Tuesday, 11 June 2019

FIFA Under-20 World Cup Poland 2019 - Referee Appointments for Semifinals

The following officials have been appointed to officiate Semifinals at 2019 FIFA Under-20 World Cup.

Match 49 (Gdynia)
11 June 2019, 17:30 CET
Ukraine - Italy
Referee: Raphael Claus (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Bruno Raphael Pires (BRA)
Fourth Official: Ahmed Al-Kaf (OMA)
Fifth Official: Abu Bakar Al-Amri (OMA)
Video Assistant Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (BRA)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Jesús Noel Valenzuela Sáez (VEN)

Match 50 (Lublin)
11 June 2019, 20:30 CET
Ecuador - South Korea
Referee: Michael Oliver (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Bennett (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Stuart Burt (ENG)
Fourth Official: Daniel Siebert (GER)
Fifth Official: Rafael Foltyn (GER)
Video Assistant Referee: Alan Kelly (IRL)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (POL)


  1. Expected appointments for Oliver and Claus.Both with good/satisfied performances in the tournament.

    1. I would have to politely disagree about Claus, who showed no sophisticated or finer management skills in his games (sorry, it's not enough to whistle and always just run away), although he finished them without bigger problems.

      Rapallini, Taqi or Zitouni would have been more deserving choices, but this is FIFA refereeing where performances count for almost nothing (as one user encapsulated it: "a parody").

  2. Replies
    1. Possible, but also Ghorbal and Ndiaye and the referees mentioned by Mikael above could be good options.

  3. Chefren no info about final tournament u19?

  4. ROAD TO QATAR 2022



    MONGOLIA vs BRUNEI (2-0)
    Pnarjal Banarjee (India) - 8.2

    (+)08.25 (1-0 MGL)
    (-)28.30 wrong offside call AR1
    (-)61.10 BRN 6 yellow card/normal challenge to head the ball
    (+)68.30 (2-0 MGL)
    (-)89.30 MGL goal disallowed for an offensive faul / normal challenge to head the ball without using arms

    Good control, teamwork and fitness in a normal game.

    Shaun Evans (Australia) - 8.4

    (+)61.30 no penalty / GK touched the ball
    (+)80.30 (1-0 CAM)
    (+)83.20 (2-0 CAM)
    (+)91.05 CAM 8 yellow card for SPA

    Raining during the match.Challenging game with good control.Pakistan was the
    better side but home team won with late 2 goals.I still believe that Pakistan can be qualifier for the 2nd round.lt needs strong referee performance for the second leg.

    LAOS vs BANGLADESH (0-1)
    Ho Wai Sing (Hong Kong) - 8.4

    (+)62.20 LAOS yellow card for reckless
    (+)71.00 (0-1 BAN)
    (+)71.10 BAN 14 yellow card for goal celebrating
    (+)77.30 BAN 4 yellow card for reckless
    (+)82.20 BAN 12 yellow card for reckless
    (-)89.05 wrong offside call AR1

    Normal game and expected performance by the referee team.

    MACAO vs SRI LANKA (1-0)
    Kim Dae-Yong (Korea) - 8.4

    (+)27.40 MAC 16 yellow card for reckless
    (+)51.30 (1-0 MAC)
    (+)83.00 MAC 17 yellow card for reckless
    (+)85.30 MAC 15 yellow card for time wasting
    (+)90.20 MAC 10 yellow card for reckless

    Almost empty stadium.Good performance in a normal game.

    BHUTAN-GUAM (1-0)
    Omar Al-Yaqoubi (Omar) - 8.4

    (-)09.20 GUAM 12 should recieve a yellow card.He jumped in front of taker closer than 2 meters during the throw-in.Referee did no reaction
    (+)12.30 Correct IF delebrate pass to GK but it was taken from wrong place
    (+)34.50 (1-0 BHU)
    (+)42.40 BHU 8 yellow card for reckless
    (+)45+1 GUAM 13 yellow card for SPA
    (+)76.15 GUAM 4 yellow card.He entered the field of play and kick the ball without referee permission after his treatment outside.The game restarted correctly with DFK
    (+)86.50 BHU 17 yellow card for reckless

    It was a normal game.Referee did a good match but he needs to focus more.

