Tuesday, 6 August 2019

2019-20 UEFA Champions League - Third qualifying round (First Legs)

Referee appointments for 2019-20 Champions League Third Qualifying Round, first legs.  

6 August 2019, 19:00 CET - Nicosia (Stádio GSP)
APOEL FC (CYP) - Qarabağ FK (AZE)
Referee: Davide Massa (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Fabiano Preti (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Alberto Tegoni (ITA)
Fourth Official: Rosario Abisso (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vladimir Antonov (MDA)
UEFA Delegate: Romano Clavedetscher (SUI)

6 August 2019, 19:00 CET - Thessaloniki (Stádio Toúmbas)
Referee: Slavko Vinčič (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Tomaž Klančnik (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Andraž Kovačič (SVN)
Fourth Official: Rade Obrenovič (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Fröjdfeldt (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Balázs Makray (HUN)
Security Officer: Vlado Glođović (SRB)

6 August 2019, 20:00 CET - Zagreb (Stadion Maksimir)
GNK Dinamo (CRO) - Ferencvárosi TC (HUN)
Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Michał Obukowicz (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Radosław Siejka (POL)
Fourth Official: Tomasz Musiał (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Manuel de Melo Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Zavrl (SVN)
Delegate Trainee: Aléxandros Dédes (GRE)

6 August 2019, 20:30 CET - Bruges (Jan Breydelstadion)
Club Brugge (BEL) - FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: José Enrique Naranjo Pérez (ESP)
Fourth Official: Pablo González Fuertes (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Darko Čeferin (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Anthony Bloch (ENG)
Mentor for Delegate: Panagiotis Chatzialexiou (GER)
Security Officer: Michael Kuchenbecker (GER)

6 August 2019, 20:45 CET - Belgrade (Stadion Rajko Mitić)
FK Crvena Zvezda (SRB) - FC København (DEN)
Referee: Tiago Bruno Lopes Martins (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Rui Miguel Martins Teixeira (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Pedro Miguel Almeida de Mota (POR)
Fourth Official: André Filipe Domingues da Silva Narciso (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Ichko Lozev (BUL)
UEFA Delegate: Martin Sturkenboom (NED)

7 August 2019, 19:00 CET - Krasnodar (Stadion "Krasnodar")
FC Krasnodar (RUS) - FC Porto (POR)
Referee: Tobias Stieler (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Christian Gittelmann (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Rafael Foltyn (GER)
Fourth Official: Christian Dingert (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer: Karen Nalbandyan (ARM)
UEFA Delegate: Loukás Siótropos (GRE)
Delegate Trainee: Ani Gevorgyan (RUS)

7 August 2019, 19:45 CET - Istanbul (3. İstanbul Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadyumu)
Medipol Başakşehir FK (TUR) - Olympiakós FC (GRE)
Referee: Orel Grinfeld (ISR)
Assistant Referee 1: Roi Hasan (ISR)
Assistant Referee 2: Idan Yarkoni (ISR)
Fourth Official: Eitan Shmuelevitz (ISR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Tomasz Mikulski (POL)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)

7 August 2019, 20:00 CET - Cluj-Napoca (Stadionul Dr. Constantin Rădulescu)
CFR 1907 Cluj (ROU) - Celtic FC (SCO)
Referee: Srđan Jovanović (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Uroš Stojković (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Milan Mihajlović (SRB)
Fourth Official: Novak Simović (SRB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Francesco Bianchi (SUI)
UEFA Delegate: Matthew Paris (MLT)

7 August 2019, 20:00 CET - Basel (St. Jakob-Park)
FC Basel 1893 (SUI) - LASK (AUT)
Referee: Andreas Ekberg (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mehmet Culum (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Hallberg (SWE)
Fourth Official: Kristoffer Karlsson (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Juan Antonio Fernández Marín (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Ronit Glasman (ISR)

7 August 2019, 20:15 CET - Maribor (Stadion Ljudski Vrt)
NK Maribor (SVN) - Rosenborg BK (NOR)
Referee: François Letexier (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Cyril Mugnier (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mehdi Rahmouni (FRA)
Fourth Official: Willy Delajod (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Levan Paniashvili (GEO)
UEFA Delegate: Jovan Šurbatović (SRB)


