Tuesday, 27 August 2019

2019-20 UEFA Champions League - Play-Offs (Second Legs, I) - Referee appointments

Referee appointments for 2019-20 Champions League Play-Offs, Second Legs, Tuesday's games. 
27 August 2019, 21:00 CET - Trodnheim (Lerkendal Stadion)
Rosenborg BK (NOR) - GNK Dinamo (CRO) 
Referee: Ovidiu Haţegan (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Octavian Șovre (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Gheorghe (ROU)
Fourth Official: Sebastian Colţescu (ROU)
Video Assistant Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Paweł Gil (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Francesco Bianchi (SUI)
UEFA Delegate: Rainer Koch (GER)

27 August 2019, 21:00 CET - Belgrade (Stadion Rajko Mitić)
FK Crvena zvezda (SRB) - BSC Young Boys (SUI) 
Referee: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Gary Beswick (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Adam Nunn (ENG)
Fourth Official: Chris Kavanagh (ENG)
Video Assistant Referee: Stuart Attwell (ENG)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Paul Tierney (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Luciano Luci (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: David McDowell Zor (SVN)

27 August 2019, 21:00 CET - Krasnodar (Stadion "Krasnodar")
FC Krasnodar (RUS) - Olympiakós FC (GRE) 
Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Jure Praprotnik (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Robert Vukan (SVN)
Fourth Official: Rade Obrenović (SVN)
Video Assistant Referee: Massimiliano Irrati (ITA)
Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Marco Di Bello (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Rune Pedersen (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Yariv Teper (ISR)


  1. First game in CL with VAR for Haţegan, finally he managed that.
    Taylor with a very hot game and I would say he is maybe ahead of Oliver at moment in terms of consideration by committee?
    Skomina, as expected, with foreign (for him) VARs, again Irrati, but this time without Guida as AVAR (he has a game on Thursday).
    In case of Rocchi's appointment for Wednesday, I think we should have either Fabbri or Valeri as VAR, I would say Fabbri.

    1. If uefa want to appoint oliver in cl who do you think will support him in terms of var Avar and fourth official...

    2. Quiet evident and probably the right choice because of the age of both English men but with FIFA it's quite the reverse

    3. Yea with FIFA oliver is far ahead of taylor

  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1ivBAPBGGH/?igshid=1u9gqa3s3z868

    This was called offside by VAR..

    1. no, it was call onside, it's from last Monday's match between Wolves and Man United. This onside call was on the buildup of Wolves' goal

    2. chris bramis is right. VAR confirmed the on-field decisions which was onside.

  3. Excellent appointment for Taylor in a potentially hot match. Hategan also with a big P.O. match after his very good development last year.

    Skomina seems the unlucky one based on 1st leg result.

  4. Skomina got everything at high European level:) so, now he can have a rest

    1. Than why appoint him and not Vincic?

    2. Because of next year UEFA EURO 2020 :)

  5. Highlights of the refereeing yesterday in Premier League from Match of the Day. Situations appear sequentially as listed.


    NORWICH – CHELSEA, Martin Atkinson | VAR: Andre Marriner

    Foul before 1-1?
    SFP? Tackle assessed as reckless
    Penalty? No VAR intervention
    Foul or fair tackle (referee alertness, VAR procedure)? VAR intervened to disallow the goal

    LIVERPOOL - ARSENAL, Anthony Taylor | VAR: Stuart Attwell

    Penalty awarded for holding + YC for SPA

    MANCHESTER UNITED – CRYSTAL PALACE, Paul Tierney | VAR: Craig Pawson

    Missed RC for DOGSO by referee and VAR
    Penalty for holding?
    Penalty for a careless trip
    YC for simulation – would play on or foul have been better?
    Tricky penalty situation; VAR backs play on

    WATFORD – WEST HAM, Christopher Kavanagh | VAR: Jarred Gillett

    Penalty for a careless trip

    BRIGHTON – SOUTHAMPTON, Kevin Friend | VAR: Lee Mason

    RC for absolutely brutal tackle
    Goal disallowed for offside after VAR intervention (referee – AR teamwork?)

