Saturday, 12 October 2019

2019/20 European Qualifiers - Referee Appointments MD7 (12 October 2019)

Referee appointments for 2019-20 UEFA European Qualifiers Matchday 7, games to be played on 12/10.  
Group D
12 October 2019, 15:00 CET - Tbilisi (Boris Paichadzis Dinamo Arena)
Referee: Marco Guida (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Ciro Carbone (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Matteo Passeri (ITA)
Fourth Official: Daniele Doveri (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Eugen Strigel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Florin Prunea (ROU)

Group D
12 October 2019, 18:00 CET - Copenhagen (Telia Parken)
Referee: Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ (BLR)
Assistant Referee 1: Dzmitryj Žuk (BLR)
Assistant Referee 2: Alieh Maslianka (BLR)
Fourth Official: Dzianis Ščarbakoŭ (BLR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kýros Vassáras (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)

Group F
12 October 2019, 18:00 CET - Tórshavn (Tórsvøllur)
Referee: Əliyar Ağayev (AZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Zeynal Zeynalov (AZE)
Assistant Referee 2: Akif Əmirəli (AZE)
Fourth Official: Rəhim Həsənov (AZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stephen Lodge (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Richard Havrilla (SVK)

Group J
12 October 2019, 18:00 CET - Zenica (Stadion Bilino polje)
Referee: Ivan Kružliak (SVK)
Assistant Referee 1: Tomáš Somoláni (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Branislav Hancko (SVK)
Fourth Official: Filip Glova (SVK)
UEFA Referee Observer: Karen Nalbandyan (ARM)
UEFA Delegate: Jacques Antenen (SUI)

Group F
12 October 2019, 20:45 CET - Ta' Qali (National Stadium)
Referee: Sergey Ivanov (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1: Roman Usachov (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2: Valeriy Danchenko (RUS)
Fourth Official: Sergey Lapochkin (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer: Haim Jakov (ISR)
UEFA Delegate: Efraim Barak (ISR)

Group F
12 October 2019, 20:45 CET - Oslo (Ullevaal Stadion)
Referee: Michael Oliver (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Stuart Burt (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Simon Bennett (ENG)
Fourth Official: Paul Tierney (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Domenico Messina (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Peadar Ryan (IRL)

Group J
12 October 2019, 20:45 CET - Rome (Stadio Olimpico)
Referee: Sergey Karasyov (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1: Igor Demeshko (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2: Maksim Gavrilin (RUS)
Fourth Official: Vitaliy Meshkov (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate: Per Svärd (SWE)

Group J
12 October 2019, 20:45 CET - Vaduz (Rheinpark Stadion)
Referee: István Kovács (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Vasile Florin Marinescu (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Mihai Ovidiu Artene (ROU)
Fourth Official: Ionuț Marius Avram (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jan Willem Wegereef (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Bujar Kasmi (ALB)


  1. Glad to see Agayev appointed again.

    Big match for Oliver.

  2. You know new fifa referee list 2020 (bundesliga,premier league,serie a,la liga) ?

    1. In Spain it was officialy confirmed by CTA-RFEF official season report in July that Undiano's badge will be taken by Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (1984).

  3. Excellent appointment for Kuĺbakoŭ in front of a committee member. Big chance for him.

    Normal appointments for Kruzliak and Oliver.

  4. The last set of appointments for Guida speaks in favor of a CL debut, then one must analyze the performances he showed in recent games, but I think very likely he will have this honor, despite of some controversial decisions he took, for example in EL Play Off.
    As for the rest, nice to see Agahyev again, Kružliak with a very important game in the group and for sure I will observe very carefully Karasev in Italy - Greece.

  5. After U21 Denmark vs. Serbia, now another match with a danish national team for Kulbakou....

  6. Another world first in the Australian A-League.
    The opening match of the A-League season between Adelaide United and Sydney FC ended 2-3 in a very eventful game. A penalty, a red card and 3 VAR interventions including one on field review for the penalty.
    In a world first VAR audio of the penalty decision was broadcast on television after the match.

  7. Ahead of his crucial Denmark - Switzerland game today, you can watch how Aliaksiej Kuĺbakoŭ got on in his recent LOSC Lille - Chelsea game.
    Refereeing highlights thanks to Mhmd. S Alkhalifi.

    1. Kulbakov has a very particular style. He is aware when he "misses" some fouls... interesting to highlight the PLAY ON decision following the challenge by keeper, replay showed that he touched the ball a bit before opponent. Penalty could have whistled there but never a clear mistake.
      BTW, to add, I like the guidelines given by Rosetti to VAR, in Italy, unluckily, it is totally different.

    2. The first yellow after 1 minute he got. Great start

    3. Two elbows now after 6 minutes and he issued two cards. Both correct.

    4. Expected performance after the first half. He did the right thing to issue two straight yellows which took out the heat of the game. Afterwards one supportable yellow card.