  1. I really like the appointment on PAOK - AJAX.

  2. A question to Daniel G.
    You wrote about Kairat - Hapoel Beer Sheva EL game, possible second YC for a player.
    I found this video:
    Early 28 minutes are missing but then there is all the rest.
    I found the situation a few minutes before wrongly disallowed goal by AR1, and indeed it is a mistake (player in regular position), but I ask can you say more about the player who should have been sent off?
    Maybe there is a previous situation in which it looked he had been booked by referee?
    94' YC to #7 KAI
    96' Wrongly disallowed goal AR1
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Well, I watched a whole first half again (originally I joined from '44), and it looks like misunderstanding by the commentators - a YC to #14 was mistakenly "given" by them to #7. Well, I had to check it out before - my fault...
      BTW, a goal by HBS at '63 was almost disallowed - AR1 raised his flag, but in this case the ref correctly overruled him.

  3. OT

    No VAR and already one crucial mistake for Benoit Bastien’s team in PSG v Rennes (Trophée des Champions)...

    1. Offside goal? Missed penalty?

    2. Tight offside goal. But no consequence for the final result, and that's the most important.

    3. I did not watch the entire game but this is the only interesting episode that occurred during 2nd half... good no penalty IMO although very risky tackle! 
      However, I don't think WCReferee was referring to this specific episode, which happened later on at 66'


    4. @Osborne Indeed very good no PK at 66’, although the tackle was very risky (the player was an attacker :D)
      The goal occured at 13’

    5. Bastien can be happy with his performance, he had full control and acceptance until the end. I cannot comment about the offside, as I only start to watch later

    6. Agree. Very good performance by Bastien (as often) apart from the (tight) offside situation.

  4. Can anyone write sth about Paweł Raczkowski? His form, refereeing style, past games in EL and CL if you watched them?

    1. He was deemed as a talent some years ago but after a very poor performance in Fenerbahçe v Krasnodar he never pulled himself together. He keeps being appointed for big games in Poland as there is no rotation within Polish refereeing, always the same full-time referees are appointed again and again, no matter the form allows it.

      In his games he is way too passive and, what is much visible, hesitant. He often needs 2-3 seconds to whistle a clear foul and then another 10 seconds to issue a card, visibly thinking hard about the incident. The big calls are often made by assistants in his games (last times it's Obukowicz who often helps him). There is no firmness and leadership visible in his games.

      It's all a pity because he was good and maybe apart from FENKRA something happened in his private life what destroyed him mentally. Nonetheless, it's hard to watch his games (I always say the game is handled by the referee on remote control) and I am afraid that it could be another catastrophe if he gets a very challenging game in UEFA competition where very strong management skills are needed.

    2. Can you remind a performance in Fenerbahce-Krasnodar?

    3. I am certain that Raczkowski has many things to learn from the man responsible for the Greek refereeing mess.

    4. Tnx for the feedback. I hope he does good job on tuesday and surprises us all.
      After all, the name does not guarantee anything so we will see. For example, Kuipers was awful last year on Dinamo-Young Boys CL playoff, which was really unexpected from someone of his class.

  5. Please judge the below offside no offside action

    1. Great no offside call from the linesman, very difficult situation to judge in live.

    2. Agree with estkane.. Very good decision! very close but actions like this have to be supported although the passer was covered by a defender.

  6. OT

    Anyone watching German Super Cup? Kimmich committs a deliberate stamp on his opponent’s ankle off the pitch, receives only a YC. Clear violent conduct, and VAR (again) does absolutely nothing! (Minute 76).

    German VAR hasn’t changed at all..

  7. Missed RC to Kimmich in Borussia Dortmund-Bayern München, clear stamp on his opponent's ankle as they were reaching for the ball for a throw in. Very lucky to get only YC.

    1. Sorry, but I really don't understand why VAR supported this decision. In my opinion, Kimmich exactly knew what he did...