    1. Last clip can't be offside. When the pass is made the GK is already down. It's the challenge itself that's a foul. Challenging the GK.

  6. I would again like to point out another incident in the Premier League cleared by the VAR. This time in Bournemouth v Manchester City.
    This coming after this incident yesterday.

    1. That is completely unacceptable. In case of more incidents like these IFAB should warn PL that they may be disallowed to use VAR in the next season if this continues. But, as we all know, IFAB is not keen on making brave (even understandable and very needed) decisions. Yes, video match officials are only humans and they can make mistakes. But in PL case it even seems as they make these mistakes deliberately...

    2. Totally agree with you @The Referee, as I warned, it is just an exercise of pseudo-VAR. Really, it is terrible and unacceptable what is happening in Premier League. I will try to get some info. regarding PGMOL's evaluation of the incidents, though I am quite sure they are satisfied.

      An independent and strong IFAB would be an asset to top level refereeing, but that seems unlikely (though they took positive steps in the last years).

    3. Just incredible. These were both 1000% penalties. If one National League needed VAR to reduce great amount of refs' mistakes - it was Premier League. But the way VAR is used it actually didn't improve much because VAR refs in almost every match make incredible mistakes. It really seems that they make it on purpose.
      Look Pawson - he was VAR yesterday and made significant mistakes, and now in 95' he gave PK for Wolves which is far less PK than these two for Cty and Chelsea (and VAR confirmed it). It seems to me as VAR ref don't want to overrule decisions on the pitch.

    4. The match in Greece with Skoulás refereeing and Komínis in VAR has gone viral because of this happening in the VOR.


    5. As a Greek I am embarrased of what happened on the VOR room. But I am not surprised.

      When I was talking about a Greek refereeing mess, I was refering on such scenes. Greek referees, these last 3 years, have NO LEADERSHIP. Meritocracy doesn't exist. Only public relations.

      At least, today, we had good usage of VAR on the Atromitos-Larisa match.

      Here is the scene with OFR (Ref: Fotias, VAR: Papapetrou, UEFA 2nd).


    6. Similar situation with no VAR intervention at Tottenham - Newcastle. Looks like a clear penalty to me, #6 defender blocks Kane with his body and elbows him with his right arm.


    7. Edward, are foreign appointment expected to end with the introduction of VAR in Greece?

      I see you had full native refereeing crews on this MD, but maybe no big game.

    8. As Vitor Melo Pereira, head of Greek referee commitee said, their target this year is to bring less foreing referees than last's year. Time will tell.

    9. @Quilava

      Foreign referees will continue to come but only for derbies.

      Pereira, indeed, said that the target is to reduce the number of foreign referees but IMO, their number will increase considering what we saw on MD1 and the fact that almost all teams last year asked for foreign referees.

  7. I have to say that I am not happy with Taylor's appointment in Belgrade. He is good referee, one of two the best English refs, he officiated Liverpool-Arsenal yesterday and Man UTD-Chelsea in first round, many big clashes, but I think this game needed much more experienced ref in European competition. The atmosphere will be extremely hot, all 55.000 tickets were sold until Saturday morning (!?) - 150.000 tickets wouldn't be enough. Red Star has good result from the 1st match and everybody expect to get the CL - for the first time when return leg is played in Belgrade. Taylor will be under big pressure - there is no even close tension in PL matchesč.
    I can't understand why Skomina is appointed in the game already decided and not in Belgrade. He speaks Serbian/Croatian excellent, understand mentality of both Serbian and players from Switzerland, and also important - mentality of the crowd, he is well respected in Serbia and there are no political reasons for Slovenian ref not to be appointed! Another thing that i don't like about English refs is the way they are using VAR. Only 3 rounds in PL and lot of problems with it in England, already big number of mistakes. VAR ref will be Stuart Attwell and I don't know... For sure, I wish Taylor and his team the best.

    1. Unpopular opinion Taylor is miles better than skomina...

      I do watch Taylor officiating...
      And i think he his the best ref in England....

      I also watch skomina but believe me Taylor is miles better than him...

      The only reason i can say skomina is better is just handball situation....

      And for how var is used in England.... Believe me England var is the best right now...