    Sherzod Kasymov (Uzbekistan) - 8.2

    (-)08.50 MAS 2 should recieve yellow card for reckless
    (+)11.30 (1-0 MAS)
    (+)15.50 Correct penalty for MAS.Player missed the penalty.But what I don’t understand this AR2 raised his flag to help referee for penalty!No need it!
    (+)22.20 (2-0 MAS)
    (+)35.30 TLS 4 yellow card for pulling
    (+)42.15 (3-0 MAS)
    (+)44.55 (4-0 MAS)
    (-)45.40 MAS 3 should recieve a yellow card for reckless
    (+)50.10 Penalty appeal for TLS.Body contact but soft.Player easily fell down.Correct play on for me
    (+)51.15 (4-1 TSL)
    (-)58.10 (5-1 MAS..Better to disallowed goal.Offensive Faul/hand to face before the goal
    (+)60.20 penalty appeal for TSL.correct play on.more offensive faul
    (+)63.10 TLS 22 yellow card for reckless
    (+)67.10 MAS 5 yellow card for reckless
    (+)77.25 (6-1 MAS)
    (+)80.55 penalty appeal for MAS.Correct play on.No faul
    (+)88.45 (7-1 MAS)

    Not fair to critisies referee in this match.There is a big diference between two teams.Many sitiuations occured during the match.Easy on the paper but In reallty It was a Very challenging game.


    1. Wow, absolutely fascinating analysis, thank you so much RF!!

    2. Thank you Mikael W.I also appreciate it for your analyzes here in this blog.

    3. I'm astonished, I don't know how you manage to find the full games and watch them, let me praise you, it is an excellent work, please go on if you want in future, that's more than appreciated.

    4. Dear Chefren,
      It’s a pleasure to hear from you. I also would like to thank you and all readers for this blog.


  5. ....?? Oliver...?Seriously..ho......what happens FIFA's other Referee... why Oliver??

    1. What I have seen from him on this tournament, final would be justified. He was great IMO. But I dont think we will see uefa referee in final, maybe in third place match (Vincic maybe).

    2. What is the problem with Oliver? He has been very good so far.

    3. With Ukraine vs Italy in semi-final, we will have an European team in the final. So, IMO UEFA referee is excluded to referee the final.
      Unfortunately, because Oliver deserves it !!

    4. There is also the argument that he already officiated a FIFA Youth WC final: under 17 in 2015 in Chile.

    5. De Bleeckere and Hauge both did the U17s and U20s Finals. Vassaras did U17s and U23s (Olympics).

      But Oliver won't get a semi and the final. FIFA seems to want confederational neutrality this time. So it looks like Elfath or Ghorbal.

  6. Copa America 2019 - Brazil
    Group Phase

    Brazil - Bolivia

    Referee: Néstor Pitana (ARG)
    Assistant Referee 1: Hernan Maidana (ARG)
    Assistant Referee 2: Juan Belatti (ARG)
    Fourth Official: Roddy Zambrano (ECU)
    Video Assistant Referee: Patricio Loustau (ARG)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Fernando Rapallini (ARG)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2: Ezequiel Brailovsky (ARG)

    Venezuela - Peru

    Referee: Wilmar Roldán (COL)
    Assistant Referee 1: Alexander Guzmán (COL)
    Assistant Referee 2: Jhon León (COL)
    Fourth Official: Carlos Orbe (ECU)
    Video Assistant Referee: Leodan Gonzalez (URU)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Andrés Rojas (COL)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2:Christian Lescano (ECU)

    Argentina - Colombia

    Referee: Roberto Tobar (CHI)
    Assistant Referee 1: Christian Schiemann (CHI)
    Assistant Referee 2: Claudio Rios (CHI)
    Fourth Official: Alexis Herrera (VEN)
    Video Assistant Referee: Julio Bascuñán (CHI)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 1: Piero Maza (CHI)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee 2:Nicolás Taran (URU)

    1. Fist "big" match in the tournament goes to Chile's Tobar. He's been a busy man this season. He is highly trusted by the CONMEBOL Ref Comm. Barring anything unexpected, he will be the man representing Chile in Qatar

  7. Nestor Pitana to handle the opening match between Brazil and Bolivia

  8. Second YC by Raphael Claus to Ukraine for reckless elbow.
    I need to rewatch the incident, I'm in doubt between careless and reckless.

    1. He called and cautioned (Italy) for it early in the match at 13 seconds. He maintained the same line and gave the Ukrainian player his 2nd caution for the same type of action.

