Friday, 7 December 2018

UEFA Referee Categories for the second half of the season 2018/19 (Men, Women, Futsal)

These are the new categories for UEFA referees, valid from 01/01/2019 until 30/06/2019.  

Aytekin, Bastien, Brych, Çakır, Collum, del Cerro Grande*, Gil Manzano, Hațegan, Karasov, Kassai, Královec, Kuipers, Makkelie, Marciniak, Mateu Lahoz, Mažić, Oliver, Orsato, Rocchi, Sidirópoulos, Soares Dias, Skomina, Taylor, Turpin, Undiano Mallenco, Zwayer.

Category 1
AğayevAranovsʹkyy, Beaton, Bebek, Bezborodov, Blom, Bognár, Boyko, Buquet, Ekberg, Estrada Fernández, Gestranius, Gil, Göçek, Gözübüyük,  Grinfeld, JovanovićJug, Kabakov, Kehlet, Kovács, Kružliak, Kulbakou, Lechner, Madden, Mažeika, Massa, Moen, Nijhuis, Özkahya, Pawson, Raczkowski, Schörgenhofer, Siebert, Sousa, Stavrev, Stefański, Stieler, Strömbergsson, Treimanis, Vad, Vinčič, Welz, Yes'kov, Zelinka

Category 2
Abed, Al-Hakim, Ardeleánu, Árnason, Attwell, Avram, Bieri, Boucaut, Brisard, Clancy, Colțescu, Costa Veríssimo, Dabanović, Dallas, Dankert, de Burgos Bengoetxea, Delerue, Di Bello, Dingert, Doveri, Doyle, Fabbri (N), Farkas, Frankowski, Frischer, Fritz, Glova, Guida, Hansen, Harkam, Harvey, Hernández Hernández, Higler, Hunter, Irrati, Ivanov, Jaccottet, Jorgji, Jović, Kalkavan, Kavanagh (N), Klossner, Komínis, Kráľovič, Kristoffersen, Kuchin, Lapochkin, Lardot, Letexier, Levnikov, Lopes Martins, Maae, Mariani (N), Martínez Munuera, Mečkarovski, Meler, Meshkov, Miguel, Millot, Munuera Montero (N), Munukka, Nevalainen, Nilsen, Palabıyık, Pandžić, Papapetrou, Peljto, Petrescu, Popov, Rainville, Reinshreiber, Rumšas, Sánchez Martínez, Sant, Schärer, Schneider, Schüttengruber, Shmuelevitz, Stegemann (N), Stoyanov, Þórarinsson, Tierney, Tohver, Tsynkevich, Tykgaard, Valeri, van Boekel

Category 3
á Høvdanum, Anufrijevs, Apostolov, Atazhanov, Balakin, Baliyan, Banari, Barbeno, Barcelo, Berke (N), Birsan (N), Branco Godinho, Burchardt, Carvalho Nobre (N),  Chinkov, Christofí,  De Gabriele (N), Dimitríou, do Nascimento Teixeira, Diamantopoulos (N), Đokić, Đorđic (N) Durieux, Eskås, Farrugia Cann, Feșnic, Frid, Gishamer (N), Golubevs, Griffith, Grujić, Hagenes, Hämäläinen (N), Hamiti, Həsənov, Hennessy,  Hovhannisyan, Ismuratov (N),  Jabarov (N) Jäger, Jakimovski, Jakubik, Jenkins (N), Jónasson (N), Kajtazovič, Kaluđerović, Karakó, Karlsson, Kasumi, Kennedy, Kjærsgaard, Kopriwa, Kozyk, Kristjánsson, Krogh (N), Kruashvili,, Laforge, Lambrechts, Leibovitz (N), Lukjančukas, Marhefka, Markham-Jones, Marshall, Matyunin, McLaughlin, McNabb, Milačić, Moskalev (N), Muntean, Musiał, Neokleous (N), Nuza, Nyberg, Obrenovič, Očenáš, Orel, Öztürk (N), Pajač, Papadópoulos, Papir, Pechanec (N), Pejin,, Pires Martins, Proske, Robertson, Romanov, Saggi, Sakhi, San, Santos Capela, Schnyder, Šehović, Shcharbakou, Shurman, Silva Pinheiro, Sjöberg (N)Skoulas (N)Sotiriuou (N), Steen, Strukan, Tarajev, Tean, Todorov, Troleis, Tschudi, Tzilos (N), Vadachkoria, Van Driessche (N), Verboomen (N), Viljanen, Visser, Walsh, Weinberger, Xhaja, Zammit, Zebec

* = Re-categorised


  1. I was partialy right when I said there probably won't be a lot of promotions since comittee did nit made a lot of changes in winter in recent years. Congratulations to Del Cerro, he surley had good performances but such quick promotion is definitely due to Velasco being in a good relationship with Rosetti.