      They are very fast in checking...

      All decisions are correct...

      They don't give soft penalties....

      They don't call the referee to go and watch decision in the TV himself...

      So i don't understand the hate bro...

      Skomina and Taylor are agemate...

      But skomina is just miles better in FIFA level...

    2. Hahaha. Had a good laugh at that. The premier league is by far my favorite league but the VAR is a joke. All decisions correct? This is a ref blog you know that right?

    3. @Nole''I can't understand why Skomina is appointed in the game already decided and not in Belgrade'' Because he is not allowed to officiate in the neighbouring countries (Croatia, Serbia, etc.) due to our common former country (ex-YU). He mentioned this in one of his interviews. I think it's quite an odd situation because there has almost 30 years passed since ex-YU dissolved. But such are the UEFA rules :-).

    4. There is no problem with countries of the former Soviet Union regarding referee appointments in recent years. So this should be indeed the case soon for former Yugoslavia as well.

  8. I don't want to keep going on about this but I think it's important to note that the Premier League are not using VAR properly. There were at least 3 penalty incidents in matchday 3 not given by VAR.
    It seems to me that there are 2 issues here with VAR in the Premier League. The first is this 'high bar' they keep talking about. Translated, it simply means, we will do everything possible to uphold the on field decision, to the detriment of the referees and the game. The second, is the reluctance to use the monitor in the referee review area. For surely if these referees had all watched these 3 incidents on the screen they would have all given a penalty kick.
    If VAR keeps being used this way in England than it is simply worthless and will make some people worry about the english VAR's being used in the champions league. Will they apply the premier league standard or the UEFA standard??

  9. any afc champions league appiontments

  10. The same as by ex-YU countries is by Czech republic/Slovakia. And there was no war or something like that, the relations between these two countries are good...

  11. What are you talking about, man? There was a war between ex-YU countries in the 1990s, lasting for years! In June 1991 Slovenia was attacked by ex-YU military forces, not to mention horrors in Croatia and Bosnia. Of course this is not a political blog, but stop comparing former CHE/SVK with ex-YU.

    1. That war was 25-30 years ago. I was small kid then, probably you too. In Slovenia it lasted shortly. In WW II Germany attacked whole Europe, but there is no problem for German refs to officiate anywhere. Why it should be, it's just a sport. So I can't see any reason why Skomina can not be the referee in Serbian (or Croatian, Bosnian) clubs games. For example, I know that Croatins respected Mazic a lot and wanted him to be appointed in their matches on the WC. So we in Serbia respect Skomina a lot. There are lot of Serbs living in Slovenia, especially in Maribor area. Many Slovenians are coming to Serbia as tourist. Me personally was in Ljubljana, on the Bled, Bohinj and in Istra in May, and I am going to Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia very often. People who read this blog should know that there are no political reasons for the refs from ex-Yu countries to be appointed to officiate the game from some other country. That's happening only in football - in all other sports there is no such a problem.

    2. I agree with you completely, my friend. Me too had a great time in Belgrade ;) But that's not the topic here :) I was only replying to rrr who doesn't know anything about history. I also agree that it is about time for UEFA to reconsider their practice ...

  12. I think that Taylors game in Belgrade will be disaster

  13. OT: LaLiga MD3 appointments. Same set of central referees of MD1. Biggest matches go to Estrada Fernández (Basque derby) and Gil Manzano (Villarreal-Real Madrid)

    Sevilla-Celta, Friday 30, 20:00 CET
    Referee: Carlos DEL CERRO GRANDE (Elite)

    Athletic-Real Sociedad, Friday 30, 22:00 CET
    Referee: Xavier ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ (1st)

    Osasuna- FC Barcelona, Saturday 31, 17:00 CET
    Referee: Juan MARTÍNEZ MUNUERA (2nd)

    Getafe-Alavés, Saturday 31, 19:00 CET
    Referee: Mario MELERO LÓPEZ
    VAR: Alejandro HERNÁNDEZ HERNÁNDEZ (2nd)