    2. I think the same. By the way we all seem to think unanimously about this, which does not happen very often and means the decision was quite easy - no grey area at all

  8. How on earth is this only a YC for Kimmich!!!

    This decision by VAR Robert Schröder is one of the biggest VAR mistakes that I have ever seen. Mr Schröder should be banned as Video Assistent Referee for a long time because such a significant mistake is unbelievable!!

    1. Welcome to German VAR. :)

    2. Clear mistake. Also the appointment of Robert Schröder was a bit surprising because it is his second season in Bundesliga and we have many better VARs. Of course this mistake should not be without consequences.

  9. Video:

    No words to explain that. It is a clear violent conduct regardless of the intensity and hitting point, because player knows exactly what he is doing, and he is doing that on purpose.
    It is more than a mistake to allow only YC in this case as VAR.
    This is something very shocking and I must blame DFB, sorry.


    1. In amateur football, this is a clear red, in professional football because it makes the low intensity to a judgment, whether the offense was ruthless or brutal. Whoever feels that is brutal, shows red, who does not, shows yellow.

      The interpretation is not unclear either. There are undeniable differences between amateur and professional football. These limits must also be clear in the standard interpretation. Anyone who has ever played in the county league, knows that there are offenses for offenses that would never have been awarded in professional football. There is a much more generous single combat rating, and that's a good thing, because everything else would disturb the flow of the game.

      In the sense of this argument, here too in the thematized situation it became a matter of discretion. There is no black and white, there are always gray areas. These vary between the different leagues. Even within a city, there are significant differences between the leagues, which must be taken into account even in the rule interpretation.

      We never said that red in this case would be a right one and yellow a wrong one. However, we know about the justifiability of both and accept them. To say that rules would be ignored or Bayern players protected from red cards is nonsensical. It's just that you do not agree with the rule interpretation.

    2. There are arguments for both sides in this situation. It was not a high intensity of Kimmich. It may look stupid, but you can not give it any intention because the ball was off. Who assumes intention here, interpreted here only or makes a guess. That's nothing 100 percent clear for a red card.

      You always have to distinguish between negligent (no card), reckless (yellow) and exaggerated hardness / brutal (red). If you do that, you end up ruthless, and so the yellow card is at least reasonable. In the Bundesliga the truth is unfortunately now the TV picture and that must be clear. I think, however, that it would have been better if Daniel Siebert had looked at it again - because of the external presentation - but actually he is not allowed to, because it is not a clear obvious! Wrong decision and not all criteria for red talk. Stupid situation where you can only lose.

      We are here on Bundesliga Nivaeu. If you whistle like in amateur football, you really have to be careful and find suitable arguments. In a county league C / B game you can and MUST be red. This is the distinction between high and low levels of play. The red accepts everyone there.

  10. I imagine "the force was minimal, normal stamp, no brutality, unsporting behaviour of course but not a violent conduct, no clear and obvious error" arguments. This seems to be the philosophy nowadays. I already stopped to fight against that. No need to waste words. :)

  11. Indeed an unacceptable mistake from the video match officials. This is a clear and obvious error and an OFR must be made. Unfortunately in the last time we have seen lots of RC cases where VAR doesn't intervene. Interesting that Siebert showed the YC after a big delay. It may be that he didn't see the incident and another on-field match official informed him. If it was the VAR instructing him to show the YC, also unacceptable.

  12. Most people on this blog always strongly advocate applying the LotG and criticizing a (too) individual interpretation.
    Well, the LotG say “Violent conduct is when a player uses or attempts to use excessive force or brutality against an opponent when not challenging for the ball,...., regardless of whether contact is made.”
    This stamp doesn’t even come close to excessive force, nor does it seem “an act or behaviour that is cruel and violent” (definition of brutality in the Cambridge dictionary).
    So at least this is not a clear and obvious mistake, nor a missed incident (since Kimmich was yellow carded, obviously someone in the refereeing team saw the stamp).
    So based on the LotG I find it remarkable that everybody here has such a strong (negative) opinion on tonight’s VAR...

