Tuesday, 20 August 2019

2019-20 UEFA Champions League - Play-Offs (First Legs, I) - Referee appointments

Referee appointments for 2019-20 Champions League Play-Offs, First Legs, Tuesday's games. 

20 August 2019, 21:00 CET - Cluj-Napoca (Stadionul Dr. Constantin Rădulescu)
CFR Cluj 1907 Cluj (ROU) - SK Slavia Praha (CZE)
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Fourth Official: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Video Assistant Referee: Mete Kalkavan (TUR)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Ali Palabıyık (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Eugen Strigel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Thibault De Gendt (BEL)

20 August 2019, 21:00 CET - Nicosia (Stádio GSP)
Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Pau Cebrián Devís (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP)
Fourth Official: José Luis Munuera Montero (ESP)
Video Assistant Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea (ESP)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Iveta Bankova (BUL)

20 August 2019, 21:00 CET - Linz (Stadion der Stadt Linz)
Linzer ASK (AUT) - Club Brugge (BEL)
Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Paweł Sokolnicki (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Tomasz Listkiewicz (POL)
Fourth Official: Tomasz Musiał (POL)
Video Assistant Referee: Pawel Gil (POL)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Bartosz Frankowski (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Herbert Fandel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Graham Hover (ENG)


  1. As first remark, we can underline that all VAR and AVAR are from the same country of appointed referees. This was expected for Mateu Lahoz, but not for Çakır and Marciniak, they had different VARs in past.
    I would say a forced change after KO stage, in which there were "mixed teams". This will help in making appointments, for sure.

    1. However, even more referees are needed now than in the AAR system. That cojld be a problem for countries like Latvia or Slovakia...

    2. However Turkey and Poland have VAR in their league. I assume, referees from countries withouth VAR (e.g. Hategan) still will get a VAR duo from another country.

      The three VARs from this set all are very unlikely to get CL matches themselves this season and two of them in a lower category than the AVAR. Maybe they try to have fixed referee - VAR pairs as much as possible.

  2. Wednesday's observers:

    Dinamo Zagreb - Rosenborg
    Oğuz Sarvan (TUR)

    Young Boys - Crvena zvezda
    Kýros Vasáras (GRE)

    Olympiacos - Krasnodar
    Emil Božinovski (MKD)

  3. Elite Kulbakov also will suffer with mixed VAR team for him. Hardly imagine to have VARs from Belarus

  4. Oliver Langford, originally appointed as fourth official, is making his Premier League debut in Chelsea - Leicester at the moment. The reason for this is that the originally appointed referee, Graham Scott, was stuck in traffic after a major car crash.

    1. A bit strange to me, that Premier League referees don't travel to the venue the day before to exclude such problems (and to reduce the stress on the matchday). I know, he was VAR yesterday, but he still could have travelled in the evening.

    2. He has a decent game, but is very far from the game sometimes.
      Interesting that both assistants raised the flags for offside immideatly in OGSO and didn't delayed the flags. Seems like they struggle to apply the procedure...
      Also it's weird that they didn't caution Perez when he was substituted out, he ran nearly from the opposite corner flag to the benches when it's 1-1 in the 80th minute.

    3. Regarding the not delayed flag - directives from PGMOL are to signal offsides as normal (ie. without VAR) and the delay will be administered by the referee who will wait to blow his whistle in case of OGSO.

      Again, more Anglo-centric arrogance (we know better!) and a real mess created by PGMOL who do everything possible to "favour football" that makes their VAR project ridiculous.

      How was Langford in general?

    4. In Spain, a referee never has referee work and VAR work in the same weekend, maybe 2 or 3 as VAR but no more.

      Indeed, referees travel to the venue the day before.

    5. I must say he was in the shadow because the game was very pulsating and entertaining.
      The thing is he also forgot to delay the whistle in 2-3 cases, so he was lucky not to have trouble of that.
      I think his fitness is just not enough. Very far from action, and I don't remember for a single fast run. So kind of an old style of English refereeing. Little bit reminded me to Jon Moss or actually Graham Scott.

    6. Regarding travel, one should note that Scott is from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, which is just west of London. I don't know how PGMOL would have handled this with another ref, but in his case I understand that there was no need to keep him in west London over night.

    7. Apparently, it would have been necessary... ;)
      I think it makes a lot of sense, if the whole referee team meets a day before the match in a hotel near the venue. Then they can spend the evening and the next morning together and prepare in detail for the match. And they don't have any travel stress during the matchday.
      With professional / full-time referees working there, I would have expected that in the Premier League. They have all the time (if not appointed for another match) and costs for the hotels should not really be a problem in that league.

  5. Any info about Porras Ayuso performance in Mallorca - Eibar yesterday?

    1. I think she had no problem at all.

      Highlights of the match (she's AR2)


  6. OT:

    Expected level from César Soto Grado in his debut match Alavés-Levante, easy game for him.

