Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Referee of the Year - Orel Grinfeeld is the best UCL debutant of 2018

The third contest of our "Referee of the Year", in cooperation with guesstheref.com, is over. Among the referees who made their debut in CL Group stage 2018-19,  Orel Grinfeeld from Israel has been elected by our readers as the best performer with 306 points. 
The Israeli has made his CL debut on 2 October 2018, officiating the game between AEK Athens and SL Benfica. Three weeks later he has been assigned to Real Madrid - Viktoria Plzeň. Without making a deep analysis of his performances, we can definitely say that his first match has been quite challenging with several crucial decisions to be taken. Very likely he has convinced the committee ana he has gained the trust. After that, he has officiated a very important game in Europa League on MD5, the "derby" between RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig.

To follow, as runner up, we have Andris Treimanis from Latvia with 286 points. The young (1985 born) Category 1 referee has made his CL debut on 2 October 2018, by officiating Olympique Lyonnais - Shakhtar Donetsk. After three weeks, a second appointment has followed: he has been in the middle for Young Boys - Valencia. So for sure a similar path to Grinfeeld, with the chance of getting a third assignement on MD6 in the major competition.

Third placed is Carlos del Cerro Grande, who is only one point below Treimanis (285). The Spanish has officiated two games like the aforementioned referees. His debut has occurred on MD1, 19 September 2018, in Ajax - AEK Athens. To follow, the Spanish has been assigned to Shakhtar Donetsk - Manchester City on MD3 (23 October 2018). Differently by most of the other referees, the rise of del Cerro Grande has been more than quick and impressive. Not so many years ago he was still a Category 2 referee, close to be 40 years old. Now he has for sure a chance to be promoted even in Elite.

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The next contest is about best CAF referee in 2018. 


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8e3Xz1zVsg
    Minute 00:55
    A very unexpected situation for Gözübüyük.
    What do you think?

    1. According the LotG the referee is forced to interrupt the game.
      Referee must submit a report and the disciplinary committee of the KNVB must impose an appropriate, severe punishment on Feyenoord

    2. They really never would have scored anyway, thankfully.

  2. Referee categories in Norway:

    L1 referees:

    L1 assistant referees:
    Promoted: Christer Jørgensen (Hordaland), Jørgen Valstadsve (Trøndelag), Ole Andreas Skogsrud Haukåsen (Indre Østland)
    Removed: Harald Strand (Rogaland), Leif Helge Opland (Trøndelag), Svein Inge Wiken (Trøndelag)

    L2 referees:
    Promotion: Ajdin Medic (Oslo), Harald Røvig Sletner (Oslo)
    Removed: Kim Rune Borgersen (Trøndelag), Bjørn Hansen (Oslo)

    L2 assistant referees:
    Promotion: Aleksander Jæger (Buskerud), Bjørnar Drtina Bjørnstad (Agder), Kim Minh Nguyen (Oslo), Kjetil Nordmark (Agder), Ruben Haugland (Hordaland)
    Removal: Kjetil F. Andersen (Hordaland), Magnus Tranholt (Trøndelag), Kristoffer Ellingsen (Akershus)

    L3 referees:
    Promotion: Abdulhadi Al-Fahad (Østfold), Aleksander Skjold Vermundsen (Rogaland), Emilie Rodahl Dokset (Oslo), Harald Magnus Børresen (Vestfold), Herman Leiulfsrud Aass (Telemark), Jørgen Haga (Agder), Marius Bye (Akershus), Mathias Støfringshaug (Trøndelag), Mohammad Hafezi (Indre Østland), Ole Ragnar Knutsen (Hålogaland), Satha S. Sritharan (Oslo), Stian Wiggen Hansen (Trøndelag), Torgeir Halsen (Sunnmøre)
    Removal: Anders Gjermshus (Indre Østland), Haakon Magan (Buskerud), Omar Rafiq (Oslo), Thomas Solum Lystad (Trøndelag), Tore Olsen Hagelund (Oslo), Vebjørn Haugland (Sogn og Fjordane)

    1. I remember Svein Inge Wiken from some UEFA games.

    2. I see Bobby Madley is back refereeing, wonder if will feature on that list in 2019? https://twitter.com/BobbyMadley2/status/1069915480931082241

  3. Huge and fully correct offside call by Roberto Díaz Pérez del Palomar in Espanyol - Cádiz, disallowing in the 93rd minute the qualifying goal for Cádiz. No "safety net" (VAR) in Copa del Rey. Congratulations!

  4. Match officials for the AFC 2019 are revealed:

  5. cesar ramos is in the list so this mean asian ref in the gold cup

    1. With their ongoing exchange between CONCACAF and AFC, I would say yes. But please please please for the good of the tournament no Irmatov.

    2. Alireza Faghani is the favourite

    3. That would be fantastic! Faghani over Irmatov any day all day every day.


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