  13. A question to Czech readers, is Královec injured?
    No appointments in Czech league so far and it seems he was not at the meeting in Croatia (he is not in the picture of all Elite referees).

    1. Yes, my friend saw him 2 weeks ago walking with crutches.

    2. I'm really sorry. Thank you all for the infos.

    3. Really bad luck for him. One of his latest chances to succeed IMHO.

  14. From what I learnt, its his Achilles tendon. He should be/or has just been in Germany. He missed Croatia for this reason as well. No matches in CZ since May. He isn't very popular there, so nobody misses him.

  15. Excellent performance of Vincic, uuaauuuuu !!

    1. I didn't like his performance too much. He could / should have whistled less fouls and he could / should have issued more cards. However, he was in full control so therefore I have to give him credits as well. All in all I would say an okay performance but certainly not excellent.

    2. @pita, you seem a bit oversnthousiastic when a Slovenian referee is on the pitch.

      I saw a good match from Vincic, not shining, few chance gor that, but good prevention.

    3. Expected level performance by Vincic on a normal challenging match. He had a small problem with foul detection (IMO he missed a foul right outside PAOK's penalty area (23'-24'). Good management of players (he intervened a couple of times to break a potential fight). He issued only 2 cautions and both were correct.

      Both AR's with correct offside calls.

    4. PAOK vs AJAX
      Slavko Vincic(Slovenia) 8.3

      09.30 (0-1 AJA)

      14.11 Penalty appeal for PAOK. Defender touched the ball clearly. He can’t avoid the contact after touched the ball so for me play on is the correct decision.

      27.30 PAOK 3 yellow card for reckless tackle.It was shown after an advantage.

      31.05 (1-1 PAOK)

      (-) 32.40 Missed yellow card AJA 12 for reckless.(studs on knee,no intensity,no brutality).Referee didn’t whistle for foul.

      36.10 AJA 12 yellow card for reckless tackle.

      38.20 (2-1 PAOK) Before the goal DFK decision was correct. Also No offside no interfering GK.Too much distance between GK and attacker.

      56.25 (2-2 AJA)

      60.15 AJA goal correctly disallowed for offside (AR2).

      63.25 PAOK 47 should receive yellow card for reckless tackle,AJA 31 should receive yellow card to put his boots on opponenet’s chest when he is on the ground (reaction against foul).

    5. @RikB, Yes, you're right.

  16. Controversial decidion in Zagreb!
    Mr. Raczkowski awarded a important goal for Ferencvarosi (1-1) but IMHO the ball was not full behind the line.Replays shown were not clear at all.

    1. https://i.postimg.cc/P59RVmVy/123.jpg

    2. All credit to AR1 if he was in the line to make this call (with assumptions that he made a call). We cannot tell for sure if the ball was over the goal line.

    3. https://vk.com/video-154719835_456240882?t=1h19m23s

  17. Crvena Zvezda-Kobenhavn
    Tiago Bruno Lopes Martins had problem with foul detection in the first half (missed YC for KOB player) and now same problem in the second half, especially with the air duels (again missed YC for KOB player for using the elbow).

    Full control of the match, despite of this.

    1. I have a feeling that he is little under pressure.

    2. Terrible penalty call at 83' min. COP attacker initiated the contact.

    3. 84' Wrong PK awarded for Kobenhavn, it was (for me) clear diving, attacker jumped like the swiming pool is in front him.

      Very crucial mistake for the outcome of this match(es).

    4. Decision was made with a hestitation, probably assist by AR1 or 4th referee.

      The referee maybe has poker face but with all the respect, he is so meticolous and insecure in the second half.
      Very hot atmosphere and IMO UEFA should appoint more experienced referee for this match.

    5. I checked this incident on youtube and it looks like attacker looked for the contact by deliberately going against defender. An easy penalty that you can maybe still support but in reality it is wrong...
      However the answer to: "Would VAR have intervened there?" Should be still "No".
      Bad luck by referee because it was difficult to judge and in this classic situation you think it is a penalty from the pitch.

