Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Domestic League Appointments

Appointments for domestic competition matches. 

(Please post domestic appointments in exactly this format and we will add them to the post:

HH:MM Home Team - Away Team
Referee AR1, AR2 FO - AAR1AAR2



16:00 Celtic v Dundee United
William Collum - Alastair Mather, Ross Macleod - Kevin Clancy

16:00 St. Johnstone v Hamilton Academical
David Munro - Drew Kirkland, Joseph Lawson - Craig Napier

16:00 St. Mirren v Rangers
Alan Muir - Frank Connor, Ralph Gordon - Kevin Graham

17:00 Livingston v Aberdeen
Steven McLean - Graeme Leslie, Gary Hilland - Graham Grainger

19:00 Hibernian v Ross County
Don Robertson - John McCrossan, Andy Milne - Matthew MacDermid

19:15 Motherwell v Kilmarnock
Nick Walsh - Calum Spence, Steven Traynor - Steven Kirkland


13:30 Rangers v Celtic
Bobby Madden - David McGeachie, Daniel McFarlane - Nick Walsh

16:00 Aberdeen v Dundee United
Kevin Clancy - Frank Connor, Dougie Potter - Steven Reid

16:00 Hamilton Academical v Motherwell
Colin Steven - Alan Mulvanny, Craig Ferguson - Duncan Williams

16:00 Hibernian - Livingston
David Munro - Graeme Stewart, Paul O'Neill - Alan Muir

16:00 Kilmarnock v St. Mirren
Craig Napier - Sean Carr, Stuart Hodge - Steven McLean

16:00 Ross County v St. Johnstone
William Collum - Graham Chambers, Jonathan Bell - Barry Cook


  1. 30/12/2020

    16:00 Celtic v Dundee United
    William Collum - Alastair Mather, Ross Macleod - Kevin Clancy

    16:00 St. Johnstone v Hamilton Academical
    David Munro - Drew Kirkland, Joseph Lawson - Craig Napier

    16:00 St. Mirren v Rangers
    Alan Muir - Frank Connor, Ralph Gordon - Kevin Graham

    17:00 Livingston v Aberdeen
    Steven McLean - Graeme Leslie, Gary Hilland - Graham Grainger

    19:00 Hibernian v Ross County
    Don Robertson - John McCrossan, Andy Milne - Matthew MacDermid

    19:15 Motherwell v Kilmarnock
    Nick Walsh - Calum Spence, Steven Traynor - Steven Kirkland


    13:30 Rangers v Celtic
    Bobby Madden - David McGeachie, Daniel McFarlane - Nick Walsh

    16:00 Aberdeen v Dundee United
    Kevin Clancy - Frank Connor, Dougie Potter - Steven Reid

    16:00 Hamilton Academical v Motherwell
    Colin Steven - Alan Mulvanny, Craig Ferguson - Duncan Williams

    16:00 Hibernian - Livingston
    David Munro - Graeme Stewart, Paul O'Neill - Alan Muir

    16:00 Kilmarnock v St. Mirren
    Craig Napier - Sean Carr, Stuart Hodge - Steven McLean

    16:00 Ross County v St. Johnstone
    William Collum - Graham Chambers, Jonathan Bell - Barry Cook

  2. Copa Libertadores Semi Finals First Leg
    06.Januaray 01:30 UTC
    River Plate - Palmeiras
    Leodan Gonzalez - Nicolas Taran - Carlos Barrero - Andres Matonte (all URU) - Michael Orue (Reserve AR,PER)

    [Julio Bascunan (CHI) - Victor Carrillo (PER) - Raul Orellana (CHI)]

    06.January 23:15 UTC
    Boca Juniors - Santos
    Roberto Tobar - Claudio Urrutia - Alejandro Molina - Angelo Hermosilla - Jose Retamal (all CHI)

    [Juan Benitez (PAR) - Eduardo Gamboa (CHI) - Milciades Saldivar (PAR)]

  3. A seemingly busy evening for Adrián Cordero Vega in Granada - Valencia tonight, with three sending offs (one 2YC and two straight RC) between 70' and 76'.

    70' - 2YC VAL23: could (should) this even be a straight RC for Violent Conduct?

    73' - RC VAL7 after saying something to Cordero Vega. Missing foul prior to that?

    76' - RC GRA22 for Serious Foul Play

    Is there anyone who has seen the entire match or somebody else (George, Quilava?) who could elaborate further on Cordero Vega's performance?

    1. Looking at those here's what I think
      1 that could most definitely be a straight RC for VC but I think a second yellow is acceptable
      2 this isn't the first time I've seen a ref give a straight RC for what ever was said I wish more refs would do it.
      3 personally I think this was only a straight RC because of the two Valencia players sent off. I do think it's borderline SFP but I would prefer a YC here. I don't think VAR would've deemed a YC a clear and obvious error as it really could've gone either way

    2. Concerning the 3rd scene: For me a straight red card, correct decision. There is no intention to play the ball. Player trips for his opponent clearly after the ball has passed him.

    3. IMO
      1 - Supportable decision, could be straight RC as well, but Im okay with the decision.
      2 - 100% correct, I like the handling in the scene.
      3 - I like the RC here, however YC would be supportable as well.

    4. I support the ref in all his decisions

    5. Well, I said it yesterday in another post but:
      1. Straight RC for VC.
      2. Missed foul: the defender does not have any chance to fight for the ball (neither does the attacker, though) yet he charges the attacker to ensure the GK gains the ball. He even changes his path to intercept the attacker, so should be a FK. Missing this foul leads into a dissent in which, according to the ref, the attacker says "fuck off" in Spanish ("vete a la mierda"), which is obviously a RC.
      3. If he had not sent off 2 Valencia players before that, probably he would just have issued a YC, although there are arguments for the RC and for me that is the correct decision given the intensity of the foul and what he does.

