Saturday, 22 December 2018

Referee of the Year - Ivan Kružliak is the most promising next Elite Referee of 2018

According to our readers who voted on,  Ivan Kružliak from Slovakia is the most promising next Elite referee of 2018 with 149 points. 
The 34 years has been monitored for a long time by committee, and now, according to our readers, he seems to be ready for the big jump to Elite category. In his recent games, he has always shown good or at least expected level performances. His 2018-19 season has started with 3 CL assignments, the last one under the eyes of Marc Batta. Promotion to Elite category could follow on next update.  

Second placed is Slavko Vinčić from Slovenia with 126 points. He has officiated 5 CL group stage games in recent seasons and he seems to be in a good path, having the chance to reach his countryman Skomina in Elite Category.  

To follow, we have Aleksey Kulbakov from Belarus with 98 points. The Category 1 from Belarus, differently from other "contenders" for a promotion, has made his CL group stage debut in 2014, and therefore he has already a certain experience in this competition (10 games). At moment, it seems as he is not still ready for the big step according to committee, but he stays for sure as very strong candidate. 

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  1. OT, some situations from Cyprus.

    AC Omonia - APOEL (Nicosia Derby), Timotheos Christofí (1987 born, UEFA 3rd Cat.)
    07' Simulation =>
    46' Reckless or Violent Conduct? =>
    84' Penalty? =>
    87' Red Card - DOGSO =>

    Apollon Limassol - AEK Larnaca, Nikolas Neokléous (1989 born, new FIFA for 2019)
    16' Serious Foul Play? =>
    24' Reckless Tackle? =>
    33' Management, Violent Conduct? =>
    40' 2-1, Foul? =>
    46' 2nd Yellow Card =>
    53' Simulation =>
    85' 3-2, Foul? =>

  2. With every respect to the voters and 'winners', I sincerly think that you should not do these rankings again next year. Low participants number, no representative results, Armenian referee always included due to biased results… I like the idea, but in this way it makes no sense.

    1. Not representative, but the results still have you a good idea, what others think. And at least the Top 3 are mostly quite sensible anyway.

    2. All these so called "polls" are nothing more than bonafide popularity contest. That in no way truly represent the actual ability or level of any referee. The referee's with the biggest group of "fan boys" won in their respective categories.

    3. But the CONCACAF one is right because Ramos won, correct?

      I agree with your sentiment for unscientific polls like these. It's just funny that everyone forgets such a sentiment when their favorite wins.

    4. I was surprised that Ramos actually won.
      I personally didn't even bother to vote. I figured Geiger would win just because he seems to be more liked and popular among most readers. Of course this popularity having little to do with his actual ability or on field performances.

      Furthermore, if you simply take a look into the past and at current happenings. My statement is in no way false. Mexico has been, is and will continue being the standard bearer for CONCACAF. We've had greats, havehave good referee's currently and the future looks bright with the new up and coming generation. Watching MLS and USL, I can't say the same for USSF.