Thursday, 2 August 2018

Szymon Marciniak (POL) to officiate 2018 UEFA Super Cup

Marciniak set to referee match in Tallinn, Estonia, which will see UEFA Champions League title holders Real Madrid CF play UEFA Europa League winners Club Atlético de Madrid.

Full Polish refereeing team to oversee UEFA Super Cup in Tallinn

Polish referee Szymon Marciniak has been appointed to take charge of the 2018 UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid CF and Club Atlético de Madrid, which will be played at the Lilleküla Stadium in Tallinn, Estonia on 15 August kicking-off at 21.00CET (22.00 local time).

The 37-year-old from Płock will be accompanied by five compatriots: assistant referees Pawel Sokolnicki and Tomasz Listkiewicz, additional assistant referees Pawel Raczkowski and Tomasz Musiał, and reserve official Radoslaw Siejka. Romania's Ovidiu Alin Hategan will act as the fourth official.

An international referee since 2011, Marciniak has taken charge of 58 UEFA matches. He officiated four UEFA Champions League matches in the 2017/18 season, including the round of 16 second leg encounter between Tottenham Hotspur FC and Juventus.

Last season, he was named as the fourth official for the UEFA Europa League final in Lyon, which saw Club Atlético de Madrid defeat Olympique de Marseille. He was also the fourth official for the 2016 UEFA Super Cup in Trondheim, where Real Madrid CF overcame Sevilla FC.

2018 UEFA Super Cup
Tallinn, 15/08/2018 21:00 CET
Real Madrid CF (ESP) - Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Pawel Sokolnicki (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Tomasz Listkiewicz (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Pawel Raczkowski (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Tomasz Musiał (POL)
Fourth Official: Ovidiu Alin Hațegan (ROU)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Radoslaw Siejka (POL)



  1. So, this should be the first appointment made by Rosetti, on the paper, but for sure, given the very short time he had, this was very likely decided by the rest of the committee.
    If we consider the whole international career of Marciniak so far in recent years, the appointment is deserved. However, if you ask me, it doesn't come in the best moment for the Polish. I was for this reason not sure about this choice. I hope that he can recover and it would be nice to see the "old" Marciniak we knew.
    Also, it will be important to know whether this appointment will impede him from getting a final on this season (EL?), maybe Rosetti will make different choices...

    1. I think this is the perfect match for Marciniak to regain form for the upcoming season... The 15000 capacity stadium provides an ideal setting too!

    2. He'll either "regain" or further dig himself into the abyss he solely put himself in last season and at the World Cup.

  2. Risky appointment.

    Marciniak has developed a lot these last 2 seasons but I fear that his form atm isn't the ideal one.

  3. i have never thought that they can give marciniak super-cup final, after all his faults. Unvelievable. Rossetti typical.

    1. Probably the choice has been done by the committee, not by Rosetti, who maybe just approved... he will do his first appointments in EL and CL.

    2. There are very good options like cakir, brych and turpin. Marciniak should wait couple of years. His highest appointment until now was cl second round. After that game no indication of any good performance and suddenly in the middle of super cup final. Really interesting.

  4. As we discussed some weeks ago, the decision was probably between Marciniak and Turpin, as normally Supercups are given to referees without previous CL or EL final.
    Main arguments in favour of Marciniak are:
    - more experience with top clashes on UEFA level
    - Turpin had some trouble with Atletico last season

    I also think, that Marciniak's World Cup was not too bad. Besides the two very debatable/wrong no penalty decisions, he showed two good or even very good performances in my opinion with good match control and other important decisions correctly taken.

    1. With this appointment I think Turpin is 1st choice for ELfinal in case of good season of course.

    2. Anyway I think It was really hard to appointed Turpin for this game while Simeone is still suspended

    3. Better before than after, as it seems to me...

    4. I mean it may be too early, he will referee Atlético de Madrid again but not in a final straight away


  5. Good appointment.
    And is too quick for talk about EL final.

    1. Its maybe To quick and all depends of performances but we can make a list of referee for CL-EL final before the season

    2. Very often we bring a bad luck to the referees we mention as candidates for a final... :)
      But yes, there are always some lists.
      And I think Turpin will be a very strong option for EL final in case of good performances and withou French teams.
      For CL final, well, this time, better to keep silence. I don't want to mention again a name!