      Actually, I think you left out the two most interesting and controversial situations:

      14' goal disallowed for a foul in the build up to the goal, when Granada player recovered the foul + YC for reckless use of arms. VAR intervention for that.

      86': missed foul (tripping) on Valencia's defender before Granada's second goal? In this situation, VAR could not intervene because "a new attack" started immediately after that situation.

      If you could provide a video for those, it will be interesting to discuss!

      In general terms, his performance was OK, not too good, not too bad. He could have prevented that ending if he had not shown a YC in the 8th minute for dissent (other forms of dissent were not punished so harshly after that) and just given a warning and had kept a clearer foul line. Too many missed fouls, IMO.

      On another note, I have to say it is a shame the situation with Valencia. They can go into relegation spots this afternoon after the board sold/gave away their best players this summer (Parejo was given to Villarreal for free despite being its captain!). It's always sad to see historical clubs so close to destruction thanks to awful management.

    6. I must not have seen that post, thanks George (and everyone else!). I try to cut the incidents you mentioned this afternoon, thanks for the info.

      I believe actually that 2YC in 70’ should have been a straight RC (player deliberately kicks out at his opponent): normally a mandatory VAR intervention for me, probably no intervention because the outcome would have been the same (player sent off anyway).

      I think the RC given in 76’ is a BRILLIANT decision, there is zero chance the player could have gotten the ball and cynically hits out at his opponent. I can’t see any other outcome than Red Card here, kudos to Cordero Vega! (I had a little reminder of Simunić’s RC in SRB-CRO officiated by Brych in 2013).

  4. I think you can safely remove AAR1 and AAR2 in 2021:)

    1. I saw yesterday a game from Jordan with additional assistant referees :)

  5. Spain MD 17

    14:00 CET Villarreal - Levante
    Pablo González Fuertes - Alfredo Rodríguez Moreno, Israel Bárcena Rodríguez - Albert Ábalos Martos
    [Javier Alberola Rojas, Marcos Cerdán Aguilar]

    16:15 Betis - Sevilla
    Carlos del Cerro Grande - Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez, Gonzalo García González - Pedro Eugenio Muñoz Piedra
    [Alejandro Hernández Hernández, Diego Sánchez Rojo]

    18:30 Getafe - Valladolid
    Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos - José Carlos Escuela Melo, Iker de Francisco Grijalba - José Antonio Fernández Rodríguez
    [Xavier Estrada Fernández, Guadalupe Porras Ayuso]

    21:00 Real Madrid - Celta
    Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea - Roberto Díaz Pérez del Palomar, Jon Núñez Fernández - Gorka Etayo Herrera
    [César Soto Grado, Rubén Porras Rico]

    14:00 Athletic - Elche
    Mario Melero López - José Luis Martínez Serrato, José Alcoba Rodríguez - Raúl Chavet García
    [Santiago Jaime Latre, Fernando Tresaco Escabosa]

    16:15 Alavés - Atlético de Madrid
    Juan Martínez Munuera - Diego Barbero Sevilla, Miguel Martínez Munuera - Carlos Alberto Carbonell Hernández
    [Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva, Alfonso Baena Espejo]

    18:30 Eibar - Granada
    Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz - Pau Cebrián Devís, Rubén Becerril Gómez - Miguel Bosch Doménech
    [José María Sánchez Martínez, Raúl Cabañero Martínez]

    18:30 Real Sociedad - Osasuna
    Valentín Pizarro Gómez - José Antonio Garrido Romero, Iván Massó Granado - Leandro Carbajales Gómez
    [Adrián Cordero Vega, Antonio Luis Cerezo Parfenof]

    21:00 Huesca - Barcelona
    Guillermo Cuadra Fernández - Teodoro Sobrino Magán, Juan José López Mir - Alejandro Patiño Álvarez
    [José Luis González González, Aitor Villate Martínez]

    21:00 Valencia - Cádiz
    David Medié Jiménez - Juan Carlos Barranco Trejo, Joan Méndez Mateo - Germán Cid Camacho
    [José Luis González González, Ángel Nevado Rodríguez]

  6. Today's games from World Cup 2010:

    Honduras - Chile, Eddy Maillet
    Spain - Switzerland, Howard Webb
    South Africa - Uruguay, Massimo Busacca

    All highlights and reports can be found here:


    Fecha 4

    Sábado 2 de enero

    17.30 Rosario Central – Defensa y Justicia

    Árbitro: Fernando Echenique
    Asistente 1: Juan Pablo Belatti
    Asistente 2: Facundo Rodríguez
    Cuarto árbitro: Guillermo González

    21.30 Boca – River
    Árbitro: Fernando Rapallini
    Asistente 1: Diego Bonfá
    Asistente 2: Gabriel Chade
    Cuarto árbitro: Jorge Baliño

    Domingo 3 de enero

    17.10 Independiente – Arsenal
    Árbitro: Néstor Pitana
    Asistente 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
    Asistente 2: Mariana De Almeida
    Cuarto árbitro: Facundo Tello

    19.20 Patronato – Lanús
    Árbitro: Germán Delfino
    Asistente 1: Javier Uziga
    Asistente 2: Diego Martín
    Cuarto árbitro: Sebastián Bresba

    19.20 Newell’s – Vélez
    Árbitro: Darío Herrera
    Asistente 1: Julio Fernández
    Asistente 2: José Castelli
    Cuarto árbitro: Darío Sandoval

    21.30 Central Córdoba – Racing
    Árbitro: Fernando Espinoza
    Asistente 1: Cristian Navarro
    Asistente 2: Marcelo Bistocco
    Cuarto árbitro: Cristian Cernadas