    5. What about second half? Very important final score for the outcome of the group...

    6. Also expect performance. Referee wasn't a topic the hole game. All issued cards correct also in second half.Would say well done.

    7. Interesting drop ball situation in the second half. SUI makes a forward pass which hits Kulbakov and goes to another SUI player. No real attack is developing, it's maybe 35-40 yards out and the SUI player is facing his own goal. Kulbakov whistles and gives SUI a drop ball. DEN players surround the referee to complain, and then SUI proceeds to kick back to DEN for no reason. Just a bizarre situation, poor application of the new laws in my opinion.

    8. Well, the tricky thing was that the ball would have gone to a Norwegian Player having the chance to launch a counter attack.
      I think the solution was the best in order to respect LotG

  8. Trying to watch Guida in Georgia - Republic of Ireland, I think most interesting situation so far is a penalty appeal in minute 12' or 13', to be rewatched, but I think referee had his reasons to play on. Very likely it was a very easy fall by attacker.
    I didn't catch more so far, when we are in 23'.

    1. Not a memorable game by both teams, maybe two or three interesting situations to be watched, when full game will be available I will post some videos.
      Based on what I saw, I think more or less expected level there...

  9. Friendly Chile - Colombia now playing in Alicante (Spain):
    Jason Barcelo (GIB)
    Andrew Parody (GIB) - Salvatore Tuttifrutti (SMR)
    Luca Barbeno (SMR)

    Appointment has been celebrated by Gibraltar's FA, because it is the first time for a local referee to get an official FIFA game of such profile.
    Tomorrow the same officials, in this case with Barbeno referee and Barcelo fourth, will take also charge of Argentina - Ecuador.

    I praise this choice, a very good opportunity for referees from such countries to make a so important experience.

    1. That is indeed magnificent. UEFA refuses to use referees like Barcelo and Barbeno, instead giving potential matches to Spanish or French referees. So glad that they get a chance and I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience.

  10. What are your views on this penalty for handball awarded by Kružliak?

    1. Not a penalty for me. Yes, the arm moves towards the ball, but it hits the shoulder IMHO.

      Overall, an inconsistent performance by the Slovakian, who never manages to convince me that he has the necessary confidence. That missed card in 90'+3 was atrocious. Excellent offside by AR2 in the first half.

    2. In case of ball hitting the arm, this penalty would be correct, but I think that touch is on shoulder so mistake by Kružliak. Rewatching the full action, it seems as he waited a bit before calling this penalty (maybe he elaborated again the incident in his mind for a while).
      Finland very unlucky with handballs after the match against Italy and the phantom call made by Madden...
      Without VAR it is definitely impossible to assess handballs in a proper manner nowadays, if you ask me.

    3. Point of contact is not so clear to me (could be the upper arm), but I am also not convinced by movement towards the ball. I think, he rather is pulling the arm back - in an attempt to play the ball with the chest.
      So different argumentation, but same conclusion.

  11. Chefren i think you should continue posting referees appointed in international friendlies...

    You do post that before but i don't know why you stop....

    And there is no other blog to get that...

    1. 9 October 2019, 20:45 CET - Dortmund
      Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Danos (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
      Fourth Official: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)

      10 October 2019, 18:00 CET - Prishtina
      Referee: Juxhin Xhaja (ALB)
      Assistant Referee 1: Ilir Tartaraj (ALB)
      Assistant Referee 2: Nertil Bregasi (ALB)
      Fourth Official: Besfort Kasumi (KOS)

      10 October 2019, 20:45 CET - Kruševac
      Referee: Nejc Kajtazovič (SVN)
      Assistant Referee 1: Matej Žunič (SVN)
      Assistant Referee 2: Grega Kordež (SVN)
      Fourth Official: Danilo Grujić (SRB)

      13 October 2019, 20:45 CET - Bratislava
      Referee: Slavko Vinčič (SVN)
      Assistant Referee 1: Tomaž Klančnik (SVN)
      Assistant Referee 2: Andraž Kovačič (SVN)
      Fourth Official: Miroslav Zelinka (CZE)

      14 October 2019, 19:00 CET - Prague
      Referee: Ivan Kružliak (SVK)
      Assistant Referee 1: Tomáš Vorel (SVK)
      Assistant Referee 2: Erik Weiss (SVK)
      Fourth Official: Ondřej Pechanec (CZE)

      15 October 2019, 19:00 CET - Aalborg
      Referee: Bojan Pandzic (SWE)
      Assistant Referee 1: Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
      Assistant Referee 2: Peter Allheim (SWE)
      Fourth Official: Adam Ladebäck (SWE)

    2. 15 October 2019, 21:00 CET - Villeneuve-d'Ascq
      Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 1: Guillaume Debart (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 2: Julien Pacelli (FRA)
      Fourth Official: Mehdi Mokhtari (FRA)

    3. 10 October 2019, 16:00 CET - Fos-sur-Mer (FRA)
      Referee: Karim Abed (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 1: Mikaël Berchebru (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 2: Aurélien Berthomieu (FRA)
      Fourth Official: Arnaud Baert (FRA)