    6. Well, if we are talking about this PK situation only, maybe I could say it is bad luck but unfortunately, I watched whole match and the referee had problems with personality
      (he is too passive) and this is not the tactic he choose for this match. Simply, he didn't fit in tonigt's match.
      And as I previously reported, problems with foul detection and disciplinary which culminated with wrong PK foe Kobenhavn.

      Very expensive mistake IMO

    7. From the angle behind goal, it looked like the defender stepped on the attackers foot. In reel time, it looked like simulation...

    8. Yes, well said, it looked.
      But it's simulation

  18. Now in 2nd half Martins is not in full control of match,lot of comlaints from Red Star players and fans.

    I watched him when he was in charge of Israel-Slovenia,same problem-his bookings are too soft.Not punishing clear and dangerous fouls.

    Insecure ref with questinable style of handling the match.

    Xavier Estrada Fernández (Spain) 7.9

    (-) 00.45 Missed penalty for (DKV) handball.

    02.10 BRU 2 should receive yellow card for step on foot.

    19.35 BRU 17 yellow card for illegal use of arm.

    (+) 35.20 Penalty for (BRU) tripping.(1-0)

    37.50 BRU 42 yellow card for illegal use of arm.

    40.00 DKV 19 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    43.40 DKV 94 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    64.30 (DKV attack) The ball didn’t cross the goal line so play on correct (AR1).

    67.20 DKV 22 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    78.20 DKV 5 yellow card for reckless tackle.

  20. what about for second yc for Zeca(Kobenhavn)? Martins made crucial mistakes like he is begginer in this job. its easy to refereeing with VAR and in games like Chaves,Pasos..... this is different and he couldnt take that pressure from stadium

    1. Agree,missed second yellow for sure.

  21. @ Chefren Is it true, that from the Playoff round will be VAR in UCL and UEL ?

    1. I don't know exactly, but this would be the most logical thing because when there were additional assistant referees, they started from Play Off in CL and Group Stage in EL. Now it should be the same with VAR.

    2. Hungarian commentator said surely yesterday in Dinamo Zagreb-Ferencváros when Ferencváros scored his interesting goal.

    3. It seems only in CL. EL P.O. and GS won't probably have VAR.

    4. I can understand why about EL group stage, too many games all over the Europe and it is very difficult to ensure VAR system in all the involved grounds there.

    5. I think that the reason is that there aren't many qualified VAR's to cover all the matches. You need 16+24=40 matches on each MD.

    6. Yesy, right. It will be alerady challenging to ensure all VAR for Champions League Group Stage games, and in this regard, I think it will be possible to see new names working in this role (I mean, referee who never did that before today for UEFA). At least for certain games...


    7. Chefren since the var is back in the premier league...

      I suggest for top leagues like laliga and premier league...

      You should post referee appointment for the EPL and laliga also....
      So that this page can be busy...

      I don't think posting only international matches will make this page busy as always....


    Tiago Bruno Lopes Martins (Portugal) 7.9

    05.30 DFK in front of AR 1 who managed the wall while referee taking care about the penalty area.It is not a good aproach.

    23.30 COP 10 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    (-) 42.20 Missed second yellow card (COP 10) very close to the penalty area. Referee didn’t whistle a foul. This player must be sent off

    43.30 (1-0 CZV)

    47.50 COP 23 should receive yellow card for illegal use of arm.

    49.30 CZV 5 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    67.00 Wrong play on decision by AR2. It should be offside.

    67.35 CZV 14 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    78.40 CZV 10 yellow card for dissent. Referee could avoid the yellow card by strong body language.

    82.25 Correct/supportable penalty for (COP) tripping. (1-1) IMO defender tried to play with the ball.He took risk.He couldn’t succeed.He made the contact (by knee as well) so it is supportable penalty call.

    86.00 Possible penalty for (CZV).Correct play on since defender touched the ball by making correct tackle. CZV 31 yellow card for dissent but should be also second player to show yellow card just after the situation. Referee also showed red card to official in the bench.

    92.00 COP goalkeeper yellow card.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Maybe you are not very neutral, are you...? It‘s not fair to write a post with such negative emotions. Crititcism seems to be necessary as what I have read but only because he made mistakes against your team you can‘t demand that Martins has to end his career. Or does a player after a bad performance retire? I don‘t think so...