  9. Very decisive VAR intervention in 90'+1 to disallow 1-1 by Italy.
    OFR and foul whistled by referee: illegal use of arm / elbow before a wonderful goal scored.
    Is the contact significant for making a "clear and obvious mistake"?
    However, the call is consistent with the previous one that cost second YC to Ukraine.

    1. He even was about to whistle himself, you can see it on the replay. Reckless use of arms would be one story of this match. He had not a very clear line when it came to that.

    2. I agree. The fact that he was about to whistle is an argument against OFR, because referee saw the situation, incident was not missed. One can say he saw wrongly, but still...
      After having rewatched it, I say: for me to call foul is OK, but not worthy of VAR intervention.

    3. You answer your question Chefren it's clear and obvious because it's a foul and we shoundt debate the whole clear and obvious issue again. Obviously it wasn't so clear the foul but we can establish irrespective of the fact that it's minimal but definitely a foul

    4. So if the incident happened the other way, @Chiagozie, you would award a penalty?

      The VAR era is still evolving. There are many issues. But the biggest issue is this:

      Some people think "clearly wrong" applies to the objectivity of the foul. For these people, if video proves conclusively that a foul occurred (or did not occur) then the VAR should intervene.

      Others think the "clearly wrong" mantra falls into the theme of "what does football expect?" that is supposed to guide the Laws now. In other words, if you re-examine an incident with video and it is a situation where "everybody knows" that is supposed to be called (or not called) then the VAR should intervene. People who fall in this camp, like Chefren, believe there can be "clear fouls" missed but it's not "clearly wrong" to not call them.

      It seems like some people on this site and maybe a lot of German VARs fall in the former camp. In the United States, I know Howard Webb is teaching the latter camp. The threshold for a "clearly wrong" intervention is supposed to be higher than just asking the question "was it a foul?"

      In my opinion, Claus should have just called it during dynamic play. It was a foul. It was consistent with the 2YC earlier. Just blow the whistle and call the foul. He didn't. And you don't get to re-referee every foul. And no VAR and referee would have given this as a penalty if the situation was reversed.

      There's no right answer here. And that's the problem. VAR was supposed to SOLVE things and reduce controversies. Instead, it's added a second layer of subjectivity and created more controversy.

    5. IMO it should be simple as that was done in UKR-ITA. Foul? Yes. And VAR HAS TO intervene if there is a foul.

      Setting the threshold higher is a very dangerous precedence as it will be very subjective which foul(!) is clear and obvious. Don't make things difficult...

    6. To answer your question usaref with all honesty I would not give that as a penalty. There is a precedence set here that if there is an OFR most decisions aren't upheld. Now the problem comes from The VAR and there would be a huge uproar if Claus goes to review and doesn't give a free kick but if the game goes on without no intervention no one would complain. So if an elite is given a match to officiate and a category 1 referees are VAR there is always subjectivity with regards to thier experience and a large difference why it's the elite officiating the match and cat 1 sitting in VAR. If someone like Kuipers sitting on the chair I feel he won't call Claus. And after an OFR there is a usual pressure for refereees to reverse thier decision that in a normal circumstances they will see such incidents as negligible

    7. For me it is a clear and obvious mistake (i.e. relevant for VAR), if nobody or nearly nobody (say less than 10%) of people with sufficient refereeing knowledge think, that the decision was correct.
      So it can be clearly wrong in my opinion, but I would still not expect a VAR intervention, if I see that several people think, the decision is OK.
      On the other hand, I can think, it's a rather wrong, but still acceptable call, and still consider it a clear and obvious mistake, if I notice, that everyone thinks, it was a bad decision.

      Not sure about the German VARs: There were several situations in the Bundesliga season, where I would have wished an intervention by the conditions, which I mentioned, but nothing happened. Often because it was not clear and obvious enough for them - especially when the referee had a very good view on it.
      However they seem to pay more attention to the "missed incident" factor and often recommend a review, if the referee missed something important, even if it is not a clear mistake.

    8. He set the "line" early at 13 seconds in regards to these type of incidents. He followed that "line" when he gave the Ukrainian player his second caution. And he maintained that "line" when he disallowed the goal.

      I applaud Claus for setting his "line" and following it throughout the entire match. Too many referee's are all over the place in regards to their foul detection and disciplinary control.

