (FIFA)
    AR2: de Francisco Grijalba, Iker
    Referee observer: López de la Fuente, José
    VAR: de Burgos Bengoetxea, Ricardo (FIFA, 2nd)
    AVAR 1: Núñez Fernández, Jon

    Rayo Vallecano de Madrid - Athletic Club (1/09/2018, 18:30)
    Referee: Cuadra Fernández, Guillermo
    Fourth Official: Varón Aceitón, Álvaro
    AR1: López Mir, Juan José
    AR2: Cerdán Aguilar, Marcos
    Referee observer: Turienzo Álvarez, Javier
    VAR: Hernández Hernández, Alejandro José (FIFA, 2nd)
    AVAR 1: Naranjo Pérez, José Enrique

    Real Madrid Club de Fútbol - Club Deportivo Leganés SAD (1/09/2018, 20:45)
    Referee: Jaime Latre, Santiago
    Fourth Official: Monter Solans, Antonio
    AR1: Bueno Mateo, Jorge
    AR2: Tresaco Escabosa, Fernando
    Referee observer: Rodríguez Santiago, Julián
    VAR: Medié Jiménez, David
    AVAR 1: Méndez Mateo, Joan

    Levante Unión Deportiva - Valencia Club de Fútbol (2/09/2018, 12:00)
    Referee: Estrada Fernández, Xavier (FIFA, 1st)
    Fourth Official: Català Ferran, Albert
    AR1: Aguilar Rodríguez, Javier (FIFA)
    AR2: Martín García, Francisco Javier
    Referee observer: Martínez Franco, Pedro Javier
    VAR: González Fuertes, Pablo
    AVAR 1: Rodríguez Moreno, Alfredo

    Deportivo Alavés SAD - Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona (2/09/2018, 16:15)
    Referee: Iglesias Villanueva, Ignacio
    Fourth Official: Sesma Espinosa, Miguel
    AR1: Costoya Rodríguez, Alfonso
    AR2: Matías Caballero, José Manuel
    Referee observer: Teixeira Vitienes, Fernando
    VAR: Undiano Mallenco, Alberto (FIFA, Elite)
    AVAR 1: Prieto López de Ceraín, Íñigo (FIFA from January 1st)

    Fútbol Club Barcelona - SD Huesca SAD (2/09/2018, 18:30)
    Referee: Melero López, Mario
    Fourth Official: Chavet García, Raúl
    AR1: Torre Cimiano, Manuel Ángel
    AR2: Martínez Serrato, José Luis
    Referee observer: Segura García, Ricardo A.
    VAR: Munuera Montero, José Luis (FIFA from January 1st)
    AVAR 1: Alcoba Rodríguez, José

    Real Betis Balompié - Sevilla Fútbol Club (2/09/2018, 20:45)
    Referee: Gil Manzano, Jesús (FIFA, Elite)
    Fourth Official: Conejero Sánchez, Guillermo
    AR1: Nevado Rodríguez, Ángel (FIFA)
    AR2: Martínez Nicolás, Javier
    Referee observer: Pérez Montero, Pedro Jesús
    VAR: del Cerro Grande, Carlos (FIFA, 1st)
    AVAR 1: Álvarez Cantón, Abraham

    1. Some remarks. Gil Manzano and del Cerro Grande seem to be quite trusted by CTA. The former got the Cup final, biggest match in MD1 and biggest match in MD3. The latter, Supercup final and VAR with Gil Manzano in MD3 (Seville derby). Other interesting match this MD go to Estrada Fernández (Valencian derby).

      One thing that calls my attention is that it seems they have formed a team with Mateu Lahoz and de Burgos Bengoetxea: MD1, de Burgos was VAR for Mateu. MD2, the other way round. MD3, as MD1. Also, de Burgos' AR1 is Díaz Pérez del Palomar (Mateu's AR2 in international matches), AR2 is Núñez Fernández (who was formerly Mateu's AR2 in la Liga) and current LaLiga Mateu's AR2 is de Francisco Grijalba (de Burgos' former AR2).