    Lunes 4 de enero

    17.10 Aldosivi – Unión
    Árbitro: Silvio Trucco
    Asistente 1: Lucas Germanotta
    Asistente 2: Gisella Trucco
    Cuarto árbitro: Héctor Paletta

    19.20 San Lorenzo – Gimnasia
    Árbitro: Nicolás Lamolina
    Asistente 1: Hernán Maidana
    Asistente 2: José Savorani
    Cuarto árbitro: Diego Ceballos

    21.30 Talleres – Banfield

    Árbitro: Patricio Loustau
    Asistente 1: Maximiliano Del Yesso
    Asistente 2: Diego Verlotta
    Cuarto árbitro: Nazareno Arasa

    Martes 5 de enero

    19.20 Godoy Cruz – Estudiantes
    Árbitro: Hernán Mastrángelo
    Asistente 1: Adrián Delbarba
    Asistente 2: Gastón Rallo
    Cuarto árbitro: Yamil Possi

    19.20 Huracán – Argentinos
    Árbitro: Andrés Merlos
    Asistente 1: Pablo González
    Asistente 2: Iván Aliende
    Cuarto árbitro: Mauro Vigliano

    21.30 Atlético Tucumán – Colón
    Árbitro: Andrés Gariano
    Asistente 1: Gerardo Carretero
    Asistente 2: Juan Pablo Millenaar
    Cuarto árbitro: Lucas Comesaña

  8. 3/1/2020, 18:30 CET
    Olympiakos - AEK
    Referee: Danny Makkelie
    AR1: Charles Schaap
    AR2: Jan De Vries
    4th: Aristides Vatsios
    VAR: Jochem Kamphuis
    AVAR: Vasileios Nikolakakis

  9. Some clips from Basque derby Athletic-Real Sociedad today (referee José María Sánchez Martínez)

    61' YC for ATH3 for reckless elbow. Possible excessive force?

    81' YC for ATH4 for reckless challenge. Possible SFP?

    67' YC for SPA for RSO5 + management. I've rarely seen a player changing his face-expression so fast when he sees the referee going towards him :D

    Overall: Good/expected performance by Sánchez Martínez, maybe a couple of cards missed but I think all disciplinary decisions are supportable and kept full control during the whole match.

  10. England Premier League
    Matchweek 17

    Friday 1st January

    18:30 Everton - West Ham
    Kevin Friend - Simon Beck - Eddie Smart - Andy Madley
    [Simon Hooper - Nick Hopton]

    21:00 Manchester United - Aston Villa
    Michael Oliver - Stuart Burt - Simon Bennett - Darren England
    [Paul Tierney - Lee Betts]

    Saturday 2nd January

    13:30 Tottenham - Leeds
    David Coote - Lee Betts - Nick Hopton - Graham Scott
    [Paul Tierney - Matthew Wilkes]

    16:00 Crystal Palace - Sheffield
    Stuart Attwell - Marc Perry - Peter Kirkup - Keith Stroud
    [Andre Marriner - Richard West]

    18:30 Brighton - Wolves
    Chris Kavanagh - Darren Cook - Sian Massey-Ellis - Dean Whitestone
    [Peter Bankes - James Mainwaring]

    21:00 West Bromwich - Arsenal
    Martin Atkinson - Constantine Hatzidakis - Harry Lennard - Darren England
    [Jonathan Moss - Stephen Child]

    Sunday 3rd January

    13:00 Burnley - Fulham
    Craig Pawson - Ian Hussin - Dan Robathan - Michael Oliver
    [Graham Scott - Timothy Wood]

    15:15 Newcastle - Leicester
    Robert Jones - Mark Scholes - Derek Eaton - Martin Atkinson
    [Lee Mason - Adrian Holmes]

    17:30 Chelsea - Manchester City
    Anthony Taylor - Gary Beswick - Adam Nunn - Peter Bankes
    [Mike Dean - Darren Cann]

    21:00 Southampton - Liverpool
    Andre Marriner - Scott Ledger - Simon Long - Stuart Attwell
    [Andy Madley - Stephen Child]

  11. Happy New Year (from England :)), let's hope 2021 is a great one!

    1. Hi Guys, happy new year to all from cold and frosty Scotland, big game here 2moz Rangers v Celtic, good luck to Bobby Maddden and his team

  12. Happy New Year everyone from Germany :-)
    I wish all of you a pleasant 2021!

  13. Happy new year to all readers. I wish you a 2021 full of health success and happyness. Thanks for what you did (mainly Chefren and Mikael) in the terribile 2020 on this blog

  14. Happy new year to everyone!!!

    Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 15

    Sunday 3rd January

    12:30 Inter - Crotone
    Gianluca Aureliano - Dario Cecconi - Andrea Zingarelli - Giovanni Ayroldi
    [Michael Fabbri - Sergio Ranghetti]

    15:00 Atalanta - Sassuolo
    Fabio Maresca - Valentino Fiorito - Valerio Vecchi - Marco Piccinini
    [Massimiliano Irrati - Giorgio Peretti]

    15:00 Cagliari - Napoli
    Gianluca Manganiello - Giovanni Baccini - Valerio Colarossi - Federico Dionisi
    [Maurizio Mariani - Matteo Passeri]

    15:00 Fiorentina - Bologna
    Daniele Orsato - Filippo Meli - Domenico Palermo - Luca Massimi
    [Luigi Nasca - Alessandro Costanzo]

    15:00 Genoa - Lazio
    Gianpaolo Calvarese - Mauro Galetto - Emanuele Prenna - Antonio Di Martino
    [Paolo Mazzoleni - Alberto Tegoni]

    15:00 Parma - Torino
    Daniele Doveri - Fabiano Preti - Davide Imperiale - Manuel Volpi
    [Paolo Valeri - Alessio Tolfo]

