Thursday, 17 December 2020

New UEFA Men Referees for 2021

 Please find below the new UEFA Men referees for 2021. 

Peter Bankes (ENG)
Jérémie Pignard (FRA)
Ashot Ghaltakhchyan (ARM)
Henrik Nalbandyan (ARM)
Elçin Məsiyev (AZE)
Luka Bilbija (BIH)
Haris Kaljanac (BIH)
Georgi Davidov (BUL)
Dario Bel (CRO)
Sandi Putros (DEN)
Joonas Jaanovits (EST)
Mohammed Al-Emara (FIN)
Joni Hyytiä (FIN)
Irakli Kvirikashvili (GEO)
Vasílios Fotiás (GRE)
Snir Levi (ISR)
Robertas Valikonis (LTU)
Vitālijs Spasjonņikovs (LVA)
Ion Orlic (MDA)
Igor Stojčevski (MKD)
Ishmael Barbara (MLT)
Philip Farrugia (MLT)
Mileta Šćepanović (MNE)
Andrew Davey (NIR)
Iancu Ioan Vasilica (POR)
Marian Alexandru Barbu (ROU)
Andrei Florin Chivulete (ROU)
Pavel Kukuyan (RUS)
Miloš Milanović (SRB)
Erik Gemzický (SVK)
Adam Ladebäck (SWE)
Abdulkadir Bitigen (TUR)
Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu (TUR)
Thomas Gary Owen (WAL)


  1. I am very curious how many Czech referees will actually be internationally active the coming year. According to media reports, three of them - Královec (UEFA Elite), Ardeleánu (UEFA Cat 1) and Rejžek (UEFA Cat 3) - are part of the investigation of Czech police suspecting match fixing organised by former Czech FA vice-chair Roman Berbr.

    And by the way, the police documents also suggest that the bribes for the referees were also in the form of UEFA categorisation. It is suggested that Ardeleánu switched places with Zelinka in summer 2019 (Cat 2 for Cat 1) as a result of Ardeleánu's involvement in match fixing, Rejžek was then written on FIFA list in January 2020. Dagmar Damková, Berbr's wife, made sure to get these things through UEFA Refereeing Committe of which she was a member until Berbr was arrested this autumn.

    That leaves me with a paranoid speculation that someone else in UEFA Refereeing committee must have known about it, not just Damková, if it is true that delegations for better matches for Královec and Ardeleánu was their "reward" for match fixing. It is not only (if at all) Damková who influences delegations for Champions League and Europa League. I sincerely hope that UEFA refereeing committee's insistance on new Czech referee chair being one of them is truly an attempt to make Czech refereeing clean, not an attempt to keep things in Czechia under their own control so that nothing fishy about their involvement could be found out.

    But as said, nothing of the aforemetioned is official and the previous paragraph is just my speculation of a worst possible "Mordor"-like scenario, nothing confirmed or proven by factual evidence.

    1. So if theese information would be confirmed and Královec, Ardeleanu and Rejžek would be suspended, Czech federation would lost three places in FIFA list? Or could nominate other candidates? I think There are some referees in the Czech Republic, who deserve to be FIFA referees. Rejžek nomination was strange anyway, He had only 9 matches in Czech League when he was added to FIFA list. And I thought, that FIFA decides About promotions and demotions between level groups based on performances in international games, or am I false?

  2. An interesting remark reported by AIA in the official announcement of new list for 2021: FIFA has definitely abolished the distinction between male and female officials for referees and assistant referees, bot men and women will appear on the same list without any specification about gender, like it was for futsal. This goes in UEFA's direction to feel free to appooint women for men's competitions and viceversa.
    Then, UEFA could maybe review something about the system of men and women categories, considering also the recent appointments for Frappart and Monzul.

    1. How do fitness tests work, then?

      If it's the same, gender-neutral list, yet there is not a single gender-neutral test... that doesn't make sense.

      And if women can make the gender-neutral list by passing the lower fitness bar, surely men could as well, no?

      There seem to be some obvious legal/discriminatory issues that arise from having a single gender-neutral list but distinct gender-specific tests. So I'm very interested to learn how FIFA is working that out.

