Monday, 29 July 2019

2019/20 UEFA Pre-season Preparation Course for Top Referees - List of participants

This summer the pre-season preparation course for UEFA top referees will take place in Zagreb, Croatia from 31/07 to 02/08. We are pleased to provide you the list of participants. 
Zagreb, Croatia, 31/07 - 02/08  2019 

All officials both men and women from Elite and Category 1 will attend the course. In addition, UEFA has selected a specific list of referees (mostly Category 2) who will work as VAR. 

BLR Kulbakov Alexey
CRO Martincic Ivana
CZE Královec Pavel
CZE Adamkova Jana
ENG Oliver Michael
CZE Zadinova Olga
ENG Taylor Anthony
FIN Lehtovaara Lina
ESP Del Cerro Grande Carlos
FRA Frappart Stéphanie
ESP Gil Manzano Jesús
FRA Guillemin Florence
ESP Mateu Lahoz Antonio Miguel
GER Hussein Riem
FRA Bastien Benoît
GER Steinhaus Bibiana
FRA Turpin Clément
HUN Kulcsar Katalin
GER Aytekin Deniz
POR Braz Bastos Sandra
GER Brych Felix
RUS Pustovoitova Anastasia
GER Zwayer Felix
SCO Watson (Clark) Lorraine
GRE Sidiropoulos Anastasios
SUI Staubli Esther
HUN Kassai Viktor
SWE Larsson Pernilla
ITA Orsato Daniele
SWE Persson Sara
ITA Rocchi Gianluca
UKR Monzul Kateryna
NED Kuipers Bjorn
NED Makkelie Danny
POL Marciniak Szymon
POR Ribeiro Soares Dias Artur Manuel
ROU Hategan Ovidiu Alin
RUS Karasev Sergei
SCO Collum William
SVK Kruzliak Ivan
SVN Skomina Damir
TUR Çakır Cüneyt

AUT Lechner Harald
ENG Fearn Amy Elizabeth
AUT Schuettengruber Manuel
ENG Welch Rebecca
AZE Aghayev Aliyar
ESP Frias Acedo Marta
BIH Peljto Irfan
ESP Huerta de Aza Marta
BUL Kabakov Georgi
GRE Antoniou Eleni
CRO Bebek Ivan
HUN Urban Eszter
CZE Ardeleanu Petr
KAZ Nurmustafina Elvira
DEN Kehlet Jakob
MKD Projkovska Ivana
ENG Pawson Craig
POL Augustyn Ewa
ESP Estrada Fernandez Xavier
POL Mularczyk Monika
ESP Sanchez Martínez José María
POR Rosa Domingos Silvia Andreia
EST Tohver Kristo
SUI Grundbacher Désirée
FIN Gestranius Mattias
SVK Kovacova Zuzana
FRA Buquet Ruddy
SVK Pavlikova Petra
FRA Letexier François
SWE Olofsson Tess
GER Siebert Daniel
TUR Ozcigdem Melis
GER Stieler Tobias
WAL Foster Cheryl
HUN Bognár Tamás
HUN Vad Istvan
ISR Grinfeeld Orel
ITA Guida Marco
ITA Massa Davide
LTU Mazeika Gediminas
LVA TreimanisAndris
MKD Stavrev Aleksandar
MNEDabanovic Nikola
NED Blom Kevin
NED Gozubuyuk Serdar
NED Nijhuis Hendrikus S.H. Bas
POL Gil Pawel
POL Raczkowski Pawel
POL Stefanski Daniel
POR Lopes Martins Tiago Bruno
ROU Kovacs Istvan
ROU Petrescu Radu Marian
RUS Eskov Aleksei
RUS Ivanov Sergei
SCO Beaton John
SCO Madden Bobby
SRB Jovanovic Srdjan
SUI Schärer Sandro
SVN Jug Matej
SVN Vinčić Slavko
SWE Ekberg Andreas
TUR Ozkahya Halis
TUR Palabiyik Ali
UKR Aranovskyi Yevhenii
UKR Boiko Sergii

ENG Attwell Stuart
ENG Tierney Paul
ESP De Burgos Bengoechea Ricardo
ESP Hernández Hernández Alejandro Jose
ESP Martínez Munuera Juan
FRA Brisard Jérôme
FRA Millot Benoît
GER Dankert Bastian
GER Dingert Christian
GER Stegemann Sascha
ITA Fabbri Michael
ITA Irrati Massimiliano
ITA Valeri Paolo
NED Higler Dennis Johan
NED Kamphuis Jochem
NED van Boekel Paulus (Pol)
POL Frankowski Bartosz
POR Silva Pinheiro Joao Pedro
TUR Göçek Hüseyin
TUR Kalkavan Mete
TUR Palabiyik Ali


  1. Didn't they used to invite top category2 referees also on this seminars?

  2. Another thing, it is great to have such an event in Croatia, I did not know about it since Croatian football federation did not publish any news about seminar.