    3. Ok, you can say that I am biased (also I could also say that Martins was biased, but I don't want to do that). But from all my post you Commented only my attitude about his future (and I wrote it only because I don't want another team to suffer like Zvezda is because of his mistakes). I expect from readers here to comment his performance and videos I posted, and not my attitude - it is not really important nor with have any influence on martins future.
      And if you don't believe in my words, you can watch the whole game - you have it on youtube.

    4. I believe you that he had e poor performance. But why shouldn‘t he do better next time. I hate this kind of attitude of judging a referee only from one performance

    5. The thing is that Crvena Zvezda was much better team last night. Kobenhavn didn't have a shot on goal all the game, except that one from the penalty spot, which I think was a gift. Zvezda should have 11 against 10 on the pitch whole second half. And with 11-11 Zvezda should win 2-0 or 3-0. This was very important match for the future of both teams - the winner goes in Europa League and has the chance for the Champions League. So these mistakes were very expensive! It makes big difference whether the result is 1-0 or 1-1. I hope you understand me.

    6. Of course I do, it‘s always unlucky if you lose after some controversial/wrong decisions against your team :) But I wanted you to show the referee‘s point of view and that Martins won‘t be happy with his own performance as well.

    7. Nole, your post must be deleted, I'm sorry. It was a long post , you needed time to write it, but too many allegations that we can't accept. Please write again, if you want, focusing on the game and the incidents, nothing more than that.
      We have a big respect for UEFA referees and I don't like your attitude.
      Also, I know that it isn't your fault and you are free to write when you want, but the fact that you wrote only in this case, to ask for stopping Martins career, is a further signal that you are writing as fan of your football team and this isn't the right place.

    8. Chefren, I respect your attitude. It is ok, who wanted to read my post had enough time. Maybe my English is not the best (it is not, I know) - i meant about his international career. But, it doesn't matter. What I wanted in my post is not to express my wishes about Mr. Martins career, but to show that RF analyze is not correct, to post links where readers can see important situations and comment them. Also to inform you that his mistakes were not only in these important situations, but he was making them whole match, and all in favor of Kobenhavn! I am very sorry that no one commented that, I do not see any comments whether there were penalties or not. I wanted to read only that, but I see that most important thing occurred to be my feelings and my wishes.

  23. DINAMO vs FERENCVAROSI Pawel Raczkowski (Poland) 8.4

    03.17 FTC 18 yellow card for tactical foul.

    06.30 (1-0 DZG)

    18.00 DZG possible penalty situation for handball.Player attempt to play with the ball but this cross ball hit the support arm.For me no penalty.

    18.55 DZG 30 should receive yellow card for reckless.

    28.30 FTC 14 yellow card for reckless challenge.

    30.40 DZG 21 should receive yellow card for reckless tackle.

    35.30 FTC 92 yellow card for illegal use of arm.

    45.41 FTC possible penalty situation.Defender jumped and clearly headed the ball.Play on for me.

    52.24 FTC 20 yellow card for SPA.

    58.45 (1-1 FTC) Impossible to say something about if the ball cross the line or not. Supportable decision with this camera angles.

    80.30 DZG 27 yellow card for SPA.

    85.35 DZG possible penalty decision.There is a contact made by defender but the question is that “is it enough to whistle penalty”.For me play on correct decision.

    93.00 FTC 11 yellow card for time wasting.

    94.00 yellow card to official in the bench.

  24. Thank to RF for the report, here the possible penalty for handball in Club Brugge - Dynamo Kyiv in the early minutes of first half, indeed it looks quite clear.


  25. It seems that the 1-0 for AJAX is offside.

    Video: https://streamable.com/co9zb

    Image: https://ibb.co/z2hL3P4

  26. Grinfeld started his game with two YCs for home-side in the early 7 minutes. For sure this game will be very interesting.

  27. Crvena zvezda - København


    1. 20 push-ups :))) And a YC, of course.