  2. It is now clear in my mind.
    Politically valuable (I'm not saying undeserved) promotions at Christmas, the rest in the summer.

    Congratulations to del Cerro Cerro, and I would recommend anyone who hasn't already to watch CDR Final 2016, really excellent performance.

    1. Yep, it was one of the best referee performances I've ever seen. 2 correct DOGSO RC + another RC in ET (Carriço called him "faggot" after receiving a YC and Del Cerro Grande issued a straight red). It was a difficult and challenging match, well resolved by him (I mean, besides the crucial situations), he managed to keep control and players acceptance almost always, with and excellent self-presentation. 8.8 area.

      Link to match highlights:

      RC situations in 3:14, 8:15 and 13:16.

    2. As I've said many times in older posts, the "pity" of Del Cerro are his origins, as he's from Alcalá de Henares (Madrid community), he's unable to whistle neither a Clásico nor a Madrid Derby. But, at least this weekend he's been appointed for Catalan derby (Barcelona-Espanyol) :)

  3. Robert Schörgenhofer should be replaced by Sebastian Gishamer who will start in Category 3.

  4. Interesting situation: Means that Austrian federation ÖFB, too, doesn't apply that former age restriction any more.

  5. Surely there are some mistakes in the lists that I wrote down, I apologize for that.


    Meanwhile, better to check the documents:




  6. Happy for the promotion of Cerro, well-deserved.

  7. Those are the referees who ended their international careers. Let me say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! to all of them.

    Elite Category:
    Jonas Eriksson (SWE - 1974)

    First Category:
    Sébastien Delférière (BEL - 1981), Manuel Gräfe (GER - 1973), Luca Banti (ITA - 1974), Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (ITA - 1974)

    Second Category:
    Oliver Drachta (AUT - 1977), Bart Vertenten (BEL - 1988), Leóntios Tráttou (CYP - 1973), Robert Madley (ENG - 1985), Charálampos Kalogerópoulos (GRE - 1983), Carlos Miguel Taborda Xistra (POR - 1974), Simon Lee Evans (WAL - 1975)

    Third Category:
    Ömər Paşayev (AZE - 1988), Dimítris Masiás (CYP - 1981), Radek Příhoda (CZE - 1974), Anders Poulsen (DEN - 1981), Jari Järvinen (FIN - 1980), Aléxandros Aretópoulos (GRE - 1979), Stávros Mantálos (GRE - 1980), Sándor Andó-Szabó (HUN - 1979), Þóroddur Hjaltalín (ISL - 1977), Aleksandr Aliyev (KAZ - 1987), George Cătălin Găman (ROU - 1985), Mikhail Vilkov (RUS - 1979), Bojan Nikolić (SRB - 1979), Alper Ulusoy (TUR - 1981)

    1. A big thank to all these officials from me as well.
      A pity to read that some very young referees will have to leave, but surely they can be proud of having been already part of the most important family of refereeing all over the world. They will keep this memory, and maybe some of them will be back again on next years...

    2. Ömər Paşayev (AZE - 1988)
      Aleksandr Aliyev (KAZ - 1987)
      George Cătălin Găman (ROU - 1985)

      Why this young referees lost their badge? Anyone?

    3. It was reported on the blog by our reader Javier Alzina Carreró that Ömər Paşayev from AZE has been removed due to health problems. I hope nothing serious for him.
      About Găman, it was reported by our reader ichigo5362 that it has been a technical choice by Romanian heads of refereeing.
      I don't know about the Kazakh.

  8. On June we will have the major updates, as it happened 6 months ago.
    It is confirmed that on December there are only a few changes also because the games to be played on second half of the season are always for a certain background of referees (Elite and Category 1), and for sure not suitable for referees coming from a promotion.
    Having said that, it is surely too early now, but do you think there are chance to see Del Cerro in CL KO stage?

    1. Yes. Otherwise, the promotion would not have made sense, considering he is the only one. If this is a "bad thing" for another Spanish Elite official, my bet is Gil Manzano, because he is still young, and sometimes he doesn't look self-confident in his matches, and maybe a slow-road approach will suit him better.

  9. Unless I'm mistaken, Craig Pawson is promoted to Category 1

    1. He has been promoted to Category 1 on last update (June 2018).

  10. Can you make list of new/removed ARs men/womens?

    1. When these info will be available, we will publish them...

  11. Some time ago only the very best European referees were in the Elite group. Today, you're there with 2 UCL games and 5 UEL games, only 1 of these 7 games in the k.o. stage...

  12. I collected statistics for the referee, which can be considered for promotion. Considered only group stage and KO stage. Very interesting.
    Kulbakou CL 9 and EL 25 (KO 7)
    Kružliak CL 5 and EL 21 (KO 6)
    Vinčič CL 5 and EL 14 (KO 5)

  13. Wasn’T Halil Umut Meler was 3rd Group before. It looks like he is promoted.

  14. Why isn't published the assistant referee list?