  7. Straight RC for DOGSO for Betis goalkeeper by Jaime Latre at 7'.

    I don't have video of it.

    1. https://streamja.com/PENk

    2. Supportable decision to issue RC for DOGSO, however I think YC for SPA better decision. NO VAR intervention is correct.

    3. I'm good with DOGSO RC here. At the moment of the tackle, the attacking player has a step (maybe two) to PASS that ball into the empty goal.

      There's a defender, but the defender is about 1m beyond the GK, just entering the penalty area right in the centre.

      This is about as clear-cut a DOGSO RC as you can get for a goalkeeper outside his penalty area.

    4. Moment of truth is at the 47s mark, the side-on replay, just as the GK's tackle makes contact with the attacker.

  8. Today in Bundesliga, Union - Leipzig, a goal was disallowed for handball by VAR without OFR. So this does not seem to be a Premier League speciality.
    As I mentioned before, it makes sense to me to handle it as factual decision.

    1. We will see in serie A... I'm against that.

  9. OT:
    Penalty or not. For me 50-50.

  10. which referee appointment is possible for the first playoffgame from young boys bern and crvena zvezda?

    1. Vassaras excludes Hategan and makes the very experienced ones less likely. So it could be e.g. Turpin, Zwayer or del Cerro Grande. But a lot more are possible.

  11. OT: Another RC in LaLiga for SFP after VAR review--same as Modric situation from yesterday.

  12. IMO, Guillermo Cuadra Fernández has been excellent for now in Atlético Madrid-Getafe. Showing great character and charisma in a challenging and tough match (Atlético and Getafe are always difficult teams to referee).

    Many cards issued, he corretly sent off Molina for a similar situation to Modric's one ('innocent' stamp in Achilles heel while trying to stop the attacker, he previously awarded YC for SPA, upgraded to RC after VAR review) and now 2 correct consecutive YC for Renan Lodi (1st one for SPA and 2nd one for reckless arm).

    1. Considering the RC given for the same action in two separate occasions, does this mean that Gil Manzano and Prieto Iglesias made a mistake yesterday? The same thing happened there and he only gave a YC--no VAR review. I think so.

    2. I think so. Or at least their VARs, it's difficult to spot live.

    3. Now right penalty given for Athletico after an excellent given advantage.

    4. Gil Manzano had Prieto Iglesias as VAR. Gil Manzano completely missed the foul, corner kick (I think) was given. Given the example from today, Prieto Iglesias made a very clear mistake… and it is really not good for him to miss that in the first weekend of the season.

      I could not watch tonight's game, but Cuadra Fernández was already very solid last season.

    5. I liked his performance very much.

      He makes the impression of being very mature and self-confident, after his 1st season in LaLiga he's already confirmed as future FIFA and seems to have the confidence of CTA-RFEF being appointed for this match (both teams from Madrid, playing European competition and 'difficult' to referee).

      One of my favourites so far.

  13. Makkelie appointed for Young Boys-Crvena Zvezda. Kamphuis VAR, Vam Boekel AVAR.

  14. penalty? for me stormfoul. http://ig-schiedsrichter.de/strafstoss-fuer-heidenheim/

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    1. I refer you to our statement in July.

      "We will NEVER tolerate anybody using this blog to play politics and we will ALWAYS act against such comments."

    2. What is the definition of "play politics"? Are suddenly no comments about Norwegian refereeing allowed? What type of comments? And why only Norway?

    3. Again, I refer you to our statement in July.

      If you wish to speak with us - no problem - reach us on the contact form.

      But not in the comment space.

  16. Friday 23 August
    AVL 15:00 EVE
    Referee: Michael Oliver
    Assistants: Stuart Burt; Simon Bennett
    Fourth official: Graham Scott
    VAR: Chris Kavanagh
    Assistant VAR: Stephen Child

    Saturday 24 August
    NOR 07:30 CHE
    Referee: Martin Atkinson
    Assistants: Constantine Hatzidakis; Harry Lennard Fourth official: Keith Stroud
    VAR: Andre Marriner
    Assistant VAR: Scott Ledger

    Saturday 24 August
    BHA 10:00 SOU
    Referee: Kevin Friend
    Assistants: Matthew Wilkes; Andy Garratt
    Fourth official: Oli Langford
    VAR: Lee Mason
    Assistant VAR: Mark Scholes

    Saturday 24 August
    MUN 10:00 CRY
    Referee: Paul Tierney
    Assistants: Eddie Smart; Adrian Holmes
    Fourth official: Mike Dean
    VAR: Craig Pawson
    Assistant VAR: Dan Robathan