    2. YC rather for stupidity.

    3. Those of you saying ''yellow card'' Where in the laws of the game did you see that? This player neither stopped or interfered with an attack, he didn't try to score a goal, he didn't try to deceive the referee. There is nothing in the laws of the game that says a regular deliberate handball is a yellow card. He just gave them a free kick instead of a throw in.

      Direct free kick, nothing more at all. Simple decision. Ask IFAB, send them this video. It's never a card.

    4. Indeed, it is not YC. YC following a deliberate handball must have a tactical reason, otherwise if it is committed without stopping any dangerous attack or clear pass between opponents (even though about this last thing there are still discussions), it mustn't be YC. The fact that handball is blatant (player holds the ball), doesn't matter. It is similar to a soft touch, the classic and common "handball". The problem of some people is that they don't see often such handballs, so they think only for that it must be YC. Absolutely wrong! A player can even block the ball and take it in his hands, if no important action stopped, no card.

    5. Hi from young referee from Serbia. I watched this game at the stadium, and at first I thought it was only a FK. Later ex referee and referee observer analyzed the match and said it was a YC, so I got confused. Thanks for the answer.

    6. Copy from the LoTG
      Law 12
      Cautions for unsporting behaviour

      There are different circumstances when a player must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour including if a player:

      • handles the ball to interfere with or stop a promising attack

  28. 35 minutes played in Basel and no Problems for Ekberg and crew. 2 correct YC in a short time, for both teams one. Around 30‘ a correct disallowed goal for offside to Basel. To be honest a quite easy call to make for AR2

  29. horrible offside call by AR2 on a dangerous attack by basaksehir

  30. 2nd YC missed by Grinfeld for Olympiacos? next play 2nd YC correct for Basaksehir

    1. I don't agree with 2nd YC for Basaksehir. Olympiacos player is far from the position after Basaksehir player contacted the ball he made the contact. It might be foul for Olympiacos but YC was too harsh.
      On the other hand, I didn't like the way Grienfeld's refereeing style. He doesn't have a feel for the game.

    2. 2nd YC for N17 Basaksehir is correct, IMO. But Olympiakos N21 should have been sent off as well.

    3. Now a correct penalty whistled for Basaksehir (handball).

  31. As of 88 min FIFA Badge of Orel Grienfeld has fallen.

  32. and now a correct penalty for handball just inside the line

  33. 90+2 Correct penalty for Basaksehir.

  34. according to reports in Greece, Grinfeld after the final whistle issued 2 red cards for basaksehir players for pushing him and dissent in the tunnel.We have to wait the official uefa report to confirm this

    Davide MASSA (Italy) 8.4

    30.15 APO 30 yellow card for SPA.

    27.00 APO possible penalty situation. Play on correct decision. No contact made by defenders.

    46.30 QAR 14 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    47.00 QAR 6 should receive yellow card for holding (off the ball offence). Referee gave DFK just outside the penalty area.There is no clear replay so it is supportable decision. But if you ask me looks like inside...

    49.40 APO possible penalty situation for handball. Play on correct decision since there is no clear replay. I can’t be sure if the ball touch the stomach first or arm.

    49.50 APO 6 yellow card for SPA.

    53.00 (0-1 QAR)

    56.15 QAR 4 yellow card for SPA.

    59.00 Incorrect play on decision, offside should have been given.(AR2).This decision created DOGSO situation.

    69.00 (0-2 QAR)

    70.15 QAR 5 yellow card for reckless.

    94.30 (1-2 APO)

  36. Second leg : Qarabag Adgam - APOEL Nicosia : Siebert - Seidel, Koslowski - Petersen (GER)

    Source : DFB

    Tobias Stieler (Germany) 8.3

    26.50 KRA 77 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    37.50 POR 22 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    (-) 46.10 Missed yellow card POR 17 for reckless tackle.Point of contact is side of knee but No red card for me because not too much intensity no brutality.

    48.45 POR 8 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    51.25 Possible penalty for (KRA) handball.Natural position of arms,close distance so play on is correct.