      10 October 2019, 20:00 CET - Saint-Leu-la-Forêt (FRA)
      Referee: Frank Schneider (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 1: Djemel Zitouni (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 2: Bastien Courbet (FRA)
      Fourth Official: Cédric Dos Santos (FRA)

      12 October 2019, 16:00 CET - Versailles (FRA)
      Referee: Jérémie Pignard (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 1: Erwan Finjean (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 2: Huseyin Ocak (FRA)
      Fourth Official: Aurélien Petit (FRA)

      13 October 2019, 15:00 CET - Mallemort (FRA)
      Referee: Sylvain Palhies (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 1: Laurent Coniglio (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 2: Yohann Larhant (FRA)
      Fourth Official: Arnaud Baert (FRA)

      13 October 2019, 19:00 CET - Amiens (FRA)
      Referee: Benoît Millot (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 1: Stephan Luzi (FRA)
      Assistant Referee 2: Aurélien Drouet (FRA)
      Fourth Official: Benjamin Lepaysant (FRA)

  12. Some clips from 1H of Norway - Spain game (Michael Oliver)

    => 5' Penalty appeal (holding)

    => 35' YC ESP No.19 - Reckless Stamp

    => 42' YC NOR No.7 - Late Tackle

    => 44' Penalty appeal (charging)

    Generally quite boring game for the refereeing with both nations playing nicely.

    1. Unneccessary/bad advantage in 35', good advantage in 42'.
      Both penalty appeals technically are fouls, but probably "not enough" for a clear penalty.

    2. Correct Penalty now by Oliver

  13. Excellent penalty decision by Karasev for handball against Greece

  14. 62': correct penalty and YC by Karasev for deliberate handball (blocking a shot on goal). Keeper was behind, however for some moments I had a certain feeling that straight RC for DOGSO could have been possible as well (ball could have entered directly the net, but one can't be sure).

    1. I had the same feeling Chefren about the possible RC at the penalty scene. Not a clear mistake, though.

  15. Penalty to Norway by Oliver. 90+3'

    1. I have to say this is an excellent penalty decision by Michael Oliver. Well done to him so late in the game under much pressure from the Spanish players.

  16. Clips of 2H of Norway - Spain game (Michael Oliver)

    => 60' YC ESP No.5 - Late Tackle

    => 80' Very weird procedure - referee makes 'no foul' gesture, NOR do not have an advantage after ESP No.15's handling, who is then cautioned at the next stoppage.
    Info from FO? Also wild dissent not punished here.

    => 81' YC ESP No.17 - Reckless Strike ; management / prevention

    => +92' Penalty and YC for reckless charge by ESP GK, optimal delayed whistle

    1. Michael Oliver as we know him - in the background, taking his decisions.

      + Very good penalty decision at +92'. Brave call, and simply perfect delayed whistle.
      + His key to success: reliable and predictable decision taker in foul detection and disciplinary control. He managed that again in this match.
      - He made a real mess of the scene at 80': what he did was pretty inexplicable
      - He should sort out a caution for dissent in the scenes at 80' and +92'

      -> His long-term point for development, which he himself has recognised.

      He needs to better connect with players in his international matches and develop his soft skills. I have the impression of a man who cannot decide if he wants to be players' friend or distant authority in his UEFA games.

      Still, he made a visible improvement in his mimics and gestures when I saw him this year (U20 WC, Trabzonspor - AEK Athína) - but his soft skills must improve if he wants to reach UEFA top.

    2. The procedure in 80' looks OK to me:
      Handball by Ramos, but NOR still running towards goal, therefore advantage
      Then a challenge, which Oliver evaluates as no foul.
      Finally, a YC to Ramos for the handball at the next opportunity.

    3. Thanks Philipp, I agree.

      Another question whether it was better to use delayed whistle than advantage - but for sure I did Oliver a disservice by calling what he did "inexplicable" :)

    4. Very good penalty. At 80', IMO he should have return to the foul (handball by Ramos) and gave a FK.

    5. I think It is the handball by Ramos that gave ESP N. 3 the chance to challenge the ball.

  17. So guys another two referees from England will be going to Euro 2020 for the second time...incredible record...

    Just as 2016 Clanternburg and Atkinson...

    I think Anthony Taylor and Michael oliver are really doing a good job...
    I expect them to be in Euro 2020 but still long way to go...
    They both deserve it....
    After missing out in world cup 2018...

  18. ITA - GRE Second good performance in a row from Karasev! (I watched him in UEL Feyenoord - Porto last week).
    2 correct YC in first half. Correct penalty + YC in second half.
    Hope he is recovering. Very likely an UCL appointment will follow.

  19. The drop ball incident from DENSUI mentioned by Unknown

  20. REFEREEING HIGHLIGHTS (Thank to Mikael W for his tremendous work!)

    BIHFIN (Kružliak)

    DENSUI (Kuĺbakoŭ)