    15:00 Roma - Sampdoria
    Marco Guida - Rodolfo Di Vuolo - Damiano Di Iorio - Juan Luca Sacchi
    [Daniele Chiffi - Ciro Carbone]

    15:00 Spezia - Hellas Verona
    Luca Pairetto - Mauro Vivenzi - Pasquale Capaldo - Marco Serra
    [Luca Banti - Stefano Liberti]

    18:00 Benevento - Milan
    Fabrizio Pasqua - Alessandro Giallatini - Giacomo Paganessi - Ivano Pezzuto
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Salvatore Longo]

    20:45 Juventus - Udinese
    Piero Giacomelli - Filippo Valeriani - Niccolo Pagliardini - Eugenio Abbattista
    [Rosario Abisso - Alessandro Lo Cicero]

    1. Referee change:
      Roma Sampdoria:

      Chiffi and Guida change roles!!

  15. Italy Serie B
    Matchweek 17

    Monday 4th January

    15:00 Cosenza - Empoli
    Davide Massa - Michele Lombardi - Pietro Dei Giudici - Ivan Robilotta

    15:00 Venezia - Pisa
    Lorenzo Maggioni - Luca Mondin - Tarcisio Villa - Giovanni Ayroldi

    16:00 Lecce - Monza
    Livio Marinelli - Giuseppe Perrotti - Edoardo Raspollini - Giacomo Camplone

    17:00 Ascoli - Reggina
    Davide Ghersini - Gabriele Nuzzi - Riccardo Annaloro - Francesco Fourneau

    18:00 Cremonese - Chievo Verona
    Alessandro Prontera - Marco Scatragli - Daisuke Emanuele Yoshikawa - Alberto Santoro

    18:00 Frosinone - Spal
    Simone Sozza - Oreste Muto - Christian Rossi - Daniele Paterna

    18:00 Reggiana - Pescara
    Francesco Meraviglia - Daniele Bindoni - Gianluca Sechi - Riccardo Ros

    18:00 Salernitana - Pordenone
    Antonio Rapuano - Pasquale De Meo - Davide Moro - Daniel Amabile

    18:00 Virtus Entella - Cittadella
    Matteo Gariglio - Stefano Del Giovane - Matteo Bottegoni - Matteo Marchetti

    21:00 Brescia - LR Vicenza
    Lorenzo Illuzzi - Salvatore Affatato - Marco Della Croce - Antonio Giua

    1. referee change Serie B:

      15:00 Cosenza - Empoli
      4th official Ivan Robilotta --> Ivano Pezzuto

      15:00 Venezia - Pisa
      Referee: Lorenzo Maggioni --> Ivan Robilotta
      Assistant: Tarcisio Villa --> Gamal Mokhtar

  16. The story of Cavani's ban is something similar to Paris Istanbul game.
    Where is racism?

  17. PORTUGAL - NOS League

    Saturday, 2nd January

    19:00 Sporting CP-SC Braga
    Fábio Veríssimo - Bruno Rodrigues, Sérgio Jesus - António Nobre
    [João Pinheiro, Tiago Costa]

    Sunday, 3rd January

    14:00 CD Tondela-FC Famalicão
    Miguel Nogueira - José Luzia, Hugo Coimbra - João Casegas
    [Rui Oliveira, João Bessa Silva]

    16:00 Vitória SC-CD Nacional
    André Narciso - Paulo Brás, Marco Vieira - Carlos Macedo
    [Luís Ferreira, Rui Licínio]

    16:00 Marítimo M.-Boavista FC
    Luís Godinho - Rui Teixeira, Valter Rufo - Dinis Gorjão
    [Fábio Melo, Sérgio Jesus]

    18:00 CD Santa Clara-SL Benfica
    Hélder Malheiro - André Campos, Rui Cidade - Flávio Lima
    [Rui Costa, Nuno Manso]

    20:00 FC Paços de Ferreira-Rio Ave FC
    Hugo Miguel, Bruno Jesus, Ricardo Santos - Marcos Brazão
    [Gustavo Correia, Inácio Pereira]

    22:00 FC Porto-Moreirense FC
    Manuel Mota - Jorge Fernandes, Luciano Maia - Cláudio Pereira
    [Vasco Santos, Pedro Ribeiro]

    Monday, 4th January

    20:00 Gil Vicente FC-Belenenses SAD
    Hugo Silva - Álvaro Mesquita, Nélson Pereira - Bruno Rebocho
    [Hugo Miguel, Hugo Ribeiro]

    22:15 Portinonense SC-SC Farense
    Artur Soares Dias - Rui Licínio, Paulo Soares - David Silva
    [Rui Costa, Nuno Manso]

  18. PORTUGAL- Portugal League 2 SABSEG

    Sunday, 3rd January

    12:00 SL Benfica B-UD Oliveirense
    Rui Lima - José Martins, Ângelo Carneiro - José Bessa

    12:15 CD Mafra-GD Chaves
    João Pinheiro - Tiago Costa, Nuno Eiras - Bruno Trindade

    16:00 CD Feirense-FC Vizela
    João Malheiro Pinto - João Letras, Pedro Sousa - Pedro Mota

    18:00 Leixões SC-SC Covilhã
    João Bento - Carlos Covão, Pedro Felisberto - Diogo Vicente

    18:00 Varzim SC-UD Vilafranquense
    Nuno Almeida - Carlos Campos, Gonçalo Freire - André Dias

    Monday, 4th January

    15:00 CD Cova da Piedade-FC Porto B
    Gustavo Correia - Inácio Pereira, Luís Costa - João Carvalho

    18:00 Estoril Praia-FC Penafiel
    Manuel Oliveira - Tiago Leandro, Tiago Mota - Valdemar Maia