    62.20 POR 17 yellow card for reckless tackle. No brutality. Player doesn’t see the opponent so yellow card is fine.

    88.35 (0-1 POR)

    1. How can it be 8.3? Goal was after a wrongly free kick!

    2. Cause It was a correct a free-kick...

    3. https://ss.sport-express.ru/userfiles/materials/145/1456369/origin.jpg

    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0IrvuohnTI
      Alleged foul is at 6.00. For me, no foul, I don't see the contact. I have to add that ref Stieler was in charge in Krasnodar's match against Crvena zvezda in Belgrade, where he whistled penalty for Krasnodar even though it was foul from Russian player. So, for me one referee that one can't rely on. He is not CL level referee.

    5. https://youtu.be/3WWLjvXFXXk?t=6155 For me that's a foul - there is contact (in slow-mo you can see attacker's leg between defender's legs, tripping) and the intensity is sufficient (full
      speed replay). Even if one somehow assess it as no foul, a mark shouldn't be reduced very drastically just because of one wrong free kick, even if it is game-changing. But I see this as a foul.

    6. https://streamable.com/th4ju

      Defender attemps to play with the ball but he couldn’t.There is a clear contact which made by left foot.I believe that Dear Friends (Lde and Nole) didn’t see replays.(Lde put only picture-Nole put video without replays)

      Dear Friend Nole: You don’t need to agree with my analysis about your Serbian team.I respect your opinion.I just try to give an idea about the match and referee performance.

      I wish you have a nice day

    7. During the match, I had no doubt. But when the discussion began after the match, I carefully watched the replay of the moment in still frames. If a Porto player bumped or caught on the defender’s foot, according to the laws of physics, leg movement and falling would be completely different.

    François Letexier (France) 8.4

    06.00 MAR 6 yellow card for reckless tackle

    22.20 RBK 22 yellow card for illegal use of arm

    48.50 MAR 6 yellow card for reckless tackle

    49.50 (0-1 RBK)

    63.00 (0-2 RBK)

    69.50 (1-2 MAR)

    70.40 (1-3 RBK)

    88.10 RBK 7 yellow card for tactical foul.

  39. BASEL vs LASK
    Andreas Ekberg (Sweden)8.4

    25.15 LASK 8 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    27.20 BAS 15 yellow card for tactical foul.

    33.15 BAS disallowed goal for offside AR2.

    42.50 No card - verbal warning for off the ball offence is correct approach during throw-in.

    49.50 (0-1 LASK)

    81.35 (0-2 LASK)

    86.15 (1-2 BAS)

  40. CFR 1907 CLUJ vs CELTIC
    Srđan Jovanovic (Serbia)8.4

    12.03 CEL 33 should receive yellow card for tactical foul.

    15.05 (CEL) Possible penalty situation for handball. Play on correct decision. Arm close to body.

    24.30 CFR 37 yellow card for reckless-high leg.

    27.05 (1-0 CFR)

    29.23 CEL 23 yellow card for reckless.

    33.30 CFR 6 yellow card for SPA.

    36.15 (1-1 CEL)

    41.30 CEL 16 yellow card for illegal use of arm.

    58.50 Technical Official yellow card for dissent.

    63.30 CFR 16 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    90+2 CEL 6 yellow card for SPA.

    Orel Grinfeld (Israel) 7.9

    01.30 BSK 27 yellow card for reckless tackle.

    05.55 BSK 7 yellow card for reckless-high leg.

    20.40 BSK 17 yellow card for holding.

    30.57 BSK 3 yellow card for reckless. He could avoid the yellow card. But still ok.

    35.30 OLY 21 yellow card for reckless.It was shown after an advantage.

    52.00 (0-1 OLY)

    72.10 OLY 28 yellow card for time wasting.

    75.50 BSK 24 yellow card for SPA holding.

    (-) 79.10 Wrong second yellow/red card for BSK 17.He touched the ball then made normal contact from part of body.It had to be only DFK.

    86.10 OLY 18 yellow card for handball shot on goal.

    (+) 91.30 Correct penalty decision for handball (BSK). Cross ball and no card.Penalty missed.

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