    2. As far as I know, Frappart and Monzul etc (and all the other high profile female referees around the world working men’s matches) have had to pass the men’s fitness test. If I had to guess I’d say that will become the default going forward, which seems very fair. (This is just me speculating, but if they’re going to have gendered fitness tests, they should reflect the genders of the matches they qualify a referee for, not the genders of the referees.)

    3. Right. Currently, the women who work men's games have to pass the men's fitness standard. So Frappart, Monzul, etc. That makes sense. They are on the women's FIFA/UEFA lists because they can pass the women's fitness standard, but then they can also work men's game because they can pass the tougher men's fitness standard.

      If the men's fitness standard became the default for both lists, hundreds of international female referees would be removed from the FIFA list because they cannot pass that standard. That is an unacceptable outcome--gender equity would be more important than female empowerment. So there's just no way FIFA would go that route.

      On the other hand, if everyone who makes the list simply has to pass the lower women's standard, that would open up the door to male referees who can't pass the men's test. From a quality control perspective, that is unacceptable as well.

      All this leads me to believe that the merging of the two lists to have one "gender-neutral" list is simply a public relations ploy. It cannot be true from a functional standpoint because either a bunch of women would lose international status or a bunch of men would be allowed to get international status by passing a lower fitness standard (this wouldn't happen necessarily in UEFA, but it could be a phenomenon in many places around the world).

      The bottom line is this: what's the point of a single list if two different fitness tests are still going to determine which matches you can referee?

    4. Bibiana Steinhaus had to pass the FIFA fitness test for male Bundesliga referees during her years from 2017 to 2020. She reffed 23 Bundesliga matches and 92 in the 2nd Bundesliga.

  3. OT

    As the Ballon d'Or wasn't awarded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 'France Football' has presented their all-time dream teams.

    In their view, the best referees of all time are (in this order):
    1. Pierluigi Collina (ITA)
    2. Ken Aston (ENG)
    3. Michel Vautrot (FRA)
    4. Markus Merk (GER)
    5. Charles Corver (NED)
    6. Mike Dean (ENG)
    7. Ian Foote (SCO)
    8. Ali Bennaceur (TUN)
    9. Stephanie Frappart (FRA)
    10. Howard Webb (ENG)

    How on earth is Mike Dean or Stephanie Frappart one of the greatest referees of all time? How are they better than, for example, Kuipers? No comment...

    1. At least, they didn't decide based on achievements or appointments...
      Some probably are included for famous mistakes (Corver for Schumacher/Battiston, Bennaceur for Hand of God), Aston for inventing the cards, Dean for his internet fame.
      And than there is Ian Foote, who neither has really big games nor anything else notable - not even enough for am English Wikipedia article...

    2. I had to make sure that today wasn't April 1st after reading that list. Because it reads like an April Fools joke.

    3. Just ignore France Football about refereeing, they don't know what they are talking about...

    4. Well, we are talking about 'France Football' and wouldn't otherwise have been: they succeeded in their aim!

    5. The Scottish referee Ian foote is quoted by France Football for a memorable Bulgaria-France (with Michel Platini) that he refereed in 1976 and that the star journalist Thierry Roland had...insulted on the air. More than eight years later, he invited Ian Foote to the French TV studios to review and analyze the phases of the game. Incredible scene to see on this link:

    6. Of course Bjorn Kuipers is the no 1.

    7. Hello,

      This ranking is not that of the "10 best referees in history" and has nothing to do with the main subject of France Football this week. It's simply a totally subjective top 10 with 10 referees making history for different reasons, and the theme changes every week.
      I can't see a French magazine honoring Corver or Foote, and quoting Dean but not Clattenburg

      Happy Holidays to all !

  4. OT:
    "Edinson Cavani has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E33 in relation to a social media post on Sunday, Nov. 29 2020. It is alleged that, contrary to FA Rule E3.1, a comment posted on the Manchester United FC player's Instagram page was insulting and/or abusive and/or improper and/or brought the game into disrepute. It is further alleged that the comment constitutes an 'Aggravated Breach', which is defined in FA Rule E3.2, as it included reference, whether express or implied, to colour and/or race and/or ethnic origin."

    I applaud the English FA for taking this initial step in the process. Claiming confusion or incompetence based on use of mother tongue or homeland common practices in no excuse. Change, adapt, overcome, and embrace the diversity which unites us all.