  3. Has the UEFA published the hotel or the training ground?
    if not, somebody may know where the referees are.

    1. Sheraton Zagreb Hotel

    2. Thank you very much!

      Does anyone know if you can get autographs from the referees or take pictures at Sheraton Zagreb Hotel or at the next training ground (Dinamo Zagreb Maksimir Center).

  4. Does anybody noe whether IFAB has made any comments on situations like this
    The Danish FA has written to clubs, and explicitly telling them it's illegal as it is a "deliberate trick to pass the ball" (
    But some state that the FA and Dutch Federation has made the opposite conclusion?

  5. IFAB confirmed that this action is regular, so somebody should inform Danish federation, they are wrong.

    1. So they said this is allowed? Very weird. In that case any time a GK is pressured with the 6 second rule he can just throw it to a teammate that passes it back so he can pick it up and new 6 seconds start again. Same thing.

    2. I think, if it is time-wasting, the referee still can intervene. But in general, i.e. if it's done for a different reason, e.g. like in the video above, it is allowed.

    3. It is really never for time wasting purposes. It's just for convenience purposes so the GK can run free with the ball in his hands. So I don't like that answer by IFAB but if that's what they want then that's what we will do. New wording is needed for the laws of the game for trickery with the back pass.

      Like: '' A yellow card and indirect free kick must be called for trickery unless there is clearly no intent to waste time''.

    4. Where can be found confirmation by IFAB?

    5. No official statements, IFAB answered following some private mails, I can ensure you 100% that it was assessed as regular.
      It would have been good thing to write a public assessment because many people asked for that, but it wasn't made.
      To have a personal confirmation, write a mail to:

  6. Good to see that all Dutch internationals are there, including those on 2nd group. Good to see Kamphuis too, who is I guess the only non-international?

    1. Yes indeed, a very special case, so far he is the only NO FIFA referee working as VAR for UEFA. However, if we look at FIFA and its tournaments, we have another example, Alan Kelly from Ireland, now in USA, but no longer FIFA referee.

    2. It supports my idea that he will be international in 2020.

  7. Please can anyone tell me what category Svein Oddvar Moen falls in. As his name was not included amongst top participants for the above seminar.

    1. Demoted into 2nd last june

    2. any greek ref with a hope to move up category?

    3. Maybe Papapetrou to First, he attended last U19 Euro.

    4. what do you think of sidiropoulos? would he get appointed as 4th official again?

    5. Sidiropoulos referee of elite big games in champions league waiting for him,

    6. I don't think that Papapetrou is ready for a promotion. He needs more experience and unfortunately he can't get it without officiating derby matches on his country. And at least for the next season, he won't have that opportunity.

  8. OT

    Please have a look at this situation from ARMINIA BIELEFELD vs FC ST PAULI, second German division match refereed by Bastian Dankert (UEFA Category 2). It's a penalty awarded for handball, which is then overturned after VAR Rene Rohde invites the referee for an OFR.

    This is what Dankert said to media after the game: "After the law change, it is clear that «this cannot be handball». After reviewing the video «it became clear to me that this was a wrong decision by us. For that reason, I decided to play-on and reversed the penalty. The law was exactly changed for that, because one cannot handle the ball more undeliberately than this»" (loosely translated from

    What do you think, I'd be interesting in reading your thoughts.

    1. No penalty is the correct decision for me, because the hand is in a rather natural position and he plays the ball with the knee first (-> new Laws).
      His explanation is not perfect though, because it is not the only factor that is was undeliberate.

    2. New law says it's usually not an offence when the ball bounces up on the arm after body contact. This was one of those ''usually'' cases. No penalty is correct. Arm was in a normal position for that play and it did first touch his body. I like that the ref changed back the decision so the video can be used for lower league teames when we take the same decision to show them that this is not a penalty when they complain after the game.

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