Thursday, 20 December 2018

Referee of the Year - Cüneyt Çakır is best UEFA Referee of 2018

According to our readers who voted on, Cüneyt Çakır from Turkey is the best UEFA referee of 2018. He got 474 points.
Cüneyt Çakır has been elected as Best UEFA Referee for 2018. The Turkish has confirmed himself at very high level in both UEFA and FIFA competitions, by also attending 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. He has started his 2018 with three very important CL KO stage assignments: a round of 16, a quarterfinal,  and a semifinal. Then, in Russia he has managed to officiate two group stage games and a semifinal, the latter between Croatia and England. His 2018 has continued with 3 CL group stage assignments in sonorous / decisive games. If we sum up all these games we have surely a very remarkable result. There were some matches in which he did certain mistakes but the experience and the trsut by committee in this referee is becoming surely something extra-ordinary. 

Only 3 points below, with 471 preferences, we have Milorad Mažić from Serbia. The Elite referee from Vrbas has officiated 2017-18 Champions League final and then he has attended 2018 World Cup in Russia. In this tournament, he has been appointed for two group stage games and then a quarterfinal, between Brazil and Belgium. Differently from other referees, regarding 2017-18 KO stage, he has been appointed only in Europa League (before getting CL final), but this was for sure a deliberate choice by Collina, who didn't want to put in trouble the Serbian before the last assignment. For this reason, in terms of officiated games, he is a step below the other contenders, but the performance in CL final has been surely good, at least expected level. He has crowned years and years of officiating at very high level. 

Third placed is Björn Kuipers from Netherlands with 436 points. The Dutch has officiated 2017-18 UEFA Europa League final, his second assignment for this game after the first one he got in 2013. This was very surprising and came absolutely unexpected, also because before this assignment he had been injured for some time during the KO stage, but one can't deny how much trust, experience and great skills has this referee and that's the reason for which committee trust him. In addition, he has also attended 2018 FIFA World Cup in which he has officiated two group stage games, a round of 16 and a quarterfinal. Very likely he has been also a valid option for the final, in which he has worked as fourth official. Excellent achievements in this 2018 for the Dutch, who can be absolutely proud. 

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  1. About the next award, following also Philipp's question, we have decided to rule out all the Elite referees mentioned. So the results will be only about the Category 1 who were voted as next possible promising Elite, sorry if this category was not clear.

    About this result of the best UEFA referee, in my opnion the three mentioned officials are for sure at moment the most experienced and the most trusted, it is not that important who is first, second or third... the problem for committee will be when they will retire.

  2. No surprise on Cakir award. Anyway Congratulation

    Italia Serie A appoitment for next week end
    CHIEVO – INTER h. 18.00 PASQUA Fabrizio (Tivoli)
    IV: PISCOPO (Imperia) VAR: MARINELLI (Tivoli

    IV: MASSIMI (Termoli) VAR: SACCHI (Macerata)

    GENOA – ATALANTA DOVERI Daniele (Roma 1)
    IV: FABBRI (Ravenna) VAR: ORSATO (Schio)

    JUVENTUS – ROMA h. 20.30 MASSA Davide (Imperia)
    IV: MARESCA (Napoli) VAR: GIACOMELLI (Trieste)

    LAZIO – CAGLIARI h. 12.30 MANGANIELLO Gianluca (Pinerolo)
    IV: MINELLI (Varese) VAR: GUIDA (Torre Annunziata)

    MILAN – FIORENTINA MARIANI Maurizio (Aprilia)
    IV: PEZZUTO (Lecce) VAR: MAZZOLENI (Bergamo)

    NAPOLI – SPAL LA PENNA Federico (Roma 1
    IV: MAGGIONI (Lecco) VAR: PAIRETTO (Nichelino)

    PARMA – BOLOGNA h. 18.00 ABISSO Rosario (Palermo)
    IV: FOURNEAU (Roma 1) VAR: PICCININI (Forlì)

    SASSUOLO – TORINO BANTI Luca (Livorno)
    IV: DI PAOLO (Avezzano) VAR: AURELIANO (Bologna)

    IV: RAPUANO (Rimini) VAR: GHERSINI (Genova)

  3. OT i watched the observer for the refs who could be in the Elite class next years. And I find some similar observer at Andris Treimanis and Istvan Kovacs who get same observers but in diferent competition. So, Treimanis got Fandel and Karlsson in CL and EL, and Haim Jakov in the play-off for Euro under 21. Kovacs had Haim Jakov in CL and Fandel in EL. So, for both of them I expect some important games in EL KO round of 32, and with committee member.

  4. We have not suprised for this news. He proudly represents Turkish Nation and Turkish Referees at the top. He will do better and will be seen best critic and sonorous assignments in 2019!


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