    1. There you go again... Rather stick to topics related to refereeing than this dangerous ideas and practices of witch hunting that you promote.

      How come you didnt share the statement about a telephone call between Coltescu and Demba Ba, and Ba's national team friend footballer telling that Coltescu is a good friend and absolutely not a racist in any way? Maybe you missed it? :D

    2. I posted this because it's a topic that continues to plague world football. And recently it's a topic that involved a referee being accused of racism. As referee's we are the first line of defense on the pitch to do away with this type of abhorrent and antiquated behavior. And unlike you, it's a topic that I am able to acknowledged that exists and that I as referee, coach, player, and fan will no longer stand by and remain silent. It's not a topic that makes me nervous or uncomfortable to confront. Quite to contrary I am made nervous and uncomfortable by the lack of action and forward progress taken by world football.

      In the end we'll see what influence Ba's "phone call" has in regards to UEFA disciplinary decision.

      Lastly, the opinions of enablers, deniers, and victim blamers don't interest me. So, if the shoe fits, wear it.

    3. At modern: The FA shows ignorance of another country's language. No other than Martin Luther King Jr referred to his colour as negro because he didn't want his people to be identified with the Black Panther movement that started in the 1960s.

  5. Whose bankes replacing? England already has 8 fifa referees

    1. None. Big 5 countries can have until 10 FIFA male referees.

    2. England in recent seasons had by far less referees on FIFA list than the maximum possible number... a real crysis, to be honest, given the importance of the country. Now something is changing.

    3. I remember that England had only 6 FIFA refs at some point.

    4. The Premier League might be the best league at the moment, but english referees on average lack behind her counterparts from Italy, Spain, and Portugal. England doesn't have a top referee since Clattenburg left.

  6. Does anybody know anything about the new FIFA futsal referees?

  7. News:
    Only Stieler (GER) promoted to Elite Category.

    1. It seems changes was fixed before the last matchday. It is not deserved IMO. As Hungarian I had seen him several times with Hungarian club teams and National team. He had always some big mistake or crucial mistake, and his last match in UCL... no comment.

    2. We can only wait for a confirmation, however I also think that committee has already decided everything days ago, as it was in past years but for some reasons, there is this delay due to the official announcement of new FIFA referees and other stuff....

    3. Marrkoo is right, the category revisions were determined by the committee at their meeting between MD5 and MD6.

    4. In that case, the U21 EURO will pribably have even more importance, probably being crucial for few referees awaiting promotion to elite.

  8. OT: Abulrahman Al Jassim's team from Qatar, where the match will be held, will referee Saturday's AFC Champions League Final between Persepolis (IRN) and Ulsan Hyundai (KOR).

    1. IMHO, his performance was below what is expected from a referee in any sort of Final. But it helps being the "host nation" referee in order to undeservingly get these assignments.
      While other referee's from around the world will have to fight for the right to be selected for Qatar 2022. Al-Jassim need not worry because his spot is already secured.

  9. Appointments - Germany:

    Bundesliga Matchday 13
    18th December

    20:30 Union Berlin - Borussia Dortmund
    Harm Osmers - Robert Kempter - Thomas Gorniak - Sven Jablonski
    [Tobias Stieler - Christian Gittelmann]

    2nd Bundesliga Matchday 13
    18th December

    18:30 VfL Bochum - FC Heidenheim
    Manuel Gräfe - Markus Sinn - Marcel Schütz - Patrick Kessel
    [Marco Fritz - Marcel Pelgrim]

    18:30 Jahn Regensburg - Hannover
    Patrick Hanslbauer - Rafael Foltyn - Henry Müller - Asmir Osmanagic
    [Daniel Schlager - Mitja Stegemann]

  10. /12/2020, 16:30Aquí está la lista de árbitros y asistentes italianos incluidos en las listas de la FIFA para el año 2021. La lista de internacionales ha sido ratificada, con la fecha de hoy, por la FIFA.
    En comparación con la temporada anterior, la lista de AE ​​y AA para el fútbol 11 no lleva una subdivisión de género, como era el caso del fútbol sala, mientras que una novedad más es la creación de la figura de Oficiales de Video Match, que lleva a sus árbitros internos, pero también asistentes.