    Saturday 24 August
    SHU 10:00 LEI
    Referee: Andy Madley
    Assistants: Richard West; Peter Kirkup
    Fourth official: Neil Hair
    VAR: Michael Oliver
    Assistant VAR: Darren Cann

    Saturday 24 August
    WAT 10:00 WHU
    Referee: Chris Kavanagh
    Assistants: Dan Cook; Sian Massey-Ellis
    Fourth official: Darren Bond
    VAR: Jarred Gillett
    Assistant VAR: Stephen Child

    Saturday 24 August
    LIV 12:30 ARS
    Referee: Anthony Taylor (pictured)
    Assistants: Gary Beswick; Adam Nunn
    Fourth official: Jonathan Moss
    VAR: Stuart Attwell
    Assistant VAR: Andy Halliday

    Sunday 25 August
    BOU 09:00 MCI
    Referee: Andre Marriner
    Assistants: Scott Ledger; Simon Long
    Fourth official: Simon Hooper
    VAR: Kevin Friend
    Assistant VAR: Matthew Wilkes

    Sunday 25 August
    TOT 11:30 NEW
    Referee: Mike Dean
    Assistants: Dan Robathan; Mark Scholes
    Fourth official: Graham Scott
    VAR: Anthony Taylor
    Assistant VAR: Gary Beswick

    Sunday 25 August
    WOL 11:30 BUR
    Referee: Craig Pawson
    Assistants: Lee Betts; Ian Hussin
    Fourth official: Alan Young
    VAR: Peter Bankes
    Assistant VAR: Andy Halliday

    Anthony Taylor with the best match (on paper)—his 2nd top clash this season... Also maybe we can expect that Taylor-Atwell Ref/Var pairing in the champions league this season.

  17. Minute 7' in Linz - Brugge penalty by Marciniak, but in my opinion player looked to be in offside. It must be rewatched, maybe I missed something. Long time before confirmation by VAR.

    1. Replay confirmed an excellent ONSIDE by AR2. I praise the official, very good start for Marciniak, due to camera angle it looked offside but I was wrong!

    2. I think incorrect decision. For me, OFFSIDE.

    3. For me is offside. My opinion.

    4. For me picture shows little offside..

    5. For me also offside, I do not know why VAR does not intervene.

    6. Polish commentator on Polsat Sport said: VAR referee cannot see a color line. This is available on spectators on TV. For me is offside.

    7. Indeed the VOL shows that the attacking (black) player was offside. Extremely big mistake from VAR to not intervene in a factually wrong decision. Hadn't seen something like that until now. The only explanation, although unbelievable, I can find is that the video match officials tried to be very fast and simply failed to identify that it's the attacker's line that's closer to the goal. Unbelievable mistake. This leads to my suggestion for a (minor but important) technology improvement: a signal in the VAR (light and/or recorded voice) that announces to the video match officials if it's offside or not after the VOL have been draw. This feature seemed completely unnecessary until now but if such mistakes can happen, something must be done to avoid the same ones in the future... he simply looked at the wrong line...:(

    8. VAR made a mistake, they looked at the blue line lol

    9. Correcting my mistakes:
      * ...a signal in the VOR...
      * drawn
      Replying to PolishReferee:
      He's COMPLETELY wrong! Commentators who don't know anything about VAR and keep talking about it like if they know all are anoying me so much. Of course video match officials see the lines. At https://football-technology.fifa.com/en/media-tiles/the-virtual-offside-line/ you can find out how the virtual offside line (VOL) work. ;)

    10. Video of the penalty incident:

      This frame has been shown in 45+2'. This time it's onside according to the virtual lines. Big chaos...

  18. Lahoz already with 3 correct YC against ajax in the first 20 minutes.

  19. Apart from the offside issue, not important to discuss in terms of refereeing, I had the perception of a good officiating by Marciniak in first half. There are some situations to be rewatched that maybe could have been YCs, but basically he got everything right with an excellent start of the game. Very quick whistle for clear penalty, then after that a good decision to give advantage and then to book a player for a previous foul (surely reckless). Game not that difficult / intense, but surely OK so far, waiting for further info about the offside.
    Both assistant referees made other calls, but it is impossible to judge as replays were not shown, we must trust them.
    We will see second half.

  20. An excellent first half by Cüneyt Cakir in Romania.

    Excellent foul detecion,communication with players and fitness conditions.

    Assistent referees Duran and Ongun with correct offside/onside decisions and good communication with Mr.Cakir.

    Four correct no penalty calls and three fully deserved YCs in minutes 31' & 43' & 45'.

    The 0-1 for Slavia Praha was correct given (goalkepper was influenced by defender?).
    In my opinion correct onside call by AR2 because one replay show that the player was not offside because the defender was running forwards.