  10. Video of the incident:
    01:32 it would be nice to hear more opinions...

    1. Foul and correct VAR intervention. This kind of situation does not have as much room for interpretation as others such as holdings. There is a clear impact on the face, something that hurts quite a bit and therefore impides the defender to keep going.

    2. Maybe the referee already had a strong suspicion about the foul, but did not see the contact itself. Then it still is a "missed incident". If the referee had seen the contact, but assessed it as no foul, the OFR is more questionable.

    3. I agree with George and our last anonymous, this is a situation where the VAR HAS to intervene, I just cannot see the scope where they shouldn't call referee to an OFR in this situation, the foul is OBJECTIVELY clear (ie. it's a foul).

      To follow the discussion below the previous comment, I agree with anonymous that we are walking on very dangerous lines. Such relativisation is very dangerous for football and refereeing, in my opinion. To me it seems, we are moving further and further away from a constant objective reality in refereeing, where each situation in each match is viewed in a totally ad hoc way. We are already heading very quickly towards that: in FIFA refereeing conceptually (!) missed YCs actually do not exist, they are not a thing. If we then must decide between what are clear fouls, clear fouls! and CLEAR FOULS!! on an objective level, then we start to lose reality even more. Maybe then we have to relativise the difference between a CLEAR FOUL!! and a REALLY CLEAR FOUL!! is. And then what stops us differentiating between a REALLY CLEAR FOUL!! and a REALLY, REALLY CLEAR FOUL!!! before we intervene.

      I take the argument to abserdium but I hope that I illustrate my point.

      I only say we should be very careful before refereeing as a function becomes sth exclusively executed in grey areas.

    4. Totally agree last anonymous, George and Mikael W. IMO the "clear and obvious" must be taken out from the protocol!

  11. OT: Mateu Lahoz will be live in "El Hormiguero" in a few minutes. I don't know if this link works outside Spain, but if you are interested, give it a try! https://www.atresplayer.com/directos/antena3/

  12. Predictions:

    Ukraine - South Korea
    Ismail Elfath

    Italy - Ecuador
    Mustapha Ghorbal

    1. Mine are
      ITA-ECU: Taqi, Kiat, Hasim (all SIN), Ghorbal (ALG) - Martinez (ESP), Vargas (BOL)
      UKR-KOR: Elfath, Atkins, Parker (all USA), Guerrero (MEX) - Soares Dias (POR), Al-Marri (QAT)

  13. How did Michael Oliver go in his semi-final?

  14. 38th minute
    To me there is no foul on the call that leads to Korea's 1st goal. Oliver initially correctly 'plays on" after an Ecuadorian handling because Korea maintains possession. But then an Ecuadorian player disposes the Korean player with what IMO is a clean ball winning sliding tackle.

  15. 56th minute
    Oliver correctly cautions an Ecuadorian player for a reckless foul. The player attempted a bicycle kick but he completely missed the ball and ended up kicking the Korean player in the jaw.

  16. 58th minute
    Another Ecuadorian player cautioned for a reckless foul. The player recklessly jumped/charged into a Korean player after the Korean player had passed the ball.

  17. 61st minute
    Korean player correctly cautioned for delaying the restart. The Korean player kicked the ball away from the Ecuadorian players after his teammate had been whistled for a foul

  18. 69th minute
    VAR review for a possible red card.
    Ecuadorian player shields the ball over the goal line with a Korean player tightly on his back. As the players bodies become intertwined and they tumble to the ground. But as the players are falling it looks like the Ecuadorian player IMO, intentionally "stamps" on the back of the Koreans leg. But in the end it all came to nothing.

  19. 86th minute
    Korean goal correctly disallowed for offside. AR1 in accordance with VAR protocol maintained flag down until the play ended. AR1 decision was confirmed and upheld after VAR review.

  20. 90+3
    Ecuadorian goal correctly disallowed for offside in the build up prior to the final play in which the goal was scored.

    Had only that Ecuadorian player stood still and allowed his teammate who was onside get to that initial pass. The goal would have counted.

  21. For me my prediction for the final FIFA u20 is Ismail Elfath USA I think he deserve it...

  22. Ukraine - South Korea

    Referee: Ismail Elfath (USA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Kyle Atkins (USA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Corey Parker (USA)
    Fourth Official: Abdelkader Zitouni (TAH)
    Fifth Official: Folio Moeaki (TGA)
    Video Assistant Referee: Alan Kelly (IRL)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Pawel Raczkowski (POL)