    2. Also wasn’t Pau Cebrián Davis the AR1 (or was it AR2) in Valladolid-Barcelona which was refereed by Bengoetxea?

    3. And RDBB functioned as Fourth Official in Mateu's EL Playoff in Slovakia, and one would imagine he will be an AAR in his sextet for the coming season.

      My feeling is that De Burgos could learn a lot from Mateu about becoming more of a manager on the pitch.

    4. Yes, Pau Cebrián was AR1 for De Burgos in Valladolid-Barcelona. It was in fact strange, because Díaz Pérez del Palomar could have been there. Given that and that he wasn't in Mateu's EL playoff, I suspect he is injured. If that's the case, I hope it is the least time possible.

      I agree, Mikael. It was one of his weakest points: match control and management, which is exactly where Mateu is best. Gil Manzano has also had trouble there sometimes.

      Mateu's problem has always been the number of crucial mistakes he makes. Now, with VAR, he will have less trouble.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I watched the game. IMO Pawson was good. Kane's YC was correct imo, it was a reckless tackle. It was a bit similar as Herrera's YC. I haven't see a major mistake

    2. Had he missed so many pushes, deliberate handlings and trips in a UEFA game, he wouldn't get any big game in the whole season and players wouldn't have been so kind. But OK, it's Premier League.

      There were some hot key match incidents:

      1) Reckless vs SFP

      2) Penalty shout

      3) Penalty shout

      Kane's YC is here and I don't think it's harsh...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. He missed penalty for Tottenham for foul on Kane by Jones

    5. Kane gets the ball first and then pulls back, therefore I agree with the "harsh" assessment.
      Even a penalty (if in the box) for something like that would be debatable, I think.

  10. In Portugal the nominations are only known on the day of the game.
    Such propaganda of Fontelas Gomes saying that everything would be transparent and clear after all was a big lie.
    In Portugal there was no referee at the time 17-18 ratings, referees and assistant referees came down with value and kept others of dubious quality.
    The arbcom will have to resign or be dismissed by the President of the Portuguese Football Federation, Dr. Fernando Gomes.

  11. OT:

    If a player scores a goal and removes his t-shirt and got booked by the referee,

    after VAR check, the goal has been disallowed.. what happens to the yellow card?

    1. I suspect you might be referring to the incident in Valladolid-Barcelona a few days ago. Here, the player removed his jersey after having scored. The AR disallowed the goal but they didn't notice at first. VAR confirmed the decision. According to the match report, the player was not booked (referee: de Burgos Bengoetxea). However, it was not the case that the YC was annulled. It was not shown, so I don't know if it was a missed YC or, with the goal being disallowed, the decision is OK.

    2. If a player takes off the shirt during a celebration but the goal is then not allowed a yellow card should not be issued and if it’s issued it should be annulled. I have never seen a yellow card still count for shirt removal after a disallowed goal.

    3. victor, it doesn't matter. He celebrated a goal with his shirt off, so he has to be booked. It's the same, when a player shouts at the ref because he gave a penalty which is annulled by the VAR. He still got to be booked.

    4. Last year in Serie A, in Napoli-Spal, Hamsik celebrated a goal kicking the corner flag, which got broken. He was therefore booked, and when the goal was disallowed by VAR for offside, the YC was not annulled. Also the VAR protocol states that.