  21. More challenging start of second half for Marciniak.
    A few seconds after kick off (46') a penalty appeal by Brugge, supportable to play on. VAR backed referee.
    50': good application of delayed whistle technique, Marciniak waited for a possible advantage and then whistled a clear foul at the edge of penalty area with a clear YC. This decision is another signal of the old Marciniak we know.
    53': clear YC for reckless and dangerous tackle, close to sideline, despite of having hit the ball, good alertness by referee.

  22. Now the signal has gone for a while due to bad weather conditions - again I want to repeat that it is impossible to judge ARs work because there aren't offside replays at all.

  23. Correct second YC for Ajax

  24. 80' Correct 2nd YC for Mazraoui (Ajax). Close to SFP.

  25. Correct penalty for Cluj?!?!

    1. Yes,correct penalty for Cluj and VAR Mete Kalkavan supported the decision.

    2. But one replay show that the goalkeeper was not on the line with one foot.

    3. Correct penalty. Even if the GK wasn't on the line, VAR was totally correct to not intervene as the recommendation for the new UEFA season is to intervene only in cases of 'clear, obvious and blatant encroachment' (Rosetti told that during the press conference before the Super Cup). This definitely wasn't the case. So correct decision to not intervene.
      But I have to note that I don't like this recommendation. It's not normal that FIFA does it (at least did at WWC) one way while UEFA does it another way. There must be consistency -
      IMO UEFA should apply the same procedure as FIFA did in the WWC because the LOTG are the LOTG and they must be enforced as they are written. If we want to allow some encroachment (I don't), we have to somehow adjust the laws.

    4. I don't know, I don't like this penalty calls. About goalkeeper's foot: it was very clear that gk was with both his feet in front of the line. If there is VAR, and there is - this penalty had to be repeated. The rule is that one foot has to be on the line. Why VAR didn't follow that simple rule?

    5. Because, as I said, the recommendation from UEFA is to intervene only in cases of blatant encroachment. So this penalty was correctly not retaken (same as in Super Cup). Although, again, I don't like this recommendation.

    6. This recommendation is a piece of sh*t, sorry. Another issue of further relativism in refereeing. Absurd.

    7. If this guideline to intervene only in case of blatant situations is true, then it is a full nonsense to keep this rule.

    8. The same guideline has been given for the Bundesliga.
      The reason is that most people did not like the strict interpretation at the WWC.
      Practically this should mean nearly no VAR interventions, because blatant offences should be seen by the AR.

    9. It is true, you can have a look at Rosetti talking about it in the press conference before the Super Cup here: https://youtu.be/ND0_-bmYe90?t=2174

  26. Excellent performance by Cüneyt Cakir. Full acceptance by players and team officals and all important scenes correct evaluated.
    All six YCs were fully deserved,one correct penalty and the goal given for Praha.

  27. I can report a very good performance by Antonio Mateu Lahoz in the APOEL - Ajax game.

    Full report to follow in due course.

    1. Agree. Mateu Lahoz was very underestimated referee on the blogs, but in last 2 years he showed very good form. I like his way of refereeing. I watched him live last year in Crvena zvezda-Liverpool and he was perfect that night. So was tonight in one demanding match with lot of fouls and YCs (and one easy second YC).

    2. With good performances and withot any new surprise by Rosetti and co. he will be a possible candidate for CL Final.

  28. So it was good evening from referees.

  29. Still about Marciniak, my last comment: all the rest of cards he issued in second part of second half were fully correct, disciplinary control was almost faultless. So the only issue seems to be about that offside call.
    There was a penalty appeal by LASK Linz in 85', Marciniak played on, also in this case the decision is at least supportable if not 100% correct (I must rewatch carefully, it is for sure something mutual). VAR supported and this was correct.
    Both assistant referees with many, many calls, but only a few were shown as replays, and in all these cases, everything was correct.
    For me Marciniak full expected level, on next days I will post some videos if nobody will do that before me.
    As I said, especially 16' and 51' bookings are signals of the old Marciniak.


    02' - illegal use of arm missed

    07' - PENALTY CLUB BRUGGE; possible offside

    15' - possible YC LASK No7 (kick)

    16' - YC LASK No7 (reckless tackle, after advantage)

    19' - illegal use of arm missed

    23' - POSSIBLE 2ND YC LASK NO7 (illegal use of arm / SPA)

    32' - possible YC BRU No77 (illegal use of arm)

    41' - non-existent attacker's foul whistled


    51' - YC LASK No18 (reckless trip/kick, persistent)

    53' - YC BRU No77 (reckless tackle)

    72' - YC LASK No6 (SPA/holding)

    79' - YC LASK No28 (SPA)


    1. Will watch them all back. Thanks for the links.

      Do you watch the EL as well? First yellow for Limassol defender against PSV. It's quite clear, but would be useful in a case study.

  31. Second YC AJX No12 for trailing leg tackle, close to SFP.


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