    3. For CL final I see only 2 names

    4. Rocchi is for sure a candidate for both UCL and UEL finals

    5. The referee for UCL 2019 final will be from Europe:)

    6. Chefren, just say it. SKOMINA! Lol :D

    7. @WCReferee Rocchi should leave the FIFA list on December, he is already 45.

    8. Skomina seems the only neutral option, maybe Mateu if there is no spanish team

    9. Really difficult to not see spanish team. For me Rocchi will continue his international career until the next June, because I remember you that since some years a referee cpul continue also after 45 years, like Atkinson have done.


    10. Nonsense talk now about finals UCL and UEL

    11. Alberto, I am VERY sure we will have to face so many surprises in EL and CL that this talk about final-options makes only sense if we take a deep look in an esoteric crystal glass. But I don't have one. So I stay away from those senseless guessings... let us all wait for the new style Rosetti will bring into the Cups. I think he will take more risks and give young talents big chances earlier to have more options in the last k.o.rounds. Last year was really too bad in this aspect to just continue as if nothing has happened.

  6. Any news for next week appointmenfs??CL & EL...

    1. Kulbakov Benfica - Fenerbahçe, we are waiting for the rest of appointments, I think Rosetti could make his first choices there.
      Very likely, today most of the assignments will be made.

    2. Stieler in Standard-Ajax already published by DFB, so at least Tuesday seems to be ready.

    3. Ağayev in Salzburg - Shkëndija.

    4. I only have 2 observer appointments.

      Rosenborg BK - Cork City FC 16/08
      Kostas Kapitanis (CYP)

      FK Žalgiris Vilnius - Sevilla FC 16/08
      Michael Argyrou (CYP)

  7. CL

    Celtic - AEK
    1L: Banti / Gifford
    2L: ? / Piller

    Salzburg - Shkëndija
    1L: Ağayev / Trentalange
    2L: Bognár / ?

    Crvena zvezda - Spartak Trnava
    1L: del Cerro Grande / Hauge
    2L: Gözübüyük / Fandel

    Qarabağ - BATE Borisov
    1L: Ekberg / Sedlacek
    2L: Treimanis / Bianchi

    Astana - Dinamo Zagreb
    1L: Beaton / Medveď
    2L: Mažeika / Koopman

    Malmö - MOL Vidi
    1L: Jug / Przesmycki
    2L: Estrada Fernández / Čeferin

    Standard de Liège - Ajax
    1L: Stieler / Luci
    2L: Kružliak / Liba

    Benfica - Fenerbahçe
    1L: Kulbakou / Mejuto González
    2L: Vinčič / Levnikov

    Slavia Praha - Dynamo Kyiv
    1L: Pawson / Lozev
    2L: Stefański / Antonov

    PAOK - Spartak Moskva
    1L: Grinfeld / Plautz
    2L: Buquet / Sarvan

    1. Chefren, I will write full appointments later today.

    2. Great match for Vincic. In case of good performances thia autumn he could be promoted to elite in December I guess.

    3. Apart from Ağayev, Gözübüyük-Kulbakou-Vinčič and Grinfeld with important observers.

    4. @Vlad thank you so much, no hurry :)
      Always many thanks from my side.

  8. But to find out about the UEFA Referees Summer Course 2018, where can I find it?

    1. I don't know more apart from the list of participants, sorry.

  9. EL Return 16-08-2018
    Zenit St Petersburg - Dinamo Minsk
    Ref : Sébastien Delferière (BEL)

  10. Szymon Marciniak yesterday in Jagiellonia Białystok - Wisła Kraków

    Advantage issue

    Missed YCs for reckless tackles

    Reckless vs SFP

    Missed YC for simulation

    Penalty incident, kick

    Penalty awarded and YC for DOGSO issued -> VAR intervention -> Free kick awarded and RC for DOGSO issued (was that an attempt to play the ball that Marciniak issued a YC at first?)

    Missed YCs for reckless stamps (compilation)...


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