    Tuesday, 5th January

    16:00 Ac. Viseu-Casa Pia AC
    Ricardo Baixinho - Márcio Azevedo, Olga Almeida - Carlos Espadinha

    21:15 FC Arouca-A. Académica
    António Nobre - Pedro RIbeiro, Nuno Pereira - Tiago Pinto

  19. Today's games from World Cup 2010:

    Argentina - Korea Republic, Frank De Bleeckere
    Greece - Nigeria, Óscar Ruiz
    France - Mexico, Khalil Al-Ghamdi (* HL up, report tomorrow)

  20. Netherlands - First division (2nd level)

    Saturday, January 2nd

    18:45 Helmond Sport (15) - FC Dordrecht (20)
    Luca Cantineau - Nils van Kampen, Ralf van Vlokhoven - Jaafar Aafouallah

    21:00 Almere City FC (2) - de Graafschap (3)
    Sander van der Eijk - Nicky Siebert, Kevin Bodde - Shona Shukrula

    Sunday, January 3rd

    12:15 Excelsior (13) - NAC Breda (4)
    Christiaan Bax - Don Frijn, Frans Ozinga - Luuk Timmer

    14:30 FC Eindhoven (8) - SC Cambuur (1)
    Erwin Blank - Patrick Inia, Marco Ribbink - Michael Eijgelsheim

    16:45 Telstar (9) - NEC (5)
    Clay Ruperti - Peter Janson, Danny Kempinga - Boyd van Kommer

    20:00 FC Volendam (6) - MVV (17)
    Richard Martens - Yorick Weterings, Franca Overtoom - Mike de Bruijn

    Monday, January 4th

    18:45 Jong AZ (18) - Roda JC (10)
    Alex Bos - Murat Kucukerbir, Alwin Steeg - Richard Groenewegen

    21:00 Jong FC Utrecht (14) - FC Den Bosch (19)
    Stan Teuben - Bas Persoon, Luc de Koning - Wouter Wiersma

    Tuesday, January 5th

    18:45 Jong PSV (16) - Go Ahead Eagles (7)
    Jesse Rozendal - Thomas Krijt, Joris Westhof - Gerbert Stegeman

    21:00 TOP Oss (12) - Jong Ajax (11)
    Robin Gansner - Mark Janssen, Joey Waleveld - Kevin Puts

    1. van der Eijk replaced by Higler in Almere City FC - de Graafschap due to an injury

    2. Thats a good sign for him.

  21. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 14

    2nd January

    15:30 TSG Hoffenheim - SC Freiburg
    Robert Hartmann - Christian Leicher, Eduard Beitinger - Daniel Schlager
    [Guido Winkmann, Christian Bandurski]

    15:30 Eintracht Frankfurt - Leverkusen
    Felix Brych - Mark Borsch, Markus Schüller - Martin Petersen
    [Florian Badstübner, Jan Seidel]

    15:30 FC Köln - FC Augsburg
    Sören Storks - Thorben Siewer, Christian Gittelmann - Marcel Pelgrim
    [Deniz Aytekin, Mike Pickel]

    15:30 Werder Bremen - FC Union Berlin
    Tobias Stieler - Sascha Thielert, Marcel Unger - Patrick Ittrich
    [Tobias Welz, Thomas Stein]

    15:30 Bielefeld - Mönchengladbach
    Sascha Stegemann - Frederick Assmuth, Philipp Hüwe - Robert Schröder
    [Günter Perl, Marco Achmüller]

    18:30 Hertha BSC - FC Schalke
    Sven Jablonski - Norbert Grudzinski, Stefan Lupp - Alexander Sather
    [Bastian Dankert, Markus Häcker]

    20:30 VfB Stuttgart - RB Leipzig
    Christian Dingert - Benedikt Kempkes, Timo Gerach - Matthias Jöllenbeck
    [Felix Zwayer, Rafael Foltyn]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 14

    2nd January

    13:00 FC Heidenheim - FC Nürnberg
    Michael Bacher - Tobias Fritsch, Johannes Huber - Jochen Gschwendtner
    [Nicolas Winter, Wolfgang Haslberger]

    13:00 VfL Bochum - SV Darmstadt
    Sven Waschitzki - Florian Exner, Bastian Börner - Dominik Jolk
    [Martin Thomsen, Tim Skorczyk]

    13:00 Würzburger Kickers - Karlsruhe
    Benjamin Cortus - Arno Blos, Tobias Schultes - Marcel Schütz
    [Patrick Alt, Oliver Lossius]

  22. Unbelievable penalty awarded by VAR in the Turkish league, match Erzurum BB vs Gaziantep, at the score of 0-1 in min 94:

    To put the situation into context, with a win Gaziantep (a small team from Anatolia) would have climbed onto the 1st place, ahead of all big Istanbul clubs...

    1. It is not clear, only explanation for this call I think the arm (or maybe elbow) of a defender close to opponent while jumping, hitting him on the back, but very sophisticated decision and totally out from the spirit of the game, you should never call something like that unless 100% clear and very evident.

    2. I think, the reason for awarding the penalty is this little push in the back:

      However, this decision is unbelievable. With the nose in the laws it is maybe somehow supportable, but those penalties are totally tactless and, in the end, unbelievable.

    3. I think the reason was the push from the back on player #7, happening at 00:42. But this is not enough to justify a penalty in my opinion as well.

    4. Yes, the movement is small, but it gives the defender an advantage. So, he also breaks the position of player # 7.

      Definitely Penalty!