  12. Do you when assignment for Europe nations league will be released ?

    1. Still unknown. It is also unknown whether UEFA will appoint AARs or not.

  13. My personal assignment for MD1:


    1. My predictions are:
      GERMANY - FRANCE Cakir
      CHECZ REP. - UKRAINA Sidiropolous
      WALES - IRELAND Marciniak
      NORWAY - CYPRO Schörgenhofer
      KAZA. - GEO Dallas
      ARM. - LIECH McNabb
      LETT - AND. Letexier
      GIB. - MKD Barbeno
      ITALY - POLAND Zwayer
      TUK - RUSSIA Makkelie
      ALB. - ISR Vad
      LITH - SERB Moen
      ROM - MNT Delferiere
      ADJ - KOS Irrati
      FAR OER - MALTA Kralovic
      SWITZ - ICELAND Soares Dias
      ENG - SPAIN Kuipers
      NORTH. IRL - BOSNIA Sousa
      FINL - HUNGH Madden
      EST - GREECE Harvey
      BIELO - S.M. Masias
      LUX - MOLD Ando-Szabo

  14. Regarding appointments for UNL, I don't know how they will go, but maybe they can be relevant: now we have an official competition with four divisions. The highest one will only have 24 matches. I can't remember now the number of Elite referees (@Chefren, a direct link to the current categories would come handy, if possible), but it is close to that. So that means each Elite official should have one match and a few of them a second one. However, I don't see that happening, so this competition will help us determine where each referee stands for UEFA: higher Elite (appointed in Ligue A), lower Elite (not appointed in Ligue A), higher 1st group, lower 1st group, etc.

    1. I added on the right of the blog a link to UEFA Referee Categories. Hope this can help you and other readers!

    2. Thank you very much! IIRC, Eriksson has retired, so that makes 25 Elite referees for 24 matches. One of them would miss if all were to be appointed. However, I don't think that would be the case: those better ranked among the Elite will get more than one match and those with less trust will be seen in lower leagues.

    3. Surely also we must remember that League D matches are absolutely crucial for all teams, as it is their big chance to attend the EURO, where they will surely fight everything.

      These nations ( never had a better chance to make it to a championship.

      I also remember that in the last EURO cycle, Rizzoli took charge of Faroe Islands, Brych in Serravalle and Clattenburg handled Andorra.

      So perhaps we can expect some bigger names whistling matches in League D or so, at least towards the end of the competition.

    4. You're right, I would expect that too in the last matchdays. That doesn't change much from last matches of UCL/UEL group stage or EURO/WC qualification. However, first matches (September) might give us those clues about "intra-rank" in each group.

    5. I agree with Mikael. I think we can see Elite referees in all leagues, because some teams that dont stand many chances in regular qualifiers will battle among each other for place in the Euro. That said, i think that situation opens up space for some category 1 referees to be appointed in 1st league. I think 2nd and 3rd league will also be reserved for elite and cat1 refs, and i guess some matches in bottom league will be left for 2nd category refs. I dont think cat3 referees will be appointed, maybe only for couple matches in last rounds of league 4 between teams that already lost their chances to top their group

  15. I have read somewhere that Wolfgang Stark has been criticized as VAR in Bundesliga, but the rest of the article is not clear. I don't think that he will be suspended. Philipp, can you say more?

    1. It's about two VAR interventions in Wolfsburg - Schalke last matchday (which lead to changes by the referee after OFR). The head of VAR Jochen Drees criticized them in a TV show, because they were not clear and obvious errors. Stark has then given an interview, where he defended his decisions, i.e. maintaining his opinion, that this were clear errors and emphasizing that he just recommended the OFR (not the change of the decision itself). The rest of his interview was in line with Drees' statements, so no larger disagreement there.

      Now we have media reports citing Lutz Fröhlich: "It could be a consequence [of the problems at MD1], that certain referees won't be used as VAR anymore. The question is: Who adapted to the new circumstances, who arrived at an new understanding of game management with VARs and who not. Referees, where we have a good feeling, that they know, when they may and must intervene, will be used as VAR. Where it does not go well, we have to accelerate regarding training, before they will be appointed again, so that we don't additionally burden the system and those persons."
      Drees is cited: "I like Wolfgang a lot as human and character. There are people, who have their strengths as referees on the field - others are better VARs. It is like in a football team. If a player is struggling, he continues taking part in training and can present himself with performance. If that is good enough, he gets back into the starting eleven."