    DE BELLO Marco
    DOVERI Daniele
    FABBRI Michael
    FINZI Valentina
    GUÍA Marco
    IRRATI Massimiliano
    MARESCA Fabio
    MARIANI Maurizio
    MAROTTA Maria
    MASSA Davide
    ORSATO Daniele
    PIRRIATORE Graziella
    VALERI Paul

    Asistentes Arbitraje

    ALASSIO Stefano
    Bindoni Daniele (nuevo)
    COAL Ciro
    COSTANZO Alessandro
    MONTE Francesca
    Giallatini Alessandro
    Martinelli Verónica
    MELI Philip
    PASSERI Mateo
    PERETTI Giorgio
    SACERDOTES Fabiano
    TEGONI Alberto
    Tempestilli Giulia (nuevo)
    Trasciatti Tiziana
    Vettorel Verónica

    vídeo Oficiales del Partido

    COAL Ciro
    HERMOSA Marco
    FABBRI Michael
    GUÍA Marco
    IRRATI Massimiliano
    MARESCA Fabio
    MARIANI Maurizio
    MASSA Davide MELI
    VALERI Paolo

    Árbitros 5

    COLOMBIN Giulio (nuevo)
    GALANTE Angelo
    MANZIONE Nicola Maria
    PERONA Chiara

    Árbitros Dario Fútbol playa

    BOTTALICO Saverio
    ROMANI Luca
    SUSANNA Fiammetta

  11. It's so funny to see how Ciro Carbone (Carbone is the surname) has been translated in English into "Coal"

  12. Hello When will be futsal referee 2021?

  13. Italy Serie A
    Matchweek 13

    Saturday 19th December

    15:00 Fiorentina - Hellas Verona
    Francesco Fourneau - Stefano Del Giovane - Manuel Robilotta - Antonio Rapuano
    [Piero Giacomelli - Rodolfo Di Vuolo]

    18:00 Sampdoria - Crotone
    Gianluca Manganiello - Matteo Bottegoni - Thomas Ruggieri - Simone Sozza
    [Luca Pairetto - Damiano Di Iorio]

    20:45 Parma - Juventus
    Gianpaolo Calvarese - Luca Mondin - Giovanni Baccini - Alessandro Prontera
    [Aleandro Di Paolo - Valentino Fiorito]

    Sunday 20th December

    12:30 Torino - Bologna
    Fabrizio Pasqua - Matteo Passeri - Enrico Caliari - Federico La Penna
    [Fabio Maresca - Mauro Galetto]

    15:00 Benevento - Genoa
    Antonio Giua - Domenico Rocca - Andrea Tardino - Ivano Pezzuto
    [Luigi Nasca - Ciro Carbone]

    15:00 Cagliari - Udinese
    Marco Piccinini - Fabrizio Lombardo - Giuseppe Perrotti - Manuel Volpi
    [Marco Guida - Alessandro Costanzo]

    15:00 Inter - Spezia
    Michael Fabbri - Tarcisio Villa - Marco Scatragli - Gianluca Aureliano
    [Paolo Valeri - Pasquale De Meo]

    15:00 Sassuolo - Milan
    Maurizio Mariani - Daniele Bindoni - Davide Imperiale - Rosario Abisso
    [Daniele Doveri - Stefano Liberti]

    18:00 Atalanta - Roma
    Marco Di Bello - Salvatore Longo - Dario Cecconi - Giovanni Ayroldi
    [Massimiliano Irrati - Alessio Tolfo]

    20:45 Lazio - Napoli
    Daniele Orsato - Alberto Tegoni - Sergio Ranghetti - Daniele Chiffi
    [Paolo Mazzoleni - Mauro Vivenzi]

  14. Something interesting to point out from the new list published is that one of the new FIFA referees has a relative within their national refereeing committee setup, where the FIFA badge has been taken from a young referee and given to an even younger referee.

    Also, there is another case of conflict of interest in this country where one of the assistant referees in the top division has a direct relative in the committee. Are these things normal due to conflict of interest or should there be standards that one should adhere to?

    I have decided to opt out from mentioning the country in question, but there are readers of this blog who know to which country I am referring to.


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