  23. Today's games from World Cup 2010:

    Germany - Serbia, Alberto Undiano Mallenco
    Slovenia - United States, Koman Coulibaly
    England - Algeria, Ravšan Ėrmatov

  24. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 14

    3rd January

    15:30 Borussia Dortmund - VfL Wolfsburg
    Manuel Gräfe - Guido Kleve, Markus Sinn - Florian Heft
    [Bibiana Steinhaus, Thomas Stein]

    18:00 Bayern München - FSV Mainz
    Markus Schmidt - Christof Günsch, Dominik Schaal - Thorsten Schiffner
    [Frank Willenborg, Christian Fischer]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 14

    3rd January

    13:30 Hamburger SV - Jahn Regensburg
    Lasse Koslowski - Max Burda, Henry Müller - Franz Bokop
    [Martin Thomsen, Mike Pickel]

    13:30 Hannover - SV Sandhausen
    Robert Kampka - Marcel Gasteier, Katrin Rafalski - Patrick Glaser
    [Felix Zwayer, Wolfgang Haslberger]

    13:30 Erzgebirge Aue - Braunschweig
    Daniel Siebert - Christian Dietz, Martin Speckner - Roman Potemkin
    [Patrick Alt, Marco Achmüller]

    13:30 Greuther Fürth - FC St. Pauli
    Tobias Reichel - Asmir Osmanagic, Tobias Endriß - Lars Erbst
    [Bastian Dankert, Jan Seidel]

    13:30 Holstein Kiel - VfL Osnabrück
    Harm Osmers - Thomas Gorniak, Konrad Oldhafer - Daniel Riehl
    [Robert Kempter, Markus Häcker]

  25. Why fifa hasn't published yet the referee list for 2021!

    1. They did. You can see few posts above.

    2. No, anonymous is talking about the official PDF on
      I can confirm still not published.
      I hope in a few days it will appear.
      One year ago it was published in the early days of this month, but I don't remember the exact date.

    3. It will be published on the first working day of the new year, which is 4 January 2021.

    4. Saturday is not a working day in Switzerland? Nice country.

    5. Not sure where are you from, but in most countries the normal work week is from Monday to Friday.

  26. Penalty or Not? (Min 1.45)

  27. Today's games from World Cup 2010:

    Netherlands - Japan, Héctor Baldassi
    Ghana - Australia, Roberto Rosetti (HL up, report tomorrow)

    (Cameroon - Denmark, Jorge Larrionda will be amongst the games tomorrow)

  28. FIFA Club World Cup selected referees according to Árbitro Internacional

    UEFA: Danny Makkelie (NED)
    CONMEBOL: Leodán González (URU), Edna Alves (BRA)
    CONCACAF: Mario Escobar (GUA)
    CAF: Maguette N'Diaye (SEN)
    AFC: Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed (UAE)
    OFC: Abdelkader Zitouni (TAH)

    VARs: Kevin Blom (NED), Jochem Kamphuis (NED), Julio Bascuñán (CHI), Nicolás Gallo (COL), Drew Fischer (CAN), Rédouane Jiyed (MAR), Khamis Al-Marri (QAT)

  29. Offical announcement by FIFA (PDF)

  30. Appointments - Germany:

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 14

    4th January

    20:30 Fortuna Düsseldorf - SC Paderborn
    Arne Aarnink - Eric Müller, Andreas Steffens - Fabian Maibaum
    [Johann Pfeifer, Mitja Stegemann]

  31. Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 16

    Wednesday 06th January

    12:30 Cagliari - Benevento
    Eugenio Abbattista - Sergio Ranghetti - Davide Miele - Federico La Penna
    [Gianpaolo Calvarese - Damiano Di Iorio]

    15:00 Atalanta - Parma
    Juan Luca Sacchi - Alessio Tolfo - Alessio Berti - Piero Giacomelli
    [Marco Guida - Mauro Galetto]

    15:00 Bologna - Udinese
    Giovanni Ayroldi - Alessandro Lo Cicero - Vittorio Di Gioia - Francesco Fourneau
    [Paolo Mazzoleni - Daniele Bindoni]

    15:00 Crotone - Roma
    Marco Piccinini - Giorgio Peretti - Antonio Vono - Ivano Pezzuto
    [Luca Pairetto - Pasquale De Meo]

    15:00 Lazio - Fiorentina
    Rosario Abisso - Stefano Liberti - Francesco Fiore - Gianluca Manganiello
    [Fabio Maresca - Ciro Carbone]

    15:00 Sampdoria - Inter
    Paolo Valeri - Matteo Passeri - Mauro Vivenzi - Davide Massa
    [Daniele Chiffi - Giacomo Paganessi]

    15:00 Sassuolo - Genoa
    Michael Fabbri - Vito Mastrodonato - Manuel Robilotta - Antonio Giua
    [Luigi Nasca - Filippo Meli]

    15:00 Torino - Hellas Verona
    Marco Di Bello - Alberto Tegoni - Andrea Tardino - Fabrizio Pasqua
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Valentino Fiorito]

    18:00 Napoli - Spezia
    Maurizio Mariani - Marco Bresmes - Damiano Margani - Davide Ghersini
    [Luca Banti - Stefano Del Giovane]

    20:45 Milan - Juventus
    Massimiliano Irrati - Alessandro Costanzo - Salvatore Longo - Daniele Doveri
    [Daniele Orsato - Luca Mondin]

  32. Dutch Eredivisie appointments

    MATCHDAY 15:
    Saturday, January 9th

    16:30 RKC Waalwijk - ADO Den Haag
    Serdar Gözübüyük - Joost van Zuilen, Johan Balder - Sam Dröge
    [Martin van den Kerkhof - Frans Ozinga]

    18:45 FC Emmen - FC Twente
    Allard Lindhout - Peter Janson, Christian Dobre - Erwin Blank
    [Sander van der Eijk - Michael Osseweijer]