      So nothing official, but it sounds at least like Stark won't be appointed during the next matchdays.
      IMO, it seems a bit strange to draw such conclusions after MD1 and not in the analysis after the season.

    2. 1) Change from YC to RC

      2) Change from RC to YC (for green #9; grey #10 got a YC anyway)

    3. DFB has confirmed, that Stark won't be appointed until further notice. He remains coach for the 3rd division referees.

    4. Absurd. The one who had guts to intervene has been fired because DFB (Fröhlich and Drees) don't want VAR to intervene. Now we know why there have been so many incidents when VAR has not intervened when it was fully expected. Sorry, but DFB misunderstood the whole VAR system. Stark is fired but Dankert and Storks are defended. Two words: absurd and catastrophe... Fröhlich and Drees are not the right men to the job.

    5. I have to say, it is also the public opinion (media & clubs) in Germany, that the number of interventions should be as low as possible. So Fröhlich and Drees earn a lot more understanding for critizing Stark than for supporting e.g. Storks at the Müller handball situation.

      Do you think both are clear and obvious errors?
      For me, 1) is borderline: I would accept intervention and no intervention.
      2) for me is not clear at all, so VAR intervention was wrong.

    6. Thanks for your detailed answer, Philipp.
      At first let me say I agree with you when you say that in any case it is strange to have such statements when we are still at the beginning of the season. This can create problems, some VAR officials might be afraid while having to intervene.
      This issue had to be discussed "privately". At the same time, I don't understand about Stark suspension. So, all officials who will make wrong interventions, according to DFB, should be suspended for a while during the whole season? That's not good.
      Now, about the situations: I think the first one is a quite clear RC, maybe not a 100% VAR, but the intervention by VAR was absolutely OK, second situation is indeed less clear, I wouldn't have intervened there as VAR.
      But, to make my opinion again clear, I really don't understand this management and Stark suspension.

    7. Now we will have more incidents where VAR will be afraid of making an intervention. More incidents where clear mistakes like missed DOGSO, RC offence (Super Cup), wrong penalty (opening game) - although the DFB desk jockeys state almost everything is unclear, typical blah blah - will be confirmed by VAR instead of on-field review being done. Dreadful management.

    8. I beg to disagree. Stark‘s suspension was only a logical consequence of the massive amount of controversial games in the last season and yet another more than controversial game right at the beginning of the season. In my opinion, both VAR interventions in this game were wrong - especially the second one. I agree with Drees‘ statement. VAR interventions in Germany have to be reduced and not every good referee is a good VAR. It may sound hard, but Stark, despite his impressive career as a referee, showed that he is not able to adapt to the new system. I expect that more referees won‘t act as a VAR any longer. Indeed, this problem should have been solved before the season.

    9. IMHO, Germans don't want to adapt to VAR.

    10. Thats quite right. We like the idea of making the game more fair but don´t want the VAR intervene at every scene.

      Its german mentality. Its the same with Wind turbines. We like the idea of clean energy but not in front of our own house. I hope you know how i mean it :)

  16. @ f i don`t think that, Mazeika could be at Romania vs Montenegro, because he is from Lithuania, and his country is in the same group with both teams and Serbia.

    1. Right, my mistake. I did the appointment on the underground coming back home. :-)
      Let me replace him with Schörgenhofer

  17. Very good onside (twice) before PAOK's 1-0 by Brych's AR2.

    1. In addition, two correct early yellow cards (1' & 8')
      Good start in the game

    2. Correct penalty call for Benfica

  18. Clear penalty to Benfica for a very stupid foul by keeper...

  19. Correct penalty now (24') for Benfica.

  20. Correct penalty for Salzburg.

  21. Has anyone seen the PK awarded by Cakir? I have big doubts, because the contact came after the shot and very close inside/outside

    1. Close but correct PK. Foul was on the line.

    2. In my opinion foul occurred on the line, very likely most of the referees wouldn't have whistled it because player had already shot.

