Monday, 24 June 2019

Europa League 2019/20 - Preliminary Round - Referee Appointments for first legs

The following officials will handle the first legs of 2019/20 Europa League Preliminary Round.
27 June 2019, 19:30 CET - Differdange (Stade Municipal de la Ville de Differdange)
FC Progrès Niederkorn (LUX) - Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (WAL)
Referee: Luís Miguel do Nascimento Teixeira (AND)
Assistant Referee 1: Hugo Ricardo Jourdan Pereira (AND)
Assistant Referee 2: Joan Guiu Serra (AND)
Fourth Official: Pedro Filipe Carvalho da Costa (AND)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jari Maisonlahti (FIN)
UEFA Delegate: Wolfgang Thierrichter (AUT)

27 June 2019, 19:30 CET - Cardiff (Cardiff International Sports Stadium)
Barry Town United FC (WAL) - Cliftonville FC (NIR)
Referee: Jason Lee Barcelo (GIB)
Assistant Referee 1: Andrew Mario Parody (GIB)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Gómez Gordillo (ESP)
Fourth Official: Patrick Canepa (GIB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Nicolae Grigorescu (ROU)
UEFA Delegate: Pierino Lardi (SUI)
Delegate Trainee: Stephen Williams (WAL)

27 June 2019, 20:00 CET - Andorra la Vella (Estadi Comunal)
UE Sant Julià (AND) - Europa FC (GIB)
Referee: Dragan Petrović (BIH)
Assistant Referee 1: Sreten Udovičić (BIH)
Assistant Referee 2: Damir Lazić (BIH)
Fourth Official: Zoran Grbić (BIH)
UEFA Referee Observer: Igor Șațchii (MDA)
UEFA Delegate: Camelia Nicolae (ROU)

27 June 2019, 20:00 CET - Tórshavn (Gundadalur)
Klaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag (FRO) - SP Tre Fiori (SMR)
Referee: Robert Jenkins (WAL)
Assistant Referee 1: Ian Bird (WAL)
Assistant Referee 2: Martin Roberts (WAL)
Fourth Official: Bryn Markham-Jones (WAL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Eyjolfur Olafsson (ISL)
UEFA Delegate: Jean-François Crucke (BEL)

27 June 2019, 20:45 CET - Serravalle (San Marino Stadium)
SP La Fiorita (SMR) - UE Engordany (AND)
Referee: Christophe Pires Martins (LUX)
Assistant Referee 1: Daniel Da Costa (LUX)
Assistant Referee 2: Joaquim Daniel Da Silva Gomes (LUX)
Fourth Official: Frank Bourgnon (LUX)
UEFA Referee Observer: Plarent Kotherja (ALB)
UEFA Delegate: István Huszár (HUN)

27 June 2019, 20:45 CET - Ballymena (The Showgrounds)
Ballymena United FC (NIR) - NSÍ Runavík (FRO)
Referee: Athanásios Tzílos (GRE)
Assistant Referee 1: Chasán Koúla (GRE)
Assistant Referee 2: Vasílios Nikolakákis (GRE)
Fourth Official: Ioánnis Papadópoulos (GRE)
UEFA Referee Observer: John Ward (IRL)
UEFA Delegate: Emil Ubias (CZE)

27 June 2019, 20:45 CET - Pristina (Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri)
FC Prishtina (KOS) - St. Joseph's FC (GIB)
Referee: Helgi Mikael Jónasson (ISL)
Assistant Referee 1: Birkir Sigurðarson (ISL)
Assistant Referee 2: Bryngeir Valdimarsson (ISL)
Fourth Official: Þorvaldur Árnason (ISL)
UEFA Referee Observer: John Ferry (NIR)
UEFA Delegate: Markus Stenger (GER)
Delegate Trainee: Arianit Ahmeti (KOS)


  1. I decided that it would be least OT to post an analysis about Segunda División Playoffs here. Besides the first games of the Semifinal, I managed to watch each game, and perhaps my impressions can be useful in computing who RFEF-CTA should promote for next season.

    => It would seem that ostensibly César Soto Grado ensured a good refereeing in the Deportivo La Coruña 4–2 Málaga game. Same cannot be said for Juan Luis Pulido Santana in Mallorca 2–0 Albacete who made three crucial mistakes. Puildo Santana should have no chance, one can guess that Soto Grado only an outside one.

    1. => Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos handled the Málaga 0–1 Deportivo La Coruña game well. He operated a very good disciplinary control (after watching many matches at a FIFA level, what was a relief for me), which combined with a strong presence, were his keys for success in this game. After Bergantiños scored, he ensured the closing minutes passed without bigger problems. His biggest point for development can be his soft skills, which consisted of only really 'defending' his decisions, which would hold him back at a hypothetical UEFA-level, as an 1989-born promotion candidate this is sth to think about for him.
      If this game was a 'final exam' for him, surely Díaz de Mera can be said to have passed it.

    2. => Jorge Figueroa Vázquez took charge of the Albacete 1–0 Mallorca game. He can rest easy with his performance. What impressed me most was his ability to connect with the players thanks to his refined soft skills, talks and mimics, which was his key to success in this match. I was less satisfied with his disciplinary control, especially in the early minutes, he ignored a lot of misconducts without even giving verbal warnings; he stayed in the background and never 'took charge' of the match. Especially considering his great communicative ability, this can formulate his point for improvement going forward. Furthermore, he missed a RC for SFP in the 1H, not even a foul was called, but I'm pretty sure that everyone missed it, perhaps CTA observer included.
      Again, no bad performance, but one could expect a bit more from a promotion candidate.