    20:00 PEC Zwolle - AZ
    Kevin Blom - Erik Kleinjan, Richard Polman - Jesse Rozendal
    [Luca Cantineau - Erik Koopman]

    20:00 Heracles Almelo - Vitesse
    Danny Makkelie - Hessel Steegstra, Jan de Vries - Nick Smit
    [Jannick van der Laan - Rogier Honig]

    21:00 FC Utrecht - FC Groningen
    Jeroen Manschot - Rob van de Ven, Mark Strijker - Stan Teuben
    [Clay Ruperti - Marco Ribbink]

    Sunday, January 10th

    12:15 Sparta Rotterdam - Feyenoord
    Dennis Higler - Rogier Honig, Rens Bluemink - Alex Bos
    [Christiaan Bax - Hessel Steegstra]

    14:30 SC Heerenveen - Fortuna Sittard
    Richard Martens - Richard Brondijk, Freek Vandeursen - Marc Nagtegaal
    [Siemen Mulder - Stefan de Groot]

    14:30 VVV-Venlo - Willem II
    Jochem Kamphuis - Roy de Nas, Nicky Siebert - Robin Gansner
    [Erwin Blank - Thomas Krijt]

    16:45 Ajax - PSV
    Björn Kuipers - Sander van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra - Edwin van de Graaf
    [Pol van Boekel - Johan Balder]

    MATCHDAY 16:
    Tuesday, January 12th

    18:45 Vitesse - FC Utrecht
    Edwin van de Graaf - Charl Schaap, Yorick Weterings - Laurens Gerrets
    [Alex Bos - Frank Jansen]

    21:00 Heracles Almelo - FC Emmen
    Rob Dieperink - Patrick Inia, Kevin Bodde - Robin Hensgens
    [Richard Martens - Mark Strijker]

    Wednesday, January 13th

    18:45 PSV - AZ
    Serdar Gözübüyük - Joost van Zuilen, Johan Balder - Richard Martens
    [Jeroen Manschot - Sander van Roekel]

    20:00 ADO Den Haag - VVV-Venlo
    Jannick van der Laan - Bas van Dongen, Dave Goossens - Clay Ruperti
    [Kevin Blom - Martijn Beijer]

    20:00 Fortuna Sittard - Sparta Rotterdam
    Allard Lindhout - Sjoerd Nanninga, Michael Osseweijer - Martijn Vos
    [Edgar Bijl - Don Frijn]

    21:00 Feyenoord - PEC Zwolle
    Bas Nijhuis - Freek Vandeursen, Dyon Fikkert - Luca Cantineau
    [Stan Teuben - Mark Janssen]

    Thursday, January 14th

    18:45 SC Heerenveen - RKC Waalwijk
    Martin van den Kerkhof - Rens Bluemink, Nils van Kampen - Rob Dieperink
    [Jochem Kamphuis - Erik Kleinjan]

    20:00 FC Twente - Ajax
    Pol van Boekel - Richard Polman, Roy de Nas - Edgar Bijl
    [Dennis Higler - Peter Janson]

    21:00 Willem II - FC Groningen
    Marc Nagtegaal - Richard Brondijk, Maarten Ketting - Martin Pérez
    [Ingmar Oostrom - Bas van Dongen]

    1. Most important matches for Higler (Rotterdam derby), Kuipers (Ajax - PSV) and Gözübüyük (PSV - AZ). Nothing surprising there.

      IMO good match for van de Graaf. Disappointing matches for Lindhout (on both matchdays) and Dieperink.

      Danny Makkelie's team is incomplete. AR Mario Diks misses again, as last matchday of 2020. Might be an injury, so could be tight for his FIFA Club World Cup appointment

    2. Offside situation from the match Ajax-PSV

  33. France - Ligue 1 Uber Eats

    Wednesday 6 January 2021

    FC Lorient - AS Monaco FC (19:00)
    Frank Schneider - Brice Parinet Le Tellier, Alexandre Viala - Ludovic Genest
    [Jérôme Miguelgorry, Frédéric Haquette]

    FC Metz - FC Girondins de Bordeaux (19:00)
    Antony Gautier - Michaël Annonier, Julien Aube - Aldric Chancioux
    [Bruno Coué, Romain Delpech]

    FC Nantes - Stade Rennais FC (19:00)
    Jérémie Pignard - Bastien Courbet, Julien Haulbert - Antoine Valnet
    [Bastien Dechepy, Hamid Guenaoui]

    RC Strasbourg Alsace - Nîmes Olympique (19:00)
    Benoît Millot - Stephan Luzi, Mathieu Grosbost - Mehdi Mokhtari
    [William Lavis, Stéphane Bré]

    Stade Brestois 29 - OGC Nice (19:00)
    Jérémy Stinat - Guillaume Debart, Huseyin Ocak - Cédric Dos Santos
    [Dominique Julien, Yohann Rouinsard]

    AS Saint-Étienne - Paris Saint-Germain (21:00)
    Clément Turpin - Nicolas Danos, Yannick Boutry - Alexandre Perreau Niel
    [Benoît Bastien, Johan Hamel]

    LOSC Lille - Angers SCO (21:00)
    Thomas Léonard - Gilles Lang, Christophe Mouysset - Pierre Legat
    [Alexandre Castro, Arnaud Baert]

    Olympique de Marseille - Montpellier HSC (21:00)
    Stéphanie Frappart - Mikaël Berchebru, Erwan Finjean - Bartolomeu Varela Teles
    [Wilfried Bien, Hicham Zakrani]

    Olympique Lyonnais - RC Lens (21:00)
    Éric Wattellier - Aurélien Berthomieu, Matthieu Lombard - Robin Chapapria
    [Mikaël Lesage, Benjamin Pagès]

