Tuesday, 2 July 2019

UEFA Referees Committee for 2019 - 2023

The new UEFA Referees Committee. 

Roberto Rosetti (UEFA Chief Refereeing Officer)

Deputy Chairman:
Hugh Dallas (UEFA Refereeing Officer)

Marc Batta (UEFA Refereeing Officer)
Vladimir Sajn (UEFA Refereeing Officer)
Dagmar Damková (UEFA Refereeing Officer)

Referee Convention Panel

1. Vladimir Antonov (MDA)
2. Neale Barry (ENG)
3.  Francesco Bianchi (SUI)
4. Nuno Castro (POR) (new)
5. Alexandru Deaconu (ROU) (new)
6. Gyöngyi Krisztina Gaál  (HUN) (new)
7. Terje Hauge (NOR)
8. Peter Hegyi (HUN)
9. Werner Helsen (BEL)
10. Sokol Jareci (ALB) (new)
11. Leonid Kaloshin (RUS)
12. Costas Kapitanis (CYP)
13. Jørn West Larsen (DEN)
14. Kaj Østergaard (DEN)
15. Alain Sars (FRA) (new)
16. Charles Schaack (LUX)
17. Yariv Tepper (ISR)
18. Stavros Tritsonis (GRE) (new)
19. John Ward (IRL)
20. Rainer Werthmann (GER)

Special Advisors
Alan Snoddy (NIR, UEFA appointment)



  1. Out from committee:
    1. David Elleray (ENG)
    2. Herbert Fandel (GER)
    3. Jose Fontelas Gomes (POR)
    4. Bo Karlsson (SWE)
    5. Nikolai Levnikov (RUS)
    6. Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
    7. Kyros Vassaras (GRE)

    Out from Referee Convention Panel:
    1. Despoina Koxenoglou (GRE)
    2. Rune Pedersen (NOR)

    1. Chefren, what is Referee Convention Panel?

    2. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/about-uefa/committees-panels/news/newsid=947138.html?redirectFromOrg=true

  2. Question for all the people who are more informed:
    Is there any particular reason why such a big names are out of committee?
    Elleray, Fandel, Karlsson, Levnikov, Uilenberg and Vassaras... Can't be coincidence :)

    And they are replaced (with all the respect) with not that big names...
    Thanks in advance!

    1. There isn't any replacement for the names you mentioned.
      Committee is reduced to 5 people (they were already there).
      The new names will join Referee Convention Panel, a different body.
      I think that Frenchref explained it very well below.

    2. Yes, my bad. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Hello. This isn’t a clear replacement because new members will look after conventions between federations and UEFA refcom for formation and core and also general organization in these national commitee. They won’t intervene for refs appointements for example. Alain Sars (from France) is national chief with young and future refs.

  4. I think that it's a wise move to reduce the Committee members. A Committee with 12-13 members can't function properly. It's easier to inform 5 people regarding appointments and marks than to inform 12.

    1. Trust me it also has it's disadvantages. Most federation won't be backed as per usual. This could lead to a monotonic system were decisions will go unquestioned. My opinion tho

  5. @PHilippS when come the communicate of the referee changes BUNDESLIGA?!

    1. I don't know, when there will be an official statement. But it seems, there are just no changes among the referees for 1.Bundesliga. For the 2.Bundesliga, the rumour is, that Nicolas Winter is promoted and Christian Dietz specialisies as assistant referee.

    2. Rumor? That with Winter and Dietz was officially confirmed.

  6. Serie A referees:
    Out Banti and Mazzoleni (age limits), promoted from serie B Giua and Piccinini as expected. There will be a new panel with VAR experts, retired referees who will work only as VAR. It will start with the names who left this season in serie A and B: Mazzoleni, Banti, Di Paolo and Nasca. There will be the chance for them to cover more than one game per week-end. From next season, there will be VAR also in serie B.
    Interesting that the maximum period of permanence in the new panel for VAR specialists has been indicated in 4 years.

    1. SPAIN:

      (+) Valentin Pizarro Gomez (1981), Cesar Soto Grado (1980)

      (-) Aberto Undiano Mallenco, Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva


      (+) Stéphanie Frappart (1983), Jérémie Pignard (1987)

      (-) Nicolas Rainville

      Does anyone exactly know the status of Sébastien Desiage? He still seems listed for Ligue 1 next year, but did not handle any game last year if I am not mistaken

    2. Right Osbourne. Sebastien Desiage had medical problems and i hope he will referee again this next season. :)

    3. Thanks for the update!

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