    3. => Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez handled Deportivo La Coruña 2–0 Mallorca game. Surely, the hardest of all four matches I saw, with many conflicts and two very crucial decisions to be taken. I agree with RC for SFP after grotesque tackle - in any case, impossible to show a YC there after such an injury - reported by AR1 / FO. AR2 validated a goal after a 'chat' with the referee which was unnecessary and pointed more to appeasement and judicial proceedings than communicating the answer to a YES-NO situation, unless I missed sth in the meantime - GLT is very valuable, AR2 should be backed for this decision. A RC-SFP in the 2H was missed, again not a foul whistled, again likely missed by everyone. All of the eight YCs cards sorted out by Trujillo Suárez were right, his disciplinary control was excellent. Not the most natural match-manager, but he dealt with players effectively including some good verbal warnings early in the match; after Cartabia scored, it was impossible to not be a law-enforcer in such a game. My point for consideration would be focusing on his optic, it is okay to get stressed in the scene where AR2 gave the 2-0, but perhaps not so useful to scream at your FO when he calls you over to identify a team member who has committed a misconduct.
      To be honest his performance was pretty flawless and it even deeply impressed me, his key to success was just taking his decisions regardless of the chaos around him, focusing on getting each one right.

    4. => Finally, Valentín Pizarro Gómez handled Mallorca 3–0 Deportivo La Coruña game, where the Islanders pulled off a remarkable comeback to gain the final place in next season's La Liga. Headlines will all be discussing that, with referee's performance being just a footnote; the game was officiated well. A play on after a Deportivo penalty appeal in the opening minutes was very well seen- very easy to be deceived there. Staying in the background (but remaining alert), a calmer and more phlegmatic attitude accompanied by some good delayed whistles, he would find himself at home in English football. One could have the impression of a referee who just whistled to avoid trouble, but I think that is to misunderstand Pizarro Gómez - he was always ready to step him when necessary. One can call the first YC harsh, to be honest I think he detected a good moment to open the cards especially as we had reached 2H without one. His style worked really well for this game, which was generally focused on fair if passionate play. His soft skills are really solid without being a real strong point, having ordered Duarte back to him twice he should not have given up calling him back, although the caution was so clear it was not perhaps initially needed. His feeling of when to warn players, speak with them, was very good. I would ask him to consider whether some whistles for lighter contacts were actually necessary.
      One must say that this match was rather easier than the first leg, this also shouldn't take away from a very good performance by Pizarro Gómez in the decisive match of the season.

    5. -> Well, this leads me on to the final question: which TWO referees will be promoted to La Liga for next season?

      Firstly I should say that I was really impressed with the general level of officiating in the matches, and besides Pulido Santana's game, RFEF-CTA can certainly reflect on a successful officiating of the Segunda División playoffs.

      It is a shame that only a duo will be promoted, in the matches I watched, three very natural promotion contenders emerged: Pizarro Gómez, Trujillo Suárez and Díaz de Mera. Each showed skills that would, IMO, merit going up.
      One can only judge so much based on a single match, but the best performance I saw was by Trujillo Suárez, who was actually pretty immense in the Final 1st leg. He should be the first name for a (re)promotion. Then, personally, I would put Pizarro Gómez ahead of Díaz de Mera, but the latter's age and residence (Pizarro Gómez belongs to CT Madrileño) should work in his favour, and I think RFEF-CTA will take the 1989-born Castillian instead.

      Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez, 1983, Tinerfeño
      Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos, 1989, Castilla-La Mancha

    6. I saw second half of Mallorca-Deportivo and Pizarro Gómez really impressed me. International level.

  2. Dragan Petrovic is best bh. referee (after Peljto)

    1. Yes! I watched Bosnian Cup final Sarajevo-Brijeg, he was great.

    2. Good luck to him then. Maybe he earns some more matches and chance for promotion to 2nd category now that Peljto is in 1st.

  3. OT: Nicolas Rainville is officially relegated in Ligue 2. As mentioned before, Stéphanie Frappart and Jérémie Pignard are promoted in Ligue 1.

  4. Change of Observer
    Klaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag (FRO) - SP Tre Fiori (SMR)
    Eyjolfur Olafsson (ISL)

    Eyjolfur Olafsson (ISL)

  5. Can anybody explain why Rainville is removed from Ligue 1

    1. About Rainville: official reason is his amount of injuries (he is indeed very often injured). However, it is also a known fact that Rainville is pretty much against his hierarchy in the French refereeing department and everyone opposing Pascal Garibian, well, has to go. It's a ridiculous management by the French refereeing department, since appointments are made according to sympathy and not performances. Otherwise, one cannot explain how Karim Abed ever got his FIFA badge or how Florent Batta is kept in Ligue 1 after a catastrophical season, but Rainville (being a huge opponent of Garibian's methods, that Stéphane Lannoy described a few years ago as "autocratic").

      Same happens for top-flight referees: a few months ago, the refereeing department released a VAR audio from Nîmes-OM, where Benoît Bastien missed a penalty, because he restarted play too quick (despite the official info back in summer was that there was a problem with headsets). Bastien receives a huge backlash by fans and media and is appointed on the same weekend that the video came out to the derby OM-Nice. Garibian and co do everything to make sure that Turpin stays number 1 in France, and therefore are ready to do everything to get rid of everyone questioning too much the methods. If one reads Tony Chapron's book, it's not the first time that Garibian is doing that. Unfortunately, French refereeing is only about politics, sympathy and nepotism.


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