    Stade de Reims - Dijon FCO (21:00)
    Amaury Delerue - Bertrand Jouannaud, Mehdi Rahmouni - Pierre Gaillouste
    [Hakim Ben El Hadj Salem, Cyril Mugnier]


    Sábado 9 de enero

    17.10 Unión – Patronato
    Árbitro: Andrés Merlos
    Árbitro asistente 1: Facundo Rodríguez
    Árbitro asistente 2: José Castelli
    Cuarto árbitro: Rodrigo Rivero

    17.10 Lanús – Rosario Central
    Árbitro: Pablo Echavarría
    Árbitro asistente 1: Cristian Navarro
    Árbitro asistente 2: Iván Núñez
    Cuarto árbitro: Gerardo Méndez Cedro

    19.20 Vélez – Godoy Cruz
    Árbitro: Facundo Tello Figueroa
    Árbitro asistente 1: Maximiliano Del Yesso
    Árbitro asistente 2: Andrés Barbieri
    Cuarto árbitro: Nicolás Lamolina

    19.20 Racing – Newells
    Árbitro: Fernando Echenique
    Árbitro asistente 1: Juan Pablo Belatti
    Árbitro asistente 2: Gerardo Carretero
    Cuarto árbitro: Mariano Negrete

    21.30 River – Independiente
    Árbitro: Diego Abal
    Árbitro asistente 1: Hernán Maidana
    Árbitro asistente 2: Diego Martín
    Cuarto árbitro: Germán Delfino

    21.30 Argentinos – Boca
    Árbitro: Fernando Espinoza
    Árbitro asistente 1: Julio Fernández
    Árbitro asistente 2: Miguel Savorani
    Cuarto árbitro: Julio Barraza

    Domingo 10 de enero

    17.10 Defensa y Justicia – Aldosivi
    Árbitro: Mauro Vigliano
    Árbitro asistente 1: Ariel Scime
    Árbitro asistente 2: Mariana De Almeida
    Cuarto árbitro: Ignacio Lupani

    19.20 Arsenal – Huracán
    Árbitro: Nazareno Arasa
    Árbitro asistente 1: Mariano Altavista
    Árbitro asistente 2: Pascual Fernández
    Cuarto árbitro: Estela Álvarez de Olivera

    21.30 Colón – Talleres
    Árbitro: Darío Herrera
    Árbitro asistente 1: Gabriel Chade
    Árbitro asistente 2: Eduardo Lucero
    Cuarto árbitro: Darío Sandoval

    21.30 Banfield – San Lorenzo
    Árbitro: Fernando Rapallini
    Árbitro asistente 1: Diego Bonfa
    Árbitro asistente 2: Diego Romero
    Cuarto árbitro: Ramiro López

    21.30 Gimnasia – Atlético Tucumán
    Árbitro: Patricio Loustau
    Árbitro asistente 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
    Árbitro asistente 2: Alejo Castany
    Cuarto árbitro: Jael Falcón Pérez

    Lunes 11 de enero

    21.30 Estudiantes – Central Córdoba
    Árbitro: Jorge Broggi
    Árbitro asistente 1: Pablo González
    Árbitro asistente 2: Gerardo Lencina
    Cuarto árbitro: Franco Morón

  35. Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 17

    Saturday 09th January

    15:00 Benevento - Atalanta
    Gianluca Manganiello - Tarcisio Villa - Gamal Mokhtar - Giacomo Camplone
    [Gianpaolo Calvarese - Salvatore Longo]

    18:00 Genoa - Bologna
    Daniele Doveri - Dario Cecconi - Luigi Lanotte - Alberto Santoro
    [Maurizio Mariani - Sergio Ranghetti]

    20:45 Milan - Torino
    Fabio Maresca - Mauro Galetto - Emanuele Prenna - Michael Fabbri
    [Marco Guida - Valentino Fiorito]

    Sunday 10th January

    12:30 Roma - Inter
    Marco Di Bello - Fabiano Preti - Daniele Bindoni - Daniele Orsato
    [Paolo Mazzoleni - Giacomo Paganessi]

    15:00 Parma - Lazio
    Luca Pairetto - Stefano Del Giovane - Christian Rossi - Simone Sozza
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Rodolfo Di Vuolo]

    15:00 Udinese - Napoli
    Fabrizio Pasqua - Pasquale De Meo - Matteo Bottegoni - Livio Marinelli
    [Luigi Nasca - Alessio Tolfo]

    15:00 Hellas Verona - Crotone
    Luca Massimi - Luca Mondin - Fabio Schirru - Gianluca Aureliano
    [Paolo Valeri - Alessandro Giallatini]

    18:00 Fiorentina - Cagliari
    Piero Giacomelli - Filippo Valeriani - Michele Lombardi - Matteo Gariglio
    [Luca Banti - Filippo Meli]

    20:45 Juventus - Sassuolo
    Davide Massa - Davide Imperiale - Valerio Colarossi - Rosario Abisso
    [Daniele Chiffi - Damiano Di Iorio]

    Monday 11th January

    20:45 Spezia - Sampdoria
    Marco Piccinini - Edoardo Raspollini - Giuseppe Perrotti - Federico Dionisi
    [Federico La Penna - Stefano Liberti]

    1. Some episode of Fabio Maresca performance in match Milan-Torino:
      1st half, penalty after VAR review:
      2nd half, penalty cancelled after VAR: and

    2. Situation from the game Udine-Napoli

  36. Italian Women Supercup Final
    Sunday 10/01/2020
    Maria Marotta - Lucia Abruzzese - Veronica Vettorel - Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi

  37. Some interisting situation from the game Granada-Barcelona
    Offside or not:

  38. Situation with RC cancel after VAR review in Arsenal-New Castle:
    VAR replays:

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