    3. So, therefore correct decison ;) I missed the replay and at original speed it was difficult to detect


    5. Maybe the contact is even totally inside, really difficult to assess. In any case, referee must / can be backed for his decision.

    6. what are we discussing? its PK

  22. Another correct PK for Benfica.

  23. Another penalty by Brych - holding. Correct decision.

  24. 49' Αnother correct penalty by Brych against Paok for holding

  25. And this is not red card for Salzburg?? Fantastic!

  26. Some moments of tension in Salzburg, but in my opinion it wasn't a deliberate violent conduct, just accident... BTW Cakir was in the middle of the confrontation and he was pushed by some players especially from behind.

  27. Excellent onside by AR1 for 2-2

  28. SFP in Eindhoven?

    1. Even a soft contact is enough for a RC there, if you ask me.
      However in real pace it was difficult for Taylor to think about a straight RC, because player continued his action.

    2. 50-50 call for me. More likely orange. However, I don't see high intensity on the tackle despite the defender going with studs.

  29. Unbelievable Cakir! He is totally confused!!!!!!!!

    1. Are we watching different game? He got everything right.

    2. In 78.min foul for Salzburg near to the penaltys box?

    3. Savic pulled Salzburg player from behind.

    4. I missed Mareska comments here.
      Welcome back!

  30. 77': wrong foul in a pretty dangerous position by Çakir.

    1. Savic pulled Salzburg player from behind, correct call for faul.

    2. 80' good YC for dissent.

    3. Jovan we don't watch same match...defefenetly... Good bie

    4. You're writing as FAN not as referee so i understand your writing.

    5. The replay I saw showed Salzburg player holding Red Star's (but it was quite far). Spanish commentator had the same impression I had. I'll review it later if I have the chance.

  31. Correct second YC by Brych. Foul targeted directly on the opponent.

  32. The way PAOK is playing makes me think of matchfixing. No interest or passion and obvious fouls.

    1. Why would they want to fix match where they can go through CL?
      They just quit,they need to score 4 goals and they know they can't.

    2. Obvious holding on the penalty. Obvious hockey tackle on the second yellow card. Pro players don't do that. They didnät even care when Brych called the penalty.

  33. I‘m not watching, but it seems Brych is having a good game.

    1. Good performance, correct 2xPenalty and RC.

      Best referee in CL for the year of 2018 (so far), no doubt.

    2. Excellent performance by Brych this evening. Two penalties and a correct second YC. Crucial ONSIDE by AR2 in first half.

    3. Excellent performance from Brych tonight. He is surely the top Elite referee atm.

    4. Agree, excellent Brych tonight.

  34. This was exactly the match for a referee like Cakir... level of difficulty: extremely high.

  35. Great Brych tonight.
    Shame his ego affected his performance in WC,surely he would have been candidate for knockout phase matches.

    Cakir and his lenient approach worked tonight,very calm refereeing from him.

  36. Take a look at Salzburg's penalty. It's a foul after the shot of Salzburg's player. I remind you the foul of Carvajal on Cuadrado in the last second of Juventus- Real 0-3. It's exactly the same situation.

    I'm asking you why Cakir pointed the penalty spot only in Salzburg ? Maybe it's difficult to give such a penalty against Real but it's much more easier to give it against Crvena Zvezda (or for Salzburg) ?

    1. Definitely its easy to give a penalty after 3-0. AAR can be effect..

    2. "It's a foul after the shot of Salzburg's player"

      And that is perfectly not important for the decision. Clear PK

      What makes this decisiom hard is place of the foul, outside/inside.
      Contact starts outside but finishes inside.

      Very good performance by Cakir

  37. Penalty assigned by Cakir at 46'

    Mass confrontation at 61'

    Very good performance by Cakir, game after 61' was really challenging.
    Like Brych IMO, he should get 8,5 for this match.

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