    Levante-Valladolid, Saturday 31, 19:00 CET
    Referee: Adrián CORDERO VEGA

    Betis-Leganés, Saturday 31, 21:00 CET
    Referee: Guillermo CUADRA FERNÁNDEZ
    VAR: José María SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ (1st)

    Valencia-Mallorca, Sunday 1, 17:00 CET
    Referee: Javier ALBEROLA ROJAS
    VAR: José Luis MUNUERA MONTERO (2nd)

    Atlético de Madrid-Eibar, Sunday 1, 19:00 CET
    Referee: Santiago JAIME LATRE

    Espanyol-Granada, Sunday 1, 19:00 CET
    Referee: César SOTO GRADO
    VAR: Antonio MATEU LAHOZ (Elite)

    Villarreal-Real Madrid, Sunday 1, 21:00 CET
    Referee: Jesús GIL MANZANO (Elite)

  14. free kick management masterclass by Skomina in the early minutes

  15. Good performance from Hategan so far.
    1 deserved yc,has match in full control.

  16. Good first half by Damir Skomina on an easy-going match. 1 correct caution and good foul detection. He shouldn't play advantage at 20' since it was a foul outside Krasnodar's penalty area in a very risky scene.

    Both AR's not really challenged but AR2 with a good delayed offside flag at 40'.

    1. An equally good 2nd half by Skomina in Russia. There is a penalty appeal at 59' for Olympiakos which was correctly waived play-on (VAR probably confirmed).

      There were a couple of challenges (good management at 73' (verbal warning to both players). Also all the cautions were correct. A few positioning and movement problems but that's something minimal.

      Overall a good, expected level performance on a normal difficulty match. Good performance by both AR's.

  17. Wow, what an immense performance by Anthony Taylor! 8,6 area.

    Full report to follow tomorrow.

  18. Nothing special in Hategan's match. Good performance in an easy match.

  19. So, 6 comments tonight, must be a busy night fo referees ;).
    I would say, based on number of comments that all three referees showed a good performance tonight.

  20. Very solid performance from Taylor and his team. To tell the truth they didn't have tough job, as it could be expected. Interesting thing is that many fouls Taylor whistled with delay. All YCs were correct, maybe one or two could be given for Young Boys players (missed one SPA in second half, and one important situation somewhere close to the end of the first half, when YB player who was already booked committed fouls on the borderline for caution - and it would be given if it was first YC). Some good advantages, no big issues in the PK area. Biggest mistakes were two blatant corner kicks missed for RS in first half (impossible not to see, YB player was alone and sent the ball in corner), and one around 90' for YB (harder to detect, it was a mess in PK area). No offside flag when Ben (RS) had big chance - no replay so impossible to say whether there was offside.
    But all in all Taylor was very good tonight in very hot athmoshere, but very correct on the stands and on the pitch, neither one decision had impact of the final outcome. The crowd is happy, delighted, Red Star is for the second year in a row in Champions league, which means a life for the former European and World champion.

    1. Unsure what happened with first half goal kick/non-corner, but UK commentators suggested whistle may have gone for a foul. Images where inconclusive so not 100% sure what the decision was. If no foul, corner was blatant.

  21. Very mature refereeing from Taylor! He showed some great leadership skills and he kept the game under full control. He had to be very alert and we could see a very motivated and confident referee.
    Hopefully both Taylor and Oliver will get exciting and challenging games in CL.

  22. Big step forward made by Anthony Taylor with yesterday performance in Belgrade. I watched most of the game, missing only some minutes. I was indeed impressed by his management. He showed all the clear YCs needed, he was always in control. The only point for improvement is indeed having missed two very blatant corner kicks, but we know that's not something important in a referee's performance.
    He will get now more and more challenging games in Champions League.
    I hope that his countryman Oliver can follow a similar path, but he has for sure more and more time.

  23. Of course he's got more time, but Oliver's way better than Taylor, in every aspect.

  24. It's hard to add more than has already been written, but Taylor was really very good last night. His formula for success is staying equanimous and not losing the overview, which explains his the later whistling in the game. He never over-complicates his matches, just taking each decision - correct each time last night. His mimics and management were simply excellent.

    Anthony Taylor showed that he is a real Elite referee.

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